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Sir Vincent's Christmas Party

by Spike Jones

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© Copyright 2002 - Spike Jones - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/mf+; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; toys; cons; X

I always celebrate Christmas by throwing a party for my Slaves. This year I closed the store Friday night before Christmas and will be closed until the Monday after New Years. I always give my slaves airline tickets to go home and return for Christmas Eve. That is except the ones who earned a lot of demerits. These stay and decorate for my party and anyone who wants stay in town. After Christmas I take the ten top outstanding slaves on my jet to one of my island homes. I have eight island resorts. Five are an island in itself. The others are at least 10 isolated acres. The island officials are invited so no one has any complaints. There we have a good time entertaining some clients and friends. They are invited to bring some of their slaves for entertainment. In all there is about 200 to 300 party goers. 

This year I noticed a couple of slaves staying here instead of going home as usual. When I inquired they said that family plans have changed so they decided to stay here with me. That's ok as everyone is welcome. They do know that they are required to do their duties. 

What bothered me is that two or three of my slaves wanted to take me out for the day everyday.  I did not get a minute home from early morning to late night. They would be in my bedroom early setting out my clothes. They were all dressed up in rubber. My slaves only wear rubber. My slave girls dress like ladies and my slave boys dress with tie and jacket. Except for something special they will be in their catsuit. They are 100% rubber. I designed a new rubber molding process. This lets me mold to be exact to their head. After slipping their head in. They use spirt gum to glue the rubber to their eyes, just above and below their eyelashes. The rubber rolls around inside their lips and moves with their mouth. The rubber goes inside their nose about one half inch and is glued to seal it. They can wear a wig if they or I want them to. The catsuit can be multi-color as desired. Sometimes I let them accent with other items. Of course all my slaves go out with a locked neck, wrist, ankle restraints. They do have restraints that are decorated to look fashionable, but they are padlocked on and a leash hang from the collar. I perfected the zipper like the seal lock bags. They are water tight. 

The new molding process lets me mold the rubber to match their pussy and ass hole. This is sealed with glue also. The slave men dick and balls are molded also. They slip their balls in and then their dick. A tube is glued inside their urethra to allow everyone to piss.  If they decide to wear this catsuit they wear pants or dress like regular dress. Some decide to wear a color helmet or just about transparent. Slave boys wear regular leather shoes. Slave girls all wear 5 inch or higher heels. Rubber shoes slip too easy outside. I do not want anyone hurt. If we do something special. They can change into tennis shoes and then back. 

One day my two slave girls and one slave boy stopped in a bar. After a few drinks they challenged me to a bull riding contest. The whole placed stopped and gathered around as slave Barbara took off her skirt and climbed on the bull. One guy climbed over and gave her his Stetson hat to wave. When she flipped off all the guys jumped in to help her up. It was just about the same for slave Jill. She rode the bull to the end. A guy ran in and let her climb onto his shoulder. He paraded her all around the bar. Everyone offered her a drink and got a good feel somewhere. 

When Slave Bob went to ride the bull. A girl ran out and had him get off the bull. She unzipped his pants. When his rubber covered manly hood dropped out. She took her scarf off and wrapped it around them. She then tied the scarf around his waist. She bent down and kissed him and said you protect them for later. When he completed his ride. She yelled that if he rode the bull again successfully she would reward him. Slave Bob got back on and told her to double the timer. Slave Bob really rode that bull to the end. When he finished she strutted into the ring. She untied the scarf from his waist and unwrapped his dick and balls. She got down on her knees and started to suck him off. As the crowd cheered she sucked harder and faster. When he exploded in her mouth. Everyone cheered and threw their beer on them. She kept sucking until he came again.  When he finished. She got up and swapped cum with him. 

She then told him she wanted to be his rubber cow girl. Slave Bob told her she could be right away if she wanted to be. She told him she wanted to be his rubber doll now. He told her to come over to me and put her head down to the floor and spread her arms and ask me if she could. She turned around and walked up to me and looked into my eyes and asked me if she could be his rubber cow girl. Slave Barbara grabbed her head and told her to never look up to Sir Vincent.  Slave Barbara told her to get on her knees and kiss the floor with a shove down. Now spread your arms and beg.  She did it immediately. 

I told her to stay down there and wait. I asked her size.  I told Slave Jill to go get and outfit from the car. When Slave Jill went to the car. I told Slave Barbara to ride the bull again. I told Slave Bob to sit on his new Slave Girl until Slave Jill returned. Slave Bob sat on her like a horse and held her hair like reigns. When Slave Jill returned, Slave Bob rode his slave into the bull ring.  There he stripped her and tossed her clothes to the cheering audience. When she was naked Slave Jill made a bench for her to sit on. Slave Bob and Barbara started to slip the catsuit on her.  The crowd went crazy watching her get dressed. Slave girl had the biggest smile on her face. After the hood was slipped over her head. You could see the big smile through the rubber. Her hood did not have a mouth or eye openings. Just tubes to breath through.  She did not notice or care. She raised her arms in triumph. The crowd was throwing beer all over them. Slave Jill was putting on her ankle restraints. Then Slave Barbara took slave girls arm down to her waist. Slave Bob then had her step into the next piece. With all the beer on her it slid right up her legs on to her waist. He slipped it over her folded arms to neck. He told her to bow her head and slipped the helmet on. Slave Jill zipped it up as Slave Bob pulled the tubes out the holes. 

