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Total Rubber Occlusion

by Mike Vickers

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© Copyright 2001 - Mike Vickers - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; forniphilia; bondage; packaged; cons; X

Charlotte stared out across the bedroom and sighed softly, weary of waiting for her beloved mistress to return. She normally managed to survive these periods of inactivity without any difficulty, but on this occasion felt the slow passage of time more acutely than usual. Sometimes she was able to doze when Victoria was out shopping or visiting friends, but now a gnawing excitement prevented such a pleasant escape. She knew something very special was about to happen and an almost juvenile anticipation made sleep impossible. The thought of Victoria aroused her, as it always did. Images of exquisite eroticism filled her mind. She had always been deeply submissive, the source of her natural deference being alopecia which struck cruelly during her late teens. Hounded by cruelty from her peers and deprived of friends by her striking nakedness, she retreated into a private world, an unsure, sometimes frightened young woman who saw no future in a society that placed so much store on physical perfection. 

It was Victoria who rescued her, who saw her real beauty - and who turned her into an accomplished maid and sexual slave! Charlotte's life was now totally controlled by her mistress. Her willing conversion into a humble submissive had been spectacularly swift - and had led with deft inevitability to her present intoxicating predicament. She strained against her bonds but movement proved impossible. Sealed into a stool and placed before Victoria's dressing table, she could do little more than gaze around the room through the plastic lenses set into her rubber helmet, her eyes the only part of her that could move freely. 

The stool was one of many pieces of special furniture scattered throughout the house All had just one function - to secure her into a position where she would be forced to orally service her mistress. She could be bound into every chair in the house with her face held rigidly as an integral part of the seat. Even the bed was specially adapted and Charlotte often spent the entire night tucked into a bondage drawer with her head protruding through a circular aperture in the centre of the mattress and head clamped between Victoria's thighs. She took her duties very seriously and prided herself on the effect her dexterous tongue had on her mistress. 

The stool, however, by the very nature of its diminutive size was the most confining of all her prisons. Trimmed with flowing black latex drapes, its metal casing was lined inside with a fully inflated neoprene sheath that squeezed her cramped body into total immobility. Above the drapes, the seat was moulded into the profile of a saddle with her features forming part of the withers. The saddle fell away from her cheeks into hollows on either side, each contoured to fit the shape of her mistress's generous rump. 

Packed inside, her body folded like a concertina and head bent back, Charlotte gazed upwards at the ceiling, mute and virtually deaf. She sucked on a huge gag and waited with as much patience as she could muster. Rubber now dominated her life. Her natural affinity for the strange material had been exploited by Victoria, who insisted her maid wore nothing else. Charlotte's naked skin, so long a source of embarrassment, had become wonderfully alert to the sensual touch of silky smooth latex. The helmet concealing her features was an integral part of the suit she wore, one of many in her wardrobe that provided complete encapsulation. She felt its humid constriction gripping her limbs and revelled in the psychological protection it gave. 

A lingering rumble gurgled though her stomach. God, she was ravenous! Her mistress had decreed no food for the last week and on complaining, Charlotte had been bound over a whipping stool with her rear prominently displayed and soundly chastised with a leather tawse, her cries muffled by a ball gag. The suit proved no defence at all to the scorpion sting of her mistress's anger. The door opened and Charlotte's heart leapt. Victoria breezed into the room and ignoring the muffled groans emanating from the stool, stripped off her clothes and took a leisurely shower in the en suite. Charlotte waited, fretting with impatience, eager to greet her mistress in her own special way.

Eventually, after what seemed an age, Victoria reappeared. She stood beside the stool and peered down into the upturned face in the centre of the saddle. No other sign of Charlotte was visible; the drapes hid everything, yet even though her slave's features were obscured by the shining rubber helmet, Victoria sensed her profoundly ardent yearning. Charlotte's eyes widened when she beheld her mistress. Victoria had dressed as befitted her position. Her well-proportioned body was sheathed in jet, the burnished latex shimmering like obsidian. She wore a high-necked blouse trimmed with frills beneath her chin and cut very tight about the torso to clearly display her breasts beneath the gleaming bodice. Each ripe swelling was tipped by a rigid nipple. The long sleeves were generously puffed at the shoulder before narrowing to grip her forearms, the reinforced cuffs frilled to match the collar. Faultless black gloves covered her hands. 

