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Smooth as Latex

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; M/f; latex; catsuits; rubbersack; encase; cocoon; cons; X

Mishka drove by the house a second time. She was still early. It wasn't like her. Her execution was usually flawless. It was nerves she decided. It was a new sensation for her, but this one was big, very big. The man was both powerful and dangerous, very dangerous.

She backed the rental car into the driveway. It had stolen plates, but if someone should see the number and make a note of it, dots could be made, connected, people could get hurt.

When he came to the door he looked as she knew he would. Average. Average in every way. Average height, average weight, an average, pleasant face.

"Hola!" He waved a glass. "We were just having drinks. Would you like to join us?"

"No. Thank you. Would you show me to the bedroom?"

He gestured with the glass again. "Down the hall. Last room on the left."

Mishka dragged her small carry-on bag down the hall into the room. She made her preparations and waited. She wished she'd accepted the drink, but it's better not to get too involved with them. She was a professional. She had a job to do. Better, too, to keep a clear head.

They came into the room. John introduced the girl as Lisa. Neither name was real. John was born Eduardo. And Lisa? What whore uses her real name?

She was pretty in a whore kind of way. She had a hard look to her with a thin face, pointed chin, thin beak of a nose. Her dark hair was cut short, set in a severe coif that framed her face. The face didn't match the body which was borderline plump, large breasts, a thick waist, full hips on shortish legs.

John said, "You first." The girl stripped.

Mishka held out the first garment and the girl stepped into it. It was a one-piece catsuit. The shiny black latex stretched to accommodate her mass, though it took some tugging.

Presently her legs and hips were covered in black rubber. The girl pushed her hands into the sleeves and ducked her head into the hood. Mishka made a few adjustments then zipped the zip. There were several more minutes of tugging, smoothing, groping. It was a show of sorts. He had paid for a show, it was part of the package, so Mishka would give him a show.

He stepped to the girl and made his own, manual exam.

The garment was one piece. The arms had no fingers, but the rubber molded itself to the girl's hand and her sex. There was only one opening, that for the mouth. The girl's bright red lips poked through, full and lush.

John undressed quickly. His cock was already erect. Mishka helped him into his own suit. It took a bit less tugging, but just a bit. As with the girl, she took her time smoothing out the wrinkles. She reached inside and pulled his cock up against his belly, smoothed the slick latex against it, stroked it. A bit more pulling, a bit more smoothing, and she zipped it up.

Mishka guided them into an embrace. The mouthpiece started life as a pair of snorkels. Now they were simply two mouthpieces connected by a T-shaped tube. The tube was connected at a slight angle so as to cock their heads as if kissing.

Mishka pulled out the sack. It looked for all the world for what it very much was - a giant condom.

She slipped the tube through a hole in the tip of the sheath and unrolled it down over their heads and shoulders. It was molded to conform from head to foot and Mishka had a bit of a job making the stretch over shoulders and hips, but the rubber gave enough to stretch and bond to every curve.

They stood close to the bed and Mishka eased them down onto it. Their feet dangling over the edge, she pulled the sheath the rest of the way, cinching it with a strip of rubber let into the hem.

She picked up their feet and pivoted them fully onto the bed.

Mishka pulled out her cell and made the call.

"It's done."

"Good. Any, er, complications?"

"There is a girl. But no, everything went smoothly."

"Probably one of his girls. He likes to break them in personally before whoring them out."

She could sense the shrug on the other end.

"Oh well, this is war and there's always some collateral damage."

Eduardo Garcia Ramirez, number three in the organization, responsible for so much pain, so much death. He was smart and he was tough, but as they'd taught her, they all have a weakness. Her job was to find it and exploit it. With Eduardo it was kink, specifically rubber. It was rumored that he wore rubber underwear. A rumor she could confirm after that evening.

Yes, everything went smoothly, she thought, smooth as latex.



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