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Tina's Rubber Seduction

by Slika

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© Copyright 2005 - Slika - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; cons; X

"Now, Tina," said charge nurse Melina Nash, "You seem to have settled in very well. How do you like it?"

"Oh, it's really good." replied eighteen year-old Tina, a student nurse of just six weeks. In their crisp uniforms, the two girls made as pretty a picture as you could hope to see: Melina, twenty four, with her fine blonde hair and pretty face was the sort of nurse who appeared in the nursing recruitment advertisements, while Tina, with her slim, boyish figure, dark eyes and short dark hair was a real stunner.

“I wonder, Tina, whether you would be able to help me with some research I'm doing for Pharmaceuticals? I need someone to check and corroborate the results."

"I'd love to help, Nurse Nash" enthused Tina, who thought her superior was wonderful.

So, later that evening, after they had finished at the hospital, the two nurses made their way to the car park and Melina drove to her spacious flat, just three miles away. They chatted easily on the way, and Tina felt glad and proud that her superior had asked her to help.

In the flat Melina showed Tina into the spare room, which was kitted out as a small laboratory. She showed her what they were going to do with the various liquids and powders in their glass phials and how to record the results of the experiments. Tina paid close attention, genuinely interested in the work ahead, and only slightly distracted by Nurse Nash's proximity and fresh-smelling perfume. She reminded her slightly of her head-girl at school.

"It's all perfectly simple," concluded Melina, "Except that with our protective suits on we won't be able to hear each other, so we must know what to do now."

"Protective suits?" queried Tina.

"Now don't worry, Tina. They're not dangerous substances at all, but the Pharmaceuticals' insurance company insists that all research should be done in complete safety, so we have to wear the suits. Okay?"

Tina was perfectly satisfied with Melina's explanation and Melina, the butterflies dancing in her stomach, as they always did at this stage of a student's induction, led her succulent little nurse into a small changing-room.

“I don't suppose you've even seen a total protection suit, let alone worn one." said Melina, going over to a fitted wardrobe. "It's quite a ritual putting it on, but it's actually very comfortable when you get used to it." She hesitated. "Some people actually get to like it rather." she grinned impishly.

Opening the wardrobe, Melina took out two gleaming black latex rubber catsuits, handling the soft, rustling latex lovingly.

"These are the very latest." she said. "Complete protection, yet perfect freedom of movement."

Unselfconsciously she began to take off her clothes and in a moment was standing stark naked. Her slim body was fit and firm with just a hint of muscularity. Tina, staring openly for a second, noticed that Melina had removed her pubic bush, then she pulled her thoughts together and realised there was nothing to it but to follow suit. She undressed down to her tiny white panties.

Feasting her eyes on the young girl's sweet body, Melina told her to take the panties off as well and was soon showing her how to dust herself and the inside of the suit with talcum powder to make things easier.

Fascination at the new experience soon overcame any shyness and in a short while both girls were carefully easing their feet into the smooth all-enveloping rubber. Tina marvelled at the way the cool material moulded itself so perfectly to her body, stretching over her like a membrane to fit tightly but wonderfully comfortably. When the lower half of the suit was on, she slid her hands into the armholes and shivered involuntarily as the cold rubber met her smooth, flat belly. She looked across at Melina, who had already got her arms and hands in.

"Right, I'm ready to be zipped up." Melina said, turning her back to Tina.

Tina took the zipper and pulled it slowly up Melina's back, sealing her into her rubber skin all the way up to her short blonde hair; then it was her turn. Melina took her zipper and Tina felt the rubber gradually tighten around her, encasing her into its ownership.

What an amazing feeling it was! Tina felt clothed yet exposed, vulnerable yet somehow strong. She glanced at Melina, her heart beating fast. The rubber suit clung to her as tightly as her own, emphasising her curves amazingly. Tina was ashamed to feel the way she did as she looked at Melina and felt herself blushing. Melina smiled her lovely smile:

"Does that feel alright, Tina?"

"Yes thank you, Nurse Nash. It's quite comfortable."

Melina's smile widened.

"Now listen carefully. Next we put on our hoods and after that you will find it hard to hear anything, so I'll talk you through it, okay?"

Tina nodded and listened carefully as her superior continued:

"We must make sure our hoods fit properly, with no gaps at the neck. After that we'll spray and polish our suits with a special antistatic spray. Look, there's the spray can and a cloth. I'll do you first and then it'll be my turn. Lots of polish, mind, - the suits must be really shiny to make sure there's no static. After that we put on our respirator masks, again making sure there are no gaps, and finally our gloves. 100% protection and the insurance people are happy. Don't worry about the respirators - just breathe normally through the mouthpiece. Then it's half an hour's work, which you already know about, and then straight into the shower. We'll wash down our suits and then we can take off the masks. Got that?"

"Yes, I understand." said Tina, who could feel her heart beating against her chest. Wearing the suit made her feel somehow special in a way she hadn't quite yet worked out, but there was no time to fathom out her emotions, for Melina was handing her a hood made of the same black rubber as her suit.