She moved the stool closer to the dressing table, her full-length latex skirt flowing and rustling softly with every movement. The billowing skirt flared out over her hips into a perfect circle, its softness supported from beneath by half a dozen gossamer thin white rubber petticoats, each ruched and trimmed with a deep fluted hem. The broad waistband concealed a leather strap tightened around her tiny waist. 

Bending close, Victoria removed the oral plug and licked away her slave's saliva. Charlotte recognised that sensual look and knew what was coming. She trembled with delight, but the stool concealed the involuntary shudder. 
"We will begin shortly," breathed Victoria, stroking her fingers in and out of her slave's mouth. 
Charlotte suckled like a new-born lamb. "The final preparations are now made. Guests will be arriving soon to help in the operation." 
Noting the anxiety in Charlotte's voice, Victoria smiled reassuringly. 
"No harm will come to you. Life may become a little restricted and you will need to make some, ah, adjustments, but it will be worth it." 
"I don't understand." 
"All will be revealed later. I've solved the old problem at last." 
Charlotte gaped. She well knew the problem to which her mistress was alluding. 

Victoria insisted on absolute and total coverage when Charlotte was between her legs but there always remained the need for her slave to have an air supply. Experimentation with different types of breathing tube proved unsatisfactory as Victoria could always detect their unwelcome presence against her sensitive crotch. It was all rather frustrating. 
"What have you done?" 
"Patience, you'll soon find out - and maybe you'll wish I hadn't been so inventive!" 

Victoria kissed the open lips and tasted sweet rubber on her slave. She scooped up her skirts and settled herself in the saddle. Charlotte caught a fleeting glimpse of Victoria's endless legs sheathed in rubber, then a falling darkness obscured the delicious sight as the petticoats settled onto the carpet all around the stool. She closed her eyes, inhaled the rich sweetness descending onto her face and extending her tongue, felt the first fleeting touch of flesh. Honey dripped from the pendant lips, hot and oily. Victoria teased her for a while, keeping just out of reach, then slowly lowered her full weight onto the eager mouth. Flexing from side to side, she adjusted her position until she was fully seated before reaching under the skirt and clipping her belt to rings set into the saddle at front and back. She hauled on a pair of restraining straps until her sex was crushed into Charlotte's face, fastened the buckles and lowered the skirt again, arranging the hem in a broad circle around the concealed stool. 

Charlotte's face was swamped by a liquid burning. Softness spread like warm treacle, cloying and pungent. She lapped at the shaven skin, eager to reacquaint herself with the familiar contours of Victoria's slit. Puffy outer labia oozed over her cheeks, parting slowly to reveal the delicate ridges within. Convoluted skin stretched unbelievably as she feasted, her neck muscles cording with effort each time she sucked in the generous folds. The rapacious cleft raked back and forth over her mouth before settling into position. Charlotte sensed the straps being tightened and groaned softly, her tongue lancing into the vulva positioned directly over her mouth. She longed to bury her face forever in the depths of her mistress's sex but as always the wonderful sensations were marred by her need for air. She hummed a signal and Victoria leaned back, allowing Charlotte to inhale, the air bubbling through sticky secretions. 

Gazing at herself in the mirror, Victoria began to brush her hair in a leisurely manner, admiring the tumbling golden locks. Unlike her fortunate slave, she had been forced to have her sex permanently depilated and was now considering having her labia pierced. Always searching for something new, she rather liked the idea of physically strapping her crotch to Charlotte's face. She moved slightly to allow her slave to breathe for a short while before sealing her air supply again. It was so tiresome to do this, but the only alternative - the use of breathing tubes - was uncomfortable for them both. Still, that was about to change! 

She continued coiffing her waist-length hair for almost an hour. To the casual observer, Victoria appeared totally alone in her boudoir, sitting serenely within a tented circle of shimmering black rubber. She divided her luxuriant tresses and wove two long plaits, and yet despite the apparently relaxed innocence of the scene, a deeply arousing heat built remorselessly between her legs, a fierce passion fuelled by the attentions of her slave. She drew a latex hood over her head and teased the golden plaits through stiff funnels that protruded on either side of her crown like short horns. A leather lace was threaded through the rear eyelets, tensioning the rubber across her face. She pulled steadily, working the lace with expert fingers and closing the helmet down to the nape of her neck. 

