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The Surprise of a Lifetime

by Tightone

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© Copyright 2005 - Tightone - Used by permission

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Living the normal suburban life of a wife was ok; it just did not seem real exciting. One day I asked my husband, Mike, who is employed in a high tech development lab, if we could try a few things to maybe spice up our lives both personally and sexually. He asked to think on it for a while and later we had a discussion about things in general and when it came to improving our intimacy there were some rather odd things thrown out at the time, or at least I thought them odd at that time. Some of the things discussed were surprise, role playing, and exotic dressing for pleasure. I totally drew the line at pain and said that strange (to me at the time) clothing would be interesting but I would like to keep it quite private. Well things did spice up in a more conventional way and for a while it was good but when I asked about some of the exotic things we talked about he just winked his eye and said give it time.

The next week on Friday I decide to add a little fuel to the fire and went to the local fetish shop for the first time. All of the things there as I walked in the door at first made me blush just a little. After browsing for a while I decide to try on a corset and maybe some latex panties and a bra. The corset was difficult and after a long struggle since I had never had one on before I finally got it adjusted right. What a sensation! Never before had I been held so strongly and completely. My own eyes was just amazing, totally different than I had ever seen myself. I just had to try on the panties and bra. The feeling of the latex as it started out cool and warmed to my touch was a rush. I had to get all of them and head back to the house.

When I got home I had to get back into all three of the items and get used to them before Mike got home, what a surprise he was in for. I put on the panties and bra and before putting on the corset decided to wear my very smooth teddy under it. This was a good idea as the corset was much easier to lace and my body seemed to adjust easier to the pressure and breathing restrictions. Over this went my jeans and a blouse that hid my surprise a little bit except that I had to pull the belt in a lot more on the waist so if you looked close you could tell about the corset. I then set myself to tidying up a little and subtly altering the mood in the house so that Mike would have a clue, if he was not thinking about work too much when he got home, that tonight was going to be a little different. Started at about two in the afternoon and finished by four with maybe two hours to wait for Mike. Time to relax and enjoy since everything was settling down with the corset, it was still tight, but I was getting used to it now. One interesting discovery on the latex is that the longer you have it on the more intimate the contact with you it has, this was positively distracting as time went on, and made me feel very horny just sitting there.

Mike arrived right at 6:15 and when he hit the door I knew it was one of those days, I had to totally distract him and get his mind off of the day. “Honey, come give me a kiss” and he came over with a perplexed expression, at this point I grabbed his tie and pulled him to my lips, the day was getting less important by the minute and after a couple of kisses we were fully in each other’s arms. I don’t know how he did not feel the corset right away but nothing was said for a full five minutes of cuddling, “Honey, what is up with your waist”, I had to spill the beans and then I was his for the modeling turn so that he could see what I had done. The rest of the evening turned a little different than I had originally planned as he convinced me to go out to dinner with him, as I was! We went to a quiet little restaurant and had a very nice dinner sitting next to each other and continuing to cuddle until about 8:30 when Mike said we needed to head home, I agreed since I was getting a little full and could not get the latex panties down to go without taking the corset off first. Upon arriving home I explained that I needed to go and would come back out ready for fun, he said it would be nice if he could help lace me back into the corset and I let him.

“What have we here” was his comment on the latex panties and bra as I handed him the corset, “just one of my fun things” and he left it at that, but the look he had on his face let me know that things were in motion between his ears. After a short lesson in lacing from me he really got busy and laced the corset in well, after I got my breath back he had me in his arms and the rest of the night went by like a dream with more loving enjoyment for both sides than we had ever had before. I even ended up exhausted in his arms asleep in the corset for the night.

Next morning I woke up dreary eyed from the excitement of the night before and Mike was nowhere to be found, strange that he would not let me know he was going somewhere. I got out of the latex and corset and enjoyed a good long bath after which I lounged around and contemplated what would be next, I knew it had to be more latex but just as my daydreams were getting to the next items Mike showed up with some electronic gadgets and an almost breathless hurry to him. “Please sit here and remain still while I hook you up” as he pointed to a comfortable straight chair, I complied and he started unpacking his gear. He came over with about a dozen little sensor pads that you stick on your head and applied them, “I need to have your brain activity recorded for a project”. So we joked around with me sitting still in the chair for over an hour while he asked me questions and had me relax. “Done, let’s get you all disconnected now”, and he pulled all of the wiring back off of me. “I will be back later” and he packed it all back up and drove off.

Since it was now noon I cleaned myself up and on a lark put the corset back on, not laced as tight this time to go back to the fetish shop. I knew what I was after this time and went right to the latex hose, “could I try these on” and the storeowner handed me a bottle of powder and said use plenty. In the dressing room I soon had the hose on but had a problem with them trying to roll back down my legs, I asked the owner about that and he remembered that I had purchased the corset the day before “I have some garters you can put on the corset”, he did not know I had it on, “I will take them right now”, and he knocked after finding the six to match the corset. I reached through the door and hooked them onto the corset, adjusted them, and clipped the tops of the stockings into them, problem solved. I decided to wear the hose out and as I was paying for them noticed some boots in the display, knee high and with a good five-inch heel, I asked if he had any in size 9, he did so I sat down to try them on.

As I pulled up my pants cuff to get the boots on he noticed my legs in the hose and could see that I was a little stiff with the corset on “I can help with those miss”. He very nicely sat down and took my shoes off and then placed the first of the boots on my foot, I had not noticed that they were eyelet laced all the way up so he started to lace and after a while had both boots on very tight and they actually fit right. They had a full inch more heel than anything I was used to so getting up and walking was different at first, but with the support of the good fit and a little practice I got the hang of it quickly. Now I was wearing something that you could really see as I would walk down the street, I don’t know what got into me but I said I would wear them out. As I finished paying for the items the owner thanked me and I headed to the car. It probably only seemed that all eyes were on me in those boots but I was trying to make it look like I had been walking in them for my whole life so as to not be noticed as much. The drive home was without incident but with the latex, boots, and corset on it was definitely harder to concentrate.

This time I did not have to wait as long as the previous night, Mike was back home less than an hour after me. He saw the boots and more modeling, “how about dinner again”, my reply was “ok, just let me get freshened up a little”. I don’t really know what got into me at that point but I went up and got back into the latex panties and bra, laced the corset back on tighter than it was for the shopping and put on a blouse with a belted skirt that came to just below my knees. I could now last for a long time since everything had been taken care of. “WOW!”, Mike said and I thought I was going to have to put his eyes back in, “let me get something a little better on since you are dressing up like that”. I did not have long to wait as he came down in a good casual suit with a festive tie on. What a night, romantic restaurant, some more cuddling (he found the latex hose), and an evening at the Lyric Opera. Getting home at about midnight we were both beat but now was the fun time, again we topped the previous night, and again I slept in his arms still in the corset and this time the stockings, oh sweetest bliss. This time he was still there when we woke in the morning, so we shared a bath and since we both had things to get done that day we got busy and did not think about things for the rest of the day.

The next week went by with our newfound love being practiced each night and waking the next day still in each other’s arms. The only difference was that Mike seemed to be staying at work a little later each night than normal, but even with the increase in hours he seemed to come in with a much better frame of mind. The reason for this was to soon become apparent in a way that I could never have imagined. A month passed and my only trip back to the shop was for a pair of latex gloves and a leotard also made of latex. Secretly I was wearing some of the latex under my street clothes every day and on a day that I did not have to go anywhere I would wear it around the house with the corset and get horny, I guess that is the best way to put it. On those days that I was able to wear it all Mike really had his hands full when he got home, and I don’t think he was going to complain about it either.

* * *

Ding-dong went the front doorbell, what could that be this early in the afternoon? I opened the door to a special delivery carrier standing there with a large box, “sign here please”, and after signing brought the box into the house. The only thing written on the outside was “have fun opening and read everything you see”.

Needless to say my curiosity was in high gear and I succeeded in finding a box cutter to open the box, after carefully opening the box and peering inside I noticed an unmistakable odor, latex! With the lid now fully open I saw a placard that looked like a thick piece of plastic with writing on one side, the first line read; “Please read and follow the instructions that will appear here to the letter, this is something that will give you the utmost in pleasure but misused could be a problem”. I picked up the placard and set it to the side in order to get a better view of what was inside when I heard a noise that sounded like a submarine dive claxon from the placard, in bold letters on it the words were; “YOU HAVE NOT READ AND FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY, PLEASE RETURN TO THESE INSTRUCTIONS”.

