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The Sphere

by Coated

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© Copyright 2013 - Coated - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; FF; alien; scifi; latex; bodysuit; helmet; symbiotic; telepathy; shave; climax; cons; X

Another Saturday night, and Sandy was bored. It had been nearly a year since Paul had gone from her life, leaving her alone in their remote Vermont farmhouse. It had been what she wanted; he didn't contest her terms for their divorce. But after a year of loneliness and boredom, with little more than the television to distract her, she was getting a little antsy.

They had both worked for a big computer company near Boston, where they first met and fell in love. Luck was with them, and they cashed out right at the crest of the dot-com fiasco before it all went bust. Flush with cash, they decided to "get away from it all" and buy a place in rural Vermont, far away from the hustle and hype. They found a cozy house on an old farm that was an hour's drive from the nearest town. Perfect! They said farewell to their friends in Boston, packed everything up and headed north.

And that's where the trouble began.

Alone with only one another for company, the flaws and mismatches in their relationship began to surface. At first they set it all aside, throwing themselves into modernizing the house with vigor. But once they had finished they had nothing else to do and began a slow decline. Within a year they realized the mistake they had made and divorced by mutual consent.

As far as divorces go, it was relatively civil and drama-free. Paul had taken his half of things and moved back to Boston. Sandy decided to hang onto the house and land and make a home for herself. 

Not wanting to go to seed, she kept her figure trim with daily walks in the woods or on the treadmill in the basement. And she filled her time with small projects in and around the house. But the months passed slowly in her mostly-empty house and no one made the trek to her remote hideaway to see her. She was starting to regret her decision and in desperate need of a change.

Her choices were few. She could make the effort to visit either Boston or Montreal for a while. But that meant a long drive and spending cash. She didn't mind the drive; she was always the type who enjoyed long, rambling excursions to new and exciting places. Money was another issue; finances were getting tight, and jobs were few in this part of the woods. So that left her with the other, all too familiar option of a weekend with her television.

She had just settled down in front of the tube with a bowl of microwave popcorn when a sound like a derailing freight train came crashing out of the nearby woods. Startled from her torpor, Sandy jumped to her feet and ran to the window. The sound was echoing off through the woods, and in the distance she could see a bright bluish glow, intense at first but fading as she watched. Thinking that an airplane may have crash-landed, she grabbed her coat and a flashlight and ran out the door.

Dashing across the field towards the wood's edge, Sandy saw the silhouette of a person stumbling towards her through the trees. "Hang on, I'm coming!" she shouted as she ran, hoping the dazed person was not badly injured. Medical services were a long, long drive away. When she reached the wood, Sandy saw that the person before her was a petite woman of her size, an unmistakable fact despite her full-face helmet, considering the skintight flight suit she was wearing.

Sandy got to her just as the pilot collapsed. Catching her as she fell, she supported her as best she could and began moving back towards the house. "Are you all right? Was there anyone else on the plane? Don't worry, we'll call for help when we get inside." The pilot attempted a reply, but seemed to speak in gibberish. The opaque, full-coverage flight helmet didn't help matters. "She's out of it", thought Sandy. "I hope she doesn't have a concussion!"

They made it back to the house in a few minutes. Sandy brought her into the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Sandy couldn't help but notice the attractive shape of her charge's body, or the way her flight suit added to her attractiveness. But such thoughts would have to wait; the pilot was in obvious distress, holding her gloved hands on her lower torso and moaning in pain.

"Hang on, let me help you", said Sandy as she reached to remove her helmet. This seemed to add to the pilot's distress but Sandy was having none of it. This was the most unusual helmet Sandy had ever seen; it was a blank, featureless oval of shiny black, and covered her entire head and neck, apparently made of two pieces of some hard substance that fit together seamlessly. Feeling around for a latch, she found two small buttons protruding on either side of the neck. Pressing both in at once split the helmet apart.

