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Torture Pig

by M88

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuits; corsets; basement; prison; cell; captive; encase; enslave; sendep; isolation; hood; bond; restraints; cons/nc; X

Sophie was enjoying a nice cold glass of white wine as she relaxed in front of the TV. She lived in a beautiful model house just outside the city of Liverpool. She had just had the whole building renovated and had a basement added as well. A massively costly project and that took a long time to complete. Luckily for Sophie her grandparents were fantastically well off and paid for the lot. She never had to lift a finger in order to get money. Sophie was also very pretty and sexy and she knew it. She was also very unlikable as a person and was often on her own. She had no problem with being by herself and found it enjoyable most of the time. Besides she was never alone. Sophie was brutally sadistic and had a list of fetishes longer than a porn website. She had lots of time and money to do whatever she wanted and no one would stop her. Mainly because no one was around to say or do anything. And if they were she would have never listened to them. She had told her grandparents the basement was for for a gym and hot tub, when they paid for the work to be done.

Instead she turned the basement area into a high security prison with Sophie being the only one who knew about it. She was the only person who could enter the re-enforced prison. It had no windows and one heavy steel door was the only way in or out. The facility was completely soundproof and the environment was controlled at all times be a computer system. Room temp, air con, air quality, moisture, humidity and light. The computer was located next to the door on the wall and also had information about any prisoners on it’s system.

Sophie was still watching TV and finishing off her wine. It was still bright outside and she never liked going to the basement in day time. She was waited until night fell as it just felt right. She was all suited and booted as well and had been for hours. She loved wearing her punishment outfit for a number of hours before going down there. She wanted it to be sweaty and hot as it made her angry and up for the fight. Plus she looked stunning in it with her fire like red hair and curved outline. The red latex bodysuit was skin tight and shinny. Knee high black boots with 6 inch heels enclosed her legs. A black wishbone corset pushed her stomach in and her breasts up. Black opera glove swallowed her hands and arms. The black and red mixed together to a uniform made for war. Her living room stank of top quality latex and the room echoed with a soft squeezing sound as she moved about.

She was laying up with her long legs crossed and her body twisted to face the screen. It was the only light in the room and it highlighted how stunning her body was. She looked like a real full time dominatrix in the uniform and that made her power mad and horny. With the sun finally going down and her programme over. Maybe it was time to play with the pig.

Torture Pig #221654 was the only name she knew the girl by. Or pig for short. She had been going door to door in order to rise money for a fun run. Sophie had opened the door to a very fit and health young lady with a sporty body and overall pretty face. She had long black hair and smooth blue eyes. The girl had been full of life and energy. It had been easy to get her inside and out of sight. Sophie had done some self-defence training and quickly put her victim out cold. That was over 3 weeks ago.

She turned the TV off and as she moved the catsuit made a sexy squeezing sound. She switched the light off and placed herself in complete darkness as she made her way to the entrance of the basement. The enjoyed the idea of walking around in latex with no light what so ever. It just felt sexy and something you would see in a horror film. She knew nothing was in her way as she moved from the sofa to the coded door that lead down to the basement. The darkness set the mood more than anything else. She entered the pin and descended towards the basement. Another pin-pad welcomed her at the bottom. She entered the pin and the door made a loud clicking sound as it opened. The computer had turned the lights on the second the last number was put into the pin-pad. It was nice and cold inside the prison. Sadly the air quality was ruined by the horrendous smell coming from the end cell.

The layout of the prison was simple. The basement covered the same area as the floor above. The walls making up the perimeter were a footprint of the house. They were made from concrete and soundproofed. The ceiling was also soundproofed. The stairs were right up against the edge of the perimeter. Three concrete cells had made built in the centre of the room. The ones of the left and right faced each other and the third one pointed towards the main door. Sophie could walk freely around each cell. Also down there in the four corners were stuff to help keep someone for a long time, there was also a shower and cleaning area for the prisoners. Not that she was taken out her outfit all that often. The next corner was filled with replacement latex items and repair kits. As well of lubes and oils. It also had added bondage equipment. The third corner was for making the prisoner’s meals, not that she enjoyed feeding time. Lots of tins and cans covered the walls. Large pots and pans lay on the floor. Sophie never cleaned the area. Mainly because the food she give her slave was disgusting anyway. The last corner was related to media and was were she shared pictures and videos of her victim and herself. She had a number of dark web websites onto which she could post.

The whole basement had been painted white and that made the equipment in the corners stand out a bit more. Apart from the food area (which was a bit dirty) the basement was spotless. The three cells in the centre went from floor to ceiling and were designed to be the same size as a normal prison cell. The cells had almost nothing in them. The walls, floor and ceiling had been covered in shinny padded rubber with a massive amount of lube poured over them. A hole in the middle of cell was her toilet. The ceiling was lined with small holes between the rubber padding so fresh air could be pumped in. It was also how the temp in the cell was changed.

Sophie had not left the pig free inside her cage. She had designed a rigid bondage outfit for the poor girl to wear long term. Made from very thick latex and with built in metal strips and bars. In covered her whole body from head to toe. With only a couple of holes and tubes escaping the suit. The suit was not the only thing keeping her restrained. A restrictive bondage set was tightly locked around her. The thick latex suit was very smooth and shinny. The metal was placed between two layers and was mainly around her neck, stomach, feet, shoulders and wrists. The metal stopped the girl from moving parts of her body in keys areas. The suit also had a built in corset and high heel boots. It was a very kinky outfit that the slave could wear for some time.

