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Slaves Fair

by Edruber

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Storycodes: Solo-M; M+/m; drug; capture; latex; bond; enema; toys; insert; gag; enslave; force; cupboard; electro; anal; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

I was 20 years old male, blond, blue eyes, 5’10’’ drugged, kidnapped, prepared, and forced through the gay sex slave fair changing me from a heterosexual to a full gay cumhold feminized rubber lover homosexual.

Chapter 1

Although I was a normal male heterosexual, I did have some fantasies about being grabbed from behind and being forced against another body restraining my arms and ability to have a choice of reaction. I had no idea why and this fantasy had nothing to do with being penetrated anally. After everything happened and I was released, during the therapy, I discovered that when I was a boy 6 or 7 years of age, I was in a school yard playing with boys 12 and 14 which had no interest in playing with me other then getting a sexual feel by telling me that I had to run but, once they got me they would bounce me in front of them with my butt against them for at least 10 times. These games went on for the whole school year and I was bounced hundreds of times. It became a favorite game for me. At that age, I had no sexual knowledge to comprehend the reason for their behavior, but, I was very happy that they accepted me and played with me. Subconsciously this remained with me and fueled this unexplainable fantasy that I did not completely understand.

Being a normal young man with normal sexual impulses, one night I decided to visit an adult book store and wandered to the back area where the video booths were and investigate how they worked. A red light on top of the doors indicated they where in use. I found one that the door was open and went in locking the door behind me. I had to wait until my eyes got used to the darkness until I noticed the TV in front, the coin and selection mode on the right side of the set, a plastic chair facing the TV against the wall. After I sat and inserted the coins, I selected a video of a man holding another man’s arms from behind and forcing his dick into his anus. This got my attention and got me hot because of him holding his arms and forcing him.

I really did not go past that the sodomy did not impress me one way or the other. While sitting there watching the video I noticed holes of about 6 inches in diameter on either side of the chair giving a partial view of the booths next to mine and naturally a view of the booth I was occupying as well. I bent down and noticed a man with his pants down and with a full hard on masturbating. I went back to watching my video when there was a knock on my door. I opened just a crack and this guy asked me if he could share the video with me because he ran out of coins. I reluctantly agreed and after names were exchanged and we closed the door.

He immediately got behind me and put his arms around me immobilizing me and pushing his hard-on against my butt. The feeling was fantastic, fantasy come through, I was nervous shaking and perspiring and unable to fight back, speak, or move. I was enjoying this new sensation when he started undoing my belt buckle in order to lower my pants and underwear. I suddenly woke up to what this was leading to and started squirming out of his grip and speaking in a louder voice. He let me go after which I managed to open the door and leave. I drove home but, for the next week could think of nothing else but the experience in the booth. The fantasy became even more predominately in my mind after the actual experience. I wanted it again, the problem was I wanted it under my terms and conditions. It was out of the question in my mind of doing this without clothing.

After masturbating many times thinking about it, I decided to go back and try to duplicate the experience. I got to the store and after buying the coins, started to move to the video booth area but, noticed that the counter guy was talking on the phone looking at me the whole way. I had picked a video and was watching when my heart jumped to my throat with someone knocking on my door the same way as the last time. After hesitating for some 15 seconds, I decided why not that’s the reason I came.

As I opened the door just a crack, a hand got in between the crack and forced the door open all the way entering and locking the door behind him. Again as before he put his arms around me pining and immobilizing me just as before. I was enjoying the feeling when he said; "Do you remember me?" Before I could answer he continued, "You’re a regular dick teaser aren’t you. Well you are going to learn the hard way how to play nice".

Before I could react, a strong chemical smell overcame the booth and a cloth was forced to my mouth and nose. I was out.

Chapter 2

Waking up was painful and confusing. I was in total darkness, standing with my arms above my head and from the feeling, tied to something. I was barefooted barely standing on cold concrete because of how I was stretched upwards, my mouth was full of something to the point that I could barely swallow or open it and as I came to more, I was cold and totally naked. Something was covering my entire head very tightly with the only part of my face exposed being the tip of my nose. The strong odor of rubber was invading my senses and the pain in my shoulders from the almost hanging position indicated to me that I must have been there for some time.

