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The Things We Need

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; susp; insert; club; piercing; oral; fist; toys; cons; X

Jay made herself comfortable at the bar, she had been to the club a few times before. Jay was eyed up by some of the women who were drinking at the bar and in the snugs. To get into the club she had to show her driving licence to the staff. She was particularly small framed, five foot two and a bit and had no breasts to speak of. "Two fried eggs" as her friend used to say, but no matter, what she had was what she had. Jay ruffled her spiky hair, it was short but didn’t scream Dyke! She ordered a non alcoholic drink from the bar, not her scene falling over drunk!

Jay had an abusive mother and step father, both had taken her dignity more times than she could remember and thing had driven her to take a knife to bed with her. After her step father had buggered her and raped her again, she took the knife and stuck it in his chest. His look of shock made her smile, and when her mother ran into the room because of her stepfather’s scream, she pulled the knife out of his chest and plunged it into her mother’s chest, it pierced her heart and killed her outright.

Jay casually rang the police and told them what she had done. They didn’t know whether to treat her as the victim or the suspect until they took swabs in her vagina and anus and found she had indeed been raped by her stepfather. Because it was proven that her stepfather had raped her it followed that when she said that her mother had not only helped him rape her but had also sexually assaulted her, all charges against her were dropped. She was a victim, not a murderer. Jay was nearly eighteen when this had happened, she was now twenty and she had a deep loathing for the authority of older women.

She sipped her drink, the bull dyke behind the bar watching her while she was wiping the cleaned glasses, "You meeting someone then ?"

"Yeah I suppose!" Jay wasn’t really interested in the dyke behind the bar, she obviously worked out and looked like a bodybuilder with a flattop and tattoos.

"You’re looking for a top or a bottom?"

"I think I’m just looking." Jay said with a hint of self satisfaction. She had taught herself not to always give the answer that was expected.

Jay had always been called Janice by her mother and had always been made to feel inferior by her. Because her step father wanted to get to Janice and was using her mother to do just that! The situation that the three of them found themselves in, had left her mother feeling insecure. Almost paranoid about her position, and this in part explained her mothers aggression to Janice. Of course Janice had no say I the situation, she was never asked, It was just taken for granted she would lie there and submit.

Jay’s mind wandered back into another time. Sometime ago when she was coming to terms with her powers, she had realized she was not ever going to take what’s offered to her. Far from it, she would make sure she was in a position to take with both hands! Jay remembered a time when she was still called Janice and her social worker was trying to seduce her, the older women called Karen who would have been in her mid thirties had taken to cuddling Jay when she thought that Janice had remembered memories which hurt her. As one thing led to another Karen started kissing Janice, and soon they were kissing more and more passionately until Karen started fondling Janice’s breast. Janice couldn’t wait any longer, she had rehearsed the words in her head over and over again, until it was second nature. Jay pushed Karen back into her sofa.

"I think you need permission to continue that, don’t you think?"

"But, Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean …"

"You didn’t mean what? You didn’t mean to seduce a teenager that was left in your care! Now let’s go upstairs and see about that Permission!"

Jay took the hand of Karen and towed her to her bedroom.

"Take off the Jeans and lay face down on the bed!"

"Now Janice I know that …"

"I said take off your Jeans and lay face down on the bed, how many more times!" Making it quite clear that her words were a instruction, not a request!

Karen, who was a good four or five inches taller than Janice dropped her Jeans and lay flat on the bed, arms by her sides. She moved her head to one side and waited for Janice.

Jay climbed on to the small of her back and handcuffed Karen’s hands to the corners of the bed. Jay climbed off and chained Karen’s ankles to the other corners. The bondage equipment Jay found after she had removed all traces of her Mother and Stepfather, other than the equipment, some videos and DVD’s there wasn’t much else she wanted except for her Stepfather’s watches and silver collection, Jay decided to keep it because it reminded her that she had won against her Stepfather who was many times stronger than her and these were the spoils of war.

Karen was spread eagled across Jay’s bed, and was not really surprised when a riding crop slowly caressed her bottom.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"What would you like me to do with you?"

"I, I, don’t know."

Jay tapped Karen’s bare bottom , the shock caused her to yelp!

"I can see your going to be noisy, I’ll have to gag you!"

"No Janice Plea…"

Jay Pulled Karen’s head back to open the mouth and pushed home a bright red ball gag.

"There much better! So much quieter with a gag in between your jaw."


Jay brought the crop down across Karen’s buttocks with a crack, it made Karen squeal, but shocked her rather than hurt her.

"Now to business, you are in the position you are in because you thought that I was a vulnerable little girl and you’re a lesbian predator! Am I right?"

Karen shook her head vigorously. She might have been trying to take advantage of Jay but it wasn’t because she was any sort of predator.

As Karen craned her neck to see what Janice was doing she was a bit shocked to see Jay was changing, into Latex! As her eyes wandered across Jay, Karen saw the piercings Jay had paid an arm and a leg for. Karen realised that she had not even touched on the places that Jay must have been to in a professional capacity. But it was too late for that, as she tested her bonds and found them sStronger than she could ever be.

Jay walked in front of Karen, who was facing the wrong way on her bed. She unzipped the crutch of her cat suit and slid on the bed joining Karen . Karen realised what was going to happen, she looked up at Jay and Jay smiled at her.

"I’m going to take off the gag, I think you know what I want you to do!"

Karen had become aroused by the smell of the latex and Jay’s pussy, which had some pretty heavy duty rings around it. Karen started licking her mound. The riding crop started caressing her cheeks, and occasionally tapped one or both. Karen was getting really turned on by the whole thing, Just as Jay thought she would. After several hours of testing the water Jay finally released Karen, surprisingly Karen got on her knees in front of Jay and caressed her thighs.

"I take it you want more?" Said Jay looking down at Karen.

"I just wanted to love you, but it seems your love is just so much better!"

Jay picked up something black and shiny and pulled it over Karen’s head, It was an open latex helmet, she replaced the bright red ball gag silencing Karen, who knelt in front of Jay impassively. Jay handed Latex gloves then stockings to Karen who pulled them on. Jay picked up and handed Karen a cat suit which took forever to get on.

