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Something with my Life

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ff; FF/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; catsuit; chast; susp; toys; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Julia fumbled with her keys, another night out that had ended with her embarrassed and downright degraded! She managed to open her front door to her flat and slammed the door behind her! Julia burst into tears, what the hell was she doing? What the hell did she expect, A blind date with dribble man! She shook with frustration, more so because her best friend had set her up… She thought for a moment, yes she had been Set up! Julia through tear stained eyes pulled at her fridge the remove her vodka from the freezer, she had some good stuff And she was going to make herself a drink or five!

She sat down and poured a small tumbler full of the ice cold Vodka putting the bottle on the table knocked it back in one. She teased the glass waiting for a sign of the Vodka working it’s magic, she waited a few seconds and poured another glassful she knocked it back in one and as before played with her glass waiting for some sign. She continued along this ploy until she woke up in the morning with a splitting headache. Julia opened her eyes and saw she had drunk the contents of the bottle. Julia didn’t feel any better and now she had a thumping head as well! She looked at her watch five thirty two AM. "Shit! It’s only Friday!"

She tried to jump up but it felt like she had been smacked in the back of the head with a brick, Julia crawled to the bathroom and stripped out of her party frock. She never wanted to put it on again, mainly because dribble man had grabbed her and slapped her straight on her crutch. If that had not been embarrassing enough he then screamed the place down because of his success and a large group of his friends that, unknown to her had positioned themselves a few tables away applauded him for his sexual prowess! They might have been less ready to applaud when Julia’s knee made contact with his balls and he collapsed in agony as she quickly make her exit, applauded by a group of women sitting a table away!

Julia made a conscious decision at that moment to make the break, the more she thought of it the more sense it made, Julia looked at herself in a full length mirror, looking at her long legs she could see why she fitted into the "Gawky group. Tall and a bit awkward, well this was it! This is what she is! In her twenty sixth year her tall thin face looked ok, her short hair was a mess and her worst feature or lack of it was self evident, she had always wanted some boobs. She pouted at herself in the mirror, what a mess!

Julia realized that she had booked the day off, she had to go to a solicitors. She had got a letter that said a relation she had never heard of had died and she was required to be present at the reading of the will, she relaxed a bit and wondered why she was up at this hour, anyway she had an agenda, she sort of knew what she was going to do, but she didn’t quite know how to go about it!

The thing was Julia had no relatives, not that she knew of!

She dressed in a conservative suit and left her flat. She had never been where the solicitors was and so left in plenty of time so that she could find it. Julia got on a train she would have to change, it was such a drag not having a car! She could have done the trip in half the time, but Julia was a danger to herself and anyone that happened to have the misfortune to be in front of her in a car!

Julia walked through the door of the solicitors right on time, there were several people waiting all seated, and Julia felt uncomfortable with the thought that maybe they were her distant relatives, and maybe she should say hello, or something. She just sat waiting. Of the six women there were three "Aunt types" and what looked like a dominatrix and her helper, The helper she was pretty and she had real breasts, unlike Julia, who just wished she did. The Dominatrix was no slouch either, dressed very much like her helper, all in Leather, they both had white blouses and leather ties. The giveaway was the three of them had black hair, which made Julia think they were related.

A secretary called their surname and they all filled into the room, the solicitors had thoughtfully provided each of them with a chair, the three "Aunts" were flapping about where to put the stuff they had brought with them, the Dominatrix and her helper looked a little lost. Julia motioned to them to sit at her end having walked in last. They looked at Julia and sat leaving Julia to sit in the middle of the pair.

The Solicitor droned on about the family and this branch and that branch, Julia’s ears perked up when the solicitor started talking about who got what! The "Aunts" listened intently as the will was read out, the middle one screamed as she was told that because of her backstabbing ways she would be going home empty handed, Caroline grabbed her bags and walked out. No one said it but Julia thought;

"Then there were five!"

A couple of minutes later another of the "Aunts" heard her name but was told by the solicitor the she wasn’t getting any because of her meddling in affairs! She left, Julia could see where this was going and started listening to the solicitor and when the solicitor mentioned Gladys, the last of the Aunts" as she was ruled out because she had at some time in the dim and distant past tried to run off with someone’s husband! She got up and left.

Julia glanced left and right, the Dominatrixes were listening intently to the words of the solicitor .

"And that means that the entire estate is to be divided between Teresa Emer, Sonia Emer and Julia Emer!"

Julia up to now had remained silent she couldn’t any longer! "Excuse me! How much is the entire estate worth?"

"Well, after taxes I would have to say… Seventeen point two million Pounds!"

All three of them were stunned!

"Now all three of you are expected to live in the house for a while, whilst the three of you decide what and how the estate is divided up. Enjoy your new home!"

Julia stood up and looked the stunned pair , "Well, I’m Julia, who’s who?"

The Dominatrix stood up and shook Julia’s hand. "Teresa, and this is Sonia"

Sonia got up and shook Julia’s hand.

"So if you don’t mind me asking how are you two related?"

"I’ suppose I’m Sonia’s Aunt!" said Teresa .

"And I suppose I’m her niece, but in truth we don’t know for sure !" said Sonia.

"I’ll be truthful, I didn’t know I had any relatives at all until I got the letter from the solicitor. Wow I’d love to know how I fit in the family tree!"

"Well we have got a while to work that out."

"What about those three?"

"Well other than their names, we have never seen them before! Everyone else we know of has passed away or gone prematurely. But they stuck their noses up in the air as if they think there better than us!"

"Well judging by what the solicitor has just said I don’t think we’ll see much of them ever again!"

Teresa and Sonia stood either side of the doorway holding their arms out waiting for Julia to join them. They made plans to be driven to the house the following day, they were going to have a celebration and something to eat first!

Julia thought for a moment.