Nothing was said but, I felt the air move around my naked body indicating someone was there. I was startled when I felt a hand grabbing and squeezing the right cheek of my ass, then the left, then two hands squeezing both cheeks then opening them to a point that I felt a cold sensation in my hole so completely exposed that way. Two arms surrounded me pushing me against a body and a large dick was pressed against my crack but just long ways inside the crack. This friction action went on for some 10 minutes then stopped and I could hear heavy breathing.

After some 10 or 15 minutes, the eye covers on my head cover were removed and I was able to see that I was in a large warehouse of sorts hardly illuminated, with a lot of strange equipment difficult to identify. I knew that I would be finding out the workings of those objects and paraphernalia soon enough. Because of the way I was stretched, it was impossible to turn my head completely blocking my view to the sides. Then finally my tormentor came around to the front were I got a good look of this strange figure of a man, totally encased in a skin-tight rubber suit, rubber head encasing with only his eyes, nose and mouth showing.

The front of his rubber wear opened at the groin area with a deflated but large dick and balls hanging out smeared with what looked as dry cum. He had in his hands a strange looking rubber tube like thing, with a bottom that looked as it could be ready to connect to something. Rubber tubes came out of the thing in the bottom with rubber pumping bulbs at the end with closing air valves. It was about 7 inches long and he was pouring some type of lubricant all over it and rubbing it to make sure every inch was covered with it.

He disappeared behind me and I felt my cheeks being spread apart and the pressure of the tube against the entrance of my anus. In the beginning it was evident this was not going to go in, it was just too big for my tight hole. The pressure became intense and suddenly I saw stars, the pain was indescribable, I could not speak or scream, all I could do was Mhhhhhhhhhhpppphhhhhh a lot. It kept going in for what seemed yards, I was trying to push it out and moving as much as my chains would allow to no avail. When it stopped moving in he pumped a balloon inside to block it from coming out and then pumped another balloon on the outside. This was now inside of me and it was not coming out until he decided to remove it.

He left me there with this monster inside my ass and the bulbs occasionally hitting against the back of my legs. I started to kick with my legs since that was the only part of my body I could move but, I felt my right ankle being secured with chains to the cement ground then the left. The rubber guy left the room and I was hanging in pain all alone. After a long time, no way to know how long, the sharp pain changed to a dull pain much easier to tolerate. Another long time went by and now this felt like I had a street light pole inside of me but, no longer painful.

I was startled by a stronger light in front illuminating a steel table with straps and leather wrists and ankle cuffs at both ends of it, a large rubber bladder type looking thing about 2 feet wide by one foot in the center of it, and valves and tubes under the table going directly to piping in the ground. Now two rubber covered guys showed up, started turning valves and buttons on the edge of the table.

They moved towards me, and to my great relief started lowering the chains to my arms and unchaining my ankles. For a couple of minutes I was able to move my arms a bit and get the feeling back into them. A leather collar was placed around my neck, and a chain attached to it went up and connected to the chains previously holding my arms. It was a relief being loose from the arms and leg chains but, I could not go anywhere because of the collar around my neck. I was alone again standing on the cold cement being held by the collar for what seemed to be half an hour.

They returned and one of them had a leather belt thick and wide which he placed and closed around my waist. It had thick and strong rings front, back, and both sides. They engaged the chain hanging from a pulley and started suspending me horizontally until I was higher than the table and after stopping going up, started moving me above the table. At the point that I was aligned to the center of the rubber bladder, they started lowering me until I felt the thing in my ass touch it, the lowering stopped and one of them disappeared beneath me and I felt moving and tugging of the thing in my ass apparently being connected to the bladder.

They now continued lowering me and my ass was sitting on the bladder which was now full of either air or liquid they kept lowering me until I was laying on the table arched over the bladder and then they stretched my arms to the head end of the table and secured them there, then they stretched my legs and cuffed them in place. Stretched as I was the only point of my body touching was my ass on the bladder which now I could feel it was filled with warm water.

