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The Suit

by Flyer

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"O.K., sign here, here, and here," said the payroll clerk.

I signed my name to a stack of paperwork in front of me. As if I had a choice. I had been in the military for 3 years. I lived off post, so as to hide my fetish. I loved rubber. Even on my small military pay, I was able to mass a good size collection of masks, helmets, suits, and the like. However on an unannounced inspection of my off-base housing, I was found out. Even though I'm straight, I was on my way to a dishonorable discharge under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

All of a sudden, I was ordered to the Commanding Generals office. "We know of your love of rubber," he said. "We would like to make you an offer. The military needs people to test out a new chemical suit. It is made of a material like rubber, but has better protection qualities. The suit is worn skin tight, so it can be worn under normal uniforms. If you volunteer to test the suit for 6 months, the military will forget about this and allow you to stay in. If not, you will be given an dishonorable discharge, with a note of mental problems. Take your pick."

After signing the last of the forms, I was escorted out of the office and take to a large military plane. After a few minutes, myself, my escorts, and a large pile of military equipment took off for God know where. After a few hours, I fell asleep.

I woke up to the sound of the landing gear lowering. After we landed, I was taken from the plane and escorted to an office. For what I could see, we landed in the middle of nowhere.

"Welcome to Area 51," said a major, just after I walked inside a building.

"Where are all the aliens?" I asked, half jokingly.

"They were moved out of here a long time ago," the major said. "We now use this site for other top secret experiments. Now, let's get to the briefing."

I was taken into a room with several tables and chairs. Except for me, there was nobody there. After a few minutes, 5 other people came in. There were 3 men and 2 women.

"Good day," said the major, after he entered the room. "As you might have been told, you are here to test out new Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear suits. These suits will protect you from radiation, chemical and bio hazards. You will be inside the suit for about 8 hours a day. While inside the suit, you will be doing normal military stuff. Running, jumping, shooting and the like. However, you, as a unit, will go through another 7 weeks of training." The major then talked some more about the base and other stuff. We were then dismissed.

The next day, we started our training. We had to learn different chemical, bio and nuke information, what we were to take notes about while inside the suit, and other information.

Finally after 7 weeks, I was to report to the suit up room.

At 0800, I reported to the building. I was told to strip down to my birthday suit and take a shower. As I started to shower, I noticed some stringing stuff was coming out in my hands. It was my hair! I tried to get out of the shower, when two huge guys grabbed me and pulled me back inside. They scrubbed every inch of my body down, removing all of my hair and about the top 2 layers of my skin.

After my shower, I was taken to an exam table and strapped down. The table was wheeled into some sort of air lock. The door was closed and then I heard several clicks and felt air move across my body. After a couple of minutes, another door opened and 3 people walked in. They were clad in an air mask and a fabric jump suit, sort of a clean room set up.

"Did you like your shower," one of them asked. "No, well, that part was a piece of cake compared to what is going to happen now." He walked away laughing.

A cream was spread all over my body, including my face and bald head. Then it was wiped off. "This is to kill all hair cells, so you won't grow hair anymore," said one of the assistants.

Then I felt a needle prick in my arm. "This is just a relaxer and pain killer. You are going to need it."

After a few minutes I was still conscious, but I could not move or feel anything. The assistant then proceeded to remove my finger and toe nails. Next a thing that looked like a soldering iron was pressed into the area where the nails were growing from. "That will stop the nails from coming back."

Another assistant stepped between my spread legs with a tray of instruments. After what seemed hours, the assistant stepped back. "There," the assistant said, "we have removed your scrotum and penis. We have placed a drainage tube in the place of your penis. Because of the new diet you will be going on to now, you will not need your anal hole for evacuation. We rerouted your colon to meet up with the just inserted tube."

This whole time I'm wondering, What in the fuck did I get myself into! I'm totally screwed!! What are my parents thinking. I've not been able to make contact with them for several weeks. The military has hijacked my body and are making me into a freak! I read the whole thing that I signed. Knowing the military, they took the last page of the form and stapled it to another stack of forms explaining all of this.

At this time one of the assistants opened my mouth with a tool that kept it open. "Oh, thought you might want to know. Your parents are at your funeral today. We sent them a wino we grabbed off the street and made him a crispy critter. Far as your parents know, there was a massive fire in the motor pool at your base. You saved 3 people before you were caught in the explosion. Too badly burned to have an open casket."

Those bastards! The not only are they ruining my life, they are messing with several other people! Why did I have to go along with this!

The assistant then reached into my mouth with a long set of cutters. "There go your vocal cords!" Next there was a pressure at the bottom of my mouth. "By-by tongue." Next thing my teeth were being jerked out of my mouth. I could not think of what else they could do to me!