I picked up the placard again and the words changed before my eyes, this time I read the instructions thoroughly. I will not bore you with the details but some of the highlights were that what I had was a pleasure suit that was computer driven and powered by special power rods that had to be charged up before use. The placard then changed to my first direct instructions which were to unpack and hang up the suit on the special hangers provided and unpack the charger and power rods, plug the charger into the wall, and insert the power rods in the appropriate places. After doing these things I looked at the placard again to see if it was showing more instructions but all that was there was please wait until the rods are fully charged, the charger will signal to you when it is completed, you may examine the suit and accessories now.

I was in a hurry to complete the instructions given by the very insistent placard so I had not really looked at the items in detail, now I had the time so I started with the suit, taking it down and carefully looking it over. It was a one piece affair with only a neck hole for entrance and an open crotch, which I thought was nice, made out of what appeared to be a thicker latex but not quite latex. The feet were already as boots with a heel that was fairly large and about five inches in height leading up to a slightly thinner material up the legs and as the body was started the material became thicker and more resilient. The arms ended in gloved hands that were fairly thin and looked like they should have good sensitivity for doing things while in the suit. There were no fasteners, zippers or any other way of securing the suit on after getting into it. I say that it was like latex but just a little different, kind of hard to describe, it had the impervious feel of latex but it seemed not as delicate, even though it was easily as supple as my other latex items. The waist was very solid even though it could be bent and stretched some, and the bust was very detailed looking like it was designed to be form fitting.

Holding it up to my 5’8” frame in the mirror the proportions looked about right but it seemed that it would be a little loose when put on. I placed the suit back on its hanger and looked at the other two items, the first was a pair of panties unlike any other that I had seen, oh they were short legged and the waist came up just over my hips and made of the same material as the suit, there were two small plugs where my own parts would meet. I thought one for the front could be interesting but the one for the rear was kind of a new idea, each plug had a small hole in from the outside.. The other item was a hood or I guess you could call it a helmet, made of the same stuff, it covered the head completely with nose tubes and a gag inside that was breath through and there were two holes, one on each side of the breathing hole in the gag. The neck was long enough to come all the way down my neck and stop at the shoulders, I pulled it on and found the fit to be good but kind of loose, while on I noticed a certain feel to the material, kind of like latex but just a little different, almost like it had a charge in it and was making my senses tingle. After looking everything over I glanced back at the placard and it had more to read on it, there were some minor directions and it finished with a countdown of when the power rods would all be charged up which was about 2 in the afternoon the next day. I put the placard up in the closet over the top of the suit and went about my day.

Without being able to try the new surprise I decided at about 5 to put everything that I had on and give Mike the ride of his life when he got home. After a quick bath and a good cleaning out I started with the bra and panties, then pulled the hose on with the boots right after them. This time I decided to try something a little different and put the leotard on under the corset, it worked, and with a little bit of tugging and pulling the corset was now securely on. As I looked in the mirror while connecting the garters to the hose I noticed that the back of the corset was still a little bit open, well this would not do this time so I set about closing the corset all the way, having the latex leotard under the corset did seem to make it a little tighter so I sat down for a minute to get used to it. I then pulled on the latex gloves all the way up my arms over the sleeves of the leotard, this was now the most enclosed I had ever been and it sent chills up my spine thinking about what I was about to do.

I had had a black party dress made to match my new corseted figure and this was going to be the night since Mike had the next day off. I got the dress out of the closet and put it on, the full zipper in the back was kind of fun with all the latex and the corset but when it was finally on the fit was marvelous, The bottom of the dress was a slim pencil skirt just below my knees and it had a fitted bodice that was beaded and came up to a high neck with lace on the top of the neck and at the end of the long sleeves. The whole thing was not quite painted on but close. I then set about doing my long wavy hair and makeup, since we were going out on the town I did not want to miss anything. Just as I was finishing I heard the door open, “honey, I ‘m home”, “in here” I replied and he came around the door to a new surprise. After recovering from me sitting there ready to go I had to do another modeling turn to a wolf whistle and “boy have I got my work cut out for me tonight”, “you sure do, big boy” was my reply. “ Now how about you getting ready so we can go” was my way of getting his mind off me for a few minutes so that he could get ready.

When he came down in a dinner jacket I was wondering where he had in mind to go so “where are you taking me, honey”? “The top of the world” which was his nickname for the club at the top of our tallest building downtown, probably the ritziest place in town. I kind of wondered about my rubber hands being out of place but hoped for the best and they might not get noticed. The trip to the club was uneventful but as we were getting out at the valet parking the attendant who helped us almost walked into the car because he was looking at me so much. On to the elevator and at the top we were met and escorted to a very nice waiting room with three very attentive waitresses who took our appetizer order as well as drinks, these we had in no time and the thirty minute wait for our table went by very quickly.

“How did you get us in so quickly?” I asked and his reply was that there was a phone in the bedroom and he made some arrangements while changing. Our table was almost private due to the seating arrangements in the restaurant section and Mike sat right next to me. When our food came he insisted on feeding me and did so in a very loving way. While we were eating it was also a cuddle here and a cuddle there, if you get the idea dinner took a long time. “Oh my, look at the time” Mike exclaimed as we were finishing up our desert and I was very full with the corset on tight and all the good food and drink we had enjoyed. “What are you planning now?” I said with this knowing look to which he replied “I think a show would be in order. Now I did not expect the traveling performance of Cats since this was the toughest ticket to get in town this evening but that is exactly where we went. What a show and the stuff I was wearing really had me hot in more than one way when it was over. Remember I had virtually locked myself in with the way I had put everything on so we were going to have to go home before anything else could happen.

Sitting there in the theater I was having trouble concentrating on the show because of the sexual urges coursing through my body and the little cuddling and holding that we did was nothing short of driving me nuts. Home could not get here fast enough and I think Mike was getting little hints by the noises I was making in the car on the way home. In the door and attack, poor Mike, he almost did not know what to do with me on the verge and wrapping myself around him like I was. It took a while but we finally made it to the bedroom and I think that I climaxed twice before getting there, that only slowed me down for a little while, we carried on for hours until exhaustion finally caught up with us both. We did not even wake up until almost noon and then it was one before we were able to let each other go. In looking back I don’t think that I noticed anyone looking at my latex hands or acting like anything was wrong but I did get some looks like WOW! from some of the men, my self-consciousness left before we made it to the theater, and it all seemed so natural after that.

* * *

Mike left to do a couple of errands and this left me alone for a little while. All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks, I had forgotten about the suit and when it would be available to me with the power rods all charged up. I dashed into the closet and looked at the placard, the countdown was at four minutes, good, just time for me to get a shower and be ready to see what everything was. After finishing the shower I went to the closet and took the suit and placard out, this time the placard had more instructions on it, “put the suit on and adjust it so that everything lines up and has no extra space anywhere, the suit needs to be very even on your body before inserting a power rod”. Well, who was I to argue with plastic. I gently put on the suit and found it to have the same almost electric feel as it moved over my skin. It was kind of strange entering it through the neck but as much as I seemed to pull at the neck to get in, there was no apparent stress on the material.

The fit was ok but seemed kind of loose after what I had been in the previous evening, all the parts were close to where they matched but there was not really any tightness. The outside of the suit was smooth and black with an understated shine to it that at once seemed to absorb light and then it also seemed to move with the way light hit it. I felt like I was in something very rubbery but there was more to it than that. Suddenly the placard went whoop, whoop with the dive sound again and I had to check it out. It told me to go get the green power rod out of the charger and return to stand here in front of it. I did as it told me to and when I returned it had changed again, “look in your cleavage”, I did and there was a hole that had appeared, not all the way through the suit but into the fabric itself. Now the placard read “stand straight with your feet apart and insert the rod into the hole, be careful to place your arms close to your side after you do”.

Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar, I did as was told and when I returned my arm to my side the suit started tightening, the neck first so that it would fit smooth and snug, then the rest of it started tightening, from the ankles up, what a feeling. The bust molded itself to my own breasts and then uplifted them a little, the crotch came in to the point that it would be easy to do my duty, the arms tightened to the point that they seemed painted on and my fingers had almost perfect feel through the material. What happened at the waist was the most amazing, it started tightening and kept going after snug, I was starting to worry that I might have to remove it some way but just as it got to the point of a very tight-laced corset it stopped. I breathlessly (for more than one reason) went to the mirror to look, what a sight! Never had my body looked that good and the electric feel of the suit when I first put it on was increased to the point that I was aroused just standing there. I looked back at the placard and it started telling me things about the suit and its system of operation that were unbelievable. The material was almost indestructible; you could not cut it with a knife. I was in the suit for 24 hours and it would respond to my thoughts in ways that were going to be very pleasant. It would not get unbearably warm or go cold, as it was temperature regulated, I had been both too cold and too hot in latex and that would turn the feeling from indescribably good to less than desirable very quickly. Looking back at the placard again it read “go about your day and enjoy” and the second line read “make sure you return here when the time is up, the power rod will release you from the suit suddenly”.

