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Traded Teams

by WildsOfMirrors

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Storycodes: F/m; MF/m+; bond; gasmask; drug; latex; catsuit; cuffs; mittens; oral; blindfold; buttplug; toys; cons; XX

Part 1: Blown Away

My wife Kate, a professional dominatrix, and I had once had quite the steamy love life. But, over the last few years things had gotten stale. Hence, as the Monday of Thanksgiving weekend dawned, I was quite enthralled to hear, “Can you take Wednesday off? I have something VERY special planned for you this weekend that will be highly entertaining for me - and you?” This had the potential to be quite interesting...

I awoke Wednesday to find the bed next to me empty minus a note that read: “Good morning - please shower, put on your Blackstyle bondage suit, gas mask, and meet me in the dungeon. And drink the juice next to you. ” I found a tall glass of orange juice that tasted slightly funny…I guessed that it probably had some Viagra or Cialis crushed up in it. That bode well for getting some action…

I showered, and with a minimum of talc - as I enjoyed the “stickiness” of the latex - squeezed my way into the bondage suit. The Blackstyle high-end bondage suit is a beast. A whole body black latex catsuit including hood and socks covered with d-rings with 3 arm bondage belts and 5 leg bondage belts, removable cod-piece, rear zip, and a hood with detachable blind fold, inflatable gag, and nose tubing. My suit was customized to have standard gloves and attachable bondage mittens rather than the default bondage mittens only. I then donned my GP5 gas mask (sourced from the Bizarre Rubber Shop) and, carrying my other accessories, strode into the dungeon.

Two things were off as I entered the room. First, Kate was still in her nightdress and robe - which was very odd if we were to have a scene. Second, there was a rubber sleep sack I didn’t recognize (though it appeared to similar to one I had eyed from Invincible Rubber) perched atop what appeared to be a medical stretcher suspended between two of the sawhorses Kate used as fuck benches.

“Get into the bondage sack!” commanded Kate. As she helped me get situated with my arms in the internal sleeves, Kate firmly bound the sleep sack to the stretcher using belts running through the D-Rings every few inches. She then laced up the front of the sleep sack and attached a tube to the gas mask. For the finishing touch, she snapped on blindfolds from Rubber Bunker over the gas mask lenses leaving me in darkness…

“Now we can begin…” said Kate. “I’ve invited one of my very best friends and their slave to have their way with you. If you cum for them, they get to play with you for the rest of the weekend. And I get free live porn!” Knowing how alluring several of Kate’s colleagues in the pro-dominatrix community were, I immediately began to get excited.

SNAP! I felt a tug in the bondage sack, around the chest and guessed that it was the snap cover for tit access being removed. At the same time, I heard the zip over the crotch open. The next thing I knew, the zips over my tits were open and latex fingers covered with a very thick, viscous lube started massaging my tits. At the same time, the codpiece in the suit was popped off, and latex covered hands covered with what felt like something marginally slicker than water grabbed my cock and balls, massaging my cock to life.

This was a great start to a long weekend. The massaging of my tits was heavenly, though the fingers felt far larger than I would have expected for one of Kate’s friends. At the other end, my now semi-stiff cock began to be the recipient of what had the inklings of an intense, expert-level blowjob.

One gloved hand was carefully pulling my balls as far away from my cock as possible, while gently kneading them. The blowjob began with literally sucking my cock as hard as possible. Then a switch to focusing upon the head - first sucking and then licking, while masturbating the shaft with their other hand. Whomever was doing this had a stud in their tongue - it made for a very unique situation. Then a relentless up and down throat fuck. Although my cock is average, it still felt unique to have the head and part of the shaft down the giver’s throat. It was a relentless cycle; whomever giving the blowjob was clearly an expert cocksucker.

This was heaven on a Wednesday morning. I could feel myself getting closer to cumming and was starting to shift around within the tight confines of the bondage sack. I heard Kate mention “I think he’s getting close - are we ready for the surprise?” After what must have been a brief nod, I heard Kate say “Pardon my reach” and felt the gas mask tube move.

After a rustle of rubber, my air supply was rapidly reduced and the odor of latex, sweat, and something vaguely familiar and musky assailed my senses. I was getting very close to cumming now, especially with the reduced air supply and heady aroma. Whomever was giving the blowjob now inserted their index finger into my anus and started massaging my prostate, while the focus of the blowjob shifted to my cock head.

Kate pulled the blindfolds off and said “Boom!” with a maniacal grin. What I saw caused my heart to skip a beat before one of the most intense orgasms I have ever I regained my vision I was staring at a huge, husky rubber man wearing a military uniform, biker jacket, hood, and military cap. He was obviously the master. The hose to my gas mask was inserted into his crotch. There were many coloured armbands on his right hand. At my midsection, a lithe but very obvious rubber man wearing all red all over with pinhole eyes on his hood and a number of coloured armbands on his left arm was spitting my cum into one of the Rushevaporators from Rubber Bunker we keep in the dungeon. To say that I was stunned was putting it mildly...

“Well, well, I hope you are blown away,” said Kate. “Allow me to introduce Master Rick and Slave Eric. They have been in the market for a rubber gimp for a while. So I’ve traded you to their team for the balance of the long weekend. If, at that point, you want to be done - you can be. But until that point I expect you to obey their every whim. And, I figure you are getting more rubber action than you have had in years, you may just want to keep on carrying on…"

As Rick removed the gas mask tube, he handed it to Eric who immediately screwed it into the Rushevaporator and I was immediately hit with the musk of my cum. Rick started off his first remarks to me: “I can assure you that you will be safe and free from any harm. Kate has of course vetted us all for any STDs, so you can allay that concern. We have put together a comprehensive indoctrination program to become a true rubber man and gimp. This doesn’t mean that you will be kept chaste; quite the opposite. We want you to cum as often as possible and have such a good time you want to play with us forever. We’ve been looking for a gimp and Kate has done an exceptional job of promoting your candidacy. Eric, prepare him for the trip to our dungeon.”

At that, Eric pulled out a squirt jar of lube and squirted what appeared to be cum on his hand and began lubing my ass and the base of my cock while Rick zipped up my catsuit over my tits and replaced the snaps over my chest. While doing this, he went on to say “We want you as horny as possible all of the time. Eric is going to be installing what is known as a Ripple Asslock on you” while handing Eric what looked like a combination butt plug and cock ring with a grooved surface connecting the two. The butt plug went into my ass with a plop - it was surprisingly small. The groves went against my taint while Eric deftly put a plain latex condom on my cock, sealing its base in place with the cock ring. He then re-attached the codpiece and zipped up the bondage sack.

Rick continued, “The butt plug will stimulate your prostate. The grooves will stimulate your taint. The cock ring will make you erect. The combination? Maximum horniness. As we transport you to our dungeon, we want you to think about all the fun ahead. We encourage you to jerk off - and are even adding a little incentive.”

Kate handed Rick a vibrator, which he secured in place over my crotch and turned on. “And with that, we’re off and see you on camera!” said Rick as he put the blindfolds back on the gas mask before he and Eric picked up the stretcher and put me in a vehicle of some sort.

The motion of the vehicle, the smell of my cum, the thoughts of what was to come, and the vibrations of the vibrator coupled with the unique feeling of the ass lock did their work together. At some point in my journey, I exploded again while contemplating what was next…


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