The other assistant then came up to me with a bunch of rubber tubing. One large tube was fed down my mouth. The two smaller ones were fed down my nose. A flat piece of rubber was attached to end of the mouth tube and then fed down my mouth. The assistant then placed a couple of small tools down my throat. Then more tubing in the nose and mouth. "There, the flat rubber is lodged at the top of the break with your lungs and stomach. Tubes are leading into both. Now we can control your breathing and what you eat."

Then a spray can was produced. This had a long, thin tube on it. The tube was placed into the nose, outside of the new breathing tubes. All of a sudden pressure was building in my head. It was like a real bad head cold, but it kept getting worse and worse.

Finally it stopped. The tube was removed and placed in my mouth. The assistant said, "This is a foam that forms rock hard after it cures. This will bond and take care of any air spaces in your head and seal them off."

Then another assistant came into the room This one was dressed in a large yellow haz mat suit, all puffed out. I was wheeled out of the room into a smaller room, just big enough for the table and the assistant. The door was closed. After a few minutes, another door opened and I was wheeled into another room. The table was turned upright. A frame was moved over to the table and placed in front of me.

Next, the frame was clamped to my legs and arms in a spread eagle manner. I was lifted into the air by the frame and then lowered to the ground. I'm still under the effects of the injection so I'm still not feeling anything. Then a black item is brought up to me. It looks like a black plastic body brace with an attached neck collar. This item is placed around me and clamped, like a pair of ski boots, under my pelvis, around my abdomen, chest, and neck. The front tube was fed through a hole in the front of the pelvis area.

All of a sudden I was short of breath. Tubes were attached to the ones already in my nose. Though I had to breathe very quickly, I lost the feeling that I was going to smother. I was then sprayed down with some sort of liquid from a spray gun The liquid started for form up. It was liquid latex. I had tried it before. It was O.K. except when I tried to pull it off my legs. It stuck to the hairs and took a week for the little balls attached to the hairs to come out. The assistant spread it on pretty thick.

Another assistant, in a red haz mat suit came up to me with a yellow bundle. It was my suit. It was one piece, with attached mitten hands with no thumb, attached socks, and an attached hood with a plastic face shield. The shield was black with clear eye spaces. My legs were removed from the frame and the frame was tilted up slightly. This left my legs hanging in mid air. The suit was pulled up my legs. At this time the injection started to wear off. They must have this timed down to the minute.

I felt my legs being stuffed into long boots that were inside the suit. The toes in the boots were pointed to the point I knew I could not stand on them. The tops of the boots were fitted to the bottom of the body brace. The whole length of my legs were clipped in, just like the body brace. The legs were reattached to the frame. The front tube was attached to a fitting inside the suit. Next the arms were removed from the frame. The suit was pulled up over my chest to my neck. The arms were fed down, what felt like tubes, to the end. There I felt where my fingers go and put them there. The arm tubes were attached to the arms of the body brace, and clipped like the body brace and legs.

The tubes were disconnected from my nose and then reconnected to two tubes inside of the neck of the suit. The same with the mouth tube. Ear plugs were placed into my ear, cutting out all sound. Then the hood was pulled over my head. The plastic face was pressed against mine, freezing my face to the mold shape. I felt the back of my head start to get tight. The face shield was pressed tighter and tighter into my face. Finally it stopped. I could tell they were sealing up the back of the suit. I waited.

After a few more minutes, the assistant in the red haz mat suit brought me a mirror. It look like I was covered in a yellow rubber cat suit. My middle, which was beginning to feel like I broke all of my ribs, was constricted down. My face was a black shield with two buggy eye lenses poking out from it. I tried to move my head, but could not.

The assistant in the yellow cat suit brought up a cable and plugged it into my chest. "Hello," the voice said through the ear plugs, "this is a crash course on your new environmental suit. The blue hose connector, on your chest, is for your food and water. The red one next to it is your air. The yellow one on your left leg is your waste connection. These connectors can't be hooked together wrong. With these connectors, we can supply you with hoses, or self contained with other outer suits and back packs. This, however is your basic suit. You are now sealed inside forever. The only body parts that you can move is your shoulders, hips and your fingers. We have found people get use to walking in the suit in no time and you don't really need that much mobility to do the tasks we
are going to have you do. However, we must test your endurance. Have fun!"

My eyes were covered with a shield, so I was plunged into blackness. I could not hear anything. All of a sudden, the pain in my ribs went away. Then I felt I was entering some sort of liquid. I was spun around so I lost all sense of what was up or down. I was floating and no sense of anything.

So here I am, I don't know if ten hours or ten days have gone by. Just floating. Just fl oat ing. J u s t f l o a ti n g................



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