"I can’t go out looking like this! I never in my wildest dreams thought I would meet anyone in my family and I never thought I would be going out in my Mrs Thatch suit!"


"Oh sorry Mrs Thatcher, the first woman prime minister! This was my first conservative suit, my Mrs Thatch suit!"

"That’s way too tight for Mrs Thatcher, It’s got a classic pencil skirt and jacket, that’s a nice suit! Very fifties!" Said Sonia.

"Well we didn’t mean we would go clubbing tonight!" Said Teresa.

"Well I feel over dressed whatever we do!"

Teresa thought for a moment, "Haven’t you got some stuff back at the Hotel that Julia could try on?"

"Oh yes I know, yes!"

"Oh I couldn’t, I should have brought an overnight bag with me!"

Sonia smiled at Julia, "No we’re all in the same boat now, it’s the least I could do!

Julia thought for a moment, there was no other alternative, Other than buy some stuff, but time was getting on and the shops would be shut soon!

"Thank you, I suppose it might be a bit better if I was a little better endowed!"

Teresa took Julia’s lapels and pulled them apart to reveal Julia’s torso

"Mmmmmm! Nice blouse, but no tie!"

"Oh I doubt I could ever be…"

"A top?" said Teresa..

"A domme!" said Sonia.

"Yeah! one of them!" Laughed Julia!

"Well you could always start at the bottom!" Teresa quietly said.

The three went back to the Hotel and ate there. Julia checked in and got a room on the same floor as Teresa and Sonia.

"So, what do you want to do tonight?" said Julia hopefully.

"Well we know this little club here, It’s called the Black Couldron! It’s hidden away in the back streets, and it’s open tonight!"

"Well, they have a rule that only people wearing fetish clothing can get in!"

"Oh! Mmmmm!"

"Come with me Julia!" Sonia offered her hand to Julia.

Sonia and Julia walked into Sonia’s room and looked into the suitcase she had brought with her. It was full of great clothes, all were fetish, Leather and Latex. Sonia laid them all out across her bed, Julia only had one problem.

"Your so well endowed and, well, I’m not!"

"No Problem I think you might as well jump in the deep end and try some Latex!"

Julia swallowed uncomfortably, she reminded herself she wanted change, and she hadn’t done badly so far…

"OK. Go for it! "

Sonia threw across the bed a black Latex Catsuit, It looked a bit small but it was Sonia’s so she must be able to get into it!

"You’ll either need to oil up or use talc to get into it, but it’s real tight on me so it should be a lot easier for you."

She went for talc and undressed folding her Mrs Thatch Suit neatly on a chair. Sonia held the catsuit open to Julia and she got a foot in. And then the another, the suit had feet and gloves Julia just fitted so well. Sonia pulled the suit up and Julia slid her arms into the sleeves. Sonia zipped Julia up from the crutch to the neck Julia just could not believe the feeling of the Latex!

"Have you only those shoes?" Asked Sonia,

"Yeah, sorry!"

"What size do you take?"

" Five and a half"

"Oh that’s good, I take a Five and Teresa takes an Six, so we’ll find something for you!"

"I’m getting quite turned on in this suit!"

"Well I’ll have to finish off the costume for you!"

Sonia pick up a black thing and walked behind Julia. the next thing she knew a hood was pulled over her head and zipped up. She could see, and she could put her fingers in her mouth so it was safe to say she was still in control, just! Julia turned around and Sonia hugged her.

"You look , Mmmmm like a sub!"

"A Sub?"

"A Submissive!"

"Oh, I see!"

"I’ll go get Teresa, she has to see you!"

"Hurry I think I’m going to cream myself!"

Sonia hurried off to get Teresa, when they came back Julia was rubbing herself.

"Stop that!" Teresa said sharply! "Roll over, Now!"

Julia rolled over obediently, each of her arms were grabbed and mittens were slipped over her hands and padlocked! A third padlock locked the mittens behind her back preventing any more fiddling with her crutch!

"Aw, I was ej….."

A gag was forced into her mouth and buckled up behind her head, a flap went over her head either side of her nose and buckled again behind her head. Julia’s ankles were buckled to a leg spreader and a chain went from the leg spreader to the back of her head. Finally the padlock joining the mittens together was undone and redone attaching the Mittens to the chain, thereby pulling on the chain and making it shorter still pulling on Julia’s head, forcing it back!

Teresa and Sonia stepped back and looked at their new Submissive!

"There!" said Teresa.

"You’ll just have to wait to have your jollies, won’t you!"


Teresa turned to Sonia, "Were you wanting to go to the club tonight?"

"Well I thought that we were going to show Julia the fetishes of a fetish club!"

"Well, we can , or we can show Julia just how fruity we can be!"

"Do you want to go to the club or do you want to stay here?"

Julia looked at them both, They both had long black hair, hers was short. They both had black leather pencil skirts on, boots that must have been five inches or more, white blouses, black leather ties, the black Leather jackets, the evil look in their eyes! Julia thought for a moment.

"Aaaayy eeeerr!"

Teresa Looked at Sonia and Sonia looked back, they both disappeared for a few seconds and came back producing Riding crops!

"So what do you want to learn first my dear?"

Julia couldn’t believe her learning curve could be increasing so much as she felt something on each cheek of her bottom. Then a tapping on her bottom.


It was getting stronger and a bit more painful!

The tapping turned into a double torture, harder and harder, still keeping the same time just harder and harder.


Finally it stopped, and Julia could feel hands fondling her bottom. It stung like crazy but it was turning her on again! The fondling started down her thighs and very close to her pussy, never touching it but by then she didn’t care!

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Izzz aann oo uuumm!"

"Well I can"t see that happening for a little while!"