I had groceries to get of all things and now I was in the suit for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow. Well, just have to dress so that it is not too noticeable. I started with the latex panties so that I would not have a breeze in the wrong place and then went to the closet to get a blouse and pants to cover most of the suit. The blouse was a gray long sleeve with ruffles on the high collar and cuffs with some going down the front row of buttons. The pants were a pair that I had that were straight legged and a little long, which figured just right with the five-inch heels. Letting my wavy brown hair down and doing my makeup in a subdued manner I figured that I was ready. Off to the store and some interesting stares from any men who were there, unfortunately I just had to ignore them. I succeeded in getting the groceries without too much fuss and as I was coming home I noticed that I was very aroused just by driving home, could this have something to do with that electric feeling the suit had when I put it on?

Mike is home! As I came in the door I rushed over to him and smothered him with kisses and I think he caught on that I was in the suit, “honey, I need to tell you a few things about that suit you have on”. This almost fell on deaf ears as I was ready to burst with anticipation and sexual energy, but I had to settle down a little and listen “this better be good, bub”. “The suit is constructed of a new kind of latex polymer and is actually three layers, the first layer next to your skin is designed to be soft and supple just like your latex that you have now in the closet, the outside layer is much tougher and virtually indestructible though still a modified latex, the layer in between those two is where all the micro robots and computing are. You do not need to know the details but everything in that suit is on the microscopic level and incredibly powerful. When we had you hooked up to the brain wave collector you were in effect programming the suit, it responds to your thoughts and emotions. Think an arousing thought”. I did and immediately my sexual urges were heightened and it almost felt like there was an electric stimulus from the suit to my sensitive areas. “Be careful with this as you could exhaust yourself at the wrong time and in the wrong place”.

I had to cool my thoughts or I was going to be in trouble right in front of my husband, when I had settled down enough I asked Mike “what about the other things that came with the suit”? “The hood and crotch cover with the inserts are only for use with the red power rods and then only with all of them, each level of stimulus and change as you go from green to red gets much more intense but as a result will not last as long, all rods take 24 hours to recharge”. “Can we enjoy this right now” was my next thought and although I had not meant to speak it I did. “Enjoy for you can be anytime, anywhere, and as strong as you want. For me I can enjoy watching you go nuts or join in the fun”. “Oh, please join in” as I was starting to think of sexual things again. We got up almost as one and came together, “please get out of your clothes down to the suit” was my incentive for slowing down a little. Up to the room and off with the blouse and pants, back down and he was waiting for me on the couch. His touch went through the suit and seemed more sensual than it ever was, his kisses never tasted so sweet, and as he touched me passion welled up for me to take him. He let me and for the next two hours we chased each other around the house and made love more times and in more places than I thought possible, finally we ended up in bed and exhausted in each others arms, It seemed strange to go to bed in the suit, especially with the built in boots but there did not seem to be a choice. I slept deep and well considering my tight state and the suit affected even my dreams. But like most dreams I did not remember details, just some of the general things that happened like both of us in suits like I had and coupled to each other not only physically but also mentally to each other’s minds.

I woke late the next morning and did not realize how long I had slept until looking at the clock, 10:30! Mike had already left for work and I was left alone with my thoughts and the suit. I was more peaceful than aroused this morning and the suit seemed to respond to that as well with a comfortable warmth. Don’t get me wrong, the corset portion was still tight, I was curious so got up and measured the waist, twenty inches, never had I been laced down that far before and it did not seem like I was having to strain with the pressure. I started to feel my body while looking in the mirror and was surprised with the way the suit changed how it felt on me, the warmth was replaced with a raw sexual energy that was intoxicating and only increased as my hands went to my breasts. Now I was getting it going and climaxed wildly as I was standing right there in front of the mirror. I had to sit down now as my knees were going weak with the power of what I had just done.

After a few minutes I was rested and went to look at the placard. One corner had the countdown to release going and the body of it read “please go to the same place you put it on and stand as you were when you inserted the power rod at least five minutes before the countdown ends”. I still had over an hour before I needed to follow the placard’s instructions so went down and had a light breakfast, which was all that I could eat, and relaxed until time to go and prepare for release. I stood as told right at five minutes and the pressure on my waist started to lessen, this went on for a full four minutes. Promptly at one minute the rest of the suit started to loosen and release itself from my whole body and as the count ran down on the clock it returned to the condition of when I had put it on. Right at zero the power rod popped up and was almost transparent, most of the green was gone. The placard said to get out and return the rod to the charger, clean the inside of the suit with a wet sponge and a little bit of gentile cleaner on it, and take a bath myself. All of these I did and when clean got unto my other latex and corset for the rest of the afternoon and evening, the corset almost did not seem that tight anymore.

That evening Mike and I sat and talked about things, and yes I was still laced and in the latex, about the suit and about us in general. We could hardly describe ourselves as dull any more and both of us were so much more satisfied with each other. Mike said that the other levels of the suit’s operation would be best to get into gently as I could use to get used to the first level for a couple of weeks. This was kind of frustrating but I was still able to enjoy regularly and had my standard latex and corset for the times in between. After a week of wearing the suit when I could I made an observation, the waist of the corset part always stayed at the same tension, I could eat and it would not get tighter and as I had it on for long periods it would not seem looser, I even proved it by measuring myself at different times with small differences in the tape results. I did make another discovery in that it would behave like latex and you could sweat with a lot of exertion, it might have been temperature controlled but if you generated enough heat yourself you still got warm.

* * * *

Two weeks went by and I was timed out by the suit early in the morning still wanting to be in it, well now was the time, Mike had just left for work and I was soaking in the tub, time for the next stage. After drying off I went to the placard and looked, thinking about getting back into the suit with the yellow power rod, “if you are ready you may” read the placard. Now I was not going to turn back, it was 11 am and I got the suit and the yellow rod, put the suit on and before putting the rod into the place in my cleavage I checked the placard again “the feelings you have had with the green rod will be increased and the suit will become more extreme in its actions to your body”. This caused me to pause and think if I was really ready for this. I was in good shape, I had been staying laced for most of the time, and I had been very much in control of how the suit was interacting with me for the last week. Time to commit, so I slid the rod into the suit and placed my arm back to my side. This time everything happened a little more and tighter, the suit cinched in tighter over my whole body, the neck increased its height on mine a little, and the heels increased in height. Then the corset section started tightening, past where it had stopped before, and molded me to a waist that I thought you could only dream about.

Now I was really breathing just to keep my composure, I did not think you could get this tight and still function. The imperviousness of the material seemed to increase also and I felt like nothing could get through. I did not sit down, I fell into bed to rest, and wonder what I had got myself into. After a good fifteen minutes I regained my composure enough to stand, moving while this tight was very different, and the extra heel height was more than I had ever stood on. I took some steps and found that I could walk, just very carefully, and the suit actually stiffened my ankles a little to help with the heels. I looked back at the placard and now it read that I was going to be in for twelve hours and to return to my position five minutes before the time ran out. Fortunately I was not tight enough to feel faint but did not seem all that far away from it. This time I did not have anywhere to go but did have a few things to do around the house, which became challenges just by my having the suit on this way. Cleaning and chores are not usually arousing activities but with the suit on I ended up stopping three times during the day and climaxing to an exhausted heap for the next half hour, needless to say I did not get everything done.

When Mike got home he knew that I was in the suit since I had not put anything on over it the whole day. ‘How are you doing, Honey”. “Fine” was my breathless reply. He came over and started massaging my breasts and kissing me, this was pure ecstasy through the suit and soon I was in never-never land climaxing until I actually passed out from the sensations and lack of breathing capacity. When I came to Mike was right there making sure I was all right and checking to made sure he had not gone too far. As I was coming to I seemed to notice a little less pressure on the corset but this soon ended and was right back where it was. “Mike, the corset seemed not as tight when I woke up”. “Yes, dear, if you pass out it will let you regain your consciousness by allowing more breathing until you are fully awake, I built this in as a safety feature so you would not stay in distress for long”. “Thank you and what other surprises are in store for me”. A smile and a wink was the only reply. Lovemaking that night was bliss and each time I rode the feeling until passing out, this was three times and I finally collapsed into a deep sleep that was almost dead to the world. Mike woke me gently before 11 pm and told me I had to get up ready to take the suit off, I had almost forgotten the need to return to the place before the rod worn out. This time I would not put the suit right back on. The normal countdown started and soon I was out with the heels returning from the six inches back to the five they were normally. I peeled the suit off and followed the placard’s instructions to put the rod back and clean the suit. Now it was my turn, bath and collapse, back to bed for some more shuteye.

