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Sojourn at Hordenhurst Lodge

by Fetiman

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© Copyright 2015 - Fetiman - Used by permission

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story continued from part one

Chapter 2: New Rubber Toy Inducted

The prostrate form, dazed and befuddled by the overwhelming sensory tour de force, almost instantly fell into another stupor as the vehicle slowed to a halt - the engine already silenced. After a few moments doors opened briefly and then closed - gently but seemingly with hurried purpose. She was suddenly stirred to consciousness as the hatch-cover to her compartment was unlatched and lifted upward with a squeal of hinges.

"Quiet orderly!" Hissed a voice with a quarrelsome tone of rebuke, it was rejoindered by a muffled bleat. Suddenly roused, restrained and hooded as she was, the only sense that could help her to even try and fathom out her immediate surroundings was that of hearing and thanks to the audio system her ear buds were hooked up to she was able do so very clearly indeed. The querulous voice spoke again.

"I want you to work quickly but not so that you risk waking up the whole institute!"

Two more bleats greeted this remark. Each was distinct with slightly different intonation indicating that they were emitted by two individuals.

Even as she struggled to picture the nature of the activity around her she was jolted alert by sudden movement; the framework to which she was bound rumbled out of its compartment and rested briefly on the bed of the van before being hefted up abruptly and set down rather unceremoniously nearby.

The albeit fleeting moment of being 'airborne' brought home to her how completely vulnerable her situation was; tightly bound to the frame and deprived of sight she could do nothing to defend herself. Suddenly sounds were extinguished and she began to feel increasingly nervous but moments later, with an ear grating crackle and thump the sound was back. An overwhelming sound of a person's breathing seemed to envelop her and then a throat being cleared sounded huge.

"Inductee, yes I’m speaking to you." One of the bells clipped to her nipples was tugged a couple of times chiming with a seemingly impatient tone.

"You've arrived at the institute where you'll be trained as a slave for the next few weeks. For now I'll be over-seeing your preparation and chambering."

The voice conjured the impression of a very self-assured individual, one not accustomed to having people stand in the way of her demands or expectations. Indeed one of natural, innate power; probably capable of and utterly relaxed in dispensing whatever 'sanction' she deemed necessary to achieve the institute's or her objectives. Jancine, deprived of sight and motion could not know how visually impressive her interlocutor was although she had an inkling.

Severely beautiful but rarely smiling, Jancine’s interlocutor had her silken blonde hair drawn up into a tight bun over which a peaked cap was perched. She was attired entirely in latex; an opaque white, military-collared blouse that never-the-less rendered her décolletage almost naked in the way it glovingly moulded to her body revealing the be-ringed nipples of breasts ‘proffered’ provocatively in the quarter-cups of a stiffly boned bustier. Her long legs were sheathed equally glovingly in glossy black latex that accentuated a perfect derriere as well as a profound camel-toe crotch. All of this atop vertiginous ballet-toed boots tightly laced to just below the knee. To many she presented an alluring, not to say eye-catching sight. She was that, no doubt but she was also a very demanding mistress with a reputation for peremptorily meting out severe and inevitably viscerally painful reprimands to those who failed her onerous demands.

"Understand from the outset that only complete obedience and conformity with the institute's expectations is acceptable. You will only do as you’re told, nothing more and nothing less. Everything will be so much better for you provided you frame your behaviour according to this principle. Acknowledge."

Mute and sightless the prone creature gave a tentative nod - as much as the posture collar immobilising her neck would allow.

"Hmmm, let us see shall we..."

Jancine felt a slickly gloved hand gently caress and cup one of her pendulous breasts 'weighing' it for a few moments before gliding down to the clipped nipple. Numbly cool the nipple now began to warm and remind her of just how tormented by the clamp it truly was. Indeed she sensed that a finger and thumb were even applying more pressure to the clip which quickly became increasingly painful. And it didn't let up, far from it; the pain rapidly intensified to the point of unbearable. She responded with a pleading whimper and an effort to fend off the assault by twisting her torso away as far as she was able.

"As I thought - you have much to learn,” Superior observed with the tone of an exasperated mentor. “Did I ask you to make a sound or move? No, I did not; you have failed in the simplest of tests and must necessarily face the consequences, cry if you need to...

The touch and sound disappeared and a few moments later Jancine’s world exploded with a violent and searing impact to her posterior; then it happened again and again.

In all the crop was delivered to her prone rear and thighs ten times leaving profound welts that would freely form bruises in due course. The 'conversation' was over it seemed. She was left snivelling and sobbing; utterly traduced and bereft.

Jancine had expected, even been prepared to receive 'physical punishment', so she thought. This however was beyond anything she had imagined or experienced – she was seared by a level of pain that cut raw to the core. As she gradually regained her composure she realised with dread fear that she was figuratively on a ride that she had almost no control of at all. Like a yawning chasm before her feet she contemplated the terrible things that might be done to her in the next few weeks.

"Now let's get moving shall we? I want this creature prepared and lodged in the chambers without delay or there'll be consequences Do you hear me?"

Two muffled grunts rapidly acknowledged the question. Now fearful of her predicament she was keenly interested and not just a little fearful in what was transpiring around her. Janice figured that two subordinate persons were there to do the speaker's bidding and they also risked punishment in some way each and every time they displeased her. Moreover they were unable to speak because of being gagged and likely restrained as well as being discomforted in other devious ways. She was more or less correct in her judgement although it was unlikely that she could have imagined the full reality.

And that was really quite bizarre. Each of the two creatures were tightly sheathed in gleaming black rubber from head to toe - skin-tight hoods above prodigious posture collars accentuated their outlandish appearance. However parts of their bodies were exposed; notably navels and breasts, all of which bore evidence of rough treatment with welts and bruises of varying age.

Their midriffs were constricted in the extreme by heavily boned rubber waspies that reduced their waists to an almost alarming extent. The waspies also provided the anchor for a tracery of strap-work and chain that traversed their torsos such that the waspy was comprehensively linked to collar; breasts were constricted at the base, nipples pierced and stretched, thigh-high boots had buckled /padlocked straps at the top and could simply not be removed. The leit motif was security through restraint. Short strands of chain linked wrist cuffs to waspie and another set linked above-elbow cuffs severely curtailing the ambit of their arms.

However the most devious affront visited on their bodies resided between their legs. Their naked pudendae were framed by an oval-shaped 'yoke' incorporated into the harness with several small capstans; one each at the cardinal points. A network of small chains connected to the capstans linked to a metal ring encompassing a prodigious black rubber 'member' that was evidently forced with some difficulty into the creature's vaginas such that their be-ringed labial lips were lividly stretched around its girth. The short chains ensured that there was no way at all of ejecting these cruelly invasive items.

The basal end of the member was attached to a rod of moderate length terminated by a spherical weight with a hole penetrating its horizontal hemisphere. Two chains threaded through it were each linked to cuffs affixed on the legs above the knees, whilst the other ends each had a ring threaded over the other chain. The objective of this arrangement was to limit parting of the legs because to do so would tug the rod and member engendering uncomfortable if not painful pressure within. As such walking was reduced to small steps atop ballet-toed boots.

As if this wasn't enough torment for them, there was yet another devious calumny visited on their persons. Their rear passages were also invasively occupied; an equally prodigious rubber member studded with numerous metal ‘buttons’ was compressed and held in place by the same strand of harnessing securing the probe in front. Moreover the rear item was wired to a box with stubby aerial attached to the rear of their waspies; evidently designed to effect some measure of control.

They both wore aprons from neck to ankle of thick, transparent rubber that evidently encumbered them even further; rumpling and squeaking noisily as they moved around. But they clearly moved with a diligence and efficiency borne of practise and the ever present threat of retribution for any dereliction of duty.

Still wincing from the almost unbearable throbbing pain in her hind quarters Jancine found herself increasingly beset with foreboding.  The changes in direction and acceleration as she was propelled deeper and deeper into the confines of the institute did not help at all. Bewildered she would never be able to retrace her 'tracks' even if she was ever blessed with the opportunity to do so and that seemed highly unlikely. She could see nothing but her ears were full of the sound of energetic breathing as well as the staccato beat of heal on paved or tiled floor.

And then there was a moment’s pause as they drew to a halt, there was a hiss and the softest rumble and muffled thud followed by a brief burst of movement. Then nothing but the breathing for a moment before a sudden giddying sense of weightlessness; a hand idly grazed along the welts marking Janice's rear, she studiously remained still - even as fingers tested the bruised skin. It wasn't easy but somehow she managed and after a few moments the hand moved to her right breast teasing her nipple more than firmly.

"In a few moments you will under-go the preparation process for your temporary incarceration at the institute; that includes thorough and complete cleaning, depilation, cuticle paring, etc., followed by latex investment and preliminary work for adornments. Some of it will be challenging for you, I'm sure of that, so I'll allow you free expression – in other words you may cry if you wish. However I will not countenance any obstructive behaviour, nor hindrance of our work; you should already be aware of what such behaviour will incur."

Slickly rubberized fingers compressed both nipple clips just as the lift decelerated sharply and the weighted bells tugged momentarily harder on the delicate, entrapped flesh.