Julia was pulled around a bit and released from her hogtie, she still had her mittens on so the immediate problem couldn’t be solved, but maybe if she could convince them to take them off and then convince them to leave her for a few minutes.. Even Julia could see her well made plan not working, she would usually pout at her reflection, but not with a gag in her mouth! Julia was pulled into a sitting position the chain was used to link the mittens and the centre ring in the spreader bar. There was loads of chain left so they pulled Julia’s head back and padlocked it so she was looking at the ceiling!


"Oh you like that, do you?" That didn’t last long as a blindfold was slid in between the gag and her eyes!

Teresa was rubbing her crop around Julia’s Latex covered clit. Slowly starting to tap over her clit, meanwhile Sonia started rubbing her crop around Julia’s left breast, then right breast!


As they started tapping, Julia squealed into the gag, for at the moment, pain overtook pleasure and Julia tried to avoid the stings of the riding crops. It suddenly stopped, the riding crops discarded and Julia was only conscious of the stroking of her breasts and pussy, the zip was undone over her clit and a finger probed her folds. As she strained under her Latex her breaths became more heavy and laboured, she was close. Teresa and Sonia walked into her gaze.

"So do you want us to finish you off?"

Julia nodded franticly.

"Your not a Lezzie are you?"

She shook her head as far as she was able.

"Oh that’s all right then, we’ll see you later, we’re going down the bar!"

Julia squealed in her gag!

"You sure your not a lezzie? Only a Leszzie would want another woman to bring her off!"

Without thinking she squealed at them, it was so unfair!

"So you are a Lezzie bitch, aren’t you?"


"And what do Lezzies do to each other Mmmm?"


"They Lick there Mistresses Pussies till they come all over there faces don’t they?"

"Are you a Lezzie Bitch Mmmmm?"


Julia’s gag was removed and one of them offered her their pussy to suck, being fairly roughly handled and pulled to the right angle to suck. While she was sucking, someone had started caressing her pussy, and her nipples, which kicked her off again!

"So you’re a Lezzie bitch and you want to suck your Mistresses dry do you?"

The pussy relented momentarily.


"So you’re a Lezzie bitch that wants to come are you?"

Just then the pussy erupted and squirted cum into her mouth, It tasted pure and sweet and at that moment she knew she would do this for the rest of her days. The Pussy lifted off of her mouth

"Yes Mistress!"

Playing the game! A different Pussy roughly mounted her mouth, and again she sucked it, licked it, kissed it and tongued it."

"The bitch is going for it!"

Sonia gasped as it became clear who was receiving the sucking.

As Sonia came she came in Julia’s mouth, it tasted clean, sweet and a touch fruity, not something she was expecting at all!

Teresa started the mind fuck again!

"So my Lezzie bitch who wants to come! All you need is a Mistress isn’t it?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Do you know how a slave becomes someones bitch?"

"No Mistress."

"A Mistress will collar the slave she wants, just as I have collared Sonia."

"Yes Mistress!"

"So you’re a Lezzie Bitch who wants to be collared are you?"

"Yes Mistress!"


"You absolutely sure about this Julia?"

"Absolutely sure, Mistress!"

The blindfold was taken off of Julia, by Sonia, and she could see the two of them sitting on the bed in front of her.

"May I speak Mistress?"

"Yes Julia."

"Firstly Mistress, I’ve had more enjoyment from tonight than the last ten years. I hate men and the spiteful things that they have done to me. I have never in my life thought of myself as a Lesbian, but it seems so right, I have been drifting for an age, and now I have family, a orientation, and a Mistress! Mistress!"

"Mmmmmmmm! I don’t doubt a word you say, but I must admit it’s a bit sudden. I’ll tell you what we’ll do, we have to spend some time together in the home of our benefactor, if your of the same mind then as you are now I’ll collar you, but remember the collaring of a slave by a Mistress is no small thing, and there’s Sonia to think of as well! She’s all ready collared, and she’s already my slave."

"Yes, Mistress I realize it’s a huge step, for you as well as me, but last night I made a decision, to completely change my life! Completely! I didn’t know how, I just wanted a new start."

"Well I can think of seventeen point two million reasons to make a new start!"

"So can I " Beamed Sonia!

"I think it’s a great idea! I mean we haven’t known Julia for five minutes, but, we’re related, distantly, but related. That make us Family. And if she thought she was the last in line, she must have been really, really lonely. Now she has Family! Please don’t deny her, because we both have been there. And it's somewhere I don’t want to go back to ever again!"

"OK,OK, but we wait for the collaring, because it will be a special night, a night for us all to remember."

When they left the hotel in the morning the solicitor had organized a car to take the three of them to the house of their dead relative. As they got there it dawned on them it wasn’t a house it was a mansion! Greystone Hall was three floors tall, a big Georgian mansion. All three of them were left speechless as they entered their new home.

"I just didn’t realize…" Teresa said looking at the ceiling in the hall, They all looked at the ceiling in the hall.

"Wow!" "Cool!" "So, So, nice!" The three of them exclaimed!

After taking their bags out of the car, and leaving them in the front hall they went exploring!

The Hall had over thirty rooms, and it would take months to explore the whole place properly. Each room was fitted with period furniture which made the place look a little like a museum.

"It’s just perfect!" Said Julia.

"It’s A very special place!" Said Teresa

"And It’s all ours! Said Sonia

They walked into a room, a bedroom, somewhere in the house. It suddenly dawned on Teresa that this was the bedroom of their benefactor, some opened letters on a sideboard gave them her name away, Margaret B Emer.

Sonia picked up a photo in a frame and stared at it for a longtime.

"Guys! Look at this!" Teresa and Julia looked at the photo, it was three Ladies in their late fifties huddled for the photo. As they looked closer they realized the ladies were all wearing Leather! The photo in it’s self wasn’t something which screamed Kink, but because Sonia knew the signs she knew there was something more!

