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The Summer Job

by Steinar

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© Copyright 2014 - Steinar - Used by permission

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Part One

I never knew I was into fetish, until I was looking for a job in the paper for the summer holiday. What I really wanted to do was to take a vacation, but I desperately needed some money. I had almost given up all hope when I spotted a small ad: “The perfect summer job for a young female!! Earn good money during summer selling adult toys in a small store. “

I had never even been in such a place, but I thought it could not be so bad. I called and made an appointment for an interview the next day.

The next morning came, and I found my way to the store. It was a little shop with two windows and a door in the middle. I used the doorbell, because the store didn’t open until 11am. The owner was a black man in his mid-thirties called Tom. He showed me around the shop, and I was astonished by the large variety of toys and clothing that was in there.

Tom told me that I was perfect for the job, if I was up for it.

"Up for what?" I asked, and thought to myself here’s the catch…

He said that his main business was to sell fetish clothing, and the girls that worked for him had to wear different outfits from his large collection, to show the customers what they looked like.

"You seem to have a great body, and with your pretty face and long dark hair you would be a perfect model for the customers to see", he smiled. "If you don’t want to decide right away, you can stay and watch how it all works when Susan comes to work later", he said. "You can even try on a couple of outfits before you decide, but you’ll find that most of them are pretty daring and some are pure bondage devices".

With this in mind, I went out to have a cup of coffee and think things over. Tom seemed like a nice guy, and I figured I had nothing to loose.

When I got back to the store, I met Susan. She was a beauty! Nothing less, with long blond hair and a body worthy a porn star. We immediately connected, and I went in with her to help her unpack some new merchandise while Tom prepared to open for the day. The boxes with new goods contained a lot of things that seemed rather weird to me, but I was getting curious to try some items on. I first picked out a pair of black knee high platform boots with 7,5” heels and a tight latex dress that barely covered my ass. As we were in the storage room I peeled off my jeans and started putting on the boots. Then Susan came with a pair of fishnet stockings and some latex gloves. She helped me on with all the gear and I felt incredible! The smoothness of the latex so tight against my body made me feel so sexy… Susan giggled a bit when she saw me struggling along the sky high boots, but she told me that all I needed was a bit of practice.

Tom came rushing in just as I was taking a look in the mirror, he told Susan that one of the regular’s needed her assistance. Then he saw me, and he told me I looked fabulous. He asked me to assist Susan in helping the customer, to get an idea about what the job was all about.

The customer, Eric was going to buy his wife a complete maids outfit, as she had lost a bet, so she had to serve him and some friends of him during the weekend. He had already told Tom just what he wanted, so he came with quite a pile of "clothes".

Tom and Eric sat down waited, while Susan got into the outfit. "That woman is in for a tough weekend if she's going to wear this the whole time", Susan said, sorting out the gear.

She started by putting on a pair of rubber stockings, then a heavy lined rubber corset. We spent quite a while lacing the corset up, and Susan almost had trouble breathing, but it looked awesome. Then she reached for some KY jelly and lubed up a pair of HUGE pump up dildos that was mounted inside the panties. I could almost not believe my eyes, but she worked them both in place. Then she got the maids dress on and told me to put on the rest.

First it was a head harness with a pump up gag, then some straps around her wrists with a short chain to connect to the rear of the head harness, forcing her head back and her hands up behind her back. Then a pair of ankle straps connected with a six inch chain and a pair of thigh high ballet boots.

I had never seen anything like the boots. It had to be pure torture to walk in them as I helped Susan back in to the shop. She was shaking and wobbling as we slowly made our way, panting heavy into the gag, and I could see the pumps dangling between her thighs.

Eric was quite satisfied with the outfit, but he wondered if he could he could make a few adjustments.

Tom said to go ahead, so Eric went over to Susan and put on another strap to Susan’s arms near the elbows, forcing them together. Then he reached for the pumps, and inflated both dildoes until she started to panic. She started complaining, but Eric shut her up by inflating the gag until we could see tears in her eyes.

Then he asked Tom for the remote. He flicked a switch, and both dildoes started vibrating inside her, causing a massive orgasm. I had to catch her so she would not fall, and Eric turned off the vibrators. He bought the whole outfit, and thanked us for helping him by tipping us $100 to spend in the shop. Tom was invited to his house on Saturday, and we were welcome to join him, but only if we came dressed properly in rubber.

