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Steel Straightjacket

by M88

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© Copyright 2017 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; festival; camping; stuck; M/f; van; drug; kidnap; captive; steeldrum; bond; latex; catsuit; encased; trapped; punished; shocks; cons/nc; XX

Cheryl had spend the last 5 days at Download festival in Derbyshire UK. She had been drinking heavily throughout and had driven her friends mad. She woke up on the Monday morning with a massive hangover and all by her self. She had been left by herself as her friends had had enough of her. She crawled out her tent in just her pants and bra as a feeling of shame and disappointment filled her up. She had damaged most of her stuff over the weekend as she rocked out. She had nothing she needed to take home. Her tent was ripped and water logged and all her stuff was covered in mud. She was sick, tried and all by herself. She would just bring back what she could. She was looking through the ruins of her tent and found almost nothing worth saving. Just some clothes to wear on the way home and the main things she took with her. Like her phone, money and house keys. But she left 99% of the stuff there. Someone would clean it up for her as she headed towards the car parking. 

Cheryl could not drive so she would need a lift. Now asking someone to drive her back to London was a bit out the question. But getting them to drive her to Derby was more likely to happen. She would get the train home. She would use her good rock and roll looks and sex appeal to get in the car with them. After a short walk and stopping for something to eat and drink. She got to the main car park. Only to find most of the vehicles had already gone. She quickly started asking people if they could help her. She did understand why her friends had left her here as she had been a real pain all festival. She had got under their skin all weekend as was now paying the price for her actions.

The car park was emptying quickly as people headed for home. Everyone she spoke to turned her down. Until she had a word with a guy who is about to go. He was driving a van and had lots of space in the back for her. She had a chat with him to see if he was normal and happy to help her. He was friendly and had a warm smile. She thought she was in good hands and got into the back of his van. He helped her in and put her seat belt on for her. They had a joke and he walked round to the drivers door and got in.

He started the van and they drove out of the festival area and onto the open road towards Derby. She would have to say sorry to her friends and hope they would still like her. At that point he pressed a small red button on the back of his rear view mirror. This sent a wireless signal to a device in the base of Cheryl seat. The device was a hydraulic arm with a syringe at the end of it. Two bottles filled with chemicals lay on the base of the device. Which was folded in a way, so the syringe was pointing towards Cheryl’s backside. The hydraulic arm moved slowly and silently as it inched closer to it’s target. The razor shape syringe cut through the layers of the seat.

Cheryl was feeling the hangover she had had all morning as the van rocked around. She never even knew the syringe had just broken through her fresh and was pumping a massive amount of drugs into her. She would be sound asleep in 5 minutes and would not wake up again for over a day. She started to feel a bit zoned out and then before she could work anything out she was asleep. The drugs hit her like a brick as the van turned away from Derby and to an unknown location. He had trapped his first victim. He had spent days working on the van and how to get people into it. Festivals had been an idea that may or may not work. But as it turns out people are not that there best at the end of a long weekend of partying. And maybe in need of help. Lucky he was there. 

A day later. 

Cheryl suddenly snapped awoke as eyes tried to focus against the light. She was hot and sweaty as her eyes got back to normal. She was could not work out what she was looking that or what had happened. Was she still asleep as she tried to move her body and get a better look. But she stayed completely still as her eyes darted around trying to see everything to help her. She could just see a curved metal wall which had been painted white. Light was pouring down on her from above, not that see could see it. It looked like some type of see through plastic sheet was wrapped around her face. Her mouth was dry as she tried to speak and was unsure if she had said anything. As she was getting scared she tried again only this time loudly. This time she heard a beeping sound right in the depths of her ears. Which she heard almost made her wet herself as a cold computer edited women’s voice talked to her. 

“I see you have finally woken up. I have been waiting for you. You must be a bit sleepy still and some what confused as to what is going on. Do you remember the van? It was a trap for girls just like you. This recoding is activated every time you reach a specific volume. if you reach other levels above to below this one you will activated something else. Including the escape volume. HAHAHAHA 

Just made that one up. I will now talk you through the set up I have built. You have been put inside the 55g drum. I have put you in some amazing metalwork which should stop you from moving. Just a bit of wriggling should be all you can do. Your legs have been frog-tied with a frame keeping them together. The metal frame work will stop you getting up and it should keep you bound for a long time. Both legs are covered in this wire frame work and so are your feet which are padlocked to the base of the drum. A chastity belt should stop you from playing with yourself and keeps the tubes and wires in place. But it’s your body and arms I am most happy about. A steel wire straightjacket which folds your arms against your body. Your hand helpless in metal balls and no way to get the jacket off as it is joined to the chastity belt and goes over your shoulders. It’s also padlocked to the sides of the drum. You should breath fine, but it is limited. 

Bondage of the body is not enough. Your mind needs to be tied down as well. You have amazing ear plugs in at the moment which let this and other message play loud and clear. But anything else will be almost impossible for you to hear. You have been gagged with a strong plastic model which stops you speaking clearly. It also holds the tubes in place which will feed you. I have put your head inside a space helmet like design with a see through plastic front and tight fitting back which links to your heavy leather collar. It should keep your neck still. To add a fetish look to the whole thing you are wearing two of the tightest latex catsuits I have ever built. From head to toe in perfect black latex with it locked on. Enjoy yourself slave”

Cheryl tried fighting her bondage in brutal style as she tested the build work of her kidnapper. She let out a lung burning scream and got shocks to her ass, pussy, tits, feet and stomach. The recording said about audio levels. She cried in silence as sweat poured down her rubber back. She tried to call for help and asked to be freed. Both questions lead to a painful shock to her ass. She was then fed some dirty looking liquid and found it impossible to do anything other than swallow. The lights made the drum very hot as sweat dripped from her forehead and landed at the bottom of the plastic face mask.

What was going to happen to her next? 


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