Sonia took the photo out of the frame and looked at the back, It had three names on the back, Liz, Margaret and Lorna.

"Our benefactor was kinky then?" Said Teresa.

"Looks that way!" Said Sonia.

"What makes you say that?" Asked Julia.

"Well!" Said Teresa, "They are at a gathering of some description, and all three are wearing Leather. The one on the right is wearing a leather cat suit, Margaret, if that’s Margaret is wearing a Leather vest, chaps and I think Leather shorts and the one on the left is just wearing a leather vest and leather jeans! Now unless they are seriously into motorbikes I can’t think of another explanation!"

They started looking into wardrobes and cupboards looking for signs of Kinky clothes, Most of the underwear was black but nothing kinky was found.

"I wonder how old Margaret was when she went?" Said Teresa, thinking out loud.

"The solicitor would know wouldn’t he?" Said Julia picking her way through a pile of papers

"Hey, Guys! I think I’ve found something!" Said Sonia, trying to pull a suitcase down from on top of one of the wardrobes. All three helped get the suitcase down as it was a large suitcase and too much for Sonia on her own. It dropped on the floor, proving it was full! Between them they hauled it onto the bed and Sonia snapped the case open! The case was full of Leather! Boots, shoes, skirts. Jeans and more!

"I’ve had an idea!" Said Julia, "I wonder if she kept a diary?"

Julia started looking for a diary amongst the personal things next to the bed, She opened a draw and found the whole thing filled with diaries. She pulled the draw out and put it on the bed next to the Suitcase.

"Well, we have some reading to do as well!"

After they had read up on their benefactor, they could, in part understand why Margaret had disowned the other three. Caroline was her sister and disapproved of her Cavalier lifestyle. The other two were her cousins, and sided with her sister. As they read a diary each they would come across an entry which they would read out loud to the other two the more they read the kinkier their benefactor seemed!

"I don’t know about you two but I’m starving!"

"Yeah did anyone see a kitchen on there travels?"

They all got up to look for the elusive kitchen, Teresa pointed out, "Just remember where this room is OK, we don’t want to spend a couple of hours looking for it again!"

The kitchen was well stocked with tins, there was no fresh food but, they made do. "Now, we have to get our clothing at the very least and we have to make a decision about what we do. Do we keep this house, a mean it’s a bit small for the three of us… Anyway I think we need our clothes at least!" Said Teresa, Julia thought about her tiny flat.

"I don’t have much to come anyway, if I could dig out a couple of suitcases I could get it all in there! Now the solicitor told me there was a car round here and if we find the keys I should be insured by now for it. So if we go to ours first we can pick up our stuff, then we’ll drive to yours and pick up what you want to take and drive back OK."

The rest of the day was taken up by traveling, they seemed to go everywhere, but they drove to the tiny flat and helped Julia with her clothes. The flat itself meant nothing to Julia, it was rented, she was right about the two suitcases, it was a bit of a squeeze but it all went in the two suitcases. All of her clothes, all of her bits, and all of her memories.

On the way home Sonia asked her a question, "How did you lose your parents Julia?"

"I was nineteen, I had gone clubbing, when I got back there was a big pile of rubble where our house used to be. I was told I had lost my parents and my older sister. I had lost everything, that’s why my life can be collected up in two suitcases!"

"Well, rest assured we will do everything in our power to make you feel safe with us Julia!" Sonia grabbed her hand and kissed it, it was difficult because Sonia was in the front seat and the car was filled with suitcases and stuff, but the feeling was there!

Julia smiled for the first time since the picked up her stuff, something changed on the way back, maybe the realization that the change she craved had, indeed happened.

When they got back to Greystone Hall they had the job of finding somewhere to sleep, they decided to all sleep in the one bed, the beds were from another time, they weren’t Queen or King sized they were just massive. Teresa slept in the middle with Sonia to her left and Julia to her right.

In the morning Teresa and Sonia were woken by the smell of fresh coffee wafting from the cups Julia made.

"Oh what a lovely way to wake up! Thank you Julia!"

Sonia stretched, "Yeah thanks!" As Julia handed them a cup.

"Guess what I’ve found?" Julia said proudly

"What have you found?"

"A dungeon! Well a cellar! I haven’t been down there yet but there’s a door and stairs going down!"

"Yep sounds like a cellar to me!" Teresa commented.

They finished their coffee and walked down stairs having hastily thrown something on, as they walked into the kitchen there was a door still ajar which no one had noticed yesterday.

Teresa opened the door and felt for a light switch.

"Found it!"

The light wasn’t as good as they had secretly hoped, hanging over the stairs, Teresa started down the stairs, then Julia, then Sonia. As they got to the bottom it wasn’t well lit and they could make out several wine racks, and another door, Teresa tried the door.

"Locked!" said Teresa.

"Oh, bum". said Sonia.

"We’ll have to find the key." Said Julia.

"Why are we whispering!" said Teresa.

They turned on their heels and ran upstairs!

Once upstairs they started laughing, "It’s always scariest the first time!" Laughed Teresa.

"Let do some breakfast and start exploring again!"

"OK," Julia and Sonia said together.

Later going through the bedrooms Teresa opened a cupboard, "Shit! Oi come and have a look at this!"

She swung the doors open and revealed several thousand pounds worth of Latex just hanging there!

Teresa took a deep breath, "The last time I saw this much Latex I was in a shop!"

"This must be Margaret’s collection!" Said Sonia, "Well at least you won’t be short of Latex now!"

"Well It depends how big Margaret was, really!" said Julia a bit unsure

"My Catsuit was the right size for you wasn’t it?"

"Oh yes, in fact I thought it was way too small for me!"

"Well there you go! But in fact Teresa has worn my suit in the past!"

"Oi, what’s that supposed to mean?" said Teresa a bit touchy about size. "I’m only a twelve!"