“Roll it up a little, then stretch it good and wide before trying to pull it over your head." advised the blonde. "Look, like this."

Melina took her hood, rolled it, pulled the opening wide and, ensuring it was properly aligned, positioned it above her head and pulled it down, the rubber snapping and squeaking as she did so. Tina watched fascinated as the hood was adjusted until it was as smooth-fitting as Melina's suit. The hood was almost completely enveloping, with only two small cutouts for the eyes, two for the nostrils and one for her mouth and it transformed her appearance in a most startling way. All of a sudden it was not Nurse Nash standing there but something less human - like a creature from outer space. Tina found it a little frightening, but at the same time she somehow wanted to look like Melina, to be like her. She took her hood and, taking a deep breath, rolled it, stretched it wide and pulled it over her head. It was tight, but she slowly worked it down, feeling slightly panicky in the blackness and then relieved when she managed to get the eyeholes in the right position.

She felt Melina's fingers adjusting the hood to meet the high neck of her suit and in the silence of the hood heard only muffled sound and the pulsing of her own blood. Realising she was panting, Tina tried to control her breathing, the smell of rubber strong in her senses. Gradually her breathing came under control and she realised that, apart from her hearing she was not restricted at all. But at the same time she felt different - totally different to any feeling she had ever experienced before.

Almost completely encased in her rubber skin she felt naked, as though the rubber was her own skin, yet at the same time she felt safe - protected completely from the outside elements and this, in turn, made her feel powerful, invulnerable even The all-over tightness made her very aware of her entire body and, in a way, Tina was already dreading the time when she would have to take off her suit. Sweat trickled between her flattened little breasts and she could feel heat building up all over her body.

She was brought back to her senses by the sight of Melina picking up the polish can and cloth and in a moment felt the coolness of the spray as it landed on her warm rubber. It felt wonderful - but not so wonderful as the cloth gliding over her, bringing the rubber to a gleaming shine. Again Tina's breath quickened as Melina expertly, lovingly, worked on the young nurse's suit, hoping upon hope that Tina was falling under the spell of rubber!

Melina licked her lips lasciviously as she continued to cover every square inch of Tina's rubberclad body with the soft cloth, lingering just a little longer over her breasts, her flat belly and her crotch. Tina was almost fainting with pleasure as Melina continued, polishing her thighs. Her legs began to shake helplessly as her excitement mounted. Although now perspiring profusely, Tina knew that not all the moisture in her suit was sweat - her hot little cunny was also contributing to the lubricating film inside her now glistening rubber skin.

Not wishing to push matters to a head - just yet - Melina handed the cloth and polish to Tina and stood, hands on hips, legs akimbo, for her turn.

Tina, knowing what was expected of her, set to work and now it was Melina's turn to experience the sensual bliss of having her rubber suit polished to a perfect shine.

Enthralled at the transformation taking place, Tina wondered whether Melina felt the same excitement she had. How could she tell, now that they couldn't even talk to each other? Tina told herself they were just preparing for some scientific tests and she was just being silly but, whatever she told herself, she knew she was experiencing sensations of the most intense sensuality.

Finally she finished her task and Melina, sleek and shiny as a seal just out of water, crossed to a cupboard and took out two masks. Again, predominantly of black rubber, the masks had two perspex eye lenses and respirator filters with two short tubes attached. Melina pointed out the mouthpiece then, placing the mask over her own face, she deftly pulled the rubber straps into position at the back of her hooded head.

Tina took her mask and, a little nervously, raised it to her face. Inserting the rubber mouthpiece through the slit in her hood, she took it into her mouth and discovered that breathing was perfectly easy. Melina helped with her straps and soon the mask was firmly in position. How strange it felt, yet Tina felt totally reassured because Nurse Nash was dressed in exactly the same way as she was.

She had rather expected the rubber gloves to be standard white, but these too were black and slightly longer than the normal surgical glove. The two girls pulled their gloves on, completing the perfect rubber seal. Melina gave a thumbs up, which Tina reciprocated, and then led the way out of the changing room into the laboratory. On the way , Tina caught sight of herself and her superior in a full-length mirror on the back of the door.

Identical in every way, the two gleaming reflections looked almost liquid - inhuman - yet charged with the most potent sexuality. And all of a sudden, Tina felt the imminent approach of a completely involuntary orgasm - something she'd never had before. Like a volcano deep inside her, the sensations gradually deepened in their intensity, building - building - building - far beyond the point where the floodgates would normally open to release the pent-up charge, almost painful in their intensity.

And then the gates did burst - racking every corner of her body and soul with wave after wave of uncontrollable juddering, writhing ecstasy.

If Melina hadn't reacted in exactly the same way as Tina the first time she had discovered rubber, she might have been concerned. As it was, she watched triumphantly as her new convert to the wonderful world of rubber succumbed to the power of rubber's ability to enslave and enthral.

