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Thought & Time

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; machine; latex; encase; envelop; climax; cons; X

Thought & Time.

I reached out to press the green button and the door opens, allowing me to enter into my paradise chosen.

Naked now, I wait!

My legs feel the tight grip of liquid latex slowly covering them. It reaches my butt and rolls around the flesh of my bottom, at the same time I feel it flow between my thighs covering my freshly shaved slit.

My clit stands out on its own now, the latex flows around and then encompasses it, now I have a female version of a cock all smothered with a condom.

The feeling continues, my ecstasy builds.

I look down as the black shiny liquid flows across and up, filling my belly button, sweeping ever upwards to my arm pits, melding with my body, circling around my breasts next, then flowing over them reaching out for my erect nipples, from there then onwards. I now have a perfect pair of breasts with erect nipples all coated in black clingy latex.

From there my loving latex continues to flowing around my arms and down to my finger tips.

Latex, wonderful liquid latex coats my wrists, gripping tight, holding my skin.

From there it rolls to cover each digit until my hands look like they are wearing tight black gloves.

Now the latex gathered around my neck continues ever upwards, covering my chin, always flowing against gravity, reaching my mouth, filling it fully, whilst swirling around my face, covering my neat regimented hair cut, forming an open face hood.

It stops, allowing my body to adjust to the feeling of constriction and the oddity that it has now become.

Then it flows and tightens again, this time covering my eyes, coating them in black, making the world around me vanish from my sight.

Finally it reaches my nose, it flows over and around it, rolling slowly almost sensually down the bone to my nostrils, then it covers them to!

I can’t breath, I can’t even move as the latex has entombed me, seemingly forever!

My sex explodes; my orgasm and excitement have been expanding with every touch of the liquid glory.

I am it’s prisoner and I am helpless.

Program Interruption: "Security Officer Hays, please report to the bridge immediately!"

My latex vanishes, the light returns, and I am standing in a plain, empty room coloured electric blue, dressed in my uniform and now answering the Computer Interruption.

My hour off duty has been cancelled by the presence of some unwanted Cube, a Borg space ship obviously I think, departing the hollo room for the bridge.

The End.



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