With a gentle hiss the doors glided open and a different, wholly more worrying realm revealed itself to Janice in distressful sounds of what was clearly a dungeon; propelled forward once more to the staccato sound of heel on stone she was chilled by frequent, somewhat muffled sounds of leather or cane impacting unprotected flesh and concomitant yelps, shrieks and sobbing.

Those same slick fingers that had so recently tormented her nipples now attempted to negotiate the belt between her legs and inveigle themselves beneath.

"Take heart inductee, the institute isn't all like this; the miscreant slaves who err repeatedly receive sustained punishment here. No doubt rather scary to a neophyte such as you I'm sure. But you don't need to worry yourself provided your conduct and performance meet the high standards that the Institute demands you’ll avoid this place. And if you do achieve those standards there are even rewards - you stand to be granted moments of blissful pleasure albeit nearly always alloyed with some measure of pain."

By now a digit had furrowed through the well lubricated folds of inner labia to the nubbin of flesh within.

As they progressed through this Hadean place the finger started to busily nurdle the tender nubbin of flesh between her legs which responded by quickly becoming suffused with urgent heat and burgeoning desire. Jancine had never had intimate relations with another woman, at least not since her formative teenage years and that didn't really count as far as she was concerned. This however was something else completely - this was an unabashed molestation of a defenceless individual, nothing more, nothing less. But the particular circumstances; subdued and traduced as she was she had in no way solicited this approach - she was blameless. However the utter flagrancy, the dark and intimidating milieu and her long fantasized masochistic yearnings stimulated that love of kinkiness in her to drive her cravenly head-long toward blissful denouement. She couldn’t resist working her pelvic musculature on the faux phallus distending her vagina and simultaneously thrust her pelvis back and forth as much as the restraints would allow to ‘provoke’ the stimulation on her clit.

"Inductee! Just what do you think you're doing? Perhaps you would prefer to stop in this place right now and spend the night being entertained by the minders here? Either your self-control or your memory or both are seriously lacking!"

Her portage drew to an abrupt halt. For just a moment the finger and strap lifted away from the delicate flesh engorged and emergent from her cleft and the rod that had driven her near crazy during her caged journey to the institute oozed out a few centimetres. Jancine was aware of the tension on the strap from the increased tug on her corset. And for a few moments more it increased before slapping back into place with vicious force, which was shortly followed by a fusillade of strokes to her flanks from the crop. The victim squealed in desperate agony from the double assault.

"How many more of these impromptu lessons do you need before the lesson is finally dinned into you?" A hand contacted her traumatized posterior and flanks, proceeding to massage the welts roughly. Jancine bit hard on the gag and grimly braced herself to endure this cruel torment with stoic stillness.

"Hmmm! So many marks already - you haven't been here more than ten minutes! I didn't give you permission to make any noise did I? So you fully deserve another dose of punishment don't you?"

Jancine nodded tremulously.

"Perhaps you really like it this way, in which case the institute is more than just the right place for you. However I doubt that - at this stage you hardly know what you really want. That is something the institute will definitely help you define. How easy or difficult that process is entirely depends on how well you conform to the demands set on you. So I reiterate - do - as - you - are - told - or - this - pretty - bottom - of - yours - will - be - a - permanent very - painful - mess - of - welts - and - bruises - for - as - long - as - you're - incarcerated - at - the - institute!"

Each and every word was cue to yet another sharp visitation of the crop to Jancine's already tormented rear; she just managed to keep control and prevent another outburst or reaction that would have inevitably engendered even more chastisement.

"That's better inductee - you're now showing signs that you can learn how to take your medicine properly. Let’s proceed."

Jancine heard the sound of leather smack against something soft and tender twice in quick succession; each elicited a muffled yelp from its recipient.

"Get moving orderlies! We're wasting time."

Jancine's mode of conveyance abruptly spurred into motion once again and to her visceral relief the baleful hubbub of the punishment receded behind them. The forward route was again bewildering with numerous turns, several doors (some of which were automatic) and an occasional ramp.

Finally they drew to a halt. And although held still Jancine was pensive and breathing hard – a trepidation and not a little excited anticipation held sway; how often she’d fantasized about situations like this? The superior tapped out a code on a security pad while the rest of them pause – Jancine could hear the hiss of laboured breathing above her own. Clearly the two orderlies had worked strenuously against all the encumbrances heaped on them to comply with the demands of their superior.

With a swish and low rumble Jancine realised a door had opened, she held her breath. Barely a split second later she found herself rolled forward a few more metres before coming to a halt once again.

"Now inductee, you are going to be thoroughly cleaned, properly attired and prepared as befits your 'neophyte' status and role at the institute."

As the superior talked Jancine felt her self being suddenly tilted upward through ninety degrees and set down again on the conveyance that had ferried her here. Then the framework she was restrained to was dragged forward until it butted hard against something. Jancine then heard and felt a series of clicks as what sounded like snap fastenings were done up.

"In your meetings with your mentor you committed in by signature to, and I quote, 'allow any non-permanent modifications that the institute authorities deem appropriate.' It was made clear to you that this would include but not be limited to depilation as well as assorted metal clamps. There was also a cast-iron assurance from the institute not to affect or alter primary facial features in any way - in other words no tattoos nor other permanent marks and the like."

By now Jancine's limbs had been released from the frame restraints, one by one, only to be stretched out spread-eagle fashion and secured yet again. At the same time she'd been released from the frame and then divested of the collar, midriff belt with vaginal member and latex mini-dress. All that remained was the hood, mittens, cuffs and abominable plug still firmly lodged in her rear passage. Each individual limb was now re-secured by multiple cuffs and straps; then an irresistible rubberized mitt pressed against her back forcing her torso forward onto a moulded panel where it was secured with a taut, broad strap around her midriff. Finally, with a measure of fumbling accompanied by several bleats the zipper at the back of her hood was clumsily undone allowing the pliant material to contract off her perspiration clammy scalp.

"You'll now ensure that your eyes remain tightly shut until the opportunity of sight is properly taken away from you once again... I shouldn't need to tell what non-compliance will merit."

Jancine kept her eyes shut tight as the hood was brusquely stripped from her head and as soon as this was done a hand pressed her face onto a formed foam-rubber pad, almost immediately a collar enveloped her neck tightly holding her head in place. The pad and collar were clearly attached to the rigid frame affording not the slightest room for movement; indeed now she could barely wriggle any part of her body at all.

Thanks to the occlusive head restraint Jancine had barely a clue about the room she was now in. Only the echoing recoil of stiletto heel on tiled floor indicated the complete absence of soft furnishings and alluded to its clinical nature.

What Jancine couldn’t see was a tiled floor of pale blue and white chequer-board pattern which provided the only colour in an otherwise intensely lit, monochromatic, gleaming, ‘clinical’ space. Glass-fronted stainless steel cabinets lining the walls at floor and eye level contained a bewildering array of rubber and chromed-steel paraphernalia. However holding centre stage, under bright fluorescent lights was an 'examination' couch, upholstered in black rubber and well-appointed with strap, cuff and chain for rigorously restraining the unfortunate occupant.

Jancine, however, was stretched out spread-eagle fashion within a seriously sturdy tubular-steel frame nearby. Not just stretched, bowed such that her hands and feet were noticeably to the back of her - as if she were frozen at the advent of a swan dive. All she could do was wait in tremulous, sensory deprived anticipation of what was about to befall amidst the sound of hurried hobbled steps all around.

She didn't have to wait long; initially she felt two rubber-studded pads envelop her right foot swiftly followed by a warm wetness before the pads proceeded to move independently, thoroughly scrubbing every vestige of the appendage. Simultaneously she became aware of activity at her rear and specifically the demonic item that had distended her back passage almost to the point of injury. A slight 'shove' and click was soon followed by an increasing sense of discomfort; growing abdominal-pressure combined with the burgeoning urge to relieve her self began to assail her.

Jancine just about stifled a groan as the pain in her lower abdomen spasmed into cramps.

"You may follow the urge to relieve yourself inductee. Of course to do so you're going to need to dislodge that thing inside you first. Don't trouble yourself about any mess; that will be dealt with. Just do the necessary and don't take your time about it because the longer you defer the worse that pressure will get. You may realise you're receiving an enema; get used to it - they are de rigueur for slaves in this establishment."

Jancine could hear the easy sanguine yet subtly malicious tone in the superior one's voice but she had little time to coddle her anger as the first wave of severe pain and nausea hit. Fortunately it relented after a few seconds but was back almost as quickly. And it lasted longer the second time; reflexively she 'pushed'  but the resultant sharp pain to her anal ring forced her to back off.

Not for long though because the biliousness was persistent and getting worse. She set about squeezing once again, grimly holding on. Inexorably her ring was forced to dilate, fortunately for her, just when the jagged pain seemed beyond bearable she sensed movement and with a juddering blip the largest rib emerged glossy and pungent with a sudden judder. Jancine groaned as quietly as she could at the merciful alleviation of pain and set about the process of ejecting the rest of the item - the extreme distension in her abdomen and urgent stirring of her bowels dictated that she did so with minimal delay. Some more squeezing forced three more ribs to pop out in relatively quick succession, each causing a reflexive a painful jolt in her lower abdomen.

