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Too Late

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; piercing; shave; dungeon; whips; clamps; toys; hum; cons/nc; XXX

Marion Les Barres had a permanent smile on her face, she had just shafted that bitch from the directors office Jessica Long, the PA of Margaret Forbes. Jessica Long had come running in the office and asked for the paperwork for the meeting with Ms Harrison, Marion pointed at one of two piles of paper and she ran out with it, little knowing neither was the paperwork she was after! Marion quickly removed the other pile of paper and put the correct paperwork in clear view. A couple of minutes later Director Forbes marched in the office. Feigning surprise Marion looked at the paperwork.

"Jess must have grabbed the wrong pile, it’s not as if you could mistake it for anything else is it?" Margaret Forbes did not smile, her intuition told her something didn’t quite fit and if the facts didn’t fit, she would rather believe Jess than some office worker on the rise.

What Marion didn’t know was Jessica and Margaret had been partners pretty much as long as the pair had been working together. Margaret, who was in her fifties had seen Jessica who was in her early forties pretty, bright, and deeply submissive, and Jessica had been looking for someone like Margaret all her life.

They had been careful to conceal the relationship so no one knew. Margaret thought long and hard about what Marion had said about Jess, the more she thought the more angry she became. To belittle it as a prank was not on, under different circumstances Jess could have lost her job, which didn’t bear thinking about. No the more Margaret thought about it the more angry she became.

"This Marion Les Barres is going down a peg to two!" Margaret said to herself. She wasn’t sure how, yet! She wasn’t mad keen on including Jess in the game, but she talked it over with Jess who said she could disappear. Jess took the week off starting Monday. Obviously not everyone could do such a thing, but it helped being Margaret’s right hand. Jess cleared her desk and Margaret dressed it with meaningless bits and pieces.

Margaret needed some help from the only friend in the company that knew about Margaret and Jessica, which she got! She was ready!

Monday morning Marion got a message to report upstairs Margaret was waiting for the knock on the door,


Margaret was signing papers on her desk whilst Marion had never been in her office.

"Yes, Ms Les Barres?" Said Margaret without looking up

"Err you wanted to see me."

"Oh Yes, come in, I won't beat about the bush, Ms Long is no longer with us and I need a PA! Do you want the job?"

Margaret was tapping her platinum plated biro on her lips.


"Err, yes I want the job! Thank you very much!"

"Your office is through the door, now before you go there’s some rules you need to know! Number one, your answerable only to me. Number two I will need you to work some extra hours, unsocial hours, may be all night, you understand?"

"Err yes Ms Forbes."

"I might even expect more from you than your used to giving, you know, heart and soul but, as you give you’ll get a whole lot more than you imagine possible. You OK with that?"

"Oh yes Ms Forbes!"

"Oh, and stop calling me Ms Forbes, it makes me fell like an oak table!"

"Oh sorry, What would you like me to call you then?"

"Mmmm, Ma’am will do, for now."

"OK, Ma’am. What would you like me to do first?"

"Well, Ms Long left in a hurry so could you clear her desk, and box it just in case she feels like coming back to claim her things."

"OK, ma’am, I’ll get onto it!"

A couple of minutes later Margaret walked into the other office and sat down on the other side of Marion’s new desk.

"Now this might be difficult, but I have some probing questions that need answering. I dare say you will find this very personal but hopefully you’ll understand why I’ve asked them, soon enough."

"OK fire away!"

"OK Your file says your twenty seven and you’ve never been married, Correct?"

"Yes Ma’am!"

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Err no."

"A Girlfriend?"

"Why do you want to know all this, Ma’am?"

"Well I do the companies business in some pretty strange places, which means I need you by my side in places that, depending on your orientation may appeal to you or, appal you! But the commission you could potentially earn runs into thousands"

"Oh OK."

"OK Girlfriends?"

"Well I used to but I’m in between at the moment!"

"In between?"

"Err I’ve had girlfriends but I don’t have a girl friend now."

"So you are a lesbian?"

"Err I suppose so."

"Dominant or Submissive?"

"Err I don’t see……"

"You don’t see what exactly?"

"I’m sorry Ma’am what relevance does,"

"This have in the workplace? Well, as I have already explained some of the places I work in for this company are, to put it mildly, unusual your orientation may or may not mean you not the person I thought you were."

"I’m sorry ma’am Err Dominant."

"Oh,………. really that could be a problem!"

"Well all the places we do business in know me as a Dominant, And my PA as my pussy slut! "

"Well couldn’t I just pretend I was your sub?"

"Well you’ll have to do more than pretend!"

"Oh, oh my!"

"Now you see the extent of my problem, and in a couple of days I’ll be meeting the Lady Beatrice, she spends hundreds of thousands of pounds buying from our company and, well perhaps I shouldn’t have let Jessica go!"

"I can do it Ma’am !"

