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The Tale of Tim & Carol Chapter 2: Carol in Training

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2011 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: FFF/f; solo-m; captive; latex; bond; shave; piercing; hood; gag; bodybag; inflation; susp; mast; climax; voy; reluct/nc; X

continued from chapter one


Chapter 2: Carol in Training

I barely slept that night. I had just handed over my wife to three very competent dominatrixes. I didn’t know where they lived, or where they had taken my wife, gagged and plugged, stuffed into a rubber lined bag, and I didn’t really know what they were going to do to her. Fran, my mother in law, seemed to have great confidence in Monica, and her assistants, but I was getting second thoughts. They could be part of a white slave trade, and Carol could be on her way to…. Russia…. anywhere, I didn’t know.

While I had been quite excited at seeing her tied up, gagged and plugged the reality had now set in. The next morning, I called Fran and told her of my worries at length. She was very understanding and calm. She confessed she knew Monica, but wouldn’t say from where, but assured me all would go according to plan. The money had not been wasted and Carol was in the “right hands.” She would learn from the experience and would be a new woman after this. 

Monica had said she would send me DVD’s of Carol’s training and it was two days later, at last, when a package arrived. My hands were shaking as I opened it and placed the DVD into the machine. I didn’t know what to expect at all, I was just happy that at least we were communicating.  But nothing prepared me for the two hours that I was about to witness.

The quality of the DVD was excellent, the sound and visuals crystal clear. Evidently the three of them were experienced at this. In the first scene the camera looked down on a black, sausage shape lying on a bed. I heard Polly’s voice.

“Wakey, wakey, Carol, rise and shine, it’s your first new day of education.” The sausage rolled to one side and then I realized it was Carol. They had squeezed her into a tight latex body bag for the night. I could make out her body as she wriggled and writhed inside it. But her legs were firmly pressed together and her arms were at her sides, clearly imprisoned within internal sleeves. There was a front double zip, up to her chin and it would have been impossible for her to extricate herself alone. Natalie came into view and knelt on the bed, rubbing her hands up and down Carol’s imprisoned form. I had assumed it was Carol, but her head was encased in a tight black latex mask, with eye, nose a mouth holes. As Natalie’s hands began to rub up and down at her crotch Carol began to writhe further and shout at her captors.

“Get off me, let me go.” The girls simply chuckled and Natalie quickly produced a similar gag to the one the night before and began strapping it around the violently shaking head of Carol. Quickly the straps were over her head and under her chin, and then Natalie viciously began pumping the inflator bulb. Soon all that could be heard was a mmmmffffing from Carol’s bulging mouth, her cheeks puffed out to the extreme. Natalie pulled her to her feet, saying.

“Come on Carol, dear, we have a big day ahead, one you will never forget I can guarantee.” And I could hear Polly laugh behind the camera. Then the scene faded to black. I put it on pause to get my breath back. I knew that her “rehabilitation” would involve some discipline and I now knew worse was to come for Carol, but there was nothing I could do right now, so I played the next scene, with some trepidation, warranted as it turned out, for this scene took my breath away.

Carol, or I assumed it was Carol, for she was still masked and gagged with the large inflatable gag, was naked and stretched out in a gyn/ob chair. Her legs were stretched wide at a 90 degree angle and she was strapped at ankles, above and below knees and thighs. Further straps were at her waist, and above and below her breasts. Extending out from her sides were her arms, strapped to the armrests at wrists and elbows. To keep her head from moving a further strap was firmly pulled across her forehead and attached to the headrest. Basically she could barely move an inch. I felt my mouth go dry as the camera, this time I assumed held by Natalie, panned up and down her body. There was a faint mmmmfffing coming from behind her gag, her eyes flashed from side to side, her breaths coming in deep draughts.

Sitting on a low chair between her outstretched legs was Monica, but I could only tell that from her voice, for she and Polly were dressed in a macabre facsimile of nurse’s outfits. They comprised short tight skirt, long sleeved, high necked blouse, stockings, all in shiny white latex. Over their heads they wore a full head white mask, with white surgical masks strapped over that so that only their eyes are visible. They wore long green latex tunics, strapped at their backs and behind their necks and to complete the “ensemble” transparent latex surgical gloves. It was, at the same time a bit forbidding and strangely sexual. My feelings were mixed, my heart went out to Carol (for it was me that got her into this position) and yet, I was aroused. Yes, I had to admit that.

Polly contented herself with massaging Carol’s breasts with her latex gloved hands, pinching her nipples gently. This might take Carol’s mind off what Monica is attending to between her legs! As the camera panned down it settled on Monica’s masked head located barely a foot from Carol’s exposed, and now almost denuded, crotch. Monica had by now carefully and skilfully removed almost all of Carol’s pubic hair by electrolysis. As the camera zoomed in, there were barely ten hairs left as Monica applied her instrument with unerring accuracy, zapping one by one.

