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The Watcher

by Rubber Ballet

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© Copyright 2009 - Rubber Ballet - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; public; fantasy; mast; oral; toys; cons; X

Jackie and Suzzie were on the train heading back home. They'd spent the day in city. The theory was that they were going to look for somewhere new to live. It turned out that it was just another excuse for Suzzie to torment Jackie in public.

Suzzie had got Jackie to wear her latex underwear (in reality a transparent latex catsuit with open crotch), tight laced corset, large butt plug, remote controlled vibrator, black catsuit over the top (padlocked on), high heels (padlocked on) and then a simple black dress and tights over the top (just to preserve Jackie's modesty)

Suzzie wasn't kinked up so much. She was just wearing a rubber bra and rubber briefs (both with stimulation nodules in them) under her out-door wear. She was also wearing plimsoles, so she could spank Jackie any time she fancied. She told Jackie she spanked her because she was being punished. Jackie thought it was because Suzzie liked spanking Jackie, and the increased frequency of the "punishments" was making Jackie think that Suzzie was enjoying this aspect of their relationship an awful lot.

The day had started out with Suzzie teasing Jackie with the remote controlled vibrator. Frequently bringing Jackie to the cusp of an orgasm, but rarely letting her reach that magical climax. Occasionally, Suzzie would let Jackie orgasm, usually in a highly public place. It took all of Jackie's effort to climax without screaming her head off. However, things took a downwards turn when the batteries in Jackie's vibrator ran out before lunch. Suzzie blamed Jackie for not replacing the batteries and in a quiet back street gave Jackie a good spanking.

They spent the rest of the afternoon doing what girls do best: Shopping.

Although Suzzie couldn't stimulate Jackie with the vibrator anymore, Jackie was kept moist most of the day just from the vibrator being insider her. Occasionally, when in a packed corner, Suzzie would reach under Jackie's dress and quickly rub Jackie's crotch. Several times Jackie let out a moan, attracting attention from some of the people standing near to her. Once, in a changing room, Suzzie let Jackie orgasm. Jackie was grateful for the relief, but knew it wouldn't last long and it was going to be several hours before they got home and Suzzie could relieve Jackie more thoroughly.

After a hard days shopping (and teasing Jackie) the girls headed to the station to catch the train home. They managed to find two seats next to each other and settled down for the 45 minute journey home. Suzzie got out her MP3 player and Jackie settled down with a book, desperately trying not to think of the urges in her crotch.

After about ten minutes, Jackie looked up at Suzzie. She was surprised that Suzzie's hand hadn't made it's way down to Jackie's crotch to tease her some more. Suzzie appeared to be idly staring out the window. Jackie noticed, though, that Suzzie's gaze wasn't focused outside the train. It was focused on the young girl sitting next to the window. Jackie eyed this competitor up.

"Hmmm. Actually not bad looking. I wouldn't mind having her myself" she thought.

Suzzie sometimes had a wandering eye and Jackie liked to teased Suzzie over it. Jackie then had a thought of how to get her own back on Suzzie. She shuffled round a bit in her seat (not easy in a corset), removed the earphone from Suzzie's ear and lent over and started whispering into her ear.

"You fancy her, that pretty, innocent little thing over there. You want to take her back to a bedroom. You want to lay her petite little body down on the bed. You want to gently remove her shoes and slowly massage her body, working your way up from her feet. She's nervous, not having been with a women before. You hands, working their way up her body, slowly sooth her. For the moment, you leave her crotch alone, and continue up her body."

"You reach her head and you start to tenderly kiss her forehead. You work down one side of her face, down to her neck. You kiss round her neck and come back up to her face. As you get close to her lips you feel her breathing get slightly quicker. She slightly parts her lips and your lips meet. Your mouths open, and your tongues touch. You give her a tender, deep kiss. She's never kissed a women before, and this experience is making her feel electric."

"You pull away from her face and turn your attention to her small breasts, cupped in her tiny, lacy bra. You reach under her back and deftly undo the strap. You tenderly pull the bra over her petite mounds and you gently start to massage them. She's only been touched here by hormone ragged boys and it's never been a pleasurable experience. However your tender massaging is completely new to her. She never knew her breasts could be so erotic. Her breathing gets faster and deeper. She is getting aroused."