"I need more than assurances if I’m going to take you with me for a meeting like that!"

"Ok don’t get me wrong, I want the job I really do, but how do I prove myself to you?"

"How indeed! And with less than three days and nights to go! Do you have any piercings ."

"Yes Ma’am I’ve had my nipples pierced."

"Well that’s a good start, we’ll have to get the rest of you done by tonight, is that a problem?"

"No, No, It’s just a bit sudden that’s all."

"Let me explain it like this, the closer to what the lady Beatrice is expecting the better you are for the job, and if I feel there is anything you require to do that I will do it! Is that clear! Apart from to commission you will earn, you are quite likely to make contacts in the very highest of circles. For this you will need to convince me that you can move in these circles as a submissive rather than someone who is pretending to be a submissive. We’ll be dropping in to a friend of mine to get the rest of what you need done by tonight."

Later that afternoon Margaret drove the pair of them to a back street tattoo parlour.

"Come in Marion, this is Nan my tattooist of choice!"

Nan was a well built bull dyke with a flat top haircut which towered over Marion.

"Err Hi Nan!" Marion said weakly.

Nan looked at Margaret Forbes for direction.

"If she needs it, give it to her!"

"OK !"

"Right then strip!"

"What now!"

"No tomorrow morning, Strip bitch, or do you want me to do it for you?"

"No, no, that’s OK I’ve got it!"

"That’s better!"

Marion got undressed and stood in front of Nan naked. Nan looked over her shoulder and shouted to Margaret,

"She’s gorra rug Ms Forbes!"


"And it’s coming off!"

Nan smiled, Marion didn’t, Nan pushed her back into her barbers chair and hung her legs up in birthing slings to gain access to her genitals.. Nan mixed some shaving foam and slapped it on Marion’s mound.

"Ow! It’s hot!"

"That’s right Bitch it’s hot! See above your head on the post, the ring and handcuffs slip them around your wrists.

Marion looked up and saw a post behind the chair with a securing ring and a pair of handcuffs attached. She slipped the cuffs around her wrists and clicked it shut!

As she looked at Nan, the bull dyke pulled out a ball gag and forced it into Marion’s mouth!


"That’ll keep you quiet, bitch!" The newly shaved pussy was covered in removal cream, Marion was good for the next six weeks! After cleaning the area up Nan was ready in a couple of hours. Nan had put in a thick ring in Marion’s clitoral hood, as well as rings in her inner and outer labia. And about ten rings in both of her ears, Nan was finishing off a couple of tattoo’s where Marion’s bush used to be. The first was a circle with a large S in the centre, the second was in small but bold type, it just said


Nan got up and went to fetch Ms Forbes.

"Very tasteful Nan, you can put it on the account, but I think she should pay you in kind!"

Nan looked at the helpless Marion and undid her bonds, Marion dropped to the floor, she knew what was expected of her, Nan dropped her shorts and turned around Marion hesitating started licking Nan’s mound. Ms Forbes watched and smiled, this was going to be better than she had hoped!

They drove to Ms Forbes home in an expensive part of town in silence, Ms Forbes knew that Marion wasn’t happy with her modifications and the only reason she had kept quiet was the thought that she might earn herself the commission that Ms Forbes had talked of.

As Ms Forbes drove into her garage it was getting dark, "Marion, I have to know I’m doing the right thing so tonight you will be my submissive from the moment you walk through my door until we leave in the morning, is that clear!"

"Perfectly clear Ma’am!"

"Good, I hope your not too sore?" Knowing full well she would be sore for days.

"No Ma’am, it’s easing now, it just feels strange with my knickers on over the piercings. Nan gave me a little plastic container of this balm which she said if I use regularly the Tattoos won’t even scab"

"Well take your knickers off, in fact you can now undress now you're in my home and I’ll get you something more appropriate to your station."

Ms Forbes came back after a while with a pile of Latex.

"Here put this lot on! Then you can make me a meal, pussy slut !"

Marion started sprinkling talc over her legs and pulled a cat suit on up her body, she needed help as the suit was rear zipped, but her breasts poked out through holes and her mound was uncovered, leaving her newly pierced rings on show. Next from the pile came her latex ankle boots, they were well worn in but a little tight, Ms Forbes padlocked them on, they wouldn’t be coming off without a key.

Marion put on a corset, it just covered her nipples but showed her breast as deformed globes. Ms Forbes pulled it so tight she couldn’t breath. Last from the pile of latex was a hood Marion had a full head of blond curls, Ms Forbes simply came back with a hair shaver and scissors!

"I’m afraid it’s got to go Marion!"

"No not my hair, no not that!"

"Yes I’m afraid that it’s got to go!"

Ms Forbes switched on the shaver and pulled Marion’s head down so her head was almost in between her legs. Ms Forbes expertly cut away most of Marion hair leaving her shaven except for her crown, which Ms Forbes left about half an inch long at the front but shaved the same as the rest of her hair so that when she stood up she had just a tuft of blond hair at the front, the rest was shaven! Marion looked at her beautiful cut hair which was on the floor.