Victoria pressed the latex against her cheeks and forehead, admiring the exotic sight in the mirror. A coal-black visage stared back, gleaming and anonymous. Her lips pouted through a small oval opening below the snub nose. Circular lenses covered her eyes. She wound each plait around its funnel in a tight spiral and pinned it into position, the hair bondage giving her a prim and severe air, like that of a strict governess. 

Once satisfied that her appearance was to her own meticulous standard, Victoria's attention reverted to Charlotte. Her maid's flickering tongue was even more nimble than usual. Victoria felt it rasp around her vulva and wriggle into the relaxed entrance to her anus. A slight shift in stance allowed its tip unhindered access to her pearl and a great shudder rippled through her belly at the flooding sensations. She gripped the edge of the dressing table with both hands and threw back her head, eyes shut, her flushing cheeks hot under the taut helmet. Although the belt and straps allowed very little movement, she was able to slide herself over Charlotte's hidden features. Latex rustled like a gentle zephyr, a slithering rhythm counterpointing her hissing breath. She teetered for a moment on the brink, then climaxed ferociously, her body twisting and swaying, hands cupping her breasts and fingers pinching mercilessly at the turgid nipples. 

Charlotte felt Victoria's powerful contractions convulse through the burning flesh pressed tight to her face and redoubled her efforts. She serviced her mistress without slowing, knowing that this was expected of her. Satiated and dreamy, Victoria continued to enjoy the pleasure of her slave's tongue and lips until the door bell rang, interrupting the cosy intimacy of the boudoir. She smiled lightly and gathering up the flowing skirts, released the restraining straps. Reluctantly, she raised herself from the stool to reveal a spreading patch of dew glistening on the ridged saddle and left the room. 

"Is this she?" 

Charlotte's eyes snapped open at the strange voice. A tall woman stood there, austere in face, her pale complexion dominated by a pair of steely eyes. She unbuckled a black rubber trench coat and shrugged it off her shoulders to reveal a pure white latex tunic and calf-length hobble skirt. Transparent latex gloves sheathed her hands, matching the stockings that peeped out from under the reinforced hem of her skirt. She passed the coat to her assistant and bent to examine Charlotte's upturned face. Captivated by the steady stare, Charlotte barely noticed the assistant removing her own long rubber cloak. She wore a full helmet and the formal uniform of a nurse in white latex, complementing her mistress and reinforcing the impression of medical professionalism. The helmet concealed her mouth with only pinprick nostril holes piercing the snowy rubber below black lenses. A drowsy aroma of fresh rubber swirled around the room adding to the charged atmosphere. 

"Yes," replied Victoria. "I want you to occlude her totally, as we discussed." 
"Certainly. How fortunate she's naturally hairless. This allows no real limit to the length of time she can be encapsulated." 
"I know." Victoria's implacable tone sent a shiver down Charlotte's spine, but she had no chance to dwell on the fate her mistress had chosen for her. The stool was unlocked and her pinioned body levered out of the tiny cavity beneath the seat. The neoprene sheath was deflated and shortly, Charlotte stood naked before her mistress, her skin striped with the marks of her recent bondage. 

"This is Mistress Natalia. She's here to help me realise my dream of having you transformed into a permanent oral slave. Once this procedure is completed, your life will be dependent on a range of appliances controlled only by me."
"As you wish, Mistress," whispered Charlotte, her heart thumping unsteadily. 
"In addition," said Natalia, "just when you thought you had experienced the most degrading humiliations, you will be required to visit my clinic and join others who have endured the same fate." 

The silent nurse wheeled in several heavy trunks bound with metal straps. Charlotte watched aghast as a mass of medical equipment was extracted. A gas cylinder and face mask were prepared. 
"We need to sedate you for an hour or so," said Natalia. "The gas will suppress your gag reflex and relax you enough for us to fit this." She held up a coiled mass of rubber tubing. "Until now you have only experienced rubber on the outside of your body, but when you awake, things will be entirely different." 
Charlotte lay back on the latex bed sheet. The mask descended over her mouth and nose and she heard the faint hiss of the gas. A great drowsiness spread out to envelope her. Cotton wool limbs refused to function and gradually, her sight dimmed. "We'll have to work swiftly." 
Natalia's voice skirted around the edge of her consciousness, then something long and flexible was slid down her throat... 

