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Snowbound 12: Fringe Benefits

by [email protected]

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Storycodes: F+/ff; FF; D/s; maids; collar; armbinder; bond; rope; bdsm; crop; nipple; toys; insert; strapon; oral; climax; cons; X

story continued from part 11

Chapter 12: Fringe Benefits

One day, while Cassandra was helping Kate clean the Playroom after a night’s bondage scene, she came upon a piece of equipment that she did not recognize!

“Kate, what’s this?”

They were both dressed in Maid’s uniforms, and since they were doing actual cleaning, they were wearing normal not fetish attire. Except for being corseted, and wearing collars, that is!

Cassandra held up what appeared to be a large piece of triangular shaped leather, complete with a series of straps that made the whole thing look rather menacing indeed!

“It’s called an armbinder. You never saw one in an adult DVD?” Kate asked.

“Never. I never actually watched all that many adult ones.”

“Beth has a rather extensive library, including many classic and hard to find ones. You may as well take advantage and watch a few,” said Kate.

“I’ll do that. But how does a girl fit into this?” Cassandra asked innocently.

“You sound just like Sweet Gwendolyn!” Kate answered.

“Who’s Sweet Gwendolyn?”

“A very famous bondage character. I’ll show you the book in the Library. Very entertaining, ’Perils of Pauline’ type character. She was always getting kidnapped and placed in bondage.”


“But you asked about the armbinder, okay, let’s see how you like being confined in one! Just hand it to me, and you’ll learn just how evil this thing can be!”

“You’ve been confined in this?” Cassandra asked.

“Sure, lots of times. Makes a girl totally helpless and exposed. You’ll love it!”

“Okay!” Cassandra replied, suddenly not sure if this was a good idea.

“Turn around, and place your hands palm to palm!” instructed Kate.

Cassandra handed the armbinder to Kate, and did as she was told! She stood in silence as she waited for Kate to place her again bondage!

This time there was no danger that Kate might be disciplined for showing Cassandra the Playroom! She was now Kate’s assistant, helping her to cook, clean, and in general help Kate in her duties around the house!

For Kate, that meant that she finally had Cassandra under her thumb - and riding crop, palm, and sometimes the whip!

Kate held the armbinder open, and gradually drew it upwards, enclosing Cassandra’s arms in the process! After making sure that it was positioned properly, she slowly pulled the zipper upwards, confining Cassandra’s limbs!

Once the zipper was all the way up, she closed the strap at it’s top with a roller buckle. Then she drew the shoulder straps closed with a roller buckle as well!

“Go look at yourself in the mirror!” Kate ordered.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra stood in front of the mirror, and tried to pull one way or another to slide the thing off, but it was a useless gesture! Once she was strapped into it, there was no escape!

“There’s no way out of this!” Cassandra cried.

“That’s the idea, darling. Makes you totally helpless - and exposed!”

Cassandra stood silently as Kate proceeded to fondle her breasts though the fabric of the uniform! Then Kate’s hand snuck under the hem of her uniform, and her sex was cupped and stroked!

“Much better when you’re naked, of course. Next time we do a scene, I’ll tell Mistress Allison to incorporate it into the action!”

“Thanks! Er, could you take it off, Mistress?” Cassandra asked.

“Not just yet! Since you were so curious about it, I think that you should wear it for a while to get the full effect!”

“I feel like my arms are being pulled together, and my breasts exposed!”

“If you were naked instead of wearing the uniform, that’s exactly what you would look like! Not only that, but it makes you totally exposed and helpless! Your breasts and pussy are shamefully on display, available for whatever the Mistress may desire - like the riding crop!” said Kate.

Cassandra bent down, and tried to wiggle her arms out of the thing, but the straps crossing her shoulders as well as the one above her elbows, made sure that it would stay in place!

“I feel totally vulnerable!” Cassandra declared.

“That’s the idea, darling!”

“Aaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned when Kate inserted her hand into Cassandra’s panties, and her fingers into her raging sex!