"My beautiful hair, what have you done?"

"Just keep thinking about the commission you will get, and anyway it’s nice to see someone who dyes their roots dark! Get the hood on and cook me some food!"

Marion felt her new hairstyle, the bristles on the back of her neck up to the top of her head, not even Nan, the lezzie dyke bitch had her hair as extreme as this! She pulled the hood on only to find that it had it’s own blow up gag!

Ms Forbes walked through and stopped, staring at Marion, "Haven’t you started yet?" Barked Ms Forbes who grabbed Marion’s bulb for her blow up gag and started pumping, Marion thought that her jaw would break off, as she was pulled into the kitchen.

"There I’ll have an omelette, but I think you had better stick to toast! And just in case you feel the need to let some air out of your gag I can see every move you make, bear it in mind, and your punishment will be severe as you know as well as anyone what happens to sluts that don’t follow the wishes of their Mistresses!"


Marion cooked an Omelette for Ms Forbes, quite a good one, or so she thought.

Ms Forbes walked into the kitchen with her omelette barely touched..

"Do you expect me to eat this?’


"The problem is this is inedible, You had better put these on!"

Ms Forbes threw Marion some latex gloves, and a blindfold! When Marion had got them on, Ms Forbes threw her some cuffs, which she put on, then Ms Forbes stepped up to her and put a collar around her neck and padlocked it, padlocked the cuffs, pulled Marion’s arms behind her and padlocked the cuffs together. Ms Forbes walked out for a second and came back with a leash and a riding crop. She attached the leash to Marion’s collar and pulled her up walking her into a room which turned out to be Ms Forbes dungeon.

A rope hung from the ceiling which Ms Forbes tied to the cuffs behind Marion and stepped to one side and turned a winder which pulled the rope up which pulled Marion into a strappardo!

"Don’t run away now I’ll be back soon!"

Ms Forbes was some time, when she came back she had completely changed. Gone was the smart business suit, changed for a stern looking uniform of leather. Ms Forbes let Marion down a little, before cupping her breasts and pulling them out of their hiding place. She slapped Marion’s breasts painfully, before introducing them to her collection of nipple clamps! Ms Forbes didn’t stop there she clipped weights to Marion’s just finished rings around her pussy. The weights pulled the rings and left a sickening feeling in Marion’s stomach. After putting a pair of latex gloves on, Ms Forbes caressed her bottom, finding her sphincter danced over it, caressed it, then oiled it and forced her finger into it! Marion squirmed but couldn’t stop Ms Forbes playing with her. Eventually Ms Forbes pulled out, but the finger was replaced with something altogether larger, it was a huge butt plug. Marion tried to keep it out but Ms Forbes pushed it home!

"There that will give you a full feeling, now lets see……."

"Oh here’s Ms whippy, do you think she’s trying to make contact?"



"She’s so bendy, she just loves making contact!"



Ms Forbes pulled the butt plug out of it’s new home.

"Oh you have done this before! Your arse is gaping for me!"

As Marion realised too late that another form of torture was taking over, in the form of a rather large strap on! Ms Forbes was slowly pumping her arse whilst squeezing her nipples over the clamps.

Marion started panting, or something like it as her mouth was effectively blocked by the blow up gag! It was all building up to a crescendo, when Ms Forbes pulled out and smacked the tops of Marion’s thighs with her crop!

"You thought that you were going to cum didn’t you? Well those that are being punished don’t deserve to cum do they?"


Ms Forbes started pulling the weights on Marion’s new rings, Marion bellowed through the gag to an indifferent Ms Forbes.

"Right I’ll be a while, I’ll leave you to consider undercooking the peppers and onions and cooking the eggs in a sea of vegetable oil!"

Ms Forbes walked out the door leaving Marion begging for release, in more ways than one! Frustrated with the need to cum Marion stood bent over, held by the rope as the feeling of pleasure drifted away. In the darkness of the blindfold Marion was beginning to wonder if all this was worthwhile, Ms Forbes hadn’t been forthcoming with hard facts like how much exactly she could earn, but one word egged her on in her newfound greed,


Ms Forbes walked back into the dungeon and let the rope down and untied the rope from the cuffs, which were still on Ms Forbes forced Marion onto her knees, and removed the gag.

"Lets see how good you are at being a pussy slut!"

Ms Forbes lifted Marion’s chin, Marion could smell what was getting closer to her mouth, she opened her mouth and after a nanosecond of hesitation started licking.

As Marion licked Ms Forbes slit, her mask was peeled off and Marion could see Ms Forbes in her uniform, but she had changed her leather jeans for a mini skirt, which she was holding up so Marion could get to her. As Ms Forbes came she squirted in Marion’s mouth, just enough to take Marion by surprise! Ms Forbes looked down at her and said,

"Not bad, Not bad I might need a second helping thought!"