I released the pressure from the gag and took it out to make her able to speak, and she asked tom to give her another round with the vibrators. He smiled and said of course. He pressed the remote, but not before giving both pumps five more squeezes each. Susan started trashing around, but the vibrations stopped after just a few seconds. He then turned to me and asked if I could help the next customer, so we could let Susan wear the outfit for a while.

I said I could try, so he told her that she would have to beg the customers to press the remote for her to come. Each press on the button gives five seconds of vibrations.

Susan said, "Ok, but this gives more than the ordinary salary or I won’t do it".

Tom said that she could have ten percent of the sales made while she was wearing it, so she agreed.

He then told me that I should give myself an enema, as most of the outfits had some sort of intruders in them. As I went to the bathroom he handed me an inflatable butt plug, telling me that most of the intruders were rather large, so I should put this in to get used to it. I flushed my buttocks three times, and pushed the buttplug up my virgin ass. It felt like I was split in two by the plug, but it didn’t take long before it started feeling quite good.

As I came back into the store a woman came in just to look around. She was astonished by Susan’s attire, and pressed the button for her twice. Another big orgasm hit Susan, and she leaned on the counter to prevent herself from falling. She thanked the lady, which told Tom to get her the same outfit for herself.

An hour later, Susan was exhausted from at least ten powerful orgasm’s, and Tom was happy after selling four complete outfits because of her obviously enjoying it.

I had been demonstrating a few minor objects, like a single glove that squeezed my arms together so the elbows touched and an neck corset and so on. I helped Susan off with the gear, and she slumped down on the sofa in the pause room totally worn out, but so very pleased.

Tom called me out as a customer wanted to see something special. It was a rubber sex doll to wear, complete with all orifices open and ready to use. The customer, a tall black guy named John said that his wife was to be used as a sex doll by all off his basketball team on her birthday party as that was her biggest fantasy.

I started to put on the costume by pulling it up my legs. It was a skin tight fit, so it would look real enough once completely on, I thought. As I came to the crotch I had to insert some rubberlined tubes into my pussy and ass, stretching them wide open. I almost started crying as I pressed it up my ass, stretching it to the maximum, but finally it was in.

The rest came on a bit easier until I put my head in. it was fitted with a ring gag, so big I really had to stretch my jaw’s to get it in, and the rubberlining laid limp in my mouth. There was small holes for my nose, and see through eyes, so I could see without making the doll look less real.

I woke up Susan so she could help me with the zipper, and looked at myself in the mirror. I could see my ass was just a big opening in the rear of a walking sex doll, and my mouth as well. It was a very real looking sex doll who entered the store, walking a bit awkward with those intruders in my pussy and ass.

John laughed and said that it looked perfect, but he needed to try the linings, as the boys have some massive tools. He found a huge dildo, and started forcing it down my throat, but Tom stopped him.

"This is not Susan", he explained, "so be careful."

I almost choked on the dildo, as he pulled it back out, but now the lining laid ready down my throat.

Tom asked if I was ok, and I nodded my head. He asked if John could try the other two openings, and I nodded again. John first tried my pussy, which was ok, but then he left the dildo in there, and started shoving another one up my ass. I cried from the pain at first, but then had the most powerful orgasm of my life, and fainted.

Two seconds later I came back to life in a worried Tom’s arms. He asked if I was ok, and I nodded my head thinking this must be the best job ever!

Tom then offered me the same deal Susan had, earning ten percent of the sales if I wore the doll a while.

Almost two hours later it was closing time, and Susan helped me out of the doll. We sat in the back of the store like old friends when Tom came in with our extra money, and a big smile on his face.

"This is by far our best day in at least a year", he stated handing us the money.

I counted four hundred dollars, and Susan nearly seven hundred!

He then told us not to forget our tip.

Tom then asked me if I wanted the job, which of course I did.

Part Two

After a few weeks, Susan and I had made quite an amount of extra money from our agreement, and Tom was happy too. He asked us if we would like to model some items for him at the fetish convention next weekend. We both replied that it depended on the Items. "This is after all a public event, and it is possible that we will meet someone we know", I said.

