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The Training of Slave Selena 12: Stainless Steel Slave

by James W

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© Copyright 2009 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; D/s; latex; bond; corset; occlusion; SBR; piercing; susp; sex; cons; X

Chapter 12: Stainless Steel Slave

Taking the pad James read the note; his heart skipped a beat. Here was his lover the lady he had fallen head over heels in love with, whom he love beyond life and who also had an intense love of latex rubber; a true fetishist and who reciprocated his love. He couldn’t believe his luck. Here she was kneeling before him in supplication literally begging for an answer to her plea. He had been itching to tell her his innermost thoughts on the matter but now he saw, that her demeanour required a proper response; that of the Master. “Slave stand up and proceed into the play room. Stand in front of the cross. I am going to put you in to strict bondage before I give you any answer.”

The blindfold was fastened and buckled on together with an inflatable gag which fitted into her latex lined mouth cavity. The inflator bulb pumped air into the gag, the build up of pressure underlined to ‘S’ the serious intent of her Master. ‘Wow, doubly gagged, now I’m in deep bondage, my god, what a feeling!’ When completed ‘S’ was completely immobile straps at ankles, calves, hips, waist and breasts, above breasts and forehead; her arms were fettered at wrist, elbow and upper arm. Then without warning she was kissed on her latex lips. A moment later nipple clamps were applied. She sucked in air and adjusted herself to the stimulation. Her blindfold was removed and there in front of her stood her Master. She was nervous; had she not been in bondage she was sure she would be shaking. Her future was now in the balance she focussed her mind to receive whatever her Master’s decision would be.

Her Master’s voice, cool and without emotion filtered through her occluding helmet.

“slave, your e-mail request came as a complete surprise. I knew you were enjoying discovering your full sexuality and being extended in your fetishism desires, but I had no idea of your secret wish to become my 24/7 permanent slave; of course I did plan to move you towards such scenario, but that would have been some time in the future. Now you are asking me to give an immediate response.”

Slave ‘S’ heart stopped, she was sure she had overstepped the mark and knew now that the answer was to be “not yet slave.” Tears welled up in her eyes and trickled down her cheeks to be stopped by the close fitting helmet. She was crestfallen. Had it not been for the strap around her forehead her head would have slumped forward.

Her Master continued, “You are, you know, asking for the reality of complete slavery, not a few hours or days playing out a fantasy, but the unremitting commitment to that total giving over of both your physical body and mind to me. You would become a cipher having no say in what befalls you at any time day or night; your very existence will depend on me, your Master. Normal life as you know it now would cease to exist, time would only mark the passing of your continuous training, minutes, hours, day and night would no linger have meaning for you; you would cease to exist as Selena, you would be addressed only as slave or ‘S.’ He stopped to allow the enormity of the message to sink in. Then he gave the answer to his slaves amazing request. “Slave your request to become my 24/7 slave is granted. In one months time you will sign a formal legal document giving up all your rights as Selena; you will, in effect, cease to exist as an independent person; you will become totally dependent on me, your master. I will have power of attorney on your behalf. Now nod your head if you accept my conditions; of course,” he added, “We will have to discuss further, every aspect of the formal agreement.” His eyes looking intently at his part time slave he focussed on her helmeted head. There was no movement what so ever. Now it was his turn to inwardly quail. Perhaps her message was sent in a moment of love madness and she was no longer committed to the idea, having heard his stark words.

Then there was movement of a sort; a frantic wriggling, a shuddering of her fettered body, her head moved in unison but only the smallest movement could be discerned. Yet it was clearly the answer he so wanted.

He blew a sigh of relief then overcome with emotion he pressed his body against his tethered slave and holding her head in his hands he kissed her helmeted head, his heart beating wildly. Then he overcame his wish to make love again, that would wait. His immediate task was to release his slave briefly before placing her into the bondage chair. When tightly bondaged, he released her right arm so she could move her arm and communicate via her note pad. Sealed as she was there was no possibility of her speaking and to remove her new fantasy suit would break the spell. Slave ‘S’ was in a daze, the enormity of her position hadn’t sunk in fully. Her master handed her the note pad. Speaking again he ordered, “slave communicate your feelings.”

