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The Special Rubber Hood

by RubberPete

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© Copyright 2003 - RubberPete - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; mannequin; cons; X

Pete was driving home.  It's Friday evening; he just finished work for another week.  He could not wait to get home and get into his rubber and latex gear.  He had a huge fetish for rubber and latex.  He spends the weekends wearing his favorite latex catsuit.  He turned into a street.  His eye caught the attention of a small shop on the corner.  He slowed down he couldn't believe it.  In the window there was a collection of rubber and latex gear on display. The collection included catsuits, hoods, corsets, boots, gloves, gags, butt plugs and more. He never had seen this shop before.  He looked at the time, 5.15pm, he wondered if the shop was opened or closed.  He saw a light behind the display, good its still open, his heart jumped for joy. 

Pete parked his car, walked towards the store and opened the door.  He walked in, what a sight! The small specialty shop was filled with rubber and latex gear on shelves, racks and hangars.  Pete was interested in purchasing a rubber hood, as he did not have one.  He saw some hoods on a table at the back of the store.  He walked over and picked up a hood.  It was black with eye, nose and mouth holes.  It felt so soft and it had an aroma of rubber.  He wanted to try it. 

"Can I help you?" Pete turned around and saw a young woman encased in latex approaching him.  He stared at her; she was wearing a red latex catsuit, an open face hood with long blonde hair flowing out of the top of her head.  She wore a red and black corset, thigh high black rubber boots with 6-inch heels and shoulder length red rubber gloves. She looked so beautiful; she smiled at Pete "Hello, I’m Pearl" 

"Hello, I'm looking for a rubber hood" Pete replied. 

"Have you found a hood you like" Pearl said. 

"I like to try this one" Pete said showing the hood. 

"The mirror is over there,” Pearl said pointing in the corner 

"If you like, I'll help you put it on” 

They walked over to the mirror, Pete unzipped the hood, and Pearl applied some powder and put it over Pete's head.  The hood covered his head completely; Pearl smoothed it out before zipping the hood carefully as to not catch his hair in the zipper.  Pete looked at the mirror, he liked the rubber hood and he took a big breath and smelt the rubber, it felt real good and soft, he started to get aroused.  He was hoping Pearl won’t notice his bulge showing.  He was still not sure he would be satisfied with this hood. 

"Can I try another hood?" Pete asked. 

"Certainly" replied Pearl with a smile.  Pete looked around the shop and came across a black rubber hood with alien eyes and an inflatable mouth gag placed on a latex pillow in a glass case.   He loved it immediately. 

"Can I try this hood?" he asked. 

"Ah, your referring to the special hood, this hood is magical" Pearl said.  Pete wanted to find out more about the hood.  "The wearer of the hood experiences its magical power when wearing it. I must warn you to be careful when wearing it, do not succumb to its power and make a wish, the hood will grant your wish. Once the wish is granted you cannot reverse it!” Pete wanted it immediately.  "I'll buy it" 
Pearl opened the glass door, pulled it out, and carefully placed it in a bag. 

"I need your details so I can give you a receipt" Pearl said. Pete paid for the magical hood, and Pearl handed the bag to him.

"Goodbye, and remember what I said" Pearl said

Pete walked out of the store, quickly drove home; he couldn't wait to put his new hood on.  Pete took the rubber hood out of the bag, looked at it & smiled 
"This is perfect,” he thought.  He opened the zip, put some powder in the hood and then put it over his head, the rubber hood completely encased his entire head and face.  He placed the gag in his mouth, smoothed the hood over his face.  Once satisfied, he pulled the zip from the top of his head down to the base of his neck.  It fitted perfectly, as it was made for him.  He found the air pump in the bag to inflate the mouth gag; he placed the attachment and inflated the gag till it filled his mouth.  He then removed the air pump and went in front of the bedroom mirror to admire himself.

