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Tight Latex

by Surfinbirds

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© Copyright 2001 - Surfinbirds - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bondage; cons; X

Throughout my bondage experiences, I have been done up in several fetish type clothes such as spandex or leather as a complement to the ropes or shackles which Mistress has put me in. The wickedest clothing has to be latex! I have shared some latex stories with you before; I enjoy lounging around the house wearing a latex catsuit or being restrained while my body gets terminally excited by the feel of the sensuous second skin. One time when I had stopped in to see Mistress, she had a very special gleam in her eye, and she said she had some special plans for me.

When I had made my appointment with her, she had told me to be squeaky clean and shaved smooth. As I packed for the trip out to LA, I had taken a nice warm bath after a long jog--six miles! And as I shaved, the warmth of the water just had me so serene and comfortable, but the excitement of Mistress' directions for the session had me anxiously horny!

I checked in with Mistress, and she suggested that I come over the night before I had to leave rather than the same day I had arrived. I asked why, and she said that I would be exhausted from the planned proceedings, and it would be useful that I sleep on the trip home--I probably would not get any that night!

Now, I want to interject that on the trips from Washington to LA, I do NOT act as a crew; I just ride along space available--"deadheading"--so that I can get to LAX where my 727 crew will fly routine shuttle cycles up and down the West Coast just as I normally do up and down the East coast. So if I travel back to DC, I am just as useful as a passenger. That's actually good because I get some rest, and I usually have lots of time to intensely review my sessions with Mistress. Does that make the time pass....... Also, I do not want you to think that I would fly a revenue flight with me responsible for the aircraft and passengers if I were not in tip top shape. So this time, Mistress could in fact wipe me out, and I would have no problems completing my appointed duty.

We did a long tour there in LA: three days of intense flying. The night before we left, the crew was very tired but wanted to go out. I deferred saying that I had a friend to visit. Little did they know! (Little did I know!)

I got to Mistress' dungeon at the appointed time. She greeted me already to get started. She told me that there would be plenty of time to chat, but it was proper that I prepare first. She led me back to her dungeon where she had laid out a big drop cloth. She ordered me to strip, and my clothes were neatly packed away. I was to stand in the center of the drop cloth, where she pulled up a small stool and a box of baby powder. She told me to stand erect and spread my legs as wide as I could stand.

She started next into covering my legs with a good amount of the powder. It was helpful for me to grab her trapeze bar above me, as Mistress powdered my ass, hips, and belly. From the waist down, I looked like a powdered donut! Then Mistress produced a garment that I would wear; it was like no other! 
It was a latex body suit, but this was significantly different from any kind of latex that I had worn before. My first concern was that it wouldn't fit my tall body.
"Nonsense!" barked Mistress. "This suit is made of a special gauge of latex. It is as flexible and stretchable as spandex, as long as I powder your body like I have."
"Well, let's get it on!" I stated in joyful anticipation.

Mistress suggested that I just hang on to the trapeze while she dressed me. The first thing would be the left foot. I noticed that she gathered the leg of the suit like a pair of pantyhose: she worked her hands inside to the toe and collected the rest in an organized group. She pulled her hands slightly apart and stretched the rubber. She had me insert my toes, and as the latex slipped on, and as she moved her hands up my calf, the resiliency of the latex was made known to me immediately. This was the tightest thing I had ever put on--tighter than orthopedic hose I wore when I had exhausted my legs from running a marathon. Wow! Was this stuff tight! The powder aided the dressing, and Mistress got the lower part on me without too much trouble.

As I said, I am very tall, but the available stretch allowed Mistress to get the panty portion all the way up to my waist with the crotch of the garment tight against my pussy and ass. This latex had "give" to get on my body, but god! Did it ever grasp my every inch of flesh. This truly was going to be a second skin!

Mistress next powdered my back and arms. She put some long, shoulder-length latex gloves on me and then told me to crouch down for the head cowling. Now this was a very special part of the ensemble. Mistress gathered my hair as I bent down. I slipped my arms into the sleeves and ducked my head through the hole at the neck. The cowling fit my head very snugly. I was worried if it would give me a migraine, but no, it was quite comfortable. The hard part was the cowling was open to only allow my eyes and nose access to the outside. There was a length of rubber across my mouth. In fact this piece was tight! I forced my mouth shut! So effective a gag I could not imagine!

Now the front of this garment had two holes through which my tits would fit. Mistress unceremoniously grabbed each boob one at a time by the nipple and yanked it through the hole. The fabric seam tightly squeezed each breast at the chest; my pendulous tits were free to protrude for pleasures I would learn later!