Her knees buckling as wave after wave of orgasmic release racked her helpless body, Tina fell to the floor, still bucking and jerking violently. Her breathing was barely under control, but the mask had been well-chosen by Melina and could cope with extreme situations such as this.

Gradually the situation returned to normal and Tina, bathed in perspiration, once again became aware of her surroundings and the world outside her rubber heaven. She looked up to see Melina standing over her.

Gently the older girl bent down, took Tina's rubber gloved hand in hers and helped the initiate to her shaky feet.

Unable to communicate verbally, Melina took a ballpoint pen, scribbled a note and handed it to Tina, whose breathing had now steadied to almost normal. Tina read the note with a growing sense of relief:

"If I'm right, you've just had a massive cum! Don't worry; some very special people react to wearing rubber like that - I do too!"

Tina wanted to hug Melina, but instead gave the thumbs up sign, which was returned.

Moving to the laboratory bench, the two rubberclad girls began their chemical tests and for the next half hour or so Tina tried to concentrate on the tasks she had to perform. It was so hard to concentrate in the tight, hot rubber and her mind was in a turmoil of excitement and confusion. After what seemed an age, Melina tapped her on the arm and gestured that the session was over. They both tidied away and, when everything was in order Melina led Tina out of the laboratory to the bathroom.

Completely tiled in white, the bathroom had a large omni-directional shower in one corner, which Melina went straight to and turned on. She beckoned Tina and in a moment they were both being massaged by cooling sprays. The water sounded unnaturally loud as it hit Tina's hood but the sensation of the shower on her rubber skin was pure magic. Once again she felt herself being drawn towards a new peak of pleasure, especially when Melina sprayed her with liquid soap and began to wash her with practiced, rubber-gloved hands.

Just as she thought she would again succumb, Melina handed her the soap and Tina began washing her rubber double from head to toe. Sensually her hands covered every square inch of Melina's suit and Tina hoped Melina was as pent-up as she herself was.

She needn't have worried. Melina turned off the shower and took off her mask, placing it down on a table. She then turned to Tina and helped her to remove her own mask. Breathing unencumbered by the filters, Tina took a deep breath, feeling, in a way, released, yet at the same time curiously deprived.

This was an important moment for Melina. Should she take off her hood at this moment, so that she could see Tina's facial expression and be able to converse with her, or should she make her move now? Tina had certainly had a superb climax earlier and the experienced Melina was pretty sure that he shower had again got her going; she showed no obvious sign of wanting to take off the hood in a hurry.

Her heart thumping, Melina took the plunge. Her left arm snaked around Tina's slim waist and she drew the young body gently towards her own until they were pressed together, separated only by their tight rubber suits.

Tina gasped in surprise as she found herself looking into Melina's bright green eyes. But now Melina's right hand was pulling Tina's head towards her own and within seconds her tongue had slipped through the opening in Tina's hood and was deep in the young girl's mouth.

Melina had guessed right! Tina was more than willing and ready to sample the fruits of girl sex for the first time.

Was it really girl sex or was it rubber sex?

Whichever it was, Tina didn't care. High as a bitch in heat, she responded eagerly, her tongue now in Melina's mouth as they kissed feverishly. Never had she felt such unbelievable sensations; her entire body was now a hypersensitive erogenous zone and, as Melina's hands caressed her tightly rubberclad body, Tina quivered at every touch almost delirious with pleasure.

It was not long before both girls were desperate for relief from the building tension and Melina, gripping Tina tightly, began to grind against her. Their hot rubber skins fused together as, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, they writhed sinuously against each other, rubber squeaking in protest. And, simultaneously, the two latex lovers felt the beginnings of their orgasm.

Breath rasping in their throats, they clung to each other with all their strength as the feelings gradually intensified. Both moaning in almost painful ecstasy, they continued to thrust at each other until, almost unconscious as the intensity of it, the climax was upon them, jerking their bodies as if they were being shaken by some huge unseen force. On and on it went, each wave more intense than the last until, gradually the peak was over and a calm descended on the two black shapes, now lying on the floor, side by side.

Drifting towards blissful sleep, Tina felt herself shaken awake by Melina, who helped her to her feet. She saw Melina removing her hood, revealing her flushed, sweat-soaked face and hair. The sudden change from an androgynous, anonymous rubber creature to human, and female at that, caused a moment's discomfort to Tina, but then Melina smiled wickedly at her and the discomfort vanished at once. She peeled off her own hood and, feeling the cool air hit her own head, she returned the smile.

"I think we're two of a kind, Tina." Melina said, still grinning. "Now you've discovered rubber. I don't think life will ever be the same again for you."

"It was unbelievable!" gasped Tina, still on a high.

The two girls unzipped each others' suits and peeled them off, deeply inhaling the strong smell of rubber, sweat and sex. Once again they stepped into the shower and, now quite unselfconscious, washed each other.