“What a slut you are!” said Kate, “always hot and ready for action! If I were to strip you naked now and give you a whipping, I’d bet that you’d take pleasure in it!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra had to admit to herself that she would actually enjoy it if Kate would do just that!

“But we’d better finish cleaning the Playroom, else it will be my body that will get whipped!” said Kate.

Cassandra then was glad when Kate released her arms from the armbinder that had imprisoned them! She rubbed the circulation back into her arms which had gone numb from their leather confinement!

“Feel better?” Kate asked.

“Yes,” Cassandra replied, “I wouldn’t like to wear the armbinder for long!”

“You’ll get used to it, just like the lash!” Kate replied.

“I suppose so!” Cassandra replied.

Once the Playroom was cleaned and readied for another day’s use, the two girls went back upstairs for a short break. Kate would be starting Dinner soon, and Cassandra would be assisting her - and learning how to cook gourmet meals as well!


Later that evening, Beth was in her “O” dress and Cassandra was corseted in her Maid’s uniform, they sat down together for a brief chat.

“Did you have a nice day, Cassandra? I was on the phone and the computer most of the day attending to business, so I didn’t have any time for intimate endeavors,” said Beth.

“Yes Beth, thank you! I worked with Kate to clean the playroom, and I asked about the armbinder! She zipped me into one for a while - quite confining!”

“I’m glad you found it of interest!” Beth replied.

“How was your business day?” Cassandra asked.

“Well I certainly can’t go to the office dressed like this! I have disabled the webcam on my PC; and I cover it up with paper - my employees just think I’m camera shy! I wonder what they’d think of me if they saw their boss half naked and wearing a collar!” laughed Beth.

“That would be something, wouldn’t it?” Cassandra replied.

“Since you’ve come up with some good ideas - is there anything you’d like to do for our next scene?”

“Yes,” Cassandra said, “how about this: we both work for a large corporation in the Accounting Department and we uncover a massive Financial Fraud! When we bring it to the attention of our superior, we discover that she’s in on the deal, places us in bondage, to sell us off as sex slaves!”

“That’s pretty good!” Beth replied, “yes, we can do that! Why don’t you set it up with Mistress Allison, and that will be our next scene!”

“Yes, Beth, thank you!”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you this question for a while: how do you like it here?”

“I’m enjoying myself immensely,” Cassandra answered.

“No regrets about wearing a collar?”

“None. Actually, I feel naked without it,” said Cassandra, as she pulled on one of the “D” rings of her collar.

“I know just how you feel,” Beth answered.

“Do you want to sleep together tonight?” asked Cassandra.

“You’re a shameless hussy, do you know that?”

“Yes! This is my first job where I can sleep with my employer, and it’s perfectly OK!” Cassandra replied.

“See you later then!” said Beth, “but be sure and ask Mistress Allison permission first! You’ll probably earn a few stripes for making the request!” laughed Beth.

“Yes, ma’am!” Cassandra replied.


“Mistress Allison?” Cassandra asked, “may I speak to you for a moment, please?”

“Of course Cassandra. Please come in and sit down?” said Mistress Allison from her desk in the Library.

Cassandra did as she was instructed, sitting down in front of the Mistress, but not looking directly at her.

“Did you have a nice day?” asked the Mistress.

“Yes, Mistress. When Kate and I cleaned the playroom she showed me what an armbinder was. She confined me in one for a while. Very uncomfortable!”

“Would you like it to be used during our next scene?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Cassandra replied.

“I was also planning that next time you ride the horse as well! You haven’t tried that out yet, either!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra reflected on how strange her life had become! The collar, the whip, and being disciplined were all part of her daily life now! And when she and Beth had gone to Chicago on business for three days, she felt positively naked without her collar, and couldn’t wait to return to her life of bondage!

“Beth asked me to speak to you about two matters: first, our next scene. How about Beth & I work in the Accounting Department of a major company, and we discover a Financial Fraud. We bring it to our supervisor who is in on it, she places us in bondage, and sells us off as sex slaves!”

