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The Safe

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; warehouse; capture; drug; M/f; latex; gimpsuits; gasmask; exosuit; ironmaiden; encase; enslave; breathplay; electro; cons/nc; XX

On the sidewalks of a south Oxford industrially estate a lone woman walked home. Her high heels clicked softly on the concrete as the strong wind hit her hard. Samantha was completely lost and had no idea where she was going. She was on her way to a huge party and had dolled herself up. But she looked a bit stupid walking around some industrial area in a long black dress and high heels. It was a hot summers night and Samantha continued walking around in circles. She had forgotten to recharge her phone and should of just gone home. But she was not that lucky and was also being watched.

A dark warehouse was located at the very end of the estate and Samantha was walking right to it. The warehouse was made from stainless steel and was used for building bank safes. The company had been making bank safes for over 55 years and had done well at first. But now it was all closed down and looked like something out of a nightmare. It was a brutalist and isolated building. Samantha knew the party was happening in a warehouse in this area and thought it was maybe this one. What a poor move it would turn out to be.

She could hear the sound of music from inside the building. The party had to be inside the warehouse as she looked for the way in. She soon found the back door to the warehouse was open and she walked into the cold building. It was dirty and poorly light with an odd smell hanging in the air. What a weird place to have a rave or was she in the wrong location. She could hear music from upstairs and walked up a metal staircase. She reached the top of the stairs and was met by a heavy duty metal door. The door was left open by a inch or two and with a little force, it opened. She was shocked how easy opening it was. She was waiting to see a room full of people with lights and a bar. But the room the other side of the heavy duty door was empty. She could hear the music loud and clear. But it was not the dance and rave music she was expecting to hear. But very loud death metal was blowing out the speakers. The room was poorly lit and Samantha could see almost nothing. Suddenly all the lights in the room came alive.

Samantha was meet with a heart stopping scene as the lights illuminated everything. She was about to turn round and walk out the building. She knew she was in the wrong place and did not want to stay any longer. She twisted her body and rotated her legs to walk away. When she was grabbed on her left side, around her neck and stomach. A cloth was forced over her mouth and nose as she struggled for her life. It was impossible to break free as her eyes started to close. She was quickly becoming dead to the world as her body was badly losing the battle. Her arms and hands stopped working as her legs give way. Her eyes finally failed as she went to sleep.

He slowly walked round her in a never ending loop as he played with his rock hard penis. She was like a fly in a spiders web and would by his for a long time. It was going to be a long night as he thought about what and how to restrain her. He soon set to work, as his dreams about having a helpless slave girl become true.

He injected her with a lovely mix of drugs to keep her out. He spent the next two day and night getting her ready. On the third night she was beginning to come round. She was about to come face to face with a nightmare. As her body slowly woke up and her eyes started to open. She tried to move, she tried to speak. But she could do nothing. She could hear and feel nothing. What the hell was going on as her eyes regained focus. She was looking through a glass window and could see a couple of tubes sticking out. She was scared out her mind as her body begin shaking. She then heard a voice speaking to her within her head. She could hear nothing before and now she was able to clearly understand each and every word.

She was so deaf and/or gagged, she couldn't hear the moans and screams coming from her mouth. She had been panicking so much, she had not even listened to the long message playing to her. She was breathing quickly as she struggled against whatever was holding her down. It was then she caught a small part of the message playing away to her. She stopped anything she was doing (which was almost nothing, apart from breathing quickly and moving her muscles at inch or two) And she listened to the voice from start to finish. She listened to it 6 times in a row without being able to take it all in.

"I don't know your real name or anything about you. But over time you will forget about yourself as well. I can not believe you fell into my trap. I have sent that party invite to so many people. They all just got rid of it and never showed up. But you are a stupid easy to fool cunt. You turned up to my little fetish party and will be staying for sometime. I have stopped sending out invites and I have cut all the strings between you and me in the online world. No one has any idea I have you. And no one ever will".

"You have been locked inside an inescapable prison box with a state of the art bondage system. You can move only an inch before the system stops you. And that's if you are lucky. Think of your bondage system as a exosuit mixed together with a bondage harness, straitjacket, cuffs and a legbender. You are resting against a rubber bed to which the exosuit is joined. It goes from your neck all the way to your toes. The suit is made from titanium and the cuffs are covered in soft rubber. To keep the weight down, I have drilled holes in the titanium from one end to the other. It should stop it from being too heavy for your body and limbs. I have taken so many pictures and videos, I will show you soon".

"Adding to the fun of the exosuit are two full black rubber gimp suits. Both have been locked tightly around your body. They cover anything apart from your head. You are going to sweat inside your perfect rubber suits. So apart from being covered in rubber and extremely well bound. You have also been gagged, deafened and had a feeding tube pushed down your throat. You are wearing a full face gas mask with a glass front. It has two air tubes and two punishment tubes. I added the punishment tubes for fun, it's not like to can do anything I don't want you to. You will enjoy finding out what they do".