‘S’ wrote:

‘Master, in hindsight, when I first met you I unconsciously wanted to become a complete rubber slave but it was, at that time, just an unformed fantasy one you have allowed me to realise and focus on. Now my heart sings as I know I am to become your full time slave. I willingly give myself to you as your slave and I accept all conditions unconditionally.

I love you, dear Master,

Your slave in waiting,


She held out the pad for her Master to take. He read the message carefully then overcoming his desire to tell her he loved her deeply and would never harm her in any way; he spoke, “slave your response excites me, especially as I know you have considered every aspect of what will befall you in one months time. You realise, I know, that in over month’s time you will never wear anything other than latex, rubber, vinyl, PVC or other impermeable material against your skin.” He wanted the full weight of what she had agreed to, to sink in. “Now slave to celebrate our mutual agreement to formally become my slave I intend to give you a taste of what it will be like to be completely dependent on me. I am going to keep you in the bondage chair until it please me to release you.” ‘S’ heart leap at the keywords ‘until it pleases me to release you.’

‘Yes, yes, and yes!’ she mouthed, feeling the inflated gag and the mouth lining filling her mouth cavity entirely; but no sound passed her lips. A moment later a blindfold was strapped to occlude her limited vision. ‘Slave ‘S’ was willing her Master to continue with any extreme he cared to carry out. She was not disappointed. Her arms were reaffixed to the arm rests so no movement was now possible. Then she heard the electrifying words “slave you have another surprise coming, but that will have to wait until I see fit to tell you. In the meantime you can focus on what it might be. However, first I’m going to cut off all incoming sound to you, and then I’m going to control your breathing so you become completely dependent on me for your life support. This will remind you of your abject position as my slave, as well as give you the experience of depending on me;” and here he emphasised the words, “as your Master.”

“S” felt incredibly masochistic willing her Master to up the stakes. The ear defenders cut off all sound and before slave ‘S’ had time to savour the effect she sensed something happening to her helmet nostril openings. The next instant warmed air filtered into her nose, it smelt strongly of rubber. Her Master had pushed two black rubber tubes into the helmets nostril openings onto which a small ‘Y’ connector ran into a single pipe which in turn was attached a black rubber rebreathing bag. At the base of the bladder a gate valve allowed ingress of air, but could be controlled to either reduce or increase air intake. Now completely occluded from the outside world the only entrance of air via a flexible rubber bladder the slave was experiencing for the first time what it was like to be living, occluded from the outside world, totally enshrouded in latex rubber.

As if to confirm the intensity of the experience nipple clamps were attached. The latex rebreathing bag fluttered in and out quickly like some living entity, then inflated fully as the she exhaled air. The next instant the bladder collapsed completely as her air was rebreathed and was sucked flat as ‘S’ breathed in deeply thus emptying the bag completely. It stayed like this as slave ‘S’ took a racking pleasure shuddering and squirming in her bonds. Then the bladder began inflating again before rapid fluttering indicated that the slave was panting and sucking in life giving air. Her Master stood watching noting the pleasure. He whispered into the still air “Yes slave, enjoy your bondage, I love you just the way you are but the night is yet young.” He then leaned forward and screwed the restrictor down to make his slave work for each breath. He knew that she would be enjoying the control he was demonstrating.

Deep within her bondage ‘S’ thought she had arrived in paradise, although she was having to control her desire to panic and struggle and breathe carefully, making each breath count by a slow disciplined intake of precious air. In her heart she really wanted all outside inlets to be shut off completely and remain self contained within her own latex bubble, sealed in by her loving all controlling Master. She mouthed the message, ‘Master I love you, I love you’, and then began her mantra,“ for the love of my Master, for the love of my Master.” as she reached for the tranquillity of being at one with her latex bondage and to consider the question posed by her Master, what surprise?