“That sounds fine, Cassandra. Beth likes that kind of thing. I think that she’s secretly a little guilty about being rich - when she went to College, did you know that she worked as Saks Fifth Avenue in New York!”

“No, she never told me about that!” Cassandra replied.

“Is there anything else?”

“When I suggested we spend the night together, she wanted me to ask your permission first - she said that you might want to discipline me first!” Cassandra suggested.

“Yes, Beth is as usual, correct! You are a shameless slut, aren’t you, Cassandra.”

“Beth used the term hussy,” said Cassandra.

“Well, we have to defer to our employer, don’t we?” joked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Since I gave Kate the night off, I’ll have to discipline you here myself. A Domme’s work is never done!” Mistress Allison declared.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Stand up and I’ll unlace your corset, which has made you look very feminine, my dear!”

“Thank you, Mistress! I’ve found corset training to be very educational!” Cassandra replied.


“It’s made me more feminine, but at the same time, it’s very constricting.”

“That’s the idea!”

“Oooooooooof!” sighed Cassandra as Mistress Allison released the laces that had held Cassandra prisoner for most of the day!

“Take some deep breaths so you don’t faint!” Mistress Allison suggested.

“Thank you, Mistress!”

After Cassandra had been relieved of her corset, Mistress Allison let her rest and drink some water. She had been confined in the corset for hours, and perhaps it had been too long! She would have to talk to Kate about that!

Still, Cassandra appeared to have had no ill effects from her confinement. In fact, she looked feminine and radiant after her ordeal!

Her Maid’s uniform came next, including the black bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings that she wore underneath. Mistress Allison then allowed Cassandra to put back on her shoes, which a three inches of heel height allowed her to work around the house!

Naked, she was now ready for whatever Mistress Allison had in store for her!

“I’m going to get dressed, Cassandra! So you can assist me!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

In the Library was a small closet, the inside door of which was a mirror. Mistress Allison looked through the contents of the closet, and finally settled on a Dominatrix Dress!

She removed the BeBe dress that she had been wearing; and hung it on an available hanger. Then she removed the Black PVC Dominatrix Dress, and began to fit it to her slim body!

“Cassandra, please zip me up?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress!”

Cassandra helped Mistress Allison into her dress, and zipped it up her back! Soon, it hugged every curve of her body!

“This is one dress that is NOT available in Macy’s!” stated Mistress Allison.

“No, Mistress, I don’t think so,” Cassandra agreed.

“Now then, what to do about you?” asked Mistress Allison.

They were both standing in front of the mirror, and it was an interesting sight: Mistress Allison in her Black PVC Dress; and Cassandra naked with nothing but her high heels! Mistress Allison then closed the closet door, and glanced at the leather footstool!

“Cassandra, how long has it been since I tied you to the footstool?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Not since before I signed your contract, Mistress. You’ve only used me in the Playroom ever since!” Cassandra answered.

“Did you enjoy your introduction to bondage while being tied to the footstool earlier?”

“Yes, Mistress. I never knew that a footstool could be used in such a fashion!”

“Well, I do strive to keep my submissives off balance! The footstool it is! Assume the position, Cassandra! Since Kate is unavailable, I’ll just have to tie you myself!”

Cassandra lay on the footstool as ordered, and Mistress Allison soon had her limbs bound and cinched to the stool’s legs! She then held Cassandra’s buttocks, and began to massage them, holding the fleshly globes in her hands!

“You’re quite beautiful, Cassandra!”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

Wasting no time, Mistress Allison then donned a rubber glove, and with some lubricant, began to explore Cassandra’s bottom hole, making her moan!

“I haven’t placed a butt plug in your virgin bottom yet, Cassandra. I intend to save that for a special occasion!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra moaned as her bottom was invaded by a rubber clad index finger!

“Are you curious to know what a butt plug will feel like?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Soon that day will come. It might come if I am displeased with you, or else a day when you have performed nicely under the whip. But that day will be carefully considered first!”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you!”