As she strained to eject the final element the 'hand' that had assiduously scoured her foot and just now progressed to her calf suddenly desisted and 'vanished'. With one more squeeze Jancine triumphantly excreted the reviled object and this was followed by a prodigious stream of fouled soapy water; it puddled briefly to the back of her before gradually subsiding down a strategically position drain. Clots of soft faecal matter remained for a little longer but jets of water issuing from the sides of the shallow trough over which Jancine was restrained steadily carried all before until all that was left was a soiled plug.

Euphoric in relief Jancine purred a muffled sigh through the gag thoroughly occupying her mouth. A moment later she felt intense pain in her right nipple and a hushed voice whispered in her ear, "I’ll allow that minor infraction even though I'm obligated to punish each and every one. But rest assured that my mercy is very limited - you will regret any further unsanctioned utterances."

"Now that object has been removed a long-term anal probe will be fitted; this is a multi-function item able to clean, discipline and even provide a measure of pleasurable stimulation on occasion. Carry on orderly."

Jancine soon became aware of something cool and sticky being applied to the entrance of her rear passage and then injected inside; several spurts were sufficient for it to migrate deep into her anal tract. Something much more substantial soon followed pressing insistently against her anal ring. Not long before she would have reflexively clamped up to resist but now she relaxed, albeit with trepidations. Her ring distended remarkably quickly and a bulbous head entered with relatively little discomfort. She suspected this would be the comparatively easy part and she was right, though thankfully this item was not nearly as challenging as the previous ‘occupant’. A long, gradually enlarging shaft followed the head before it eventually slipped into place and her ring contracted around the much narrower basal stem. Though this item wasn't as painful as previous but a greater sense of 'fullness' told her that it was in fact substantially larger in occupying more space.

"Its functionality will be demonstrated to you shortly but first the fluid lines need to be connected and some adjustments made."

Almost immediately Jancine sensed activity at her rear; there was a tugging sensation apparently on the plug and a sense of something sliding inside. Then a sudden jolting pain hit her from inside, then another and another. By the time the last one hit her stomach and lower abdomen were clenched in agonising muscle cramps.

"Hmmm! A little painful I imagine but unfortunately there isn't any better way of managing the deployment of the studs on the shaft - they're spring loaded with somewhat acute, almost bullet-headed tips." The superior intoned matter-of-factly. "Something you must strive to adjust to as quickly as you are able."

Jancine was still wincing from the extreme discomfort within when pressure behind followed by a click indicated that 'Umbilical' lines had been connected.

"In a moment you'll 'appreciate' some of its exceptional aspects and realise perhaps how good an example this is of the diverse and innovative range of inmate-control measures that the institute has at its disposal. I understand that the effects can be something of an ordeal for the uninitiated so I'll allow you a degree of free expression - but only a degree. I will severely punish any behaviour that I deem excessive."

The pinioned 'inductee' didn't have to wait long at all; a 'clunk' within was followed a modest relaxation of the jabbing pain from the prongs and then a wholly new level of discomfort took hold as at least part of the shaft began to rotate. Not just rotate but also reciprocate with 'popping' thrusts on each stroke, thus affecting a sort of 'coitus' with her rear passage.  She flexed and extended her fingers in livid desperation; this was extreme torment because the very real pain bordered on a level of ticklishness that was simply driving her crazy. Her body fidgeted and jerked and she repeatedly clenched and unclenched her fists.

Despite being distracted by this tormenting assault on her rear passage Jancine nevertheless gradually became aware of an increasingly bloated sensation; correctly deducing that she was being filled with 'fluid' yet again. Soon the two calumnies were as much as she could bear and she began to groan, metronomically thrashing her head from side to side.

This earned her a sharp and sustained squeeze of the nipple and quietly whispered words of warning; "that's OK inductee but no more expressive than this - you'll learn and adjust to the fact that pain will be a near constant companion over the next few days."

Moments later Jancine sensed a sudden drop in abdominal pressure followed by sound of fluid splashing on the tiles below her - the thrum in her rear intensified markedly as her tummy muscles worked to eject the enema and only quietened as the flow diminished.

"Let's go through that process one more time shall we? To ensure thorough cleanliness"

Jancine whimpered pleadingly and received another admonitory squeeze of her nipple, "don't push your luck inductee." Thus she was filled to and beyond 'squirming point' again and made to wait excruciating second after second for ‘divine’ relief. Just when she felt she couldn't hold back the scream within her anymore welcome release was finally granted; the maniacal thrum in her rear eventually subsided and she could just about breath normally again.

"Those were some of the cleansing features - there are others and each one is designed to thoroughly scour the passageway and macerate all types of waste," Superior intoned matter-of-factly, although stressing the word 'passageway' rather archly. "However it is capable of much more than that, it can impart the most divine sensation or inflict a viciously stinging jolt or so I'm told... In a short while you'll experience this for yourself and ordinarily you'd be able to tell me in your own words, however that cute but very effective ball-gag occupying your mouth precludes all verbal communication doesn't it?"

"That will have to wait for now we have to continue with your toilette - orderlies! Get moving!" She invested these angry words with real venom and threat of sharp reprimand. Almost immediately Jancine felt the roughly scouring pads on her lower limbs again. The unseen hands worked swiftly but very thoroughly to leave her skin cleansed and with something considerably more than a warm glow. What Jancine couldn't know was that every vestige of downy hair on her body was either being plucked right out by the pad or slowly dissolved by a depilatory agent in the soap.

For reasons of practicality as well as objectification this was a matter of de rigueur at the lodge; all ‘chattelled’ inmates were kept utterly and completely hairless – it was a sign of their Lodge-owned status.

Soon the pads were working in tandem over buttocks and thighs. Unable to ignore or avoid the enforced intimacy Jancine warmed to the robust attention - again her hands fisted and flexed open and she subtly manipulated her pelvis on to the pad that now laboured vigorously over recently denuded mons. As discrete as she thought she was being her action didn't escape the notice of 'lady superior.'

"Hmmmm! I suppose that 'behaviour' might be construed as an effort aimed at 'assisting' the cleansing process otherwise it would be reprehensibly lascivious and highly inappropriate indeed." Jancine held her breath and waited for the inevitable verdict.

"We both know what's merited but on this occasion I'll err on the side of charitable, your posterior has had almost as much punishment as it can take for the moment so I'll treat you to a demonstration of the plug's punitive capability instead." Before she even had chance to draw a breath and brace herself Jancine was rendered paralysed by pain lancing through her lower abdomen like jagged shards of glass; it pulsed heart-stoppingly for just a few  moments, then faded to nothing in the way a powerful lamp would when switched off. However the reverberations continued for some harrowing moments longer- her frazzled anal muscles twitched and cramped eliciting further jolts of pain. Eventually things settled down to a profound dull ache in the rear end which would have had her gritting teeth were it not for the prodigious gag occupying her mouth as well as a debilitating biliousness.

"I doubt you'll be willing to risk a repeat of that any time soon but just in case you’re tempted bear in mind that I'll inflict a more intense and prolonged punishment next time. Consider yourself warned."

"Orderlies! Resume your duties and no slip-ups or slacking otherwise you'll get much worse along with your routine punishment schedule and of course the one I deem to have given the worst service will be allotted all the demerits of the other. Rest assured that I'm watching carefully and one of you already needs to shape up otherwise a miserable spell on the flogging trestle awaits."

Jancine felt the padded hands resume work on her body again with redoubled vigour. Each restraint was singly released to afford access to the covered skin and then retightened. Soon they had reached as far as her neck - the collar/clamp eased open just enough for a hand to work beneath before being closed again.

Then she was aware of her hair being carefully cleansed and lightly dried before being wet combed.

Up to this point Jancine hadn't had any serious misgivings; all had been as she might have expected in that she was being thoroughly cleaned and disciplined as part of the preparation for her sojourn at The Lodge. Indeed she couldn't fathom why she was so thoroughly restrained - it seemed rather 'over-kill.' Her relaxedness quickly gave way to foreboding however when she heard the click and high-pitched whine of a small electric motor. It was unmistakably hair-clippers but her body was absolutely denuded - under her arms and between her legs were now silky-smooth and virtually stubble-free.

With growing dread she realised that there could be only one target - they were about to shear off her beloved flaxen tresses. Whimpering and twisting her head to signify her refusal and noncompliance she tested her bonds. This futile act of defiance was brought to a halt after just a second or two by another jolt of searing pain in her anus.

"Inductee!" The pain ratcheted downward to a more tolerable level. "I warned you of the cost of misbehaviour, you will now remain perfectly still while your head is trimmed of all hair - do I need to remind you that you made prior acceptance to 'any and all non-permanent body treatments and modifications' as one of the clauses in the agreement you signed well before you embarked on this 'adventure.' A haircut is non-permanent so The Lodge is not breaching the contractual arrangement with you in any sense and on that basis any protest from you is completely unacceptable." The superior one paused briefly after laying down the law and then curtly told the orderlies to proceed.

