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The Suit

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; solo-f; latex; suit; encase; glue; shrink; stuck; nipple; leather; outdoors; bond; cuffs; collar; gag; toys; insert; tease; denial; climax; cons/reluct; X

Sue had been into latex and bondage as long as she could remember, over her 26 years she had amassed a large collection of latex and bondage gear. Sue had been in multiple movies and it seemed that everyone loved her jet black hair, large supple lips that she almost always covered with dark red lipstick, her emerald green eyes seemed to jump out at her audience. Off screen she always wore tight latex under an even tighter corset, Sue always tried to wear a corset in her acting roles and everyone expected her to have a small waist when they saw her in person.

During her first movie her character had worn latex during the entire movie and Sue felt like that gave her the opportunity to wear it in public and it became her trademark look. Sue could now wear latex openly and even when she wore 'normal' clothes she had latex on under then. Sue had a large piece of property with a small house she designed and had built and spent all of her time there when she wasn’t working or promoting a new movie. Sue had met John, on her last movie set that made rubber appliances for the costume department and had fitted her with several prop body parts during the shoot. He had made a full body cast of her and even let her wear her tightest corset while the cast set. He had told her that he worked for a company that made customer rubber wear for other fetishists and if she ever wanted anything special let him know.

Sue had already purchased several items from the company and wore the outfits constantly loving the way each item fit her perfectly and compressed her body evenly all over. All the latex she had from them was made much thicker than normal latex clothes and seemed to be much more durable than her other latex items and resisted tearing and scuffing. Sue had been talking to John about wanting an even tougher rubber and John had told her of a new product that was being tested. Sue had already ordered two complete body suits that would cover her entire body leaving just her face open on one and covering her face on the other before he told her of the new rubber.

The new suits were triple the thickness of her normal suits and Sue was very interested in the new rubber John had told her about. He said that it was the thickness of denim but the strength of Kevlar. The current problem was the rubber had to be applied during its drying process, once it was applied it took several days to cure completely and sometimes it could shrink as much as 20 to 30 percent.

The techs were still working on fine tuning the mixture to speed up the process and control the shrinkage. Sue had to try it she knew that once it was on her body she could handle the shrinkage and the tension from it would be amazing and the suit that would be created would be incredible. John said ok as long as she understood it was a test suit, she agreed and he showed her his newest creation, another full body suit but this one was made of the new material and he had shaped the outside to look exactly like her nude body.

It started at her neck and flowed down to her large bare breasts with perfect rubber replicas of her areola’s and pert nipples, the waist tapered dramatically below the breasts to a tiny waist. Then the black rubber flowed literally into her pussy and ass lining both on the inside and making it appear her pussy was made from the thick rubber. The legs on the suit looked to be much smaller than the rest of the body and went down to the high heeled ballet shoes that were cast into the feet.

Sue was drooling over the suit and had to try it on, she owned several pairs of en pointe boots and shoes had worn them as often as she could, John explained that the suit would have to be glued closed then heated several times over the next three days before he would cut her out and take it back and install the entry zipper and its cover. Sue was now dripping between her legs as John explained how the suit would form itself to her body and once it was completely set it would fit her perfectly, she asked about her corset and he told her that was unnecessary, the suit would pull her waist down at least as far as her corset would if not further.

John explained that once the suit had set it would become flexible like normal rubber as Sue felt the stiff material and had given him a questioning look, the only parts would remain firmer than the rest would be her torso and neck, both had been treated differently and were made slightly thicker so the corset would hold its shape and the neck would hold her head firmly.

She agreed to do the setting now and John handed her a bottle of what she thought was lube, after rubbing it on her body she began forcing her legs deep into the suit. John helped massage her feet into the toe shoes as she grunted pulling the stiff material up her legs and worked the rubber deep into her pussy and ass smoothing it and shaping it to fit her outer lips perfectly. John had to help Sue get the material over her firm ass and when they reached her breasts she had to stuff them into the preformed cups, all the while John had been trying to hurry her up as he kept pulling the suit up her body and wrapped the tall collar around her neck.

The opening in the back of the suit was spread wide open leaving her lower back up to her shoulder blades open. John and Sue both knew from past efforts she would have to be wrapped in leather belts and they would need to be pulled tight to be able to close and glue the suit shut. Working from above her ass he quickly had her torso covered in leather straps as she panted against the tight belts he proceeded higher up her body until the opening had been glued closed and the tight belts had her torso and chest compressed severely. Sue was gasping and fighting for air as John talked to her and forced her to wait for the glue to dry before he could release her.

For the next hour Sue struggled with the strict compression before she felt the belts beginning to be released. As John loosened the belts he inspected the seam having to make adjustments as he released the straps, another hour passed before Sue could breathe normally again and was looking at her solid black form in the mirror, her hands going to her rubber encased pussy and making every touch feel like electricity shooting through her highly aroused pussy. John had set up some heat lamps and told her how to use them as he made her stand in the middle of them and turned them on.

Sue could feel the intense heat all over her body and as her skin tingled she could feel the rubber pull tighter onto her body. After 20 minutes Sue was gasping again as her torso felt like it was being crushed and her legs felt like they were being squeezed by a vise. Sue was still gasping for air as the heat lamps clicked off and she stumbled out of the rack. John helped her stand as she gasped, "Can’t breathe" he told her to try and breathe normally as she struggled against him tugging at the suit wanting it off. "It will stretch!" John yelled as she was groping with her rubber covered hands for a way to open the suit that was crushing her body.

John lay her down and held her hands waiting for her to calm down. Sue drifted in and out of blackness until she could finally get a lung full of air and began to calm down. John got her some water and she sat up and stared at her latex encased body in the mirror next to her bed. Sue guzzled the water and stood up wobbling slightly in the tight boots as she turned and looked at herself in the mirror. She was smiling when she saw how narrow her waist was and how long her legs appeared to be, she would even have sworn her neck was longer. She could see no bulges or lines anywhere and even the seam had disappeared. As she began to walk around she could feel how stiff the rubber was and how much effort it took for her to move her body.

Sue looked at John concerned and asked why she was so stiff? John said, "I told you until it’s fully set it will be firm but each treatment will make it more and more supple". She smiled and said, "I like it!" as she continued to move around getting used to the tension it put on her. She asked how many heat treatments? Three times a day for three days. She didn’t know if she could take it or not but said she would try.

He said, "You don’t have a choice now."

"Why?" She asked concerned.

"I told you that once the glue setting is started it has to be taken all the way through the procedure before it will release".

"Well I can always be cut out if I have to be released", Sue said.

"No, you can’t the glue is what you rubbed on your body before we put the suit on, remember?"

Sue began to panic as she said, "I thought that was lube!"

John calmly answered, "No it was glue that works with the chemicals in the suit to make it form to your body."

Sue grabbed her pussy and said, "What about going to the bathroom?"

"There are small holes in you pussy lining and inside the tube in your ass, you will have to perform enemas until we get the suit off but you shouldn’t be to put off by that". John continued, "You will also have to insert this", John said holding up what looked like a large dildo, "This will treat the rubber inside you and make it form to your body as well." Sue took the large phallus and eyed it carefully before John said, "You need to do it now or I will." Sue took the phallus and slid it into her wanting pussy and waited for John to turn it on.

When John turned on the unit Sue immediately jerked the phallus out of her pussy, he turned the unit off and asked her to step back and pulled her arms behind her quickly cuffed her hands around the bed post behind her. Sue struggled against him, this was not the first time John had restrained her during their games or fittings, but when she began to whine and complain of the heat he went to her closet and pulled out the first gag he found and shoved it into her mouth saying, "This will keep you from complaining", as he pulled the strap tightly behind her head.

Sue began whining louder as John slowly pushed the dildo into her waiting pussy and turned the unit on. Sue screamed as the heat increased making her feel like someone was burning the inside of her rubber coated pussy. John started moving the phallus in and out twisting it as he held her against the bedpost. Soon Sue was moaning from the dildo being stoked inside her pussy, she was leaking down her rubber covered legs and could feel her juice’s try and move in between her skin and the tight rubber.