After a lot of puffing and straining the suit was finally on. Jay pulled another latex helmet on Karen. This one had eye, nose and mouth holes. As it tightened around Karen’s head it pulled into focus everything that had happened to her that afternoon. She was enslaved, by the smallest of women. Jay had grown six inches when she put her thigh length latex boots on. That only made her a few inches taller than Karen.

Jay was behind her pulling on a mono glove and Karen shivered in anticipation as the glove was tightened.

The last of the clothing were a pair of Latex boots, a bit tight but Karen was very aware of things being tight.

"My first ever slave!" Said Jay. "You want this don’t you?"

Karen nodded.

"Oh I have something to finish you off, slave."

Jay opened a draw and pulled something out of a box. she licked it, put it in her mouth and walked over to Karen unzipping her crutch zip, bent over and pushed it carefully into her vagina. After zipping her up again and walking away Janice swung an arm out and pressed a button on a remote control, Karen felt a vibration deep in her soul.

This was the first day of the rest of her life!

* * * *

Someone broke a glass in the club and the sound brought Jay thundering back to reality. She downed the last of her drink and she waved the glass to ask for a refill. The club had filled up around her, the flat top bull dyke from behind the bar came over and gave her another drink.

"You still waiting?" Said flattop.

"Nah, I’m still looking!" Said Janice.

"Well if your still here later…."

"Well, lets just say it’s might not be my scene."

"Well if you change your mind…"

Jay smiled at her picking up her glass and taking another sip, Jay waved her glass to her, to show she would give it some thought.

Jay had a black Leather hobble skirt with a long rear zip which went in between her cheeks and down to her feet. A white latex blouse, her boots and a black Leather crop Jacket. This outfit made her feel better specially the boots, they gave Jay another six inches, also the skirt paid dividends, because everyone could see what she had on, as long as she had a barstool.

The bar - like a lot of bars - had mirrors along it’s entire length, whilst Jay sat there, she noticed she was being watched. A large woman in her late forties/early fifties with heaving breasts and a short practical haircut was sitting in one of the alcoves. She seemed dressed in a leather uniform and was on her own. Jay decided to up the stakes somewhat and after opening her bag pulled out a thin Leather tie which she had already knotted, so it was just a question of slipping it over her head and adjusting it to suit.

The tie seemed to stir the woman into action. She got up and made her way over to the bar. She was a couple of feet away, with an empty glass. Jay looked at her in the reflection of the mirror. She was right about the uniform. As far as she could make out the uniform was of a second world war German officer but without the tunic.

" A scotch on the rocks please." She said to flattop.

Flattop glanced at Jay with a slight hint of a smirk and walked off to fill the glass with whisky at the other end of the bar.

"Hi, I haven’t seen you around here before, My name’s Kate!"

"Hi I’m Jay, and I’ve been here a few times, but I just moved into the area a few weeks ago and I got bored, So I came down."

"Well I must admit it‘s pretty dead on a Monday night."

"Yeah I think I’ve found that out!"

Just then, Flattop came back with Kate’s drink.

"Would you like a top up?" Said Kate.

"An orange and lemonade please."

"So, where did you used to live?"

"Oh, I had a flat in London, but I had a friend who I was really close to who had to move because of her job, She had to relocate up north, so I moved here."

Flattop came back with Jay’s drink.


"What was your friends name?"

Karen, Karen O’Dowd, she was a social worker. They promoted her then told her she was over qualified to do the job she loved, and the only opening for someone with her qualifications was in Manchester. So it was a case of having to leave her job that she loved, or move to Manchester to take a post she had been manoeuvred into.

"She sounds fun! Do You still talk to each other?"

"Oh yeah, but we decided that because it would be permanent, we both would go our own way, so we sold up and she went to Manchester and I ended up here in Brighton!"

"I can think of worse places to be."

"Yeah like Manchester, My Stepfather came from there and I would’ve been reminded of him everywhere,"

"Oh, you’re not Janice Hurst are you?"

"Yeah that’s me."

"Oh dear god, your name was plastered all over the papers, Oh I’m so sorry for you, but I can tell you that you inspired many girls here, me included, You gave us a lot of strength. You are idolised here."

"Well if you can keep it quiet for a while, I’ve got to look for a job here in Brighton and I want to keep it simple for now!"

"Oh I understand, I won’t tell anyone until you OK it with me first."


"Would you like to come back home with me for a nightcap?"

"Yes I’d like that."

"OK, Let’s go!"

Jay followed Kate to the cloak room where Kate picked up a leather long coat. Jay picked up her Leather crop jacket.

The pair jumped into a taxi and drove out to a large house just outside Brighton. Kate paid for the taxi opened the door and let herself and Jay In.

"Wow this is some place! It’s great!"

"Yeah I, Well me and my late husband bought this over thirty years ago. He passed away over ten years ago and I’ve got kinkier and kinkier the older I got!"

"How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? You must know how old I am"

"I’ll be fifty one next week."

"So what’s your fetish then?"

"Well I love to be covered in Latex, bound and gagged and being forced to give oral to my Mistress. I’ve got loads of Latex and Leather. I love to be tortured, my tits, my nipples, my pussy and my arse. I like having weights hung on my pussy lips and being unable to remove them, It makes me wet just thinking about it!"

"How about you, what’s your fetish, what turns you on?"

"Well, I love to see a slave beneath me. Struggling in layers of Latex, gagged, helmeted and in bondage. But no rope I know nothing about rope and I don’t want to, all my bondage gear is heavy leather and thick Latex.
My Slave would be forced to satisfy my sexual needs and has to submit to my need to torture and control my slave."

Kate was beaming at Jay, Kate was making hot chocolate as she put Jay’s chocolate on a coaster Jay stood up and turned around, bending down to unzip her skirt, Kate dropped to her knees and kissed Jay’s skirt, around the cheeks of her arse. As Jay undid the zip almost to the top, Kate gave a little gasp as it became clear that Jay wore no underwear. As Kate pulled the skirt apart revealing her arse. Jay opened her legs to reveal more of her skin, she started bending to allow Kate better access. After a few minutes Kate had licked all of Jay’s buttocks and Jay turned around and gave Kate a wicked smile.

"I think you had better show me just what you’ve got!"

Jay pulled away from Kate and bent down, cupping Kate’s chin. Kate, still beaming, got off her knees and showed Jay her dungeon.

"You said you love being tortured, didn’t you?"