"Wow, I love this hood, its perfect.” he thought. He could not believe he was underneath the hood.  He could see out but no one could see his eyes.  The alien eyes darkened his vision, like a pair of sunglasses.  Pete noticed his member starting to bulge.  A naughty idea came over him, he quickly stripped off all his clothes and stood naked in front of the mirror.  He put his right hand and touched his rubbered face. He loved the soft touch, and loved the smell of rubber.  He placed his left hand on his now throbbing member.  He enjoyed every moment, but was puzzled 

"How is this hood magical? I'm not experiencing anything" "Maybe its not a magical hood after all, the sales woman must have tricked me" But he still loved the hood. An instant thought came over him "I wish I always be encased in rubber."

Immediately something strange started to happen, Pete began to feel the rubber hood start to twitch, tingle and move.  He felt that the hood came to life. Suddenly, he felt the hood begin to tighten. Pete was confused "What's going on here?" he thought.  He started to become frightened.  He placed his hands to the rear of the hood to open the zip, but alas for him there was no zip, it had disappeared like it was never there.  "What?" Pete went to base of the hood to try to pull it off, but he could not lift the hood, It felt that it became one with his skin. Panic started to overtake him.  He remembered he had the gag in his mouth.  He put his hand to the nozzle to deflate the gag, but nothing happened. 

"This is so strange" he thought. The attachment had disappeared, but Pete tried to shout for help but could not.  The gag silenced his cries. Looking into the mirror Pete saw the nose holes disappear, he felt the rubber entering in his ears and nose. 
"I'm going to suffocate and die" he panicked.  He felt rubber shooting down this throat filling his lungs. 
"I can't breathe,” he thought.  Pete could now smell and feel the rubber inside him and it was turning him on, his member was throbbing. 
"How could this be?" he thought.  Then he remembered the woman in the store 
"Oh no, I made a wish!!!" Pete was waiting to suffocate, but nothing happened. 
"I'm still alive? Pete then realized the hood's magical power keeping him alive. 

Pete looked in the mirror "I'm unrecognizable" and thought that the nightmare was over, but he was wrong.  The hood still had not fulfilled his wish just as yet.  He sensed the strange tingle feeling again, the hood was coming to life.  The rubber started to run down his neck encasing it completely, Pete loved the rubber feel which got him aroused again, his member stiffened.  Pete now was finding it difficult to turn his head side to side. He had no choice but to look straight. The rubber then started to cover his shoulders; it ran down his arms and hands creating shoulder length black rubber gloves. He lifted his arms to looked at his rubbered hands.  He loves the soft rubber caressing his arms and hands.  He placed his rubber hands on his chest and gently rubbed himself.  What a feeling, he was getting uncontrollable again.  

The rubber had not finished yet; it ran down his back and chest. It began to tighten his waist area.  Pete was getting slightly dizzy.  The rubber squeezed his body until it turned into an hourglass shape.  He looked into the mirror He never look this good as long as he can remember.  The rubber shot down and covered his butt.  He felt the rubber entering his anus he started to feel horny.  He felt is anus being inflated with rubber like a butt plug.  The rubber started to encase his crotch area.  He is so aroused that his member stiffened, the rubber covered his penis and balls.   Pete placed his gloved hand on his now rubber member.  What a feeling.  The rubber then shot down and covering both his legs & feet. 

Pete looked into mirror "The hood is turning into a catsuit covering all my body” he thought. "I love it". 
He felt his now catsuit tighten, smoothing out any wrinkles all over his new black rubbered body. It felt so smooth and soft with his touch. 
He loved his "new body" encased in black rubber.  Somehow Pete now believed the hood now catsuit had magical power, as it kept him alive, it now was his life source.  He stood in front of the mirror and admired himself. 
He thought, "I'm in rubber for life, a Rubberman". 

Pete had a collection of rubber gear he brought from before, he wanted to wear them with his new hood/catsuit. He walked slowly to the cupboard.  He found a rubber sheath on the shelf.  He reached it with his rubber hand and grabbed it, he could not bend as the catsuit was so tight yet comfortable on him.  He put the sheath on to conceal his rubbered member & balls, he found it a little difficult at first to put it on as his rubbered member was so stiff.  With some effort he put his sheath on.  He also found his pair of hip rubber boots.  Pete found it difficult to lift and bend his rubbered legs.  He laid the boots on the bed, he too lay down on his bed and placed his rubbered foot into the boot opening.  He slowly slid his foot along the length of the boot.  Pete did the same with the other boot.  He carefully placed his feet on the floor until his feet reached the base of the boot, finally the rubber black boots were on.  Pete went back to the cupboard and found a pair of elbow length rubber gloves.  He put them over his rubbered hands/arms.  He noticed his respirator. 
"I don't need this now to breathe but I do love it" Pete put it over his rubbered head and snapped it tight. The respirator was specially made with a tinted mask. Once on his head, no one can see him underneath it.  Once satisfied Pete stood in front of the mirror again and loved what he saw. 
" I can't believe it but this is how I'll be for the rest of my life." He thought.  He got aroused and horny again. 