She could feel the rubber setting inside her as the glue firmed up and stuck the softening rubber to her sensitive and highly aroused pussy. After ten minutes John removed the phallus and ran his fingers inside her pussy and could feel the rubber had formed to her and that her juices were now flowing out of the small hole inside her rubber lining. John forced Sue to bend as far as her cuffed hands would allow and worked the phallus inside her anus and turned it on fighting Sue to keep her bent over as she fought him and whined as the heat rose and felt like it was even hotter as he worked the dildo in circular motions making sure the rubber filled her hole completely and after another ten minutes removed the phallus and felt inside her again making sure the rubber was smooth and sealed to her. John reinserted the phallus into her anus and turned it on enjoying her struggles as the heat rose until she was gasping again before removing it leaving her wiggling and struggling against the bed post.

Sue could feel the tight rubber pulling at her insides as she bent and twisted and knew the glue had set and she was truly stuck inside the tight rubber, as she thought about this she became even more aroused knowing she was stuck for at least two more days inside the hot latex. John went over the instructions again while he collected his things leaving her bound and gagged during his explanations. When he was ready to go he uncuffed her hands from around the post but recuffed them behind her back and said he would leave the key in her mail box. Sue grunted into her gag and pleaded with her eyes knowing her drive way was almost a mile long and her mailbox was out on the street where anyone who was driving by could see her. John waved at her while she stood on the porch stomping her feet as he drove off. Stopping at the road to drop her key ring into the mailbox before accelerating off towards town.

Sue watched his car drive off as she struggled with the handcuffs hoping she would be able to manipulate the keys with the thick rubber covering her hands. Sue stood outside until she was sweating and went back inside to wait until dark to go get her keys, wishing she had something between her legs to stimulate herself further. She wandered around her house getting used to the tight shoes when she had an idea and went to her closet and was just able to reach a large vibrating dildo sitting on a low shelf and moved to her bondage chair. She squatted and forced the large vibrator into the opening in the center of the chair with her cuffed hands. Once she had it set as well as she could she eased her butt to the back of the chair and slowly worked the dildo deep into her pussy holding herself up not wanting to force the large vibrator completely into herself.

She was holding the remote as she was standing bent over hovering above the seat leaning one leg against the arm of the chair and her hands holding onto the back rest of the chair. She worked herself down and back up taking more and more each time until she had taken the dildo as deep as she dared leaving several inches from the base showing. She stopped and turned the vibrations on low and shivered as they washed over her body and soon she was shaking as her orgasm built.

Sue was moaning and grinding herself on the dildo when her hands slipped and she dropped down forcing the vibrator deep into her causing her to scream as she was impaled on the huge phallus. She quickly stood back up but the dildo had pulled loose and rose up with her as she moaned in pain and tried to reach around to pull it out. During her struggles she dropped the remote and as it fell behind the chair it raised the level of vibrations to medium and had Sue whining and wiggling around the room to get it out of her.

Sue was gasping around her gag as she whined from the pain in her pussy but slowly became aroused as she looked for something to push it against to increase her arousal. Looking around she found the arm of her chair was about the right height and stepped up to it straddling the arm putting one leg in the chair and holding herself with the other.

She attempted to hook the base that was still sticking out on the arm of the chair and pull it out, as she concentrated on her task her orgasm began building again and soon she was rubbing herself against the arm and forced the large dildo deeper into herself burying it deep in her pussy as she continued to grind against the arm and gasp for air until the orgasm exploded in her forcing her to turn and sit down crushing her arms against the chair back as she tried to recover from the climax. Sue was starting to recover as the vibrations continued and her stretched pussy began to arouse her again, she desperately tried to find the remote but could only see it lying behind the chair out of reach of her locked together hands. She began moaning again as she tried in vain to hook the vibrator again but finding it was pushed too deep for her to even see the base outside her rubber encased lips.

The stiff rubber was keeping her from pushing the vibrator out of herself as she was thrashing and pulling on the cuffs holding her hands as another climax washed over her again leaving her limp in her bonds sitting on the hard chair.

Sue was getting tired and needed to lay down and struggled her way to the bed and lay back as another orgasm was building and causing her to gasp hard through her nose and around the large gag John had stuffed into her mouth. The next four hours were a blur for Sue of pain and pleasure as she climaxed multiple times and even blacked out once or twice, Sue could feel the vibrations diminishing as the batteries were starting to die and decided it should be dark enough to get to the mailbox and get her keys. Sue began to walk on her toes to the front door and after some struggling was able to open the door and step outside.

She looked around and could see no one as she started to get excited about the public bondage and the vibrations still humming inside her as she eased herself down the steps and stomped a few times trying to dislodge the dildo that was forcing her to wince with each step and walk bowlegged in her toe boots. Sue had chosen to walk across the yard and was having trouble walking in the soft ground with her sharp stiletto heels sinking with each step.

Half way across the yard Sue could no longer fight the building orgasm as she had to pull her heels out of the ground with each step causing her to be even more aroused and stood in the grass as her orgasm washed over her making her shake and scream until it passed. Sue moved to the pavement of the driveway and began making progress towards the mail box. Almost an hour later Sue had made it to the mail box, she had two more orgasms during her trip to the road but had no other problems other than the sweat from her head and the drool from her gapping mouth dripping down her latex covered body and stood looking down the road in both directions before stepping out of the gate and reaching with her cuffed hands into the large box. She felt around and finally found the keys and squealed as she grasped them and pulled her hands back out.

Sue heard a car coming and tried to run back into the open gate but stumbled and fell hard on her shoulder. She was shocked from the fall and lay still trying to figure out what had happened as she heard the car getting close she just lay in the drive and hoped they would not be able to see her black form in the darkness and waited for the car to pass. As Sue lay there another orgasm hit her and she involuntarily fought her bonds and rolled back and forth moaning into her gag. After calming herself from her orgasm she listened but could no longer hear any car so she rolled over and sat up looking around, finding herself alone she struggled to her toes and headed back towards the house trying to unlock her hands as she walked.

She could not tell which key on the ring would open the locks holding her hands behind her and began to get frustrated as the large dildo was becoming more and more uncomfortable with each step. After dropping the keys twice and struggling to pick them up again she decided to just wait until she got to the house to release her hands. Sue continued to feel like the dildo was ripping her in half as she walked with shorter and shorter steps trying to lessen the pain she was feeling.

Stopping to rest when she was near the house she stood gasping as she suddenly felt the dildo begin to slide out of her sore pussy and stooped down and shook her latex covered body as the beast fell to the ground. Sue almost cried from the relief as she looked at it lying on the ground thinking I may never be the same. Sue did not pick up the monster as she continued her journey finally able to take a step normally and carefully walked up the steps and entered her house.

Sue was exhausted, the two mile walk combined with the multiple orgasms had taken its toll on her encased body. She had to force herself to try and unlock the cuffs and not go to bed immediately. Sue went to the bathroom and set the keys on the counter turning her body to look at them, she figured out which key she needed then turned her back to them and picked up the key she needed and fought the latex that covered fingers to get the key in the lock. Sue was almost in tears as she tried for the third time to find the key hole with her deadened hands, her frustration building as she fought the steel holding her hands behind her, the tall stiff collar of the suit making it impossible for her to turn her head to see the mirror behind her making it even more frustrating.

After dropping the keys again she screamed as she reset the keys and turned and looked then began to try again, this time she found the key hole and was able to unlock one wrist. Sue quickly pulled her hands in front and rubbed the free wrist then unbuckled the tight strap holding the large ball between her teeth pulling the ball out of her gapping mouth. Dropping the ball in the sink she went to the kitchen and drank a large bottle of water before finishing some leftovers in the fridge. As she sat in the kitchen the handcuffs dangling from one wrist she looked at the suit expecting some tears in the material but was surprised when she could barely see even any scuffs. "Well at least it’s durable" Sue mumbled to herself knowing that her other latex items would have surely been torn when she fell.

Sue dragged herself to her bedroom and noticed the timer for her next heat treatment was buzzing so she reluctantly went and stood in the heat lamp circle and turned on the timer. While she stood she also inserted the probe and winced from the heat as she moved it in and out and treated both holes, the lights turned off and Sue collapsed onto her bed and fell asleep. As she slept the shrinking process continued pulling on her entire body and drawing her waist even tighter. Sue woke up the next afternoon needing to pee badly and struggled to her sore toes and wobbled her way to the toilet. Sue could tell her suit was tighter and once she finished cleaning herself she looked in the mirror and could still see the marks on her face from the tight gag and she rubbed her jaw and looked at her rubber covered body, Sue admired how small her waist was already and the amount the suit was pulling in her rib cage and forcing her breasts to heave with each shallow breath she took.