It seemed to Charlotte that barely a moment had passed. She surfaced slowly, aware that she felt wonderfully comfortable and warm - and no longer hungry! In fact, her stomach was rather full and bloated. Strange that she should have been fed so much after her period of fasting. Then she remembered the tube and reached up to her mouth, but felt nothing except her lips. 
"An instinctive reaction," remarked Natalia with a coolly detached air. "The tube is still within you, but your mouth must remain unblocked." 
"What have you done?" Charlotte stared at her mistress in confusion. 
"We have lined your entire digestive system with rubber!" said Victoria. 
"It was remarkable to watch. Nearly thirty feet of tubing went in, followed by an inflatable bladder to fill your stomach. One end of the tube now lies in your oesophagus just below the entrance to the lungs and the other end sits in your rectum." 

Charlotte was suddenly aware of the expansion of her anus. She parted her legs and saw a circular metal collar gripped by her ring. She touched it tentatively, not quite believing what she was hearing. "Those pipes will allow me to feed you. In addition, and this is the most radical feature of the procedure, you will also be able to breathe through the tube, which means that we can now make a total seal between your face and my crotch!" She laid a reassuring hand on Charlotte's shoulder and nodded to Natalia. "Please continue." 

The nurse fitted a catheter and employed a syringe to fill the integral rubber balloon lodged inside Charlotte's bladder with saline solution. A substantial dildo then cleaved her sex. Natalia worked the shaft in deeply, rotating it from side to side until its splayed base was buried amongst the slippery folds of flesh. Charlotte noticed the phallus had dull metal patches set along its body and was sufficiently experienced enough to guess at their function. Another saline-filled syringe inflated the head of the dildo, expanding it until it fitted snugly inside her womb. Natalia plugged several thin electrical leads from the dildo into the anal connector. The catheter was also folded back along her slit to become an integral part of the device. 

"Now we must seal up your face! The sensation will be most unusual for you, but relax and don't fight it. This system has been used successfully on many of my other slaves. Just breathe normally - you'll be surprised just how quickly you become acclimatised." Natalia slid a pair of silicone plugs into Charlotte's nostrils and taking a brush, spread liquid latex over her nose. The milky fluid dried almost instantly to create an airtight skin. Another pair of plugs were inserted in her ears and sealed in a similar fashion. Mirrored goggles protected her eyes. The nurse applied a little liquid latex to their cushioned cups and pressed the darkened lenses into position. 

"This goes in your mouth. Once glued in position, you'll be forced to start breathing through the internal tube." Natalia pushed a strange moulding between Charlotte's parted lips. Contoured anatomically, the sheath lined the inside of her mouth and covered her teeth in a thin layer of soft rubber. She thrust her tongue into a supple pouch, its external surface covered in delicate conical projections. Natalia inserted her fingers into Charlotte's mouth to ensure the sheath was properly positioned and pressed the adhesive outer section against the skin surrounding her lips. The sheath sealed her mouth completely - there was no breathing hole at the back where the gossamer rubber covered the entrance to her throat. 

Charlotte jerked in surprise and inhaled deeply, astonished to find she could breathe without difficulty, despite a slight sluggishness in the flow of air. A rhythmic susurration could be detected emanating from between her legs. Victoria examined Charlotte's mouth and noted the moulding incorporated a pair of exceptionally fulsome and shapely lips. Intrigued, she bent to kiss them. Soft silicone slithered sensuously, then parted to expose the spiked tongue sheath. 
"Now that should be interesting," she breathed, eventually breaking the kiss. "Truly astonishing." 
"It's refreshing to know the benefits of my medical training were not entirely wasted." Natalia signalled to her nurse and more equipment was prepared. "Your slave's life support systems are now functional allowing us complete the process by spraying her with liquid latex. The formula I use has been selected for its strength, flexibility and superb finish. In addition, the fluid shrinks on drying to create a feeling of pressure all over the body." 
"How long will it last?" 
"I think we can certainly measure the duration in terms of weeks, possibly much longer if you feed her with the correct hormones to suppress her cycle." 

