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Sissy Puppy

by Samantha_nw

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© Copyright 2011 - Samantha_nw - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; hood; bond; mitts; corset; stockings; car-trunk; puppysuit; captive; cons/nc; X

Part One.

Ben had invited me to his house for a drink, we had met occasionally at the pub, not gone past general conversation yet, so it was a surprise to be invited over on Saturday morning. Ben was tall and good looking, very confident, which was surprising to me that he was single, we were having a coffee in the lounge and he was asking me if I was in a relationship? I replied that I haven’t been with any one for a while as I was a bit shy around girls. Just then I noticed something black and shiny on the coffee table. "May I ask what that is Ben?" as I pointed at the black object.

"It’s a rubber hood", Ben said, "I like them, they feel nice,"

I was a bit stunned, I had heard of them, just never seen one. "Would you like to try it on?"

"mmmmm no thanks" I replied.

"Are you sure, there are only the two of us here, you should try some things at least once in your life"

"mmmmmm ok, as long as we are on our own".

"Let me help you put it on, they can be nice and tight." Ben picked up the rubber hood and started to roll it up like a stocking, as he was rolling it, he moved around to stand behind me. "I’ll pull it on fast it will be better" he said. "Are you ready?"

"Yes I am ready, nervous but ready".

"It will be fine" he said.

With one movement Ben pulled the tight black rubber hood over my head and down to my neck, oh my god, I cannot see, the rubber is so tight over my head and pressing against my eyes, why did I think the eyes would be open, there was no rubber pressing against my mouth. I heard Ben say, "There, how is that?" his voice was muffled through the tight rubber.

"Wow!" I said, "that’s tight indeed".

"You look good in that hood" Ben said.

As I breathed I could feel air going in and out of my nose, so I guessed there were holes for my nostrils, I reached up and felt my head, it felt so smooth and slippery, to be honest with myself it felt good.

"Just hold your hands up please" Ben said.

I was wondering what was going on, but I held my hands up, "Make fists please" Ben said.

I curled my fingers up and suddenly felt something go over each hand, it too felt like rubber, I tried to open my hands but the tight rubber was stopping them from moving, I sat there stunned, but as I was in shock, It felt like straps going around my wrists and being buckled, then a clicking noise from each wrist, but I didn’t know what it was. Then I could feel something going around my neck, it felt very wide and stiff and was forcing my chin up, it too felt like it was being buckled at the back and then another clicking sound.

I was starting to panic and I could hear Ben saying, "Don’t panic little one, you will feel ok in a minute, just give me a second and you will feel better".

My hands were pulled up to either side of my neck and a click noise came from both sides of my head and I tried to move my hands, but they felt like they were connected to my throat. I heard Ben say "Calm down sissy".

I opened my mouth to ask why he was calling me a sissy and felt something rubbery filling my mouth, straps went around my head and also felt like they were buckled at the back and then another click, what were all these clicks?

All of a sudden the rubber in my mouth started to inflate, bit by bit, then it was pushing my tongue down, and I could only "mmmght" as it got bigger and bigger in my mouth. I was starting to get worried now, I felt something clip to the front of the collar I was wearing and start to pull, I had to rise up out of the chair I was in, I was hooded, collared, gagged and mittened and stood in Ben's living room, what ever was attached to the collar was either tied or hooked to some thing in the ceiling as I was forced up on tip toe and I heard Ben move away.

Part Two

I heard Ben walk back into the room and put something on the chair, them he moved over to me and stroked my head, I heard him say "lovely rubber, sissy, lets get you ready."

I felt a tug at my t-shirt and it seemed to split down the front and fell off me, my jeans were undone and allowed to drop down, with what ever it was holding the collar I was wearing up, I was unable to stop them being pulled off along with my socks and shoes. Then my underwear was removed, so there I was naked apart from a rubber hood and collar with my hands helpless and gagged, forced on tip toes in Ben’s living room. As his hand stroked my cock, I tried to pull away but the hooding and helplessness made my cock harden.

Some thing cold was wrapped around my waist, I felt it clipped together at the front and then there was a tugging at my back, as it started to tighten and shrink my waist, 'Oh god!' I thought 'he is putting a rubber corset on me', as it got tighter and tighter, I started to feel out of breath and the mouth full of rubber did not help at all.

Ben stopped tightening the rubber corset. Then I felt something cool being rubbed into my legs and I could smell baby powder, Ben was putting talcum powder on me, as he rubbed my legs my cock was getting even harder.

I felt my leg lifted as something cool and slippy was pulled over my foot, it feels like a stocking but tighter. As Ben pulled it higher I was almost lifted off the ground and my left felt tight all over. The same happened to my other leg, the Ben was doing something to the tops of the rubber stockings, that’s what they must be, and he was attaching them to the corset.

"Ooh sissy, you do look good in that black rubber" he said as he stroked me all over.