I went another week of just wearing the suit with the green rod and mixing my corset and latex during the times when not in the suit. I finally decided it was time again for the yellow rod, this time with Mike for the whole day. I had Mike watch as the rod went in and the magic happened, I could never tire of the feelings of the suit molding to me and then tightening the way it did. The uplift of the increased heel height was another trip. After the suit was finished I had to sit down and breath again for a few minutes, forgetting how much restricted my waist and chest were at this level. Mike measured my waist at 19 inches and I was amazed. After regaining my composure we decided to go on a picnic since it was a nice, sunny day, and cool enough to enjoy dressed like I was. It took a while to pack our lunch and I put some pants and a blouse on over the suit with a light leather jacket for the breeze. We found a secluded place on a rise out in the country, riding in the car this way was an experience all to itself, bumps and normal road moves only served to make me horny and having to think real hard to keep from loosing control. When we got there we made sure we were not being watched and I took him. This did not last long before I went off and collapsed in a heap leaving Mike to finish preparing our picnic. The rest of the day went by almost like a dream, I was getting used to passing out when I climaxed real hard, and most of them were real hard, but every time I came right back around thanks to the suit relaxing its grip until I was back. We came home in time for me to be released by the suit and had a wonderful time with each other for the rest of the night with only my corset and some latex on.

* * *

I went for another month happy with my suit and other latex goodies but it was time to add a little more to the collection before trying the suit at the next stage of power rod. I went back to the fetish shop and looked around for a couple of other things for uncovered parts. I found a hood and what amounted to a pair of biker shorts with two plugs attached. First the hood, it was a molded complete cover up down to the shoulders and had a zipper down the back to get into, it also had some accessories. I tried it on in the store with the help of the owner and found that I had to be careful with my abundant hair as it could get in the way of the zipper, as the hood was zipped down my face and head was compressed slightly and the feeling of the latex was almost like a second skin due to the molding process. The latex was thick enough to restrict my movements some and deaden my hearing. I even got into the spirit of it and had him secure the gag and blindfold in place, since it was a pump up gag he handed me the pump and said to try it and be careful, he was right, pumping it up you get to a certain point and it will seem to try to go out into your throat and escape your lips. Breathing was not a problem as the nose tubes and breathing tube in the gag were easy to manage.

The blindfold portion was very complete in the way that you were absolutely unaware of any light at all. I enjoyed the feeling for a while and when I took it off found a small audience, quick blush and then to the dressing room to try the shorts, the owner handed me a tube of lube on the way and said that if I were going to be serious about them to really try them on. Powdered me, then the shorts, and lubed the two probes and started them on, with the shorts rolled down at the waist I started the plugs in and oh, what a feeling as they went home. I had never had anything like this up the back and it was very new and kind of strange at first, then my bottom settled down around it and things were ok. After a short time of moving around and making sure that everything was ok I dressed and leaving the shorts on went to pay, when the owner saw me not carrying the shorts out he smiled and just accepted payment for the hood with the accessories and the shorts.

As I was leaving the store something caught my eye, it was a very slim line chastity belt. Looking at it I was overcome with the idea of being helpless like in the suit but at someone else’s command. I took the chastity to the owner and asked to try it and he said ok so back into the fitting room and it fit great, very tight and adjustable at the waist for with or without a corset, even the lock was built in and very thin. Off it came and out to buy it but not quite yet, “do you have any locking neck collars”, I asked. “Yes” as he pointed to the other wall with the cuffs and restraints. I went over and found one that looked like it matched the chastity belt, “can I try this please”. “Yes, want a hand”? The collar was a full four inches tall and profiled to fit the curves of my neck so it did a little stretching and held me very straight. “It is a little rough at the edges” as I looked at him. “If you wear it over your latex or something else you will not have that problem” was his reply. This made sense so I took it as well and he checked me out.

When I got home still wearing the shorts with the plugs I decided to surprise Mike since this was a Friday and he did not have to work any over the weekend. I added all of my latex and corset to the shorts for a great feeling. This time I decided to give him a surprise; I would be his helpless toy. I put the latex hose on with the tight boots over that, and then came the new hood, followed by the gloves. It was now getting more difficult to continue as I was not only getting more restricted but very turned on with all the activity and the plugged shorts under it all. I now sealed it all in with the leotard and then the corset, manipulating the laces with the latex gloves was difficult but when done and the stockings hooked to the garters a complete blast with my aroused state.

I slipped the chastity up and locked it on tight, no turning back now, then came the collar and I adjusted it to be tight but comfortable (as comfortable as the neck stretcher would allow me to be) before locking it on. The keys for the chastity and the neck collar were put on the top of the end table with a note that Mike would need these to get me out. I then set out to write a love note telling Mike that I was his for the night and to use me wisely, this I tucked into the top of my chastity belt (I had to look in the mirror to be able to do it). It was now about a half hour before he usually came home so I got into a comfortable chair, our overstuffed recliner, and put the gag on, blew it up to a tolerable level and then removed the pump. Then came the final item, the blindfold, now I was really helpless and wondering what awaited me when I was discovered. Just sitting there was torture, the intense sensuality and the urgings of the plugs had me boiling at the edge just trying to pass the time and stay as still as I could to avoid loosing control.

After about an hour of relaxing and being able to keep the volcano to a mild simmer Mike got home and I could hear, although muted through the hood, his footsteps after shutting the door, then quiet. Suddenly footsteps walking away, what is up? I waited quietly, what else could I do, and after a couple of minutes he came back. “Ok, please get up and stand at attention”. I worked my way back to my feet and with the corset I was at attention anyway. “Hands behind you and reach down”. I complied and felt something being pulled up over my hands and up my arms. “Keep your arms still and straight”. I did and felt straps being placed around my upper shoulders and torso, these were tightened and then I could feel a little pressure on my shoulders and my fingertips met each other inside the end of something. I wondered what Mike was putting me in, then as I felt lacing being drawn up over my arms and they started to be pulled together I realized that it was a single glove armbinder. Never having any more than just glanced at one in the shop I did not know much about it, but I was soon to learn a bunch.

Tighter and tighter the lacing went until my elbows met each other, “Mmuummpphh” was all that I could do through the gag and Mike kind of told me that I should like what was coming. He finished off the lacing and my arms were drawn tightly together from the hands through the elbows, the binder went almost to my shoulders and with the straps holding everything in place there was not anything that I could do about it. Topping it all off I felt him wrap a wide cuff snugly around both wrists and heard a click of a lock. “ Now my sweetie, you are really mine” and he lead me off to where I don’t know. Walking with my arms bound so was a trip and the plugs that had been quiet while I was relaxing were now doing their best to get me going. “Stop right here and don’t go anywhere”, where could I go with no arms and no vision, on five inch heels and totally enclosed in latex with the corset on tightly binding my waist and leaving me with little extra room to breath.

I next felt something going around my head and face; it was a harness of some kind, very strong and encompassing. Mike tightened it and now I was pulled slightly up by the harness to the point that my collar loosened a bit on how it had been stretching my neck. By now I was getting ready to go crazy, both from the anticipation of what Mike would do and my predicament was getting things really going sexually. Suddenly Mike’s hands were at my breasts massaging and caressing, this did not take long at all, I went crazy with an orgasm that seemed to take over my whole body. I was thankful that the harness held me up for I would have fallen to the floor in a heap with out it. I drifted into a state of suspended animation where everything seemed to just revolve around what was going on between my legs and the sensations of Mike’s hands on my breasts. I have no way of knowing how long this went on nor do I care, I had never continually climaxed for a long period of time before and after Mike removed his hands it took me a while to stop the sensations. I was now virtually hanging from the harness, as I had no strength or balance left. Mike started lowering me to the floor and guided me down to a sofa pillow he had brought.