In the morning they went by Marion’s home so she could change, the new hairstyle was a bit of a shock, and with all the hoops in her ears there was little doubt of her sexual orientation. Now she looked like a dyke and there was nothing she could do to change that, except wear a wig, which would look even more stupid.

The day was fairly uneventful, except for the looks she got from her former colleagues! Anyway she was going up in the world and they might as well be bottom feeders!

Ms Forbes announced they would have to visit a friend of hers in the evening,

"You look more like a submissive, I think you can act like a submissive, Tonight we’ll see if you are a submissive!"

"But Ms Forbes how long do you want me to do this?"

"Obviously you have no idea just how much money we’re talking about! Apart from the business dealings The Lady Beatrice might lavish thousands on you because you‘ve looked at her as a submissive. I’ve seem it before, The Lady Beatrice has spent a small fortune on the people she likes, as my new submissive she will be watching you, and if you put a foot wrong, you’ve blown it!"

"I’m sorry Ms Forbes, Maam! I didn’t realise you had my best intentions in mind. I will be the best pussy slut you’ve ever had!"

Ms Forbes smiled, Marion had taken the bait hook, line, and sinker! This was going to be so good!

That evening Ms Forbes drove Marion to her home, Ms Forbes had been explaining the etiquette of being a slave as they walked to the front door Ms Forbes clicked her fingers and Marion fell to the ground walking on all fours! Ms Forbes walked into her front door and came out with a riding crop which she used to encourage Marion along. As Marion crawled inside Ms Forbes stood in the middle of her hall feet apart, stretching her pencil skirt to it’s limits.. Marion stopped in front of Ms Forbes, knees folded under her arms outstretched, inbetween Ms Forbes ankles.

"What are you?" Mocked Ms Forbes.

"I am you worthless slut Mistress, Do with me as you wish Mistress, I am yours to abuse!"

"Very good, slut! Well I know there’s no point in you doing any cooking, I don’t think that’s your forte, so I’ll send out for something in the meantime you can crawl to the dungeon, I have something in mind for you!" Marion crawled to the dungeon Ms Forbes occasionally tapping Marion’s arse cheek with the crop, once in the dungeon Marion was guided to a chair, she had not seen a chair like it, it had a chunky back spine and the two legs were very wide apart as she got closer she could see something sticking out of the seat, it was a dildo! When Ms Forbes tapped the top of the seat she knew what to do!

"Strip first my slut!"

Marion’ peeled off her work clothes until she was naked except for her heels and stockings Marion positioned herself to accept the dildo, as she sat over the seat. As she sat the dildo disappeared and she was stuck, impaled by a chair! Ms Forbes cuffed her ankles and clipped her ankles back so her legs were pulled grotesquely apart. Ms Forbes cuffed her wrists and pulled her arms over her head locking them in place.

Ms Forbes caressed Marion’s breasts, till her nipples had hardened and hung some weights off of her piercings . Because Marion’s legs were so obscenely pulled apart. Ms Forbes run a finger across her slit, Marion watching let out a squeal of pleasure. Ms Forbes smirked at her.

"Enjoying it so far?"

"Yes Ma’am!"

Ms Forbes walked off and brought back a blindfold and a ring gag. The gag was offered up and Marion opened her mouth to gladly except it. Once it was strapped on around her head the blindfold was strapped and secured as well! Ms Forbes grabbed a handful of nipple clamps and attached the clamps to Marion’s outer lips. These also were weighted, as were the rings which hung down under the strain.

Ms Forbes decided on her weapon of choice, a penis whip Ms Forbes took care to line up the whip with Marion’s stretched sex. Softly at first she whipped Marion’s cunt lips, a little bit harder each time until she was laying into her. Marion who had enjoyed it at first yelped through her gag at every lash! Ms Forbes stopped and felt Marion’s Sex. She was wet! Very, very wet Ms Forbes turned the whip round and slid the rubber penis into Marion. As Ms Forbes pushed and pulled in and put Marion was getting very worked up and when Marion started panting Ms Forbes pulled out and stuck the rubber penis into Marion’s mouth! The Whip fell down her torso, Marion being humiliated by tasting her own musk. Ms Forbes laughed at her, Marion was ready for her big night! But until then the night was young, Ms Forbes took the whip out of Marion’s mouth and started whipping Marion’s breasts, until they were covered in red stripes.

"You have to have the marks of a slave now don’t you?"

Marion still panting from the whipping after a few seconds nodded begrudgingly.

"The Lady Beatrice would know in an instant of you were pretending to be a slave, the rings in your cunt are new, but you’ve been stretched, and now whipped, I think you might scrape through!"

