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Tight Fashions 3: Payback

by The Latex Girl

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© Copyright 2004 - The Latex Girl - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; latex; catsuits; bond; susp; stuck; display; toys; cons/reluct; X

3: Payback

Bryon had spent the weeks since his shop front cross-dressing bondage experience in a rather confused state. On the one hand, he had found the whole experience a massive turn on, the whole forced feminisation and public bondage had stirred something deep in him. On the other hand, Byron felt that Anne and Laura hadn't really done it to give him a wonderful experience; it had just been a side effect. Naturally Bryon felt that he should get his own back and the package that had just arrived at the shop he shared with Anne and Laura would allow him to do it. 

"What's in the box?" Laura asked as she came in through the door and saw Bryon examining it. 

"Oh, it's a new slave suit that I got sent on approval from Demask", Bryon replied using the Demask reference like some kind of special feature. "They're not on general sale yet apparently, but they would like me to try them out and give a road test I suppose", Byron continued. Anne stuck her head up over the counter where she had been tidying things up and asked what was so special about them. 

While Bryon read out the product guide that was a photocopy of a fax of a translation, Anne and Laura started to pull the contents out of the box. Rather annoyingly for Bryon, the last sheet of the instructions were missing, they only seemed to go as far as dressing the slaves in the suits. Anne pulled out one of the suits to see what it was all about, it looked like a normal rubber suit, but there was no zip, so it must be a neck entry model. Also, the suit had ballet pump boots worked into the feet, with an overlaid set of laces. The suits also had attached mittens, though they looked more like flippers and two very obvious dildos. Ever the stickler for detail, Anne even noticed the nipple stimulators. 

While Anne was doing this, Laura picked up a hood. It didn't seem nearly so complex as the suit, just a pull on hood with an internal gag, nose holes and covered eye pieces a bit like mirrored sunglasses. Anne had a look at the sizing information on the label of the suits; they were both a size 12 with size 5 shoes. 

"What a coincidence," she exclaimed, "they're our sizes", she continued digging Laura in the side with her elbow. 

"Bloody typical", replied Bryon, "I get sent a load of flash rubber ware and you two are the only people it fits. I suppose you'll want to try them on", he continued. 

"Well, it seems a shame to waste them", reported Laura, and with that, the 'out to lunch sign' got put back onto the door and the two girls went off to the changing rooms followed by Bryon with the box. 

Bryon explained to the girls that the suits were designed to be worn with the hoods inside, so they would have to be put on first, which was easy enough for the girls. Next Bryon and Anne started to help Laura into her suit. Everything seemed to be a lot harder than with a normal suit. The attached pump boots were difficult for Laura to work her feet into, but after what seemed like forever, she managed to slot her feet home in both boots. While Bryon helped Laura with the suit, Anne started lacing the boots up until Laura's feet and ankles were firmly lashed in place. 

Next Bryon and Anne worked Laura's arm in to the sleeve of the suit. It was quite strange the way the sleeve just tapered out, forcing Laura's hand into a flat, shiny black flipper. The process was then repeated with Laura's other arm. Before the suit was finished off, Laura worked the two dildos home. Both Bryon and Anne could tell they were in place by the loud grunt that Laura let out through the nostrils of the hood. Finally, Bryon smoothed the neck of the suit out to match up with the neckline of the hood; Laura was now well and truly sealed in. 

Laura pointed back to the box, Byron had a look in and found a 3 piece body harness that must be part of the ensemble. It consisted of a thick latex corset and an attached posture collar and chastity belt. Laura stood spread-eagled and Bryon began to work the harness onto her. Firstly he worked her into the corset, it wasn't particularly restrictive, but Bryon made sure that there wasn't too much play in it, giving it a good tight lacing and closing the buckles as tightly as he could.

Next was the thick latex posture collar, which had to be laced into place and then strapped to the corset with a pair of long straps one at the front and one at the back. Finally, the chastity belt, again this was made of thick latex, requiring the front of the belt to be brought through the crotch and buckled shut at the hips. The belt was the strapped to the corset with two pairs of short straps at the front and the back of the chastity belt. Byron knew that making the chastity belt a firm fit would push the dildos home for Laura, as he tightened the straps, he could hear Laura snort her appreciation. 