The suit still showed all the details from her nipples to her belly button down to her pouting lips as she stroked them feeling a rush of sensations from her overly sensitive pussy. She had missed her first heat session and decided she would have to cook twice as long to get caught up and went and stood in the heat lamps and massaged her pussy and ass with the probe before they all shut down leaving her panting and sweating from the heat. Sue lay back on her bed and drifted off to sleep again allowing the suit to draw up tighter against her relaxed body forgetting again John had told her to walk around and flex her body after each treatment.

Awaking later she tried to sit up but found the rubber around her torso had tightened considerably and had begun to get very firm not allowing her to bend her waist at all. The tight rubber was also making it difficult for her to bend her arms and legs as well, as she lay back and tried to adjust her breathing to the new tension on her body. Sue was still lying in bed when she heard the door bell and forced herself to get up and tip toe her way to the door.

Looking out she could see the big brown truck leaving as she opened the door a little and looked out. The driver had left a package on her porch before leaving and she slowly walked out to pick it up finding her large dildo lying next to it, Sue turned red as she realized the driver had picked it up and carried it to her door. She grabbed the box and phallus and ducked quickly back into her house setting the box and dildo on the kitchen table as she fixed herself breakfast.

Sue was eating her meal when her e-mail chimed that she had a new message, reading the e-mail from her assistant she screamed when she remembered that tonight she had a TV interview on the late show. 'How can I go like this!' She thought to herself.

Sue began tugging on the rubber but could not find anywhere that did not seem like it was attached to her skin. She called John and quickly found out that removing it while the glue still held it on was impossible, "What’s the big deal?"

John asked, "You wear crazy shit all the time, just cover up the majority of it and it will look trendy."

Sue calmed some and said, "Ok, but it should come loose tomorrow right?"

"It should" answered John.

"Should!" Sue yelled, as John snickered and hung up.

Sue calmed down and started looking through her closet for something to wear on top of the rubber, after searching for an hour Sue remembered the box and hoped it had in it what she needed. As she opened the box she remembered ordering two leather dresses, having them custom made with the additions she had requested. The first dress was the short one with long sleeves and a low cut neck, they called it the "slut cut" it would cover her just below her ass and if it was made correctly would be extra tight where it needed to be.

The next dress was the long one, it had a high collar and long sleeves and would follow her curves helped by the back lacing that covered the short zipper, it flowed snugly over her ass and down to her knees holding her thighs tightly together before dropping to her ankles, keeping them from being able to step more than a few inches at a time. She knew it would be difficult to walk in but thought it would go well with what she was wearing. Sue took it to her ironing board and turned it inside out finding the central strap inside the lower dress that would keep the dress from riding up once the wearer put their legs through the holes on either side.

The interview

Sue ironed the dress carefully and hung it up before heading to the shower to get cleaned up. Deciding to do another heat treatment before showering so she wouldn’t have to get all sweaty again hoping the rubber would not draw itself in to much more and would relax the stiffness a bit. She stood in the heat lamps and once again inserted the probe and moved it in and out until she was panting from arousal and moved it to her ass and repeated the procedure. After the timer turned off the lights Sue could feel the torso had drawn in again but not near as bad as the last time so she went and turned on the shower, letting the water warm up before stepping in and cleaning herself in the hot water. While Sue washed her hair she felt the rubber tighten again and this time it didn’t feel like it was stopping. Panicking as she felt her rib cage was being crushed she turned the water to cold and hoped it would stop the process.

After gasping for air while she stood in the cool water she calmed her breathing and rubbed her rubber coated hand over her crushed ribs and torso reveling in the tightness, she could see the water beading off the tight and very firm rubber encasing her chest and stomach and wished she could take more but as she took each short breath she could see her tits swell, the tension on her body making them look much bigger against her small chest and tiny waist. After drying herself she styled her hair down around her face and noticed not only did her tits look bigger her ass seemed to have swollen as well, it now protruded from her hips that appeared bigger as well under the tight rubber. She was able to move her arms and legs easier but the rubber had made both look like she had been working out accentuating her muscles and making them stand out against the black rubber.

Sue had her make up done, applying her eye makeup very heavy and dark making her red lips and green eyes stand out even more. She was thinking about jewelry and decided only to wear her steel collar and cuffs set, these were small and very shiny and had concealed locks that needed a special key to open them, she could wear one over the leather on each wrist and around each ankle and they matched the collar perfectly. Sue took her bottle of latex polish and began to shine the rubber and was amazed when it polished quickly to a mirrored finish. Making her look like she was made of black glass, her pussy got wet as she studied her body and decided to add something to her night’s attire. Before slipping into her dress she slid a small vibrator into her ass and another larger one in her pussy, these both had small wireless remotes to make them vibrate and squirm inside her. Before starting on the dress she locked the ankle cuffs around her ankles loving the way they stood out against the black rubber. While making sure the vibrators didn’t fall out Sue pulled the dress up her legs and made sure the strap was placed where it would keep both of her tormentors in place.

As she pulled the dress up the strap pulled tighter pushing the vibrators deeper into her then when she pushed her hands into the sleeves and pulled the dress over her shoulders the strap pulled deep into her pussy and ass making her gasp with pleasure. She pulled the zipper up and began pulling the laces until she could get no more slack out of them and tied them off, while she buttoned her sleeves she went to the full length mirror and loved the way the dress followed her curves and made her body look great. She walked around getting used to the short steps as she locked the cuffs on her wrists, Sue placed the collar around her neck and locked it closed and took her keys and remotes and placed them in her purse.

Sue wondered around the house seeing how long it would take for her to exhaust her limited air supply, she found that if she paced herself she could walk and breathe quite normally and soon was feeling very confident she could do this interview and the following dinner comfortably. As Sue practiced her story about her attire she continued to pace around her house waiting for the driver to arrive, the support strap in the dress was arousing her as she continued to pace, swaying her hips making the strap slip inside her damp pussy, she turned her vibrators on to a low hum and continued to pace letting the feelings continue to climb, Sue was panting and almost ready to climax as she was heading for her purse to turn up the vibrators when a sudden knock on the door snapped her out of her euphoric trance.

Opening the door she saw the driver who said, "Ma’am, if you are ready, we are running a little late." Sue smiled and followed the man, who helped her maneuver the porch steps and led her to the car where he opened the door and again helped her sit down into the back seat. Sue was struggling to find a position that was less uncomfortable in the deep seat as the driver got in and drove out of the main gate. With the tight strap pulling deep in to her and the vibrations that were keeping her on the edge of a climax Sue struggled with her clothing, wishing she had practiced sitting more now that she was having problems trying to figure out how to sit, she could not cross her legs from the tight leather pulling even tighter when she sat down keeping her knees pinned together. Also the dresses hem rode up pulling it tightly across her calves and showed her en pointe heels clearly and she could see in the cars mirrored roof that no lines could be seen in the boots to indicate they were separate from her jet black leggings that were swallowed up by her tight skirt.

She could just see the headlines, "Starlet loves rubber and leather" as she thought about it she smiled and thought that doesn’t sound so bad to me. As an hour passed she fiddled with the cuffs on her wrists she decided to flip them over to try and hide the small d-rings protruding outwards and looked for her purse. After searching the car she asked the driver if he had seen it and he told her she did not have one when she came out of the house. "Shit! We have to go back!" Sue yelled.

"No Ma’am we can’t we are running late already we would never make it on time"

Sue sat and in her rubber and leather as the vibrations continued, she no longer found them arousing and wasn’t thinking about anything other than getting home. Arriving at the studio her assistant looked at her then checked the car and said, "Where’s your camera clothes?" Sue just stood and waved her hands in front of her. Her assistant shook her head and pulled Sue’s hand almost pulling her down in her rush to get Sue into the studio. After walking slowly past the photographers stopping once to pose for them she went to her dressing room and had her assistant re-lace her dress.

Her assistant pulled strongly on the laces as she complained about Sue’s choice of attire then noticed Sue’s shoes and gasped and said, "How do you walk in those?"

"Practice!" Sue said with a smile.

"You do realize you are going to be on TV."

Sue smiled again as she smoothed her now much tighter leather dress out. Sue paced in her dressing room getting nervous and aroused from the restriction the rubber and leather were putting on body. Sue checked her makeup and headed towards the stage waiting for her introduction. She was introduced and began the long walk to the stage, taking much longer in her toe boots and tight dress she finally made it to the set and as she sat was panting for air causing her constricted chest to heave and the host to point out her dress before noticing her shoes and questioning her about them. Sue responded with her practiced story as she seductively sat and wiggled in her chair.