The passing of time now had no meaning and she drifted in the dark void. Some hours later her Master rose from his chair only a few feet from his tethered slave and began tilting the bondage chair backwards. There followed an intense love making session whilst his slave mute, sealed in her silent dark world experienced the new pleasure of restricted breathing and being deeply penetrated whilst hanging up side down from the bondage chair; The internal latex lining of her vagina allowing for no exchange of body fluids; she was, she reminded herself as she tried to recover from her orgasmic experience, her Master’s fully rubberised slave, his plaything; she was never happier.

It took some time to recover because of the reduced air intake and she had to work hard to suck in life giving air; the rebreathing bladder remained dangling from her attached tubing. In due course he uprighted the chair, released her and led her, still fully rubbered, to his latex bed. There he removed the breathing bladder and ear defenders and told her to rest. She needed no encouragement and lay quietly snuggling up to her master. Within seconds she was fast asleep.


Over breakfast they chatted about the new agreement and of the weekend ahead. “Selena I’m so excited about your desire to become my 24/7 live in slave. I know we are both going to get a tremendous thrill from the experience; not many people are able to live out their fantasy or have either, the means or the strong love for each other coupled with a mutual fetishistic lifestyle; we shall overcome any obstacles along our way.” And here he looked Selena full the eye, “Because I am a very exacting and controlling Master and you are my very subservient slave who actively desires to be controlled totally and in every minute detail.”

Selena’s pulse increased at these words and she instinctively lowered her eyes.

“Yes, Master absolutely and permanently; I can’t wait!”

Selena’s long dark hair shone in the sun as it streamed in through the window of the sitting room ; She looked radiant clad in her latex cat suit as she sat quietly chatting to her lover and Master. “Permission to speak Master?” This was said with a twinkle in her eye as it was now her turn to tease her lover. James caught onto the Try-on immediately and replied “Granted slave!”

“Master I feel wonderful, happy and in love with you; you have surpassed my every expectation and, and may I say”, and here she purposely overstepped the mark, “That you have been very lenient in your training of me, I had expected far greater challenges and had mentally prepared myself for them; in the event I didn’t need to draw on any of my reserves!” Now she was piling on the subtle insults. Her deep masochistic trait was leading her by the nose towards the inevitable retribution, but she didn’t care; she wanted to get the message over to her Master that she would willingly take on any degree of bondage or manipulation that he chose to employ on her. Deep down inside of her she trusted him implicitly.

Now she was looking directly into her Master’s dark brown eyes as if to challenge him to raise the stakes. Before she could draw the next breath her master cut in.

“Enough slave or I shall not tell you of your next surprise! I know you are just testing my resolve, but know well, that in one months time you may well be regretting those words as I plan to extend you far beyond anything you could have ever dreamed up, and you will need all of those hidden reserves.” It was obvious that he was not going to rise to his slaves challenge until he decided on both the time and place.

“So,” he went on, “Kneel at my feet slave and apologise for your outburst.”

Head bowed, arms behind back ‘S’ resumed her slave position at her master’s feet, but said nothing.

“I have a mind to put you back into severe bondage for the next 24 hours, but that would be playing into your hands, but I have noted your attempt to goad me. Now slave, your surprise; this afternoon you are being taken to Amsterdam to shop for rubber wear and other bondage devises. We shall dine tonight as equals but tomorrow morning you will revert back to your slave status because you will receive another birthday surprise then. You will travel as my slave, fully dressed underneath your mackintosh. Now off you go and pack.”

Before he had a chance to stop her ‘S’ had risen and thrown her arms around his neck and was kissing him passionately, her heart all of a flutter. ‘What a Master, I’m the luckiest slave in the world!’ she thought to her self. Then she danced off to begin packing.

Selena dressed now in her slave attire consisting of dildo and rear rod pants, black rubber catsuit, corset and slave collar, carried her case out into the hall. Her Master had not allowed her to wear top clothing, only her SBR

At the airport check-in the two lovers similarly dressed handed over their luggage and proceeded through customs and security. Selena set off the alarm, much to the amusement of her Master; the metal eyelets in her corset probably setting it off, and was frisked by one very surprised security personal that no doubt would have a tale to tell his colleagues. She was conscious of being totally covered in rubber, but was thoroughly enjoying the experience; her excitement high. The warm rubber aroma wafting up past her tightly buckled collar arousing her further.