Suddenly Pearl appeared in front of him. 
"How did she get in" he thought, the door was supposed to be locked.  Pete could not utter a sound. 
"I warned you about the hood and its special powers" 
"I see it granted your wish. "  Pearl smiled admiring Pete from top to bottom
"From what I see is you wished to encased in rubber for life." 
"I can also see that you love your new life in rubber, you added some rubber attachments, I like it." 
"After you left my shop I made some investigations on you.  You have no family or friends, so you wont be missed by anyone.  I sent a resignation to your work. 
Pete wanted to scream but he couldn't, he started to fear this woman. 
"I've also told your landlord that you left this evening. I did the necessary arrangements, you belongings are now useless to you, and I’ll have them sent to charities. All records referring to you have from this point been erased. You will now have a new place for the rest of your life. You will be my rubber mannequin and my sex toy".   Pete panicked. How could this woman take over his life. He tried to rip the rubber gear off, but was unable to. 
" I think you still don't get it, the rubber is a part of you, its permanently stuck to your skin, you cannot remove it" Pearl said.  She walked towards Pete and tapped him on the shoulder muttering softly a few words.  Pete could no longer move, he was frozen. 
" I have cast a spell on you. You wont be able to move without my command"
Pearl went out of the room, all Pete could do is stare straight ahead, he felt powerless, and he could not move a muscle.  She returned with a large box, placing it next to Pete. She picked him up, he could not believe it his black rubbered body had gone hard like plastic but yet so light. He felt her hands caressing his body, he was getting aroused again, and he had not lot his sense of feeling.  She placed him in the box.  She placed the lid on, he could not see a thing. 

Pete lost the sense of time, he did not know how long he was in the box.  The lid was reopened and he saw Pearl smiling. 
"Welcome Rubberman to your new home" She lifted him out of the box.   Pete saw that he was in the same shop he visited earlier that day. 
" I just finished my new window display" Pete could make out a vacuum bed on the floor.  She opened one side of the vacuum bed, walked to Pete (now mannequin), picked him up and slid him in.   She tapped him on the shoulder.  Pete began to move again.
" You are to obey my instructions, if you don't I will punish you, I'm your Mistress now. Spread your legs out"  Pete spread his rubber booted feet as far as possible 
"Good, now place you hands on top of your sheathed member” Pete obeyed without hesitation, he was getting aroused, he was beginning to like his predicament. 
" For this display you wont be needing this " Pearl slid her hands in the vacuum bed and removed his respirator off his head.  She placed his rubber head into the vacuum bed's internal hood, Pete could not see, as the hood had no eyeholes. 

" I think you are ready for some erotic fun. "  Pearl tapped his shoulder again, Pete became a rubber mannequin again.  She shut the vacuum bed tight.  She went to the back of the store and brought out the vacuum cleaner.  She attached the nozzle to the side of the bed and switched on the power.  The air in the vacuum bed was sucked out.  The vacuum bed started to reveal Pete's rubber body outline.  Once all the air was out, Pearl switched and removed the vacuum cleaner.   She lifted the vacuum bed with Pete (mannequin) inside he was light again.  She attached the bed on some hooks and let it hang vertically in the window.   All Pete could do for the rest of his life was to be a rubber mannequin in a window display and a sex toy to please his mistress. 
Pearl laughed  "There! my creation is ready. I hope you enjoy your new life, it was your wish. Well goodnight and see you in the morning" turning on the shop window display light and locking the front door.   He started to enjoy his new life as a rubber mannequin.  He started to get aroused. 
"This is the best wish I ever made"

By RubberPete69


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