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The Smell Box

by M88

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© Copyright 2015 - M88 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; gag; tape; vacbed; headbox; hum; stink; mess; video; voy; gasmask; sex; cons; X

James and Abi had met online in a forum setup for people who wanted to be humiliated and degraded. After weeks of talking they found out they lived in the same town and liked each other. They agreed to meet up at a coffee ship in the centre of Oxford and talked face to face about what they wanted. Abi wanted to be humiliated in rubber bondage and James wanted to bound and gagged a beautiful women. James told Abi to give him measurements of her whole body. He would then call her and they would meet up again at James’s house. They left the coffee shop and the two had a quick kiss and parted ways.

James almost ran home and a few seconds after he saw Abi turn the corner. He had a dirty, smelly and horrible idea and could not believe someone was willing or kinky enough for it. He got home as fast as he could and quickly turned on his macbook. He had a webpage saved in his favourites and clicked it open. It was a fetish order website and the saved page was of a orange full body rubber catsuit. The suit had hands and feet built in and had a short back zip, from the neck to just above the ass. He found it odd she known all her measurements and he filled out all the information as he ordered her suit. With all the fields done, he ordered a few bondage items and paid for everything.

Four weeks later the stuff arrived and James called Abi to tell her to come over tomorrow. He doubled checked everything and then put his plan into action. He had been doing building work to the side of his house in the time he was waiting for the fetish stuff. He had removed a small part of the wall on the ground floor of the house. The hole was about the size of a persons head and was at knee high. He had drilled a large metal box to the outside of his home. A low living room table was then placed next to the hole in the wall.

Abi came around early the next day and the two of them had a quick talk and kissed a little. She was then told to get naked and rub lube all over her body. She was wet and horny and did what she was told. James loved her sexy body with everything looking perfect. She was soon covered in lube and was shown the rubber suit. Her happiness was clear as she worked herself into the walls of rubber. The suit was a dream fit as she got rid of any air pockets and rubbed her hands over her pussy and breasts.

He then got out a pair of leather wrist cuffs and tightly closed them around each arm. Then James did the same to her ankles and upper legs. The ankles cuffs got padlocked together and her wrist cuffs got locked to her upper leg cuffs. It was a simple, but very restrictive bondage setup. He then forced a pair of his boxers into her mouth. He had been wearing them for days and she gagged as he pushed them in more and more. Duct tape was then wrapped around her head in all directions and soon all but her eyes and nose were free. He then lead her into the living room and she saw the setup. A rubber vacbed had been put on the table and lined up with the hole. The head area of the vacuum bed was the same size box built into the wall. The vacbed had a hole for her head and a zip so she could get in. She had been getting use to the bondage as she had walked around the house. But he undid her ankles cuffs and she stepped into the bed. She found it hard work to move into the right position with her hands bound to her legs.

Abi finally got into the right position and could feel the sweat rolling down her body. James made sure the rubber was tight against the sides of Abi’s face. The duct tape kept her silent as he linked her ankles together. James turned on the vacuum bed and the rubber enclosed around Abi’s body. She was breathing through her nose and James pushed the bed into the hole in the wall. The latex bed had d-rings on the corners and he locked them together with leather straps. The latex bed would now stay still even if she struggled. She had begin to think about what type of humiliation she would be getting.

Yeah, she was covered in perfect tight rubber and bound inside a latex bed. But that was more a fetish or kink than everything else. Also where had James gone. She had not heard him moving round and couldn't see him out the corner of her eye. Then she heard sounds coming from above and around her head. He was outside doing something to the box her head was in.

The sounds echoed through the box as he worked on it. After a few minutes she heard him come back into the living room. At was about 12pm and the box was being hit with warm summer sunlight. Abi was moaning softly through the boxers and layers of tape. Her well bound body was snaking inside the latex bed as she tried to get free. James then completed the bondage setup by closing a door above Abi’s neck. It was made from thick rubber and closed around her neck. She could feel something pushing down on her neck. But could still breath fine and it was not painful.

The door did take away almost all the light as she quickly got use to it. James was rubbing his hands over her body and knew the humiliation would start sooner or later. She had been in the latex suit and bed for over two and a half hours and was starting to sweat like a pig. Maybe that was the humiliation as she inhaled the lovely smell of rubber.

Then the opening of the box opened up and a small bag was dropped inside. The bag landed on her forehead and the box was closed before she could react or call out through her heavy gag. The second the box become dark again a horrible smell started to fill it. Abi was gagging against the smell as it attacked her nose. It was coming from the bag as she tried to look at it. Then the box lid opened again and another bag was just dropped inside. This bag landed on her neck and was huge. It was warm and stank as she tried to turn away from it.

What was going on as the stink inside the box become stronger. She could then feel something being pressed against her pussy. A vibrator. The buzzing started and the feeling was amazing. Only ruined by the smell filling her box. The lid opened once more and a bag was throw in and landed on her right eye. She let out a loud scream as the lid shut. The vibrator stopped and James said “no sound”. The buzzing started again, this time with painful shocks. She remembered seeing a cattle prod in the living room.

It suddenly hit her what had happened and what she was in. Her head was in a fucking dog bin and the bags had dog shit in them. She almost wished the idea had never come to her. She was violently struggling against her bondage and latex vacuum bed. James knew she had worked it out and watched her fight for freedom. He turned the vibrator to max as he breathed slowly through his gas mask. She tried to scream loudly as the lid opened to deliver the next warm shit bag. But the gag stop her from making any real sound and it’s not like someones going to poke their head in a dog bin are they.

She forced on the buzzing vibrator and quickly smashed through two huge orgasms. The lid then opened and four or five bags come through at the same time was covered her rubber face. James loved what he was doing as he sat watching the video he was sending to the whole world. Cameras had been setup to watch the whole thing. Even a night vision camera in the lid of the bin.

As the day passed by the bin got full and breathing was now hard work. Abi was under layers of stinking bags and needed air. So she had to breath deep for each and every intake of air. As made her almost sick and she spent the day gagging as she started to cry. The buzzing kept sending her over the edge and into massive orgasms. Her body was in heaven and her head was in hell.

The warm bin was making her sweat a lake in her suit and the tape was itching as well. Her jaw was killing her as she cried as loud as she could inside the bin. Each intake of air filling her nose with the horrible odour. As the day ended it was time to free her. James opened the vacuum bed and opened the lid against her neck enough to get her head through. He then reached inside the bed and grabbed Abi’s shoulders. Abi was then pulled towards the zip and her head popped through the rubber around her face. She was soon out the bed and was sitting on the floor.

He removed her cuffs and her gag. Her head was a sweaty mess with her hair all over the place. She looked back at the hole in the wall and saw the bags waiting for her. She turned to James and said. “I want you to take me upstairs and fuck me all night. Then in the morning I want to be bound and gagged again. Put back in the vacuum bed and kept inside all day from 8am to 10pm. Plus I want to be shocked and tortured more.”

"I think I can do that for you. Did you want to clean herself up or just stay a dirty, smelly rubber fuck toy all night?”

“I think you knew the answer to that question!” Abi said as she bite her lip and rubbed her hands against James’s rock hard cock.

“I may have to keep the gas mask on all night” James said back to her as they headed upstairs. “Plus I have some bed restraints to use on you if you like.”

Abi nodded as they entered the bedroom.


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