Kate nodded with a little smile.

Jay slapped Kate’s tits hard through Kate’s uniform.

"I just asked you a question slave!"

"Yes Mistress, I love having my tits tortured!"

"That’s better. An old slut like you should know how to respect her mistress!"

"Yes Mistress!"

"How big are your tits?"

"Forty two double D, Mistress!"

"Well strip! I want you in latex!"

Kate casually took off the uniform and a Leather chastity Belt with a large dildo and butt plug. It dawned on Jay that Kate was about as far removed from her mother as anyone could get.

"Go get gloves, stockings, helmets and a cat suit which leaves your tits open to abuse. A corset and boots, Oh and a ball gag! As much of that in Latex as you can manage, I’ll pick a suitable instrument of torture!"

Jay eyed the wall crammed with everything from Riding crops, to mono gloves, to whips, to nipple clamps! Kate had the bloody lot!

Kate came back with a pile of black Latex, which she dropped on the floor and waited for Jay to say something.

"Before we start, I have a question."

"OK, what is it?"

"Well, you have been in this house for thirty years, ten of which you have been on your own, You can’t not have had a Mistress in all that time?"

"No I have had Mistresses but they have moved on., the last Mistress I had left about four months ago. My problem is that not everyone thinks my body is beautiful. Some think that once you are past thirty you’re put out to pasture, and so they look for girls that are younger and younger and to be honest I thought that you were one of them. But now I know different and even if I never see you again after tonight I’ll know there’s someone out there for me!"

"Well let’s see how good you can be and get the Latex stockings and gloves on, "

Kate poured some oil onto her hands and rubbed it into her arms and legs. She pulled the stockings on, then the opera gloves. Jay looked through the collection of Cat suits which Kate had brought downstairs with her. Jay found what she was looking for and pulled it out of the pile. Kate saw the suit and smiled a little smile, she had a good idea what she might endure!

Stockings and gloves on, Kate looked up at Jay, who was trying to look stern. She had found her favourite weapon, namely a riding crop and waved it at the cat suit in question.

"Come along! I haven’t got all day!" Jay hissed. Kate hurriedly got into the cat suit and realised it was a rear loader, with the zip at the back. Kate eased, pulled and dragged the suit up her legs and over her cheeks teasing Jay, as she did the same with the sleeves.

"Mistress, could you do me up please?"

Jay who had perfected her frown had to smile. Her arms folded, hand tightly gripping the crop, stepped forward and zipped up the suit. Touching Kate’s neck with her left hand Kate bent over and Jay caressed her buttocks with the crop. She waited for a few seconds and let fly! Not too hard but enough to make Kate squeal!

"Don’t move! If I see you move then you’ll get it again!"

Jay selected a couple of Latex helmets and a gag. She walked back to Kate who was still bent over and rested her stomach on the top of Kate’s head.

She put her fingers through Kate’s hair and tried to train it ready for the helmet, pulling the open helmet over Kat’s head, smoothing it around Kate’s scalp. Next the gag was hung in front of Kate’s field of vision, she knew what to expect.

"Open!" Said Jay without ceremony. Kate opened her mouth and the Gag silenced her. The second helmet was pulled over Kate’s head, effectively trapping the gag and preventing removal. The second helmet had five zips, two for the mouth so that they could be padlocked shut, two over the eyes to close the world off for the wearer and the last down the back of the head.

Jay lifted Kate up so she was straight, a pair of mitts were slid over Kate’s hands rendering them useless.

Jay looked at the hood and said, "You want this don’t you?"

Kate, trying to smile nodded, her fate was in her own hands and she willingly submitted. Jay put Kate on a bar stool and fitted her boots. As she zipped them up she caressed Kate’s thighs, getting a moan from Kate. Jay took a leg stretcher and strapped it between Kate’s ankles. As she helped Kate slip off the bar stool she took Kate’s useless hands and clipped them to a spreader bar hanging from a winder which she found bolted to the wall. The hook finished above Kate’s head on the ceiling. When Kate was balanced, Jay started winding Kate’s hands above her head, her tits flopping out of the cat suit, the perfect targets for torture. As Kate was stretched to her fullest height Jay stopped winding. She zipped up Kate’s eyes blinding her, the red ball gag showing through the zips each side of her mouth.

"Let it begin!" Jay whispered. She put down the crop and picked up a light flogger. Starting with Kate’s heaving breasts, systematically whipping each one until it turned a light crimson round the nipples. Jay moved to Kate’s crutch undoing the crutch zip and flogging her crutch until she came! Jay had only just started. she clamped Kate’s Outer labia and clamped her nipples, chaining them together and putting weights on the chains. Jay walked around Kate stopping at her round buttocks. Jay just couldn’t resist and started flogging her on her buttocks!

Kate started hopping around although silent, Jay cupped her jaw, "Anything to say Slave?"

Kate just shook her head.

"You still want this do you?"

Kate nodded enthusiastically!

"OK then! You asked for it!"

And resumed flogging Kate’s buttocks.

"And if you come again without permission there’ll be trouble!"

Although Kate did her best to hide it she came again and again, not that Jay minded particularly, after all that was the whole point at the end of the day!

As Kate slumped through exhaustion, Jay unwound the overhead winch, letting Kate down slowly. As Kate’s knees touched the floor, she fell over like someone in a film, as it seemed like slow motion. Once on the floor Jay held her in her lap taking off her helmets and gag. As she studied Kate’s face, she realised Kate was dozing rather than unconscious, as she tried to release Kate from her bonds Kate woke and smiled.

"No! please leave me bound!"

"But why Kate?"

Jay was beside herself, she couldn’t understand why Kate would say such a thing. Jay sat there with Kate for over half an hour, stroking her hair whilst Kate looked inanely at the wall. Jay felt as if she had done something wrong, although she didn’t know what.

"Have I done something wrong Kate?"

Kate suddenly got up and looked straight at Jay.

"What! Don’t be daft! You come in here, give me the best session I’ve had in ten years and you think you’ve done something wrong. No Jay, you’ve done nothing wrong, you did everything absolutely right, you’re a caring, loving, warm human being who hasn’t come once tonight! No, not once! But I, the slave lost count of the times I came, You are a very special person Janice Hurst."

"Well I still have to find a job here!"

"Well I might have something in mind, what have you done in the past?"