"And both of us are only a ten!"

"Anyway, remember the room, we’ll keep exploring!" Teresa said.

They looked in several rooms until they opened the door to the last bedroom on the corridor.

"Oh would you look at that!" The room didn’t have a window but bars and shutters where the window would have been. It was made to look like a dungeon. In the dungeon was racks, cages and stands.

"Slave, across this spanking stand!"

Both Sonia and Julia made for the stand. Sonia jumped on first closely followed by Julia who ended up hanging off one side!

"Oh I’ll just have to get a bigger stick! You two!"

Nothing else was found that morning, so Teresa decided Her slaves needed discipline!

Julia had picked out a cat suit which suited her needs n Black Latex, a rear loader, Teresa sorted her out with opera gloves and stockings of Latex and told Julia to put them on first! Julia did what she was asked and walked into Teresa’s den. Teresa also dressed to kill, put a pair of mittens on Julia, an open faced helmet and a ball gag. Next came a discipline Helmet and boots. The finishing touch was a chastity belt. With a padlock to keep the mittens round the back of Julia, she might get what she was after, maybe!

Julia was frog marched into the discipline room and saw Sonia already hanging on a St Andrew’s cross! Sonia had her Latex suit on, her breasts filled it much better than Julia’s. Her legs were pulled apart, and they were locked in that position. As Teresa walked past Sonia she tweaked Sonia’s nipple and continued. Sonia squealed in protest but the torture hadn’t started. Teresa came back and positioned herself between the pair. She had chosen a pair of Latex leggings a Leather corset, a white satin blouse and her favourite riding crop. She unzipped Sonia and looped a Nylon rope round her waist passing the rope through her legs. She reached up and passed the rope through a hook hanging from the ceiling and tied a bucket to the end of the rope.

"No, I know! You’ve never had this before!" Teresa smiled at Sonia!

Teresa got down but picked up some weights and put them in the bucket. A squeal from Sonia and she disappeared from view.

Teresa appeared a few seconds later with a key she removed Julia’s Chastity belt and strung Julia up in the same way!

The ropes cut into Julia as the weights were added to the bucket, Julia yelped as the pain shot through her! Teresa walked up close and said, "The pain will be sharp but you should by now be filled with Endorphins and they will give you a natural high!" It was true! Julia felt great! The pain was still there but she felt so good she didn’t notice it half as much as before. Julia wondered how it was that she had never come across Endorphins before. How little she knew about herself!

Teresa had undone Sonia and taken her off the St Andrew’s cross, and was strapping her to the spanking stand. Sonia’s body was stretched across the stand, her hands and ankles locked to the stand. Teresa walked off for a second and came back with a strap on!

"I have decided you need a good arse fucking after I have strapped you!" Again Teresa walked off and came back with a belt after getting into position strapped Sonia with the belt. Sonia screamed as the belt came in contact with her rump, Julia could see everything as it was happening right in front of her. Teresa strapped Sonia twenty times, Sonia was crying and when Teresa looked at the damage by pulling her suit off her cheeks Julia saw the red weals over her rump. Julia looked at Teresa again and she was looking Julia straight in the eye.

"Your next!"

Teresa lubed the strap on and stuck it into Sonia’s arse, Teresa slowly forced the strap on into Sonia.


Teresa started pumping taking slow steady pumps without the strap on coming right out. After several minutes, Sonia screamed and tugged at her bonds for release! Teresa strapped a posture collar round her neck, and released her replacing the padlock and locking the mittens behind her back. "Right Slave You’ll be spending the evening perched on a Dildo slut! You won’t escape that in a hurry!"

Teresa clipped a leash to the posture collar and dragged her off!

Julia was in turmoil, what was going on? Had Teresa just beaten Sonia’s arse to a pulp? Had she just fucked Sonia up the arse? And was Teresa coming back?

With all these thoughts going through her head Teresa came back and released her from the St Andrews cross. "Nothing to say?" Teresa barked! Julia stayed silent, only twenty four hours ago she told Teresa she wanted to be her slave, she couldn’t back out now! Her arms were released but were relocked on the spanking stand, her ankles were similarly locked apart ready for strapping and fucking up the arse!

Julia waited for the first weal to come, tears in her eyes waiting for the onslaught, it never came. Sonia cupped her head and Teresa held her chin, seeing the tears in her eyes, they knew they had gone too far. They thought they would trick Julia into thinking she was watching Teresa belting Sonia when, in fact Teresa spent most of the time in the way and never actually did that much harm to Sonia.

They unlocked Julia and held her, trying to comfort her, but the damage had already been done. Their little ruse had backfired! "We only wanted to show you what it can be like!" Sonia hissed

"We thought that if we showed you our games at there worst everything else would be childs play!" Teresa added.

"Look we only wanted to show you it can be rough as well as loving". Teresa said looking for things to add to their argument. Julia stopped. They just hugged her, but before she fell asleep she just said, "I wanted it to be me!"

In the morning Teresa made the coffee and brought it up to everyone, the other two woke with the smell.

"Oh Great! Coffee in bed! I love this!" Sonia grasped her cup and held it warming her hands with the cup. Julia, melancholy after last night merely said thanks! Had Teresa heard Julia right? Did she know what she was saying.

Teresa sat on the edge of the bed. "Julia do you remember what you said last night, the last thing?"

"Mmmmm! Yes, I do."

"And have you changed your mind about that at all?"

"No, I still wish it had been me!"

"Ok! Well later I want to try and grant your wish!"


"And I want you to help me Sonia." Sonia nodded, she had an idea of what Julia wanted and what Teresa had in mind.

