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The Teleslave

by Ultraprene

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© Copyright 2002 - Ultraprene - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMF/m; latex; mould; enclosure; cons; X

The Teleslave by Ultraprene
Since this crazy invention was my idea, it was no surprise when Lilly decided to make me the test subject.  I had met Lilly, along with her friends Roger and Monique, a year earlier at a fetish club so it was to be expected she and I would share some erotic interests, but we were both amazed at how many themes were common to our respective fantasies.  We started out with a few "straight" dates, sometimes doubling with Roger and Monique, we began experimenting with and escalating our kinky activities.  Although both of us were switchable, it usually worked out that Lilly was the Domme and I the sub. Within a month we had played with plastic wrap mummification, total latex enclosure, and several other bondage ideas. 

Since I am an engineer, my mind works in terms of machines and gadgets, and as a dedicated fetishist, it naturally produces its share of kinky ones.  The first real project Lilly and I came up with was a reusable body mold.  With some help from Roger,  she made a plaster cast of my body with my arms just slightly out from my sides and my legs a little apart.   After they split the cast along the sides with a surgical cast saw, I got out.  We then used the mold to construct a positive replica of my body,  and this served as the form to lay up a rigid fiberglass shell.  We lined the inside with a layer of the softest latex, and the two halves had thickened flanges along the seam with dowel pins and toggle latches so Lilly could seal me in and "put me to bed."  Originally, the only openings were breathing holes at the nostrils and, of course, a hole for my rubber-clad penis to project through so Lilly could use me for her (and my) enjoyment.  But we later added openings at the nipples, mouth, and eyes.  All of these latter, however, had covers with little slide latches so she could open or close them at will. 

It was amazingly comfortable.  Almost every night, Lilly would seal me in and ride me until we were both completely satisfied, at which point she would get off and sleep beside my totally immobilized body.  I never slept so well as those nights in the mold.

With the passing of time, we got to use the mold less often, preferring other equipment like the wheel we built or the blow-up suspension bags.  But then there was a change in our lives.  Lilly's employer transferred her to the customer relations Department. This required her to go on the road, often overnight.  Even when she was at the home office, she frequently covered the night shift.  Although she was delighted with the rank and pay, our sex life was beginning to suffer.  One day she said in frustration, "I sure wish I could have you with me on those nights away from home, or at least have your tool there to relieve the frustration."

Over the next week that remark kept running through my head.  Suddenly I had an insight.  I had been working with remote controlled robotic systems and these just might provide a solution.  However I would need the help of some talented computer jocks.  Roger and Monique were the obvious choice since she was a top notch programmer and he was a hardware specialist.  And of course there would be no question of their enthusiasm for such a project. 

For three months I spent almost all my spare time in my laboratory and workshop. Roger and Monique visited frequently to contribute their talents.  In fact, I spent so much time that even the remaining opportunities for lovemaking were diminished, but I reassured Lilly that in the end it would all be worth it.  She sort-of believed me.

Finally, however, I reached my goal and brought the fruit of my labors into the bedroom. 

"So just what have you produced in these three months of frantic work?" Lilly inquired. 

"Very well, let me show you and explain.  This is a dildo, as you can see, but it's no ordinary dildo.  First of all it is an exact replica of me.  More important, though, it is animated."

"Animated?" she asked.

"Yes.  It has mechanical and pneumatic actuators inside which can duplicate all the movements and pulsations of the real thing.  In addition, it has pressure sensors all over its surface so it can "feel" any touch, or force, or squeeze applied to it.  This cable from its root runs to the control box.  See--it's just a little bigger than a cigar box.

"Now let me show you the other part.  See this plastic tube about 10 inches long and 3 inches in diameter with the flange at the open end?  Inside it is a latex sheath that just fits me and has the same sort of animation and sensors as the dildo.  It, too, has a cable running to a control box."

"So what does this whole thing do?" asked Lilly.

Here.  Let me show you."  I replied.  See the other cables, the thin ones, coming from the control boxes?  Let me plug them together and turn the two units on.  Now stick a couple of fingers inside the sheath and feel the walls.  Then squeeze the dildo."

"Hey!  The walls squeeze in just as I squeeze the dildo."

"OK."  I went on.  "Now wiggle your fingers in the sheath."

As Lilly did so, the dildo pulsed and danced in exact mimicry to Lilly's movements. Suddenly the electric lamp of insight flashed on over her head. 

"Ah, so you will wear the sheath and I will play with the dildo, but (and her initial smile faded) we might as well just do it directly."

"Aha! you're quite right, except that instead of those short cables being just plugged into each other, they can be connected through any telecommunication channel:  telephone line, radio, internet link, just about anything--and thus over any distance.  Now you can have me (or at least a part of me) with you whenever you have to be away. 

"The software and telecommunication interfaces are Roger and Monique's contribution to this project.  They are on their way right now.