One or two eyes were raised at the tall slender mackintoshed beauty that remained fully dressed throughout, especially as her companion took his off; but she remained all tight and tidy. Sitting beside her Master aboard the plane ‘S’ gave a wry smile as she fixed and tightened the seat strap. “Bondage at every point!” she whispered to James. Then reaching over to grasp his inner thigh she spoke, “Master I’m so excited about this trip, it’s a wonderful birthday surprise, especially as we are going to DeMask I’m going to spend, spend, and spend as I shall be selling my flat as soon as possible in preparation of moving in with you. I’m going to give up wearing normal clothes and become the true fetishist nothing but latex and rubber from the end of the month, I can’t wait; I shall burst from excitement I know I will”. Changing the subject she continued, “I love the way I’m dressed now, nobody on this plane has the faintest idea of what I’m wearing underneath my SBR, only that I am strangely keeping on my mackintosh and it’s fully buttoned; I wonder if any of them is having such a sexually stimulating time?”

Once in their hotel room ‘S’ took off her SBR and paraded around their room; she was in her element. Unpacking her master’s case she discovered that he had brought a set of black latex sheets and pillow cases as well as an assortment of other equipment; ‘no doubt about it,’ she thought to herself, ‘I’m in for a high old time this weekend.’ She made up the bed and laid out both her own rubber wear as well as her Masters. Love making in a strange hotel was exciting as they both knew that each side of them, with only a thin wall dividing them were Mr & Mrs average, unaware of what was happening only inches from them.

Tethered spread eagled with helmet blindfold and breathing through an inflatable gag in place ‘S’ was having the time of her life. The slow teasing of both her nipples and clitoris gradually raised her temperature as she was pushed to higher and higher planes of pleasure. Her Master working on her, knowing just how far he could take her before backing off to increase her growing sexual urge and frustration. Rolling her engorged nipple between his gloved fingers he had them hard against the tenting latex of her suit. Short breaths combined with suppressed mewing told him ‘S’ was near taking pleasure but he had other ideas, she would only be allowed to climax when he decided.

Straddling her supine body he brushed his rubber encapsulated erect member over her wet labial lips. She squirmed and then slowly offered up her hips for congress but she was not rewarded. Instead he let his member slide over and between her engorged lips; her juices running down and pooling into the black latex beneath her. It was only much later when his slave was so sexually charged and frustrated beyond reason, that he completed the ritual impaling. Her climax had her bucking and thrashing, throwing her head from side to side as she strained at her bonds. A moment later she felt the pulsing of her Master’s penis deep within her as he took pleasure. She was not released for some time; she lay quietly recovering from the love making. She mused to herself that one of the joys of being gagged was it allowed her to scream in ecstasy at the point of orgasm without the people on the next room being disturbed!

Much later after a well deserved rest the pair were ready for the evening having both bathed and got ready for their first outing in Amsterdam.

“Let’s look at you Selena, turn around slowly.” She did as directed she was wearing only a thin pair of latex briefs over which she wore a deep red silk blouse with full sleeves narrowing at the wrist , a high ruffed neck with three tiny buttons fastened to close it. A pair of tight nap leather trousers high waisted and fitting closely to her slim legs had her looking very feminine; 5 inch stiletto boots in red finished the outfit. James wore his black leather trousers with a black silk shirt over which he wore a black leather waistcoat Selena thought he looked good enough to eat. They made an elegant couple as they walked arm in arm in the warm spring weather amongst the early evening crowds along the canals of Amsterdam. They were wearing their SBR’s; James’s open Selena‘s tight and tidy. Her crimson lips and heavy eye make up shining out from beneath her sou’wester; she was the very picture of happiness.

Eventually they found a delightful small intimate restaurant which was both warm and friendly. A secluded table towards the back suited them ideally. Seductive Jazz from the small quartet in the corner completed the informal atmosphere.