Zzzzzzzip! A back zipper closed me in, and now the rest of the torso was as tight as my legs had felt. I was encased by this wonderful fabric from head to toe with only my eyes, nose, and tits free to the outside world. Mistress then had me step into some knee-high leather boots with 4" heels. These boots laced all the way up, and Mistress was sure to tie them tightly! As I stood in the center of the dungeon, Mistress folded up the drop cloth and then took out some cleaning liquid which made the black latex shine like onyx. It was quite a contrast: my white tits against a shiny black background of exquisite rubber encasement!

Mistress invited me back into her living room. She told me to sit down, while we discussed things. She offered me a glass of wine, which is her custom. Alas! The latex covering my mouth held me speechless; at best I could just nod and hum. And she just looked at me a laughed! She knew what was to come.

"Well, Michelle, my pretty slave! It looks like you are very unsociable, since you can't carry on a civilized conversation. I wonder if you can do some domestic work? Do the dishes!"

I got up and started to wash the dishes as she had instructed. As I moved, I began to notice how the heat of my body was causing the rubber to grab me tighter! As I walked, the stretch put a wonderous tingle on my body like a massage. Imagine a tight pair of "Sheer Energy" panty hose all over your body with the force of about 100 times the stretch! Wow, this gauge of rubber was excellent! 

And me being so tall just put an extra tug on the suit! I finished the dishes and put them away. I turned towards Mistress, and she immediately thrust a dust rag in my face and got me going for the bookshelves. Mistress ordered me here and there! Up and down! I would have to bend, kneel, slither on the rug, and do all kinds of things. I admit that her apartment now looked very tidy!

"Well now, Michelle! It looks as if you have earned your reward! Come with me!"

We went back to the dungeon. Mistress parked me in the center of the room again, legs spread apart. She installed leg cuffs and wrist cuffs. I was now about to be secured, I knew that for sure! Mistress pulled me over to the cross rack. I stood obediently with my legs spread widely apart to accommodate the bottom width of the rack. There she attached a small chain from the eyelets on the rack to the rings on the leg cuffs. After she pulled them tight, she clipped them shut with a strong padlock. One by one, she lifted my arms up to the highest eyebolts on the upper part of the rack. With similar aplomb, she chained and locked the wrist cuffs to the apparatus.

Before proceeding any further, Mistress went to a back room and returned with a shiny latex mask. Well, "mask" wasn't the right word for it; it was flexible and shiny like a mask, but the gauge of the latex was very thick--almost like leather! It was more of an old-fashioned punishment helmet! She ordered me to lower my head, and she slipped it on. It laced up in the back with a strong leather tie. With my head already encased in the latex cowling, the mask added little to the tightness but it served anther psychological purpose: it had a molded shape for the nose which had two small holes with which to breath, and molded eye sockets out of which I could see fairly clearly. 

While I was being installed into this device, it was clear that Mistress could blindfold me or put plugs in the nose to force me to inhale however I could. This could cause an asphyxiation effect which requires a lot of trust and a knowledgeable Mistress! I had never done such, but the mere thought of it had me terrorized!

Mistress took out a long leather strap and tightly bound my waist around the cross-members of the rack; another strap went under my armpits and fully pinned my torso. I was one with the rack, but I only sensed the restraint of motion; the tension of the straps did not compare to the intense feeling manifested by the latex all over my body. So far, I was a willing slave having the time of my life! The mere restraints didn't phase me a bit; it was the rush of the second skin that was oscillating me from the heat of the moment to the passion of the moment! I could see myself in the dungeon's mirrors. The latex shone so brightly! And the straps accented my figure as if it were to be a photo display for "New Realities" newspaper! I was feeling very proud of myself as a slave; I hoped that I would serve my Mistress well.

Then the horror struck! Mistress walked up to me and in dramatic fashion, showed me a feather! She started to tease my breasts, first at the points where they protruded from the latex suit and then in circular fashion around each breast until finally teasing the nipple. Now I wager that I have the most sensitive breasts in the world, and so the torture was immense! I tried to wiggle, but the straps and chains held me fast. I would look down through the helmet to watch Mistress work on me, and as she teased me, she just started in my eyes as if to say telepathically, 
"You are mine, slave!" And I was! I was also horny as hell!