Later Teresa and Sonia shaved Julia, her crutch tingled with it’s sensitivity but she didn’t have a chance to dwell on the fact as Teresa got Julia into a topless and crutch less cat suit, Julia felt embarrassed as she had no breasts to speak of. Her nipples were small and insignificant and she was baring all. Showing her worst feature off to the world, or at least the two people in the world that mattered to her!

The mittens slipped on to her hands and tightly laced, strapped and padlocked! It dawned on Julia that this was real, not a dream, not fantasy, real! Sonia slipped an open hood over her head and ball gagged her. Then slipping a full discipline helmet over her head, zipping it up and lacing it very tightly. It was clear to Julia that she was in for her wish! A thin leather collar was strapped to her neck and a leash attached, with a jerk they were on their way.

As they walked in silence up the stairs to the discipline room Julia started to have doubts, she stayed silent and kept her doubts to herself.

The three walked into the room and both Teresa and Sonia grabbed a mittened hand and tied it to a rope attached to one of the overhead winches in the room. Before they started the winches they put some boots on her feet, she had never worn boots like it, and wondered how anyone could walk in such high boots. The boots hurt as she strained to see what was being put on her feet, the boots had to have nine inch heels! She felt very unsteady as they got up grinning but as they winched up the slack of the ropes the weight on her feet lessened and the pain eased.

Teresa got close to her ear, "If for any reason it gets to much we’ll be close, your safe word is peaches! If you say anything else we will continue, you must use the safe word to get us to stop, OK!"

Both Teresa and Sonia disappeared. The boots were killing her feet and her arms were being pulled apart.

When they returned they were dressed in their leather uniforms, Sonia had a leg stretcher which she buckled to Julia’s ankles, the leg stretcher pulled Julia’s legs further apart, increasing her pain. Teresa had in her hands a steel pole with two rubber dildo’s at one end, about four inches apart. Julia had no doubt were it was going.

Teresa lubbed the dildo’s and kneeled behind Julia. Fingers feeling her pussy and arse started turning her on, inspite of the pain it felt wonderful by the time the dildo went into her pussy, sharply followed by a dildo in her arse. Julia had never had anything up her arse before and it felt full! Teresa padlocked the dildo bar to the stretcher bar and adjusted the length so it was impossible to pull out. Sonia clipped something to Julia’s nipples, as she jerked about in pain she saw a thin chain between them, Sonia kneeled down and Julia felt the same thing on her pussy, She didn’t realize they were attached to her outer lips. Julia trying to test her bonds found it almost impossible to move, Teresa and Sonia just stood there grinning at her.

"She’s ready!" Teresa said, the pair walked off for a few seconds and returned with a light flogger each. Teresa started flogging Julia’s breasts, holding the chain between attached to her nipples in one hand and flogging her with the other. Sonia flogged her bum while using her foot to push the dildo bar into Julia’s pussy and arse.

Julia, locked in place, whipped and fucked, her breasts tortured, her arse buggered and as she was racked with pain. For the first time in her life she slowly slipped into SUBSPACE.

Sonia dropped her flogger and concentrated on a heavy vibrator rubbing her pussy on Julia’s buttocks, her left hand holding the vibrator hard on Julia’s clit and her right hand rubbing her mound trying to bring her off!

Teresa still flogging Julia’s breasts and pulling on the nipple clamps saw Julia’s breathing becoming laboured and heavy. Teresa dropped the flogger and nearly pulled the nipple clamps off of Julia’s nipples, and grasping her nipples and squeezing them. Julia screamed as she came, never in her life did she experence coming like that, the very ground shook as she shuddered the last remnants of her old life, Julia collapsed in her bonds, happy that she had made the change in her life.

Some hours later Julia came round, she was back in their bed, Teresa and Sonia were sat on the bed watching her.

"Do you want a cup of tea?" Sonia almost whispered.

"Yes Please."

"How do you feel Julia?" Asked Teresa,

"Happy and content."

"Did you enjoy it!"

"I think, for the first time in my life, I’m really happy! And if that means I’m a Lezzie bitch, who wants to be a slave, Your slave, then yes I really enjoyed it!"

"I think you have the makings of a real pain slut!"

"I wish I knew more about this, all I know is that everything you and Sonia do to me I love! I love the latex, I love the whips, the ropes, the chains and everything else. I love it all!"

"Well I have thought about our little problem and I think I have a solution! But I’ll tell you when Sonia comes back!"

As If by magic Sonia walked through the door at that second.

Sonia handed the teas out and sat on the bed.

"OK! Now when we found each other we found that Sonia was a bit sub and I was a bit domme so, because there was just the two of us, it worked really well. Now we are three, we will have to move around a bit. What I propose is this that I release Sonia from her slavery and she would become a Mistress the same as I. This would leave us to, as a pair enslave you which I imagine is still your fondest wish. It depends on what Sonia wants of course, but I think it’ll work out rather nicely!"

Teresa and Julia looked at Sonia.

"I would do anything you want of me, I’m yours to do with as you wish!"

"I think you would make a fantastic Domme Sonia!"

"I’ve had a very good teacher, haven’t I!"

"So If that’s OK in principle, I don’t think we need to spend any more time torturing Julia, so to speak."

Sonia lifted her eyes to the heavens and laughed, Julia saw the funny side and covered her mouth!

Teresa suddenly realized her pun gave Sonia a look

"So!" Continued Teresa, "Tonight we will have a collaring!"

Later that night the three of them in Latex, Julia encased in Latex, as she would be a slave for both Teresa and Sonia. Sonia without a helmet because she soon would be a Mistress like Teresa, and Teresa because Latex had bound the three of them together! In the candle lit room Teresa had Julia kneel down, her hands bound behind her in a mono glove. Sonia knelt down in front of Teresa.

