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The Training of Slave Selena

by James W

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© Copyright 2008 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; solo-f; latex; enema; gag; outdoors; toys; cons; X

Story continued from Part 4

Part Five

Chapter 9: For the love of my Master

Selena awoke with a start, ‘where was she? Then she inwardly smiled. Of course in her Masters bedroom! She stretched luxuriating in her condition. She tongued her gag then sucked. She was in heaven. But where was her Master and how long had she been asleep for? She waited passively in her darkness.

Small vibrations told her of her Masters return. She spread her legs wide placing her arms above her head. Her Master entered her swiftly bearing down on her with the full weight on his hips arching his back with arms supporting his upper body.

“Now slave, bring your arms up and find my nipples.”

She did as commanded and by luck found them immediately. She heard him gasp as she rolled them between her gloved fingers. It didn’t take long for him to pump his seed into the latex condom he was wearing. She was too exhausted to climax but delighted in the sensation of her Master deep within her. He rolled off her and smiled at his blindfolded mute slave He was as excited as she was. He leaned over her recumbent form and gently caressed her head before removing gag and blindfold.

The first thing his slave said was, “Master I love you.” followed by “What time it is?”

“Have a guess” he asked.

Selena thought hard and said “About 1 o’clock Master?”

James chuckled to himself clearly the first training experience had been a major success. “Well slave you are wrong, it’s now 6pm, what time did you dress yourself this morning, I believe it was 5.30am”

Selena confirmed the time adding “Master, I’ve been dressed head to toe in latex, my favourite material for 12 and a half hours; yet it feels like no time at all. I can’t believe just how quickly the time has passed.”

Dressed now in towelling gowns the two lovers sat comfortably as the large sofa. Over coffee they discussed the experience. James listened whilst Selena recounted the many sensations which she had experienced.

“When you began undressing me I thought the session was over. I felt so naked and disappointed. I wanted to remain in my latex suit. But then when you upended me I knew that something special was going to happen. The enema filling me was amazing!” and she went on “You know I gloried in the sensation knowing that I couldn’t do a thing about it, I felt really slavish, you were probing my body internally and I felt so very vulnerable and humiliated, you had complete access to me and I was your object; my mantra helped me relax when the cramps began; the pain adding to my pleasure. I knew I was pleasing you dear Master.” She was now in full flight.

“Hanging suspended in that wonderful chair really had me sexually excited. And when you told me that I had to take two more pleasures I nearly fainted I was so tired by that stage but I knew I had to take them if I was ever to be released.”

Just as James was about to speak she went on, “My helmet is just lively it’s so comfortable and I love the full enclosure it offers. The fact that I slept so easily with it on, fully gagged, confirms my feelings of being a proper slave.” Selena had hardly taken breath to get this off her chest.

James was amazed. After a blissful evening in which they planed further adventures together they took to bed both tired but happy with the days experiences.

James was away for the entire week working on a large project. This gave Selena a chance to reflect on all that had happened over the weeks since she had first met her lover, she busied herself in her work but her heart was not in it. She was desperately longing for her lover and to continue where they had left off. She now clearly understood that for fulfilment in her life she would need to follow her masochistic instincts. The first taste of being a fetishistic slave had opened a Pandora’s Box. She was addicted and knew she must follow her inclinations.

It was the beginning of March with spring waiting just around the corner. However the weather was unseasonably wet and although she desperately wanted spring, she did console herself with the thought that she could enjoy the heavy rain and the sensation of splashing through puddles properly protected. Now she wore either one of her rubber lined mackintoshed or her favourite SBR daily along with the intimate underwear. The dildo pants were only to be worn when instructed as was her latex suit and helmets. James her Master had been quite specific about that and, as his slave in training she accepted his word, although she desperately wanted to be totally covered as she was on Sunday.

She rushed home on Monday hoping for an e-mail or telephone message. There were neither. She busied herself with the various day to day demands before relaxing before her computer. Checking e-mail she was delighted to receive a message from James as well as one from her Master.

Opening James’s she read: Darling Selena,

Although I‘m very busy, and will be for the coming week, each time I stop for a moment I am immediately with you in my thoughts and you with me. The swelling arousal in my groin tills me just how much you excite me. I can picture you as you were on Sunday and how you responded to each new experience. You know you excite me wildly. You know I love you and every moment away from you leaves me empty. I thirst for your lips, your heady perfumed and your gentle touch.

I am out this evening with a business client so probably won’t have a chance to speak to you until very late. Keep your mobile switched on and we will speak before you sleep

My love to you, my latex lady,


The old familiar re-awakening of her vaginal area emphasised her loneliness; Selena re-read the message a couple of times. She was now aware of her own emptiness and her desperate longing for her man. “James, come back safe and soon, I’m so in love with you.”

She opened the nest message from her Master. The Title on the screen read, ‘Master to slave.’ Selena‘s heart skipped a beat, her eyes focused on the screen. She could hear her Master’s voice instructing her,


Before you continue to read this message you will prepare yourself. Strip, shower, completely shave your pubic hair then powder yourself well and apply lubrication to your anus; fit your double dildo pants, cat suit, slave collar and gloves. Finally fit your latex hood, the one with the open eyes, then return and read the rest of this message”.