Victoria smiled. It seemed her poor maid would be spending the foreseeable future as an oral slave. Charlotte found herself standing in the centre of a large rubber sheet and shuddered at the first touch of black liquid latex misting onto her skin. Natalia and Victoria observed whilst the mute nurse applied the solution. She wore a full apron, gauntlets and a respirator to protect herself from spillage and worked with speedy efficiency, waving the spray gun like a wand. Slowly, Charlotte's pale skin was covered in an advancing tide of ebony. The process was repeated several times to thicken the layers of rubber until eventually, a beautiful black statue stood there, a perfect female form sheathed in coal-black latex. 

"There just remains her head," said Natalia, taking the gun. "I always insist on doing this myself - call it a perk of the job!" Starting at the neck, she began to coat Charlotte's frozen features with the cloying fluid. Charlotte pressed her new lips together when the spray passed over her mouth and found them instantly sealed shut. The latex advanced to engulf her naked crown. Natalia built up the supple skin, sheathing Charlotte's head in a smooth and unblemished helmet until, finally, the spray drifted over her lenses to block out the light. The effect on Charlotte was dramatic. Her respiration hissed through the connector, panting and hoarse, but the rushing sibilance normally associated with breathing was absent and she could hear nothing save the unsteady beat of her heart. Her other senses were now dominated by rubber. The continually tightening latex squeezed her body in a horribly exciting grip and she could taste only the acrid latex tongue sheath, but all that paled into insignificance compared with the bizarre notion that she was now breathing through her anus!

"And now for a few optional extras,"said Natalia crisply. "Will she require the use of her hands?"
Victoria thought for a moment and shook her head. "No. I can always get another maid, but as my oral slave, she will be spending most of her time in bondage." Natalia signalled to the nurse and Charlotte's hands were sprayed until her fingers became submerged inside smooth oval mittens. 
"Shoes?" enquired Natalia. "We have a selection of carbon fibre footwear dainty enough to be concealed within the suit without destroying its smooth lines." The nurse offered a variety of different boots and shoes, all constructed of tissue thin material. Victoria chose a pair of ankle-length ballet shoes with endless spiked heels that supported Charlotte's feet with her toes arrowing downwards. The shoes were locked onto her feet and covered with the liquid latex. 

When Charlotte stood again, she teetered on tiny points, struggling for balance, her helplessness appealing greatly to Victoria's dominant nature. 
"We shall polish her now. This further enhances the superb look of the rubber and also acts as a chemical barrier, allowing other interesting features to be added which can then be peeled off afterwards without destroying the basic suit." 
The nurse covered Charlotte with a silicone compound and rubbed softly with a cloth, working the greasy solution into the suit with a circular motion. Within moments, an extraordinary shine materialised on the surfaces of Charlotte's body, a mirror finish that gleamed and sparkled like quicksilver. The procedure was repeated several times until the rubber resembled lustrous crystalline marble. 

Victoria was impressed. She had seen many latex outfits before, but this was something quite exceptional. Charlotte was engulfed inside an utterly seamless cocoon, her only contact with the outside world through the complex connector almost hidden between her legs. Her breath came in a whisper, filtering up into her body through the tube lining her gut. With all her bodily cavities filled with expanded latex bladders, she had surely reached the ultimate in total rubber occlusion. 
"We're now almost finished," announced Natalia. "I'll leave you with the equipment and a generous quantity of liquid latex, ample to satisfy all your needs for the next month." She made a final examination of the silent rubber doll. "I think it's now time to let her see what she's become, but we'll complete her encapsulation first." 

She produced a substantial rubber breathing bag and screwed it onto the anal connector. Immediately, the fluted bag began to inflate and deflate in time with Charlotte's breathing. Natalia nodded to the nurse who used a dab of solvent on a cloth to free Charlotte's sealed lips and clean away the thin layer of latex from the oval eyepieces set in the helmet. Even when she'd finished, the boundary between each black reflective lens and the polished rubber remained almost impossible to distinguish. Victoria could discern no change in the appearance of the gleaming helmet - but Charlotte could! 