He thought about it for a while, and said: "You know my sales have exploded lately because of you girls, and I know you girls can’t afford to buy whatever you like in here, because most of the things are pretty expensive".

Here I thought he had a point. After wearing rubber and leather every day in the shop, I was really getting to like it a lot. I just loved the feeling of rubber against my skin, and usually I kept on my latex underwear after work.

"This is my proposal", he said smiling, "You pick out whatever you want to wear, and after the convention it is yours to keep. However your pretty faces must be visible and you must be able to walk and speak. How does that sound?"

"It sounds great", I said and Susan agreed quickly.

We wandered around the shop the next days, trying to figure out what we wanted. The shop was closed that Friday, so that Tom could set up his stand and get ready. Susan and I were to meet Tom there at five o’clock all dressed up. Susan had picked out a black latex dress and a pair of 5” knee boots, and I asked her, "Is that all you really want for yourself?"

She said she was afraid to meet someone she knew there, and asked me what I was going to wear. I showed her my selections, telling her that I needed some help putting it on. It was a Black latex catsuit, a black latex corset with purple trim, purple latex opera gloves, purple latex stockings, a purple garter belt, latex panties with a pair of big remote controlled inflatable vibrating Dildos inside, and a pair of black patent thigh high ballet boots.

"Are you sure", Susan said, "you’ll never get through the day in all that".

"Tom never said how long we had to walk, and I’ve been in boots like that for quite long in the shop".

Susan stared hesitatingly at the pile of rubber.

"Remember we can keep all we wear afterwards".

"OK then, I think it would be cool if we look the same, and this looks absolutely wicked", she said. I told her that we could put on a wig and a lot of makeup, to avoid being recognized so easily.

Friday Susan and I met in the shop at 12:30 to get ready, both pretty nervous. We had a beer and shared a bottle of wine to build up some courage and ease up a bit. After about an hour we started helping each other into our gear. First we had to prepare for the panties.

Ever since I saw Susan wearing dildo panties the first time I knew I would have to get one for myself. I really wanted the remote controlled ones, but unfortunately those in stock came with dildos in sizes that had me worried. They were at least 8 inches long and 2 inches wide before pumping, in addition to be made for extended wear featuring a catheter with a hose connecting it to the rear dildo. This means that all my pee will be forced into my ass. It was a bit extreme for my taste, but I wanted the dildo panties so bad and it was the only type in stock at the moment. It was possible to collect the pee in a bag, but it did not look very sexy having a bag of pee strapped to our legs, and going to the bathroom the normal way would prove difficult.

After a short discussion we decided all or nothing. First thing was having an enema, thoroughly cleaning out my bowels. First I covered both of the dildos and both my holes in KY jelly, and then I started pulling the panties on. It was really weird feeling the dildos hanging upside down because of the weight, but Susan helped me steering them into the right place. The front one felt good, but the one in the ass was really painful at first. I was having second thoughts as I felt the rubber cock, threatening to split me in half slowly sinking into my ass.

As I gradually pushed the intruders further in, an explosive orgasm took me by surprise. I fell backwards in the chair jamming them both in as my ass hit the chair. I just sat there several minutes as my orgasm subsided and my mind returned to normal. Never have I felt so absolutely full, even without the pumps this was the biggest things I've ever had inside me. Susan got hers on a bit easier; she had been wearing them quite a few times now. Next we put on cat suits. We pulled them on, routing the pumps out of the suit through the crotch zipper struggling and wiggling into the rest and pulled up the zipper.

I felt the catsuit pushing the dildo’s more firmly in place, and I could feel them shift around as I moved. This was really going to be fun. Next came stockings and gloves, and almost everything was covered in smooth rubber. By now we were both starting to feel a bit tipsy from the wine and beer, as none of us were accustomed to drinking. Susan found out that we should eat something to avoid getting too drunk when we were to leave the shop. She went to the phone to order a pizza, while I started putting on my ballet boots. I put the toe pads in place the bottom and pulled them on forcing my feet straight down. She helped me with the laces, and then we put on hers. It took a lot of concentration walking in them with those panties on, I came several times the first few minutes, and had to be really careful not to fall.