'Superior' blandly continued to elucidate while the clippers glided smoothly over Jancine's scalp; "your admirable locks will not be merely discarded; they will be reworked as pony-tails on some of the head-wear allocated to you and any remains will be crafted into a wig that you may use when you return to the 'vanilla' world."

Jancine stifled her sobs as best she could and pressed her face hard to the occluding mask in order to dam the hot tears welling there and ready to flood down her face; a sense of rage and affront boiled within. If anything symbolized the irreversible nature of things and life in general this was it – this was a watershed moment. If she harboured any illusions that there were alternatives other than this they were now irretrievably part of her past; behind doors that had just clattered irrevocably closed, sealed forever.

Struggling to come to terms with this turn of events Jancine was soon aware of a chill airiness on top; the clippers clicked to silence soon after. Next she was aware of a shave-brush working in swirls over her scalp and soon after the deliberate scrape of a safety razor being drawn methodically from the edge of her pate to the crown. As soon as the shaving up top was complete the shave-brush returned to work once again, this time on the patch between her legs. In short order her mons pubis was also hairless and baby smooth.

"Hmmm! Polishing up nicely Inductee - ever closer to the sort of complete fetish slave we want at The Lodge." The orderlies finished the shave by rinsing and wiping Jancine's now baby-smooth pate and mons, they then proceeded to apply a lotion all over that rendered her skin silkily lubricious.

Somewhat quixotically this enthused Jancine; suddenly she recalled one of her more offbeat submissive fantasies - of being an utterly denuded slave caparisoned in body harness, cuffs, collar, body jewellery and vertiginous boots – with nothing more to conceal her modesty. And she realized, just at that moment, how close she was to 'living' out just that fantasy; this realisation provoked the familiar flutter through her lower abdomen, the intrusion in her rear was suddenly almost agreeable and a woozy warmth slowly suffused through her whole being. She was vaguely aware of becoming hotly flushed; 'Superior' noticed this as well as a more relaxed, even lambent posture and smiled quietly to herself.

"Good, now an auspicious moment for you - your first all-over rubber suit. This one is transparent and designed to be especially pliant but also particularly figure hugging; it allows transpiration which means that it will facilitate evaporation of your perspiration."

More of the lotion was applied to her body and then the process of donning the suit commenced albeit made laborious by the repetitive release and refastening of restraints as the suit was worked past them. Jancine didn't just notice but thrilled to the tight embrace of the material. Eventually she felt the material slide up over her buttocks and navel; a reinforced strip along the crotch line helped separate her buttocks and two beeded-edged apertures applied a very agreeable pressure to her exposed mons and plugged rear passage – the corralling effect forcing tender flesh to ‘ooze’ prodigiously through the openings. It was a similar story for her ample breasts with reinforcing bands around the base and beaded-edge openings around the nipples allowing her now tumescent nubbins to 'ooze' out floridly. Finally, once her arms had been enveloped in the pliantly clinging material the hood was next and last to slide into place.

“Inductee, the head-brace will be released so that the hood of your suit can be donned. Just as a little while ago you will keep your eyes closed tight shut until the head-brace is reapplied, understand?” The deed was soon accomplished; a zipper was drawn from mid-back to base of skull and her now glossy latex head quickly pinioned once more. She sensed apertures for her eyes and a smallish one for her mouth through which her pursed lips protruded.

Jancine contemplated the gloving embrace that now played across almost the whole of her body. Each breath engendered a noticeable surge of pressure and fleshy extrusion of nipple aureole through the afore mentioned apertures. Every, even the slightest, motion resonated to some degree in her now bulbous and intriguingly pendulous breasts. In truth she was enthralled with this state of affairs; up until this moment Jancine hadn't had much actual experience of latex attire - much had been left to the realm of fantasy. This compressing, tactile sensation and undoubted objectification were a revelation and easily more than she could possibly have imagined.

Preparations continued apace while Jancine enthused over her new attire; before she realised it cuffed mittens had been fitted and locked in place. These were followed by foot and ankle bracing consisting of moulded foot and shin-splints with ankle-strapping to force foot and shin into perfect alignment from toe to knee. Vertiginous heeled ballet-toed boots were then eased over this arrangement, laced tightly and then substantial ankle-cuffs buckled and padlocked closed.

"Normally boots would not be part of your night-time attire but you must adjust to this foot wear as soon as possible so it makes sense to have you clad in them at the earliest opportunity."

"Now the face mask and bracing will be removed so that additional items can be added. Take note; while this is done you will once again keep your eyes closed until I tell you that you may open them; thankfully this will be for the last time you’ll need to do thus for a while."  Once the said arrangement was removed severe posture collar was eased around Jancine's neck, buckled up tightly and locked. This was followed by a web of harnessing being draped over Jancine's head; an inverted 'Y' of straps framed the nose and extended up and over the crest of her head, this conjoined with a 'head-band' strap above eyes and gag-strap holding a cumbrous breath-through penile gag. This latter item was summarily inserted through the oral aperture of her hood deep into her mouth before the harnessing was tightened securely and loops dangling from the gag-strap drawn tightly to the collar and locked. Finally a combination blind and ear-muff strap was fitted. Shortly after this Jancine was disturbed by a brief snap and crackle of an electronic connection being established as well as a sudden brightness through her closed eyelids.

"You may open your eyes now." Superior instructed her in a newly rich and limbic voice.

Jancine was astounded, suddenly and unexpectedly she could see; one of the orderlies was stooped busily fiddling with something in front of her, the brightly lit room and 'Superior' standing to one side looking on imperiously whilst flexing a crop. All of this she could ‘see’ - yet she was blind-folded.

In a sense Jancine could ‘see’ with remarkable clarity but none of this was real at all - everything was a digital rendition of stunning verisimilitude. She gazed around, well at least as much as the restraint and bracing would allow, in utter astonishment. Surfaces shone or gleamed beguilingly - she was drinking in a wonderful fetish vista.

"I see that the inductee is very enamoured of what it can see and so it should be. However we're done with the spectating for now." At that very moment everything turned pitch-black for Jancine - mildly shocked she entertained herself with reminiscence of the last few seconds while the preparations continued around her.

At this point the orderlies made an adjustment to her situation. The cross-wings to which Jancine limbs had been multiply strapped to were now removed once wrist and ankle cuffs had been locked to the rectangular frame. This effectively left her bound spread-eagle style. She luxuriated in this, albeit heavily proscribed, new-found freedom and flexed her limbs appreciatively; each slight jolt causing her breasts to bounce pendulously in a very agreeable way.

Next, a severely restrictive waspy was forced around her midriff, buckled very tightly and comprehensively padlocked. A moderately pliant rubber strap was attached to the front lower edge and dangled down to her crotch - it carried a particular cargo.

"Now inductee you're about to receive the 'twin' to the 'item' lodged in your rear passage. I should warn you that it shares many of the same attributes so you will need to be studiously obedient to enjoy the best and avoid the more 'unpleasant' punitive aspects - as much as possible. Oh, there is one particularly innovative feature about this probe; it's inflatable and buttons on it emerge as it expands. That is something else for you to bear in mind when you’re tempted to err and infringe the rules."

Jancine didn't have to wait long to register something nuzzling between her bunched and pouting vaginal lips; she tentatively eased her pelvis forward to accommodate more of it and without further ado it was forced stertorously in to her. Each of the 'buttons' scoring teasing tracks as they entered and rapidly disappeared within. Just as the tip reached Jancine's cervix a base-plate settled against the 'maw' sandwiching her vaginal lips against the beaded edge of her rubber suit. The strap was passed the rest of the way between her legs and buckled very tightly to the back of her waspy. Jancine couldn't resist the opportunity to investigate her situation a little further and 'masticated' both front and rear probes lasciviously and cravenly. Her 'fidgeting' didn't go unnoticed because a sudden, 'thwack!' and searing pain coursed across her buttocks causing her to flinch and writhe in mute agony.

"Inductee, you shouldn't need me to tell you that that sort of behaviour is out of order!" A hand massaged the already 'tenderized' buttocks, adding another increment of discomfort on top of the shock.

"Finally, to the last additions; you made it clear during your interview that you would not accept permanent changes to your body such as ring piercings, even though you were warned that clips and clamps would be used in lieu. Needless to say they are easily more painful over time. The items you're now going to bear will be kept in place and only briefly removed for purposes of cleaning. The option of having the piercings instead is always open to you and you will be invited to choose at regular intervals."

Jancine felt something being placed over her right nipple. "Firstly, here’s something to crown these lovely globes of yours." The item was held in place on her aureole and the tip of the nipple tugged through it a little way before something clamped around the nubbin of delicate flesh viciously causing Jancine to flinch reflexively. The device was then ratcheted away from the base, stretching the nipple and engendering even more pain. By the time the 'adorning' was finished she also had four clips on each of her labial lips and also one on her clitoris with a little weight dangling from it and an eye-watering clip on her nasal septum.

"Very good; your preparation is now complete and we can now move on to more material matters."