"I was an accounts clerk for a firm of solicitors."

"That sounds good. Can you help me get out of the latex!"

Jay helped Kate out of her cat suit, gloves and stockings, "I’ll clean them up in the morning, I would feel honoured if you would stay here tonight and allow me to make up for the times I came while you watched."

"Sure! I wasn’t really looking forward to going back to my flat tonight anyway!"

"Good that’s settled then, upstairs then!"

The pair walked upstairs, Kate followed by Jay. As they walked into Kate’s bedroom Jay couldn’t believe what she saw. Everything was covered in Leather, the bed, the chairs the dresser, all covered in Leather! Jay took her Latex blouse and tie off and removed her boots and skirt. Kate had already got into bed and had pulled back the quilt for Jay. Jay crawled into bed in between the arms of Kate, they kissed for a while, until Kate decided to slide down the bed and give Jay payback for treating her to the time of her life…

* * * *

Jay opened her eyes to see where the smell of coffee was coming from. It had just been made by Kate who had brought it up on a tray with some toast.

"I’ve just made coffee, do you take milk and sugar?"

"Just milk please."

"You know I might just have an answer to your job search."

"Oh! Really! What’s the job?"

"Well My PA has just given in her notice last Friday, I haven’t even started looking for a replacement. When you said you were looking for a job, obviously it crossed my mind that I might offer it to you. I know that all this has been a bit sudden, but all the bits have just slipped together Like a zip in your favourite Cat suit! I get wet just thinking about it. In the same way I went down to the club for something to do and I meet the most fantastic girl I could possibly meet. Who not only is witty and intelligent but is caring and safe! And incredibly, she not only likes me but comes home with me and give me the best session I have ever had in my life and I find out she is actually my idol for making a stand against her abusers. So Janice Hurst I know it’s a bit sudden but neither of us know what’s coming round the corner do we?"

"No I suppose not!"

"Now, firstly would you like the job?"

"Well Yes, very much so."

"Well I’ll dig out an application form in a minute and if you fill it in I’ll arrange an interview for you."

"Well who would be interviewing me?"

"I would!"

"Oh, I see!"

"Perhaps I should explain where I work. I work for Macenzie’s, the Adult DVD company. They’re based here in Brighton!"

"Well that’ll make a change of scenery! An accounts clerk to a PA in a the sex industry!"

"I was hoping you would find it interesting."

Jay was lost in thought for a moment. Last night she had nothing except her new flat and now she had everything she could want and more! Jay and Kate hugged tightly.

"I think the one thing neither of us has dared to mention is if this going to continue. Well for my part all I can say is if you want it to!"

"Of course I do! I still can’t believe you are interested in an old hag like me!"

They both had tears in their eyes and hugged again!

"Lets just say I’m more than interested!"

Kate kissed Jay with passion and tenderness, almost like she was a china doll that might break if too much pressure was applied.

"I’ve got to get ready for work, stay there and have a lie in, I’ll leave you a key by the front door so that you can get back in if you want to go out."

"Thanks, I’ll go back to the flat to change, I can hardly walk about looking like Mad Max can I?"

"You can find some clothes that might fit in that cupboard they belonged to my daughter Debbie, they should fit you."

"You said belonged to?"

"Yes she died in a car accident in the late eighties, she was eighteen at the time."

"I’m sorry, what was she like?"

"I suppose a bit like you, She just had the same flare you have for life. It took me a long time to get over her loss, I’m fine now, but sometimes I still remember and have a little cry! Look I’ve really got to go and get ready, I’ll be back later, I’ll give you a kiss before I go! OK!"

Kate went to get ready for work, Jay sat up in bed drinking the coffee and eating the now cold toast. Kate came back after twenty minutes transformed in a smart business suit.

"I’ve got to rush, I’m late already, I’ll give you a ring if you’re in OK?"

"OK, have a good day!

Jay got up after a few minutes, lying in bed wasn’t really her thing. She picked up her clothes and put them in a plastic bag she found in the kitchen. She cleaned up after herself and washed up the breakfast things. Still nude she thought she should look for some clothes to wear, remembering what Kate had said about her daughter’s clothes. Also it gave Jay a chance to explore the home of her new found Slave/ lover/ boss and perhaps Mother that she never had. She scolded herself for such thoughts, Jay walked around exploring the house, she picked up the things used the night before in the dungeon and hung them up. Eventually Jay came across a room with a different feel from the rest, obviously a bedroom. The giveaway was the Bon Jovi poster over the single divan bed.

"I was just curious." She said out loud, as if someone she could not see was there to listen.

Jay went back to the Main bedroom, where she found a pair of jeans which fitted her really well, a T shirt with Island Helicopters, New York City printed on it, some socks and some ankle boots, she grabbed her Jacket and bag and went downstairs checking everything was tidy. She found the front door key and put it in her bag then let herself out.

About an hour later she got back to the house and let herself in, above all else she didn’t want Kate to think she had run off after a one night stand! Jay made herself another coffee and looked for something to read, Kate had a collection of Lesbian books which she had never seen. As she read the phone rang, It was Kate, "I thought for one horrible moment you had gone for ever!"

"No I wouldn’t put you through that, what time do you think you’ll be back?"

"Well I’m done here I might as well come home now."

"OK, well what do you want to eat? I’ll go down the shops and get something."

"Well if you wait ten minutes I’ll get home and we’ll go together!"

"OK, I’ll make some coffee then!"

"OK! Bye!"

After they had eaten, Jay gathered up the plates to wash up.

"Oh leave that Jay come and sit,"

Jay sat down next to Kate and their hands clasped each other.

"Now I have thought about this all morning, so you say you have a flat here?"

"Yes It’s about twenty minutes away!"

"And you have just moved in?"

"Yes, that’s right!"

"Well I would love it if you would consider moving in with me!"

"I, I, don’t know what to say!"

"A yes, I’d love to, would make me feel whole again for the first time in years!"

"Er Yes I’d love to!"

Kate burst into tears and grabbed Jay.

"I so wanted you to say yes and I got so nervous because I have been on my own for so long!"

"What! Why do want to share your space with a complete stranger?"