Over a delicious meal James sprang the next surprise as he raised a glass of Wolf Blass cabinet sauvignon, merlot, “To my erstwhile slave, may this surprise both test and excite her as she moves inevitably towards 24/7 rubberisation.” Selena couldn’t think for the life of her what was coming but she was both eager to know what her lover had in mind and confident it would be entirely appropriate. She snuggled up to him then spoke.

“James tell me immediately, you’ve kept me waiting far too long, so what is this surprise?”

“Tomorrow you will revert to being my slave”, and here he enjoyed the process of playing with her. He left a long break which had Selena tilting her head to one side in a quizzical manner.

“James, stop teasing!” but he wanted to prolong his fun.

“You will have your washout then dress in corset only. You are not to wear either bra or pants. You will of course wear black latex gloves and your mackintosh, rubber riding boots on your feet and sou’wester on your pretty head.” Again, he waited and again Selena had to prompt him.

“OK James, you’ve had your fun, now tell me at once! Or I shall scream and scream until I’m sick!”

“ Very well, Selena, or should I say ‘slave’ now, as to what happens tomorrow afternoon, after we have visited ‘De Mask,’ you will be taken to a dungeon where you will be pierced. Your nipples, labia and clitoral hood will be pierced. You will wear stainless steel rings to emphasise your lowly status; no gold or silver for you.”

There was a gasp followed by a hiss of air as Selena took in the message. James looked carefully at her face and especially her eyes for signs of the first unconscious negative reaction. First he noticed her eyes begin to dilate, ‘a good sign’, he noted. Selena had that far away look, as if she was focusing on an image unperceived by anyone but her. She held the look for perhaps 20 seconds then, quietly brought her gaze back to James. Their eyes met; Selena’s look told the tale. Her eyes wide open, pupils dilated with the faintest smile lines at the corner of each eye, as if to confirm her answer; she had an enigmatic smile and in that instant James knew her response. Then she spoke, “James dear Master, fulfiller of my dreams you couldn’t have given me a better present. In the piercing process I will at once become your pierced personal property. You will have commanded me to take both the pain and the pleasure.” She added, “I know the piercing will hurt but I shall take pride in my piercing because they are given by you they will remind me, every time I undress or dress that they commemorate the time when you allowed me to move from a temporary slave to your permanent full time 24/7 slave”.

“James I can’t wait!” They kissed as if to confirm the arrangement.

Sleeping naked the lovers woke in the early hours and spoke of the day ahead. Selena knew she had to perform her ritual washout and meditation. She felt so incredibly masochistic and took a full 2 litre enema thrilling at the internal pressure build up before the release some 25 minutes later. She felt naked just wearing her corset but was looking forward to both her visit to ‘DeMask’ as well as her later piercing .

Entering the ‘DeMask’ shop they were welcomed by a young woman wearing a latex pencil skirt and bustier, her head was close cropped with a single pigtail at the back. Selena was in true shopping mode, she grinned at James.

“A serious bit of retail therapy is about to take place!” Once she had bought street wear, dresses, skirts, bustiers, brassieres, stockings, garter belts and just about every item that a true rubberist might conceivably need in society they moved down to the underground sales area. Here she was both excited and overcome with curiosity with the comprehensive range of serious bondage items and wear. The medical cabinet held her spellbound. Rebreathing bags, inflators, oesophageal tubes for either introducing liquids into the stomach or withdrawing contents, catheters for bladder and anal control, drainage bags and devices, anaesthetic equipment for ventilating, sedation or controlled breathing; nasal tubing so thin that it could be introduced via nasal gastro opening to allow for automatic feeding. There were nasal anaesthetic masks, corrugated tubing and head harnesses for fixing of masks as well as endless lengths of red and black rubber tubing of all sizes and lengths.