The index finger was removed, and then Mistress Allison began to stroke her already hot and wet pussy!

“Are you always wet, Cassandra?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Not all the time, Mistress. Just when I know that I am going to be used!”

“That’s good, Cassandra! I don’t want you ruined from over-use!”

“Thank you, Mistress!”

Bound onto the same leather footstool that she had cleaned and oiled just a couple of days before was incredibly arousing for Cassandra. She inhaled the heady musky scent of the leather, the same substance she knew that she was going to be punished with!

“Let’s get started, shall we?” asked Mistress Allison.

“Yes, Mistress!” Cassandra answered in her helpless position.

“Kiss the crop,” ordered Mistress Allison!

She had retrieved the familiar instrument from the desk after she had disposed of the rubber glove!

Cassandra did as she was told, kissing the flat pad at the end of the riding crop; which she was very familiar with indeed!

“Very good, Cassandra!”

“Thank you, Mistress, for the punishment that I am about to receive!”

“You’re welcome, Cassandra!”

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The crop’s broad flat pad of this crop (others were narrower) was designed to leave a large mark wherever it struck! So it was Cassandra’s bottom that would feel the kiss of the crop!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

Cassandra knew that Mistress Allison was not using all of her strength in cropping her! She was just using her mildly, since Cassandra had a date in Beth’s bed! And Mistress Allison did not want to exhaust Cassandra when she slept with their employer!

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The cropping stopped, and Cassandra then felt her breasts being fondled once again by the Mistress!

“Ooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned.

“Would you like a set of nipple clamps?”

“Whatever you desire, Mistress!” Cassandra replied.

Both of Cassandra’s erect nipples, already excited by her rubbing and scent of the leather footstool, now were imprisoned by clamps!

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra moaned as the assault on her femininity continued!

Mistress Allison then slapped the crop on Cassandra’s shoulder blades, leaving a reddened mark that would last for some time!

“Owwwwwww!” Cassandra cried out.

“There will be more to come, my dear. In the weeks ahead my training will intensify your senses. You shall regard pain and pleasure as the same thing!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Then Mistress Allison stood behind Cassandra, and used the crop like a metronome, slapping the crop on the inside of her bound thighs!

“Ooooooooh!” sighed Cassandra.

Just when Cassandra thought that she would climax, the cropping abruptly stopped!

“Mistress, please?” Cassandra begged.

“I’ve trained you well, my dear! You crave both pleasure and pain together!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Mistress Allison was well prepared! When she had retrieved the crop from her desk, she had also, out of Cassandra’s sight readied a vibrator for use! She flicked the activation switch, and pushed it into Cassandra’s wet cunt!

“OoooooooH!” Cassandra moaned, “Mistress!”

“Keep the dildo in your pussy, else you’ll be punished!” warned Mistress Allison.

The dildo had been programmed to go off at random intervals! Suddenly, it began to buzz in Cassandra’s sex!

“Oooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

The riding crop struck again and again on her bottom!

Cassandra wished that she had been gagged! She was embarrassing herself by showing how easily she could be sexually manipulated!

Slap! Slap! Slap!


Cassandra tried to hold back, but she was already hot and flushed with desire! The mild pain of the riding crop (Cassandra was by now used to much stronger strokes); combined with her clamped nipples, and the buzzing vibrator in her pussy all served to excite and bring her to orgasm quickly!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned when the orgasm hit, and she fought against her bonds, as the vibrator slid out of her moistened canal!

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Cassandra moaned again and again as she was wracked by one orgasm after another!

Finally, she was spent, and she lay on the footstool, covered in sweat, the insides of her thighs wet with her juices!

After Mistress Allison had untied her and given her something to drink, she looked sternly at her charge.

“You’re a bad girl for coming so easily, by now you should know how to hold out - at least for a little while! You’ll be punished for that!” Mistress Allison threatened!

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Now I want you to go to your room, shower, and make yourself attractive for Beth. I hope you’re up to eating pussy tonight!”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Then go!”