This is when Slave girl realized what she was into and fell to her knees. Slave Bob and Jill immediately lifted her up and sat her on the bull. They tied her legs to the bull. Then put a rope around her waist and tied it to the bull. Everyone started yelling RIDE, RIDE, RIDE him Cowgirl.  Slave Bob walked over and turned on the bull to an easy setting and hit the go button. The crowd kept throwing beer and cheering her on. After 10 minutes Slave Bob stopped it and untied her. He then put a collar around her neck. He helped her off the bull. Then he pulled the leash and led her out of the ring. 

He walked to our table and had slave girl kneel down. He slipped the leash under her legs and bent her down. He slipped the leach over  her neck and clipped to the other end. Slave Jill put a pair of 5 inch heels on her and locked the straps. When Slave Barbara went to the bar to get some more beer. Two girls asked her if she had more rubber outfits for them. She told them to strip immediately and throw their clothes into the crowd. In two seconds they were naked. Slave Barbara asked two men for their belts. She put the belts around their necks and lead them to me. 

When they arrived at my table. The threw themselves down at my feet and begged for some rubber clothes. I sent slave Bob for the outfits. When he left slave Barbara told the girls to unbuckle my belt and slip my pants down. When they completed this. Slave Barbara told them to kiss my ass. Then she told them to French kiss it.  When one of the girls reached around to grab my dick. Slave Jill slapped her with the belt and told them not to do anything unless told to.  Slave Barbara told her to now French kiss my ass hole. She pushed her nose into my crack and pushed her tongue deep into my hole. She did not take it out until Slave Bob returned with the catsuits. I told them to stand up. They jumped up. I told them to pour beer over themselves and rub it in. Both of them took a pitcher of beer and slowly poured on themselves and rubbed it all over. The next one I told them to pour on the other and rub it in. This they done a lot slower. They kept rubbing it in. The third pitcher I told them to lick it off.  They drove the crowd crazy with all the licking and rubbing. 

Each one sat down on the other to have the catsuit put on them. When both of them were dressed. I had them hold hands and walk around the bar. Everyone was bathing them with beer rubbing it all over them. You could see their faces through the rubber that they enjoyed every second of it. I finally called them back for the next step. Slave Barbara and Jill got the body bags ready at their feet. They stepped in and it was slid up to their waist. Their hands were slipped into the sleeves and the bag was pulled to their neck. Both of them bowed their head without being told and slipped it into the helmet. you could still see the smile on their face through the thick rubber. 

One of them did it so fast that we could not find the nose tubes. I was almost ready to cut the helmet off when we found one. We let her catch her breath before we had to push it back in. We lined it up into the correct hole and pulled out the other one. When we had them completely inclosed in the body bag. Slave Bob returned with two long thick poles. He set them between two tables. All three slaves lifted one slave girl to the pole. I flipped a 2 inch belt over the pole and around the slave and tightened. I put a belt around their ankles, knees, butt, waist, chest. One belt had a smaller belt over the eyes to hold the head in place. We stayed around for another beer to let everyone admire my prizes. 

When we were ready to go Slave Bob released the leash for his Slave Girl. He let her sit up . Then had her stand up. He took her leash and walked to the bathroom.  He had her stand just outside the booth as he relieved himself. He washed his hands. Just because their hands are in rubber gloves, I expect them to be sanitary. Then he took her leash and lead her back to the table. Then the two slave girls relieved themself. I did the same. I had the two slave girls stand in the back of one girl. Slave Bob went to her head. They lifted her up and carried her to the limo. The limo is equipped for such baggage. It has flip down ring to accept the poles and straps to secure them. This is actually where they are stored.  When the second slave girl was taken out. I led out slave Bob's slave.  After I checked the two to be secure. 

I told slave Bob's to sit down. I directed her to a bag that was on the floor. The bag was slipped over her to her neck. It was very snug. I secured the belt around her neck. The bag also had belts that went around her waist. Then a belt went from the collar through a loop in the waist belt, down through the crack in her ass. It ran back up through another loop and fasten to the collar again. She was lifted up and hung from a hook. Then another belt secured her to the side of the car. We were hungry by then. I seen a nice Polish restaurant to stop in. Again everyone stopped and looked at us as we entered. My Slaves looked real good all dressed in rubber.  We got a table close to the dance floor. When that band started to play a polka. We got up and started dancing the night away. Slave Bob and I alternated dances with Slave Barbara and Jill.  We didn't think of eating until the band took a break. When we sat down to order. A man walked up and complemented our rubber clothes. He asked if we had any other stuff like that? I said I did. He asked where? 