What Sue didn’t know was when her assistant over tightened her dress she had forced the leather tightly against her rubber nipples and now they were sticking out from the leather, making them clearly visible to everyone and making it seem she was very aroused with rock hard nipples. After the interview Sue struggled to stand and shake the host’s hand before walking off the stage. When Sue returned to the dressing room her assistant was shaking her head as Sue entered and said, "I hope you’re happy, now everyone knows you’re horny on TV!" Sue watched the replay and could only laugh as she saw her nipples on TV.

Sue wanted to go home but the host and her manager dragged her out to dinner and as they rode to a restaurant she tried to ignore the vibrators that seemed to have picked up speed after she sat down. Sue was having trouble concentrating and was watching the driver when she saw him pick up the radio microphone and call in that he was at the restaurant she felt her vibrations increase again. Sue was feeling much stronger vibrations in both holes now and was growing closer to a climax as she left the car and waddled into the restaurant and taking a seat near the aisle. Sue was beginning to sweat as she knew she could not fight off the pending orgasm and knew it would be a good one since she had been being teased for the last three hours.

As she squirmed in her chair she finally excused herself and went to the ladies room and sat down and let the orgasm explode through her and tried to muffle her screams. Even after her orgasm she still felt smaller spasms continue to ripple through her body and knew she could not stay and finish the evening so she headed to the car and told him to take her home now. He keyed the mic again and her vibrators went to high and had her rolling around in the back seat moaning as wave after wave of orgasms ripped through her body. Almost the entire ride home Sue was unable to say or do anything but moan from the continuous orgasms until the driver called in again and suddenly they all stopped. Sue stopped wriggling and tried to catch her breath as she still couldn’t figure out what had happened.

When the driver turned off onto her road he called in again and Sue could feel the vibrations start on low and figured out the radio must be on the same "station" as her vibrators and that’s why they have been changing speeds. This was confirmed when the driver used the radio two more times, the last being before she got out in front of her house making them go on high again and forcing Sue to make the long walk to her house while she fought the vibrations that were assaulting her body. The steps proved more difficult to climb up then they were down and when the orgasms started Sue barely made it to her door before realizing it was locked out and she had no keys. She tried the windows while biting her lip before going around the back and checking the windows as she went. Reaching the back porch she struggled up the steps and found she had indeed locked the back door as well and had to sit down quickly as her knees buckled and she succumbed to the multiple orgasms. After another two hours of constant climaxes the vibrators began to die and Sue could finally gather herself and try to figure out what to do.

Reaching back she tried to unlace her dress but her assistant had double knotted the laces and with the thick rubber on her hands she could not manipulate them well enough to get them untied. "It doesn’t matter anyway," Sue said out loud looking at her cuffs knowing they and the collar would not allow her to remove the dress anyway. Sue got up on her pointed toes and after wobbling a little she made her way to the other side of the house and found the patio door unlocked and entered her bedroom, walking past the bed she couldn’t resist the call of the bed and lay down and quickly fell asleep.

Waking the next afternoon she needed to use the bathroom, forcing herself to stand she wiggled into the bathroom and tried to untie the laces again. Cussing her assistant still unable to untie them she found her scissors and cut the cord holding the dress tightly on her body. After cutting the laces she needed to unlock the collar and cuffs so she wiggled her way to the living room and found the special keys and removed the collar and cuffs. Sue worked the zipper down as she went back to the bathroom and soon had the dress lying in a heap on the floor, after working the vibrators out of their holes she relieved herself and performed her morning enema. After cleaning herself she took another shower and washed her hair in cool water.

Sue felt much better and remembered she had not done the last three heat treatments so she went into the rack and turned on the heat lamps. She inserted the probe and as she began to sweat she moved it in and out and began panting from her arousal. When the lamps turned off she was weak in the knees and was having trouble breathing again and fell to the bed gasping. The rubber had tightened again even her waist had shrank some more, she was rubbing her rubber covered body and found she could almost touch her fingers around her waist, she jumped up and went to the mirror and could not believe it when she saw her tiny waist and how much her rib cage had been drawn in making almost a straight line from below her huge looking tits to her hips.

Sue looked around gasping with each step from the increased tension on her body making it difficult to move again she found the tape measure and wrapped it around her waist. Sue couldn’t look down so she wiggled her way back to the mirror and saw the tape said 13 inches!

She almost fainted when she saw it and realized that she had never pulled her waist down this small before and didn’t know how long she could stand it as she stood gasping for air. Sue went and sat down and called John begging him to come and release her, John said he was on his way and if she had completed the treatments she should be ready to be cut out. Sue knew she had not completed the treatments and as she pulled on her rubber skin she could tell she had not been released from the glue. After waiting for her body to adjust she stood up and went back to the rack of lamps and set the timer and went through another treatment.

This time the suit only snugged some around her arms and legs and by the time she was done rubbing her pussy and ass with the probe she wanted nothing more than to come again and began looking for something to fuck herself with. She picked one of her favorite vibrators and pushed it in to her pussy and decided she would use another one in her ass and quickly forced and large plug into her rubber coated sphincter. These actions alone brought her close to an orgasm and forced her to gasp for air making her get light headed. Sue leaned against the closet doorway and caught her breath then felt the vibrator in her pussy begin to slide out and grabbed her leather chastity belt and wrapped it around her tiny waist and quickly pulled the strap up between her legs yanking it tight before sliding a lock through it and closing it.

Sue wiggled her way back to the bed and laid back and switched the vibrators on, as Sue rolled and tossed on the bed, as the orgasm built John had walked in and stood watching her as she neared her climax. Quietly he found her remotes and as he turned her over and cuffed her hands behind her back he turned the vibrations off. Sue was squealing as she felt her arms being twisted behind her back but could not stop him from cuffing them. Sue moaned loudly as she felt him stuff the large ball gag into her mouth and rolled her back over onto her pinioned arms. She struggled against him as he worked his way down to her feet finding the cuffs still in place she had been wearing the night before he slid a lock through the small d-rings locking them close together. Sue was grunting and struggling as he stepped back and watched her wriggle on the bed. "Well I guess you are over wanting the suit off!" John laughed as he said it because he knew she wanted to get off badly and now he had control of her.

She stopped struggling and glared at John as she panted through her flared nostrils, she wanted to achieve orgasm so bad she would have done anything he asked but since he grabbed her the climax had slipped away leaving her frustrated and now bound. He flipped the lock on her chastity belt and said, "Where’s the key?" she shook her head no and grunted so John said, "As long as I can’t get off you won’t either" with this he dropped her remotes and began to tickle her through the thick rubber.

Soon Sue was gasping for air again as John continued his assault on her body until she passed out from lack of air. John was waiting for this and as she lay still he took the heat gun he had brought and began to warm the rubber covering her torso and her legs and feet, this intense heat made the rubber shrink quickly and soon he could see the rubber forming around her toes as it drew tighter. He watched as her waist was drawn in about another inch and so was her lower chest making her look like she had a large ass with huge tits sitting on a tiny waist. Sue awoke an hour later feeling like her body was being crushed and tried to move but found he had left her in a hogtie and that the tight rubber was keeping her from moving at all. Sue was gasping for air and could swear her waist and chest felt tighter but could move enough to be able to really tell.

She tried to look around and figured out he had covered her eyes with a blindfold, she struggled until she had to stop and concentrate on her breathing. Listening she could hear him talking saying, "She doesn’t know, I'm telling you she doesn’t have a choice, once she finds out she will do anything I ask, I call you later." She became worried as she heard this and soon was grunting and moaning in her rubber prison. John returned and turned her vibrations on low and watched her begin to struggle again. As she began to moan he turned the vibrations off and listened to her grunt and moan some more. He teased her for several hours making her pass out several more times before he untied her feet and hands and left the house. Sue awoke and quickly found out she was untied and pulled the blindfold from her eyes and looked around.

She wrestled with the gag strap before being able to pull it from her mouth and sitting up. She rubbed her waist and chest before trying to stand finding that her pointed toes were being crushed into the en-point boots and the extra tension made them scream with pain. Raising her foot she could see the outlines of her toes and crushed feet and rubbed them through the thick rubber until the pain eased. The rubber on her arms and legs was more pliable but her feet, torso and neck were stiffer than before.