At this point I left total consciousness for a while and kind of drifted. When I had recovered enough to “mmuummpphh” a little he got me back up on shaky legs and helped me over to a bed to lay down on and recover a little more. I could not lie on my back as my arms were there and lying on my stomach made it hard to breath so I had to lie on my side. Now he was holding and caressing me again. The feelings were coming back, I don’t know how as spent as I was, but my arousal started picking up again and this time Mike played me like a fiddle in a slow soft sonata. It seemed like forever that I was being held at a level just below total ecstasy and when I finally went over the top I seemed to go on forever until consciousness left me again. I was probably not out for long and when I regained my senses Mike said “goodnight”. I could not believe it, I was going to be left like this for the night, he had taken the head harness off but the binder was still there and all my own articles were still locked in place. My arms were a little stiff and tingling but not too bad, I was getting kind of ready for relief of my bladder as well “mmuummpphh” to which he replied “not yet my darling”. I felt him curl up beside me and knew that I had to make the best of it so set about trying to go to sleep. I was surprised that I could go to sleep but it must have been how worn out I was after all the excitement.

I do not know how long I slept but woke with an urgency in my bladder that would not be ignored, between my “mmuummpphhing” and wiggling Mike figured out that I needed something so got me up and unlocked and removed the armbinder. My arms seemed like they had forgotten how to work and it took me a while to get them back under their own power. Now I was getting desperate and my tortured bladder was screaming for relief. Mike went and got the keys for the neck collar and chastity and when I was let out and got enough off to go I ran to the bathroom for relief. I came back out and he asked me how it went. I asked him about the things he had used on me and he explained that he had picked them up waiting for a good chance to ask me if I wanted to try them, when he came home and found me like I was the temptation was to much. “What time is it?” I asked in a groggy voice. “About one in the morning” was his reply. We both decided to go back to sleep and I spent another night blissfully curled up in my husbands arms.

* * *

I woke the next morning and decided to put the suit on with the yellow power rod again, this would last the day and when I was released late in the evening I cleaned up and put the suit back on with the green power rod. I was now good until just before bedtime Sunday night. I functioned pretty well with the yellow rod but did go crazy a couple of times, once with Mike’s help, the period with the green rod was quite tame in comparison and when it was done I was kind of left wanting more so I put some of the latex on with the corset for sleep.

In the morning I woke up and ate breakfast, cleaned the house a little and then got out of the latex and corset, had a bath and my mind started wandering. What would the orange rod be like; well the placard might have something to say about that. I retrieved the placard and looked at it thinking about the orange power rod “choose a time when you have a limited amount of things to do” was what it read. I thought about the day and did not have anything come to mind so I got the suit out and removed the rod from the charger unit, put the suit on and looked at the placard “lay on your back with the suit adjusted evenly around you before inserting the power rod” was the wording. So I went to the bed and carefully arranged myself according to the instructions, took a deep breath and cleared it out, and inserted the power rod in the opening. When my arm was straight by my side things started happening, the suit did its usual tightening number but when the feet started changing my toes pointed straight out, then the collar went up right to my chin and the back of my head quite a bit like the collar I had purchased, and then the waist cinched in gradually until I almost passed out. Here I was lying on the bed, my neck stiffened by the collar portion of the suit, the waist from under my bust to my crotch tight and totally stiff, and my feet pointed straight out like a ballet dancers feet. I had to get up but was not sure I would be able to.

After staying there still for a few minutes I became aware of a warm sensual feeling slowly building in me from every place that the suit was touching. I had to succeed in getting up before I lost myself to the feelings coming on so started to move to a seated position, this was difficult but I finally made it up enough to look at some of me. I could see that my legs and feet were held in a flawless grip of the latex of the suit, my ankles were stiffened by the suit to the point that they were hard to move much, especially side to side. My feet were truly in the ballet point position with heels to match, maybe with the stiffened ankles I might be able to walk. I worked over to the edge of the bed and put my feet on the floor, as I started to place more weight on them I could feel that there was internal padding around the toes so that I would not have my weight right on the tips. I suddenly realized that there was no way I was going to succeed in getting up from the bed, I was too stiff in the middle to bend far enough to get over my feet and get up. Now I had a problem, how to go anywhere, even if it was just to the next room. I finally decided to just get onto my knees on the floor and thanks to the tough material I could walk on my knees to a place to pull myself up.

I made it to a straight chair and started to work myself up, the exertions of getting across the floor on my knees left me too winded to pull myself up right then so I had to recover for a little bit. As I relaxed there panting on my knees the sexual side of the suit made its presence known and I was soon panting for another reason. Now I had to lie down on the floor before I passed out there as I was climaxing and could not stop it (like I really wanted to). This left me starry eyed and drifting in and out of consciousness for a good time and when I finally was able to look around the clock read 11:15, I had slipped the rod into the suit right at 10:00. After about five more minutes of panting I was able to try the chair again, this time I made it to my feet and what a feeling to be on your toes like a ballerina, except this time there was no choice. I tried to walk and discovered that with the stiffening of the ankles the suit had done I could take short steps and even maintain balance. I remembered our barstools at the counter in the kitchen and figured they would be good to sit on since I was so limited in my bending from the corset and neck portions of the suit so slowly headed to the kitchen to relax in one of the stools semi-seated.

RING, RING, the phone almost made me jump out of my skin if it had not been so tightly held on, “Hello” I answered the phone. “This is Patricia’s Salon calling to remind you of your 1:30 hair appointment", now I was sunk, how was I going to do that. “Could you call me back in about 30 minutes and let me see if I will have to cancel”. I had to know if I could pull it off and make my appointment so I started walking around, after a few minutes I seemed to get the hang of it and even though it was with short steps I was actually walking, now how to dress in public so as to not be so noticeable. I got my pants that I had been wearing with the six inch version and they did not cover as much as I wanted to so I looked at the hem, there was a whole three inches I could let down. I checked the time and had just enough time to get back to the phone before they called back. RING, RING, “This is Patricia’s calling back, are you going to be ok for the 1:30 appointment”? “I will be there”, I hoped not standing out too much. I found my sewing kit and let the hem down on the pants all the way and it was just about right. I found a turtleneck and light vest and the outfit was complete. With the pants so long it looked like I had endless legs and was well over six feet tall.

12:45, just in time to go to my hair appointment, so I got in the car and adjusted it so that I could drive, amazing how much different it was this way, and being careful with the pedals I drove to the salon. You could have heard a pin drop as I walked in, I don’t think everything was as hidden as I thought. “Is Emily ready for me”, I was hoping to avoid the waiting room since sitting down and getting up was so difficult in the suit this way. “Yes, she is, please go on back to her room”. “Thank you”, for more than you would be able to guess. I went back into Emily’s room and she motioned me to the chair, I sat down and flipped my hair over the back of the chair for her to work on, it has always been long and full. “I just need everything evened up and shaped a little”, as the suit was trying to make me feel a rise. I suppressed the urgings and started to chat with Emily as she went to work on my hair.

Eventually the conversation made its way to my attire (suddenly noticed is more like it), “What kind of shoes are those”!? was Emily’s puzzled inquiry. Why fight it, “ballet toe boots”. Well this started a question and answer session that lasted for the rest of my appointment. I ended up telling her some things about the suit, like the corset waist and booted legs, but left out the sexual details. She was pretty impressed and very amazed when she felt my tight small waist. “There, you are done now, how do you like that”. My hair was still to my waist, full and wavy, but now had good shape and balance. “Thank you” and I paid her for the job and left, walking as straight and even as I could on my toes. The waiting room went silent again as I walked back through on the way out and got into my car. The drive home was uneventful but I did have to work at it to concentrate since the suit had started to try and get me going again. I made it home and as I pulled in the garage, closed the door, and started to get out of the car it hit me like a brick. Glad I had the garage door shut as I collapsed right there in the car seat with another huge orgasm, this time it ended when I passed out. I came too quickly since the corset portion let me have some air until I was back and I had to sit there for a good long while to catch my strength.

When I was able to get back up I went to the placard and stared to think questions for it. “How long will I be in it with the orange rod”, six hours was the reply that put me in it until four in the afternoon, which was about an hour and a half away according to the countdown on the display. “Why am I so aroused all the time it is on”, each stronger rod is programmed to increase your sexual enjoyment of the suit, well this was sure true as long as it did not happen at the wrong time. Now the suit started to go after my arousal again, with me standing there holding the placard, I set the placard down and started for a place to collapse safely, I made it to the middle of the carpet and everything hit. I half laid down half fell as the suit brought wave after wave of good feeling rushing through my body.