Ms Forbes knelt down and slowly pulled the clamps off of Marion, the skin of her lips distorted to accept the stretching until the clamp could hold on no longer and slipped off. Marion was yelping in pain but the more noise that she made the more Ms Forbes enjoyed it!

When Ms Forbes had slowly pulled off the clamps, she picked up the weights and pulled the weights and the rings they were attached to, causing Marion more pain as her breasts and more precisely her nipples were stretched to their limits, nearly ripping the ring out of the nipple! Ms Forbes untied her latest toy and retied her to a spanking frame. Marion’s exposed bottom twitched as Ms Forbes walked off to change into something less comfortable..

When Ms Forbes walked back into the dungeon she had changed into a pair of leather shorts and boots, Ms Forbes walked up behind Marion and rubbed herself against her exposed bottom.

"I think now your ready!"

Picking up the penis whip started to whip Marion’s poor bottom until it too was red raw! Marion was beyond screaming and yelping from the pain. Marion was just lying there on the frame, shuddering from the constant flogging she was receiving.

"Yes you're well marked, I doubt you’ll lose that before tomorrow night!"

Marion couldn’t answer if she wanted to. Every part of her body was on fire, she just lay on the frame quite still, Ms Forbes unlocked her bonds and pulled her off the frame and Marion lay on a cart of sorts. Ms Forbes pushed her out of the dungeon into a spare room where she spent the night. Ms Forbes also had a restless night, had she gone too far? Would Marion be OK for tomorrow, and more importantly tomorrow night. The last part of the game had to play it’s course. The following morning Marion ached all over, Ms Forbes made them breakfast, Marion couldn’t really sit down because of the previous night. They made their way to Marion’s flat, to pick up a change of clothes, Ms Forbes decided the silence couldn’t go on.

"So how do you feel this morning?"

"Well Ma’am, while it was happening it really hurt but when it stopped I felt so good I nearly came, it just built up, and built up. I think that if you had carried on for a couple of minutes I would have come on my own!"

"And now?"

"Ma’am I feel sore but I’m OK."

"Good, we have to prepare for tonight, we’ll work until lunch and we leave to ready ourselves, Ok ?"

"Yes Ma’am".

As Ms Forbes had said, they worked until one and left, Ms Forbes driving into town. After a good lunch they prepared for the warehouse.

"Don’t worry yourself about the marks on you, if anything they’ll earn you respect from those who really know."

They parked up outside what looked like an old warehouse but Ms Forbes pushed the door open and walked through, It became obvious that this was no ordinary warehouse.


"Sammy!" Ms Forbes kissed the woman and looked her up and down. "Still the same old Sammy! "

"What can I do you for Margaret?"

Ms Forbes beckoned towards Marion. "This is Pussy slut, but after last night I thought I’d change that to Pain slut, she can’t get enough! I’ve got a meet tonight with The Lady Beatrice, she’s over from the US and I want this slut dressed in latex to go!"

"To go?"

"To go!" Ms Forbes said exacting her words carefully,

The woman walked over to Marion and looked her up and down. "Size ten, five seven, no six!"

As she pulled out her tape measure. "Arms up slut!"

She was taking no prisoners and Marion’s arms shot up!

The measuring took seconds and Marion was frog marched off to get her latex. The woman who had an assistant who came out of the woodwork followed, she didn’t ask Marion any questions, just pulling items out that she thought would fit. As they walked back to the reception area. Ms Forbes was sitting drinking tea when they arrived.

"If you want to show off your slut to best advantage I think you won’t do better than this!".

Marion was made to change into a black latex top which zipped up the front, had two holes for her breasts. Next came a pair of black knickers with two dildos, these were lubricated and Marion slid them on. Next came a pair of black latex stockings Marion was helped by the assistant. Marion flexed in the outfit, she could feel her whipping from last night, but It felt warm and just a little sore. Next came one of two black latex helmets, with eyes, nose, and mouth holes. That was just an off the shelf item. The other one was different, it had the usual blow up gag but either side had bulbs which blew up blinds which covered the wearer eyes rendering them blind. Next was a corset which was put around Marion and they started lacing, and tightening, teasing the laces tighter and tighter until Marion had lost about five inches from her waist. Marion looked fantastic! Her nipples just showing over the corset. Marion’s pussy rings glimmered in the lights.

Ms Forbes was genuinely proud of her, she realised she shouldn’t get to attached to Marion but smiled anyway.

Next came the boots latex, black, knee ballet boots with a nine inch heel. Virtually impossible to walk in, Marion was lucky because she could stand in them she towered over everyone else. But Marion ‘s tallness was short lived, the woman and her assistant brought Marion down to her knees with the next on the list, which was a pair of black latex mittens. The Mittens were slid over Marion’s fingers and done up very tight, from that moment on she was totally at their mercy. Next came a mono glove, which was surprise, surprise black latex. The mono glove was slid over the mittens and pulled up attaching the straps around Marion’s torso. The Mono glove had a hole at the bottom where a D ring would normally be, but the two D rings from Marion’s mittens could be seen poking through the hole opposing each other. Lastly a black posture collar was strapped around Marion’s neck. She looked gorgeous, her whip marks could be clearly seen over her breasts and bottom. The woman stepped back to admire the view.