Sue slowly worked herself up to her toes and limped to the phone and called John asking him what the hell was going on. John laughed and asked what she was talking about, "I heard you on the phone what do you mean 'I’ll do anything you ask'?"

"Ah, you heard that, well I’ll tell you tomorrow when I come over, don’t forget your treatments if you want out tomorrow," with that John hung up and didn’t answer when Sue called him several more times. Sue needed a drink and ate a little food before going to her closet to get the keys for her belt finding a note lying where the keys had been saying, 'I found them, your next treatment times are 11 tonight, 3am and 6am I will be by around 9 am. Make sure you don’t miss any'. She couldn’t believe he had took her keys but remembered he had said he would let her out tomorrow so she went to the rack and before turning them on she saw the chastity belt had been pulled very tightly around her waist causing the rubber to bulge out around the belt.

As her rubber heated up she was concerned that she could not treat her pussy and ass but stood and let the rubber tighten as the heat increased. After sweating for 20 minutes this time before the lamps turned off and she could move to her bed a lie down. She sat on the bed cooling down and could feel the rubber was bulged less around the belt and wondered how long she could take the extreme pressure on her body before she was crushed to death. As her body adjusted and the rubber became more flexible when it cooled she was able to breathe better and went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. Not wanting to miss her next treatment she watched TV until it was time and stood in the rack for another 20 minutes, leaving her sweating again, she didn’t feel the rubber tighten anymore and was thankful for that as she set her alarm for 6:00 and got some sleep.

The Truth

At 6 she got up and stood in the rack and after thirty minutes the lamps turned off and when she tried to step out found she could not move any part of body, she was frozen in place, as she panicked and screamed and tried to move she could also feel her waist tightening further, squeezing the air from her lungs. Sue stood gasping heavily and knew she was in trouble as she slowly blacked out. When John arrived he woke her up and asked if she was ok? She said, "I can’t breathe" in a barely audible voice.

He said, "You should sit down."

"I can’t move" she answered.

"Have you tried?" he asked Sue nodded, trying again and found out she could just raise her leg and stepped out slowly of the rack. When she stopped her body would remain rigid and forced her to stand on her pointed toes.

Sue looked at John and said, "What’s happening?"

"You are our test subject, it will take about a month before the rubber will release from your skin now that it has been cured properly, during that time you will be monitored and if all goes well you will have the finest cat suit ever made" John answered.

"A month?" Sue squeaked, "I can’t last a month like this!"

"Sure you can, I have been testing you for months and prepping your body to allow you to be compressed further and further until you can hold this position indefinitely. As you get used to the compression your body will build up your muscles to allow you to move more normally and finally you will be able to move perfectly normal, at that point, if you want, we can remove the suit and you can return to your normal life again." John explained.

"I don’t want to!" Sue said quietly.

"You don’t have a choice, you are stuck and for how long depends on you, see we are making a weight loss program that builds muscle tone and literally changes the shape of the wearers body, and you are going to be our spokesperson and first example." John explained as Sue moved slowly towards the mirror to look at herself.

Sue was getting turned on as she relaxed and her rubber skin held her upright, she could feel the vibrators still in her and asked about them, John answered by removing the now loose chastity belt and said, "This won’t be necessary anymore." The tension from the suit was now keeping them held deep inside her and squeezed them tightly and would not allow them to be removed. "I don’t know if we can replace the batteries or not but maybe after a few days we can try to work them out, if you work hard enough maybe we will let you orgasm." John said as he patted her rubber covered ass.

Sue began to cry and said, "Why me?"

"Are you kidding? A beautiful celebrity who loved rubber and bondage, you are perfect, and by the time we are done you will have the perfect body as well!" John answered. "Don’t worry, you will like the results and I will keep you motivated to continue the exercise, because if you don’t I’ll disappear and you will not get the releasing agent to let the rubber be removed."

She looked at him with scared eyes that had begun to tear up and said, "Ok"

John had left her standing in front of the mirror when he left the house saying he would be back tomorrow to check on her, Sue was staring at her now perfectly shaped body and decided that maybe this would be better than her work out she normally did and forced herself to walk slowly into the kitchen, gasping from the exertion when she made it to the fridge and got something to drink. She struggled with her arms to force them to lift the bottle of water and as she made her stiff body sit down she struggled with the cap for a few minutes before finally getting it off and drinking as much as her body could take.

Sue’s days were now all about walking and moving her arms, John came over every day and made her work her encapsulated body restraining her overnight when she didn’t work hard enough and teasing her almost to orgasm when she was good until she was moving almost normally and her developing muscles could be seen through the tight rubber. Sue had not been allowed to orgasm but John had teased her many times while she worked out. When Sue was able to run and perform stretching exercises she knew she was ready to be released, John had also been recording her progress having pictures of her body before her encasement.

After another month Sue was ready to be released and began asking how much longer every day. She loved her suit but had a new role in a movie coming up and needed to be ready, John finally agreed but restrained her again with the cuffs she had been wearing the entire time in a loose hogtie and vibrated and tickled her into a huge orgasm. Sue was gasping from the stress but felt wonderful as the feelings passed. Sue waited for two days after her orgasm session before calling John and getting no answer, for the next week she called his number desperately over a hundred times before deciding to go to his home.

Covering her rubber coated body again in leather she climbed into her car and struggled with the pedals before venturing out on the road and finally making it to John’s house. She went to the door and rang the bell and waited for an half hour before leaving and trying to find out where the company John worked for was. She called the prop company and found out John hadn’t done any work for them for over a year. Sue struggled with her predicament for another week trying to figure a way out of the rubber encasement before calling a cop friend and asking him to find John. Two days later he called and said he did not find anyone fitting the name or description of John in any morgues or hospitals.

Sue was relieved but at the same time frustrated and was slowly resigning herself that she may be in the rubber skin for a long time. She began to figure out a way to remove the extremely tight rubber skin and the intruders that were keeping her from being able to access her private areas and from being able to reach the vibrators to pull them out. Another week went by and Sue was getting calls about the new movie and really needed to do some fittings and practice for her fight scenes. Sue finally went in for the fitting and when she told the wardrobe people they would have to fit her over the rubber and they agreed because the outfit she would be wearing almost matched what they were fitting her for, they just thought she knew already and was getting into the character.

Sue started working out and practicing with her fight coach always wearing her rubber and corset that caused her to have the tiny waist they had all gotten used to seeing her in and covering her privates with very short, very tight latex miniskirts and shorts. For two months she constantly worked on getting the vibrators out of herself, the enemas were getting more difficult to perform when finally one day she was able to get the plug to release from her tight ass. That made her work harder and later that night she fished out the vibrator from her pussy, finally she could clean herself completely and felt much better when she walked. They had started filming when John called one day and said he had gotten sick in Seattle when he had gone there to get the release agent. He said he would meet her tomorrow and give it to her. She had already talked with the studio telling them about the suit and found that they wanted her to do the entire movie dressed as she was adding the small latex shorts and skirt to her costume to keep her covered and Sue was paid more to stay in the costume during the filming.

When she met with John she told him what had happened, he told her that he did not know what would happen if she continued to wear the suit for an entire year, nor could he guarantee that the new suit that would come from the mold she was wearing would look the same. Sue knew she would have to continue wearing the current suit and hope it will come off when she was done filming. Sue asked John to remove the material covering her toes, making her boots open toed ballet boots and to remove the finger tips on her gloves, her finger nails had not yet become an issue but her toe nails were beginning to hurt her.

John applied the release agent and after an hour he was able to carefully cut the material away from her toes and fingers. Sue stood in her open toe boots hoping that the tension that was on her feet would hold them. Sue could walk and her feet were held firmly but she could tell that with the toes open she would soon drag the tips of the shoes as she walked and begged John to figure a way to fix them. He calmed her saying he would just coat her feet again and she could release them as she needed. Sue calmed down and flexed her fingers enjoying being able to feel again uninhibited by the thick rubber.

After Sue had trimmed her nails very close John recoated her feet up to her ankles shrinking the rubber tight again and making her ankles even stiffer to give her extra support. She walked around and noticed that the shoes felt even more comfortable now, John warned her about getting hurt while the suit was still glued on but could not assure her that the suit would remain intact for long once the release agent was applied so she would not let him release it and reminded her that there was a strong possibility that if she left the rubber attached for so long he was unsure if it would react to the release agent correctly or not. Sue understood but had really fallen in love with the tight rubber and knew she wanted to wear it for as long as possible and maybe forever.