Superior fingered the clips of Jancine's labial lips as she spoke and nonchalantly flicked the weight connected to the clip on her clitoris. Each jolt engendering a muscular spasm

"I've been informed of the multiple infractions you committed before you arrived here tonight; preparation deficiencies, resisting preparations by your mentor, defiance, self-frotilation and even violent defiance. That is quite a charge sheet wouldn’t you say? Additionally there are the multiple infringements you've committed in the brief time arriving here."  Superior rubbed that part of the mons which had extruded through the navel aperture of the latex suit. "The institute has a responsibility to ensure that you understand the gravity of your failings - apart from anything else the institute expects complete acceptance of each and every demand and total obedience without demur." Superior tested Jancine with pressure on the clit clamp. "So that each and every one of our inmates can be in no doubt about this, the institute punishes all infractions thoroughly and diversely. That is to say we don't restrict the treatment meted out to mere chastisement."

Superior turned her focus to the nipple clamps as she continued her monologue. "I also understand that you accepted a challenge from your mentor and acquitted yourself admirably - you'll be pleased to hear that a modicum of your failings will be set aside for doing so. You've also had some chastisement 'on account.' Nevertheless your punishment will be a difficult ordeal."

Jancine tried not to react to the torment currently being inflicted to the clipped parts of her anatomy. "By the way, this doesn't count as punishment," she lifted a breast at with finger and thumb holding the nipple tightly; "I just enjoy playing this way. That aside I have a problem; one of those creatures here also needs punishing for her failings. So how can I accomplish this without keeping all of us awake well into the early hours of the morning? Hmmm?" While getting the other breast by way of the nipple clamp she tapped the clit-clamp weight upwards engendering spasms to judder through Jancine’s lower abdomen.

"What I've decided to do is this: while I thrash one of those creatures you will receive punishment by means of the items within you. So I'm going to start them soon and this phase of your punishment will continue until I'm finished over there. You will find that the effect is fairly anodyne at first but gradually builds to a crescendo at the close of each cycle before recommencing again. At least while this takes place you won't have me teasing your delicate bits."

With a firm final squeeze Superior released her grip and strutted away from Jancine toward the two orderlies now kneeling next to a sort of trestle. "Oh and just to ensure that you don't become bored you can watch - you may find what you see and hear informative as well as entertaining."

Almost immediately sight was granted to her and while she hungrily took in the scene before her she also registered a curious tingling sensation in both front and rear passages; this added to the nascent arousal engendered by witnessing proceedings by the trestle.

Jancine's hungry eyes took in every amazing detail; she had fantasized countless times over scenarios such as the one she was now seeing play out right before her. The Superior was truly stunning; in peaked cap, shiny white blouse above waist-cincher and gleaming slate-grey rubber enveloped legs. She was toying with a crop as she glowered down on the two kneeling orderlies.

The two underlings had been divested of their apron work-gear and were now kneeling either side of the trestle, their wrists shackled to 'D' rings on the sides of their phenomenally tight waist cinchers by means of short strands of chain - just sufficient length to lay their mittened hands on thigh, palm-upwards. Their heads, glovingly enveloped in rubber and comprehensively harnessed, were bowed low in a show of obeisance. Like Jancine they were wearing body suits of transparent rubber that corralled their breasts into improbable 'blancmange' shaped mounds capped with pierced, floridly engorged nipples. Glancing down at her own two distended buds she realized with a surge of pride and some arousal that hers were at least as impressive. She also registered again the pain of the clamps which engendered the question: why had she demurred at the option for piercing? At this moment it seemed a rather poor decision.

The 'tingling' within seemed to ratchet up perceptibly, provoking a further ramping of arousal. In response Jancine, wrapped her mittened hands around the chains, strained and squirmed; contracting her lower abdominal muscles she 'playfully' toyed with the inserts occupying her nether passages. At the same time she looked on as 'Superior' strutted leisurely before the two subservient creatures at her feet, regularly wielding her crop to press bauble heads lower or flicking at inner thighs to spread legs wider. Then she paused...

There was tension in the air when she eventually spoke. "Which of you two has erred? I'll show a goodly measure of leniency if that individual owns up to their mistakes and places itself on the trestle to receive its just reward." For a few moments no one moved. Then, as if by telepathy, the two subservient surreptitiously glanced at each other.

Although the action was vanishingly brief Superior did not miss it; with a dazzlingly quick flourish of the crop she delivered a sharp blow to the breast of each unfortunate 'interlocutor.'

"Very well, one of you wishes to be stubbornly mendacious or maybe even welcomes a liberal 'taste' of my crop. So be it, apparently no leniency is required, so NONE will be granted." She commented matter-of-factly.

"Right, it's late and I don't want this to drag on. I'm going to ask one more question, after that the punishment will scale up for each additional question until I get a satisfactory response."

"Specifically one of you has acquitted their duties adequately, the other notably less so, will the latter own up and position themselves on the trestle please?"

Still, no one moved. Intrigued, Jancine wracked her brains to try and figure out what the culprit had done that was out of order. She was at a loss to come up with even a notion of it however it was now becoming more difficult to concentrate given that the tingling inside her had ramped up substantially.

"Now my patience is really being tried and I promise there's going to be hell to pay - one of these stinking butts is going to suffer dearly for this stupidity."

Each of their breasts now received another admonitory stroke from the crop.

"Heads down and rears up you two!" The subservients responded with alacrity knowing full well the likely cost of being considered tardy - almost instantaneously their foreheads were pressed to the floor and rears hoisted high above.

Jancine shivered with a frisson of carnal pleasure as she took in the vision of the prostrate subservients, their severely constricted midriffs and crotch-straps drawn taut between improbably shiny smooth buttocks.

"The 'loser' has burnt its bridges; so there's no point in beating about the bush. Its infringements were as follows: firstly it erred with an overly prolonged effort to scrub the inductee's intimate parts and secondly it managed a much too intimate degree of body contact whilst doing so."

Jancine was mildly taken aback by this information - that she had been molested and not been aware of what was being done to her.

While Jancine reflected on the illicit contact and its significance as regards to the true nature of her sexual kink Superior brusquely grasped the 'D' ring at the back of one of the orderly's collars and hauled the unfortunate individual to her feet. Scrambling in a rather ungainly fashion the miscreant managed to gain her footing; clearly pensive over what was about to befall she stood with a somewhat shocked, hang-dog demeanour. Superior inflicted a meaty swat of the crop to the miscreant’s buttocks and ordered her to the trestle.

At this point Jancine noticed the sensations within had intensified yet again and for the first time it didn't 'enhance' the pleasurable aspect; far from it - it was as 'pleasant' as if she had sand inside her.

Moments later the orderly was draped over the trestle with all four limbs shackled securely to the sturdy wooden legs and her midriff restrained by short chains to the sides. Superior proceeded to slide two micro-zips open on the orderly's transparent rubber body-suit along the line of the buttock cleft. Tucking the loose flaps back under the openings Superior exposed the already rod-marked flesh in readiness for the imminent chastisement. Jancine, who had a direct view of the 'business' end of this arrangement, noticed a sporadic involuntary tremor in buttock and thigh muscles. Clearly the orderly was cognisant of what to expect even at the most visceral level.

Her own mouth and throat were dry and her heart was pounding in her chest as she anticipated the show that was about to unfold. The only 'fly in the ointment' so to speak was the almost 'prickly' sensation now afflicting her insides - it had become decidedly irritating. At this point Superior struck a pose and 'whipped' the air with several strokes of the crop.

The miscreant orderly's demise looked imminent... But not quite; Superior kept all deliciously caught on the hook of anticipation by using this moment to ostensibly prepare herself for the physical demands of punishing the miscreant. Stretching and touch her toes, then demonstrating a remarkable limberness by folding her arms around her lower legs and effectively hugging them tight. Jancine's heart skipped a beat as she took in the view of the Superior’s derriere perfectly revealed through the tightly gloving glossy rubber hose; the impression of multiply-pierced labia around a prominent flat pad covering the entrance to her vagina was clear to see, even more so the circular stump protruding from her rear-passage. Then it occurred to Jancine that all four individuals here were similarly defiled.

This realization both shocked and perplexed Jancine who wondered why a superior individual with such obvious authority would be no different, in this aspect at least, to the lowly subservients she'd been ordering about in such a domineering fashion. It seemed 'quixotic' and though apparently significant it was not so obvious to see why.

Having demonstrated her limberness in an acutely provocative way Superior stood upright and stretched all four limbs vigorously; Jancine couldn't help noticing the heavy nipple-piercings on her prodigious bosom as her blouse strained to contain them. The tethered observer was initially thrilled and mildly aroused at the sight and then blenched at the realization that she had been turned on by same-sex eroticism. Something she had never found engaging or of any particular interest before in all her life.

She didn't have much longer to contemplate this somewhat unsettling revelation about her personality. Superior addressed her:

"I trust you're finding all of this intensely interesting if not exactly great entertainment Inductee. Well now, in a sense, you're going to become a participant - I told you this would also be part of your punishment." With those last words she pointed a remote toward Jancine and clicked, a red light flickered for a split second; its digital instructions immediately began to take effect.

The feeling inside rapidly intensified until it felt like swarms of ants were viciously attacking the walls of her two passages. She squirmed and strained against her bonds, not that it afforded her any significant relief.

