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slaveslut Sonja

by slaveslut Sonja

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© Copyright 2002 - slaveslut Sonja - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; naked; hood; prepare; shave; F/m; D/s; latex; catsuit; gown; boots; diaper; bra; inflate; fem; enslave; bond; hobble; oral; denial; climax; cons; X

Hi, I'm Eric, also known as slaveslut Sonja. I'm from the Netherlands, and I would like to share my week in special bondage with you. Perhaps my English is not always perfect, but I hope you understand and I hope you like my story, which in fact really happened two weeks ago.

I knew it would be a very special holiday. I knew it Friday night when my wife said she was finished. 

When I arrived home from work at Friday 18th October at about 18.00 hours, it was all-quiet in our house. This was really special as our 2 kids should be home celebrating their autumn holiday which would last 1 week and which we would be celebrating together as a family. But as I mentioned, nobody home. I found a note on the table which was written by my wife, nearby I found a small lock.

I have arranged something special for you.
The kids are to your parents so we can have some fun!
I'll be home at about 20.00 hours and I want you to be ready and waiting at the door.
See you tonight

I knew this would be a lovely evening. I knew she would turn me into her female bitch again and I would be her maid, slaveslut and bondage kitten for the evening. We often played like that before we had kids, but since then, it almost did not happen again. This however, had to be my lucky day! 

I knew what I had to do and I knew I did not have a lot of time. I quickly made me a small diner and thereupon I went to the bathroom. A took a shower and did my 'female' duties; I shaved all my hair off my body, everything even my head. I must tell you that I'm always bald or I just some very short hair. This took me quite a while, but finally I was as smooth as a baby, even my ass was smooth. I than gave myself an enema, so my ass was cleaned in and out. Thereupon I headed to our bedroom in which my wife keeps her perfume. She wants me to use a lot of her perfume so my entire body smells lovely. Just as lovely like a lady should, but way too much!

After that I had to get my leather hood out of our closet. I walked downstairs and found out it was already 19.30 hours. Quite some time left, but as horny as I was, I wanted this evening to start as soon as possible. So I went to our main door and put on my hood. It is a heavy leather hood, which has no eyeholes, but only 2 small holes at the nose and a zipper at the mouth. It locks with a lace at the back and a zipper goes over it, which makes it impossible to open the lace. This zipper closes at the bottom of the hood in my neck. When I was done I was as really horny and I hoped she would be home soon. I quickly got the lock and locked the zipper to the ring at the bottom of the hood in my neck. It was closed and it would not open without the help (the key!) off my wife / mistress.

I played with my cock during some time and I felt as I was in heaven, what a night this would be!

Quite some time later I heard my wife driving her car into our garage. She got out and walked to the main door. She opened it, and walked into our house. She was pleased to see me, playing with my hard cock, as she likes it. She kissed me on my head and laughed softly. She asked if I was in for a very special time. Of course I nodded my head eagerly. She took my cock in her hands and pulled me towards the garage. Of course I couldn't see a thing but she was really careful. In the garage she locked something to the back of my hood. She then said she needed some time, so she left. I found that she had locked me to a short chain, which hung from the ceiling. I was locked, couldn't move more than about 1 meter, couldn't see and so just had to wait.

She really took her time, and in the end I did not know how long she made me wait in there. But at last I heard her lovely heels clicking on the floor. She was coming. When she arrived she smelled really wonderful. I knew she must have bought herself a new really good perfume. I loved it. She laughed at me and made fun of me. I was her silly little slut and I was going to give her the time of her life! She was going to have lots of fun and my opinion did not matter at all. She knew when she was talking like this it would make me hornier and hornier. So she took some time playing with my dick while saying lots of humiliating things to me. Oh I loved it!

When she thought it was time, she unlocked me and pulled me on my dick towards our house. We went upstairs. She threw me on the bed and made me play with her lovely pussy and tits. From now on she had forbidden me to touch my cock. I was her playtoy, her slut, so I had to play with her! Just using my fingers I made her climax once. She loved it, me too, but I was so incredible horny, I also wanted to cum. She laughed again and told me my time would come. 