Susan asked me if I was having second thoughts, but I said, "All or nothing remember?"

She laughed and told me to put on the corset and lay down on my stomach on the packing table so she could work the laces. I was really struggling for my breath when she announced that she was done. My waist had been reduced by at least 4 inches, so I stood up and looked in the mirror. My reflection was awesome, looking like a kinky cat from hell.

Just as we started with Susan’s corset, the doorbell rang, so I had to open it. I walked carefully towards the door, feeling the pumps from the panties dangling between my legs and wondered what people would think they were. Finally I reached the door, and opened. It was the pizza delivery, and boy was I in for a shock. There was my brother’s best friend, delivering the pizza, and I was hoping he did not recognize me. I had no makeup and wig on yet, so I was sure he did. He said nothing, except for telling me I looked sexy in my outfit. I said thanks, paid him, and he went to the door.

Just as I thought the danger was over he called: "Heather?" Startled I turned around again, only to see his cell phone with a camera pointed at me. He took a couple of pictures, and was out the door before I could get my voice working to protest. Instead the humiliation I felt triggered a huge orgasm. It was really strange, and it took me by surprise. All I could hope for was that he kept it to himself, but I doubted it.

I went back to finish the lacing of Susan’s corset, telling her what had happened. She laughed, and said this was going to be fun. We had a couple of beers while eating, and agreed to put on a short purple mini skirt to hide the pumps a bit. They were still visible below the skirt, but not quite as prominent. The last thing was to finish off the outfits with some silicone lube. We polished each other to a shining perfection and it was so nice. Then we went crazy with our make up and put on our wigs.

"Well dear", Susan said, "it’s now or never!" and then we went out the door. We were going to catch a cab from the cab company around the corner, but before we made it to the corner a familiar voice called my name. "Need a ride somewhere?"

It was my big brother Paul and the pizza guy Frank. My brother smiled from ear to ear, and said that this was the first time he had considered his little sister sexy. He commented on the boots and smiled as we slowly and a bit unsteady teetered our way to the car. It was a bit more difficult walking in them on uneven ground. I yelped as I sat down in the back seat. Sitting caused the dildos to move even further in. Paul spotted the pumps as I tried to pull my legs inside, and he was obviously shocked as Susan explained about the panties. She showed them the remote and pushed the button, making me cum twice before turning it off. It was so humiliating, orgasming in front of my brother, but this seemed just to enhance the pleasure. I panted and breathed telling him that the plan was to keep each other’s remote to make it the most fun.

As we drove off sitting wasn't easy, and certainly not as relaxing as I hoped for. Every small bump in the road transferred into my overstimulated pussy and ass. I could see Susan discovered the same thing squeezing my hand while moaning. This was going to be a long day. Finally we were there, and we thanked Paul for the ride. He winked at me and said, "See you later..."

It was ten minutes to five when we arrived, so there was a long line waiting at the door. I felt like I queen walking past the line towards the entrance seeing all the people admiring us and throwing lots of compliments. The bouncer looked at us a long time before checking our cards stating we were exhibitors and let us in. Inside we walked slowly through the huge place to find Tom's booth. Tom was shocked when he saw us, and told us that we went far beyond his wildest expectations. He just needed to make a couple small adjustments.

"I need to make sure you don’t bail out after just a short while", he said locking the garments on with a lot of small padlocks. He put one through the zippers between our legs, one through the eyelets of the corset, and he locked on ankle and wrist cuffs so the boots and gloves had to stay on. Then he laid out one of each piece of clothing we wore on a table, to show everyone what we wore. He made us wear small signs telling people what stand we were from, and then he asked us to check in at the stand on top of every hour.

We went around looking and had a good time, getting lots of attention. There was a big crowd at Tom's stand when we got back an hour later. He sold lots of things, so his wife Betty had to return to the shop to replenish the booth. It was fun with all the attention and Tom had lots of fun making us come over and over until I almost passed out... This time we went to the bar to relax a bit and have something to drink. People almost started arguing, to be the ones to buy us drinks.