Light filtered into her darkened and silent world. She turned to face the mirror and almost fainted with shock at the sight of the anonymous mannequin standing there. Drowned in latex, she searched in vain for the familiar features of her body, but all were hidden under the clinging skin. Her face was a smooth ovoid, her nose barely tenting the hood above a pair of full and sensual latex lips. She opened her mouth and saw black rubber lining her teeth. Spikes rasped whenever she moved her tongue. Each breast was a polished orb tipped with a nipple set hard in solidified latex. Her crotch was entirely featureless; no sign of her sex was visible at all. She touched herself tentatively with mittened fingers and saw the gleaming metal connector sitting against her rear entrance, the rubber suit lapping around its flanged base. Piqued by curiosity, she opened her legs further to reveal the black bag hanging down between her thighs and realised she was completely isolated from the outside world. 

"I shall see you next month," said Natalia, allowing the nurse to help her into her rubber trench coat. "Has she seen the special face mask yet?" Victoria shook her head and the two mistresses shared a knowing look. "That should be entertaining." The bag began to pulse unsteadily as Charlotte's air supply became stale. 
"I sincerely hope so." Both women watched the maid intently and Victoria was pleased to see that instead of trying to remove the bag herself, Charlotte began stroking her mons and breasts in an obvious attempt at gratification whilst waiting for her mistress. 
"I see she has confidence in you," remarked Natalia, striding to the door. 

When they had gone, Victoria finally unscrewed the bag and set about placing her breathless slave in arduous bondage. Bending her arms up between her shoulder-blades, she applied layer upon layer of liquid latex to bind them in place, blurring their contours until they almost disappeared. Charlotte struggled, but the cloying rubber held her fast. Lying face down on the bed, an exceptionally long steel bar was sealed between her ankles, spreading her legs wide. Victoria then examined the complex life support module and its snaking rubber hose. This machine would control her slave for the next month and provide her with everything she needed; nutrients, liquids, waste disposal, stimulation, and above all, air. It was a compact device, battery operated and mounted on castors, allowing Charlotte to drag it around after her like a puppy on a lead. Victoria filled the various glass containers with drinking water and feeding solutions, checked that the breathing and anaesthetic gas systems were operating and placed the infra-red remote controller under her pillow. 

Charlotte could barely contain her excitement at the sight of Victoria holding the hose and squirming on her belly, raised her rump and drew up her knees to offer the exposed connector projecting from her anus. She felt a slight pressure and a distant click as the umbilical was screwed into place, attaching her to the machine. Breathing deeply, she detected a further slight resistance to her respiration and sniffed experimentally, but could smell nothing - the passage of air into her lungs was no longer via her nostrils! Charlotte was still struggling to comprehend the bizarre nature of her situation when Victoria joined her on the bed. She had prepared herself for the night by removing her blouse and skirt to reveal the full body suit beneath. Pink flesh peeped out of the slit along her crotch, a slit that would allow full access to Charlotte's eager spiked tongue. Victoria applied a little silicone polish to ensure the liquid latex could be removed from her suit and reclined with legs on either side of her slave's supine body. She pressed her sex against the inflatable rubber lips and wove a drifting web of spray around her loins, sealing 
herself to Charlotte. 

Within moments, they had become one! Charlotte's head resembled a bulbous extension to Victoria's lower body. The gun hissed and spluttered, shooting a fine mist of adhesive latex over their limbs. By twisting from side to side, Victoria achieved a perfect seal from knee to waist. The ebony liquid dried quickly and contracted as it did so, pressing Charlotte's mouth even tighter to Victoria's vulva. She squirted a pool under her rump and wriggled down into it so that they both became cemented to the rubber bed sheet. Deep under countless lamellar layers of drying latex, Charlotte felt an almost euphoric joy. At last she was able to provide her mistress with uninterrupted oral service, yet it seemed a strange paradox that to achieve such a simple aim took so much complicated equipment. She extended her rubber-covered tongue and felt the spikes bend and deflect against Victoria's vulva, each soft tip scraping sensually. A furnace heat spread like a glowing coal over her face. She closed her eyes in the Stygian darkness and drowned in the succulence of her mistress's cleft. 
Victoria gasped at the unbelievable sensations washing though her belly. 