As they dried off, Melina again took control.

"You're exhausted, Tina, I can tell. Look, it's Saturday tomorrow and we're both off duty till Sunday lunchtime. You stay here - I'll ring the hostel to tell them - and we can spend tomorrow together too. Okay?"

Tina was only too happy to agree. She was indeed exhausted but, even if she hadn't been, she would not have wanted to leave Melina now. Each wearing a short towelling robe, Melina and Tina went through to the small, immaculate kitchen, where Melina removed an opened bottle of white wine from the fridge and poured two glasses.

"To rubber - and us." she toasted, raising her glass and smiling that beguiling smile.

"Rubber and us." replied Tina, clinking glasses. After a moment she asked: "Did we really have to wear the suits for those experiments?"

Melina laughed. "No, but aren't you glad you did?"

Tina laughed too. "You bet! I'm hooked on rubber already - and you." she added shyly.

After a quick sandwich Melina steered Tina towards the bedroom.

"What do you wear in bed?” she asked.

"Oh, usually a t-shirt and a pair of briefs, but it doesn't matter."

"T-shirt and briefs it'll be. Now, just go and brush your teeth and I'll look something out for you. You'll find a new toothbrush by the basin.”

Tina went through to the bathroom wondering whether there was any detail Melina had overlooked in her seduction. She grinned at herself in the mirror. Lucky girl, she thought as she brushed her teeth.

Back in the bedroom Melina handed her the promised t-shirt and briefs and Tina's heart leapt when she realised they were both made of soft, smooth black rubber. She sighed happily as she took the garments and felt the wonderful, fragrant rubber ripple seductively in her hands. Eagerly she took off the towelling robe, now quite unabashed at her nakedness, and stepped into the cool, shiny rubber briefs. Close-fitting rather than tight, they slid easily up her young, slender legs until they were snugly in position, gently enclosing her most sensitive parts in their magic touch. Thrilling at the stretchy, rippling, clingy aliveness of the rubber t-shirt as she wriggled it on, Tina murmured:

"I'm hooked! Hooked on rubber!"

Melina pulled back the black silk cover and Tina's sparkling eyes widened as she saw the bed was made with softly gleaming black rubber sheet, pillow cases and duvet cover.

"You should be happy in here, then, my little rubber dolly!"

Pulling back the duvet cover, Melina steered an unprotesting Tina into bed and covered her up. Dreamily Tina writhed in her cool, smooth rubber heaven:

"I'm so excited, I couldn't possibly sleep." she whispered.

Smiling, Melina bent down and momentarily slipped her tongue deep into Tina's toothpaste fresh mouth.

"I think you will." she said softly. "I'm just going to do a little tidying, then I'll be back in a few minutes."

Dimming the bedroom light, Melina softly left the room and set about washing, drying and talcing the catsuits, hoods and masks she and Tina had been wearing earlier. As she did so she reflected on her new rubber recruit with a growing excitement. Three other young nurses had been lured back to her flat and undergone the same initiation, but none had reacted as positively as Tina. Certainly they had enjoyed the lesbian romps, but the rubber had left them, if not cold, then certainly not hooked, as Tina had just said she was. Melina felt a growing conviction that she had at last found a girl who would be as devoted to rubber as she herself was. If so, the future looked brighter than she had dared hope!

Her tasks completed, Melina, now as sleepy as Tina, prepared for bed, slipping into rubber briefs and t-shirt identical to those worn by the slumbering Tina. Turning out the light, she slithered into the rubber bed, deeply inhaling the warm rubbery odours given off by the body beside her.

She slept.

Melina's body clock woke her early and in the soft morning light, diffused by the curtains, she looked hungrily at the sexy features of the still sleeping Tina and resisted the strong urge to leap on her and ravage her until her cravings were satisfied. Quietly she slipped from the sweat-slick rubber sheets, went to the bathroom and, stripping off her rubber nightwear, quickly showered. Passing through the bedroom, without disturbing Tina, she went into her special rubber room.

Here, in the cupboards and drawers were kept every conceivable item of rubber clothing and accessory in Melina's collection, all clean, talcum powdered and ready to wear. Knowing exactly where everything was, she quickly assembled the garments of her choice and was soon dressed in a rubber maid's outfit, consisting of black garter belt, long stockings, long gloves and a little low-cut mini-dress with white frill details. Her little g-string, her apron and her maid's cap were also made of frilled white latex rubber. Finally she put on a pair of black, strappy, high-heel patent shoes. It took her only a short while to ensure that everything was polished to a deep shine and soon she was inspecting herself in a full-length mirror. Satisfied, Melina went into the kitchen and prepared a light breakfast of orange juice, coffee, cereal and toast on a tray.

Tina stirred sleepily as the bedroom door opened. It took her a couple of moments to realise where she was, but then she became blissfully aware of the rubber sheets and her rubber nightwear and she breathed in deeply, inhaling the wonderful, newly discovered scent of rubber. Melina, the rubber maid, appeared at the bedside and Tina, swiftly wide awake, exclaimed:

"Oh! What a fabulous outfit! Please let me be your rubber maid tomorrow!"