At 9pm we got back to Tom he said he had a couple of “special” guests, so he wanted us to stand still while he showed them the details. The guests were a man and a woman wearing masks, and he didn't introduce them. They went around us several times looking and whispering questions in Toms ear. Tom gave a pair of panties to the woman and demonstrated it with the remote and everything. When he pumped the dildos in her hands he did the same to us, and they tried it too, making our inserts a lot bigger at the same time. It was really weird too see how big they got in her hands and feeling it at the same time. I was so incredibly turned from being inspected like an object by complete strangers, and when Tom started the vibrations I grabbed on to Susan having the most powerful orgasm ever.

Seeing my reaction the woman cried out, "Oh my god" And then I passed out.

I woke up supported by Susan and Tom and stared at the woman. That voice I’d recognize anytime so I was terrified. "Mom?" I asked, and she and dad removed their masks smiling.

"My goodness, you look so sexy darling", she said, and dad could not hide his boner. It turned out that Paul had told them what I was up to, and this they had to see. They were also quite interested in playing a little fetish game now and then themselves, but never anything like this…

Mom was still holding the panties, and said she just could not believe that all that was in me as we were speaking, not to mention the boots. Dad, finally able to speak told mom that she couldn’t walk in those shoes, and he did not believe she would dare try the whole outfit. She understood he just wanted her to, but she too was so turned on by just looking at me that she considered trying. Stakes were that he would wear whatever she wanted to if she could manage and if she did not he would be able to dress her in whatever he wanted.

Mom was an early mother, so now at 38 years she was still a beautiful and sexy woman. She kept looking at me, blushing and smiling widely telling him that she agreed. She was obviously horny as hell, and was dying to get going. After a lot of giggling and some planning, Betty took her to the shop to find all they needed, and Susan and I went on showing off in the crowd. By now I was feeling a pressure building inside, and I could tell that it was time to empty my bowels holding all the pee. I told Susan, and she agreed walking in the opposite direction from the toilets.

She told me to follow and shortly after she told some guy called Marvin that we were ready. It turned out that he was into some sort of toilet sex. He kept talking about golden showers and pissing in general. He wanted to buy our pee and videotape us draining our bowels. Susan had agreed if we could wear masks and that we were anonymous. He provided two identical Chinese face masks mimicking a Chinese face. Then he came with a big plastic can and a funnel. Susan squatted over the funnel, unzipped her crotch and opened the valve in the panties. A steady stream poured out some 3 pints into the can. Then I did the same, feeling relief as I added another 3,5 pints into the can.

Frank as he was called was ecstatic and paid us $200 each. He told us to come by later to see what he was using it for. We wandered off looking around having a good time, feeling horny as hell and driving each other mad with the remotes. Soon it was time to return to Tom’s booth. On our way there we passed Marvin’s booth, and 2 guys asked us if we would sign their bottles. Marvin came and gave us one bottle each. They were small 10cl bottles with a card/envelope attached. On the card there was a picture of us draining our pee into the plastic can. The heading on the card stated, "Rubber princess’s golden shot’s".

He explained that he had mixed our pee with some booze, labeled it and selling it along with a DVD showing us peeing explaining our outfits in detail and showing the bottling process. He had already sold 2/3rds of the bottles, and asked us to return with some more as soon as possible. I could not believe that people actually were buying my pee to drink, but several more guys lined up wanting their bottles signed. We complied signing our autographs to a line of almost drooling guys and pair of lesbians as well. I promised Marvin that we would return as we left.

At Tom’s booth we heard that Betty and mom were on their way so we went to meet them outside. The taxi pulled up just as we got out, and Betty came out laughing telling us that she needed help. Mom was an orgasmic wreck panting like crazy in the back seat of the cab. Susan and I tried to help her stand while Betty paid the driver. We went a couple of metres before mom howled in another orgasm sobbing that she never would have believed anything could feel this good.

Dad came over and carried her inside stating this was the best day of his life. I could see how proud he was both of me and my mother. We all went in to the bar to have a drink and for mom to get a bit more accustomed to all the stimulation. The final four hours of the day went by in a blur and we made 2 more stops at Marvin’s booth signing quite a few more bottles and emptying ourselves with an audience. There were several of the spectators buying more than one and quite a few tasting their drinks while looking at us. We were offered a sip from a sexy woman, and she insisted that we should not reject what we had not tried.