Sandy lifted the front of the helmet and nearly jumped out of her skin at what she saw. It was a woman's face, with an elegant shape and high cheekbones. But her skin was ashen, almost a reflective silver; her eyes large, almond shaped and entirely black; her nose unusually thin, as were her lips; and her head entirely without hair. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the crash was a UFO, and this woman its alien pilot.

"D'ghosh phangla?" the pilot said in between gasps of breath.

"I-I-I-" was all Sandy could manage. Seeing the problem, the pilot raised her hand and rested her fingertips on Sandy's forehead. There was a brief flash, and the pilot lowered her hand and spoke again.

"Do you understand me now?"

"...yes. Yes! Omigod, how did you do that?"

"A talent. Where am I? What planet is this?"

"You're an alien! You're from outer space! I don't believe this!" Sandy's excitement was tempered a bit when she saw the pain return to the pilot's face, and she tried to compose herself. "This is Earth. Third planet from the sun. You landed in the woods near my house, which is in Vermont, which is in the United States of America. Close to Canada!"

"I see. And you are...?"

"Sandy! Sandy Bright. I live here. Obviously. Oh, never mind! Who are you!?"

"I am called Penque. I was scouting for mineral deposits in this system when something went wrong and my ship's systems began to fail. This appeared to be the only inhabited planet in the area, so I tried to land and effect repairs. But something happened when I entered your atmosphere; the ship experienced a system-wide failure. The landing was less than perfect."

"Wow! Was anyone else on your ship?"

"No, it is a small scout vessel. I usually have a co-pilot, but this was meant to be an easy assignment." This brought a smile to Penque's lips, but it was quickly replaced by a spasm of pain. 

Sandy got worried. "Hey, you're hurt pretty badly. I should call a doctor."

"No! You must not alert anyone to my presence! I am in this system without the proper authority. To do so could jeopardize my mission, not to mention my life!" Penque reached up as she said this, inviting another round of grimacing and spasms.

"But you're hurt! You might die!"

"My injuries are not as severe as you imagine. The flight suit I am wearing has already diagnosed my condition and is affecting repairs. I should be out of danger in a few strohms."

"Your...suit?" Sandy's eyes again drifted down to the glossy black covering Penque's entire body. 

"Yes, the suit and helmet are an integrated unit. They monitor my condition at all times, and work to protect me from injury or infection. It is essential to one in my profession." Penque looked at her quizzically. "I take it your planet has not yet developed such technology?"

Sandy was a bit distracted by the sight of Penque's suit-encased chest rising and falling. "Not that I know of."

"Mm. I see." Penque paused, thinking. "If it is all right with you, I should rest for a while. Would you mind closing my helmet for me? It needs to be worn correctly for everything to function properly."

"Sure, okay. Do you want me to bring you anything? Some water?"

"Thank you, perhaps later. For now, I need to rest. Promise me you will not tell anyone of my presence here? Please?" She reached out and took Sandy's hand in hers; the warm, smooth feel of it sent a strange excitement through Sandy's body.

"I won't tell a soul, I promise. If you need me, I'll be in the other room."

"Thank you. Now, if you would..." Penque made a slight motion towards the top of her helmet.

"Yeah, sure." Sandy reached up and gently pressed down the front of the helmet, her eyes never leaving those of her guest until the smooth oval obscured them from view. With a soft click, the helmet was back in place, and Penque seemed to relax and breath a bit deeper. 

Sandy stood up and went to the bedroom door, turning off the light as she turned in the doorway to linger upon the glistening, sensual form stretched out on her bed, still visible as it reflected the moonlight from the window. With a bit of effort, she tore herself away and shut the door.


Sitting on the couch in her darkened living room, Sandy ran the events of the last few hours over and over in her mind. Was this some dream? A practical joke? Or did she really have an alien woman lying on her bed a few yards down the hall? It was all too much to take in; eventually, she could not fight off sleep and dozed off.