Cassandra knocked on Beth’s door, hoping that her delay hadn’t made her employer angry! She pulled on her collar from nervousness, glad for the security it gave her!

Since Kate had not been available, it had been Mistress Allison who had unlocked her collar and cuffs when she had taken a shower. Later on, Mistress Allison had even helped her prepare for her rendezvous with Beth!

“Come in!” said Beth.

Cassandra entered, and the room was lit by soft candlelight!

“Close the door, Cassandra.”

“Yes, Beth,” said Cassandra, as Beth motioned for her to join her on the bed.

Beth was wearing a red chemise nightgown; offset by her collar and cuffs.

“I’m sorry I’m late,” said Cassandra.

“I think that I can guess the reason, Cassandra. Mistress Allison was entertaining you.”

“Yes, Beth.”

“It’s quite all right. As Mistress, she has first use of you in discipline as well as sex. So I was forced to wait.”

“You didn’t mind?”

“No, not at all,” said Beth.

“I thought that you might be angry,” said Cassandra.

“Not at all, remember, we’re two of her submissives. We still have to obey her orders.”

“I understand.”

“Then kiss me,” said Beth.

Cassandra embraced Beth, kissing her on the lips and neck, inhaling her scent. Beth had bathed and had perfumed herself with Chanel, which excited Cassandra with intense desire!

In no time at all, they were both naked, and held each other tightly together!

“I’ve wanted you this way for a long time,” said Beth, “in my bed as opposed to the cot in the Playroom.”

“But we’re still collared!”

“We’re free in our collars, Cassandra. To experience both pain and pleasure. Mistress Allison merely got you ready for me this evening!”

“I think I understand,” Cassandra replied.

“Lay back, my darling,” said Beth.

Cassandra lay back on the bed, and readied herself to make love! Beth began by kissing her on the mouth and neck, inhaling the scent of the perfumed French soap that Cassandra now used, one that she had never used before entering Beth’s house! Their collars and wrist bracelets made contact, enhancing the erotic nature of their sexual encounter!

“You look lovely!” said Beth.

“So do you!” Cassandra replied.

Beth did not waste any time, and began to suck and nibble at Cassandra’s erect nipple, which had just suffered the clamps at the hands of Mistress Allison!

“Would you like your nipples to be pierced?” asked Beth, “or maybe your clit?”

“Not really, I’d like to stay all natural,” Cassandra replied, “I like to think that it provides me with a link to the real world.”

“It’s your body, you can do with it whatever you want!” Beth answered, “and if that includes the whip, that’s up to you!”

Cassandra laughed, and Beth kissed her way down Cassandra’s belly to her wet pussy!

“I think that someone’s already been here today!” Beth observed.

“Ooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned in ecstasy as once again her pussy was being used by another woman.

“Kate put me in an armbinder, and helped herself to my pussy when I was helpless. And just now Mistress Allison had me bound over the footstool again, using the riding crop, with a vibrator inside me!”

“Did you enjoy both of those times?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Cassandra moaned as Beth massaged her sex!

“I’ve been bound over the footstool many times,” said Beth.

“For my next apartment, I’m going to get two!” Cassandra laughed, “plus plenty of rope!”

Beth laughed in response, two girls sharing a secret between them!

It was then that Beth dived between Cassandra’s opened legs to her pussy, and the delights within!

Cassandra was now a highly charged sexual woman, who was wet at the thought of either discipline or lesbian sex! Over the weeks since she had entered Beth’s employ, she had become progressively more sexual over time!

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra moaned as her outer lips were sucked and playfully bit by Beth.

“Would you like your pussy shaved?” Beth asked.

“Maybe,” Cassandra moaned.

“Let’s ask Mistress Allison to have BOTH our pussies shaved at the same time!” Beth suggested.

“How about this scene,” Cassandra suggested in the throes of pleasure, “we’re cat burglars, all dressed in black, and we’re discovered. We get stripped and handcuffed, and then our pussies get shaved, and then we get whipped!”