The third time was a charm as this climax just kept on and on, lying there I was aware of my state of consciousness being in the twilight but not for how long. I looked up at the clock after recovering and OH MY, the orgasm had lasted for over 45 minutes. I had fifteen minutes to get back to the bed for the suit to release me. I struggled to my feet with the help of the furniture and on shaking legs made it to the bed. I fell in and panting hard rolled into position. Still panting I felt the suit becoming less stiff and the corset portion started to loosen, then the usual sequence of release occurred, leaving me exhausted and drained to crawl out. This time it was an effort to clean the suit and me up but as I got it hung up and the power rod back in the charger I was feeling euphoric and starting to recover myself. I put a couple items of latex on and the corset, which was getting very loose compared to when I first got it and fixed diner for Mike. When he got home we ate and had a very interesting conversation about my day. At about eight it was time for my exhausted body to turn in so I kissed Mike goodnight and went to bed.

* * *

I used Tuesday to recover and on Wednesday I went back to the shop to see about a couple more things. First was the corset, my original one was now getting loose, relatively speaking, and starting to show a little wear and tear. I tried a couple of the corsets they had on the shelf with no luck in getting a good fit, then the owner suggested that I have one made. “Do you have some information on what is available” was my inquiry? We have a small company that will make you anything you want in about a month. So I checked out what they had to offer in their simple brochure. I found a full bust to crotch style that I liked and we measured myself for it. While the owner was calling in the order I checked out the rest of the brochure and saw a full body corset that went from the neck down to the ankles, when he came back I asked “how do you put this on”. “You don’t, it is put on you and you need someone to take it off as well” he replied. I took a closer look at the illustration and saw that with the full length busk in front there would be no bending from the neck to the ankles and if the hands were immobile the package would be complete, my mind raced to the armbinder that Mike had surprised me with and the thought came to me how totally helpless I would be that way.

“Could we do the measurements for the full body corset,” I asked the owner. “We have never had anyone get that one yet but I would be happy to help you with it” he said with tape measure in hand. Looking at the measurement guide he started and after more than twenty measurements he asked, “there all done, want me to call this one in”. “I will take both if you can ask them to hurry the order and get it out quicker than a month” I replied. “Let me see what I can do with them” as he turned to get back on the phone. “Good news, they are slow right now so they said I would have them in three weeks”. I made a deposit of half and looked around the store some more. I spied a full latex catsuit on a rack and asked if there was one my size, “Yes, I think so” and the owner went to the back to look.

A couple of minutes later he returned with a box and said, “this should fit” as he handed me the catsuit and some powder to put it on. Stretch, pull, tug, struggle, and rest. I did not realize how much more difficult it was to get a complete latex catsuit on. I succeeded in getting my feet and hands in the catsuit and stood up to zip the body in place finding the waist was extra tight, must be for over a corset, I thought to myself. I had been completely in latex before but to do it with one garment was a new feeling to me, the only thing not tightly covered was my head. The fit was good with legs and arms tight all the way from my body to the gloves and socks. I carefully took the catsuit off and put my clothes back on. I went to the register and bought the suit as well as some ankle cuffs I walked by.

While I was waiting for the new corsets to come in I was almost always corseted, most of the time in latex, and often in bondage to my husband who now had a tiger by the tail and loved every minute of it. I was wearing the suit almost constantly with the green rod and the yellow rod was used about every third time. I even did the orange rod a couple of times for extra good measure, but these times I made sure that I did not have anywhere to go while in the suit for the six hours. The day finally came when the shop called and informed me that the corsets had arrived. The next day I went down and they were beautiful. “Could I try them on,” I asked. “Sure, but you will have to have help with the full one” he replied. I had worn a lycra unitard for this purpose so I was not concerned about my dress with him helping “that’s ok”. So I went to the dressing room to put the standard corset. This one really fit and was tighter than the old one, looking in the mirror in the dressing room I found that I had an inch to go on the lacing when I could pull no more. I went out and asked for help and we went to the back office area to complete the lacing.

Wow, as the lacing was drawn in I became aware of the superior nature of a custom corset over one that was off the rack. Not only was the corset tight, it was comfortable in comparison to that tightness, being fit directly to my measurements made the curves fit my hips and ribs as well as allow for greater ability to pull it in tighter. After getting used to the extra pressure I was able to stand and walk but not bend over. Sitting was a challenge, you had to lower yourself into place and kind of keep your body straight with your legs carefully placed under you in what would be best described as a curtsy. Standing back up made you raise yourself directly over your legs without leaning over. All in all a new feeling and through it all with the corset fitted so well it was not as uncomfortable as my original off the shelf model. Time to try the full body corset so I asked the manger to bring it in and lace me into it. “Are you sure?” he inquired. “Yes”, my mind was made up that I would know how it fit before Mike would lace me into it. I got out of the regular corset while the full length one was being brought in and standing next to the doorjamb so I could hang onto it for balance said “put it on me”.

As he held it up to me so I could slip my arms in the first impression was of heft, the thing was heavy, with boning the whole length and a full front busk there was a lot of corset there. As I settled it on my shoulders the fastening of the front started, I held my head up and the first of many front clasps were secured going down my torso to my hips. I was already aware of the immobility of the corset as the fastening reached my thighs. Now I worked my legs and feet together and held on to the doorjamb for balance and support as the fastening continued down my legs to the ankles. Now all of the fastenings were done and I kind of wiggled around in it to settle my body to the shape of the corset. As the lacings were started I became aware of how powerful the corset was, being made stronger and much stiffer than the regular style corset. My heart rate picked up as the first of many tightenings of the laces was completed, I was now standing unable to go anywhere with my body compressed from the ankles to my neck. I was able to notice my breathing patterns due to my entire torso being laced in; it was not bad right now because the lacings were not very tight. Now a second pass was made on the laces, a third pass, and at my insistence a fourth pass.

I was now almost gasping for air due to the pressure and my excited state. My body was like it was welded perfectly straight from my ankles to my neck, I could not move anything; even trying to sway my hips did not seem to change my position. As I calmed down I started to catch my breath and loose the lightheaded feeling I first had. “How close are the laces to being all the way closed” was my first question.

“The top and bottom are closed with most of the rest less than an inch apart” came his reply from behind me. “How are you doing in there?” he asked in a concerned voice.

“Ok once you have a chance to relax a bit, at first it seemed a bit overwhelming”.

“Let me check on the front for a couple of minutes, you just call out if you need anything” and he went out to check on the store.

I tried to move around and found that I was part of the corset until let out, then I took a step while still hanging on to the wall, you could actually move but a step was maybe an inch and took so much effort I was panting again. What had I gotten myself into, I sure hope Mike respected the power of this thing or I could be in trouble. “How are you doing, ready to come out” he broke my reverie over my situation and I replied, “yes, but slowly please”. Over the period of the next five minutes my laces were gradually released and the front of the corset undone, I did not realize how my body would tingle at being released form the prison of the corset and it took a couple of minutes for my legs to get to the point of walking again. I put my street clothes back on and left for home with the two corsets.

Since it was Friday again I decided to surprise Mike with another helpless wife and a note of what he could do. I first cleaned myself up in a good bath then started the dressing with the shorts that had the two probes, I was thinking that this could be interesting later on and how right I was, next came the bra, followed by the catsuit with the zipper left down a ways. I put on the hood and tucked the neck of the hood into the catsuit, this effectively sealed me completely into latex, I now had to put my boots on since I would never be able to reach them with the corset on, this was followed by the new corset. I laced the corset as tight as I could but I knew it was not as tight as I had been laced in the store. Again I got into the recliner but I had placed the new full length corset in the chair next to me with a note that read “My present corset is not restrictive enough, please put this on and add your armbinder if you want”. I put the gag in, inflated it, and then strapped the blindfold into place settling down to wait. My excitement over being fully enclosed in latex as well as the anticipation of the new corset over my latex had me at an aroused state for the whole time I was waiting.

After waiting for what seemed an hour I heard a muffled door open and close, then footsteps, “Honey, sorry I am late but” he cut off the rest of his sentence when he saw me, “what have we here?” Quiet, I always know when that man is up to something, he left me as I heard his steps down the hall. When he came back a few minutes later I was told to get up and present myself. I rose carefully and did a slow turn so he could see my body fully in latex and the new corset. “So you want to be done up in this?” I nodded my head affirmative. “Ok then let’s get you out of that one and go to it”. He led me into another room and told me to hang on to the bedpost, it was about the right height, and he removed the standard corset from me. I was glad that I had been laced down for a while before getting into the full corset and when he held it up to me I put my arms in and then the front fasteners were done up. I wiggled a bit to settle it into place and then placed my booted feet together. “Are you ready for the lacing”, I nodded and he went after it.