Marvin came and gave both of us and the woman a shot glass each “on the house”. I could not believe I was holding a glass with a mix of our pee and some liquor and actually considering drinking it. Susan winked at me, flicked the remote for my panties and daring me… I pressed her remote as well and then we held our glasses up and downed them in one mouthful. The crowd around us cheered and we crashed together in a powerful orgasm. The taste was not what I expected at all, and I loved the humiliating feeling from drinking it with an audience. Marvin gave my parents, Tom and Betty a bottle each too. Finally at 4am we caught a cab home. Susan came with me, she did not want to go home like she was dressed, and she was too exhausted to go and change in the store. We went straight to my room and lay down on my bed already asleep before our heads touched the pillows.

Part Three

I woke up on Saturday around 1 pm by someone caressing my head. As I slowly became aware of things I realized I was still all dressed up in rubber with both the dildo panties and the ballet boots. I opened my eyes and saw Susan smiling at me as she continued caressing my body all over. Suddenly I felt the dildos came to life inside me as she kissed me deeply. I kissed her back and held her close to me as I had a nice slow but long orgasm. She turned off the vibrations as we just lay in a nice embrace in the afterglow.

"This was a pleasant way to wake up", I said smiling.

She just kissed me and told me that she had been very attracted to me ever since she got to know me, but she was unsure about her sexuality.

I told her that I have always considered myself straight, but I was attracted to her as well. "Maybe we feel different if we stop being so horny all the time by taking off our outfits??"

We agreed to take our time deciding. One more kiss turned into another round with both vibrations and some pumping making me cum screaming in pleasure. Just then mom came rushing through the door with big eyes asking what is happening. She saw us still dressed in our outfits holding each other she was astonished. She had gotten out of the outfit as soon as we were home, totally exhausted, and wondered how we still could take more of the stimulation. Both her openings were sore from last night’s abuse. "By the way we are having breakfast downstairs in 15 minutes", she said.

We reluctantly let the air out of the dildos and got out of bed meaning to remove our outfits only to realize all the locks were still in place. This was not good; the locks were made from almost indestructible metal meaning that we would have to destroy our outfits to get out of them without the keys. That was certainly not an option, as these were ours to keep so we decided to keep them on until we met Tom. A quick stop in the toilet emptying our bowels, and then we headed for the kitchen.

It felt really strange sitting at the table all dressed up. Dad and Paul were almost drooling not being able to take their eyes off us. They had all heard our cries of pleasure and knew something was going on between Susan and me. All of a sudden sex was a subject during breakfast, not something I would not ever think possible until then. Our stomachs were quickly filled up as the corsets squeezed them in.

After breakfast Susan called Tom to get the keys. He was working to get ready for another day at the convention. When he realized we were still in our outfits he was really sorry, and said we could go to the store as the spare key was there. Tom also wanted to meet us at the store at 4 pm. He had an idea he wanted to discuss and he was sorting out all the gear he needed to make it happen. Relieved we asked dad to drive us to the shop, and he was happy to. The neighbor across the street was staring openly as we walked out to the car, so we smiled and waved at him but I don’t think he noticed.

At the shop around 3 pm we found the key and helped each other off with everything. Then we had a nice long shower together washing each other and really making out. Tom came just as we finished showering and we had a coffee listening to his idea. He started by showing us a picture of a pony girl.

"The pony boots in the picture are not in stock, but I’ve got all the rest of it", he said.

He planned for us pull a cart around the convention a couple of times to get some attention.

"You will be covered in latex, inside and out except for your tits. They will be pulled through an opening in the cat suits and fitted with a nipple stretcher with a small bell on the tip".

He looked at us back and forth several times pleading us, so we agreed. Tom was so excited and gave us the suits, corsets and harnesses.

"The rest is in my booth", he said.

Susan found that there was another pair of inflatable dildo panties as well. We sighed since we were pretty sore after all the hours of being stuffed, but then had our enemas and lubed up the dildos. These had the same plumbing for extended wear so here we go again. It really did not bother me anymore, and I did make $800 selling my pee the day before. I pushed both intruders into my now well stretched out holes without any difficulties. I came almost immediately after pulling the panties in place, contemplating how much I loved the feeling of being so stuffed.