"I need to warn you that severe pain will result from any loud noises, even your own voice so I recommend silence on your part at least."

Indeed it was getting worse, from being irritating in the extreme to genuinely painful; knowing that she hadn't been given leave to vocalise she bravely struggled to remain quiet.

As Jancine battled against the now agonizing sensation within 'Superior' stood to the left side of the trestle and flourished the crop for one last time. The inductee had been intrigued to witness the chastisement, in fact she had been awaiting the event with alacrity but was now otherwise occupied; eyes clenched tightly closed and teeth clamped on the rubber ball occupying her mouth. She was now confronted with a grim ordeal.

‘Then, as if it couldn't get any worse it did, massively. The first stroke impacted the miscreant orderly's rear with a resounding "thwack!" As it did so Jancine was doubly ravaged; the loud noise engendered stunning jolts of electricity to shock both her passages. It was as much as she could do to stifle her natural reaction to scream and just emit a guttural grunt but even that resulted in another jagged, fizzling assault within.

Hot tears oozed from her tightly clamped eyes as blow after blow to the orderly's posterior translated to unbearable jolts to her completely unaccustomed internal passages.  Clamping her jaw onto the rubber ball filling her mouth she struggled heroically to keep quiet - and still, even the rattle of her chain restraints caused her some additional agony. And it seemed to go on, interminably, every couple of seconds or so another postage-stamp sized welt decorated the orderly's rear and Jancine's insides convulsed as the corresponding jolt wreaked its singular havoc.

She glimpsed the source of her woe and saw the florid 'tattoo' already developed on the orderly's buttocks. Still there was no sign of Superior easing back. The blows continued to rain down steadily. Then the orderly began to whimper and moan; as accustomed as she obviously was to chastisement this treatment was pressing her tolerance limits. Moments later she began to sob and then wail after each additional stroke. The result for Jancine was even further pain and misery; each body-frazzling jolt was followed by a fizzling, muscle-cramping 'encore' which faded to the 'background' ant attack.

In the precious few moments of clarity between strokes Jancine woefully regretted every delinquent transgression; if she had known the severity of punishment to be meted out for even the most innocuous infractions she would not have lifted even a finger nor spoken an insubordinate word of defiance. She hung on grimly for there was practically no other option open to her.

Ravaged as she was, never the less she managed to stoically hold herself together and although never easy at any point the torment gradually became more tolerable. This was despite the gagged pleadings of the orderly who had clearly had as much as she could take and was making as much noise as ever; her voluble bawling adding a jagged continuum to the metronomic lancing within.

Then, without any prior sign of easing down, Superior stopped abruptly. "That will do for now I believe, let me see what effect that has had on your rear orderly." She extended her right hand, placing it on the roiled flesh and casually fingered the darkly engorged welts. "Mmmm, orderly, you should know by now that I never chastise by half-measure. When are you going to learn that it pays not to err? That doing exactly what is expected of you is the best policy? Or is it that you perversely enjoy the punishment? Looking at the state of your buttocks it’s hard to imagine that you could possibly enjoy this sort of treatment." Superior continued fingering and testing the orderly's excoriated rear causing her subject to wince and groan balefully. "Whatever the case you have another example of how inappropriate behaviour is dealt with at the lodge."

Turning away Superior sauntered nonchalantly toward Jancine.

"Now it's your turn for the crop inductee; let's see how your rear holds up under your first session of sustained chastisement. If it's any consolation as I flog your rear the creature I've just finished with will 'enjoy' the same internal 'entertainment' that kept you amused just now. So you may make as much noise as you wish to return the 'favour'. However I should warn you that you will also be affected so it's a question of the price of vengeance I guess."

Superior had disappeared behind Jancine as she spoke the last few words and a sense of trepidation took hold of the spread-eagled creature as she felt two zippers being tugged upwards either side of her buttock cleft, then swing outwards toward her hips until the clinging material tightly enveloping her rear contracted loosely and eased away allowing her buttocks, already 'blemished by the earlier scolding to ease through the openings. Two hands pressed palm down on them and firmly massaged the generous but pert flesh.

"Hmmm, already a bit marked of course - but this is as nothing compared to the way these buttocks will be 'decorated' once I've finished, believe me. Then I think you'll appreciate the real cost of disobedience. Let's get on with this shall we - it's terribly late already and I have another miscreant slave ‘requiring’ this particular attention." A split second later her sight was suddenly occluded once again

Jancine felt a playful slap on her rear – both within as well as without, then both hands departed her ken; the slap itself didn't engender any seriously intolerable pain but the sound did and she winced against the resulting jolt which caused her lower abdominal muscles to involuntarily cramp and knot up for several seconds.

Jancine was just settling back to 'normal' and about to steel herself in readiness when the first stroke hit: her world exploded into thousands of jagged shards of pain - both without and within. She had been caught almost completely off guard and while the pain of the blow was still reverberating through her, the next blow struck and the next... and on… and on.

So consumed was she by the pain that later on she only vaguely remembered screaming like hell - it was a living nightmare.  Later still she recalled volubly pleading for mercy but the rubber ball-gag rendered her words an incomprehensible mumble. In any case none of her efforts made any appreciable difference as the torment relentlessly continued in metronomic fashion.

She had never had to contend with anything approaching this level of pain before; both outside and inside combined were overwhelmingly diabolical torture. She lost sense of time, of self; she was just pain, a monumental nexus of pain. And then, almost miraculously it was over, like a merciful salvation the strokes from the crop ceased and the frazzling of her insides faded to quiescence. The pain continued to reverberate though.

Never in her life had she been subject to a beating of such severity as this; even despite her childhood memories being peppered with moments seared into her psyche. Her parents and particularly her father had subscribed to the principle of 'spare the rod and spoil the child.‘ Consequently she and her siblings were no strangers to chastisement but never of an order such as this. Indeed, until now she was still whimpering and hadn't realized as much; her rear and thighs felt ‘fried’ and her insides throbbed painfully.

Jancine was still keening as hot rubber gloved hands rested on her now excoriated rear once more. Now they served to deliver a very mildly-analgesic, antibiotic cream that would at least promote healing. Superior didn't hold back in any way, she slowly but firmly massaged the intensely welted flesh causing her victim to writhe and howl in renewed agony.

"Less noise inductee or I might feel compelled to deliver another dose." For good measure she gripped the crop dangling at her wrist and flourished it once more landing stinging blows against each of her clamped nipples. "You'd better understand that I, along with all the dominant personnel at the Lodge thoroughly enjoy inflicting punishment of all sorts; any opportunity is usually embraced enthusiastically." After more massaging of Jancine's excoriated buttocks Superior re-zipped the two panels and playfully slapped the rear as she moved away. "In a very short while you'll be escorted to your cell but there are further requisite preparations to be made first."

Taking the push-button controls for the frame Jancine hung suspended in Superior proceeded to lower Jancine until her stiletto boots made firm contact with the tiled floor.

"Orderly, fetch the inductee's straitjacket." Moments later the orderly presented a glossy black rubber tunic with mittened sleeves attached to the inner surface. Superior placed the suit over Jancine's head and peremptorily tugged the tight-fitting neck-opening in place and then released each of Jancine's arms in turn before sliding them in to the respective sleeve and then positioned them across the front of her body before buckling the end-straps to D-rings in her corset at the opposing side. Two more straps were buckled around her elbows securing them to her sides rendering movement of her arms impossible. Only then was the body of the jacket drawn downward, over the rest of her torso and belted tightly around her waist. There remained a dangling crotch strap at her back which was pulled through her legs and buckled tightly over the two probes defiling her front and rear passages. Jancine had to brace and stiffen her body in order to avoid pivoting over as tremors of arousal commingled with pain and discomfort from the additional pressure forcing the items yet deeper inside.

"Hmmm, I see that it's necessary to add a little more restraint to you for safety and security until we are ready to go." With that comment resonating in sightless Jancine's ears Superior turned and walked a few paces to the control panel at the side of the frame bearing the still whimpering victim. A click and whirr of an electric motor presaged developments and were soon accompanied by the chink of chain in motion; after a few seconds it stopped. Superior hauled on the 'D' ring atop Jancine's head harness lifting it upward to clip on to the length of chain dangling over her head. Half suspended the trussed one let out a little sigh; relieved that she no longer risked flopping over; the pressure between her legs was now considerably intensified as she effectively hung in her restraints.

Finally Superior turned to the subservient next to her. "Attend to inflating the jacket orderly while I deal with your miscreant partner." The clack of Superior's footsteps receded and a few seconds later Jancine sensed a distinctive pulsed hiss followed by an increasing degree of restriction as the jacket began to expand and tighten its grip on her torso. Then something else became apparent; a pressure around the base of her breasts - the 'jacket' clearly had openings that left her breasts exposed and now began squeezing them into taut baubles. The pain from the clamps was rejuvenated and intensified to the point of being debilitating. Jancine wanted to groan, squeal, even scream but retained enough presence of mind to know that it would afford no relief whatsoever - just engender more pain.

