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Sleepsack fantasy

by shinyhood

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© Copyright 2009 - shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; sack; enclosed; cons; X

The flash of light instantly awoke me, the shark tug on my neck reminded me of the position I had been left in the night before. A thick leather strap around my ankles with the attached chain bolted to the floor. A thick leather strap around my waist pulling my arms in tightly to my sides, the attached chain locked and bolted into the wall holding me upright along with a similar strap around my chest. The thick leather strap around my neck allowed little movement, also chained to the wall, and reminded me of my total secure predicament, whatsmore the  thick rubber sleepsack I currently stood in, maintained a comfortable heat and total inescapable bondage. The breaththru gag, built into the attached hood of the sack kept me silent with perhaps the odd gurgle and whimper, air holes near the nose allowed comfortable breathing, and the eye holes are fitted with my correct prescription lenses!

I could see myself in the full length mirror on the opposite wall, a shiny black everso upright slug. I tried to struggle, a slight clinking of chains, the collar around my neck choked tight, the thick rubber caressed me, I could already feel my hard on aching for attention......why am I such a pervy!!!

The view of myself was suddenly blacked out, her hand across my lenses blocked out my vision, her other hand now ran gently, probingly across my groin, I groaned into the gag and instictively tried to thrust forward. Immediately the teasing stopped, the bitch, I thought, still moaning into the gag, my vision returned, and in front of me, there she stood, she knew exactly what flicked my switches!

She just stood there, smiling, her beautiful face framed by the huge fur trimmed hood, a bow under her chin pulled the hood gently around her face, the long, long shiniest blackest mackintosh cascaded down to the floor, the full length zip pulled up to her chin, the waist belt pulled tightly in, she looked fantastic, I could only imagine what other delights were hidden under that gorgeous mac. However, the crop she now held in her right hand looked promising.

She moved, no swished towards me, 'my little rubber slave' I heard her say, "This is your fantasy, I believe," she kissed me on my gagged hooded mouth along with another gentle push on my now throbbing groin area, "Your fantasy, but now on my terms, let me show you a few things", and disappeared out of eye view, I tried to turn my head but the tight leather collar wouldn't yield.

Several seconds passed, she reappeared holding something "When I finally decide when to let you loose, could be in an hour, a day, only I know, you will become my shiny black slavemaid, and to get you used to the idea, and give you something to think about whilst chained there, once released you will put on these", she held up two of my shiny black jumpsuits and a identical mac as she was wearing.

I shook my head, the crop slashed across my shoulder, "This is not a joke slave, but firstly you must earn your release. You have to make me orgasm ten times starting now!"

I felt her hand unzip the fly on my suit, I couldn't move, she pulled out my tool, I heard her unzip the front of her long mac, and then another zip, she pushed herself against me, the fur of her hood against my lenses, and then we were one, I wanted to cuddle, caress, but couldn't move a mussle, we found a rythm, I was blissfully being raped! I felt her tense, I too were close to orgasm, but before I could cum, she pulled away, leaving me panting, she zipped my cock back into place, looked up to me smiling, "One down, nine to go......"

"And one more thing, you are now maid Tina, you WILL wear your hoods on constantly, even when we go out. How do you fancy a little stroll down Southend sea front with your new mac on?"

I shook my hooded head again, the crop slashed again "..with the hood up and now three suits chained on underneath..."



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