"Will there be anything else?"

"A wheelchair perhaps?"

The only place to put Marion was the boot, because Ms Forbes didn’t want someone dressed in latex sitting next to her in her car! So Marion travelled in the boot, her hands still tightly tied behind her back, only her feet were tied together and hogtied from Marion’s ankles to the D rings behind her back sticking out from the mono glove. Ms Forbes whispered into Marion’s ear.

"It will be dark in half an hour and we have to drive to a little place on the south downs I know. This is where I’ll do the business and hopefully you might receive what you are after!"

After just over an hour and a half Ms Forbes past some familiar gates drove down a very long drive to a large house. Lots of people were arriving, decanting from their cars, Many dressed in shiny leather and latex. Ms Forbes parked her car outside the house a butler opened her door and Ms Forbes got out.

"Good evening Ms Forbes."

"Good evening Jacobson, How’s it hanging?"

"The Lady Beatrice has provided me with a permanent CB six hundred, Mistress."

"I’m very glad to hear that Jacobson, I have some baggage which needs bringing in!"

"I shall see it’s brought in directly Mistress."

Still in her work clothes Ms Forbes walked in to the house.

"Margaret! How are you?"

"All the better for seeing you Bea! How’s things?"

"Oh there OK, I have something you might want to see though!"

"Oh something I haven’t seen on my radar?"

Ms Forbes told the story and Bea told her that everything would happen to plan, just then Jacobson came across with Ms Forbes suitcase and Marion, still hogtied on a trolley.

"I’ll look forward to it!"

"The best part is she is an absolute pain slut! I’ll go and change and I’ll collect her later."

The Lady Beatrice went to welcome her guests.

Ms Forbes got changed into her uniform and rejoined the party. Ms Forbes rolled the trolley with Marion on it towards the party. As she found her table their was a familiar helmeted slave.

"Did you enjoy your time alone slave?"

"A welcome break mistress, thank you!"

"And this is pain slut, slave Oh you two haven’t been introduced slave Jessica meet slut Marion, slut Marion meet slave Jessica." Marion realising the scope of what was just said started struggling Ms Forbes took no notice neither did Slave Jessica they sat there sipping wine whilst Marion struggled franticly to release herself. Marion failed to undo anything she just got hot in all the latex and her nipples were rubbing on the rough wood of the trolley.

"She looks well whipped Mistress?"

"Yes, it wasn’t hard to entice her in, not bad for an old boot like me!"

"I should be careful of my answer Mistress because what ever I say it can be construed the wrong way."

"Yes I must curb my mind fuck statements Slave, Anyway as far as slut Marion goes I can firstly sell her to some fat lardy sadistic Man, I can give her to the most sadistic person I know, namely The Lady Beatrice, or we can keep her, but there is a problem with that namely she thinks that she has your job. I think this one’s a toughie! I have never had a pain slut have I!"

"I try to please Mistress!"

"I can’t decide, what do you think Slave?"

"I think that your power to forgive should be bigger than mine my Mistress!"

"Good point lets get slut Marion to the table."

Marion was released from her hogtie, off came the Mono glove, the mittens, the posture collar, and the outer helmet.

For a good five minutes Marion was trying to get her jaw working!

"I hope you realise our predicament slut."

"Oh er oooo! Mmmmmmm."

"Mistress, I think I have an answer that might solve the problem, let me find Charlotte and Martin and I’ll see what can be done."

Jessica walked off to find them, and a couple of minutes later came back.

"That’s Ok, She just shrugged and said some of the other directors have two PA’s so why not you!"

"Ms Forbes smiled and looked at slut Marion, Looks like I’ll keep my little pain slut, doesn’t it?"

"Thank you Ma’am, I am yours to abuse!"

"I hope that this does not start a prescident Mistress." Looking at the marks on Marion’s breasts.

Just then a latex maid came over to Ms Forbes, "excuse me Ms Forbes, The Lady Beatrice has asked me to bring you to her presence." The young woman glowed.

"You mean Bea wants to see me?"

"Err yes."

"Lead the way!"

"Yes Mistress."

The Lady Beatrice was sitting outside on a stone garden seat drinking champagne.

"Are you enjoying yourself Margaret?"

"Very much so Bea, you always have amazing parties."

"Oh I’m glad, what’s happening about your Pain slut then?"

"I think we have decided to keep her."

"We! Margaret. We! To whom else do you refer?"

"Jessica, Bea We’ve been together for years!"

"Oh SLAVE Jessica, you take council with slaves, Margaret?"

"I value our friendship, Bea I really do, If we were in a normal relationship we might be married and would you talk of my husband or wife as a slave Bea?"