Selena felt two emotions simultaneously; one, a sexual desire flooding through her and two, a deep satisfaction that she would he allowed to cover herself completely in latex. Deep down she wanted to taste the stiffness of the rubber penis gag and the full enclosure of her favourite second helmet.

She left the computer and went into the bathroom. Although she had shaved her pubic hairs for some years now she always retained a bush in the deep vee. Now she set about obeying her Masters commands. Pulling on the dildo pants made her squirm as the intruder nosed into place. She was now very aware of her shaved pubic area. The newly shaved area was hyper sensitive to the kiss of latex and she thrilled to the new sensation.

Emerging from her bedroom Selena now felt at one, she was dressed as instructed, sexually charged and wanted to read on. She sat at the computer consul enjoying the feeling of the anal rod being forced deeper into her. She moved the mouse with her gloved hand. The message reappeared. She re-read the dressing instructions again then began reading.

“I assume you are now dressed as instructed and that you are waiting for further instructions. First, before giving these you must learn just how well you performed on Sunday and what your reward is. You know that I awarded you one merit and that merits lead to pleasure for you. Well, I have decided to give you a further 3 merits and no demerits. So you now have 4 merits. Given this, you can now request for pleasures which I will consider... Of course, you can hold on to merits and bank them as it were for future use. You see, you both surprised me with your subservient behaviour and the way you took to your training. Now, to tonight, you will stay as you are until you change for work tomorrow; in addition you will begin, once you have read this note, to set down your ideas as to two fantasies which you would like to play out. You must be in bed by 11pm to receive my phone call. I shall speak to you later; now begin your tasks slave.

Your Master”.

Selena finished reading feeling incredibly horny; she wriggled and squirmed her bottom on the seat to receive some relief. Then, as instructed she began her task. It was 10.30pm before she realized and she was running with vaginal juices; her suit holding in the flow, she kept up a slight rocking of her hips, enjoying the building fire. She had set down two fantasies in great detail the words flowing from her gloved fingers as if they had a mind of their own. She took care of her toiletries and took to her latex sheeted double bed. She was wide awake and luxuriated in the caress of the cool latex over warm suited body. She lay quietly on her back with the sheets pulled up around her helmeted chin. She began her mantra “For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master.” Her breathing slowed as she focused and cleared her mind of its clutter. Before long she felt at peace, calm and relaxed. Drifting quietly with eyes closed, she was contented; the earlier urgent need to gain sexual relief now forgotten. It was much later that her mobile rang and she pulled herself back to an active state. Her heart rate increasing dramatically she turned aver and slid her hand out from the latex sheets to pick up the phone. Placing it to her helmeted head she spoke, “Master?”

“Hello slave have you completed your tasks and are you in bed as instructed” The voice was not of her lover James it was unmistakably of her Master. There was coolness, a distance which only her Master processed. “Speak now!” she gulped now sounding diffident her voice was not modulating as it normally did, it had lost the spontaneity.

“Master, I carried out your commands to the letter I have written very detailed fantasies and was surprised just how easily they flowed from me.” She continued as if wanting approval. “I could have written at far greater length but that would have meant me overrunning my time constraints and I know you want absolute obedience. I was very sexually turned on by what I had written but I controlled my urges by using my slave mantra; it really works.” She broke off for a moment then asked, “Dear Master, how are you?”

There was silence for a moment then the reply. “Slave, I am pleased to hear you have obeyed my instructions and not taken more time than allowed. As my slave you will grow to understand that when undergoing training you will only obey, never question or move a fraction from your commands. To do so will incur many demerits. Tonight you are to be rewarded for the completion of your task. When I’ve finished talking to you, you will change your helmet then buckle on your gag and blindfold. You will take two pleasures then you will begin your slave mantra which you will recite until you drift off to sleep. As to how I am, remember you are my slave. I shall ask questions and you will answer. You will not ask me personal questions only questions to elucidate commands”.

Selena felt chastened ‘yes’ she thought, ‘I am a slave, an abject slave; my Masters plaything; I’m really under his control’. Her thoughts turned inwards and in that moment she knew in heart of hearts that this is what she had always yearned for, to be a controlled submissive slave. The fact was that this inexorably also tied in with her latex fetishism and natural submissiveness. In a flash of cognition she understood her condition and her heart skipped a beat then began to hammer in her breast. She gasped, as the realisation struck her; but the next instant was fully focused on her response. She heard her reply. “Master I am yours to command, I am your abject slave, your plaything. Help me please.” She emphasised the ‘please’ with an earnest plea. Her tone was serious.

At the other end of the phone her Master Smiled to himself. ‘Yes’, his slave was responding correctly to her training, even at this distance and time. “Now slave, I think you are ready to undergo further training which will help you to adjust and focus on your slave state. From now on I want you to begin your slave meditation each morning prior to going to work. This will mean you will set your alarm to raise you 20 minutes before you shower and prepare for work. You will place a mat at the foot of your bed and use it for your meditation each day. You will kneel in your slave position and begin meditating on your role as my slave. You will first clear your mind on any clutter then begin focusing on your role as MY slave”. Her Master emphasised the ‘my’ then left a silence to allow the message to sink in.