Within a couple of minutes she sat back in her chair, admiring her work. She ran her hand down Carol’s smooth, pink pussy and I heard her moan. Despite her predicament I had to admit that the sight of her soft, warm and now completely naked pussy made me groan with pleasure. But it couldn’t have been a pleasurable experience as there was a heavy sheen of sweat over Carol’s body.

I had asked her on a few occasions in the past to shave herself there and she had always demurred, saying she would have to do it every week and it would itch. Well, now she had had no choice in the matter, and as it had been done by electrolysis, she probably wouldn’t be itching for a while. I had to say I really liked the results and my sympathy right at that moment for Carol’s position was waning. But it now appeared that Monica was by no means finished down there.

First, she rubbed a thick gel down both sides of Carol’s labia, then easing her fingers inside her, did the same on the inner walls of her labia. My mouth went dry again as I thought I know what was coming next.

During this procedure Monica had been giving a calm, concise account of the procedure, whether for me or Carol, I didn’t know.

“Well, now we have you properly depilated, and although not permanent it will certainly last a good while to return, we will move onto the labial rings. The mating of the ends is permanent; there is no way to remove them other than by cutting through the steel, which is tempered and tough to do. I will align three up on each side. It will be a bit painful, and you will have a dull ache for a while but we will apply the local pain-reducing gel for a short period.”

She opened a sterile metal container, exposing six steel rings, and I know exactly where these are going. No doubt the gel will ease Carol’s upcoming pain, but I am sure she will feel what is coming. The rings are open ended, with a male and female end. Without any fanfare Monica pierced Carol’s labia on the left side about two thirds of the way up. The female ended section was passed through and then she mated this with the male section using a pair of rubber ended pliers. She pressed the two sections together firmly and there was a faint click. There was little movement from Carol as she was so efficiently bound, but I heard a muffled howl from her and I saw her chest rise as she gulped in air.

Having had it described for me I couldn’t watch the remainder of this painful procedure and forwarded it to the point where the last of the six rings had been implanted. They were indeed lined up opposite each other, and I noted there was some play between the rings and her lips, so they could be moved easily. I was surprised that there was very little blood, and very pleased at that, at least.

I have to say, that after the initial shock of seeing it done, I was rather surprised to realize that I really liked the result. My wife’s gorgeous smooth love lips adorned with six shiny rings. I imagined sliding my cock between those lips.

While Monica was working on the rings the camera panned back a couple of times to note that Polly was placing long plastic suction tubes around Carol’s breasts. Once they were at the base of each breast she depressed the bulb and sucked the breasts into the tube. Satisfied that they could be sucked in no further, she then rolled a thick rubber ring down the tube and past the end of the tube to grab the base of each breast. Releasing the suction and withdrawing the tubes, each breast was now strangled at the base by the strong rubber ring. Quickly the breasts, pointing straight up, became hard and pink, then gradually red, and the nipples hardened. There was a quiet moaning from Carol, and I noticed sweat dripping down her upper body, but nothing more.

Monica felt the breasts, now beginning to go a faint shade of purple, seemed satisfied and applied more gel to each nipple, pinching them but getting little reaction from Carol now. Then she got two identical rings. She quickly pierced the one nipple and closed the two ends together mating the male and female sections with a faint click. This was quickly repeated with the other nipple. Carol mmmmfed into her gag and again gulped in air, but could do nothing else.

Carol’s breasts were now adorned with shiny stainless steel rings incapable of being removed. As with the labial rings, there was some play between the rings and her nipples, but short of cutting or drilling them off, these seemed to be on for good. Satisfied that all was in order, Polly, with some difficulty removed the two rubber rings at the base of each breast. I could hear Carol howl into her gag, as the blood rushed to her breasts and nipples.

Satisfied with their work for the time being, Carol was released from the chair. There was no struggle from her, even with the mask and gag on her I could see she was in shock, sweat literally dripping down her chin. One hand went to a nipple and the other felt the six rings between her legs. The girls chuckled at their handiwork and the film faded to black.

If I was in any doubt before about the efficiency and seriousness of these women in their intent to “rehabilitate” my wife I was in no doubt now. I was now about half way through the first DVD and Carol’s first day in their clutches, and part of me was regretting ever going down this road.

But another part of me was a little aroused at what I had seen, and that worried me a bit. I wasn’t stupid and I knew that all sorts of mock fetish torture was all over the internet and I had cruised it occasionally, but when it is your wife – and she is being held against her will – it took on a different meaning. I went and got a cup of coffee, not the best to settle my nerves, but soon was back in front of my large flat screen.

