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The Suit

by HK

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© Copyright 2014 - HK - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; encase; inflate; helium; float; stuck; cons; X

This story was written by HK but I am submitting in his honour. He also gave me permission to continue it in the future. DrInflator

She walked up to her house and put the key in the lock, this was hard to do, and she was shaking slightly so she couldn't get the key into the lock. 'Pull yourself together' she thought. She composed herself and put the key in. She turned it and the door swung open and she stepped in, picked up the mail and put it on the stairs. She walked up the stairs to her room, the package she had bought under one arm. She opened the door to her room, walked over to the bed and pushed the balloons that were on there onto the floor.

She sighed and placed the package on the bed, she carefully un-wrapped the brown paper from around the box and flipped open the lid. Inside the box what looked like a black uninflated balloon, carefully she pulled it out and laid it out on the bed, unfolding it carefully. What looked like a balloon before was now taking shape, it was a perfectly made latex suit. She smiled slightly as she unfolded it. She looked in the box again and took out a small compressor that lay in there as well.

She looked at the suit. "I wonder how big it'll get?" she thought out loud.

She plugged the compressor into the wall and onto the suit. "I'll just try it out first before I..." she shivers, "try it myself"

She lets the compressor run till the suit was just about to the size of her own body. She grinned as she looked down on the black latex 'body' on the bed, and she stopped the compressor. "You need to deflate that ego of yours" she said out loud.

She took off the compressor hose and the air started to leak out slowly. "This is no good" she thought and just lowered herself onto the suit and started to squeeze the air out. She grinned as she did and she bounced slightly making it hiss louder and quieter. Soon the suit was back to its normal size again, and she was slightly sweaty from bouncing, it had excited her to do that, all she could think of now was how she would feel inside it and how she could bounce about!

She started to undress, her top came off first revealing her pert C cup breasts under a white bra. She reached around her waist and undid the button for her skirt and that dropped to the floor, she stepped out of it and looked in the full length mirror at herself. She looked at reached around her back to undo her bra. "Why do they make this so difficult" she stamped her foot as she said it. The bra finally came off and she lowered her panties to the ground.

She looked in the mirror again with her hands behind her back. She sighed and turned to look at the suit. She pulled it up off the bed and stepped into it, pulling it over her legs first and putting her arms into it next, she grabbed the ribbon that was on the zip and pulled the zipper all the way up. "Woo! This is rather tight already" she said out loud, lost for a second in looking at herself in the mirror. She looked at the compressor, then looked to the tank of helium in the corner that had been left there from the party earlier in the week. "Well it hasn't got to be taken back till tomorrow" she said to herself.

She took the hose off the compressor and attached it to the tank of helium, she then attached it to her latex suit and took another look in the mirror to see a hose trailing from her belly button. She turned on the gas slightly and looked in the mirror, she couldn't see anything happening at first but the suit was feeling a little tighter. She turned up the gas another notch, she could now see herself expanding ever so slowly, her breasts becoming fuller, her belly slightly larger, and her hips widening, her legs were inflating slightly and her arms were starting to feel a little tight. She laughed as she saw what was happening.

She looked at the gas bottle and turned it up two more notches and she started to inflate faster. She saw her breasts had grown a whole four cup sizes now, and her legs were starting to be pushed apart, her arms were rising, and she looked about three months pregnant. She waddled over to the bed, it was starting to get hard to walk, and she flopped backward onto the bed and bounced slightly. She looked down to see her breasts growing and her arms were now unable to move at all, she felt her legs being pushed apart and they were now at about a 20 degree angle from each other.

She suddenly panicked, how was she going to stop the helium if she could not move? The compressor had a fail-safe that stopped it at a certain pressure but this, this helium tank was designed to inflate balloons! She looked down again to see she a huge tummy poking up like a mountain from the bed, and two large inflated balls where her breasts should be, her arms were now well at 12 inches around and her legs, she couldn't see her legs. She just revelled in the pressure, not wanting it to stop but somehow she did, she didn't want to get this big, all she wanted was to look a little large, more voluptuous.

She suddenly felt a weird sensation, like she was being lifted up, she looked down to see her legs rising off the bed. This made her panic even more and thrash her arms, this knocked her bedside lamp over onto the tank of helium and knocked the gas up two more notches. She inflated faster, the suit now comical in proportions she started to lift off the bed, and as more gas entered the suit she rose higher. The hose was now the only thing stopping her from rising to the ceiling, suddenly the gas stopped and the hose fell from the suit.

"Help!!! HELP!!" she cried but no-one was there.

She rose to the ceiling and bounced slightly off it, just as her boyfriend entered the room...

To be continued.


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