Smiling, Melina put down the tray and Tina sat up. Her little nipples were bullet hard under the soft rubber t-shirt, a fact that did not go unnoticed. Putting down the tray, Melina feasted her eyes on the sight for a moment before bending forward and licking one of the irresistible nipples. Her tongue smoothed wetly over the warm rubber and, as Tina gasped with pleasure, she sucked hungrily at each nut of desire in turn.

Licking her lips, Tina watched, fascinated, as Melina continued to lick and suck and her nipples grew harder than ever in their rubber covering. Then Melina looked up at her.

"Still hooked on rubber?"

"Oh yes!" Tina breathed. "I never want to wear anything else. Please teach me all there is to know - please!"

"Breakfast first," ordered the blonde maid. ~then we'll have some more rubber games, I promise."

Tina suddenly realised she was very hungry and, despite her keenness to sample more rubber delights, she fell on the breakfast Melina had prepared and the two girls ate heartily.

After a not particularly leisurely breakfast, Tina was too excited to linger unnecessarily, Melina sent her pretty young lover into the bathroom to shower.

"I'll join you shortly and then the next stage of your rubber induction will start."

Stripping off her rubber t-shirt and briefs, Tina luxuriated under the  warm shower, a dreamy smile of satisfaction on her sexy little face. She had nearly finished drying herself on a soft, fluffy towel when Melina came in. No longer was she dressed in her rubber maid's outfit, she was now a rubber nurse. The stockings, shoes and gloves were the same as before, but this time she wore a white rubber nursing apron over a short, close-fitting dress in pale, clingy, sheeny green rubber. In proper fashion her outfit was completed by frilly white rubber cuffs covering the dress's short sleeves and a pert little nurse's cap, also in white and green rubber. Tina was again captivated.

"Oh, you look fabulous!" she enthused.

"Right!" said Melina briskly. "No time to lose then. First we'll get rid of those silly pubic hairs. No point in letting anything come between you  and rubber, eh?"

Spreading a black rubber sheet over the long table, she patted it with her gloved hand and ordered Tina to get onto it. The young girl obeyed instantly and watched fascinated as Melina attached two rubber tubes to the washbasin taps and in turn fitted them to a white plastic device. One more tube was fitted, clearly the waste pipe, for Melina put this one into the basin. She then unscrewed a cap in the device and poured in some liquid from a bottle. Finally ready, she instructed Tina to lie back and spread her legs wide.

Squirming excitedly on the rubber sheet, Tina did as she was told and Melina placed the white plastic appliance over the young girl's pubic area, cupping her genitals and pubic mound. As Melina turned on the taps, Tina felt warm water swooshing round her crotch and sighed with pleasure, her nipples stiffening to hard nubbles.

Water gurgled into the basin as Melina pressed a button and Tina felt a slight stinging sensation which did little to cool her feelings of pleasure. Then, as the stinging wore off, Melina turned off the taps and removed the device. The whole process had lasted only a couple of minutes.

"There." said Melina, drying Tina with the white towel. "A nice smooth little cunny just like mine!"

Tina looked down and grinned with approval at what she saw. She ran her fingers over the smooth skin.

"Wicked!" she enthused. "I can't wait to feel rubber against it!"

"You really are hot for it, aren't you!" said Melina, squirming excitedly in her tight little rubber nurse's uniform. "Come on, then, Miss Rubberslut, into the rubber room with you."

Naked, Tina eagerly followed her superior and gasped with surprise and delight at the wonderful array of rubber clothing. She inhaled deeply, drinking in the heady aroma that hung thickly on the air. Melina looked at her watch.

"Three hours before lunchtime." she said, "I was thinking of giving you the total rubber experience, but that can wait. I'm so hot for you we've just got to rubberfuck all morning or I'll never be able to think straight!"

She glanced at Tina's lush young body for a moment, then decided what they would wear. Unzipping her nurse's dress, she peeled it from her sweat-slick skin, releasing a waft of rubber scent into the room. Soon her other garments too were removed until she stood almost naked.

Tina watched, captivated as Melina took off her little white rubber g-string and, before it was discarded, she took it from Melina, raised it to her face, inhaled the scent of sex and rubber and then licked and sucked it clean of Melina's juices. Her sex-hot look fixed on Melina, a hungry smile playing on her lips. Again she feasted her eyes on Melina's fit, firm body, which still glistened with a film of sweat.

“Wow! I love the way you look. Do you exercise a lot?" she asked.

"No, not a lot," Melina answered. "But I have been to a bodyshaping clinic."

She flexed her muscles while speaking and Tina whistled in admiration.

"You look fabulous!"

Melina smiled, pleased, as she turned to her collection of rubber clothing.