She laid some time on the bed and then got up and got something out of our closet. I had to get up also, she was going to dress me, she said. She loved my smooth legs and touched them with her lovely soft hands. She then told me I was going to wear lots of clothes, horny clothes! I knew I couldn't resist, so I again eagerly nodded my head. She started with some kind of pants, some kind of hotpants I thought. I was really tight, quite thick, but felt softly, This was, she said, for my lovely dick. She then put on a bra. It's made of rubber and is inflatable so it gives me breast as big as my wife wants them to be. She blew some air in the 'tits', I guessed till about midsize.

Thereupon she started to get me into my rubber catsuit. It has attached feet, hands and hood (with eye, mouth and nose openings) and is closed with a zipper that goes from half my back up to the neck. It is made of medium thick rubber. We had not used it for quite some time, so it took some time before we had managed to get it on. She took her time and did a lot off humiliating dirty talk in the meantime, I loved it! When I was in the suit up to my titties (so my feet, legs and arms were inside), she removed the leather hood I had been wearing. I was not allowed to see, I had to keep my eyes closed. I must say it took some effort to keep them closed, but I did not want to spoil the evening so I did. Once the hood was removed, I got my head into the rubber hood that is attached to the suit, and when stretching out, the suit kind of 'jumped' into place. It is always quite a struggle to get in, but once it's on, it fits like a (thick) second skin. I love it! My wife closed the zipper, which finished it of. I still had my eyes closed as she ordered me before. 

She started to pull the leather hood back on and after she had closed the zipper she allowed me to open my eyes. Conclusion? Of course, I was not able to see anything. She laughed again and said she was proud of me not having opened my eyes when I had the opportunity. She hugged my body and said I had lovely titties. She then turned me around and closed the hood with the lock. She used the lock of the hood to also lock the zipper of my suit.

She continued dressing me as she wanted to. She placed some kind of gloves to my hands. They reached up to my shoulders and I could feel the 'hands' were really thick. She placed a leather cuff around each of my wrists and locked them also. My wife than strapped some kind of a belt in my neck, and when doing that, I found out my gloves were pulled a little bit upwards. I realized by now, she must have bought some new stuff. I could feel that the gloves were held together in my back by some kind of leather strap. It was obvious to me (even without seeing!) that I would not get rid of those gloves without any help. What a night this was going to be! The kids were away, she had bought new stuff, yes she was really into something!

She walked out of the bedroom and returned shortly after. I heard her unpack a box and she asked if I was in for another surprise. Of course I was! I nodded, but found out that this was not as easy as before due to the clothes and hoods I was wearing by now. She walked me to a wall and said I had to use it to make sure I would not fall down. When I touched the wall I found out that the gloves I was wearing had to be some very special gloves. I could not feel the wall, actually I could not use my fingers! I concluded it had to be very thick gloves without any fingers. Some thick leather gloves. I was aroused by all that happened so I did not bother, of course.

Leaning against the wall I had to raise a leg. I felt that my wife put on some boots on my foot. They she closed it with a zipper, which went up till my crotch. I had always loved the idea of me wearing thigh high boots, but I had never worn them. And now? Well, did she surprise me! She had bought them. I wanted to see them, feel them, but hey, I had to wait. Once the zipper of the first boot was closed, I had to turn around so she could put on the other one. When doing this I found out it had to be very high heeled, plateau boots. I could not stand on both of my feet, I would fall over to a side. Wow! What a look that must be. Shortly after she closed the zipper of the second boot and I could stand on both of my legs again. Of course this was very difficult for me, as I had never walked on such high heels before, let alone the fact that I was blind! She allowed me to stay near the wall, while she was getting the final stuff. I still new what I was thinking at that moment: "still more to come???"

When she returned she asked if I was still liking my surprise. I guess you know the answer? Of course I was!

She said she was going to finish dressing me up by dressing me into a heavy rubber gown. My mind went about crazy, did she also buy a gown for me? What had happened? What did I do to deserve this? I did not know, I did not want to know, I loved it!

She told me it was a gown with a tight skirt, long arms and a little collar. I had to step in to the skirt. She then pulled it up and placed my hands through the arms. I could feel the heavy rubber around my arms, pushing the leather gloves tighter to my arms. When done with my arms, she started to close the zipper on the back. I could feel that she started from the downside of the dress all the way up to the collar. When she closed the zipper I found out what she had meant with tight and heavy. My legs were pressed together slightly and it was quite some extra weight. I could hear and feel how she closed a lock in my neck; she must have locked the gown to the hood.