"You move down her body and come to her little skirt. You gently lift it up revealing her tiny lace underwear. You start kissing her inner thigh. She gasps at the first few kisses. Her body is starting to feel electric and every little touch from you excites her even more. You start to smell her juices, building up inside her. You tenderly remove her panties and bring your face back to her crotch."

"You return to kissing her inner thigh, and now work up to her crotch. You kiss all round her lips, but deftly avoid them. You bring your tongue out and lightly touch her lips. She gasps at this. Her scent is getting much stronger now. You move to start licking inside her lips. She is, now, highly aroused. Her breathing is turning more into panting. She brings one of her hands down to your head. She wants you to touch her clitoris and tries to guide your head there. For a minute you resist and she pushes harder with her hand on your head."

"Finally, you relent, and every so lightly touch her clitoris with your tongue. She lets out a loud moan. She's never done that before and she's surprised that she would do such a thing. Your tongue deftly moves all around her. She starts arching her back with your every touch. Her hands start grabbing at the bed clothes. You sense she is wanting to climax. She can't believe the swell of desire she's feeling now. You slow down. She senses that you're not going to bring her to climax. She starts pleading with you for her release."

"Her juices are flowing more freely now, oozing from inside her. She flinches as they run round her crotch and touch her anus. For a brief second you contemplate putting a finger inside her anus. You decide against it. This poor girl is loosing her mind just wanting this climax and you doubt she could cope with the extra stimulation."

"You decide to release this poor innocent thing and so start to work your tongue harder and faster on her sex. Her head is thrashing about, her back arched and her hands have gripped the bed clothes - holding on as if her life depended on it. You bring one hand up to a breast. Her breathing now is very fast and shallow. She is on the brink of a mind blowing orgasm and she knows it."

"Simultaneously, you press your tongue hard on her clitoris and work her breast and nipple with your hand. The poor little girl screams and experiences the most mind blowing orgasm she's ever had. You work hard and prolong her orgasm for as long as you can. She doesn't know what's happening to her. She is in total sensory overload."

"The orgasm fades away and you gently stop your work on her clitoris and breast. You raise your head away from her crotch and look at her pretty face. She looks utterly exhausted from the experience. Her tender blue eyes stare deep into your soul. Up until that moment, sex for this pretty young thing had been a quickie in the back of a car, where her partner was only interested in pleasing themselves. For the first time, she's experienced sex when the focus of the other person was to please her."

"You pull her skirt back down, covering her modesty. You then move her arms to her sides, and bring the duvet over her. She can't move a muscle herself, so drained is she from the experience."

"You move back up to her head. You lightly kiss her eyes, and then once more kiss her on her lips. As you lightly stroke her head, her brain decides to give up and she passes out."

"You get up off the bed and walk to the door. Just before walking out the door you turn and look at your conquest. Her checks flush red, and her body limp. You walk out the room, closing the door behind you. Later on, she'll wake up wondering if it was a dream or not. She'll never see you again. It's unlikely she'll feel anything like that again either."

Jackie turned back round and went to pickup her book. Suzzie grabbed Jackie's head and thrust her tongue inside Jackie's mouth.

"Feeling horny are we ?" Whispered Jackie once their lips had separated. The huff from Suzzie was enough to tell Jackie the answer to that question: A resounding yes.

Suzzie sat back round. Jackie returned to her book. Her crotch was quite moist after telling that story and she needed a distraction. Suzzie slid a hand up Jackie's skirt and started rubbing Jackie's rubber clad clitoris. Jackie closed her eyes as she concentrated on trying not to have a screaming loud orgasm.

"Feeling horny are we ?" Asked Suzzie. Jackie said nothing. "Don't worry, it's only another 20 minutes on the train" Jackie turned and looked at Suzzie in horror. She wouldn't be able to survive another 20 minutes of this. "I will have my revenge..." Hissed Suzzie as she pressed hard on Jackie's clitoris and Jackie did her utmost to avoid having a screaming orgasm.

"I don't think I'm going to survive 20 seconds, let alone 20 minutes" said Jackie, her voice wavering as she tried to control the impending orgasm.

As the two girls toyed with each other, they both forgot about the girl across the train who was the cause of all this. They didn't notice that now she was staring at them. Nor did they notice her slide a hand up her own skirt as she watched Suzzie work Jackie.


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