Further on we put on the catsuits, corsets and finally shiny black thigh high ballet boots. The suits came with attached feet but no gloves, and the corset had a special harness in the bottom. There was a big D ring almost at the hip on each side, a strap between the legs with a horse’s tail on the strap. I could feel my feet protesting a bit but overall it was all good. We went into the shop and picked out a jacket in latex to cover up our tits, an awesome dress, some underwear and another pair of boots for the evening. We both walked quite easily in the ballet boots by now, but we wanted some other boots a bit less extreme for later.

Susan called her mom telling her she was staying with me another night while I collected everything in a couple of bags, and off we went. Walking out of the safe confinement of the store was even more challenging because it was Saturday. This meant lots of people around seeing and commenting as we walked to the taxi stop. The taxi stop around the corner was empty when we got there so we had to wait several humiliating minutes on our toes with pumps hanging uncovered between our legs, and the sun boiling us in the suits. Finally we got a cab, and Tom and Betty was excited to see us.

After a few minutes of chit chat they eagerly started putting on a hood with horse ears and a reinforced hole in the top for our hair. The hood had mouth and nose holes, but we were completely blind. Then they produced a head harness with a bit and reins. Next was a rubber arm binder forcing our hands and elbows together and securing them to the corset harness. This made our tits, the only part of exposed flesh even more prominent. Tom carefully played with the nipples, making them hard before fitting the nipple stretchers. They were simple but painful encircling the nipple by an inch. A spring loaded wire was looped around the nipple constantly pulling it out. In the other end a small bell was attached that would chime from any movements. The pain in my nipples was almost overwhelming.

I tried complaining, but the bit made talking very difficult. It felt like my nipples was being torn off, but after a while the pain turned into a dull ache. Both finished we were lead to the cart and attached to it side by side. Every little movement of the bells transferred into my nipples reminding me how they were on display. My tits were also getting wet as I was drooling around the bit. It was a totally different experience walking blind and without being able to use our arms. I could not feel my arms anymore as they were completely numb.

Tom explained that the panties we wore had the electro play option in addition to vibrations. The brake handle on the cart was connected to the control box. He demonstrated and we yelped in our bits as we felt a jolt through our asses. He stated that shocks in the ass meant slower and in the pussy meant faster. The more powerful shock the more urgent it was. He instructed us to lift the knees high to avoid falling as we could not see any obstacles that may come in the way. Finally he got in the cart and we were shocked lightly in the pussy signaling us to move. We could hear people cheering and talking as we trotted along pulling the cart and following the lead of the reins.

We kept pulling the cart several rounds, stopping every now and then. Someone gave us some water every time we stopped and made sure we were ok, I lost all track of time as I existed only to follow the inputs from my orifices and the reins. Every time we stood still a few minutes the vibrators kicked in making us both have at least one orgasm before moving on. One time I suddenly felt someone fiddling between my legs instead, and Tom told me they were emptying my bowels. I heard a lot of people standing around us and then I felt the pressure was released. Then my intruders grew considerably, and I heard Susan moaning as she got the same treatment.

Just before I could take no more the vibrations kicked in at max and I had a huge orgasm. Everyone around us clapped and cheered as we climaxed. Then the vibrations stopped and Tom spoke to us; "One final round now, and then we are finished", he said.

Off we went again but this time we felt that the floor got different, and then the sun hit us. We were driven outside. I felt so humiliated being shown off in public like this. I pictured us in my head; two young women in rubber catsuits and arm binders pushing our exposed boobs out and the pumps for the dildos clearly visible between our legs, but of course we were hidden by the hoods.

A few minutes later we were back inside at Tom’s booth. He removed the head harness and hood first, and we could see mom smiling from ear to ear sitting in the cart. She was the one leading us outside. She was dressed in an awesome black latex hobble dress, a waist cincher and opera length latex gloves looking like a true dominatrix. She helped Tom setting us free, and we went to the restroom to change. I almost fainted from the pain as I removed the nipple stretchers. After a little while they seemed to be OK, but a lot more sensitive than before.