The bondage devices were an eye opener to slave Selena. Arm binders, laced and buckled, leg sheaths, arm muffs, posture devises, neck corsets, head harnesses, skin tight heavy weight bags with corset type additional lacing inflatable jackets, helmets, suits, sleeping bags, both single and double, respirators, of every type and style, some adapted to incorporate aroma boxes or to allow for restricted breathing . Punishment helmets with multiple lenses and tubing together with lockable devices to seal the slave into them, diffraction prisms and a whole assortment of equally esoteric devices to subdue an un-rulely slave. There were Suspension sacks, suits, jackets, incorporating helmets, webbing cages, straight jackets and bondage boots as well as elaborate bondage sleeping bags.

This was an eye opener for Selena ‘S,’ her wildest dreams could not have foreseen all that was available to the discerning fetishist. She felt very sexually aroused and was aware of a wetness oozing down her naked leg under her tightly belted SBR.

Together the master and his slave spent a small fortune. Some of the items would need making especially for her. She was ushered into a changing room and told to take off her mackintosh by her Master. She did as instructed feeling proud standing naked except for her corset. She revelled in her condition: ‘I’m really becoming fulfilled as I move towards my destiny I can’t wait until I am the exclusive property of my Master.’

She was proud of her lithe naked body but longed to become encapsulated in latex. The sales girl took no notice of her condition apart from offering ‘S’ a tissue to wipe the vaginal juice from the her sopping wet crotch. No comment was made; indeed, she was all but ignored by the sales girl who spoke exclusively to the Master as if the slave was just an object not worthy of talking too. She directed her to ‘open legs,’ ‘arms out,’ head up’ as she took detailed personal measurements. When finished she spoke giving orders, “dress now slave!” ‘S’ did as directed enjoying the helplessness of her situation eager to move on to her intimate piercing.

Over lunch at a busy canal side restaurant, just a few metres from the flower market, they chose to sit outside even though ‘S’ was completely naked under her tightly belted mackintosh. In the warm spring sunshine she was very comfortable. She was both excited and anxious and couldn’t eat a thing. Her masochistic inclinations on at full pitch, she knew she was going to be subjected to a painful process. Five individual piercings would be conducted on her; She wanted them desperately now, although her anxiety level was at an all time high. The knowledge that she had no control over what was about to happen and the psychological fresson it imparted to her had her oozing honeydew down her pendant engorged labial lips. She was as horny as hell feeling that old familiar sexual arousal in the pit of her stomach, but oh so anxious. Then it was time. Her master caught hold of her gloved hand and led her to her place of pain.

This was no ordinary piercing clinic rather it was a specialist fetish parlour. The high glossed door was opened by a latex apparition. There before her stood an encapsulated maid in jet black catsuit; helmeted and gagged, only her eyes showing through the vinyl eye coverings. The slave was wearing a maid’s outfit in latex over her all encapsulated cat suit. ‘S’ was both shocked and excited at the same time. She knew she was but a cipher in the proceedings. She was ushered in by the mute slave and motioned to sit on a stark black specialist chair not unlike the bondage chair back in her Master’s penthouse. Then before she could do anything an occluding latex helmet was pulled down over her long hair. There were no openings apart from a small mouth hole; she was in complete darkness. Her heartbeat rose rapidly as she breathed in warm latex scented air, her thoughts now in a whirl; the first priority was to gain enough air from the ballooning helmet.

She was pulled up in to a standing position and her SBR was removed then she was taken to a medical obstetrics couch. The latex covering on the bench struck cold as her back came to rest on the couch. Her legs where put into stirrups and immobilised. Her arms were strapped as well. She heard her Master speak to another person who she reasoned was the ‘piercer’. “As arranged, I’ve brought my slave to you for five piercings; each nipple, labial lips and clitoral hood. Stainless steel rings of course”.

A woman’s voice replied, “very well Master.”

The next instant ‘S’ gasped as her right nipple was brushed with a latex gloved hand. Her nipples grew hard as she reacted to the stimulation. The piercer spoke with a heavy Dutch accent, “Slave in a moment you will be clamped and pierced, it will hurt but it will be over in a moment. I can give you an injection of lignocane if you desire, it will numb completely. Nod your head if you want it.” There was no response from the slave.