"We'll talk about bodyshaping later; let's get you kitted out now."

Making her selections with care, Melina handed Tina her outfit for their next rubber sex session: a pair of full-length latex stockings, a rubber suspender belt, a peephole bra top and a pair of armpit-length latex gloves, all in black. At the same time she laid aside an identical set for herself and in a moment the two girls were wriggling into their suspender belts and coaxing their feet into the beautiful stockings, gradually easing the smooth, cool rubber up over their calves, their knees and thighs until they clung perfectly, wrinkle-free all the way up their legs.

Tina, her heart beating wildly again at the thrill of the exquisite material, followed Melina's example and clipped her suspender straps to her stocking tops, adjusting the straps until they were good and tight. Despite the fact that Tina's titties were small, Melina's choice of bra top was just perfect - high-necked, with lift-cups cleverly shaped to restrict the nipples and surrounding flesh, extruding, pointing and enlarging her breasts as the rubber shaped her as she'd never been shaped before. Her sensitive nipples stiffened as Melina helped her with the fastening and she looked down in wonder at the effect of this bizarre garment. As she helped to fasten Melina's identical top she was captivated to see the shape of her lover's breasts changing as the rubber took control, forcing them to swell out of the openings.

"Most people undress for sex," grinned Melina. "But I reckon dressing for sex wins by a mile. It's almost as good as sex itself!"

Now the girls pulled on their long, long gloves, the talced rubber sliding easily up their arms, encasing them in its elastic smoothness and heightening still further their erotic pleasure. Glancing in the full-length mirror, Tina realised that the body parts that  could normally be left exposed without causing embarrassment were covered, while the parts that modesty would dictate should be covered were in fact exposed. Her arms and legs were fully clothed, while her tits swelled out of their rubber confines, her tight little bum was framed by the suspender belt and her naked cunt was all too visible. The effect was stunning - she was indeed well and truly dressed for sex!

Melina took a bottle and cloth from one of the shelves.

"Time to shine up the rubber." she said. "But we'll use glycerine this time. It makes the rubber beautifully slippery and it tastes good too!”

She poured a good dollop onto the cloth and Tina stood stock still as Melina wiped every square centimetre of her rubber, bringing it to a deep, wet gloss. Drawing in her breath between clenched teeth, Tina felt her lust rising as she watched Melina go about her work. Soon the roles were reversed and it was Melina's turn to feel the wet cloth glide over her and see the rubber glisten on her body. How she had longed for someone who would do this to her willingly, enthusiastically. As she watched Tina, she knew her search was over.

Eying each other hungrily, the two nurses moved into the bedroom and fell onto the rubber-covered bed in a tangle of pure lust. Mouths, lips, arms and legs writhed together in a frenzy of passion and Tina experienced for the first time the slithery sensation of glycerined rubber against glycerined rubber. This, she thought, was what heaven must be like as Melina's rubber gloves roamed all over her body, in and out of her hot cunny and, later, probed into her tight little arsehole, making her buck and whimper with delight. The sensation of a rubber gloved finger delving deep into her most intimate orifice drove her mad with desire and, reciprocating, she thrilled in easing her own gloved finger into Melina's bumhole and feeling herself pulled inside by practiced, eager anal muscles. It wasn't too long before they found themselves, Melina on top, licking and lapping at each other's creaming cunts, sucking and nibbling each other to even greater heights of passion. Tina plunged her tongue in and out of Melina, alternately sucking at her clitty until she felt Melina tense above her then grind her pussy into Tina's soaking face as she climaxed fiercely, filling Tina's mouth with her honeyed love juice.

Tina, near to her own climax, gasped in disappointment as Melina got up from the bed.

"Don't worry ­ it'll be worth the wait." promised Melina, disappearing into her rubber room. Moments later she returned carrying something in her hand. Tina's eyes widened as Melina, grinning lasciviously, showed her the awesome double dildo briefs and stepped into them, easing the shiny black rubber up her legs, guiding the thick inner dildo deep inside her own hot cunt then pulling up the supertight briefs until they fitted perfectly against her, the outer dildo jutting, obscenely rampant, from its base. Moments later, in a frenzy of pent-up excitement, Melina was on top of Tina, her gloved hand guiding her big rubber tool into the young nurse's aching love hole. Tina gasped as the rubber dildo slid inside her, stretching her as she'd never been stretched before. Expertly Melina rode her new lesbian lover, pumping rhythmically in and out, her tongue deep inside Tina's mouth and her rubber gloved hands roaming deliciously over her sexy body.

Tina's climax was fast approaching now. She started moaning - a low animal noise that increased in intensity as she felt herself succumb to the inevitable. Melina's dildo was now slamming in and out at tremendous speed as both girls became animals of pure lust, screaming and thrashing in ecstasy as wave upon wave of climactic spasm racked their bodies. Later, after they had recovered, Tina looked at Melina, lying beside her, slick with sweat, smiling contentedly. Her hard, swollen titties throbbed almost painfully, her nipples rock-hard and hypersensitive.