She was awakened in the hours before dawn by a diffuse blue glow that was coming from outside. Looking out the window, she could see the same light as before, the one from the crashed spaceship. Curiosity got the better of her, as she once again grabbed her coat and flash and ventured outside.

It only took a few minutes past the edge of the woods to reach the source of the light, which now lit the woods like a blue searchlight. It was a sphere, perhaps fifteen feet across, partially sunk in the soft loam. The surface was reflective, mirror-smooth, and did not appear to have any openings. Strangest of all, though, was the sound that seemed to emanate from within; it was faint, but Sandy thought the sphere was singing.

How long she stared at the sphere, bathed in its light and sound, she couldn't say; but suddenly, as if a switch had been flipped, she found herself at the edge of the wood, looking at her house. The sun had come up, accompanied by the chirping of awakening birds; all trace of the sphere's performance had vanished. She thought to turn around and return to the sphere, but remembered the unexpected guest and made her way home.

Once inside, Sandy dropped her coat and torch and made her way to the bedroom door. It was still shut, so she knocked gently. "Penque? Are you awake?" There was no reply, so she opened the door and went inside.

The suit and helmet lay neatly arranged at the foot of the bed, but their occupant was nowhere to be seen. The sound of the shower in the adjacent bathroom quickly solved that mystery. Sandy sat at the foot of the bed and waited. Soon, though, her attention once again turned to the suit sitting folded next to her. She reached over and felt its surface with thumb and forefinger. It was smooth, even slick, and felt stretchy to the touch. It felt like it was made out of rubber, like some of the outfits she had seen the fashion models wearing on TV. But it seemed to have an almost electric charge to it, stimulating in some way. Without even knowing why, she raised the glove end of one arm to her cheek and caressed it; her eyes closed and she let out a small moan as it sent little shocks along her skin, feeling like the touch of a lover.

"Please do not touch my suit. You might damage it."

If the sound of Penque's voice was a shock, the sight of her was nearly traumatic. Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, Penque was completely naked and dripping with water from the shower. Her silvery grey body was hairless from tip to toe, and there were greenish splotches in various places, which must have been the bruises from her injuries; they looked bad, but her movement suggested they had improved. And her silver coloring seemed lighter on the front than her back. But aside from this, Sandy sat transfixed by her trim and seductive physique.

Penque seemed mildly amused by Sandy's reaction. "Is something out of place, or have you never seen a naked body before?" she said with a slight hint of a smile. 

Sandy turned away, blushing furiously. She had never found another woman attractive, but something about this exotic creature was stirring her pot. 

"I see", said Penque as she moved towards the bed. "Your society has a clothing taboo. What part or parts should I have covered before leaving the cleansing room?"

"No, it’s not that, it’s just... you're wet. Let me get you a towel." Sandy rushed into the hall and grabbed a towel from the closet. Composing herself, she went back in and handed the towel to Penque. "I wouldn't want you to catch a cold." Penque took the folded towel, examined it briefly, then pressed it against her chest, removing it after a moment to see the result. Sandy came over beside her and took the towel, unfolding it. "It works better like this", she said, and without waiting began to rub the towel over her body.

Sandy worked her way down Penque's body until she reached her toes, then realizing her position kneeling at her feet, she looked up to meet Penque's studious gaze. 

"I'm sorry if I damaged your suit" she said quietly as she stood up, dropping the towel at their feet, eyes still locked with hers. 

"No harm has been done. And I thank you for your... concern." Was that another hint of a smile with that last word? Sandy couldn't be sure. "My injuries are healing well, but I should continue to wear my suit to accelerate the process. If you would..." She motioned that Sandy, who was standing very close, should move back a pace. 

Penque picked up the suit and began to put it on. It seemed to Sandy that it flowed up her body as she slid into the slit at its back; she could almost imagine it was applying itself to her, and she was merely guiding it. Once inside the suit, Penque stretched her injured body as best she could, flexing and extending her fingers, arms and legs to ensure a proper fit. As she did so, she resumed her conversation with Sandy.