The film was completed, Sue had very little problems during the year from the suit and wore it to all the premiers adding different pieces of clothing on top of it, even wearing long latex skirts and dresses, her latex covered body had been completely accepted by everyone and she had even had sex with a couple of men wearing it and loved it more. With the movie being a hit she signed a deal to do two more of the same character and had no reason to remove the rubber.

After the premiers she noticed the suit was getting harder and harder to get to shine and she had several scuff marks and called John to discuss either removing it or adding another layer to make it look new again. John said they could do either but let’s try to remove it first. Sue had asked him to meet at her house and she wanted one more bondage experience in the old suit so bring his dominant side, he agreed and they set a date. Sue had been on every talk show since the opening and was getting very popular so she had to be careful what she did in public, but once she was back home on her secluded property she felt she could do anything she wanted. Sue needed some serious self-bondage, she had not been able to indulge in any real play time while she traveled and now had a few months to herself and decided to play.

She pulled the black latex hood over her head lining up the small clear lenses for her eyes and small opening for her mouth, next she strapped on her head harness with a long thick gag attached and locked all the tight straps covering her head. Sue pulled the two straps on her posture collar tight and locked them forcing her head to be held firmly straight ahead and tilted back slightly from the gag, she lubed up her large vibrator and butt plug and inserted both before locking her metal chastity belt around her tiny waist and put on her ankle, wrist and elbow restraints, leaving all the keys on the night stand and leaving the chains dangling from one of the cuffs and wrapping the cable for her elbows around her neck for the trip outside.

Both vibrators were set to come on in one hour on low, stay on for one hour then turn off, after that the time and speed would be random, Sue left her house through the back door and walked towards the brush covered areas near the back of her property. She walked in the bright sun for an hour sweating and constantly fighting her gag reflex and unable to look down in front of her as she made her way deeper into the wooded area. When her vibratos turned on she moaned and tried to reach her pussy but was stopped by the metal plate covering it.

She walked for another hour being aroused by the vibrations and the movement of the phalluses’ as she walked making them slide around inside her rubber cover tunnels and when they turned off she stopped and quickly locked the loose end of the chain to her other ankle cuff leaving her only about 6 inches of the chain between them. Before slipping the cable through her elbow cuff d-rings Sue put on her nipple clamps, these clamps were actually used for wood working but she had found if she pushed hard enough on her rubber nipples she could get them to bite ferociously hard on her real nipples. She had tried them several times but normally had to take them off quickly from the pain they caused, soon she would be unable to get them off as she felt them bite hard on her nipples. She reached back and slipped the cable through the elbow cuffs causing her nipples to scream out even more as she pulled her elbows together until they were almost touching then quickly locked the cable end to the back of her chastity belt.

Sue stood amongst the trees, her body covered completely in thick black rubber including her head and face, her small eye openings allowing her to see only what was directly in front of her, the hood and large gag held on by multiple straps that made getting the gag or hood off impossible without the keys and forced her to breathe only through the small holes over her nose, her neck was held firmly by a locked on posture collar making her drool run down on to her clamped nipples. Her large clamped breasts were sticking out further causing the clamps to bounce with each ragged breath from her elbows being pulled tightly together behind her back, her breasts were sitting on top of a severely restricted chest that tapered dramatically to her tiny waist. Her entire torso was held rigid inside the thick rubber, her pussy and ass filled with large vibrators that would begin their assault on her at any moment, the tight rubber continued down her toned legs, showing every muscle as it flowed down to her ballet boots made permanently into her cat suit and chained together allowing her to take about 6 inch steps in the tall grass.

Sue took a deep breath causing her nipples to cause her even more pain, she tried to reach the clamps but with her elbows locked behind her she could not reach them. Struggling for a few moments as she spun around on her toes trying desperately to remove the clamps that she was already regretting her choice of using them but soon calmed herself and decided to continue on with her plan as she slipped the chain running from her right cuff through the lock holding her elbow cable and locked it to her left cuff. Sue was now cuffed hand and foot, her hands were held much closer to the steel belt than she thought they would be, as she found she had to keep her arms bent causing the cable to pull her elbows even closer together and forcing her tortured tits out even further. She struggled again pulling on her restraints before stopping and looking through her small eye openings trying to figure out which way was home.

Her spinning around had gotten her confused on where she was and she panicked again as she realized she really didn’t know which way was home. She tried to look down to see if there were any tracks but the small lenses and her rigid body did not allow her to see directly in front of her, still panicked she started walking as fast as her chains would allow, each step causing her tits to bounce the large clamps that were now starting to pull her nipples down towards the ground from their weight and making her moan and whine from the pain.

Sue continued to walk thinking she recognized some of the trees cussing herself for using the clamps, as the midday sun beat down on her black rubber encased body she was sweating profusely and thought she could feel her body slip inside the rubber but when the vibrations turned back on she soon was only thinking of her upcoming climax as she struggled against the steel and tried to continue walking. When the climax neared she stopped and let the pain from her nipples ease some as she stood and slowly humped the air, as she gasped for air through her nose she closed her eyes and started fighting her bonds and soon the orgasm washed over her making her shake all over and causing her to scream into her gag.

As she was coming down from the orgasm the vibrations continued to assail her body and she had only taken a few steps before having to stop again and ride out another wave of pleasure, as she stood trembling her nipples were now twisted almost straight down and were screaming out in pain, and that only drove Sue into more waves of ecstasy as her knees buckled and forced her to sit back on her bound ankles. As Sue sat moaning and fighting her bonds desperately trying to touch herself in some way the vibrations stopped, leaving her gasping and grunting in the tall grass. It took Sue a few minutes before she opened her eyes and started coming down from her climax, Wow! She mumbled, don’t know how many of those I can take but damn that felt good. As she struggled to her pointed toes she noticed that everything seemed foggy, she just assumed it was her eyes and continued to move through the thick grass.

As Sue walked her vision became foggier until she realized that her own sweat was steaming the lenses, she leaned forward and shook her head as much as she could but it didn’t help, she started to panic again as she knew she would never find her house if she was blind and thrashed in her bonds as she forced herself to keep walking. For two more hours she struggled with each step and seemed to catch every bush and shrub with the short chain between her ankles, causing her to have to back up to get it unhooked. Sue could now only see the bright sun shining directly into her eyes and could just make out trees as she stumbled along, her plug and been on slow vibrate for an hour and her tormented nipples never seemed to stop hurting from the clamps.

Her back was starting to hurt as she had to lean more and more forward to try and see in front of her as she walked, this caused her to also push her head down more making it push on the tall collar making her feel like the large leather gag was growing inside her mouth as she had to continuously suck on it to keep from gagging. As she continued to move and lean the large clamps were now not getting any support from lying on her tits and dangled freely bouncing and twisting her trapped nipples with every move. Sue was struggling again as she could see the glowing circle in her eyes beginning to disappear behind something large and knew the sun was setting and she was not going to make it home tonight. Her vibrators had been silent for the last hour and now she could swear she could feel the sweat flowing between her skin and the tight rubber. As her foggy world faded to black Sue stopped her struggles and began to worry about the animals she had watched from her back porch coming to find out what this strange black animal that was wondering around in the dark was.

Sue was slowly moving and stopped and strained her eyes and ears with every small noise she heard until both vibrators came on again this time at different speeds and made her squeal into her gag from them startling her. Stopping to enjoy the distraction she heard something over the hum and instinctively started moving away from the sound, desperately pulling at her bonds trying to at least be able to defend herself but still unable to move her hands but a few inches from where they were anchored. Sue continued to shuffle her way towards the only bright object she could still see and was panting hard through her nose holes until she felt something pull at her ankle chain then yank her feet out from under her. She thought something had grabbed her and started twisting and screaming into her gag trying to get away but she was unable to make herself move away from it and when she would roll over whatever it was kept forcing her back over. She screamed and kicked until the lack of air forced her to black out and she laid still, her ankle chains caught around a short thick bush as the vibrations kept buzzing away inside her body.