“slave, know well that you are in my thoughts and that you are very special to me .Now you must repeat your mantra to me five times then put the phone down. I shall be in touch.” There was silence, slave Selena repeated her mantra as directed, and then put the phone down. The final compliment had found its target deep within her heart she was both proud and lonely now.

She got out of bed and retrieved her second helmet. Slipping back, she unzipped her helmet and pulled it carefully off the front of her head. Her hair now flattened and damp. She inadvertently caught some hairs in the unzipping process. Perhaps I should have my hair cut short she mused. Then opening the replacement helmet she pushed her damp head into it carefully threading the plait through the pony tail opening, and pulling the helmet back on so it fitted correctly. She inhaled the heady latex smell savouring the sensation then focused her eyes through the soft vinyl lenses which allowed sight but slightly distorted the image. This was, she decided, her favourite helmet. Then buckling in the gag she eagerly accepted the stiff rubber penis gag. Finally she fitted the blindfold. Now in complete darkness she revelled in her condition and began her mantra, ‘For the love of my Master, for the love of my Master’. Enveloped in latex she soon drifted of to a deep dreamless sleep.

At precisely 6.30am the quiet of the night was shattered by the quartz alarm, it was still dark outside. The sleeping form within the double bed moved, slowly at first. A gloved hand emerged from the obsidian latex sheets to silence the noise. Then without removing its blindfold the form climbed from its nest and felt its way to the foot of the bed. Once there it knelt in the prescribed manner, back straight slightly arched, hands placed behind its back, helmeted head bowed. The still form of a shapely woman covered from head to toe in gleaming latex, silent, unmoving, but for the rise and fall of her bust. The quiet darkness in which the slave existed was without time constraints.

The insistent tone of the second alarm some twenty minutes later impinged on the forms consciousness. Selena now stood up and unbuckled her blindfold then switched on the light at the side of her bed. She felt totally at peace both with herself and with her condition. She stood looking at herself in the full length mirror taking enjoyment from the form reflected back. ‘Now to move into my other world.’ she thought as she stepped into the shower. She stood completely dressed under the warm water then brought her hands up towards her helmeted head. The accidental touch of her gloved hand on her nipple enshrouded in latex sent a spasm of pleasure through her. She brought both hands to touch her nipples and then spent a few moments playing with them as cascading water splashed harmlessly from her suited form. ‘Hmm, I like that, I must tell my Master’ she noted.

She ate a light breakfast and was ready for whatever befell her today she tightened the belt of her SBR and set off to work.

She had a purpose in life now and was clear in her own mind of her objective; that of becoming the perfect slave. Work fitted into this pattern now and would do so until her Master decided otherwise. Although she had control over her day to day life and her work she knew in her heart that this was only a superficial effect. She was now falling deeper and deeper into the role of a slave which she had spent all her life unconsciously waiting to fulfil.

Her happy disposition at work was infectious and colleagues noted and enjoyed her company. Yet they also noted times when she was quietly distant, lost in her own thoughts. They took this as a sign of her general happiness and her new relationship. Each night the same procedure followed; she would arrive home, snatch a bite to eat then await the e-mail from her Master. In addition some nights it would be the voice of James who spoke to her and the two lovers would spend hours chatting away, both happy and excited by the other. Messages on her mobile phone were fun and would arrive without warning often they would command her to complete tasks, but always there was the e-mail message from her Master awaiting her. They both understood and enjoyed the game they were playing keeping James and Selena and Master and slave separate; although they often spoke of trying to live the life 24/7.

Selena had by Wednesday written other fantasies which would be shown to her Master later when he returned. She had also been instructed to purchase her own enema equipment by the end of the week. On Thursday she took an hour off work having located a medical supply shop. She entered the shop in her usual weather proof tightly belted and with collar up, her sou’wester shielding her from the cold rain. She felt self conscious but was determined to buy as directed by her Master.

She left with a two litre red rubber enema bag and hose. The bag looked like an inverted water bottle with a wide open top. There was about two and a half metres of tubing ending in a white plastic probe with four holes in to allow for gravity entry of the enema solution onto her colon. She was intrigued by the whole idea, remembering clearly her first enema and the strong sexual thrill she had experienced. Now head down into the heavy wetting shower she was eager to relive the experience. The rain splashing harmlessly off her SBR making it gleam in the early spring light. She enjoyed the whole experience noting the rivulets of water cascading from the deep hem of her mackintosh and splashing off her rubber riding boots; the swish and flap of the heavy material making its own unique music.


The computer screen glowed into life. At the seat sat the slave only her heavily made up lips and dark eyes showing she was covered the head to toe in gleaming black latex. Her gloved fingers tapped out the code which would allow access to the internet and to the messages of the day. She was desperately hungering for her Master’s message. Earlier in the day Selena had typed out the fateful news that she was now in procession of her own enema equipment hoping that this would impress her Master. Now she was slightly anxious that she may have somehow done the wrong thing and shown herself to be wilful, after all her Master had castigated her when she had stepped beyond her lowly status to ask a personal question. Would he see this act as showing initiative? The anxiety of not knowing was causing the slave exquisite torment. Would or wouldn’t her action be sanctioned? She opened the message ‘Master to slave.’ Holding her breath she began reading.