“Mmmmmmm, you’re always so imaginative,” said Beth.

“Well, fantasy is part of the job!” Cassandra replied.

“Yes, and you certainly have quite a few!” said Beth, “and now back to business!”

“Oooooooh!” Cassandra moaned with pleasure as Beth began to lick and suck her already excited and engorged clit!

“You taste so wonderful, darling!”

“Fuck me!” Cassandra cried.

“You’re wish is my command!”

Beth continued her attentions to Cassandra’s nubbin, driving her to an easy orgasm! Cassandra had loved orgasms before, and now she could have them at any time in Beth’s House of Bondage - provided, of course, she didn’t mind getting whipped or flogged as well!

“Ooooooooh!” Cassandra moaned, as she then began to pinch her own nipples to increase the sexual stimulation that she was feeling.

“You’re easy!” said Beth between her legs.

“I’m your slut!” Cassandra declared.

Cassandra was now close to losing her self-control and having a massive orgasm. Tremors sped through her naked body as the orgasm overcame her!

“Aaaaaaaah!” Cassandra cried out as she screamed with pleasure.

Her naked whipped body dripped with sweat as she surrendered to the throes of lesbian passion and lust!

Cassandra grabbed Beth’s hair, and pressed her further against her pussy!

“Fuck me!” again cried Cassandra.

“Mmmmmmmmmph!” moaned Beth from between her legs!

Every orgasm has it’s limits, and even though she had already been sexually charged by the time she had bedded Beth, Cassandra’s orgasm passed gradually! Finally her shaking stopped as the waves ceased to pass through her naked body!

“That was wonderful!” Cassandra declared.

Beth looked up from between Cassandra’s legs, her mouth covered with Cassandra’s juices, which has smeared her lipstick!

“Are we lipstick lesbians?” asked Cassandra.


“Because it looks like I made a mess of yours!” Cassandra declared.

Beth then climbed over Cassandra, kissed her on the mouth, and held her tightly!

“Is that how I taste?” asked Cassandra.

“Yours is the only pussy I’ve eaten today!” said Beth.

“Then I have to return the favor, don’t I? asked Cassandra.

“I have a better idea,” Beth replied.

She sat on the bed and retrieved a paper tissue from the night table and cleaned herself. Then she stood up and walked over to the dresser, and removed a plastic wrapped package!

“It’s for you, darling. For just such a night like this! Please, open it. It’s my gift to you!” said Beth.

Cassandra sat up and took the package in her hands, which was wrapped in gift paper! She had been given gifts before, but never one while naked after making love with another woman!

Gingerly she tore off the wrapping paper, and inside was a dildo harness! She removed it from the box, and looked at the leather, steel, and rubber device!

“This harness is versatile!” said Beth, “the cock can be made to face inside or out, and it can be locked in place! Perfect for those cold winter nights when you have nothing to do!” laughed Beth.

“In this house, that has never happened! I can always go to Mistress Allison and ask for a whipping!” Cassandra replied.

“Yes, and you do love being whipped, now don’t you?” asked Beth.

“Yes,” Cassandra replied, “yes, I do!”

“Don’t you want to use your gift?” asked Beth coyly.


“Then clean your pussy and put it on! Let’s see how you look with a cock sticking out between your legs!”

Cassandra went to the bathroom and cleaned off her sex with a warm wet washcloth. After she had freshened up, she returned to the bedroom, where Beth had been waiting.

Beth helped to fit Cassandra into the harness, showing her how to adjust the straps. The new leather was a bit stiff when it was buckled around her loins, and Cassandra knew that it would soften with use!

Finally the thing was placed so that Cassandra could wear it comfortably! She stood in front of the full length mirror on the inside door of Beth’s closet and admired the flesh colored rubber shaft between her legs!

Like all women she had always wondered what it must be like to be a man and have a penis! Now she finally had one, and she enjoyed the sensation!