She grasped the remote controller and stabbed at the multitude of buttons, sending shocks through the dildo and anal electrodes located inside her slave. The bladders in her stomach and sex pulsed and twitched, expanding and contracting under pneumatic pressure. Charlotte bucked and strained against her bonds, her tongue a frenzy of activity. Such feverish abandon had always produced an arousing chorus of moaning and sharp cries, but now she was utterly silent, the result of 
no air passing over her vocal chords. Victoria smiled fleetingly at the notion that her adoring slave really had no outlets for her passion other than through her flickering tongue, then lay back with both arms flung behind her hooded head and abandoned herself to a night of endless pleasure. 

Charlotte was freed the following morning after spending nearly twelve hours offering service. She ached abominably, yet burned fiercely inside, deriving her own pleasure from the spasmodic tightening of her mistress's flesh around her intrusive tongue as Victoria climaxed throughout the night, her back arched and legs flailing convulsively. It was a supremely erotic experience for them both, but Victoria was still in absolute control and had devised a cunning and extraordinary method of occupying her slave whilst she was out during the day conducting her business affairs. 
Charlotte would be fitted with the new special face mask! 

Moulded around an articulated aluminium skeleton, the silicone mannequin was anatomically perfect, an exact reproduction of Victoria's own body in weight, texture and flexibility. Charlotte gaped at its glistening black skin and realised with a stab of shock that she and it looked almost identical. Both had the blank vagueness in the face and the mitten-like hands, but where her crotch was smooth and featureless, the mannequin's was exquisitely formed. Pendant labia hung below a swollen mons, thick and inviting. The contours of that imitation sex looked familiar. 

Victoria smiled and drawing a hand over her own flesh, transferred her sticky dew to the mannequin's cleft. 
"It's me," she said distinctly into Charlotte's plugged ear. "A perfect reproduction, and when I'm out, this is what you'll be bound to, just to remind you of the real thing. Oh, and to keep you on your toes, I'll be giving you gas every time I change over so when you wake you'll not be sure if it's me or this that's attached to your face. You'll just have to service both with the same enthusiasm or suffer severe punishment. She chuckled at Charlotte's futile struggling and placing the mannequin in position on the bed, set to work with the spray gun... 

The passage of time became confused for Charlotte. Denied any external stimulus, she remained isolated inside her moulded suit for the entire month, fed and watered by the machine, her breathing carefully regulated. Her life became a continual routine of exhausted sleep and frantic oral service. Frequently unconscious through the application of gas, she was never entirely sure if she was attached to Victoria or the substitute mannequin. Had she been able to taste her mistress such a problem would not have arisen, but she was isolated by the mouth sheath and in her disorientated state, both felt identical. Victoria compounded her perplexity by often remaining absolutely motionless for several hours at a time whilst she read or watched TV, and so before long Charlotte simply gave up attempting to differentiate between the two and lapped, kissed and sucked whatever was placed against her pneumatic rubber lips, her sex and anus contracting involuntarily around the implanted probes each time a random surge of electricity pulsed through the electrodes. 

Eventually, after a month, the routine was broken and Charlotte was released from her duties in preparation for her trip to Natalia's establishment. It had all been arranged. Victoria had received a substantial packing case the day before and had spent several hours extracting the nurse from within its confining depths. Her place was to be taken by Charlotte whilst the nurse would be Victoria's silent travelling companion for the return journey. The packing case - and Charlotte - were being sent back by overnight carrier. 

The nurse now stood beside Victoria, but her uniform was gone. Instead, she resembled Charlotte in every way. Fitted with the anal connector and covered from crown to toe with sprayed black rubber, there was very little to distinguish between the two women - with one exception. The nurse's mouth, unlike Charlotte's, was completely sealed. No luscious lips pouted from the anonymous face. Her entire head was a featureless oval, and when the light caught the helmet, Victoria could see that even the eye lenses were significantly smaller than Charlotte's, as if she was entirely acclimatised to such restriction and needed only the minimal vision to complete her tasks. 

The transportation equipment comprised an egg-shaped steel capsule mounted vertically on a circular base. The capsule was split horizontally across the middle with the two halves flanged and clamped together with bolts. An upright high pressure air cylinder was located on either side and connected by steel piping to a small manifold and control panel welded to the front of the capsule. Valves covered the panel facia adjacent to a black rubber breathing bag. The entire machine could be manoeuvred on concealed wheels in the base and was designed to fit inside the substantial packing case. 