Because you have acquired your own enema equipment early you will be rewarded with one merit’

Slave Selena let out her breath and breathed again. She read on …

“Tonight your tasks will be to plan your pleasure reward for the 5 merits you now have. You may ask for anything as a slave but, and the Master had typed in bold, you will have to submit your request to me tonight before you retire to your bed. I will let you know if it is to be granted in my next message. Tomorrow you will give yourself your first enema once you have finished your slave meditation. This will mean that you will need to set your alarm half an hour earlier to allow for this. Prior to showering you will administer a 1litre washout. The crotch of your latex suit zip extends beyond your anus to allow access. You will hold in the enema for 10 minutes or as long as you can, if that be less you will note the time you retain it for, Without the inflatable obdurating bulb you may find it difficult to overcome the urge to void yourself. I shall speak about this again when I see you.

You are to be ready for collection by motor bike at 10am Saturday. You will, of course, wear full covering

Your Master.

Slave Selena thought long and hard as to what she would request for her reward. The Knight fantasy she had already written about and another as well. Now she had to come up with some thing new. She toyed with the idea of asking for the same experience she had had on her first slave session. There had been only pleasure she mused, no, she closed her eyes and suddenly she knew exactly what she wanted. She began typing her gloved fingers a blur.

“Dear Master.

What I am about to ask for will, I hope, be acceptable to you. The ride I had with you on your powerful motorbike was so exciting I enjoyed every single moment and felt so good. I love dressing up in my latex suit then putting on the warm padded shiny black vinyl over suit so that I am doubly protected. The tinted visor stopped anyone seeing my face.

Looking at myself in a mirror dressed fully when I returned from our lovely weekend together, I could not recognise myself and it gave me an enormous buzz to see an anonymous figure reflected back. So dear Master, as your abject slave, I formally request that I be allowed to wear my latex suit, corset, gloves and the vinyl lensed helmet with gag and blindfold fitted. I request that you fit me with vaginal and rectal probes, the vibrator ones that are controlled from the external box. Then on top I wear the vinyl suit and motorcycle helmet. I should love to ride gagged, blindfolded clinging to you. Then when you choose, you switch on the vibrating plugs so that I am teased then taken to climax. Once accomplished you take me back to your penthouse and make love to me whilst I am tethered to your bed. After this I would be put into strict bondage in that pivoting bondage chair of yours to compete the duration of my six hours.”

Just typing this had slave Selena running with vaginal juices. She was rocking again to increase her pleasure. She then wrote.

‘Master this is my application for pleasure;’ Finally signing, ‘your abject slave, very much in love.’

She then just put a cross in place of her name. She felt this was appropriate then sent the request. She checked the ‘sent’ items box on the screen; it showed that the message had been sent. Later James phoned and they spent a long time chatting, as lovers do. Selena returned to her lair slipping and sliding between the caressing latex. She sighed as she snuggled down enveloped in latex; her helmeted head resting on the soft shiny pillow. She felt wonderful and in love. She lay quietly for some time reflecting on the dramatic change in her life over the last few weeks, before beginning her slave mantra ‘For the love of my \Master, for the love of my Master’…Zephyrus sleep overtook her quickly.

Chapter 10 - Granting a Slave's Request

Opening the through crotch zip having completed her early morning slave discipline Selena was both excited and anxious about giving herself her first enema. She had filled the red rubber enema bag with the measured 1 litre of warm water into which she had put half a teaspoonful of salt. Now she applied the lubricant both to the nozzle and her anus. She then took a deep breath and pressed the nozzle against her tight rosebud. She tried to relax and accept the inevitable. Then suddenly she could feel the sensation of something penetrating her. She kept pushing and felt the inward progress until the right hand come to a stop at the juncture of the stiff nozzle and flexible rubber tubing; she held it there standing legs apart, her body slightly bent forward. Next she lowered herself onto the black latex sheet she had spread on the bathroom floor.

Now laying in her side knees drawn up in the foetal position she turned the tap on. The next instant she sensed the flow of liquid into her. She lifted her head to focus on the enema bag hanging from its hook. It was moving as if alive as the solution drained down the tubing. She was fascinated by the exchange, feeling that strange sexual awareness which she had had on the first occasion. Soon pressure began to build within her bowels and she squeezed the tubing between her gloved hands to reduce the flow. The first spasm passed.

She lay feeling submissive eyes tight shut as the full one litre drained into her. Brief sucking sound, rather like the sound of water draining down an empty plug hole indicated to her that the enema was complete. She lay still feeling full; still with nozzle inside of her. Then turning off the tap she carefully withdrew the nozzle. A few teardrops of liquid oozed from the snake like head. Opening her eyes she looked at the clock she had bought into the bathroom and noted the time; exactly eight minutes later she voided herself disappointed that she couldn’t make the full ten.