"When I saw you last night, call it women’s intuition I knew you were very special, sitting there on your own, sipping your drink. I could see your face in the mirror and you were beautiful, very beautiful and the doubts came. Should I, shouldn’t I. In the end I thought that if I was going to be humiliated I might as well be humiliated in an empty bar rather than a full one! So I walked over, I thought to be the butt of your jokes, but I wasn’t. You are an intelligent witty young woman who has proven to me to be caring, thoughtful and to have an evil way with a whip! Don’t think of this house as mine, think of me as your fucktoy, your servant, your slave".

Jay was going to say something, but Kate waved her to silence.

"Please allow me to say what I’ve been wanting to say since I first saw you last night. I have wanted this for years but no one has come close to caressing my heart like you! If I could I would be a slave twenty four seven, but we all have to work!"

Kate, still in her business suit got on her hands and knees in front of Jay.

"God I don’t even know what you like to be called?"

"Well I must admit I’m not keen on Janice, Jan’s too girlie, so I have always liked Jay, Mistress Jay."

Jay got herself close to Kate pressing Kate’s chin into her stomach, Kate looked up at Jay beaming again.

"Well firstly I have a few rules I would like to explain to you slave! First rule is when we play we play. Which unless you’re serious about twenty four seven will make our sessions special, So we live together as normally as lesbians can. Secondly I would like you to spend some time writing down your fantasies, So I get a good idea of what you want me to do to you. It sounds to me like you are not big on humiliation, unless you want to be humiliated of course! I’ll work towards the twenty four seven thing. It’s not something I have done so I want to do some research on it. Before we start on this you have to understand that A Mistress is only as good as the slave’s imagination as the Mistress has to interpret their fantasies. So go and change into something unless you want to stay in your suit, I’m taking you out to dinner tonight to thank you for the last twenty four hours!"

"Thank you, Mistress, if I may I have a suggestion that might take the night one stage further. I am a member of an exclusive club in Brighton which deals with BDSM, Latex, Leather and Bondage. They have an excellent restaurant and you could eat your meal whilst I in my latex, bound and gagged am forced to watch in silence!"

"But the whole idea was to repay your kindness by treating you to a meal!"

"Thank you Mistress I realise your motives were only to show your lowly slave a good meal. But think what it would mean to me for you to do this for me!"

"I understand now slave, It should be dark in a few hours, If you could arrange it and drive me to my flat to pick up a couple of suitcases, I should have all I require for tonight!"

The couple were picked up by the club’s own car, which was an old stretched Mercedes with the rear glass darkened. The club was out of town and as Kate had said very exclusive. Mistress Jay had gone to town somewhat and as she slid out of the car her six inch heels glistened in the subdued light, She had a similar skirt to last night but this was Latex, as was her white latex blouse and tie. In her right hand she held a leash which was attached to the collar of Slave K! In her left hand she had a riding crop, her weapon of choice.

Slave K was dressed in her Latex Catsuit, the two helmets that grabbed her so tightly and a pump up gag in between them. Her arms were held by a Latex mono glove. Slave K also had six inch boots on, but hers were padlocked on the side. For all intents and purposes they might as well have been ballet shoes. Mistress Jay very carefully guided Slave K over the ground, although she could see Mistress started to wonder about the insistence of Slave K to be allowed to wear them.

They got into the club and signed in, Mistress Jay had the card as Slave K had told them over the phone that she would be unable to say or sign anything. Mistress had made a few alterations to Slave K as well. Like a remote pocket rocket in the front and a vibrating butt plug in the back, Just to liven things up later!

They made their way to the restaurant and were shown to a table. Mistress led the way with Slave K following behind directed by the leash. As Mistress sat down slave stood hovering over the seat, Mistress didn’t immediately tell her to sit. After a while Mistress looked at Slave K.

"What are you doing?"


"Yes I thought you were, bend over the table. NOW Slave!"

As Slave K bent over, Mistress Jay slid over the end of the seat and smacked Slave K squarely on the rump!

"I will be contacting the ‘locked in steel’ website with your measurements and you should find yourself in a Stainless Steel chastity belt for the foreseeable future which should calm you down, frigging yourself off like a slut! Now sit down, opposite me!"

Slave K slid over to the other side, obviously taking in what had just been said!

As Mistress was looking at the menu a waiter came over to take her order.

"I’ll have the fish with a salad, Oh and some peas, please."

The waiter looked at Mistress.

"Would you like some wine, Mistress?"

"Oh I’m not very good with wine, could you suggest something?"

I believe the Cabernet Sauvignon is quite good, Mistress, but If I might, a favourite wine might be a very expensive Pinot noir or a very inexpensive Merlot. Ultimately it depends not on what you are advised to drink but what you personally find pleasing to your palette."

"Well I am someone that appreciates good advice, so could I have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon please. As I’m not used to drinking alcohol I don’t think it’s advisable tasting many bottles of wine just to find out what I like!"

"Most prudent of you Mistress, would your Slave be eating tonight?"

"No she’s a true masochist, she chose her own gag, and anyway she could do with losing a few pounds!"

"I quite agree with you Mistress, might I suggest a trip downstairs to our dungeon for a good workout Mistress!"

"What a wonderful idea! I’ll have to take you up on that!"

"I try to please Mistress!"

The waiter went off and Mistress Jay disappeared for a couple of minutes. When she came back she rested the crop on Slave K’s breast. Raising it slightly, allowed it to fall on Slave K’s nipple . Slave K grunted, Mistress Jay caressed her breasts and brought the crop down on her breasts again!


"I’m sorry did you say something?"


"Good! After all this was your idea wasn’t it!"


"Perhaps we’ll drop by the fish and chip shop on the way home!"


Mistress dropped the crop on Slave K’s breast again!


"Well shut up slave! No ones is interested in what a Slave has got to say including me!"


"I should think so too!"

Mistress trying hard not to smile pulled out a familiar remote control and pressed some buttons.


"When I fit you with your new chastity belt there will be none of this! The only way you will ever come is when I have come ten times! Hhhmmmm Perhaps I should make it twenty!"


"I’m going to invest in some new blow up gags tomorrow, you’re obviously far too vocal for your own good!"


As Mistress grabbed the bulb and pumped a few times increasing the pressure on K’s Jaw.

The waiter came to swap Mistresses knife with a fish knife, Mistress thanked him. As Slave fidgeted again Mistress looked at the waiter.

"Tell me what would you do with such an unruly slave?"