The next scene confirmed for me that I had placed my wife in the hands of very professional dominatrixes. For this scene the camera panned a full 180 degrees, showing me a fully equipped torture chamber/playroom – depending on your role I supposed. I could hear giggling behind the hand held camera so I could tell that they were giving me a full tour of the premises and equipment.

Apart from the gyno/ob chair I saw a St. Andrews cross with leather restraints for the four limbs, and at waist and chest. The camera moved on and I saw what appeared to be a rubber body bag, black on the outside and red inside, with horizontal straps and buckles at 6 inch intervals, suspended from the ceiling. The head portion had a mouth hole but nothing else and a tube and inflator bulb at the crown, and from this I deduced that this part of the contraption was inflatable. The camera panned down and I saw a similar tube extending from the base of the bag, so the bag was separately inflatable. There was a further chuckle from behind the camera as a latex covered hand came in view and demonstrated the inside sleeves that would keep the occupant under full control and two oval-shaped holes opposite each other, one at the crotch of the bag that would allow the domina full, uninterrupted access to her groin and one at the rear, to allow equal, easy access to her bum hole. I tried to imagine what it would be like for Carol to be imprisoned inside it, completely vulnerable to those outside. I was a little frightened about it.

The camera moved to a rubber covered waist-high table with, again, straps for fully immobilizing the victim. As the camera panned round, I had to pause it to get a better view of all the equipment.

In a glass cabinet along one wall the camera moved to row upon row of masks and helmets of rubber, of different designs, colours, and, I’m sure, ability to cause discomfort! Adjacent to this were hangers of latex clothing, a huge array, again in different colours. There were suits (with and without masks or helmets, leotards, loose jumpsuits, capes, hooded coats and more, then there were uniforms – nurses, (I had seen them already) nuns, schoolgirls, classic domitatrix, even a baby outfit, and more.

The latex-covered hand then pulled out drawers underneath. The first contained a wide array of gags, inflatable, ball, bits, penis shaped and round ring gags. Then there was a drawer of dildos and butt plugs in Ziploc bags and vibratos of all sizes and shapes. Four more contained latex underwear – pants (some with single and double inserts for inserting in front and rear) - then stockings, tights, bras, bloomers, a latex version of everything you could imagine, and some that stretched the imagination. The camera moved away again, though it had not even skimmed the full set of drawers and closets, leaving me wondering what else could be behind them.

I paused and took a breath. These women had spent a huge amount of money equipping their dungeon – wherever it was.

The room was large, with a high ceiling with a suspended metal grid incorporating spot lights and, more worryingly, chains and winching equipment. I saw a three feet square see-through plastic cube with a sliding lockable top with a 6 inch hole in it (presumably for a head to be held outside) and a cushion area in front of it. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what that was to be used for.

There was a rubber covered vaulting horse with, inevitably, straps at each leg and along the spine. In the corner I saw several hospital IV stands with inverted rubber containers and tubes dangling down – again I could see that these could be inserted in mouth or rear, or perhaps both at the same time!

Hanging from the ceiling was a ball-shaped contraption about four feet diameter made of metal tubing. It was made of two sections, the top opening out and then capable of being locked closed from the outside. Basically it was an open prison for the occupant, and there were a number of rubber cushions inside, very thoughtful of the mistresses, I mused.

Also hanging from the ceiling was a rectangular metal frame, about 4 by 6 feet however held between the frame were two sheets of transparent latex. I noticed a corrugated tube attached to the bottom of the frame and quickly surmised and this was a vacuum tube, so once the poor victim was placed inside and the sheets zipped closed, the air would be sucked out and the victim glued between the sheets, completely unable to move and totally vulnerable to any ministrations from outside. The only connection with the outside was a small breathing tube at head height……I paused the DVD and took another break.

So this was to be the location of Carol’s “rehabilitation”. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that she was now in way over her head, and so was I. I just hoped that she would be cooperative and understand that it was for the best, for both of us – but she was the one that was to be disciplined, not me.

I returned to the flat screen and restarted the disc.

Monica now seemed to be in charge of the camera, for Polly and Natalie were pulling a struggling Carol towards the suspended latex body bag. At least I assumed it was Carol for her head was covered in a shiny, tight latex black full head mask, with no rear zip and only two small holes at the nostrils and a large mouth hole. Her mouth however was crammed with a large gag on a thick strap pulled behind her head and all she could do was make gurgling sounds. She was naked other than on her hands she wore latex thumbless mittens, tightly strapped to her wrists so they were of little use to her as the two girls manhandled her to the bag.