"Can I wear them now?" she asked, running her gloved fingers up and down the shaft of Melina's rubber dildo briefs. Melina shuddered.

"Shit, are you one little hot cunt, Tina! Yes, darling, see how it feels to have a big rubber fucktool on."

Melina got off the bed, hooked her thumbs into the sides of the tight rubber dildo briefs and carefully wriggled out of them. Strings of glistening love juice ran from her cunt as the inner dildo slid out of her and a gust of hot rubber and sex assailed Tina's senses. She took the proffered briefs and eagerly stepped into them, pulling the slick latex up over her rubber stockinged legs until it was time to guide the thick inner shaft into her hungry sex hole. It slid in piston-like as she pulled the sweat-wet briefs up tight until they moulded themselves to her slim hips and hugged her firm little arse in their grip. She looked down in wonder at the black rubber tool jutting proudly out, her hand gripping it, playing with it in delight.

"Aren't you going to do something useful with that?" asked Melina, squirming provocatively on the rubber sheeted bed. Then, just as Tina was about to leap on top of her and steer the big rod into her waiting cunt, she got up and opened a drawer.

Taking out a tube of KY jelly, she squeezed out a good dollop onto her middle finger and bending over the bed, proceeded to lubricate her bumhole, her gloved finger slipping easily into her as she worked the jelly inside. Tina watched open-mouthed.

"You don't want me to . . . ." She tailed off in disbelief.

"Fuck my arse, little girl, stick your big lezzy rubbertool right up my bum and shag it good and hard!"

Melina's lewd talk gave Tina a huge sexual jolt and she watched eagerly as Melina knelt on the bed on all fours, her bottom ready for action. Tina positioned herself behind the sexy blonde, her tool brushing the forbidden entrance.

"It'll never fit . . . ."

"Gently now," breathed Melina, her right hand guiding the rod towards its target. "Just push firmly and steadily until it's in."

For what seemed a lifetime nothing happened. Tina pushed firmly against Melina but nothing happened. Then, miraculously, she felt something give and she looked down fascinated as the rubber dick gradually entered her lover's waiting arsehole. Once the rubber tip had entered, it felt as though Melina was actually pulling the remaining length into herself.

"Aaaaaaahhhh!" she moaned as she felt her tight bum being filled by Tina's rubber phallus. "Yessss!" she gasped. "Now pump my tight hole hard! Fuck my shithole with your big rubber tool, you little rubber cuntsucker!”

Tina, ecstatic at Melina's dirty talk and the wonderful feel of the internal dildo inside her tight rubber sexpants needed no second bidding. Roughly she slammed against Melina's gorgeous bottom, then withdrew a little, only to thrust again, driving her tool even deeper into Melina. Gripping Melina's hips firmly, she set up a powerful rhythm, shagging the blonde nurse's back passage for all she was worth.

Melina's gloved fingers were now hard at work, rubbing feverishly at her sopping cunt, streams of her love juice pouring down onto the sex-slick rubber sheet.

Again the girls felt their perfectly synchronised climaxes approaching. Their bodies tensed in a vain effort to delay the inevitable, but in a moment it was upon them, every sinew of their bodies racked by the most intense orgasm imaginable. Together they wailed in near-painful pleasure as they shook uncontrollably - as if possessed by a giant unseen force. It took a long while for the two girls to subside back to the real world -

"That was the most amazing session I've ever had." marvelled Melina. "You really are the sexiest little bitch in all the world!"

Tina grinned her sexy grin as she dribbled saliva into Melina's open mouth.

"You've brought me alive! I love everything you've taught me ­ don't ever stop!"

After a good hot shower the two girls prepared lunch and ate it together at the kitchen table, wearing soft black latex wraps. After their morning exertions they were both a little tired and sore, but Melina knew how Tina would want to spend the afternoon.

"We'll have a rest this afternoon." she announced.

"Oooh!" wailed Tina in disappointment; "Can't we have some more rubber fun?”

"Just wait and see." Melina teased. "We're going out tonight and I don't want you completely shagged out by then. Still," she added, smiling, "I think you might enjoy your rest!"

After they had cleared away and washed up, Melina steered Tina back into her rubber room.

"Time to get you ready for your rest, darling." she cooed. "Your rubber rest!"

She removed the latex wrap from an unprotesting Tina and prepared her body with a coating of glycerine. From a drawer Melina produced a pair of black latex minibriefs with two internal attachments, a substantial dildo to the front and a smaller, but not inconsiderable anal plug to the rear. Tina watched wide-eyed as Melina smeared KY jelly over the two rubber shafts.

"Total rubber, darling! The complete rubber experience. Can you take it?"

Tina nodded enthusiastically as she took the briefs, stepped into them and slid the cool rubber up her legs. She gave a little yelp as she felt the two firm extensions make contact.

"I've never . . . . ." she muttered.