"No Margaret, but you miss the point, I have gone to a lot of trouble to arrange for your pain slut to be sold on, now I find you have changed your mind. I think I’m going to have to take you in hand, Margaret!"

"You cannot be serious, Bea. I’m very sorry if you have been inconvenienced but I hold Jessica’s views as important as my own and because I took Marion on and now Jessica wanted to keep her, and now so do I."

"Yes Margaret outside my dungeon in ten minutes, Oh, and bring your wives!"

Almost in tears Margaret quickly walked back to her table to tell Jessica and Marion what had happened.

"I have five minutes and Bea wants you both there as well!"

They picked up their things and walked to the stairs. Downstairs they walked to a large oak door Margaret knocked and the door was opened. Bea was facing the opposite way while flexing a thin four foot whipping cane whilst Jacobson and another butler pulled Margaret by the arms, removing her uniform and secured her to a St Andrews cross. Now Bea turned around and walked menacingly towards Margaret, stripped of her uniform and tied to the limits of the St Andrews Cross she was stretched and near nude. The Lady Beatrice delivered the first blow across Margaret’s back.


The first blow cut into her back, blood started to drip down her back.

The whistle of the next sliced through the air.


That started to bleed, a couple of inches below the first.

The Lady Beatrice was just about to release the third when, "Mistress Beatrice?"

The Lady Beatrice looked around and saw Marion on her knees, bare footed looking at the floor behind her.


Marion looked up , "Mistress Beatrice, may I take the place of my Mistress?"

"No Slave, Give me one good reason why?"

"Because My Mistress knows how to deliver pain but very little about taking pain, I on the other hand know all about taking the pain of servitude, as these marks show, I am the pain slut you spoke of."

Mystified, she signalled Jacobson to release Margaret and to tie the pain slut to the St Andrews cross.

Marion put on her ballet boots as Jacobson pulled her up and walked her to the cross. Marion asked for her second helmet and posture collar, which she got. Margaret was crying and racked with pain slumped on the floor with Jessica trying to stem the bleeding.

The Lady Beatrice resumed.

"Number three I think."

The whistle as the whip travelled through the air, the whip cut across Marion’s bottom, A drip of blood started to edge it’s way down to the floor.


The whip whistled as it hit it’s target.

"Jacobson, I want her to face me!"

Jacobson unhitched Marion and clipped her bonds so that she was facing The Lady Beatrice.

"Five! I believe!"

The Lady Beatrice let fly and cut through both of Marion breasts narrowly missing her nipples. Marion tensed up racked with pain, but it passed and Marion awaited the next one.

"Six!" the whip cut just above Marion’s nipples, both her breasts were bleeding and she hung there as if she had passed out

The Lady Beatrice threw the whip to one side and walked past Margaret and Jessica, Margaret crying in Jessica’s lap, the cuts in her back clearly visible. As she closed the door behind her Marion moved and tried to pull herself up. Jacobson released her from her bonds only the fall on the floor exausted, Jessica got up to help Marion and Margaret pulled her self off the floor to stand up on her own two feet. Jessica walked over to Jacobson.

"Do you know what this is ?"

"Err, No Er, Madam!"

"This is a Mobile phone. A Mobile phone with camera faculties I have just filmed you and your Bitch torturing Margaret and Marion and don’t worry, it’s already gone! It’s somewhere safe. You tell her unless she wants the world to know what happened here tonight I want her to be at our front door at six PM tomorrow night, on her own, ready for punishment! Oh! And remember if she isn’t there at one minute past six the whole thing goes on U tube, GOT IT!"

"Word for word Madam!"

"Now I would like you to pick up our things and get my Mistresses car for us, I will drive them home."

"Yes Madam!"

Jessica helped both Margaret and Marion up out the door and up the stairs they walked to the front door they met Charlotte and Martin, who had driven Jessica down to the party.

"What the hell happened to you, Jess they're covered in blood!" Charlotte cried.

"The Lady Bitch took a dislike to Margaret and took it upon herself to redesign her back with a long, thin cane, Marion pleaded with her to take her place and that’s why she is worse. We’re going home and I don’t think we’ll ever be coming back!"

"No I think we had better tell our friends before we go!" Said Martin.

A couple of hours later and they were home at Margaret’s Jessica was trying to hold everything together, tending their cuts whilst they came to terms with what had happened to them, and trying to get a few hours sleep.

About four in the morning the phone rang, Jessica knew it was one of two parties. One would ask how they were and the other would throw abuse at her.


"So, A Slave believes she can blackmail Me do they?"

"You have your instructions I suggest you follow them!"

Jessica pressed the "end call" button with satisfaction, she felt the gamble was worthwhile, as she remembered just what she had got on her mobile phone, the quality wasn’t bad either, She had taken precautions so that if they tried any funny stuff they would come a cropper big time!