The relief was pure pleasure. She had completed her first self administered enema, reflecting on the experience as she stripped her night attire from her body. She noted to herself that she had enjoyed the process not least the implied submissiveness of the act of self violation. The penetration, the inflow, seeing the living flexing rubber bag as it drained, the building pressure, the internal spasms, the holding and the voiding as well as the strange sexual buzz. By the end of the week she had that old familiar ache which could only be satisfied by her lover.

Selena had been fully engaged at her work; a new exciting design project had been assigned to her. One which would allow her to use all of her creative ability; she was busy head down, sketching out an idea when she was suddenly aware of the door into the design studio banging. Looking up she saw a tall figure clad in glistening waterproofs and black helmet. Her heart stopped and for an instant she thought it was James her lover come to whisk her away. It was not, but the figure carried with him a long box beautifully wrapped in metallic silver sheeting. The motorcycle courier caused quite a stir when he asked for Selena by name. She was required to sign for the parcel. He handed the box over and left.

On the top of box it had a sticker stating “Fragile, perishable open immediately”. One or two of her team gathered around her as Selena carefully removed the wrapping from the box. She gasped when; on taking the lid off the box six beautiful deep red roses lay there. “Wow, he must love you!” and “lucky you! A good weekend ahead?” was addressed to a damp eyed Selena. She picked up the small white envelope and opening it, read, “My darling Selena, I love you deeply. Come play this weekend?” Tears of happiness welled up suddenly; she was crying and laughing at the same time. Her colleagues were supportive of her but it took some time for Selena to focus on the work in hand.

Eventually at 5pm she slipped into her beloved SBR buckled and buttoned it up tight and with roses now back in the box stepped out into the warmer spring weather. The sun smiling from behind large cumulus clouds, down onto the mackintoshed figure as it made its way home
The roses were the first flowers James had sent to Selena and she was thrilled. They were special to her and she loved the message. Now standing in an elegant vase Selena’s gaze kept returning to them. They meant more to her than she realised; a smile crept across her face as she realised the symbolism contained in the lovely arrangement of roses and which was special to them; the exquisite beauty of the rose; the ‘pleasure’ whilst the thorns on the stem symbolised the ‘pain’. To imagine one without the other was not possible. The rose was, she mused, the fetishists’ perfect flower.

She spent the evening alone dressed as instructed in latex suit double dildo pants, corset, gloves and open eyed helmet. She packed a soft bag for the weekend knowing that she would be spending most of her time in her suit and mackintosh. Just before retiring she checked her e-mail, but was not surprised that no message from her Master was there. She had an inkling that he would keep her waiting until the morning.
She allowed herself no respite in her slave preparation and was awake to hear her 6am alarm. She was excited and had to really focus on her mantra before she slipped into the quiet stillness she enjoyed. She had her second enema holding it in for the required 10 minutes. She was pleased with her progress and hoped that her Master would be as well.

Now fully dressed, helmeted, gagged and blindfolded she had knelt, not in her normal place at the foot of her bed, but rather in the centre of her living room. She had prepared well for this first, by placing her front door key into an envelope which she had taped to her door with one word written on the front; “Master.” and spreading a latex sheet out on the floor of her living room. It was now 9am and she wanted to really get into her role as her Masters slave, his abject slave, compliant, masochistic and living only for her Masters desires.

She was still, her breathing slowed, heart rate slowed as she descended into to her slavedomship; all thoughts now focused on her condition. In this trance like state slave Selena drifted aware only of the all encompassing cling of her latex covered body. Time lost its meaning; she was suspended existing in her timeless state, as a fly trapped in amber. She was so focussed now that when she heard the key slipping into her front door lock she had to raise her consciousness to a level where the sound meant something. This done, she waited, heart pounding; she tried to remain still, head bowed hands behind her back. She was aware of the door closing and waited, not daring to breathe, for something to happen.

The first touch was so gentle, a finger gliding down between her shoulder blades sending endless small vibrations as her latex second skin stretched and released sending unnumbered electric charges down her spine. She held her position but a deeply satisfied groan issued from her gagged mouth. Wetness appeared on the black latex below the gag seat just below her bottom lip. Then she felt a finger lift her masked head into the head up position. Her gag was removed then she followed the unvoiced command to stand. Her Master had to help her up; it was obvious that she had been in this position for a long period.

Now standing head held high she received a full and lingering kiss as strong arms pulled her into a firm embrace. She swooned as he breathed into her, eagerly breathing in her Masters breath. She was now totally dependent on his breathing until he chose to release her from his lips. The idea of depending entirely on her Master had her weak at the knees. Breaking off the kiss he unbuckled her blindfold. She slowly opened her eyes. The light seemed very bright and she blinked rapidly before she was able to look through the vinyl lenses directly into her Masters eyes.

He spoke, “Well, I see you have prepared yourself well, slave. How long have you been kneeling?”

The slave spoke her voice assuming the slave modulation. “Master after my enema at 6am this morning I dressed as I am, then at 6am I assumed my slave position.” She bowed her head then continued, “Permission to speak Master?”

“Granted slave.”

“Master, I am deeply in love with you and offer myself to you for training. My life is in your hands. Use me as you see think fit.”