Once, twice, three times he tightened the laces, “it is about an inch open in back, I got it closed at the top and bottom, are you ok in there”, to which I nodded even though I was trying to relax so my breathing would settle down. The plugs and the latex under the corset were conspiring to keep me agitated so settling down was a lot more difficult than when I had it on in the store. Still slightly lightheaded Mike picked me up and moved me, putting me down with nothing to hang onto, I thought I might fall but as he let go of me I found that I could balance, but I really had to concentrate to succeed. Now he fastened the harness on my head and applied some pressure lifting me a little, not off the ground but now I did not have to work so hard to stay upright. “Arms behind you please”, now was what I had been waiting for, the armbinder. He slipped it up my arms and started securing the straps around my shoulders, tighter and tighter the laces were drawn until my arms were together behind me, elbows touching, and covering me all the way up to the shoulders.

Now I really was limited in breathing, I was getting lightheaded just standing, “relax” I told myself but the urgings inside of me were just too much, I came while standing there and passed out. When I came to I was on the bed with the harness removed and my arms still bound behind me. I underestimated the effect of the probes being locked inside and held so tight there by the corset, I was still warm and wanting when I recovered my senses. Now came the tender caressing and cuddling, Mike knew just what to do, and I was soon being drawn into myself again for another climax, this time Mike played it out for a while and kept me at a frenzied mindless point in which I did not want it to end but craving for release. I reached another lightheaded climax and lapsed into a semi-conscious state for a while dreaming of being held in that grip without being able to get out, this was both arousing and disturbing, what if I never got out! Then the dream was over as I recovered my senses again. Mike propped a pillow under my head as I lied on my side and said, “Are you ok for a few minutes darling”, I nodded my head yes and he went out for a few minutes. I now tried to get a little sleep since I was so spent from my experience. I did not know until later that Mike never really left me; he just grabbed a snack from the kitchen, and quietly returned to keep watch over me. I went to sleep being so exhausted from my activities and did not realize that I spent three hours collapsed there inside the corset with the armbinder on.

When I awoke I knew I had to get out, my body was pins and needles, “mmuummpphh” and I tried to move. I must have succeeded in getting Mike’s attention because I felt movement on the bed. Suddenly I was lifted up to my feet and I felt the armbinder loosening. After the armbinder was off I motioned for Mike to remove the corset, which he did. It was amazing the way my body felt as the feeling came back to the places that had gone somewhat numb. After I had stretched a little while he asked me if I needed to come out all the way and I shook my head no, my bladder was ok for a while, then he suggested that he put the regular corset on and we go to bed for the night, I thought about it for a minute and nodded yes. He laced the corset on commenting about how great it looked and I motioned for him to tighten it all the way. He surprised me after finishing with the corset by locking my chastity and collar on then asked if I wanted the armbinder back on. I paused and then decided that I might as well complete the picture and nodded yes, so on went the armbinder.

I now had hands all over me caressing and massaging, this had its effect and I was getting aroused again, he guided me over to the bed and we continued for quite a while. He was even kissing me through the gag on the hood, this was both strange and erotic since he was blocking off my breathing with his mouth over the breathing tube in the gag and his cheeks were blocking my nose tubes, I had no choice but to breath into him, he kept me at a twilight state this way until I climaxed again and lost track of everything for a while. When I regained my awareness I was in his arms all snuggled and warm so I went back to sleep. I awoke with my bladder telling me it was time and since we were still embraced I mmuummpphhed and wiggled to wake him. This time he got me completely out of all my stuff and gave me a bath complete with dinner fed to me by hand while I was soaking. “What time is it?” I asked after unwinding a little. “Four in the morning” was his reply; “glad we don’t have to wake up for anything this morning”. After the shower I put on my old corset over a silk camisole and we went back to sleep in each other’s arms again after some gentile lovemaking.

* * *

Not long after the first full corset episode I decided to try and live in latex for a week, this was to be the suit and my other latex items mixed with corseting and some bondage. I talked this over with Mike and he said he would be very cooperative in my desire. I was now wearing the suit for about half of the time anyway with the latex and corsets mixed in for the balance so it would not be too much more time in erotic gear but it was still a commitment to attempt. I decided that during this period I would also try out the suit with the red power rods to see what the final level of stimulation would be. I would need to plan out my days so that I would not be in anything that I would not wear out on the street when I had something to do out of the house.

Deciding to start on a Sunday afternoon I asked Mike to help with the beginning and since I did not need to go anywhere until the morning I had him place me in the full length corset over my catsuit and probe equipped shorts, hood with gag and blindfold, and boots. Being helpless he took advantage of me, the brute, and laced me into the armbinder. Leaving me standing in a corner of the kitchen he went on ahead and fixed dinner. I felt the gag deflate and he pulled it out, “eat” as he started filling my mouth with some very good food, he always was a good cook. Not having much room in the full corset I filled up quickly and he put the gag back in and reinflated it. This is the way I spent the rest of the day until time for bed, out of the corset and armbinder I came to pins and needles. He guided me to a relief stop and then back into my good corset, sealing it on with the leotard and chastity belt. To top this off he added the neck collar and then locked my feet together with the ankle cuffs I had picked up earlier, this left me with about three inch steps. Now came the next surprise, “Hold out your hands”, I did and he put mittens onto my hands eliminating any use of them. “Hands together in front” and he locked the mittens on together with the same lock. “Time for bed, come on”, so restricted I thought he was joking. “Follow my voice” and he clicked a leash to the collar. Half pulling, half coaxing I made it to the bed and he guided me down onto it. I slept ok the first night, it is amazing the dreams you can have while being bound in latex while you sleep.

Mike woke me up early in the morning and let me out for a quick shower, this was followed by my getting into the suit with the green power rod. Since I was well cleaned out he also had me pull up the shorts with their probes and locked the chastity belt on over the top, hope he is not going to be unexpectedly late from work. I had a pretty easy day with some shopping first thing and decided to take in a movie. The movie might have been a bit of a mistake, fortunately it was early and the theater was not crowded or my subdued orgasm might have been very noticeable. After the movie I came home and put the hood on to relax and listen to music, I decided to complete the hood with the gag and blindfold leading to another orgasm, then went to the kitchen and started dinner. I was wanting Mike home by this time as I was getting some pressure from my bladder and he was only about a half hour late, I quickly met him at the door and let him know I needed out for relief. Out comes the key and I can go take care of business. After dinner Mike played with me and we finished off the day making love and me falling asleep in his arms again after being bound in the shorts, hood, mittens, chastity, and cuffs.

Morning was another release to a quick shower and clean out when the suit ran out of power. Mike cleaned the suit out while I was getting myself cleaned up and I put the suit back on with the yellow power rod in, this higher state of tension always made me gasp as it completed the tightening. This time I was not going anywhere so we put the latex hood on so it would be inside the suit’s collar, locking it in place. On went the shorts and the chastity for the day and I was ready for a quiet time at home. For twelve hours I was excited and most of it was with the gag and blindfold in place. I kept the music on and tried to accomplish a few chores between the climaxes, I don’t know if it was the suit or maybe I was just getting hornier as time went on but it seemed like at least once an hour I would have to lay down and pant through a climax.

When Mike got home I was ready for release but he said not quite yet and watched me go nuts twice more before releasing me, once with the armbinder on. After release and the cleanup was complete he handed me the suit back and said “next”, I knew the orange rod was going in. As I staggered to my feet in the ballet position gasping for air due to coming almost immediately after the suit finished its tightening Mike put the gag and blindfold on the hood that was again under the collar of the suit, this was followed by the shorts, cuffs, and armbinder. “Time for bed”, now I was really sensitive and almost every time he would touch me through the suit I would start heating up to ecstasy, I could only take it about three times and collapsed asleep in his arms. He left me alone until I was ready for the power rod to expire at which time he woke me and helped me out of the extra stuff before the suit released me. As we were cleaning up again he laid out my wardrobe for the rest of the night, all my latex and the full corset with armbinder. This was almost a relief after the suit and its exaggerated sensuality and even though I was extremely tight I fell right to sleep in my latex prison.

Morning arrived and I was taken out of the armbinder, corset, and all of the latex. Cleaned up I again made my way into the suit for the green power rod experience, this time I did have a few things to do so we went with no extra locked on options, I added the shorts with the plugs but did not lock anything on over them. This was my busy day and I was going almost from the time Mike left until he got home, I only beat him in the door by about five minutes. “How about I fix dinner tonight” he said as he came in with a glint in his eye. I agreed knowing he had plans for me.