By now, Lilly's curiosity was really aroused (and not just her curiosity) and she wanted to try the invention right away.  We both undressed and I got out a pair of tight latex bicycle shorts and cut a hole in the front big enough to squeeze the sheath through from the inside, but not the flange.  I drew the pants up my legs and slid into the snug sheath as the garment reached the top.  It felt warm and cozy.  I connected the cable from the end of the sheath to the control box.  Lilly did the same with her dildo.  We now interconnected the boxes and switched them on.  Lilly gave her dildo a gentle squeeze.  I felt it and my tool gave an involuntary twitch as it rose to full size.  The dildo exactly mimicked the movement. She squeezed it a little harder, and I felt that, too.  Finally, gathering her courage she slowly slid it inside her.  From my perspective it felt just as though I was actually entering her.  I could feel the soft pressure and the slight pulsations.  She could feel mine.  It appeared the device was a success.

Just at that moment, Roger and Monique rang the doorbell.  Lilly pulled the dildo out and slipped on a bathrobe as she ran from the bedroom to answer the door. 

"Don't tell me you're trying the thing out already?" came a voice from the front hall followed by approaching footsteps. 

In a few seconds all three were in the bedroom staring at the strange device protruding from my crotch as I sat in the easy chair staring back at them. 

"So, does it work? asked Roger. 

"It doesn't look like it's working right now" said Monique looking at the dildo which, faithfully mimicking me, had gone rather soft and limp.  "Let's see what we can do about that."  She promptly picked up the dildo and put it in her mouth.  Seeing and feeling this immediately restored my strength and I moaned with pleasure.  But she stopped and took the object out.  "Don't want to intrude on your prerogatives, Lilly," she said with a smile.

Roger, however, was the inveterate techie.  "We ought to see, John, how accurate the simulation is  I have an idea.  Where's that body mold you made?" 

Once I was sealed inside, Lilly uncovered my eyes, mouth, and ears.  "Here's the experiment Roger and I have devised," she announced.  "Let's call it 'Is it live or Memorex.' We're going to cover your ears and eyes and I am going to test you.  You will have to tell whether it's really me or your new gadget with me on the other end."

Totally immobilized and isolated in darkness, I was already quite aroused when I felt my erect tool being mounted.  The penetration lasted a couple of minutes, and although I felt no pumping action, there was plenty of internal contraction.  Suddenly the warmth was removed.  I thought for a few seconds and said "Real." There was no answer (Apparently I wasn't going to get the benefit of instant scoring.) but I again felt the moist warmth enveloping me.  This happened ten times, none long enough to bring me near climax, but after each I gave my best guess.

My ears were then uncovered and I heard Lilly's voice.  "You were right six times. That's just a little better than chance, so It looks like this thing really works.  Now just for your information, this is the real me."

I felt the warmth and snugness of Lilly enveloping me again, along with a few internal squeezes, but then she was off.

"Now, this is the remote, and we're going to latch the flange to the front of the mold." 

My ears were covered again, but this time so was my mouth.  Again I felt as though I was being mounted, and the feeling really was almost the same as the "real thing."  There followed a few internal squeezes to which I responded with my own muscle contractions. The most interesting sensation resulted when Lilly walked around the room with the dildo inside her.  The exchange went on for several minutes and suddenly my excitement got the better of me and I was over the edge.  Lilly must have known it because I could feel her (or at least the remote replication of her) spasming with her own orgasm.  But then it was over. Although it was a great orgasm, as it always was when I was restrained in the mold, there was also a sense of disappointment as I gradually went soft.  Usually, Lilly had sustained the teasing much longer, keeping me on the brink for at least several minutes.

At that point, I felt the fasteners around the mold being released.  Lilly and Monique were smiling at me as they helped me sit up and climb out of the rear half.  But then Lilly explained, "I have to admit this invention of yours is great, but I couldn't really tell how close you were to cumming." 

"I sort of figured that."  I'm not sure what we can do about that problem, but I remember reading about an idea in the Academy of Erotic Arts and Sciences Bulletin."  I searched my back issues and found the article.  It described a system of physiological monitors, not unlike those in a polygraph.   These measured sweating, heart rate, muscle tension, genital engorgement, etc.  A fairly simple computer program combined these readings to give what was called the arousal index, ranging from zero (not at all excited) to 100 (the orgasm threshold). 

I started working on this idea when I, for a change, had to go on a business trip of a couple of weeks, but the company promised me a week off when I returned.  As I entered the house, Monique and Roger were waiting with Lilly to greet me.  And all were grinning mischievously.  "We've built the monitor!" Roger shouted.  "Want to try it out?"

I took a quick shower as they laid out the mold for me.  I lay down in it and again felt the delicious pressure as its latex liner squeezed my body.  The sheath slid into place and was latched to the mold.  The stimulation began almost at once and just as I was nearing the brink, it stopped.  The monitor must have been working.  At that point, I felt some activity in the rear of the mold and suddenly a butt plug intruded into my rear passage.  "What the? mmfff"  A mouth-filling rubber gag silenced my protest.

My ears were uncovered and Lilly spoke gently.  "We've decided to do a real test here.  The gag has a tube that will feed you some of that diet shake stuff.  It's not the most delicious but it will keep you from getting too hungry.  The butt plug is hollow and connected to a tube to take care of the other end.  Every few hours, one of us will check on you, turn you face down, and stop the stimulation so you can take a leak.  There is a tube on your sheath for that.  Now, aren't you lucky you have the whole week off?"

I tried to protest through my gag, but Lilly just inflated it a little further.  She said, "Now I am going to cover your eyes and ears, put my dildo in and enjoy it while watching your arousal index on my control box.  If you are very good, I may--just may--let you cum before the week is out.


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