"So I have covered the rubber suits, exosuit bondage system (which I still have photos and videos to show you) and the gas mask and sensory deprivation".

"Oh yeah you are locked inside an iron maiden like cage. You have been placed on your back with thick shiny metal enclosing you. It's just an inch from your rubber coated body and is acting as a back up system. What's great about it, is that I can send an electric wave through the iron maiden. Which will flow over your body and make the muscles work. Not that they are going to move far".

"Right time to make your stay inside this hellish device begin and as horrible as I can. I have placed a projector on the floor next to you. The videos should appear on the ceiling and right in your line of sight. This message will play over and over again and I hope you enjoy it. Have a happy stay."

Samantha was left in very little doubt. She was in big trouble and would be tortured for god knows how long. She was unable to move. She was unable to speak. She was unable to hear. She was able to feel pain and she was able to smell. Her every intake of air was being mixed together with the odor of rubber. It was a lovely smell and was turning Samantha on a bit. She was waiting for the video to start as her heart started jumping out her chest. The ceiling started lighting up as the projector fired up. She could focus on nothing else as the ceiling come to life.

The first image was of the iron maiden like design. She could see the perfect outline of herself. As the thick metal wrapped around her enclosed body. The next ten images showed her the outer layer of the bondage system from all sides. The projector then played a 5 minute video of the iron maiden. The camera zoomed in on the locks and face mask. It panned over her body again and again. She was left feeling helpless under the inescapable steel cage. The last pictures was a close up of her unconscious face through the layer of glass. She could clearly make out the gag and feeding tubes. She could see the ear plugs and rubber hood. Plus the the extra punishment tube and some other wires. It was a horrible image.

She was then shown the pictures of her rubber suits and hood. Both looked stunning as they shinned in the light. She watched herself getting put inside them. She was starting to get a bit wet as the rubber was zipped shut. The long video was the only thing to look at as it showed off her curves. She had a love/hate relationship with the video already. She secretly loved her rubber gimp suits and had always wanted to be a bondage slave. It was her darkest wish and fantasy to be a captive. The video continued, with her bondage system the next thing she saw. The titanium exosuit snaked over her body. It was wrapped around every part of her. She saw how it bound each one of her toes. She saw it trap her breasts and chastise her. But it was light against her body and not uncomfortable. It was meant to be like that. She would wearing it for some time.

The video then replayed itself again and again. Samantha was almost bring hypnotized by it. The video and audio had now matched up to one another. Samantha was finding the media to be very stimulating. It was the only thing she had in the world. She was being watched by her keeper. She had been locked inside an isolation room which had cameras covering the walls. He had been watching her for hours and wanted to play with her now.

First he would fuck about with her air supply and then test out the electrical torture system. Samantha was suddenly unable to breath inside her rubber gas mask. The rubber was bending inside as her eyes pleaded through the glass part of the iron maiden. Right above her face was a hidden camera. The on playing video made seeing it imposable as it filmed her fighting for her life. He was loving the fear in her eyes as she gasped for air. She was screaming into her huge gag as the gas mask sucked onto her face. She was being asphyxiated and could do nothing about it. Just as her world was turning to blackness, he turned the air back on. But this time from one of the punishment tube. Samantha was breathing deeply through her nose as oxygen filled her gas mask again. But this time it had been mixed together with different types of gas. 

It was used to simulate and torture her remaining senses. He had linked up the punishment tubes to 10 large bags and a breath control machine. The rubber bags had been filled with different liquids. The breath control machine would cycle through each bag. Each bag had a horrible smell and would leave Samantha gagging. Adding to the horrible stink, was a gas that would attack her eyes. It was a lot like cutting onions. It would make them water and burn. The gas was also filled with a chemical that would drive her sexually mad. The chemical was made from a Viagra like mix and worked very well. Samantha was slowly being hit with this new punishment and was starting to feel it.

The air in her gas mask was making her gag as it mixed in with one of the rubber smell bags. The first bag the breath control machine had picked was filled with piss. She was moaning loudly as the smell of piss become very strong. Samantha's eyes then started to burn as she continued to breath in and out. Soon water was running down the side of her rubber face. Samantha had no idea about the Viagra like chemical going into her blood stream. But what she did know about, was the fact she was getting very horny. Her pussy and tits just needed to be played with. Her inner rubber suit was wet with sweat and her own pre-cum. She was starting to enjoy bring trapped like a worthless slave. Even with her eyes on fire and her unpleasant air supply.

He once again turned off the oxygen and activated the shock system. She could feel a light tingling at first. But then a power shock ripped up her rubber body. She cried as loudly as she could inside her airless mask. The rubber was folding so much it almost reached her face. He was loving it as he turned her horrible piss air back on. She was struggling like mad under the iron maiden. But nothing was giving way or moving. She would have to spend the night like this.

She would be a prisoner a lot longer then that.


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