Charlotte was instructed to stand with legs pressed together and arms snugged into the small of her back while her mistress again wielded the spray gun to seal her into a single graceful column of black latex. She was then folded up and bound into an immovable pupa with knees under chin and heels pressed to thighs. Her mouth sheath was pumped full of liquid latex and the lips sealed shut, then several passes with the gun over the lenses plunged her into darkness. Meanwhile, the nurse moved with confident precision, preparing equipment soundlessly. With the upper section of the egg removed, Charlotte was lowered into the open bottom half and her anal connector attached to the capsule life support system. Victoria held her upright while the nurse poured in gallons of liquid latex. The glutinous fluid rose around Charlotte's pinioned body until the entire bottom half of the egg was filled. She bobbed like a cork, floating until the rubber cured, allowing Victoria to release her grip. 

Charlotte remained locked into the dense latex, the lower half of her body hidden inside the hardened pool of rubber. The nurse then replaced the upper section, threaded the bolts through the flange and tightened each with a spanner. She opened a filler in the top and pumped in more liquid until it spilled out of the opening. The filler plug was then screwed in and the excess latex wiped clean. Inside the egg, Charlotte felt the heavy liquid flow down over her head and face. The level rose inexorably and she realised she was inside a confined chamber. Pressure increased as the latex congealed and solidified all around her body. What little movement she had soon disappeared, leaving her embedded in an inflexible mass. She became aware of vague movement on the very edge of her threshold, then the first exquisite spasm rippled through her sex as the electrodes stirred into life and her attention turned to more pleasurable matters. 

With the egg now safely protecting its valuable cargo, the nurse connected the fully enclosed breathing system and adjusted a series of metering valves on the control panel. The rubber breathing bag began to expand and contract, externalising Charlotte's concealed respiration. Gauges on the high pressure cylinders indicated they were fully charged, giving at least twenty-four hours air supply, ample time to facilitate delivery to the clinic. The bag fluttered and twitched when the nurse threw a series of electrical switches, indicating some hidden turmoil deep inside, but no sound filtered out of the silent egg. She manoeuvred the complete machine into the sturdy packing case and locked it shut. The carriers called an hour later, loaded the case into their lorry and disappeared with a whiff of diesel fumes. Victoria tried to imagine the exquisite torture now being suffered by Charlotte as she bounced and jolted her way across the country. Delivery to the clinic was guaranteed for nine the following morning, so she would be spending the night in some holding warehouse, a mute captive imprisoned in rubber and steel, kept alive by the air cylinders, the boredom relieved only by the activated probes secreted within her belly. 

"You will now prepare for our own journey," she said to the nurse, who sank to the floor and pressed her forehead to the instep of Victoria's boots. She paid homage in total silence and only rose to her feet again when signalled. Dipping into a holdall, she extracted a flesh coloured hood and slipped it over her head. The moulded latex stretched over the blank features to reveal a pretty female face with an innocent, almost cherubic expression. The nurse smoothed away the wrinkles and shrugged on a full-length heavy rubber coat. She buckled the belt tight around her waist and adjusted the generous hood to frame the tranquil countenance of her false face. 

Victoria ordered her to thrust her hands through special holes cut into the pockets and glued her palms to the sides of her thighs with liquid latex. She lifted the rear of the coat and connected Charlotte's life support machine to the nurse's anal connection. The machine easily fitted inside the large holdall which was then slung over the nurse's shoulder, the hose curving down to disappear under the hem of the coat like a bizarre tail. To all intents and purposes, the nurse looked like any other traveller prudent enough to protect herself against the inclement British weather, hands in pockets and holdall hanging casually from one shoulder. 

Victoria donned her own coat, flicked her long tresses free of the collar and buttoned it from knee to chin. The wide belt emphasised the tiny circle of her waist. She hauled on the buckle, checked her appearance in the mirror for the last time and picked up her travelling case. 
"Okay," she said and pointing the remote controller at the nurse, pressed the electro-stimulator buttons. 
"Let's go!" 


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