We continued to dress the same and now we wanted some rest for our sore and overstimulated orifices. Therefore we had chosen a black and pink latex thong without any kind of stimulation, black garter with pink trim, Black stockings with pink trim, black long fingerless gloves with pink trim, and a pink mini dress with black trim. The dress had front laces in a very deep “v” cut running almost down below my bellybutton in the front. The dress was simply awesome. It was the sexiest dress I’ve ever seen, just screaming sex from every angle. It was so short it barely covered my ass, but clearly showing the garters and stocking tops.

The boots were knee high black platform boots with 8” spike heels, and they almost felt like trainers after 2 days in ballet heels. All dressed up we had to fix our hair and makeup after almost 3 hours in a hood. I finished a bit faster than Susan and just stood admiring her appearance. She was so beautiful and the rubber outfit was so sexy. She turned to me asking what I was staring at. I just leaned forward and kissed her deeply. My heart was pounding in my chest hoping she would not reject me, but as we broke the kiss she had tears in her eyes. She told me was so happy and hoped we would continue in this direction. I kissed her again and then we headed out of the restroom hand in hand.

Back at Tom’s booth we learned that our pony girl show had been filmed and that a lot of people had paid good money to take us for a ride. Mom was there telling me how cool it was seeing her daughter like the perfect human pony. It turned out that she was the one stopping at Marvin’s booth emptying us, and having a drink at the same time. She thought it was appropriate for her to taste the product she was delivering, and she was really enjoying this having the most fun in years. "The taste wasn’t bad either", she said and winked at us.

She stayed in Tom’s booth talking while Susan and I went looking around. It was almost strange walking without constant stimulation but we were able to pay more attention to our surroundings. In all of the booths we visited, we were greeted as the rubber princesses. Not before long we were offered roles in several fetish and BDSM movies with a promise of decent payment and a lot of fun. Every booth we visited we were offered beer or wine and we had a good time talking to a lot of people in the fetish community. We were also invited to a couple of “happenings” as well. We were having so much fun and we met so many nice people that we would certainly attend a few parties.

At Marvin’s booth I asked him about the nearest restroom as I needed to pee. He smiled and showed me a door in the back of his booth, and I went in emptying my bladder. It was no ordinary toilet, and found it a bit strange not being able to flush. Having to discard the toilet paper in a garbage bin also seemed strange, but I washed my hands with the offered baby wipes and got out. As I was finished Marvin showed us the “toilet”. It was a normal toilet seat on top of a basin which was connected by a hose through the floor. He then opened a hatch below the toilet floor, and we could see a girl completely covered in latex. Her hands were in a latex arm binder, and she sat on her knees with a steel collar around her neck. The collar was mounted on the wall behind her making her immobile. The hose from the toilet bowl was connected to her gag which was integrated in her hood. Every drop from the bowl had to be swallowed as there was no other escape.

She was looking at us moaning, so Marvin asked her if she had enough. She blinked one time as an answer and Marvin disconnected the hose and released her while explaining that one blink or grunt means yes and two means no. Out of the toilet base she stretched her limbs as Marvin removed the hood. Her name was Lisa and she was Marvin’s girlfriend. She was as much into playing with pee as he was, and she always had fantasied about being a human toilet for real. They had discussed it and she pursued him to set it up at this convention so he could be in control of who was using her. Her belly was slightly distended as she had received 7 loads of pee, mine being the last.

Her eyes were almost glowing and she said she had loved every second of it, and that she loved the taste. She really got off from just feeling someone was using her and not knowing who it was. This would not be her last time doing this. It was beyond anything I ever thought possible. Here I was talking to a woman in her late 30’s that just 10 minutes earlier acted as my toilet, and still had the taste of my pee in her mouth. Lisa seemed really nice and we chatted a few minutes before moving along, but not until we promised to join them going to a fetish party with them later. We exchanged phone numbers and headed back to Toms booth.

The convention now neared its end, and Tom was really happy. He gave us all of our clothes in a bag, and thanked us genuinely for making this a big success for him. We would see how much he appreciated our help on the next pay check, he said. He also gave us $200 each from Marvin for the pit stop in our pony gear. We were happy to call it a day, and slowly we headed towards the exit. We walked out still wearing our heels and latex as we had nothing else to wear. Starving we went to a pizza restaurant and shared a pizza while slowly winding down after an exciting weekend. Afterwards we caught a taxi, and went back to my place. We spent the evening cuddling and relaxing growing more fond of each other...

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