Meanwhile Superior set about applying a modicum of salve to the prone orderly's rear before zipping up the buttock panels. She then released the orderly from the flogging trestle shackles only to force her mittened hands to the small of her back and clip them there. Once this was done she brusquely grasped one of her nipple rings and adroitly led the creature over to a wall festooned with chains, manacles and assorted equipment. Selecting a sturdy arrangement of collars and articulated connecting bars she proceeded to fix one end around the orderly's neck leaving the recipient somewhat stooped from the considerable weight of this burden. Finally she hooked a nipple ring again and urged the orderly to follow her smartly over to where Jancine stood teetering on ballet-boot tip-toe, enveloped in a now bulbously inflated straitjacket with equally bulbous breasts.

"I think it's appropriate to coffle you for the walk to your cell inductee; for security, safety and also because I particularly enjoy seeing Lodge inmates restrained in a coffle - to me it engenders an admirable image of objectification as well as control." She spoke as she busily fastened the hanging metal collar around the other orderly's neck leaving a third, as yet unoccupied, collar half dangling between the two. 

"For the next few days you will be attired more or less as you are right now. Part of the time you will be strictly confined, at others you will be required to move around certain areas of The Lodge - just occasionally allowed a measure of freedom to explore your new domicile. However to ensure that you do not go gadding about you will necessarily be hobbled - pretty much all the time."

With that comment Superior sauntered over to the equipment wall and selected an item - one hanging from a rack holding several of them. It comprised a chrome-coated rod about a metre in length with a much shorter 'T' bar arrangement at on end.

"Walking with this arrangement attached is not easy and requires practise so I'm giving you this opportunity to try it for the first time." Releasing each of Jancine's ankles from the frame in turn Superior clipped the cuffs to each end of the 'T' bar leaving her feet about thirty centimetres apart. Next Superior stooped and grasped the clit-hood clamp dangling through an opening in the crotch-belt and tugged firmly upward.

"Come on, up, UP!" Jancine reflexively straightened her legs as much as possible to relieve the agonizing pain and stretched upwards. With her free hand Superior position the end of the vertical rod into a socket fixed to the crotch-strap between front and rear passages. An audible click indicated that the sprung coupling mechanism had engaged. With a little more fiddling between her legs Superior stood upright and appraised Jancine.

"There we are, fixed in place - now you have a much improved posture as well. You'll find that although the 'T' bar is restrictive it does flex open and closed to a limited extent but a pneumatic connection to the probe occupying your front passage will extend and retract prongs which can be quite uncomfortable so I’m told, especially if the 'T' bar is extended and contracted up to its limits  or even too quickly. As a consequence you won't want to walk too rapidly, never mind run. I'm also told that the normal action can even be mildly arousing for experienced subservients," she said archly and evidently struggling to stifle a snicker.

"Hmmm, now that's all well good let's get you coffled." Leading the orderly at the front past Jancine Superior manoeuvred the two until the middle coffle collar was close by the suspended Jancine's neck. Heaving it up a little she swung the hinged part snugly closed until the latch engaged with a resounding click.

"Excellent. Normally I'd leash the one at the front but under the circumstances that doesn't seem ‘fair’ to me. So I'm going to make sure that it's you other two who feel the 'urgency' to get a move on when I tug it." Taking a long slinky chain leash from the equipment wall she stooped to clip it to the clit hood ring of the chastised orderly behind, then threaded it through a ring on Jancine's clit-hood clamp tightly and rethreaded it twice more, then through the one on the foremost orderly and finally through a ring at the front of her midriff belt. Pulling the leash tight Superior observed the rear two reflexively shudder and lurch forward. "Perfect. This is how it’s going to be until we reach the inductee's cell. Move along!"

The two orderlies began walking with practised ease but Jancine could only move slowly and laboriously at first; the combination of ballet boots and hobble impeded her considerably. Consequently the coffle line was forced to move slowly despite considerable encouragement being 'delivered' by means of the leash.

Jancine had once again been granted the use of her sight and with some trepidation but mostly intense curiosity she hungrily scanned her surroundings as much as her predicament allowed. They exited the preparation room into a somewhat dimly lit corridor with a low vaulted ceiling and turned left passing inset doors on either side. The corridor stretched onward for some distance, especially given their slow progress.

Jancine began to take note of how the hobble arrangement worked; the linkage at her ankle cuffs allowed the bar to freely rotate and as she took each step the bar compressed along its length before opening out again after one foot passed the other. Indeed this action caused comparatively little hindrance to her gait - it was the ballet-toed boots that caused her the most trouble. She had to concentrate very carefully on foot placement and balance in order to avoid stumbling and the risk of fall which held very unpleasant consequences. Then she focussed on what was happening inside her vagina. Each step engendered some motion within - she sensed the friction and realised that the invader rotated every time she swung a foot. Not only that, the prongs Superior had spoken of extended someway briefly intensifying the sensation.

As she thought about it Jancine became aroused, it was the sort of machination that had frequently peppered her kinky fantasies. The sensation itself was not disagreeable nor was it provocative in itself but the scenario definitely was and as they neared the end of the corridor her breath was hissing through the narrow aperture of the ball-gag occupying her mouth. Moments later the coffled trio entered a foyer from which two other corridors could be accessed whilst one side was occupied by a substantial stairway with flights of steps leading upwards as well as down. Between the two was a desk at which sat a prim secretarial attendant while two rather forbidding characters sat on stools nearby.

Jancine could see that all three were clothed in latex; the attendant in semi-transparent charcoal grey blouse with a short collar buttoned at the throat and a tight fitting pencil skirt. The two characters accompanying her were altogether more formidable. Completely sheathed in glossy jet-black rubber from hooded head to vertiginously booted toe with substantial and tightly laced corsets; their garb had accents of a uniform in peaked caps and pockets over prodigious bosom. It was not just their appearance that was threatening, they were tall as well as being evidently physically powerful; each held a crop of at least a metre in length at the ready.

"Good morning Amy, guards," greeted Superior as she halted her charges. "I finally have the new inductee ready for the cell. It's taken longer than usual because I punished it and one of the orderlies - both quite thoroughly." As she spoke the two guards got up from their seats and casually walked over to Jancine.

"Does it need some more discipline Miss Helen?" One of them asked as they both took to subjecting Jancine to an invasive physical inspection; pawing at her menacingly, squeezing, pinching and tugging in a calculatedly intimidating, not so say painful way.

"Not at this time of the morning but  it's almost certain that it will receive a taste of your 'methods' at some point in the near future I don't doubt," replied Superior. "Which cell has it been allocated Amy?"

"61b Miss Helen, all the preparations are in place, I've inspected it myself. If you'd like you could sign the register now before lodging the inductee?" She pushed a key across the desk with cool deference.

"No, that's fine. I'll come back this way in any case to lodge the orderlies," she replied picking up the key. "I take it that the monitoring system has also been set and tested?"

"Yes Miss Helen."

Throughout this discourse the two guards didn't let up their very physical investigation. "Clamped on rings," opined one scornfully as she yo-yo’ d Jancine's nipple clamps. "How long before it has the proper thing, I wonder?" Viciously tugging the nipple clamp upward she scrutinised Jancine carefully looking for signs of her reaction to the discomfort; none other than an upward tilt of the bauble head and a hiss of in-taken breath. "Not more than a few days I would say."

"Thank you for you unsolicited opinion guard, we'll find out in the fullness of time won't we - let's allow things to take their natural course."

With a few peremptory tugs Miss Helen, as Jancine now knew Superior, set them off in the direction of the descending stairway leaving the guards to observe their departure.

"This will be you first serious test on those boots and that hobble inductee, be careful. You have some support from the two orderlies but don't rely on that."

Jancine surveyed the steps just ahead of her with trepidation; fortunately they were significantly lower than standard steps with a wider tread and shouldn't present too difficult an obstacle. Still a little unnerved from the encounter with the guards she swallowed drily.

"You may drag your toe lightly to find the edge of the step Inductee and don't rush." Rushing was the last thing on Jancine's mind. She observed the orderly's head in front of her lower as she took the first step and then the test was right before her. Lightly dragging the toe of her right foot she found the edge of the step, then extended her leg until the heel just cleared it and attempted to lower it on to the step below. But two things happened. The hobble bar extended to the point that the prongs raking her vagina became worryingly painful and the bar itself rested obstructed on the upper step before she was unable to set her foot down on the lower one. Somewhat wobbly and in a rather panicky state Jancine moved her foot sideways a little and tried again with the same disappointing results.

"Come on inductee you can do better than that," exhorted Miss Helen - a few severe tugs on her clit-hood clamp and a firm swipe on her flank from the crop indicated that she had better sort out this conundrum promptly or else.

Jancine pulled her right foot back, setting it down on the upper step as she struggled with the problem in her mind. Then in a moment's revelation she realised what she had to do.

"Inductee! We cannot dawdle on these steps all night. Get a move on!" More tugging and a couple more 'kisses' from Miss Helen's crop ensued.

"Is the inductee being insubordinate?" One of the guards behind them enquired, evidently hopeful of an opportunity to exercise their duty to punish each and every miscreant.

"No, it's just learning how to negotiate the steps; it’s hobbled for the first time and just finding its feet but I think the creature has figured it out finally."