The waiter stopped put his hand to his chin and said. "Personally for such an unruly slave I would book her in to our Slave Piercing service! Even if she had never seen a piercing before she would come back a much quieter
and well behaved slave!"

"What a fantastic idea! I shall attend to that as soon as I’m able!"

"Well I would be able to arrange it for you Mistress!"

"Well if you could, I have to take this Slave to task, she needs training and this will kick it off nicely!"

"I’ll organise it for you Mistress!"

"Thank you, Do you have a Name?"

"I do Mistress, it’s Greaves Mistress!"

"Well Thank you Greaves!"

"Thank you Mistress!"

"Mistress Jay." Jay offered.

"Thank you Mistress Jay!"

A few minutes Later Greaves brought Mistress her Fish and Salad.

"I’ll just bring you your wine Mistress Jay."

"Thank you Greaves!"

Greaves came back with a glass and a bottle.

"There we are Mistress, a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. If I might explain myself further, I find that Fish either needs a particularly insipid white wine or a fantastic Red, and in my humble opinion, This wine will wash your palette and invigorate the meal, complementing the fish. I have steered you towards a French wine with a classic fresh, ripe fruity blackberry taste, enjoy!"

"Thank you Greaves!"

"My pleasure Mistress Jay, Oh and the piercing, any time you finish your meal Mistress!"

"Oh Thanks again Greaves!"

"Enjoy your Meal Mistress!"

And with that he disappeared.

As Mistress Jay Was enjoying her meal she remembered she had turned on Slaves vibrators so turned them off!

"Oh were you enjoying that?"


"Well , Let me explain something to you Slave. I will be buying some inserts which are going to be implanted into your more sensitive parts. After you have had them pierced you won’t need a bullet or butt plug to turn you on, but I shall have the controller and I shall keep a close eye on it!"

As Mistress got closer to slave she almost whispered, "I hope this is what you have wanted, If you don’t want this now is the time to say, If you shake your head I’ll cancel it, if you nod your head I’ll do it! "

Mistress lent back and sipped her wine, slave nodded and slumped back

"Thanks, I would feel awful if you thought I had gone too far."

Slave shook her head.

"Well I’ve finished my food and my wine and it was fantastic, so lets find out where we’re meant to go!"

Mistress got up and Greaves came to the table.

"Please follow me Mistress and I’ll show you to the surgery."

Mistress gathered up slaves leash and eased her out of the seat. As they walked down to the surgery Slave K was looking at what was going on in the rooms they were going past. Mistress stopped and pulled a latex blind fold out of her bag. She pulled it over slaves eyes and continued along the corridor. Greaves stopped outside some doors and opened them for Mistress.

"Thanks for all your help Greaves!"

"My Pleasure Mistress Jay."

In the surgery were three women, two in white Latex uniforms, and one in a Latex doctors lab coat.

"Hello My dear, I’m Dr Dench!"

"Hello, I’m Mistress Jay!"

The pair shook hands.

"And these are my nurses Annabel and Natalia." The pair nodded in unison.

"And is this Slave K?"

Slave K stood looking at the floor, only listening to what was happening, knowing that the reason everyone was here was her.

"Yes It is, My slave!"

"And you want a full piercing, that’s breasts, a vertical clitoral hood, and Inner and outer labia."

"If you could put two in the inner and four in the outer that would be like mine, Dr."

"Not a problem Mistress Jay, would you like to have Greaves show you round the club or would you rather watch?"

"I think I would rather watch, if only to keep her in check, I haven’t really started her training, By the way have you got any of those Internal stimulators I’ve been hearing about?"

"Why yes, we have just got ten sets this morning, four of which are already spoken for!"

"Could you install a full set tonight?"

"Yes, we could, the piercing shouldn’t interfere with the stimulators, but she might be a bit tender for a few days!"

"From what I know of her she will probably enjoy it! Oh by the way, how much is the full set and the piercing?"

"Oh that and the piercing will be about twelve hundred Pounds!"

"Oh good I’ll pay by card if that’s OK!"

"That’ll be fine Mistress Jay."

Several hours later, Mistress Jay left with Slave K and were driven home in the same car they had arrived in. Slave K was very sore. Mistress opened the door and helped Kate in, having already taken off the mono glove so they could operate on everything.

"Perhaps it would have been wiser to wear something not quite so tight Kate!"

"I know Mistress, but I wouldn’t have passed up the chance to pierce me like that!"

"What do you mean Kate?"

"Because you wanted it Mistress!"

"I wanted it because I thought that you wanted it!"

"Oh I did Mistress, I did and now I’ve got these implants as well!"

"Well that was my idea!"

"Well I’ll have to wait to find out what they do! Fuck I’ve got a sore arse!"

"Are you going to be OK for work tomorrow?"

"Oh god! I didn’t think of that!"

"Well if I think you are not well enough you are not going to work tomorrow, You can say you had a dodgy takeaway and you think you have food poisoning or something."

"If that’s what you want Mistress."

"That’s what I want! I think you need someone to take care of you really!"

Mistress carefully stripped off the latex from Kate, they wouldn’t let slave keep the butt plug or the pocket rocket in whilst they fitted the bits!

"Do you want me to sleep with you tonight? You must be very sore?"

"I never want to be without you ever again Mistress I am only honoured by your presence."

"OK, but wake me if anything goes wrong or you feel worse."

The pair used the bathroom and Jay washed Kate all over. She had spent several hours in Latex which tends to make for a sweaty slave.

"OK Mistress, good night my Mistress."

"Good night Kate."

The following morning Kate didn’t go to work, she phoned in and said she thought to have food poisoning and they advised her not to come back until after the weekend. Jay sat on the edge of the bed, feeding Kate. Jay felt bad because she had done these things to Kate, although she had asked Kate throughout if she indeed wanted it! Jay fed Kate little bits of toast with Pate and soft cheese as she lay flat on her back, her new piercings on show!

"I have a confession to make Mistress."

"Oh what’s that Kate?"

"I love you Mistress!"

"You think I don’t know that Kate? You think I haven’t loved you since the first time I saw you Kate?"

"Oh Mistress, you have made me one happy slut, I don’t deserve the care you bestow upon me Mistress."

"The care I bestow upon you is because I love you so!"