My left foot was lifted and put into a shoe, it seemed to have a very high heel on it and some straps went around my ankle, once again there was that little clicking sound. My right foot got the same treatment, but at least to take some of the pressure off my neck, I could feel my legs all stretched and held tight by the rubber stockings.

Ben kicked my legs apart a bit and I felt something cold and slippery on my bottom, his finger was rubbing around my hole, just slipping in and out, then more slippery stuff on his finger and then probing a bit deeper, I was squirming on his finger and wriggling around, but I think I made it worse for myself, as I moved his finger and then fingers just seemed to go deeper inside of me. His fingers popped out and something harder started to push in, it was stretching my bottom, then it popped in and my bottom closed around a smaller bit at the end, oooooo I felt so full.

"There now sissy, your ready for your trip!" said Ben.

I felt my collar ease as what ever was pulling it up was released and I felt myself being led out of the living room, the plug in my bottom was moving around and it was so hard walking in those heels. As I could not see where we were going I was still very nervous but also turned on, I was led through some rooms and into what sounded like a garage, I heard a car boot opened and Ben said, "I will have to keep you safe in here sissy, we do not want anyone seeing you on your trip", Ben helped to lay me in the car boot, it was at least comfortable in there even if I couldn’t see, speak or use my hands, there was another click and I couldn’t move my ankles apart.

Suddenly the boot shut and I felt the car door open and the engine start, we were moving, where was he taking me dressed like this?

Part 3

It felt like Ben had driven for hours, my arms were starting to hurt, my fingers were cramping in the tight mitten’s, it was hard to breath with the tight corset on, the plug in my bottom was moving around with every bump the car was going over, which was keeping my cock hard. Eventually I felt the car stop and Ben get out, but he did not come to the boot, he walked off somewhere else first, after about 15 minute’s Ben came back and opened the boot lid, I heard a click and I could suddenly move my ankles apart, Ben lifted me out of the car boot and started pulling the lead from the collar, it was hard to walk in the heels when your arms are attached to your neck and you cannot see where you are going. It felt like we walked into a house, it was very quiet, you could not hear any noises, no car traffic or people.

As we walked through a doorway I heard Ben say "Careful sissy, steps down here".

Ben took hold of my arms and helped me walk down the fifteen steps, then once more leading me by my collar and lead into another room, as I walked into the room there was a very strong smell of rubber. I was led into what felt like the centre of the room, the floor felt springy underfoot, like walking on a mattress, Ben told me to "kneel down, sissy" there was one of those clicks again and my head would not lift past knee height, I felt Ben’s hands on the back of my head, another click, then the inflated gag in my mouth started to go down, then Ben pulled it out of my mouth.

"Please, why are you doing this to me?" I said.

"Shhhussh Sissy, you're at your new home, its my cottage in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest house and your going to be my new sissy puppy".

I started to sob as it hit me that I was not going to get away from Ben.

"Now then," Ben said, "I seen to have forgotten the keys for the hood and for those mittens you’re wearing, so they will have to stay on, let’s just take off those shoes and the collar".

I felt the shoes being unlocked and taken off my feet, and I wriggled my toes in those latex stockings to ease the numbness. Then I felt the posture collar come off and I could move my head again.

"There now, that’s better sissy, just your new suit to go on now".

I was pushed over on to my back, I could feel the floor, Rubber, it felt like a rubber covered bed. My ankles were pushed up to my bottom and I could feel a tight rubber garment being pulled over each of my knees, trapping my calves against my thighs, it got tighter and tighter as it was pulled further up my folded legs. Then Ben started to pull rubber over my folded arms too, I was starting to panic.

"Its ok sissy puppy, this won’t take long and it won’t hurt you".

The rubber was at the top of my thighs and up by my armpits and Ben turned me over onto my front. I felt a big tug and rubber was over my left foot trapping it against my bottom, then the same with my right foot. I felt another rubber hood being pulled over my head, as Ben pulled it into place I felt something hard pushing at my mouth, "open wide sissy puppy".

I kept my mouth closed and then felt Ben’s hand around my balls and start to squeeze. I quickly opened my mouth and felt a hard a hard rubber shaft fill my mouth. I heard a zip and I could feel the rubber tighten along the back of my head and down my back. The rubber suit trapped me all over and was very tight, I didn’t hear it but the zip was padlocked, so I was trapped in a rubber puppy suit.

"There is my sissy puppy, lets get your collar back on".

I felt the posture collar being tightened around my neck again and it to was locked on to me, I could feel Ben’s hands rubbing all over the rubber suit and I was getting hard again as the rubber was pressed against me, I was totally dressed in rubber and locked into a puppy suit, arms and legs helpless, two hoods over my head and what felt like a rubber cock in my mouth, I still had that damm butt plug wriggling in my bottom and I was now as hard as a rock.

to be continued...


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