To this point not a word was said by anyone or me because I was unable to speak. They must have turned a valve because suddenly the warm water started gushing inside of me. My own weight was pushing against the rubber bladder causing the water invasion. With a lot of effort I was able to use my ankles and hands to arched myself to a point of slowing and stopping the water invasion, I was proud of being smart enough to have control over the situation but it did not last, my arms and legs started cramping with the effort and gave up, letting my weight down again on the bladder and starting the process of continuous self enemas.

When they finally came back 10 or 15 enemas later, I was laying on the flat rubber bladder with water expanding my belly to a very painful extent but, I just had to trade the pain and discomfort for a few moments of rest on my extremities. They put the belt around my middle again but did not tighten it just so they could raise me and start the draining for the last time. They took me half carrying half walking me to a metal door, opened it and with the outside light I could see the inside looked like a closet the exact size of a double bed, the bottom was like a rubber air mattress and the walls and ceiling rubber pads. They pushed me inside and closed the door leaving me in total darkness. I reached behind my head and was able to unbuckle the infernal gag

Throwing to one side I laid there with my ass throbbing, my jaw aching, and sore joints wondering how long and how far this would go. I fell into a sound sleep.

I woke up with the clattering of the metal door and noticed that during the night I leaked some of the water that must have been left over in my guts. As one guy was pulling me by the chain in my collar, I saw the other getting a hose and going into my night room. I was taken to the shower and scrubbed thoroughly then dried with baby powdered from head to toes. I was then taken to a room with hundreds of rubber outfits hanging and shelves with smaller rubber garments neatly folded in them. The room had a very pleasant odor of rubber mixed with baby powder.

I was made to stand on a low leather covered platform, the guy picked a black catsuit same as they wore, he knocked on my ankle indicating for me to lift my leg which I did and he started pushing this suit on me until I was fully dressed. The ass part of it was left opened but only the area of entrance to my hole and the more startling fact that I did not noticed until a rubber metal contraption was shoved in my mouth keeping it open that I had not uttered word all that time with a free mouth to say all I wanted. They walked me to a door with a sign over it that read driving course. As the door opened, I was looking at the interior of the closed in bay of a pick up truck, rubber padding on the walls and sides with an air mattress for flooring with sleeves attached to the surface next to an elevation in the center like a large square pillow.

I was forced to get over the pillow belly down, my arms were shoved in the front sleeves and the sleeves inflated to where I could not move then, my legs from my ankles to my knees also placed in the sleeves and inflated. I was now affixed in this rubberized truck with my mouth wide open and my ass in the open for the taking. The guy came in behind me and shoved a well lubricated finger in my ass hole as deep as he could go, moved it around as much as he could, then pulled out and left.

As I was just there waiting I noticed that the engine was on by the slight vibration and low noise. Next this tall guy slightly overweight, dressed in rubber with his 7 inch dick hanging out completely erect with a condom on it and shining with lube, got in and laid on my back then slowly shoved that enormous dick deep inside me. At first a lot of pain but as it got better the surprise was activated which were small metal round plates inside my suit directly over my nipples started vibrating giving me the incredible pleasure of having the large appendage inside my rectum. He tied some leather straps to mine and his body leaving about 3 inches play.

The truck started moving over some rough terrain. The guy on top of me started bouncing up down sideways and everywhere his dick was pounding in and out of me never more then 3 inches because of the straps restrictions. He was yelling and moaning and I was OOOHHHHAAAHHH because of the mouth piece. We went around for at least 20 minutes over all kinds of obstacles until he suddenly screamed, "I’m coming IIIIIII’MM Cumming!" got bigger then just rode on top of me breathing heavy. The truck came to a stop and he slowly untied himself from me and left.

The friction of my dick against that rubber pillow, the nipple action and the dick in my ass bumping against my prostate gland, made me have one of the largest and longest orgasms ever. Another man well built naked except for a black rubber hood over his head with cut outs at his eyes, nose and mouth, with a large 8 inch dick completely erect, got into the truck with me and the ride started all over again. This time I did not cum but, had the inside mini orgasms and went into an incredible stage of sexual pleasure that just did not subside until a few minutes after the ride ended and he exited my rectum and left.

My mouth was wide open with that contraption in it, I was dribbling saliva and wondering what it would feel like having a big cock in it. Frankly I was looking forward to it. It was evident to me that my sexual life was totally changed. I tried to convince myself that once I was released from these maniacs, I would never do this again, but deep down I knew I would return and voluntarily submit again.