"I take it that your people are not used to visits by outworlders?"

"No, we're not." Sandy was becoming enthralled by the sight before her. If Penque and her suit each held an attraction to her, the two together were positively mesmerizing.

"I see. And this dwelling, is it typical of the level of technology available to you?"

", no. Well, some parts are, but some parts aren't. Yeah. Um, what was the question?"

"Never mind. Sandy, why do you continue to examine me in that way?"

Now Sandy could not help but blush a deep crimson and turn her head away. "I... I don't know. I'm not attracted to girls - I mean, not usually - but I... that is..."

A real smile grew on Penque's face, revealing another unusual trait. She had fangs. 

"You find me physically appealing? You desire to mate?"

"Well, I'm not sure 'mate' is the right word."

"Then you wish stimulation? To please me, and I you?"


Penque held out her hand. Sandy took it in hers, feeling the tingling thrill she felt the night before. She stepped closer, and Penque raised her other gloved hand to caress Sandy's cheek. As before, the feeling was electric; head tilted back, mouth slack, eyes closed, she savored the moment.

Nimble fingers began to remove her clothing, occasionally brushing her skin with lines of fire, until she stood naked before her alien lover. Then, with a grin that bared her fangs, Penque reached forward with both hands and cupped Sandy's breasts, and Sandy's world lit a brilliant white.


The hours that followed were like a dream to Sandy. Every touch, every casual caress and probing digit sent a surge of ecstasy flowing through her. No lover had ever made her feel this way; it was an awakening to a whole new world.

In between their close encounters they told each other of their lives and home worlds. Penque had left hers long ago for a life amongst the stars. From what Sandy could gather, she was a lot older than she looked. She, in turn, told her story; about losing Paul, the loneliness of her life, her lack of plans for the future. Penque listened intently to this, then affixed Sandy with a long, studious look before softening and reaching out to electrify her once again.

Many hours later, Sandy awoke to find herself alone in the bed. Night had fallen, and she found herself whimpering slightly as she pawed and grasped for the empty spot where her lover had been. It took a moment for her to realize that she was not alone in the room. Eyes snapping open, she looked up to see Penque standing at the foot of the bed, her suit reflecting the moonlight. She held a bundle in her hands.

"I have been thinking."

Sandy sat up in bed. "About what?"

"I will have to leave soon, to continue my mission. My injuries are almost healed, and an examination of my ship shows only superficial damage. It would be best to depart before I am discovered by the local authority."

"Oh." Sandy could not help but feel a profound sadness.

"But there is a problem that must be solved. You."

"M-me?" A note of fear crept into her voice. Did she have some kind of ray gun in that bundle!?

"I cannot leave you here, as you know too much, which would put others, or even yourself, at risk. Also, I would have a better chance of returning home, and of success in future endeavors, if I had a co-pilot.

"And", she paused here, gathering her resolve, "I desire your company. So I want you to come with me."

Sandy was dumbstruck.

"...Me? Up there? With you?"

"Yes. Did you not say earlier that your life was without purpose or direction, and that you wished for a change?"

"Sure, but wow! This is one heck of a change." The very notion was almost too much to grasp. She had been thinking about travel, but this made her plans for Jamaica seem tame in comparison. Her mind filled with the images from a thousand books and videos of space fantasies.

"You do not wish to go?"

Sandy snapped back to reality. "Yes! I mean, no! I mean, yes, I want to go. When would we leave?"

"As soon as you are ready. Here, I have brought you a flight suit." She dropped the bundle on the bed. It was a suit and helmet; same as the ones Penque wore. "But you will have to prepare yourself first."

"Okay, what do I need to do?"

"Go to your cleansing room and remove all adornments, then make yourself as clean as possible. Also, you will have to remove all the growth on your body, including your head."

"Growth... you mean I have to cut my hair off?"