Coming to a few hours later she was lying on her side and woke up staring into blackness with extreme pain in her right breast. The vibrators had gone off and there was no noise as she lay there trying to figure out what was happening and whining from the pain in her tit. As what was going on resurfaced in her mind she began to try and roll over again and found whatever was holding her feet still had them trapped, she knew it was not an animal and quickly figured it had to be a bush and scooted on her side closer to her ankles and could just feel the branches, she sighed from the relief and after kicking and twisting some more she had them freed from it. The pain in her breasts increased considerably when she had to roll onto them to force herself to her knees and try to stand, she sat on her knees desperately trying to reach the clamps and began to cry as the frustration of not being able to reach them and ease the pain overtook her. Sue began having thoughts of her dying, they would find her rubber covered bound body lying in the brush and when they searched her house they would find all her bondage and fetish gear scattered around it and know she did this to herself.

The cool night had let her lenses clear, a fact Sue had not noticed yet not having opened her eyes, but when she did she squealed and bounced up to her pointed toes and looked around. She was off course but could see the lights of her house to her right and began shuffling as quickly as her bound feet would allow towards it. Sue struggled to make up time while she could see. John had arrived at her house and was walking around back to see if she was outside since no one answered the door. She was still over a mile away struggling with the brush that was slowing her progress and causing her to hop and jerk over them making her clamps bounce and pull even harder. John was standing on her back porch and found her binoculars that she used to watch wildlife and picked them up.

John was scanning the back property when he caught a glimpse of something black moving slowly, he tried to focus on it but It disappeared behind a tree so he kept scanning and watched a few deer for a few minutes before putting the binoculars down and pulled on the back door and it opened. Sue was resting in the shade of a large tree trying to keep her lenses from fogging up more hoping she could make it to her house before losing all sight again. John searched her home looking for her and finding her bondage gear out he figured she was up to something and went and sat on the couch to wait for her to return. Sue had begun to move towards the house again and was finally able to reach the cleared portion of her property as the lenses completely fogged up leaving her totally blind. Sue stopped and shook her head and moaned as the vibrations returned causing her knees to buckle again and forced her to sit on her bound ankles and let the vibrations and pain in her nipples to bring her near another orgasm.

As Sue sat trembling waiting for the climax when the vibrations stopped leaving her on the edge, she started struggling, pulling hard on her chains as she began crying again from the frustration. John was watching TV when the memory of the flash of the black figure made him get up and go to the porch and begin scanning the property again spotting the figure now sitting he could see it was Sue. John continued to watch her black form as she struggled to her feet he could see she was wearing her chastity belt and her ankles were chained close together. As he watched her fascinated by her restricted movements she turned and began walking to her left, now he could see her wrists chained to the belt and her elbows pulled together making them stick out from her body and looked up and saw her head covered in black latex and could just make out the straps encircling her head and the bulge of the gag in her mouth, he noticed her weird stance that forced her to lean forward as she stepped carefully and noticed the large clamps bouncing from the ends of her tits.

John watched her walk aimlessly for an hour until he finally could see her face and saw her eyes and could see that they were blocked and that was why she was roaming around in circles. John laughed and her silliness and went back inside not knowing she had been out there since yesterday and looked around for something to add to her to make it more difficult on her.

Sue was running out of energy as she staggered around unable to see anything and praying she would run into her house before her legs gave up on her. Suddenly her vibrations came on and were running on high forcing her to drop to her knees and pant through her nose. John had returned to the porch and was surprised that in the short time he was inside she had gotten considerably closer to the house. He sat and watched her trembling body and turned off the vibrators. Sue was close enough now that he could hear her grunt when the vibrations turned off, he waited until she started trying to get to her feet again and turned them back on. Sue was grunting as she bucked and writhed on her knees shaking her tits and whining loudly as John watched and turned them off again. Sue was crying as the torment John was administering was driving her insane, Sue desperately wanted to cum as she sat and struggled against the steel and rubber that held her firmly for over an hour until she blacked out. John watched her struggling enjoying the show until her body collapsed and she fell to her side and lie still in the hot sun.

Sue woke up lying flat on her back and quickly noticed she could move her arms and reached up to her face and found her mask gone as well. She opened her eyes and could see clearly and sat up looking around realizing she was in her bedroom and free of all her restraints. She rubbed her jaw before rubbing her breasts trying to ease the pain from the large clamps when she saw the bottle of water next to her bed and drank it down quickly, as she drank she raised herself to her pointed toes and eased herself into the kitchen noticing she was still locked into her chastity belt as she saw John cooking.

John turned and smiled at her as she sat down staring at him in disbelief. "Hungry?" John asked. Sue shook her head yes as she took the next bottle that was on the table and drank in down as well. After they ate she wanted to go to sleep but John said, "You need to take a shower, you're filthy".

Sue shook her head no and began to stand up as John turned on her vibrators. Sue collapsed back into the chair and began to beg him to stop as she felt her weary body react to the vibrations. John turned them off and said, "Shower, now!" Sue shook her head yes and headed to the bathroom and soon was washing her rubber skin and hair. John came in and washed her back and helped her dry herself before leading her to the bedroom and allowing her to lie down.

As she slipped off to sleep John replaced her cuffs linking them directly to the sides of her belt and chained her ankles together then to the bedpost. Before leaving John pulled a leather mask over her head and pulled all the straps snug, leaving the sleeping Sue bound to the bed, blind and mute. John set the vibrators to come on randomly in 5 hours and stay on until he turned them off and left the house. Five hours later Sue awoke from some very erotic dreams only to realize John had restrained her once again and she couldn’t even sit up as she fought the steel holding her firmly to the bed. The gag in the hood was much smaller but still restricted her breathing and as the continuous vibrations made her cum over and over again she quickly passed out. During the night Sue would wake struggle and pass out from her efforts and continued this until the next morning when John arrived and turned the vibrations off.

Sue was very relieved as John removed the leather hood from her sweat covered head and started cussing him for leaving her like that. John simply held his finger to his lips and held the hood menacingly close to her face, since she was still bound Sue decide the best course of action was to be nice, for now.

John unlocked her ankles from the bed but did not unlock her cuffs as she shook them to remind him he said, "Later, we have to talk first." Sue grunted and huffed but agreed as John took her to the kitchen and fed her while he explained about their situation.

The New Suit

The studio had called him about her suit and requested him to make her another that would keep her in it until the movie was finished, asking him to make a few changes in it but essentially it would be the same suit. He had agreed but wanted to tell her before he really did it. Sue loved the suit and wanted a new one anyway and knew the money she would make would be worth the difficulty so she agreed, not asking what the changes were first. Her current suit had released itself already, Sue and John both could tell from the way it was moving around on her body and Sue figured that the new one would also so she wasn’t worried about being stuck in it forever and even if she was she had already accepted her rubber skin anyway and kind of liked the idea. John told her new suit would be ready tomorrow and he would release her and reapply it in one session, she argued that she wanted it off now but he declined saying he was worried she might change her mind if she was left free of the suit too long.

Sue struggled with her cuffs demanding that he release her but he just smiled and forced a large ball gag behind her teeth and said he would be back tomorrow and left her struggling with the cuffs still sitting in the kitchen chair as he walked out the door again. After struggling for a couple of hours Sue stood and carefully walked to the couch fighting her cuffs with each step until she flopped backwards on the couch and watched TV until falling asleep. John found her sleeping on the couch and gently woke her and asked if she was hungry, she grunted she was so he said, "I’ll see you in the kitchen", and walked off leaving her to struggle to her feet and wiggle her way to the kitchen, grunting and cursing him all the way.

Sue sat down and waited until John removed her gag letting her flex her jaw before starting to feed her, John continued to feed her not letting her speak until she motioned she was full, he put away the dishes while she sat and tried to talk him into releasing her remaining cuffs and letting her take a bath before they get started on her new suit. John agreed but said if she changed her mind he would force her into the suit and it might make it messy then she would be forced to wear a screwed up suit for the next year or two.

Sue agreed and John released the cuffs and gave her the key to the chastity belt and let her go remove it and her two vibrators before he took his cutting tool and slowly cut from the back of her neck down to her lower back and helped her wiggle out of the suit. Both were surprised at how little the suit smelled and also how well the glue had kept her hair from growing and what little did return was very fine. Sue grunted as John pulled the corset away from her body and began rubbing her ribs as they started to expand causing her pain, John continued to pull the rubber from her body as she sat rubbing her chest and breasts enjoying the sensation of being able to feel them for the first time in a year, as John reached her feet he told her to hang onto something as he pulled hard on her shoes until her feet finally popped free of the rubber.