My thoughts were interrupted by the rubber guy releasing me from the back of the truck and dragging me to a small room slightly larger then the video booth, predictably all rubber covered floor, walls, ceiling, a small light on top and on one of the walls a round opening of about a foot in diameter like the glory holes of the video boots only larger. I was left standing in there unrestrained for a few minutes, when a rubberized guy walked in sprouting a large erection with a lubricated condom on it. I only took a quick look but remained facing forward waiting for the inevitable. He squeezed my butt cheeks opened them up and started entering me slowly at first.

When he was totally inside of me, he put his arms around me restricting my arms movements and started pumping in and out. The mini inside orgasms started again and my knees went weak and shaky, I was in sexual ecstasy. Suddenly a similar size dick came across from the other room. The guy behind me bent me down and forced my head down on the dick. It was warm and very smooth and went all the way down to my throat making me gag some. The guy on the other side pulled back some to allow me to recompose a little, then started an in and out motion fucking my face and moaning loudly.

I wanted to use my tongue to caress it but, it was so large it just fitted inside my mouth. I was being pumped at both ends and frankly the dick in my mouth was making the mini internal orgasms enhanced and the total experience magnificent. This went on for about an hour because every time they came to almost cuming, they would stop to prolong it. Eventually the guy in my ass got larger, started banging my rear hard and came yelling "OhHHH YaHHH Bitchhhhh Youuu deliciousss ASSSSS you CUNNNTTTT".

With all that commotion the guy in my mouth shoved it all the way down my throat and came spurting so much come I almost choked. For the first time someone spoke to me but, I only heard a voice saying, "You may lay down and rest for fifteen minutes".

I did lay down and after a nice rest the same scenario repeated almost exactly to dick size on both ends. As I was again lying down on a break, the voice came on again and this time said, "Take him to the pony room".

The rubber guy came in and took the contraption out of my mouth, then guided me out of the small room across the big warehouse to another door with a sign above it that read, “THE PONY RIDE” they guided me into a large round room with a rubber bed in the center which had an elevation in the center and leather straps positioned at strategic places. The room had wood flooring and stainless steel walls. I was left standing inside this room by myself while the rubber guy left as instructed to get the pony head and leather belts. He returned with a black rubber pony hood with long ears eye and nose holes, which he placed over my hooded rubber head and tightened around my neck, then put a 3 inch strong leather belt around my waist, tightened and just let additional belts hanging from this one around my waist.

A guy dressed in rubber about the same size and weight as me came in and positioned himself behind me opening my ass cheeks and penetrating slowly into my rectum. Once totally inside me he put his arms around my upper shoulders and neck and ordered me to bend over, as I did, he straddled me and humped on my back making me carry him then the rubber guy tied and closed the additional straps hanging from the one on my waist, around his upper legs so that he was now inside me and firmly attached to my back. I was given the order to start walking around the bed.

Of course with the weight on my back all my leg, ass and inner muscles were tightening, massaging and tightening around his dick with every step I took. It also constantly massaged my gland with every step sending shivers of pure ecstasy throughout my body. At one point I felt him getting larger and harder inside and I was ordered to start running. He as the others started yelling the usual, "Ohh Ohhhhh Yooouuuu Bitchhhh You deliciouuus assss aHHHH". He told me to stop, the guy came in and unstrapped him from me, took the belt off, and told me to lay on the bed and rest for fifteen minutes. I was taken back to the rubber room with the large glory hole and was doubled fucked again this time however my mouth was free to give the proper blow job.

When it was all over I was walked to the showers, helped with the removal of the rubber outfit and head hood, after which I was allowed to take a long shower and given my clothes back. The rubber guy handed me an envelope with $350.00 and guided me to the exit door pushing me out into a commercial area parking lot.

Inside the envelope I found a note that read; BE BACK AT THE BOOK STORE IN 10 DAYS FROM TODAY, OR WE WILL FIND YOU AND DRAG YOU BACK. I did go back twice and repeated the same program as before. But then I decided to try to change back to a normal heterosexual, so, I moved to another city and started attending therapy. After one year and half I moved back and visited the book store again.

The End

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