The Master was surprised and pleased at the submissiveness of his slave. “As it happens slave, your life will be in my hands today. Your request has been granted but I’ve got one or two surprises in mind which should keep you on your toes.” He looked his slave in the eyes and kept her fixed there as a rabbit is held in the headlights of a car. He broke eye contact and the lower head position of his slave told it all. “Now lets not delay lie on your bed head down bottom up whilst I fit you with the requisite accoutrements”.

His slave did as instructed. The Master opened her through zip and inserted vibrating vaginal and anal probes taking care to thread the wires through the zip.

“Now slave, step into your motorcycle padded over suit.” Again the wires were threaded through. Then the process of making sure that the watertight riding suit was properly sealed; not one drop of water would penetrate. He then told his slave which way to sit when placed on the bike to ensure the very vest bodily contact between them.

“Now I’m going to blindfold and gag you as requested, then fit your motorcycle helmet over the top to complete your outfit. I shall,” he told her, “tease you once we are out of the congestion of London. You, of course will not know where you are as you will be doubly sealed, first in latex, then under your shiny black vinyl riding suit. Now head up whilst I seal you in. When I’ve finished I will lead you to my bike.”

Soon out of London on the powerful bike the two identically clad motorcyclists sped along. The first few miles had been on dry roads but on the horizon a large dark area signified an early spring deluge. James had the bike cruising at 80mph the earplugs fitted both to his slave and himself deadened the rush of air. He had the control box of the vibrators taped to the bikes fairing. He smiled to himself and reached down to activate them. Behind him he felt the close contact of his female companion. Her arms clasped around his waist the latex over mitts clasped together. The tight sensation of being gripped by his slave was weaving its own magic on him. ‘I’m so lucky to have found my dream lady, and what a lady!’
Then he scanned the distance. Yes, they were heading straight into the squall.

Seeing nothing, hearing only the faint drone of the bike and rushing wind in her plugged ears, but feeling a kaleidoscope of sensations the slave was overwhelmed deep within her self imposed bondage. Every nerve in her body was sending myriad messages to her brain. The pleasure centres were on overload. Physically she was sealed completely in tight black latex it was all constraining, gentle yet it imposed on the wearer a constant pressure. Not one millimetre of skin was left uncovered. Only one of the four external openings on her body remained open to allow life giving air to her lungs. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. Psychologically, she was on the trip of her life time. She was feeling deeply masochistic; she was in now deep within one of her newly realised fetishistic fantasies. She had no idea where these newly discovered images were coming from but they were overpowering and she knew she had a Master who actively encouraged her to realise them.

Already in the brink of taking pleasure; the endless vibrations of the living machine, she was now astride of, were sending delicious sensations deep within her. The dildos felt as if they were part of the saddle. Her clitoris and labia lips coated with vaginal secretions; she was slipping and sliding slightly as the powerful motorcycle arrowed along the tarmac. Suddenly without warning the vibrations of the intruders increased and deep within her pleasure world she knew she was about to take a shuddering pleasure. A few seconds like this would send her heading into oblivion. Then when she knew another second would ignite the fuse it stopped. She was left dangling, so near, yet so far.

She held her breath in an attempt to precipitate her orgasm, but to no avail she ground her vagina into the motorcycle seat and wriggled. She squeezed her legs together around her Masters hips and she squeezed her Master with her arms, but the pleasure eluded her. She cried out, then screamed for release but the stiff rubber gag held in tight by its buckles allowed only a slight groan to pass. Her whole body was now coated with a thin patina of perspiration her hair damp and matted under the full latex helmet and crash helmet.

Then she felt tiny additional vibrations on her arms and the exposed legs of her over suit as the deluge began. She sensed this and rejoiced again and again knowing she was safe, protected within her bondage. The vibrations deep within her began again and she was within moments of riding the biggest climax she had ever experienced. It was as if something transcending all previous pleasurable experiences was beginning deep within her. The actual starting site was not one single area, rather it began in the outer fringes of her being then travelling at ever increasing speed and intensity and moved inexorably towards her vagina. She was now completely taken over by this process and knew she was helpless beyond measure. She clung to her Master with every last ounce of energy as a shuddering endless orgasm overwhelmed her. Time stopped she rode the orgasmic tidal wave as it carried her into oblivion; the rain lashing her semiconscious form. The Master knew what had happened and switched off the vibrators.

By the time they got back to his flat his slave had recovered somewhat and the renewed grip of her arms and thighs told the messaged. He stroked her thigh then helped his slave to dismount. Still blindfolded, her tinted visor down, he led her to the lift in his own garage deep underground.

Now divested of her riding suit and standing with legs apart, arms behind her back clad only in her latex, the slave had her gag removed but before she had a chance to speak it was pushed back into place and rebuckled. She knew now that any chance to speak was being denied, she bowed her head waiting in her silent world. The ear plugs stopping any in coming sound.