"Sonia! You have been my faithful slave for three and a half years, I have loved you, cherished you and tried to make up for the loss we have all felt. I have acted as a mother, a father, and have loved you as if you were my own. Now I must release you from the slavery which you craved and allow you to join with me as a mistress. The change is because another has joined us, who has lost the family she knew. She has felt the pain of loss as we all have, and it is important that we three love each other as we are the last to have our name."

Teresa took a key from around her neck and unlocked a small padlock locking the collar around Sonia’s neck.

"I remove your collar signifying the change from slave the Mistress."

Teresa helped Sonia up and Sonia stood next to her now a Mistress in her own right.

"Mistress Sonia I will love you and cherish you as I always have. Now let us collar our slave, and love her and cherish her as we have done before!"

They turned to Julia.

"Julia, you are the reason for our change, you share our name, you share our grief and you share our love. Is it your wish to be enslaved and collared by us to do with you what ever we wish to you forever more?"

"It is!"

"With this collar I enslave you for ever!"

The stainless steel collar warmed by Sonia, worn by Sonia, now fitted Julia, with a quiet snap the small padlock closed enslaving her for ever!

The Mistresses attached their own leashes to Julia’s new collar and they both put a hand under her arms to help her stand. Sonia picked up a pump up breather gag and put it in Julia’s mouth!

They went back to the bedroom and chained Julia to the bottom of the bed, just in case they needed a quick one later! Sonia said blinded and gagged, all she could hear was the other two making out in bed, she didn’t know the exclusion was a classic and simple mind fuck. Julia felt frustrated and sat there unable to do anything but listen to her mistresses a few feet away. She realized that she was now only the slave and they were her Mistresses and now would only participate if the Mistresses wished it, after all this is exactly what she had wished for and this was exactly what she had got!

She sat on the floor, for what seemed all night, she knew better than to show anger, to show anything, she resigned herself to her fate and sat waiting for release.

Julia was actually dozing off when she was unchained and pulled up from the floor, she was being marched to the discipline room, she didn’t know if they were going that way but as they started up the stairs it was a fairly safe bet!

"We have some presents for you and we are going to leave you in the capable hands of a friend of ours, Mistress Chapelle!"

"Hello Slave! I would have been here for your collaring but I couldn’t get away in time. Tell me child have you ever been pierced?"

Julia shook her head, she nearly had her ear done but her mother forbad it and after she lost her parents it didn’t seem important any more.

"Well this is why your wearing this cat suit with the zips on your breasts!"

Mistress Chapelle unzipped the zippers covering her breasts and kneaded her small nipples in an attempt to harden them. She dabbed them in a clensing solution and pushed a needle through Julia’s nipple. Julia squirmed and burst into tears, only to receive a slap across her cheeks!

"Silence!" Was all Mistress Chapelle said followed by more stinging pain. Unknown to Julia her left breast was pierced with a hoop installed! Mistress put a needle through her right nipple and followed it with a hoop.

Julia got really worried when Mistress demanded she stood up. But she could do nothing about it, and with help stood, accepting her fate. Her eyes watered as the needle was pushed through her outer lips, she couldn’t even bite her tongue, because of the gag in her mouth. One after the other the piercing went on and Julia lost count of how many she had to endure!

The gag was removed from her mouth, the blindfold and the hood, as she had to get used to the light again, she realized that Teresa and Sonia were standing next to her with Mistress Chapelle grinning at her between her legs!

"You have one more piercing to go slave!" And both Teresa and Sonia grabbed her and pulled her onto her back. Mistress Chapelle had the last needle in her hand, suddenly Julia realized where the last piercing was going! Her septum! And it hurt more than all the rest! She screamed as the needle went in and she screamed when Mistress Chapelle put the hoop in her nose.

"I think you had better put the gag back in, you have a very noisy Slave there!"

"Please forgive her Mistress she has no experience at all, and knows nothing of the etiquette of a slave, but rather than just regag her might I suggest that she thanks you for piercing her by another method!"

Mistress Chapelle unzipped her skirt and let it fall on the floor, after unzipping her knickers she mounted Julia’s mouth and grabbed her hair! She resigned herself to do the job in hand and although Mistress Chapelle tasted nothing like Teresa or Sonia she got through it. Mistress came all over her face and climbing off merely said, "Oh her hair really should be cut."

Julia didn’t know about hair and Latex, so didn’t realize what she meant.

Mistress Chapelle bent over and pulled something like a vibrator out of her bag, it even sounded like a vibrator until she started removing Julia’s hair! Very quickly Julia realized this haircut was completely shaven and only took about a minute to do.

"There! all done!"

"I’ll have to be going soon, as I said at best it would be a flying visit, but I know where you are and you know my number!"

"What do you say Julia?"

"Thank you Mistress Chapelle, It was very kind of you to come and pierce me and shave me!"

"I dare say you will make an excellent slave for Mistress Teresa and Mistress Sonia".

"I hope to Mistress."

Teresa and Sonia went down stairs to see off Mistress Chapelle leaving Julia on the floor. She found it impossible to get up and had to wait until they came back to help her up.

When they finally walked upstairs Teresa and Sonia helped her to her feet. Once up they took the mono glove off and released her. Downstairs in the bedroom, they peeled the Latex off of Julia, once Julia looked in the mirror she burst into tears, they ran into the bathroom to consul her.

"I wanted to grow my hair and have it long like you two, but I forgot I’m the slave! I’m the one that gets pierced, I’m the one that gets shaved because I’m the slave!"

"But we thought that’s what you wanted!"

"Slave, yes! Everything else no! If you wanted to know what I wanted you could have asked me not assumed I’ve never been pierced in my life, never, not even in my ears, but tonight I’ve been pierced everywhere! Even my clits been done! Oh and I look like what you wanted me to look like, your lezzie whore that’s what the shavings about isn’t it!" Julia stormed off Sonia ran after her but Teresa stopped her.