Jay bent down and kissed Kate slowly and passionately on the lips. Kate hugged her with all her might, vowing never to let her go.

By the weekend Kate was feeling much better. The piercings were healing well, as were the internal stimulators. The day they stopped aching was the day Kate wanted to know what they felt like! Jay flatly refused to try them until Kate was healed. Kate had her fifty first birthday on Sunday, they spent the morning in bed, pleasuring each other and Jay finally got to take Kate out to a candle lit dinner.

Jay measured Kate for her chastity belt and a corset, she ordered them over the net. Kate went back to work on Monday, she felt a whole lot better, and she took Jay’s application in with her. Jay was surprised when Kate told her that she had an interview the next day!

Kate drove Jay to within two hundred yards of the company, she walked the rest whilst Kate prepared for the interview. Jay was shown into Kate’s office and once they were alone Jay sat on Kate’s lap and kissed. Kate made the pair of them a coffee and showed Jay around, introducing Jay to her work colleagues.

Jay started as Kate’s PA, the perfect place to oversee Kate and, if necessary, add a touch of humiliation to Kate’s workday. Jay wasn’t keen on humiliating Kate, she loved her far too much for that but Kate kept pressing her to put her in her place. So Jay bought Kate a stainless steel neck ring, telling Kate it would be similar to her Chastity belt. It could be mistaken for Jewellery, except for the small padlock which hung from the centre. Kate could cover it up when someone came in to see her, but Jay forbid Kate to cover it up!

At other times the internal stimulators came into their own. Because they were remotely controlled Kate could be talking to someone in the office and they all fire up at the same time! Kate starts squirming in her work suit and charges off, making for her office to beg Jay to turn it off!

Because there were only ten people working for the company they all knew what was going on! Jay kept the humiliation discreet, she didn’t ever use it to make Kate look small or to belittle her, it would never have crossed Jay’s mind. It would be bad enough trying to keep it a secret, but no one minded, in fact they noticed that Kate hadn’t been this happy ever and that Jay had an awful lot to do with it. Kate’s happiness meant more to them than Kate could ever have known, considering Kate was, and had always listened to their problems and had always given them good advice. It was as if Kate was like a older sister/ Mother figure for them all, and the only person that she could not help was herself. So It pleased them all that for the first time ever she was in a relationship which made her so very happy!

Slowly it came out that Jay was Janice Hurst and she found she had the one thing that she could never have foreseen, Respect! Her story was well known to the staff and as Kate had said, she had been an inspiration to all.

Six weeks after they had first met the chastity belt arrived from ‘locked in Steel’ and it fitted Kate perfectly. Once in, Kate couldn’t touch herself and it soon became clear her days of masturbating were well and truly over. She fell deeper and deeper under Mistress Jay’s regulations. Jay sometimes took to taunting her about the fact, subtly adding to her humiliation. Kate also was made to wear Latex and to be locked in bondage every night and all weekend.

"What’s the matter, Slave miss her dummy?"

"It’s not fair!"

"Says who? The person that craved to be in bondage twenty four seven!"

"No." Kate said in a small voice.

Jay sat down next to her and cupped her hand. "Tell me what the problem is Kate?"

"Well it’s not really a problem, i’m just feeling down I suppose."

"Are you not dressed appropriately as you have always craved? Well this might cheer you up Wifey! "

Kate looked at Jay quizzically. "I have two invites to a bondage party in London."

"Are we invited then ?"

"Yes, it’s at the end of next month… Oh and do you want me to use the magic keys?"

Dangling the keys from around her neck.

"Oh yes Mistress, Please!"

"Well before I let you out you can roll over and put your hands behind your back, because I didn’t realise what a dirty slut you were!"

"Oh, anything Mistress, Please!"

Kate rolled over and put her hands behind her back. Jay hand cuffed her and smacked her arse hard!

"Ow! Please show this slut mercy Mistress!"

Kate rolled her bulk around so that Jay could unlock the chastity belt and release her. As it unlocked Jay carefully removed it, watching that the hinges and locking parts cleared Kate.

After cleaning Kate Jay put on some rubber gloves and liberally covered them in silicon gel whilst holding Kate down with her elbows. Jay started playing with Kate’s clit and anus, carefully and calculatingly teasing Kate with both hands and fingers, eventually pushing a finger into both vagina and anus. Jay built up the pressure, slowly adding fingers until both Kate’s vagina and anus were going to take both hands at the same time!

"Nnnooooo!" Hissed Kate in a low guttural tone.

Jay pushed both hand at the same time and both hands slid in. Kate writhing under Jay was close, very close. Jay started pumping her right hand, the one in Kate’s vagina and Kate thrashed about, having an explosive orgasm!

After Kate finished thrashing about she came to rest, looking dishevelled but happy!

"Feel any better?" Jay smirked.

"Oh yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress, much better, but I’ve got to make you come about forty times before I have another one!"

"To tell you the truth I’ve never counted and I wouldn’t stop making you cum because of something like that! By the way, I have installed the software for the stimulators. It’s all set up ready to go and you’re in the perfect position to try them! You just need a little something."

Jay went to get something from the next room and as she walked back she held it behind her back until she was over Kate. It was a blow up gag and a Latex blindfold. Jay supported Kate’s jaw and pulled it open whilst popping the gag home! She strapped the gag around Kate’s head. She left her for a moment. When Jay walked into the room, she had a small remote control. She pumped Kate’s gag a few times and turned the remote on and put it down behind Kate.

"It’s all you’ve ever wanted lover!" Jay kissed Kate on her helmeted head and pulled the blindfold over Kate’s eyes and disappeared out the room.

Kate’s nipples, clit and anus were intensely vibrating, Kate wanted to see Jay but she had gone, Kate rolled onto her side as the intensity increased, she could feel herself building up to a fantastic climax and just before she was about to come, everything stopped!

Kate had to get her breath back. the intensity was that powerful, but then, like an express train, it started again!


Again the intensity increased and built up as before and Kate could feel herself coming, and then nothing!

This went on for several hours until Jay came back into the room. Kate was openly crying her eyes out as the frustration kicked in! Jay caressed her Latex covered head as it started again!

"Now Kate, by now you would have realised just how devilish these thing are! Now I’ll let you suffer for a couple more hours, but you wanted this twenty four seven, didn’t you?"