She was tethered spread-eagled to the bed and her probes gently removed. She rejoiced; ‘my Master is now going to enter me and have his way.’ Then instead of his penis the probes were reinserted and her suit zip closed. Tears of frustration oozed from the corner pf her eyes. Then the vibrations began; .was she to be teased again, or taken to pleasure? Within moments she was in a climatic state then taken to pleasure. It was only then that her Master had his way with her. Her spirits now high –My Master uses me, I am his slave, and I live for his pleasure. She drifted in to her slave state revelry drifting between sleep and wakefulness and was eventually released. How long she had been in training she had no idea. Release when it came was brief. Still encapsulated she was taken in to the dungeon and strapped into the pivoting bondage. Once all straps were tightened her Master removed her gag just long enough for her to ask for, ‘permission to speak.’

“Granted slave,” Came the reply. Taking breath, she spoke.

“Master I love you, Master you gave me my biggest pleasure ever on that ride, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

As she drew breath for the next sentence some thing new was forced into her mouth. It tasted of rubber but felt like a piece of limp flat rubber. Then without warning it began to grow as air hissed into it. Soon her tongue was flattened to the floor of her mouth and her cheeks were bulging as her jaws were forced apart. No air could he sucked in. Now she breathed entirely through her nose. The new sensation was exciting her. Her bondage was arousing; she loved the helplessness of her situation knowing that her master was in control. She was progressively becoming his play thing. Her heart skipped a beat as the ever expanding latex bulb within her mouth stopped expanding; she tested the effectiveness of it by trying to make a sound, nothing escaped.

The chair tilted backwards and came to rest with the slave completely upside down. The hole in the seat of the chair was removed and she felt the enema tube slide into her bottom. When the obdurating rings were expanded she knew what was about to happen and braced herself to receive the enema; but it didn’t, rather she was returned to the upright position and her vaginal dildo was withdrawn. Her Master then removed the vee piece at the front of the chair and placed himself in front of her. She was entered again and felt herself moving towards another orgasm. As she did, the enema began flowing into her. The combination of her Master deep inside her and the influx of liquid brought her to another shattering climax.

Her dildo refitted she was lift with the full enema inside her until she could stand it no longer; the stomach spasms coming in waves. She tried to beg for release but no sound left her mouth. What had her Master in mind; she wanted release, she began her slave mantra and rode the discomfort until she began turning the pain to pleasure. ‘Yes, she wanted this to continue, she was her master’s slave, and she had overcome the pain.

Suddenly a touch on her breast had her straining for the caress again. Her master had returned. She was excited. Then a tight squeeze gripped her nipple as nipple clamps were fitted. Instantly her nipples were set on fire as pain cruised through them. She could ride this new experience; she was not in control she reminded herself, it was her Masters pleasure to place them on her. Her pain was his pleasure. The realisation of this combined with the exquisite pain had her vaginal muscles clamping around her dildo. She was turning the pain into pleasure. Then the chair tilted backwards and she was up ended again.

The relief was immediate, as the fluid flowed deeper into her. Her nipples engorged but clamped. She wanted them to remain clamped but the clamping was exquisite torture, she was excited, the sexual charge was beginning to grow again. Now she began her mantra and soon was able to ride the pain, although her nipples were on fire but she didn’t want relief. Here she was, she reminded herself, hanging upside down strapped into a complex bondage chair unable to move a muscle with an enema penetrating deeper and deeper into her colon and nipples clamped. There was nothing she could do. Yet there was nothing she wanted to do, she squirmed in her complete bondage. There was to be no end; this was what she had always secretly wanted; the realisation of her dreams.

The master sat observing his slave and noted the slight movements made against the complete bondage. She was obviously enjoying her condition. The additions which he had surprised her with had been a success. He wondered if she realised that this was only the beginning of their adventure together or had she already foreseen the future of her training. The way she was reacting suggested the latter. She looked the perfect bondage victim hanging strapped into her bonds her tall body long neck and oh so long legs now covered in latex, gleaming polished, showed her lithe figure off to perfection.

Deep within her bondage slave Selena was floating in a sexually dark universe now accepting her condition and willing it to continue. Then, like a bolt out of the blue her vaginal probe began vibrating. Immediately she held her breath and her vagina involuntary spasmed. She was overwhelmed and knew she would reach the orgasmic state shortly. She continued holding her breath willing the pleasure to continue. “Yes, this is what I’m good for, my Masters Rubber slave, his latex slave, and his plaything.”

She was still holding her breathe straining at her bonds, her heart rate climbing, her mind focused on her own pleasure. She knew she was lost to orgasmic pleasure, her oxygen levels now low she continued holding her breath, fighting the urge to take in air; now willing herself to hold on. Then the reward came, flashing, like shooting stars. In her dark universe she was lost, her vaginal muscles clamping, relaxing, clamping squeezing the vibrating dildo for all her worth. She strained every muscle in her body knowing orgasmic release was at hand. Then still holding her breath she took a racking pleasure. Shooting stars, flashed across her darkness, earnest groanings issued from deep within her; no shouts issued from the bondaged form, but the whimpers issuing were noted by her Master as he keep the power on full.