Jancine moved her left foot forward until she detected the edge of the step and easing it back a little set it down. Then she attempted to lower her right foot to the next step. Success! Thereafter she managed to negotiate the flight of steps with only an occasional wobble.

"Good inductee, I'm pleased to tell you that you learn quickly - and under pressure. That's a good sign."

Buoyed by Miss Helen's compliment Jancine followed the orderly to the left on the half-landing and then set about descending a second flight of steps to the floor below. With massive relief and not a little sense of triumph Jancine luxuriated in the moment as she followed the orderly along one of three corridors on this level.

This was markedly more utilitarian; dimly lit and narrow, it had a low, flat ceiling and roughly whitewashed brick walls.

"Inductee I think you deserve a helpful warning: You already know from bitter experience that discipline is considered of paramount importance amongst inmates and that punishment for any misdemeanour is dispensed liberally without favour or mercy. That is a given but in case of major infractions the guilty individual is usually handed over to the punishment section where characters such as those guards will mete out punishment the like of which you cannot imagine. Existence there becomes a living hell. It is not something that even the most depraved masochist would choose to endure and many who have to are never quite the same again. You understand? Do your best to avoid it."

Jancine was seriously pondering the words of advice when Miss Helen drew them to a halt, just to the left of the leading orderly was a solid metal door painted institutional grey with a small, barred window and the sign 61b above it.

Jancine realised she was ‘home’; another of fantasies was about to be realised.

Miss Helen inserted the key into the lock and turned it fully twice; the sound of the lock mechanism seemed to echo down the otherwise still and silent corridor. She took hold of the door handle, leant a shoulder against the door and heaved; it swung open slowly but almost silently. She then chivvied the coffled trio into the cell.

Windowless and small with a barrel vaulted ceiling it was immediately oppressive. A dim blue-white light recessed into the ceiling provided barely adequate illumination onto a sturdy, cot-style bed  which filled most of the narrow chamber's floor space; the bed-head butted against the far wall leaving just enough room either side for a person to walk. Apart from the bed and a meagre cupboard fixed to the wall above it the room was bare.

The bed was no simple cot though; the single-person mattress was covered in white, heavy-duty rubber with a web of integral, heavy-duty black rubber strapping bisecting the length of the bed with cross-straps at the foot, middle and head. Numerous 'D' rings ‘decorated’ the edges, clearly intended for attaching cuffs, waist-cincher and collar in order to thoroughly restrain an occupant as required. Besides this web of strapping, the sturdy head and foot frames also had adjustable strands of chain attached near the corners for much the same purpose.

Jancine waited to see how she would be 'ensconced' on the bed sure that once secured in place she wouldn't be able to get off of her own volition.

She didn't have to wait long to find out at all. Within moments Miss Rachel had released her from the coffle and removed the vertical element of the leg-spreader arrangement leaving the ankle hobble-bar in place.

"Quickly, hop on to the bed inductee." Miss Helen's tone made it clear that even a few seconds delay was intolerable so Jancine responded with haste; backing on to the side of the bed she shuffled her bum to the middle and pivoted around before lying down.

Almost immediately her vision blanked out and it was only the susurrus chink of chain that intimated how she was being prepared for what remained of the night; a slight tugging on her head-harness indicated that she'd been chained there and shortly after a rattle of chain on the hobble bar indicated likewise. Jancine tentatively attempted to pull her feet up toward her torso and was not surprised to find that there was next to no slack in her restraint. She continued to lie on her back as the focus of activity shifted to her groin and a sharp and sustained pain quickly followed.

"You will not need to worry about your bladder now inductee; I've inserted a catheter in to your urethra that will drain to a rubber bladder attached to the side of your bed. I'm now going to attach more plumbing front and back so your cavities can be flushed clean as and when required."

More fiddling followed and a distinct 'click' denoted the connection of soft tubing to her rear probe.

"Your rear probe is now plumbed in so the cavity it occupies can be flushed clean with a minimum of fuss. You'll be routinely treated to this procedure several times daily and occasionally as a punishment option to discipline you for your misdemeanours. That's it for now inductee; you're set up for the rest of the night. Sweet dreams."

Jancine heard a brief rattle of chain and a short groan quickly followed by the swish and sharp slap of the crop. A few seconds of scuffling heels and the barest whine of hinges as the door was pulled closed marked their departure. She was suddenly left alone to contemplate her predicament in sepulchral silence; she was beset by a sense of uncertainty and not a little foreboding.

Then she was mildly shocked by a snap and ‘click’ on her ear-phones and Mistress Helen's voice in her ear once more.

"No need to be alarmed at being left alone inductee because in truth none of the inmates at the Lodge are ever truly alone; right now your vital signs are being monitored continually so should anything untoward befall you someone will be at your bedside in a matter of seconds. A word of warning; should you indulge in proscribed activity it will be registered and those inserts will mete out automatic punishment. Good night." There seemed to be an uncanny prescience about these reassuring words until Jancine realised that she was merely one of many treated like this and those involved would appreciate that ‘neophytes’ would be prone to a measure of fear and foreboding when left alone.

With a click the auditory system was switched off and the all-consuming silence resumed. She sighed, slowly - the small aperture on her breath-through gag resisted sharp intake or exhalation of breath.

Still wakeful Jancine contemplated her new situation. Lying on her back she was comparatively comfortable; although thoroughly restrained none of her limbs was particularly stressed and both her passages had at least partially adjusted to their recent occupants. The only bug-bear were the sets of clamps on nipples, labia and clit and even they were becoming tolerable as by now the pain had now dulled considerably.

An attempted smile struggled against the tight embrace of her hood and gag as she realised how very closely her fantasies were being realised. A frisson of pleasure rippled through her which quickly transformed into arousal with the familiar tingling down below enhanced by the presence of the intruder. Despite the recent warning she succumbed to the urge and 'experimented' with the item filling her vagina; flexing her pelvic-floor musculature she slowly and gently squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed repeatedly. The effort was not without reward and soon the hiss of breath through her gag-breathing tube had both intensified considerably and become appreciably more rapid.

Jancine flexed her knees as much as the tension of the head and foot restraints would allow which wasn't much at all but it afforded her the opportunity to almost clamp her legs tightly together. Thus she was able to apply a modicum of additional pressure on the probes lodged within her. Enlivened by her efforts Jancine reflected on all that had come to pass since she walked into the fetish bar barely a few hours ago; 'all in all', she thought 'this was rubber-bondage heaven rather than hell.' The clothing, bondage, discipline and the astounding milieu made this an unforgettable experience. Even the beatings, removal of her hair and these damned clamps couldn't diminish her enthusiasm. Remembering and reflecting on the whole episode to date she worked on the items lodged inside her with added vigour until she was almost at the point of bliss…

Then just as she was about to realise the rewards of her furtive and now feverish efforts she was hit hard. Twin jolts of electricity zapped her passages so painfully that she almost lost consciousness. In a state of some befuddlement she barely registered the click of the audio system activating and an all pervasive 'female' voice announce 'inductee 7, logged unsanctioned activity, mandatory punishment to be administered,' then the briefest of pauses, 'day 1, morning.' Then almost immediately another click sounded indicating the audio system had de-activated. The voice, though richly toned with impeccable enunciation, was evidently artificial.

The electrical punishment had ceased but the pain still reverberated inside. Jancine lugubriously hugged her self and sighed; a few more tears oozed out of her tightly shut eyes. Her impression of a fetish paradise had just been stolen from her, indeed snatched from her very grasp. She wanted sexual gratification from this - on her terms but this 'big brother' (or should it be 'sister'?) aspect clearly denied her.

Continuing to hug herself she eventually drifted off into a somewhat fitful sleep...

A little while later Jancine dreamt herself in a black and white world, the landscape she wandered was luminous under a clear full moon and even the stars shone brightly in a cloudless sky. Transfixed by this enchanting scene she realised without fear or shame that she was naked... and hairless, she rubbed her hands over her smooth pate and denuded pudenda mildly perplexed.

Presently the path she walked led to a pool. At its edge she crouched to her knees and leaned forward to look at her reflection. Despite her lack of hair a pretty face looked placidly back at her. Reaching down on impulse she immersed her hand into the water and was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn’t water at all; it had a warm, silky smooth consistency - like melted chocolate. Removing her hand she saw that it was coated in perfectly smooth black liquid rubber.

Her heart skipped a beat and with sudden yearning she quickly changed to a sitting position and let her feet dangle in the pleasant viscous liquid. Now her heart was racing, without delay she gave way to impulse lowering and immersed her body into the limpid pool allowing its warming embrace to suffuse her body with an immeasurable feeling of pleasure that intensified as she drifted slowly away from the bank.

The sublime blissfulness caused her to sigh, however her exhalation was unaccountably slow and a little laboured; she realised placidly she was now gagged and moreover unable to move her limbs freely.

Nevertheless the warmth within was wonderful and she floated on with blissful abandon not caring about the future, not anything. She was a prisoner of and in rubber and highly contended with her lot.

Jancine would dream thus from time to time during her sojourn at The Lodge and beyond; dreams that would both comfort and affirm her life choice.

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