“You look wonderful, Cassandra. I’m sure that you can’t wait to impale me with your new cock!” said Beth.

“Now who’s the slut?” Cassandra asked.

“Touche¢!” answered Beth.

“All right then, Beth, how do you want to inaugurate the use of my rubber cock?”

“I think that choice should be up to you,” Beth replied.

“Ok, then I want you to suck on it!”

Cassandra then lay back on the bed, with the rubber cock pointing upwards to the ceiling. Beth slid her way over, and her mouth surrounded the latex shaft!

“Mmmmmmmmph!” moaned Beth as she sucked the rubber cock!

Never in Cassandra’s wildest dreams did she ever imagine that she would have another woman between her legs sucking on a rubber cock! She placed her hands on Beth’s head, urging her companion to suck harder and take the thing deeper into her mouth!

“That’s good, slut!” said Cassandra, “you’ve got the right idea. Now suck my cock, and I’ll decide which hole of yours next to stick it into!”

“Mmmmmmmmph!” was Beth’s only response.

This now presented Cassandra with a truly interesting dilemma! Should she take Beth’s sex, or her anus? Should she fuck Beth in the vanilla missionary position, or take her from behind, doggy style, as she had just been used?

As she lay back and caressed her own breasts, Cassandra came to a sudden decision!

“Are there condoms in the night table?” asked Cassandra.

“Yes, of course!” Beth answered, removing her mouth from the rubber cock!

“Good! I want you to unroll one on my cock, and then get on your hands and knees. You’re going to get it doggy style from behind!” Cassandra declared.

“Yes, Cassandra!” Beth answered, quickly doing as she was told!

Soon Cassandra was confronted by the sight of seeing Beth’s pussy from behind, as her employer now was on her hands and knees on the bed as ordered!

Cassandra then rose from her position on the bed, placed her hands on Beth’s hips as she positioned herself to impale Beth on her latex clad cock!

“Ready, slut?” asked Cassandra.

“Yes, Cassandra!”

Since Cassandra had never worn a cock before, it took a couple of fumbling attempts before the cock found it’s way into Beth’s love tunnel! Finally the cock found the way into her hole, and Cassandra pushed inside with a single thrust!

“Oooooooh!” Beth moaned as her sex was violated by the rubber shaft!

Cassandra then began to piston the cock inside Beth’s pussy, making her moan and sigh whenever the cock was thrust inside, and then withdrawn again and again!

“You’re just a slut!” said Cassandra.

“Yes, I’m a slut!” Beth answered.

Cassandra was now sure of herself, as she was able to control the cock as she drove it time and time again into Beth’s wet and willing pussy! Cassandra wondered if how this was the way she had responded when she was in a similar position herself not too long ago!

Beth was a willing participant in her own degradation! She willing accepted Cassandra’s taking her from behind, moaning with wanton pleasure as the rubber cock penetrated the very essence of her femininity again and again! Moreover, she enjoyed it totally!

Cassandra wished that she had a riding crop to use on Beth! But none was in evidence, so that would have to wait for another day! So she had to be satisfied with just sexually dominating her!

Finally, Beth began to shudder as the orgasm overtook her! Cassandra continued to hold onto her hips and drive the cock into her again and again, but all that did was to bring on the orgasm ever faster!

“Oooooooooh!” Beth moaned and screamed as the orgasm broke over her naked body, making her lose the only control she had over her naked body!

Cassandra reflected that previously, she had been the one taking the cock from behind! Now she was the one wearing the cock, and her sexuality had entered an entirely new level!


Later, after they had made leisurely love together, they lay under the covers, entwined in each other’s arms.

“That was very nice,” said Beth, “I hope you enjoyed your gift.”

“Yes, thank you very much,” Cassandra replied, “it’s not every day that I get to fuck my employer from behind!”

“You earned for every time we’ve been disciplined together by Mistress Allison while doing a scene.”

“Thank you, Beth!”

“You’re welcome!

They both drifted off to sleep together, both slaves of the collars they wore!

The End of Chapter Twelve

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