Now completely out of oxygen the slave fought to remain conscious, sucking in air via the nose openings in her helmet; her heart racing. The continuing vibrations now took their toll. Slave Selena’s sexual arousal was building again she had no control, she was, she reminded herself, between the long, oh so slow, intakes of air, her Masters plaything, she had no say. Then before she could recover, her composure she held her breath again, lungs on fire, her sexual needs for a moment overriding her bodies need for life giving air. She squeezed her eyes tight shut went rigid and took the second pleasure. Suddenly she felt herself falling, losing consciousness, lights flashed in the dark. The only sound incoming to her plugged ears was that of her wildly beating heart. Now she had to fight to remain conscious.

Gradually she pulled herself back from the brink. She was aware now of her body being wringing wet with perspiration; the latex confinement allowing no release of fluid. Her eyes stung even though they were, as far as she could discern, still tight shut. The blindfold however, allowed no light to penetrate. The perspiration was slowly draining down towards her head. She hung there totally exhausted knowing that she had no control over what was to happen next. She wanted to void her enema now then to rest.

As if reading her thoughts, her Master brought the bondage chair back to the upright position. The removal of her nipple clamps allowed her now numb nipples to receive blood again. With the inflow came intense sensations and she squirmed as they regained sensitivity. Her blindfold was released but the gag remained. Her Master lent over her and spoke, “slave as soon as I’ve released you and deflated the obdurating balloons you are to unzip yourself and void your enema. Then we shall shower together. I will strip you. After your voiding stand in the shower and run it and remain there until I return.”

Standing under the warm cascade of water slave Selena felt both hungry and clean. The deep enema had really cleansed her and she felt that now familiar inner cleanliness together with knowledge that she had no choice but to accept it, she was, she reminded herself ‘my Masters slave and he would control her every waking moment. She rejoiced in the knowledge. She stood directly under the shower head and peered into the flow. Her clear vinyl lenses stopped any ingress of water. She enjoyed the sensation of the water splashing harmlessly of her impermeable attire.
Her Master entered the shower cubicle and they both clung to each other enjoying the intimacy. Then he ceremoniously undressed his slave leaving her helmet until last. Milky white perspiration and other body fluids flowed from the enclosed feet of her suit. When her helmet was finally removed after her gag was deflated her hair was matted closely to her head but the shower soon had her refreshed.

It was now 5pm seven hours had passed since the session began. But slave Selena had been dressed since 8pm the previous day; a total enclosure time of 21 hours. She felt both exhausted and proud; she really was.

James had booked a surprise for Selena; he had a table for two in an intimate setting at a restaurant he had known for some time. Together they set off in the TVR; Selena now dressed perfectly; a pair of black leather trousers and a silk blouse in deep red. Underneath she wore her latex dildo pants and corset. James had on his chinos and a black silk shirt. As he drove they discussed the day’s events. Selena was tired but elated she had realised her fantasy and enjoyed the testing additions her lover and Master had imposed on her. The meal was enjoyed by the lovers; the wine flowed easily. Selena now fulfilled spoke of her experiences.

“James, you are a superb Master; you have the ability to always surprise me. I find that very exciting you know how to please a woman. When you introduced the enema and the new inflatable gag you had me reeling, I loved the gag it really was occlusion, I couldn’t utter a sound , the inflation process was intensely exciting you know I’d grown accustomed to the penis gag but the inflatable gag really is on a higher plane. The feeling of helplessness was intense, I lived it. Please let me experience it again. As for the enema whilst you had me suspended I was in seventh heaven.” She went on. “The fact that the 6 hour session went on so long was just wonderful and underlines my need to be dressed head to toe in our special material. I’m so proud that I have spent 21 hours totally dressed.”

Continuing, “I would love dear Master.” And she placed her hand on James’s thigh when she spoke, “To spend a whole weekend under your control to be your plaything to be surprised and extended as you test my resolution to be your permanent slave. You see James, one of my strong fantasies is to be a 24/7 slave under your very strict control. I want you to dominate me entirely to control every function, how I am dressed, how tight my bondage is, when I drink and eat, when I see. When I hear, when I feel and what I feel, in fact when I breathe. I need that kind of control”. She was looking straight into her lover’s eyes as she spoke. She was speaking as his equal now.

James was amazed at this revelation by Selena; the swelling in his groin reminded him of his own excitement. And Selena was teasing him again; her fingers working on his manhood. Her look told it all, here was his lover, tired yet proud, who had obviously enjoyed every single moment of her reward as well as the extras he had devised . She was now asking for far more. ‘Yes, I’ve found the lady of my dreams. She is rapidly moving in to the deeper realms of fetishisms and eager to travel further’.

He spoke. “Selena as my slave you surpass yourself as, my lover you are peerless. You know I’m terribly proud of you and am very excited at the prospect of taking you further unto the full exploration of our fetishistic world. I can assure you; you will overcome every hurdle along the way. You are, you see, one in a million and”, he now looked into Selena’s grey eyes, “I’m deeply in love with you , it is as if the gods have conspired to put us together, Selena I love you” With that he pulled her towards him and kissed her deeply ; his manhood rigid , his heart lost to his lovely charge.

Releasing the open mouthed kiss the two lovers gazed, like young love struck adolescents, each deeply in love with the other.


Story continues in Part 6

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