"All of it, or the helmet will be unable to make proper contact." Sensing her hesitation, she added. "Is it such a large price to pay for the universe?"

"I guess not. Okay, wait here. I'll be a quick as I can." With that, she rushed into the bathroom.

"Quick" meant the better part of two hours, as Sandy did her best to prepare. Penque sat on the bed and listened to the noises from the bathroom. There was much crashing and scattering of items, and Sandy on several occasions sharply exclaimed single words that Penque did not recognize but could guess their meaning. Then there was a prolonged silence, followed by a buzzing sound that was soon accompanied by soft sobbing. The buzzing stopped, but the sobbing continued well after the shower came on. Eventually, only the shower could be heard, and when this stopped there was a long pause of silence.

The bathroom door creaked slowly open, and Sandy emerged in a cloud of steam, transformed. Naked and bald, she meekly stepped into the room.

"I forgot to bring a towel in with me."

"Allow me." Penque stood up and walked into the hall, returning a moment later with a fresh, fluffy bath towel. She came up beside Sandy and unfolded it. With a mischievous smile she said, "I would not want you to catch a cold", and toweled down her newly shaven body.

Sandy could only stand there and lose herself in the moment; nothing else seemed possible in the maelstrom of emotions swirling within her. All too soon, Penque finished drying her. Discarding the towel, she reached for the flight suit. Holding it up in front of Sandy, she explained its properties.

"This is more than a garment. It is in fact a part of the ship itself, and will aid you in all its functions. It is also how the ship monitors you, ensuring your health and comfort while wearing it. After you put it on, there may be some discomfort. It will take a moment to adjust itself to your alien physiology. But once fitted, it will act as an extension of your own body, and your connection to the ship. Ready?"

Sandy nodded, and Penque held the suit open for her. There was a slit along the back, otherwise no joint or seam was visible. Sandy's breathing grew shallow and quick; she knew how it felt to touch one of these suits, but to actually be in one! She lifted her left leg and fed it down the leg of the suit, fitting her foot into the integral boot... nothing. No tingle, nothing! Undaunted, she put her other leg in. Still no response, at least not like before; though she was not unaware that the slick cling of the suit had a charm of its own. She quickly inserted both arms into the sleeves and attached gloves.

As soon as both hands were in, the suit seemed to stir of its own. Sandy froze in place as the seam along her back closed by itself; in the mirror, it looked as if she had been painted from the chin down with glossy black latex. There was no sign of a seam anywhere! Then, parts of the suit seemed to move and adjust themselves to her form, getting tighter and tighter until she let out a frightened squeal. Penque came up beside her and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Do not be concerned. The suit must adjust itself, and learn your physiology. It will not harm you." Sandy was calmed by her words, and let herself be captivated by the outlandish image in the mirror before her. Two bald, shapely, pretty women who were clad in strange, skintight black rubber outfits were staring back at her. Could one of these exotic creatures really be her?

Soon the suit calmed its movements, leaving Sandy breathless from the unending squeeze all over her body. Then, the sensations began; starting from her lower torso, it spread out across her body to the tips of her fingers and toes. It was not as intense as when she made love to Penque; rather, it was like a soft glow, a pleasant warmth that enveloped her as the suit did.

"There. The suit has activated", Penque said. "Now you will be able to enter and commune with the ship."

"How does it work? I don't see any batteries."

"You are the power source. It draws its energy from your body. That is why it will work to keep you healthy and safe; the relationship is symbiotic."

"Are you saying this thing is alive?"

"Merely an advanced technology." Penque placed her hands on Sandy's hips; the result was ecstatic, far beyond what she felt before. Nearly buckling from the sensation, she allowed Penque to gently turn her body to face her own.

"Our suits are attuned both to their wearers and to each other. It is a part of the symbiosis they share with the ship. A communion we now share as well."