“Take it gently." advised Melina. "You shouldn't have any trouble with the dildo, but just relax your bum as much as possible and the plug will slide in nice and easy. You'll love the feel of it!"

Encouraged, Tina positioned the rods carefully and, as predicted, she felt the front one begin to ease into her love hole with no difficulty. Now, concentrating on the new experience of anal intrusion, she pulled up the back of the briefs and felt the tip of the slender rubber shaft against her little bumhole. Trying to relax as much as possible in her excited state, she suddenly felt her resistance give and the tapered plug worked its way inside her - gradually at first, then all in a rush, as her anal muscles took over. She gasped out loud in shocked surprise and the plug might well have come out again, had Melina not quickly pulled up the tight little briefs over Tina's arse, forcing the two plugs deep inside her startled acolyte.

"There!" she said, "How does it feel to be fucked in both ends by rubber?"

Tina gulped. "It's different - I know I'll get to like it though."

Melina kissed Tina gently on the lips.

"Yes, I know too. Now, let's get on."

Opening a wardrobe door, she took out a gleaming black rubber catsuit.

“This is a supertight catsuit," she said. "Difficult to get on but well worth the effort!"

Melina helped Tina with the suit, coaxing it up, smoothing the ripples, stretching the tight, tight rubber, squeezing Tina in.

"Ohhh ­ it's fabulous!" breathed Tina, wriggling like a sex-hot eel as she worked her way gradually into the ultratight catsuit, loving the way it held her so powerfully, yet so comfortably in its all-enveloping embrace. Soon Melina was ensuring that no air bubbles remained in the attached gloves and then Tina dipped one way then the other as Melina hitched the rubber over her shoulders.

Then Melina inserted a handle pull into the rear zipper to help her raise it. Tina gasped as her waist was squeezed, her ribs compressed in the rubber's vice-like grip. Fortunately there were two cups for her little titties, which would otherwise have been painfully crushed. The rubber cups gave such relief from the otherwise relentless tightness that Tina felt as though her tits were sucked into them and indeed, looking down at herself, she saw that they jutted proudly, her hard nipples clearly visible through their rubber covering.

"How's that?" Melina panted, stopping with the zip nearly done up.

"It's the most fantastic thing I've ever worn!" Tina said, unable to take her eyes from the mirror. "Look at me! Isn't that the sexiest?!"

"Well feast your eyes, sweetheart, you won't be seeing much for a while." said Melina, producing the hood Tina would be wearing for the next three hours. Made of strong black rubber, this too was going to be a tight fit.

"When you wear this, you won't be able to hear or see anything. You'll be completely rubbered! I'm going to fit this on you, then take you to the bed and secure your arms and legs to the corners. For three hours the only sensation you'll feel is rubber! Do you think you will like that?"

"You know I'm hooked. Let's go." said Tina, her eyes straying to the mirror for one last look.

The first surprise was the rubber ball gag attached inside the hood. Uncomplainingly, Tina slipped it into her mouth, tasting rubber strongly. Two firm tubes slid into her nostrils, ensuring they would remain clear for breathing, then Melina began to do up the strong zip that ran from the top of the head down to the neck.

The rubber tightness closed over Tina, blinding her, deafening her, covering her. Deftly Melina completed the zip's progress before finishing the suit's zip and perfecting Tina's enclosure. Then, taking her gently by the hand, Melina led her helpless rubbergirl lover to the bedroom, laid her out on the rubber sheet and attached her arms and legs gently but firmly with rubber straps to the four corners of the bed.

She was alone.

It occurred to Tina for a moment that she was completely helpless; totally at Melina's mercy. To be so vulnerable would, under normal circumstances, be a cause for concern - panic even. But Tina felt no panic, only a deepening contentment as she lay spread-eagled in her all-embracing rubber tightness. She heard only her own pulse and the sound of her breathing through her only contact with the outside world - the rubber nostril tubes. The tightness of her suit and hood made her aware of every square centimetre of her body - she loved the way it squeezed her tight all over.

The rubber plugs in her cunt and her backside and the ball in her mouth all heightened the sensation of rubber totality! Her mind wandered over the happenings of the last fifteen or so hours. How quickly she had become enslaved by this wonderful material and, of course, by her seducer and tutor, Melina!

Soon she felt as though she was floating. Deprived of so much sensory perception, her only sensation rubber, she gave herself up to the powerful forces at work - surrendered herself completely to wonderful rubber . . .

She awoke from her reverie to feel fingers gently running over her suit.      

Starting just below her tits, they worked their way gently down her ribcage to her belly, making her whole suit vibrate. Even before the fingers reached her pubis she had begun to come. Gradually at first, then uncontrollably, her whole being was in climax, her entire body overwhelmed by sexual ecstasy. Chewing hard on the gag in her mouth, her breath whistling through the latex tubes in her nose, Tina gave herself completely to the worship of rubber as the rubber demonstrated its complete mastery over her.



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