Kate shook her head like a mad thing!

"Oh I remember you saying twenty four seven, I haven’t got it wrong have I?"

Jay pulled the blindfold up so she could look into Kate’s eyes, Kate looked at Jay pleadingly.

Jay got down to Kate’s Latex covered ear.

"If you like you can have this at home, at work, while you eat and while you sleep! That’s twenty four seven isn’t it?"

Kate almost came but Jays computer was working to optimise the effects, in a few hours it would be perfect!

"Now let me explain what’s happening to you now! My computer is optimising the stimulation, both for intensity and for pull out. The computer needs four hours to completely optimise, then the results are sent online to a library so you have no control over it. You can’t get into the software without the password and if you destroy the computer it switches to Tazer mode and shocks your tits, your pussy and your arse with up to fifty thousand volts every couple of minutes, so that is out of the question, isn’t it!"

Kate heaving in her Latex almost came again.

"I love you so much and I just want to give you exactly what you want, the ultimate twenty four seven bondage! It’s the thing you have always craved!"

After a couple more hours of the treatment Jay came back and helped Kate up so she could give Kate some water. Jay lifted the blindfold and smiled at Kate! Instead of removing the gag Jay fed the water through a tube in the gag. Jay picked up the remote control and turned the stimulators off. Kate slumped on the bed, her tits hanging out of the Latex cat suit.

"Come on Slave, you are going to the dungeon to prepare!"


"No, it’s a secret!"

"Here give me your hands, I’ve brought these Mittens for you to put on."

Jay slipped the mittens over Kate’s latex gloves, locking them round Kate’s wrists.

"There that wasn’t so bad was it!"

Kate shook her head, as they made their way down the stairs. Jay was very watchful of Kate, after all six inch heels aren’t the best thing to walk down stairs in.

Once in the dungeon Jay tied Kate’s mittens to the winch and wound it so Kate was taught but comfortable.

"OK, I think I‘ll put your new corset on you, you forgot about this didn’t you?"


Jay offered the corset around Kate, it clipped on and as Jay pulled on the laces it slowly tightened around Kate’s middle. The tighter Jay pulled the better Kate looked. Jay ended up using her knee in Kate’s back to tighten the corset, she stood back to admire Kate’s waist.

"Oh Kate, this looks wonderful, you look so sexy!"


Jay tied the laces off and stood back to look.

"Wow you look fantastic, I think you’ll love this!"


"Now I’m going to fit you with a posture collar, it won’t hurt, but it’ll keep your head from moving around too much."


Jay fastened the posture collar round Kate’s neck.

"That looks great! All this might take some time but I’ve read all your notes on you favourite things and, well, you’ll see!"

"OK I just have to put a leg stretcher around your ankles!"

Jay picked a leg stretcher off the wall and fastened it around Kate’s ankles, opening her legs a little more than she wanted.

"Now can you move at all?"

Kate barely moved her head side to side.

"That’s good! Now I have to fit these."

Jay bent down and unzipped Kate’s crutch zip and while reading the instructions fitted Kate with a catheter. For good measure she added a couple of clit clamps and weighted them down.


"That’s called a catheter Kate, so I can collect your piss!"

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmpphh!"

Jay attached a Latex bag to the open end of the catheter to catch Kate’s piss, adding more clamps to Kate’s outer labia to hold the bag.

"Well you said you wanted to drink my piss and you will my love. I have it in the fridge cooling for you. All this is for is to collect your piss, which is really my piss and feed it back to you!"


"I can’t think of a better liquid diet, you should lose a few pounds like this!"


Jay attached a tube to the bag between Kate’s legs, at the other end was a small pump and more tubing which went to a collector bag which Jay clipped into place above Kate’s head. From the collector bag there was more tubing which Jay pushed into the airway of Kate’s gag!

"There! I’ll fill the collector bag with my piss," She disappeared for a minute or two and reappeared holding a plastic two litre drink bottle with a yellow liquid in it. Jay opened the bottle and stepping on a chair poured the liquid into the collector bag .

"Ready slave?"



There was a valve barely a foot away from Kate’s gag. Jay was smiling at Kate. She turned on the valve and Kate’s mouth filled with piss, Jay’s piss, her Mistresses piss. Kate swallowed it down, as Jay turned off the valve.

"Oh it’s too late for you to argue, you said you like to be shocked and surprised! Well you have been!"


"Now you keep it quiet or I’ll start the stimulators !"


"You wrote not to give you an inch, didn’t you? So I won’t, I haven’t done anything to you unless it was written down in your fantasies! Well the Catheter might have been a bit of a surprise but think of it as a means to an end!"

"Ooaaaaaa! Mmmmm!"

Jay caressed Kate’s bottom with her hand then kneeling behind Kate, opened her crutch zip so she could gain access to Kate’s butt!

"That’s better! Right, this might hurt a weenie bit but it won’t last long, honest! You know I wouldn’t hurt you! Unless of course you want to be hurt!"

Jay prepared a blow up butt plug with lube and worked it past Kate’s sphincter! Then she started pumping! The tube hanging out had a tap on it which when connected to the enema bag would allow the water into slave, but once the water had done it’s job wouldn’t release it until either Kate managed to expel the butt plug or Mistress turned the tap on again.


"There that should seal you tight, I’ll just attach this enema bag and it’ll flush you out, It’s a big bag, there’s got to be close to a gallon of warm, soapy water in there! You remember you wrote you wanted to try an enema and have to hold it! I have taken your advice and I’ll whip you once for every drop I see on the floor! Just as you wrote down !"

"Now just let me blindfold you so you can concentrate completely on what’s being done to you rather than looking at me!"

"Now you remember Julie from the office at work. We started talking and it turns out she’s a submissive lesbian too! Now you wrote you wanted to be bound watching your Mistress breaking in another slut! Well, I’ve sorted that for you!"

"She loves Latex and BDSM and I’ll break her in and you can watch, because I’ll run a camera from the bedroom and put a telly in front of you so you can watch, and if you are particularly good I’ll bring her down here and you can both suffer in silence!"

"Now all there is to do is to start the stimulators and you are good for the next month. I told Mackenzie’s I was taking you on a surprise holiday and it’ll last a month, so you won’t be missed, It’s all been for you my love, let me turn on the enema bag and hit the button, enjoy Slave!"



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