She then started to lick my breasts. She is really good at doing that, but this time, I became intensely aware that my breasts were out in the open air while the rest of me was getting hot--in a good sense!--and sweaty inside the latex. Now as I wriggled, the immediate tension on the fabric pulled against me and then slowly recoiled from my moist body. Such a feeling! My entire body was so alive! She continued to suck and lick my tits so romantically. I mentally pledged my undieing love for her, and my muffled moans were of passion, not discomfort. She was so good at amplifying the senses! The sensual physical connection between my breasts and my pussy turn on immediately when my tits are caressed; I was hot now, and close to an umprompted orgasm. But the tempo radically changed!

Without saying a word--she just chuckled and grinned a devious smile--she produced nipple clamps joined by a chain! She firmly attached them to me, and I just about screamed with shock. Looking back, there wasn't any pain, it was just such a dramatic switch from the erotic teasing she had done. She stepped back and admired her work. I tried to move to take my mind off the clamps. No use!

"Well, I am going to get ready for bed. Have fun and enjoy yourself!" Mistress snickered.

Well great! I was hung there unable to move and the latex had me going high to the moon, and the nipple clamps had me crashing to perdition! The mental cycles had me going! I was also becoming more aware that it was harder to breath through the helmet, and I had better be careful! So many things a slave has to worry about!

I could vaguely hear Mistress talking on the phone. She answered a few calls from clients making appointments. I distinctly heard her say, "No, not tonight! I have the whole night booked! How about tomorrow?" Wow! Was I really going to go all night restrained like this? But subliminally, I didn't want it to stop. The latex slithered on my body ruthlessly now, teasing every erogenous zone I had! She made a few more calls to other dommas, and one to her newspaper editor--she helped write ads and columns for some LA underground papers just like I do. Oooooooh! Was I getting hotter! Time seemed to stand still for me!

Then silence! I could make out Mistress's footsteps as she walked slowly back to the dungeon. Oh no! She was carrying two lighted candles. These were large ornamental candles, and I knew just what she was going to do! She abruptly ripped the nipple clamps off me with the chain. The "hit" of pain was short lived. 
She then took a candle and held the flame very close to my left nipple. I was getting scared! She raised the candle and dripped wax on my breast drop by drop. With each drop, I winced. I wanted to rip myself away but I couldn't! The other candle came to my right breast, and similar torture was applied! I wanted to scream but the cowling jacked my jaw shut. I could only huff and puff against the latex, and as I did, I felt a little lightheaded. I wasn't sure if I was hyperventilating or just swooning with desire. I sensed a big "scab" of congealed wax on each breast but my mind was so confused!

The piece de resistance was ice! Mistress teased my tortured breasts with ice cubes! Now what was I supposed to feel? My mind was a wreck now! There were extremes in senses applied to my tits, and yet the rest of my body was erotically charged by the mere fact of my bondage--which I love--and this new latex suit which fought down my defenses all night long! I wanted to give up! But there was no way to tell Mistress! Suddenly, I just started laughing--the ice must have tickled me! I don't know! I was gone now!

At last! Mistress undid the straps and took me out of the helmet. She took the opportunity to run her hands all over my body. She stood in front of me and ground her pussy into mine while holding on to my hips. It's like she did a mating dance to endear me again; like I'd ever leave this wonderful domma? She pressed her body against my breasts and snuggled her head against my cowled ears. She was telling me that I had been a great slave and that I could go free now.

She unlocked the chains, slowly, deliberately, and dramatically. As my limbs sprung free, she held me up and walked me around a while to get things working again. I was truly exhausted as she had predicted. She redeployed the drop cloth and brought out a towel. She unzipped the catsuit and freed my head from the cowling. As she peeled my torso out of the latex, and thereby relieving the constriction at the base of my breasts, I could feel the chill of the ambient air hit me like surf. The latex had raised my body temperature enough to make a difference. Before I doffed the bottom part of the garment, Mistress massaged my ass and pussy one more time in the latex and gave my clit quite a stir! She helped me out of the killer-heeled boots. As she finally pulled down the pants, the cool air hit me, and I almost came right on the spot! Mistress toweled the sweat off my body as gently as she had been rough on my breasts!

As I stood there weakened by the ordeal, I was torn between cherishing my freedom or lusting for the latex again! Mistress smiled, took me by the hand, and we walked back into her Jacuzzi where we shared a hot tub and some white wine. Now we chatted about "stuff". And now that I had regained control over my jaw, I couldn't help but continuously blab about the great it sexy it was.......the torture! Once again, Mistress had molded my mind her way. Even the hot tub (and our recreational groping) was different! What a hot way to spend......oh my! 
It was already 3 in the morning!

So on the flight home, did I sleep? I was too busy thinking of that candle wax!

Thanks, ladies, for your inspirational suggestions. I wore my regular latex suit while I wrote this, which provided additional inspiration!


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