Enclosing her head was a very thick rubber urinal helmet. The rubber helmet covered the whole head and neck and put a lot of pressure on her face as it was shockingly tight. She had holes for her eyes. But her ears and nose had heavy rubber over them. The ears had added padded on the outside of the helmet and an earplug attachment on the inside. Her eyes were the only part of her body you could see through the sea of latex. At the front of the urinal helmet was a D shaped snout, that was placed level with her nose. The D shape then folded inwards towards her face. So at the base of the funnel it was right up against her chin. A double set of gags keep her mouth wide open. Her lips and teeth had been covered in rubber as well, thanks to the helmet. Her tongue and the back of her throat were still normal. This meant she could still taste. Her mouth was split open by a metal spider gag and a plastic lip spreader. She was unable to close her mouth.

With the rigid latex bondage suit was a set of steel restraints. A long metal bar kept her legs apart and with heavy cuffs keeping the bar linked to her ankles. A heavy metal belt was wrapped around her stomach on to which her wrists had been bound to. The metal cuffs on her wrists linked to the side of the belt. Her hands was been placed in inflatable mittens. A massive tight fitting metal collar was enclosing her neck. Joined to the back was another metal pole that went from the collar to the belt. The bars kept her legs apart and her back straight. Her hands had become useless in the latex mittens. Just above her elbows another set of cuffs pushed them together. Her elbows almost touched and had been linked to the pole behind her back as well. A metal chain ran from the front of her collar to the metal leg bar. It was padlocked to a d-ring in the centre of the bar and then went from there to the middle of her belt. It was once again padlocked. She was helpless in the bondage setup and would never be able to free herself. Even if she had the keys. The best or worst thing about it was the fact she was not in pain and found the setup somewhat easy to be in. The bondage put little pressure on her body as the alignment was spot on.

The last part of long term bondage was her need to use the toilet. Luckily it had a easy solution. Her bondage suit had two reenforced slits between her legs. All she needed to do was position herself over the hole in the floor and go. Getting to the hole was the problem. As her bondage meant she couldn’t stand up or move very fast. Plus the hood had taken away her vision. This lead to her staying close to the hole at all times. Unless she wanted her cell to become a pigs pen. She was kept in isolation for 90% of the time as Sophie wanted her to lose track of time and become very submissive. Sophie wanted her pigs brain and body to rot and for her to desire any type of human contact. So she left her alone in the darkness and only entered the cell in order to feed her. Sophie would feed the poor girl once a day. Her daily meal was horrible and stank. It was a mix of cat/dog food (whichever was cheaper), fish, Sophie’s waste, vitamin tablets, insects and water (with cum mixed in) Sophie turned the meal to liquid so it would go through her gags easier. The first time she entered the cell for meal time. The girl had screamed to be freed and struggled violently in her restraints. But after 3 weeks in the cell. Her protests had stopped as she started to accept her fate.

Sophie walked around the basement, making sure everything was as it should be. Sophie was trying to stay away from her pigs cell as the smell from within poured out. Sophie was not shocked as she had not cleaned the cell for 3 weeks. Her pig’s toilet was a hole and she feed her horribly. Plus the latex had a very strong odor to it. It took Sophie a few minutes to get use to the smell, maybe she should start wearing a gas mask. In order to open the door to the cell, she needed to use two keys and turn them at the same time. She had done it 21 times so far and was starting to get the hang of it. With a couple of soft clicks the heavy rubber padded door opened. Sophie also worked out how the basement was smelling so bad. The dirty air was going out of the cell through the key holes. Maybe she should change the cell to a pin pad system. The rubber was soft and somewhat hard to stand on.

As Sophie walked into the cell and once again saw her rubber pig. She always loved seeing her in full shiny rubber. Sophie left the door open as she went and got the pre-made meal for her rubber pig. Leaving the door open to a prison cell would normal never be done. But the useless pig would be unable to move fast enough to get out. Sophie was testing her pig and wanted her to try and escape. So she could punish her slave. Sophie was somewhat disappointed that her rubber pig didn’t even move. She had been hoping to use the bullwhip for the first time. She even had it in hand, ready to go. A two litre bottle of her meal was in the other hand. Sophie threw the bullwhip out of the cell and walked over to her pig.

The pig was making a continuous moaning sound as Sophie grabbed her head. The pig was struggling against the bondage as the rubber suit squeezed loudly. Sophie wrapped her arm around her the slave’s neck and forced it in place. She then poured the liquid down the funnel of the hood. She could see large bits of dog food go into the pigs mouth. Sophie hated feeding her slave as the smell made her feel sick. God knows what the taste was like. Somehow the pig was able to finish off the bottle and keep it down. What normally happened after feeding was the pig would plead for release. For the first time this did not happen. Maybe the message had finally got through. There was no escape and her pleads meant nothing. Maybe the pig was getting closer to being able to be trained. The isolation and the bondage had worked. She would order the pigs new rubber bondage suit in the next couple of weeks. Sophie would turn the girl into a full on pig sooner or later.

to be continued...


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