The piercing needle passed through the right nipple pulling the stainless steel ring behind it. The front cutting edge of the needle passed easily through the flesh of the nipple. ‘S’ was acutely aware of her helplessness. The first piercing hurt and she had to suppress the desire to cry out; she sucked in air through her encapsulated head, and in doing so felt the damp latex clamp to her head; then a thrill replaced the pain. ‘This is it; I’m being pierced and ringed in five places; all major sexual sites and symbolic of my status as my Master’s slave I will never be the same again; I’m changed for ever confirming that I am a submissive masochistic slave’.

She rode the pain of the vaginal piercings proud in the knowledge of her position as a slave. At last she was released from her bonds and helped to her feet by the mute slave. Her helmet was removed. There in front of her stood her beloved Master and the lady piercer. They were both attired in black latex rubber; she had on a half mask which left her lips and chin exposed. She had full red lips and ample breasts which were shown off to perfection under a loose fitting high necked blouse. She smiled at slave ‘S’ then spoke.

“Move over to the full length mirror and look at yourself, slave. What you see will please you no doubt.”

‘S’ did as directed and stood before the mirror. Her nipple rings gleamed in the spot light; she looked closely at them proud of the visual manifestation of her submissiveness. She had to use a hand held mirror to see her vaginal rings. She turned to her master. “Master, I submit myself to you now; I am yours to command.” She added, “Let the Mistress Piercer be a witness to my submission.” The mute slave dressed in maids outfit stood stiffly to attention in one corner of the dungeon. Slave ‘S’ noted that she had her ankles shackled. She had obviously served her purpose and was now held immobile until her Mistress needed her services again. ‘In one months time I will be in her position.’ The thought caused a warm glow to flow through ‘S’. The adrenaline high which she had experienced when the first and subsequent piercing were being undertaken was now beginning to wear off. In its place she felt a thrill at her appearance.

“Come sit with us slave and let’s toast your forthcoming permanent enslavement to your Master.” The Mistress pointed to where there were three seats but no low table to place the bottle of champagne. She put the bottle on a shelf, went over to the shackled maid slave, unlocked her bonds and led her by her collar lead to the foot of the three chairs, There, she spoke loudly so both the rubberised slave and her guests could hear, “slave maid, on your hands and knees, we need a table.” Immediately the mute slave complied. The Mistress placed an oblong piece of clear polycarbonate across her level back and proceeded to pour out the champagne into crystal glasses. The master and Mistress sat each side of slave ‘S’ and raised glasses. “To you Master and to your brave slave, no anaesthetic and five piercings.” She added, “You have a rare slave, train her well!”

They drank then both turned to ‘S’ “You may drink now slave.” ‘S’ smiled, and then sipped the bubbly. She remembered her last drink of champagne; she had not tasted it so this glass went down very well. The Master and Piercer chatted over various things, particularly the circumstances of Selena’s meeting with her lover and how they had arrived at this juncture. Equally the Mistress spoke freely about her own slave and how she completely dominated her. “The more I dominate her and raise the standards the more masochistic she becomes. She is a proud slave nevertheless and wants to perform at the highest level. Of course”, she added, “I keep raising the level and am never satisfied. So she is punished frequently. As a rubber maid she has a long way to go before she even approaches a satisfactory standard.” Now she spoke ignoring; ‘S’. “I advise you to keep your slave very busy for at least the first month; idle thoughts and hands lead to mischief. When not busy keep her bondaged”

The excitement of the whole weekend and the lead up to it as well as shopping, piercing and champagne now took their toll on slave ‘S’. Within minutes of the Mistress and Master exchanging ideas and continuing their discussion, her eyes drooped, her head nodded and she sank into a dreamless slumber.

Some time later she was gently woken by her Master who very, very carefully helped her on with her mackintosh. He fretted around her, making sure she was as comfortable as possible. He took hold of her gloved hand and led her back to their hotel room. There he helped her out of her SBR and cosseted her. He ordered a light meal in their room, and then ever so gently tucked her between latex sheets. Her last words before sleep over took her were.

“Thank you Master, I love you and am so proud of my piercings.”


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