Penque pulled her close, and Sandy responded by placing her hands on her pilot's hips; then softly, slowly, they brought their lips together in a kiss. Though Sandy's eyes were closed, it seemed to her that the world around them had once again gone white with a brightness beyond description. The kiss was all too brief. Penque slowly released herself from Sandy's embrace, then, after a moment, reached over and picked up their helmets, offering one to her co-pilot.

"Time to go."


A late autumn night in Vermont, and the temperature was near freezing, but Sandy could only feel the brisk chill on her bare head. The suit kept the rest of her comfortably warm as she walked with Penque over the open field towards the wood where the ship sat waiting. 

She had decided against leaving a note or calling anyone to tell them of her plans. No one would believe her anyway, and it was better to be a missing person than a madwoman on the loose. She did leave her keys and ID on the kitchen counter, and shut down the power before locking the door behind her. It seemed unnecessary, but old habits die hard, she mused.

Now the two ebony figures had reached the wood and were nearing the ship. As they approached, the blue glow grew stronger, and the musical sound Sandy heard earlier softly filled the wood. 

"Wow, you'd think it knew we were coming."

"It does."


They reached the clearing where the ship sat, a bright ball of silver-blue light. The light was diffuse; though it obviously came from the ship, it was not glaring, and Sandy could see their reflections in its mirrored surface as they came near. 

Penque halted at the ship's edge and turned to Sandy. "We must put on our helmets now. Once on, it will physically connect with you to ensure your health is maintained; it will also provide a direct mental connection to the ship and other members of the crew. In this case, me. Ready?" Sandy nodded.

Penque put on her helmet first, sliding the back over her skull before lowering the front. A soft "click" could be heard, and the helmet seemed once again to be a single unit, a featureless oval of shiny black. The point where it met her suit was almost undetectable. Penque shook her head slightly, and Sandy thought she heard a soft moan, but a moment later she was reaching forward and opening Sandy's helmet for her.

Sandy got only a brief look at the inside of the helmet. It was lined with what seemed to be the same rubbery material as her suit, front and back. How would she see? Or breathe? A moment of apprehension grabbed her as the back of the helmet was set against her bare head. It was warm and soft, and seemed to conform to the shape of her head. Then the front was lowered into place. She heard the "click" as the two halves became one. Apprehension turned to panic as she realized that the front of the helmet, lined in the same way as the back, had no holes at all! She brought her hands up to her head and tried to pull it off, stumbling as she flailed in her personal darkness. Almost at once, she felt Penque embrace her tightly and hold her still, arms pinned to her sides. She started to scream, but the lining of the helmet muffled it to little more than a squeal. 

"Be calm. Relax. You are not in danger." It was Penque's voice, as clear as before they put their helmets on. It didn't seem to come from any one direction; was this the way they would communicate, some sort of telepathy? Sandy could only wonder, but the words had the intended effect, combined with the soothing energy from her suit, and she began to relax in Penque's embrace.

The warmth of the suit began to spread upwards into the helmet, and suddenly, she could see. The oval shape of Penque's helmet faded into view. Then, the lining of the helmet started to shift as the suit did, tightening to fit her like a second skin. The parts in contact with her face stirred and moved inward, like some sort of tubing, lining the insides of her nose and mouth. She found that she could breathe again; the helmet was allowing fresh air in, or perhaps was processing its own. The infiltrators filled her nose and mouth, and took some getting used to, but at least she could breathe.

Penque softened her embrace, and held Sandy awhile as she adjusted to her new condition. Sandy returned her hold, becoming aware of her partner on some new and expanding way. It was as if their connection were more than physical now; the symbiosis of the suits brought their energy together as
well. They were becoming soul mates.

A third presence could also be felt, reaching out to them. 

"The ship", Penque seemed to say in reply to Sandy's thoughts. "It calls us. It is time we departed." Sandy loosened her embrace, but stood with Penque, arms around each other's waists. "I don't see a door. Where do we enter?"

"Right here." Arm in arm, Penque guided Sandy to the hull of the ship, then through and inside.


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