Margaret and Marion were both asleep at half five so as far as Jessica was able she shut the doors between the bedrooms and the downstairs to shut out the shouting match that would prevail! At two minutes to six The Lady Bitch ‘s Bentley drew up outside, driven by Jacobson, The Lady Bitch got out and walked up to the house, and rang the doorbell at six exactly. Jessica opened the door and the Bitch walked straight in!

"And I sup!"

Jessica put everything into slapping the Bitch round the face, she fell over and burst into tears! Jessica went to the house security and put the whole house into outer lockdown, which meant that no one could get in, or out of the house, and they would need the code to unlock the doors.


The stuffing seemed to have left the Bitch as she tried to get up.

"Do you want another!" Jessica screamed, The Lady Beatrice was no more, a hand was raised as a token defence, but as she looked up at Jessica, she realised that it was probably more provocative a gesture and put her hand down.

"Can I see Margaret?" Said The Lady Beatrice.

"No!" Said Jessica flatly

"Both of them have only been asleep for a couple of hours. I want you undressed and downstairs now!"

"OK, I’m sorry I only wanted to apologise to Margaret!"

"You’ll have every opportunity to apologise later."

The Lady Beatrice undressed as she walked to the dungeon, She knew where it was from the times that Margaret had shown her around in happier times. Jessica walked to the splitting chair.


Pointing at the chair.



Gingerly The Lady Beatrice balanced herself over the butt plug and lowered herself on it, she grimaced as she realised there was no lubrication, but had gone beyond the point of no return and was impailed. Jessica had started strapping on cuffs on arms and ankles, padlocking them so there was no escape, chaining her legs apart so her sex could clearly be seen, her arms were chained behind her so she, for the moment was going nowhere.

"No Gag?" Said The Lady Beatrice,

"Naw, no yet anyway, the rooms totally soundproofed so no one will hear you scream."

With that Jessica walked away, leaving her to stew for a while.

After about ten minutes Jessica had what she needed and went down to the dungeon to give The Lady Beatrice what she deserved! Firstly a breather gag, she opened her mouth to receive it. It clipped around her head and was padlocked. Then Jessica picked up a handful of nipple clamps, all were alligator clips which she pulled the protective rubber covering off to reveal the teeth. Jessica enjoyed doing this to her because they both knew what would happen if the teeth bit into tender flesh.

"Lets see a total of six strokes all bled, so we’ll have one on here!"

Jessica pulled her left nipple and let go the nipple clamp The Lady Beatrice squealed as the teeth dug in to her nipple.

"And one here!"

Jessica squeezed the other breast, rubbing the right hand nipple, finally holding the clamp over the nipple and letting go of the spring. The clamp painfully bit into The Lady Beatrice’s nipple causing her to scream into the gag.

Jessica took a couple of steps back and with the remainder of the clamps in her right hand, she held them up to her face and smiled.

"Now that’s two, now where can the rest of these go?

Suddenly the realisation of what was likely to happen dawned on The Lady Beatrice, as she fought against her bonds Jessica pulled more covers off the nipple clamps only this time she bend down and applied the clamps as before. She pulled on The Lady Beatrice’s outer lips and clamped two pairs of nipple clamps on them. The Lady Beatrice couldn’t escape and had to endure the pain metered out to her by Jessica, she howled into her gag having tantrums trying to gain her freedom, she was obviously used to getting her own way. Jessica laughed in her face,

"Like I give a shit, you clown, see that up there that’s a camera your on a live webcam. You’ve been on since you walked in! Me I’m nothing, but YOU! Tricked by a slave! Now that’s a come down isn’t it? I’ll leave you to dwell on what you would say to all those thousands of people that are watching, Oh and for my next trick I need a few bits!"

Playing up to the camera’s Jessica pulled some bit from a drawer, she fixed a strap round The Lady Beatrice’s forehead and screwed in a funnel. A bit of hosing between the two and it was apparent to all what was going to happen! Jessica pulled up a chair and stood on it, in front of a distraught Lady Beatrice the height was perfect, Jessica unzipped her Latex cat suit and pissed into the funnel. The Lady Beatrice tried to avoid her but all she did was get a face full of piss!

Jessica undid her bonds and as The Lady Beatrice made for the door she found it locked.

"Oh exits this way Bitch !"

Jessica opened another door at the other end of the dungeon

The Lady Beatrice escaped near nude into the darkness but less than a minute later was found by a well built WPC who was told to investigate a stalker who could be around the house! To anyone outside the house there was no one at home as the house was protected by the security shutters so she had a bit of a problem when she swore there was someone at home but no one answered the door so they carted her off to a cell for the night! Margaret and Marion recovered, their scars reminded them not of their part but that they were there for each other. Jessica on the other hand had the admiration of the other two and the knowledge that in revenge, she had covered the Bitch in her piss, as did the rest of the world.


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