By then she became really pleased. She said she loved me, she really, really did. She said I was the best she could ever get and she would never have anyone else. She really was happy, extremely happy. I did not know exactly why she was and why she was acting so extremely positive, but I loved her, and I loved the way she was playing with me, and what more can a man wish for?

She turned me around and said that she did have another present for me, but that I already had it in my possession. I was still wondering what she meant, when I found out. She opened the zippers that went over my eyes; she had bought me a new leather hood. It was almost the same as the one I owned, but this one had zippers for the eyes too. I needed some time to get used to the light, but when I was, I could finally see her, my lovely wife, my mistress.

What a view that was. She was dressed in a full ankle length, white, really thick, fur coat. It had an extremely nice, thick collar and looked absolutely great on her. I expected to see an extreme sexy lady that was going to be my mistress. But I really did not expect to see her like this. I guess she could see my eyes almost grow twice their size, so she started to speak up to me. 

"Slut, I do not want to hear a word from you. You are my slut, my playtoy, and I will play with you. Last month I won some money in the lottery, and I did want to spend it on something I always wanted to have. But I also wanted to use it to get something you always wanted to have. I think I have found the perfect items. I always wanted to have such a coat as this one. So soft, so thick, so sexy, I think I could start crying now, as happy as I am with this coat! And for you? Well you have once told what you would really like. Remember?"

I could not remember what she was pointing at. I really could not, so I shook my head.

"Well, you once told me, years ago, that you would want to be my long term rubber slaveslut. You almost begged me to treat you like that. You really wanted to be a merciless rubbertoy, you would love that. Well it's your lucky day!"

Wow, this felt great. She was going to use me tonight as her slut dressed as I was at this moment. I loved it!

"I have used quite some of the money that I have won, to buy all the items you are wearing. And I must say, it was worth every penny! Do you still remember what I have written on the paper that was on the table downstairs? I guess you do. It said: I have arranged something special for you. The kids are to your parents so we can have some fun! I bet you thought we would have a wonderful evening and night and that we would have to get our children tomorrow so we could have a nice holiday together?" She paused.

"Well guess again!" she continued, "You are wearing nice thick leather gloves over your rubbered arms. This way you won't be able to use any of your fingers despite the fact that you can move them inside your glove. Perhaps you can lift up something when using both hands, but you wont be able to do anything else! You are wearing extremely high-heeled boots, which you can't get rid off! You are wearing your thick rubber suit and your new heavy rubber gown which are both locked to your new leather hood! None of them will get off without my assistance! By the way, you really do have to make short steps otherwise you will fall. It also ensures you won't run away from me, than again, I would love to so you running through the street!" she laughed.

"And last but not least, you are wearing a big, real big, diaper that is held to your body by a rubber hotpants. Any idea yet? Well I guess you do, but I will finish my story. You can pee and poop into your lovely diaper as much as you want to. Our children will be at your parents all week, till next Sunday. And finally; you will be dressed like that until next Friday YOU SLUT!"

"In spite of everything you will be saying to me, I will never show mercy! Several years back you have begged me very often to treat you like a slavegirl for a long period without merci. I always thought I could not handle that. Therefore I have never tried it. After I had won the price in the lottery last month I realized I had been neglecting your sexual feelings even more since we have our kids. Therefore I decided to make it up to you, and this time I will really make it up to you! You can do whatever you want these seven days, I really don't care. You will not be in pain, you will just be dressed like that, that's all."

"Oh, and you will call me MISTRESS all week and whenever you want to say something you will ask me permission to speak! For now, I do not want to hear a word from you. You will go to bed, of course you will sleep in the spare bedroom during these seven days, and you will wake me tomorrow at 10.00. Have some nice dreams and be on time tomorrow! I'm finished!"

Well there I was. Feeling incredible horny, happy, frightened, I felt a thousand things but I can not tell exactly what I felt. I realized I had to leave, so I slowly walked to the spare bedroom. Really slowly, as walking on those extremely high heeled boots and wearing that tight gown, was indeed difficult. When I arrived at my bedroom I sat down on the bed. It was then when I really felt the diaper for the first time. It was really thick and I must it felt say quite nice. I saw that it already had become 02.30.Therefore I tried to go to sleep. But I did not get a lot of sleep that night.

What an evening it was, what a week it will be....

I know it is not the kind of story you read very often at this site, but I thought it would be nice for you to read. 
I would love to learn whether you want to know what has happened during the seven days. So if you want to, please send me an email:
[email protected]


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