"She’s right you know, we’ve done this to her she has just taken what we have dished out, because she thinks that is what a slave is meant to do!"

"What can we do to make it up to her?"

"I’m not sure, but I’ll tell you what a collaring is meant to be akin to marrage, but somehow I don’t thing she’ll remember it as we intended. Fuck Mistress Chapelle If she hadn’t had those fucking bright ideas! Go find her and give her some TLC (tender Loving care) I’m going to ring some people in the morning".

Sonia looked for her everywhere, eventually finding her in a small attic room with only moonlight to see from a small window.

"Go away!" Julia said in a small voice.

"Aw, come on, we thought you ‘d like it!"

"Have you ever had all your hair shaved off because your only a slave?"

"No never!"

"And have you ever been forced to have piercings anywhere and everywhere?"

"No never!"

"Oh well that just makes my fucking day! It’s good enough for me but not you!" Julia started banging her head against the wall.

"Please don’t, we love you so much and I can’t bear it to see you unhappy."

"What! Unhappy! My hair s been cut off and I look like a lezzie dyke and you don’t want me to be unhappy! Just leave me alone!"

"Look come down stairs, please! We never intended to hurt you, we only wanted you to feel special!"

"I’m surprised you didn’t have me tattooed with Property of T and S on my shaved pussy!"

"We just wanted you happy, Julia!"

"Well you have a strange way of showing it! Anyway I’ll be leaving tomorrow, I don’t think this’ll work out somehow!"

"Please believe me! We only wanted you happy!"

"Go away!"

Sonia got up and left Julia to it, how could they have got it so wrong.

She couldn’t find Teresa and started looking for her, Teresa was in the office looking at the computer, she had found a website for a local company who specialized in hair extensions.

"Oh there you are! She’s pissed, real pissed, she says she’s going tomorrow!"

"Oh shit, we’re never going to make it up to her, show me where she is!"

Sonia and Teresa went up to the small attic room at the top of the house, as they neared the door they heard crying. Sonia opened the door and there was Julia.

"I know your angry I can see why now, we can’t undo what’s happened tonight, but we can put it right we’ll find a shaver and cut our hair off, tonight Ok! And tomorrow we’ll on and find a tattooist and have exactly the same piercing that you have and when in a couple of days your hair starts growing back we’ll organize a company who specializes in hair extensions and your hair will be as long as you want it."

"For our part we were wrong! I’m really, really, sorry and if I could put the clock back I would. The thing is a can’t! We’ll find a shaver and cut our hair so it looks like yours!"

"No… Don’t do that." Julia said quietly.

"I love your hair, I just wanted the chance to grow my hair like yours."

"Give us a few days until your hairs long enough to graft on the hair extensions and you’ll get your wish."

"What about the piercings I can’t get any of them undone and anyway they’re too painful to bugger about with."

"Leave them for now, just keep moving them every couple of hours, if you don’t want them we’ll cut them off tomorrow. The reason for the piercing was purely the fact that the piercing increases sensitivity and they look cool! Neither of us have had any piercings but as I say we’ll find a tattooist tomorrow. We really did want you to have a great collaring, and have great memories of it, we seemed to have fucked that right up for you haven’t we?"

"I suppose."

"Look we really, really feel bad about this, we’ve totally screwed your day up, the one day you should be able to remember with happiness and fond memories and we have fucked it up for you. We love you so much and just wanted you to be happy! Please come downstairs with me we really are so, so sorry, the thing is we thought you knew the sort of things that follow a collaring, and of course you don’t you don’t have a clue, it’s my fault, I said you’d love it! Mistress Chapelle asked us if you would like it done and I said yes, you’d love it! Come on, lets go down, we’ve found the drinks cabinet!"

"I hope you stuck the vodka in the freezer!"

They walked downstairs to the living room, nothing in this mansion was normal. The fire place was the size of Julia’s flat! Sonia had lit the fire and it’s warmth was welcome, after being in the attic. Julia found a very good vodka and put it in the freezer to cool, She didn’t know if she could wait that long!

When Julia walked into the living room Teresa and Sonia were talking, "Guess What Sonia found?"

Teresa said looking up at Julia. She showed Julia a black thing with a mains lead coming out of one end.

"Do You Want to Shave Us, or do you want to watch?"

"I don’t want you to shave yourselves, I love your long hair. The reason I was so shocked by being shaved was that I wanted to have long hair as well, I was going to do that the old fashion way and grow it, only to find it was taken out of my hands and cut without a word! Can you understand why I felt used and violated?"

Teresa dropped the Shaver on the table.

"Now we understand, Part of your beauty is your naivety about Dominants and Submissives and we assumed, wrongly that you would know what’s expected. But different people have different expectations, I knew a submissive that craved a tattoo saying property of Mistress! We were wrong and that’s all we can say. As a sub, your allowed to make mistakes, we can’t ever! It’s not what we intended, we only ever wanted you to be happy With us."

Julia sat in front of the open fire, her new piercings shining in the light of the flames, her eyes red and puffy because of her tears, Teresa and Sonia sat next to her cuddling up to her.

"It’s just us three now!"

A week later a hair stylist came to the house and grafted a new head of hair on Julia, It took two whole days to do Julia’s head but Julia got her wish! Teresa and Sonia sat close by so the hair stylist could mimic their hair, which Julia was trying to do in the first place! Julia decided to keep the piercings, because as Teresa had said it made her so much more sensitive. As Julia went through the day even her knickers rubbing on the hoops made Julia as horny as hell, she could not stop fiddling with her crutch, and in turn she would find herself in Latex bondage desperately trying to frig herself off. Julia discovered School girl uniforms turned on Teresa and Sonia and would wear them when they were at home, her tall thin frame draped in a uniform with little tight skirts turn Julia on as well! The three of them were financially secure, they lived in a wonderful home and were together! Forever!


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