Laura's suit made her pretty useless for helping Anne with hers, so Bryon was left to do all of the work for her: helping her into the ballet pump boots, working her hands into the flippers of the suit and working the neck into place for complete coverage. Finally, working Anne too into the body harness. 

Eventually, Anne was done too and she and Laura started to inspect each other, caressing each other with their useless flippers and doing what any pair of self-respecting bi-women would do in that much rubber. 

Bryon watched them playing for a while and went back over to the near empty box to try and find the last of the sheets of the instructions. Bryon was thinking of ways he could get the two girls back now, he could bind them in the window display or just leave them to it, there's no way they could get out of those suits. Still searching, Bryon found the last page of the instructions under a flap of the box. Quickly he read though it to see if there was anything important that he had missed with the other pages. The instructions stated that the articles were on loan from Demask and any damage would have to be paid for. 

Then Bryon started to read something that brought a huge smile to his face. It turned out that the suits were for long-term slave punishment, as the suits had an airtight seal between the hood and the suit. Apparently, there was a glue-like compound on the hood, which would become adhesive when the hood was next to the matching suit. The glue would set, making it very difficult to get the suit off. The natural body heat of the wearer would slowly weaken the glue, but Demask were pleased to announce, that it would take between 24 and 48 hours before the glue had weakened enough to make the suit removable. In addition, the suit hand flippers made it impossible for the wearer to remove anything; buckles, zips and so on. 

Finally, the document mentioned the new steel weave latex process that the suit used. It was a bit like a type of steel had been weaved into the suit as it was made to stop the suit being easily torn, or cut with a knife or scissors. 

Bryon wasn't quite sure what to do. Eventually, he managed to get Anne and Laura to stop playing with each other and explained the situation. It was difficult to assess their reaction as they couldn't say anything, the gags prevented it, and Bryon couldn't even see their eyes under the mirrored lenses. 

"I've got an idea though", he exclaimed almost triumphantly, and picked up some bondage items. He continued, "This will sound really weird, but it may work. Do you want to try?" 

The two girls just shrugged their shoulders, as it was pretty much all they could do. Bryon explained that the glue's lifespan was temperature dependant. The hottest part of the shop was the large glass display frontage; it was like a big greenhouse. All Byron needed to was put them in there for the rest of the day and there was a good chance that the heat would stop the glue. 

Laura walked over to the entrance door to the shop window. Bryon went through into the display window and pulled the modesty curtain across the window so that no one would see his window dressing. The display window was of their last display: a Saint Andrew's cross, and a couple of mannequins in leather bras and panties. Bryon beckoned Laura over the Cross and she slowly went over to it and allowed Bryon to strap her to it. Bryon made sure that Laura was tied to the cross as tightly as possible and Laura knew it.

Next he beckoned Anne into the display window. The only other thing in the window that Bryon could use to immobilise Anne with as the inverted body tensioner. It consisted of two thick spreader bars, one for the ankles and one for the wrists, set in what looked like a swing frame. The wrist spreader was attached to the floor of the frame and the ankle spreader was attached to the top of the frame with a winch. Normally, the body tensioner could be used with the body the right way up, but Bryon thought that it would be fun to leave Anne hanging around ­ she deserved it. 

Byron got Anne to lay down under the tensioner frame and put her wrists and ankles into the big, thick leather cuffs of the spreader bars. Then he started winching, first he took up the slack and then slowly, Anne's ankles started to lift off the floor. Byron kept going until Anne's boot heels were nearly touching the top of the tensioner frame. Her body had been pulled quite taught, with her hands just clear of the floor. 

Before Bryon pulled the curtain back for any passers by to see, he went off to find two large pieces of cardboard. On one he wrote 'Anne Smith ­Manager, Tight Fashions' and on the other 'Laura Jones ­ Assistant, Tight Fashions.' Byron placed each board next to the suspended women, a bit like some kind of art exhibit. And with that, he opened the curtain so the girls could see their public. 

After a couple of hours, Byron got bored so he rang up the Evening Standard newspaper and the free London magazines to tell them of the wonderful publicity stunt that Tight Fashions were pulling.

Naturally, Bryon had started to make his way home way before the camera men turned up. 



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