She was lying back on the couch as he rubbed her feet, the feeling was wonderful having the suit off and enjoying the sensations of her real skin again. John had gotten her some shoes to wear and soon she limped into the bathroom and ran herself a bath, as the water was running she looked at her body and could see the shape the suit had forced it into and loved it. As she admired her new body she turned and looked at her ass and noticed it had also been reshaped and looked like it did when she was twenty years old, she giggled and looked at her toned legs and arms and noticed she had muscles in places she had never had them before and liked what she saw, she stepped out of her shoes and grimaced as she tried to step flat footed and her legs muscles would not allow her too. She slid into the hot water and let the hot water soothe her aching body.

After soaking for an hour Sue shaved her body of the fine hairs remaining leaving her body completely smooth and sighed as she inspected her body, possibly for the last time and went to join John in the bedroom to be encased again in another rubber cocoon for an indefinite amount of time. John was waiting for her with the new suit lying on the bed. John smiled as he explained the new suits differences and how it would be set with the first treatment but needed to be heated two more times to fully shrink it and then she would be finished with the treatments.

John gave her some water as he began rubbing the sealer on her skin, Sue began to feel relaxed as John continued to rub the glue on her naked body not knowing John had put drugs in her water to relax her body and let him get through the first treatment without any resistance from Sue. After covering her body completely including her ass and pussy he started forcing Sue’s feet into the much firmer toe boots. These boots were designed to inhibit toenail growth and allow them to be trimmed without cutting or removing the suit. John continued to work the tight rubber up her legs smoothing the rubber as he moved higher.

Reaching her pussy and ass he pulled the groggy woman to her pointed toes and pulled the suit up and over her ass, reaching in the suit he inserted the two large phalluses into her pussy and ass then pulled the rubber up tightly to her narrow waist. John was sweating as he struggled with the rubber and partially limp body of the drugged girl as he pulled the rubber over her breasts and reached in and forced them through the tight rings positioned at their bases. Once Sue’s breasts were deep in their cups he stretched the rubber up her chest and wrapped her neck in the thick material.

Sitting her back on the bed he began wrapping her upper body in the wide leather belts working the rubber closed and sealing it smoothly up her back until Sue’s torso and neck was compressed and held rigid by the belts. Sue was very uncomfortable due to John pulling the belts extremely tight while he sealed the suit, she felt like she was being strangled but could not make her body react from the drug he had used so she sat grunting as John laid her back and rested while he waited for the seal to set completely before he heated up the suit.

John waited an hour before checking the seam and removing the belts, he fed Sue some more water and began to heat the suit with his powerful heat gun. The suit reacted quickly and began to shrink as he continued to move the gun over her body. Once he was finished with the front he rolled her over and warmed the back of the suit making it draw in even further and watched as her waist shrank and the rubber pull tight over her relaxed muscles and ass. Rolling Sue back over he put a pointed tip on the gun and began working on "shaping" the suit to Sue’s exaggerated breasts, warming the rubber around the bases making it squeeze them forcing them to expand and protrude further from her body. Sue was moaning as she felt her breasts being squeezed but could do nothing about it.

John moved to her pussy and directed the heat to make it draw in forcing the phallus inside her to push further into her wet pussy before heating her feet until he could see her toes through the thick rubber. Rolling her over once again he warmed her ass and shaped it so it drew deep into her crack and followed her firm ass perfectly. The rubber was contracting and beginning to show the extra ribbing that had been added to show an outline of a corset, this ribbing was also placed in the neck and feet to give the suit some detail. The ribbing was one of the things the studio had asked for, they had added the details in the movie by CG but asked him to add them for the next movie, they had also asked him to remove the nipples and to make her pussy and ass smooth so she wouldn’t have to wear something to cover them, the ribbing in the corset were made of steel cables that would hold her body quite rigidly allowing only slight bending of her torso, the neck and boot ribbing were made of much more flexible plastic piping that would allow bending but just like the new rubber would take much more effort to do it.

The new rubber once completely set would require her to learn how to walk and move all over again, it was much thicker and would not return fully to a flexible state requiring her to develop more muscles as well, another request from the studio. John continued to shape her body heating around her leg and arm muscles leaving the rubber less tight over them so they would be more prominent as they developed. John had not discussed the extra stiff rubber or the fact that due to her body being sealed completely she would be unable to satisfy her sexual urges until she was released. She would still be able to relieve herself and perform enemas through the small holes in the very bottom of the suit, these holes would not be able to be seen and would leave her filled holes completely inaccessible for the duration.

The extra thick rubber would also absorb any vibrations applied to it and would make her body quite numb to any touch, the rubber over her breasts had been done even thicker because the studio wanted her to have breasts bigger and yet firmer so he had added the base rings to hold her breasts firmly inside the new rubber giving them the support they need but also making them absolutely insensitive to any stimuli. Her new shoes had been made taller by over an inch and he had added toes that made them appear to be normal boots with an incredibly tall heel, the studio had asked for her to be two inches taller so John had made the corset and collar in such a way that as the suit tightened it would stretch her back and neck slightly and hoped it would all add up to the two inches they had asked for.

The extra part on the shoes meant her feet would also be numb but allowed him to build in access for her toenails so he would not have to cut and paste each time they grew too long. He had made small slits in the gloves as well so that once the nails grew they could be trimmed without damaging the suit, but again this would mean a lack of feeling in her hands as well. John knew Sue could overcome all the added restriction and the much smaller waist needed to cover up the thicker rubber and that her body would build the necessary muscles she needed to move normally and allow her to flex her neck and other extremities.

Once she put her mind to it she would learn to like it and be thankful once the movie was done, but until she gets to that point she was going to be very mad at him for not telling her and she may never get over him sealing her sex off for the next year or more. As a consolation John had added two small vibrators in her phalluses and he would be the only one that could make them work so he hoped that would calm her ire towards him. Sue started to come around and immediately began to complain about the tight corset and how stiff she was but had already begun to force her arms to move. John spent the next two days helping her stand and relearning how to walk, encouraging her to keep flexing her body even as she sat or lay down.

John had been able to keep her from seeing herself in the mirror during this time and even helped her force her head and neck to turn and flex during her exercises. He completed the last treatment and was packed and ready to leave knowing if he continued to be there to help she would continue to need it. Sue could now rise and walk by herself and use her numb hands well enough to tend to herself so it was time to make her fend for herself. As John was leaving he told her he would check in once a day and had given her written instructions on how to evacuate herself and what exercises she would need to do to get the suit and her body fully accustomed to the new suit. Sue waved good bye to John standing on her front porch and slowly wandered around the front yard before she began to get tired from the effort and went back inside. As she walked around drinking her mixture and subconsciously pulling at the rubber covering her body she walked in front of the mirror and stopped and looked at her new body.

Noticing first that her neck seemed longer and looked closely at the piping that held her neck so firmly, she ran her numb hands down to her breasts noticing she no longer had nipples showing and that they were much bigger than her real breasts, as she rubbed them she began to worry that unless she forced them to move she could feel nothing and when she moved them far enough to feel anything all she felt was pain from the tight rings at the bases. She stepped back and looked down following her compressed chest down to her diminutive waist until she saw that between her legs was completely smooth, her hands dived to it instinctively and it only took a few seconds for her to realize she had no access to her aching pussy at all as she desperately searched for an opening. She hit her sealed pussy with her hand, feeling nothing she went to her closet and returned to the mirror carrying a large paddle and spanked her smooth crotch, feeling nothing she continued swatting herself harder and harder even whipping her ass and legs and could feel the compression only when she smacked her ass very hard.

Sue stood with the paddle in her hand staring at her beautiful new body, it appeared she was dipped in black glass and was now totally smooth accept for the lines around her corset and neck. Sue was beginning to fall in love with it but began to cry knowing that her sexual needs could never be met while she was encased in it. She dropped the paddle and began desperately pulling at the rubber causing her to squeal as each pull pinched her skin under it sealing, in her mind, her fate and hoping the suit would release her sooner than last one did.

As the stunned and gasping Sue staggered back to the bed and sat down suddenly she felt anger and called John. As soon as he answered she yelled, "You son of a bitch! Get back over here and take this fucking thing off!"

John laughed and said, "Now be nice!" as Sue started to yell again John flipped on the remote for her vibrators and all she was able to do was grunt and moan as the vibrations hit her. John quickly turned them off and said, "Like I said, be nice if you ever want to feel that again!!" John hung up as Sue had begun to whine and smiled thinking about all the things he was going to be able to get her to do with his new found power.

The End or The Beginning?

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