Although she was blind, and partially mute, and her hands were useless, she put up a good fight, kicking out and thrashing with her arms, but all this did was amuse the two girls who I could see were very experienced in avoiding any injury. They were identically dressed in scarlet leotards with high necks and sleeves to the wrist. They wore matching red self-hold latex stockings and four inch heels.

Despite Carol trying to strike out with her feet, they calmly lifted her and placed her legs in the lower portion of the suspended body bag. Carol still wriggled but her gravity meant that she plopped inside and was well embedded up to her waist where the lower zip started. The girls then leant over and firmly took an arm each and stuffed it down into the internal sleeve. Carol could wriggle all she wanted now, but she was going nowhere. Quickly they zipped her up to her neck and Carol was imprisoned.

She continued to wriggle and wobble but all she did was swing within the suspended bag. I think she had spread her legs or better balance now. Polly turned on the pump that lay near Carol’s suspended feet and very quickly, more quickly than I had anticipated the bag began to swell. The two skins began to squeeze her as the bag expanded to almost twice its size. Carol had now stopped wriggling – or was simply unable to move at all. Then Polly and Natalie began to attach each of the horizontal straps and pull them tight, turning Carol into a poor facsimile of the Michelin man. Shortly the girls were satisfied and she was entombed in the inflatable rubber cocoon. They now turned their attentions to her head. Carol had stopped gurgling now, and saliva was dripping down over her ball gag. From behind the camera I heard Monica say.

“Well now Carol, nicely tucked away, and now we will attend to your head. We want all your senses under control so you can fully appreciate your predicament. We will remove your gag, keeping your mask on, then place your head in the separate helmet and inflate it. There is a hole for your mouth, nothing else, so you can breathe and communicate. The intensity of the inflation might make you a bit light-headed,” and here she chuckled, “but you will get used to it.”

As Polly pulled out the gag, and Carol took in air and spluttered a curse, Natalie dropped the inflatable helmet over Carol’s already masked head. She cursed and shook her head from side to side but to no avail, as Natalie aligned the hole with her mouth and Polly began the inflation.

Again this didn’t take long and within seconds her head had taken on the shape of a basketball. Polly squeezed it, feeling for the right pressure, seemed satisfied at the taut shiny surface and unscrewed the tube and capped it off. Carol had not said anything during this and seemed a bit disorientated, just concentrating on her breathing.

So there she was, utterly immobile in a latex prison, only her mouth exposed through the oval hole in the helmet and her pussy and bum exposed in the bag. And it was this that Polly paid attention to next!

She pulled on a pair of latex surgical gloves, knelt down and, gripping the back of the bag, pushed her hand through the front oval hole. I held my breath as the camera moved in and saw one finger and then another enter Carol. Carol yelped but Polly continued, in and out, slowly moving her fingers expertly, then peeling back her pierced labia, gently rubbing her clit, which had become quickly enflamed. Carol started taking short breaths, stuttering.

“Fu…..Jesu….oh, oh, you bastar….aaahh.” And Polly continued for fully five more minutes. Shortly the bag began to shake violently as Carol screamed out as a huge orgasm took over her. Polly withdrew her fingers, stood and gently pushed them through the hole in the helmet and into Carol’s open mouth.

“Taste yourself you lucky girl. Carol we are going to have so much fun with you.”

Carol half gagged and panted.

“You, you fuckers, aaaahh, you just wait, I’ll get you all back for this.”

“Oh, I hope so.” Polly laughed. “But enough of this chit chat, Natalie?” She nodded to Natalie who quickly pushed a flaccid bladder through the hole and into Carol’s unprepared open mouth. Before she could spit it out Natalie was pumping it up, silencing Carol in seconds. The bladder had a breathe-through section, but Carol was now capable of only a faint mmmmfff.

Then Natalie, not wanting to be kept out of the fun, lubed up a small butt plug and approached Carol’s rear. Carol could see nothing of course but when she felt Natalie’s fingers prise apart her cheeks she began to wriggle and mmmmmff. With a chuckle Natalie pressed it against Carol’s sphincter and eased it inside her. I was surprised at how easily it went in. A curved base plate stopped it disappearing inside her. Satisfied, Natalie now placed a small, narrow vibrator over Carol’s pussy, prised apart her lips and pressed it over her clit. Within a few seconds the bag started to wobble and shake as Carol writhed in silent agony/pleasure again. Natalie continued for perhaps four or five minutes, until the bag - and its occupant - stopped all motion.

Natalie withdrew, Carol simply hung motionless, exhausted, or unconscious but still breathing I could see…..and the camera turned off.

The DVD had ended, I was exhausted, which was nothing to what Carol was feeling I’m sure. I went to bed that evening quite early, the image of Carol burned into my senses. How long could this training, this indoctrination go on for?



Story continues in Chapter 3

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