He put the hood on and as I expected the armbinder was next, but then I felt my legs being pulled into something and then they were being cinched together like my arms in the armbinder. Suddenly something was thrown over my shoulders and the lacing continued up my body pulling the armbinder into my back and completely encompassing my torso to my neck. Now I must have been a tube of tight leather with a latex head sticking out. I had not had a chance due to the fast pace of my day to enjoy the suit’s effects of arousal but now with me totally confined there was no way to avoid it, I seemed to just keep coming and as I would lapse into semi-consciousness my sensations would just lessen a little until I was back to reality. How long this went on I have no way of knowing but Mike sat me up and removed the gag telling me to eat.

It took a few minutes of will power to settle things down but when I said I was ready he fed me until I was full with good Lasagna. When I told him I was full the gag went back in and the sensations started all over again. He pulled me out of the binders and had me do my duty so we could go to sleep; this was fun since he said to keep the blindfold on. I did as instructed and when I felt my way to the bed he reinstalled me in the binders, this time leaving my gag off so we could kiss and cuddle, the cuddling was kind of one way with me bound like I was. I said I was hungry with all the effort and he fed me a snack to end the night. Sleep was easy as worn out as I was even though I was still completely bound head to toe.

Thursday morning started with the usual cleanup and change of suit rod, this time to the yellow for the day and twelve more hours of excitement. Mike did not add anything so I put the shorts back on and took it easy for the day, if you can call it easy making it through a climax an hour. I was amazed at how often I wanted to eat now; I guess I was just burning up so much energy with all the aroused excitement. I prepared a good dinner for Mike and when he got home we had a peaceful evening meal by candlelight. He was a bit reserved after dinner and I was soon to learn why. When the power rod ran out of charge and released me, right on cue at twelve hours, he had the full set of the suit laid out with the red power rods and the placard “time to complete the journey” was all he said as he handed me the placard. I looked at the placard and it said to put the suit on the usual way and when complete to look again. This I did and then the placard told me to pull the shorts with plugs up and lay down. After inserting the plugs and smoothing the shorts to the rest of the suit I again looked to see instructions to put the power rods so that I would be able to find and insert then without being able to see them.

After having Mike hold on to them I read the last instruction of putting the power rods into the plugs, then putting the hood on and smoothing the neck of it inside of the suit, followed by inserting the rods into the small holes on each side of the gag breathing hole with the final power rod going in my cleavage. I was almost trembling with anticipation and maybe a little fear of the power that might be there with all five of the power rods together. I looked at Mike for reassurance and asked, “Do you think I can handle this”. His reply was that he thought I was ready. As I pulled on the hood and arranged the nose tubes and gag for comfort there was an awareness of just how helpless I was going to be. I smoothed the neck of the hood down my neck inside of the suit and since I had inserted the rods into the plugs Mike handed me the rods for the gag and I inserted them. The hood now started to form to my head and the shorts were conforming to the suit as I inserted the last of the power rods. The feeling of the suit coming together and tightening over my whole body was so intoxicating.

When the suit completed the joining and was very tight over my whole body it started to stiffen, starting at the neck and waist, and spreading out to my arms and legs. I could no longer move and the corset portion was complete in its domination of my waist. My breathing was shallow and rapid but the suit seemed to know how much I needed to breath to keep my senses. After a short pause the probes started growing and moving around, there was a sensation on my most sensitive part, and the gag enlarged to fill my mouth. The topper was the fact that my nipples were starting to feel like they were being massaged. It did not take very long for this to get me very hot and as I started to climax I expected to be passing out and getting to relax that way, the suit released its pressure on me just enough to allow for breathing to increase, now I was not going to slow down by loss of consciousness. I do not know how long the suit kept me going at full climax but I would not have thought it possible to sustain the feelings for a tenth of the time. My body finally quit due to exhaustion and the suit seemed to let me have a break, stopping the stimulations and retightening the corset portion to its original breathless state.

After some recovery the stimulations started again, leading to the same results as the first time, this happened a total of four times. I was lost in the cycles of sexual stimulation and totally without time, getting close to what could be described as an “out of body” experience. As the power rods ran out of charge and the suit released me I had to just stay still for a while as my head was spinning, never could I have imagined the stimulation that was possible, and I would have never thought myself capable of sustaining a sexual high as I had just experienced. I think Mike sensed my situation as he waited for some movement on my part before gently helping me to remove the suit. When I was out Mike practically carried me to a waiting bath and while I was trying to get the cobwebs out of my head he cleaned up the suit and returned the power rods to the charger. It turned out that I was in the suit for three hours and at a state of climax for almost half of that. It took me a full twenty minutes to get to the point of completing the bath and when I got out he had set out a simple outfit to go to bed in, basic latex panties, bra, corset (the old one), catsuit, and hood without the blindfold or gag. I compliantly put them on and the corset now seemed easy to be in. We had a snack and went to bed; I almost immediately fell asleep, and remained so until Mike woke me up in the morning.

I began Friday morning by putting the suit on with the green power rod and had a routine day in comparison to the others, only climaxing three times during the day. I was starting to feel pretty good by the afternoon and the exhaustion of the night and morning seemed to leave me. I had done a couple of errands and when I got home I put the shorts with the plugs on and sat down to read a book. Mike called to let me know not to cook anything as he was taking me out for dinner. We went out and had a peaceful evening, with dinner and a movie, coming back to a little cuddling and caressing. After we had made our intimacy complete Mike asked me to get ready for the night. I cleaned myself out and returned with the shorts back on and ready for his desires. He put my arms back in the armbinder, slipped the latex hood on, and then laced me into the complete binder pinning my arms to my back and legs together. “Goodnight sweetheart”, “Mmuummpphh” was all I could reply and we went to bed for the night. I must be getting used to this stuff because I could sleep the night and not have any trouble with the tightness or position being completely bound and fully enclosed in latex.

Saturday morning saw me cleaned up and back in the suit with the orange power rod and this time the hood and armbinder was added. Walking in the ballet pointed boots while my arms were pinned behind me was a new feeling and it took me forever to get from one side of the house to the other, this was not helped by the fact of my sexual stimulations and having to sit down each time I came so that I would not hurt myself when passing out. I was kind of useless in this state but as Mike explained it that was the whole idea. This time when the power rod ran out Mike had already set out my next outfit, my new corset, a full set of latex clothes, my boots, and the party dress from earlier, seems we were going out tonight. I cleaned up inside and out and Mike helped me into his chosen items, “This should be fun” was his smiling encouragement.

I had to wait four hours dressed like this before we went out to the concert, I must have been quite a head turner and he was sharp in his dinner jacket and black tie. After the concert we went to one of the best restaurants in town for a sumptuous dinner and time to unwind. I think that I was getting used to being in latex and did not even mind others looking at me anymore, the only latex showing was my gloved hands and in the lighting you could not really see much difference between the latex and a good pair of leather gloves. Getting home Mike had me do my duty again before dressing me up in the full latex with the full corset. After we had done some more serious cuddling and I had climaxed again he put the armbinder on, completed the hood with the blindfold and gag, and put a leather hood on over the latex. I fell right to sleep and did not seem to be bothered by anything until Mike got me up in the morning.

The final day and I was kind of sad that I would not be in latex continually after the day. This day started with the suit and the yellow power rod and hood tucked inside, then Mike added the plugged shorts, armbinder, full body binder, and leather hood. He carried me out to the living room and propped me up in a chair he had modified to be comfortable with me this way. The rest of the morning was listening to music and me climaxing about hourly, then he turned on some sports and kind of forgot about me sitting over there going through the cycles of relax, warm up, climax, settle down, and repeat. I finished the week in latex and when the time was up for the power rod to be done Mike removed my extras and left me to come out of the suit to my own desires. I don’t know if I will ever be the same again, all I could think to put back on was latex and a corset.


Normal is not what it used to be, I now am normally in latex and a corset, and have a much greater selection of both to choose from. The suit is still very special since it can never be equaled and I wear it about half of the time. Our lovemaking is more and greater than at any time we have ever been together. Mike did created a suit to match mine and we can get into them both next to each other with the red power rods and the two suits will actually communicate with each other making us feel like we are a part of each other when going through all of that sexual over stimulation. I still tremble at the thought of the red power rods because the feelings are so intense, you can never get used to something that powerful. Mike has even taken to wearing latex a lot of the time and we never seem to tire of the feelings of our bodies together in latex. So the life of suburbia is not so dull anymore.


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