I told him I owned the store that sold rubber clothes of all styles. He asked me where it was. I told him I could take him there if he wanted me to. When he agreed. I told him to go to my limo and follow  my driver's instructions. He left immediately. We ordered and the music started again. We danced until the order was ready. We ate and danced until the placed closed. When we returned to the limo. There was a pile of clothes in the trash basket by the limo. When we opened the door. There was the man kneeling on the floor. He had a leather helmet on his head. Around the his next was a collar that had a belt running down his back. When it ran through the cheeks of his ass. You could see the ring from the butt plug. The belt continued on to a ring around the stump of his balls and dick. It then continued on to the collar. Around the sack above his balls was a smaller ring. From it was a strap to the limo floor.  His arms was in a rubber arm sheaf. It was attached to the collar. The finger side had a belt going to the ring around his balls. There was a belt from the top of his head to the floor of the limo.  He was our Andaman for the rest of our drive. 

By then I was horny as a bull. I told the driver to get the beds ready.  We then drove around the city and parks. Nothing I like more than eating a hot sweaty  rubber clad woman. When she is squatting over me with her legs clamping my head. It can not keep my tongue still. It just goes crazy lapping in all those juices. When the car goes over speed bumps and those sweet lips come down over my face. 

The driver drove on to the express way and got up to speed. Every so often she would swing over to the side warning strip. She started coming, the driver  sped up. All that cum running into my mouth and all over my face. There was so much in my nose I almost drowned. Slave Barbara climbed onto my pinnacle as I was eating Jill. She was slowly rocking back and forth when we hit the rumble strip. When slave Jill came on my face, I exploded in Slave Barbara.  She screamed and came so hard. I thought she'd rip my organ off. Slave Jill said she wanted to try something on me. I said "ok" 

Slave Jill took out a rubber cock strap and fastened it around my member. Then she opened up an condom. She slipped it down over my dick. Then she spread it more and slipped it over my balls. She finished by rolling it over the cock strap. Then she came down over me. She totally engulfed me in her pussy. It was like having my balls in boiling water. She was so hot inside. When she started pumping up and down. I was screaming with pain and pleasure. Then Barbara buried my face in her pussy. I wanted her to suck my head into her pussy. It was one of my greatest experience. We heard something. We looked over to our new slave man. He was cummin all over the car floor. Slave Barbara got off of my face. She reached down and slapped his balls. She told him that he cannot cum until he is told he could. She grabbed hold of his dick and slapped his butt plug. When he groaned. She told him if he makes another noise she would pull his dick so hard she would stick it in place of the butt plug. 

I looked over at Slave Bob. He had put a different hood on his slave. It had a sheath from her mouth to his crotch. He was pumping so hard that she had to be swallowing all 8 inches. I knew that the vacuum pump had him up to two inches thick. He was working every cubic inch of it in her mouth. He gave me the sign that he'd came three times already. After the forth time. He took a belt and put it around him and her. He then pulled her up tight to him. He stayed like that until we got back home. A couple of times he would jump like she'd bit him. He hit her lightly on top of her head. It sounded like she tried to laugh. As we were pulling into the drive way. He started to groan again. She was sucking him off again. She damn well had to have him all the way down her throat. Slave barbara said she would like to try one of those helmets. She would like to sleep in one. To be sucking on a teething ring all night.  To wake up in the middle of the night and get some cum. Then go back to sleep. 

When we parked in front of the mansion. Several slaves were waiting. They took the two slaves from the roof racks. Next they released the straps from slave man balls and the floor. They slipped a very wide about 12 inches belt under his legs and around his back under the arm sheath. They tighten it so tight he groaned. Slave Barbara grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. "I told you not to make a sound" 
The house slave brought in a cart with an arm and hook. They lifted him out of the car. By then Slave Bob finished with his slave. He put a different helmet on her this one had a gag. He tighten the collar then he fastened the belt around her mouth and eyes. The house slaves had another hook cart and took her. 

When all the new slaves were removed. I handed all three slaves a helmet. They put it on and pulled the cords tight. Then they fastened the straps around their mouth, eyes and neck. The house slaves helped them out of the car and handed me their leashes. I then lead them into the house. The surprise I received when I entered the house. 

Sire Vincent Christmas pt2 

When I stepped inside the door. The whole hall and front room was lite up with Christmas lights. In the middle was a human Christmas tree. There was 6 slave men standing on a rotating platform. All of their legs were secured to the base. Their pelvis was thrust out. I looked behind them. They all were sitting on a bar down the crack of their ass. Attached to the bar is a butt plug. The bar continued around and was clamped to their balls. They could not move forward or back. Their arms were secured in different directions. In their mouth was a huge penis gag. The tip had a flashing red or green light. the real dick had the other color light flashing   They had lights all over them. On their pierced nipples an ordnament was hanging, on one side of the room was a slave girl. She was spread eagled. She was supported by a short bar from a dildo to a butt plug. She had bells hung all over her playing Christmas carols. 

By the next wall was cage hanging. Crunched inside was a slave girl. Her ankles were secured to the front side. Her knees were fastened to the sides.  She is sitting on a dildo and butt plug. Hanging from the dildo was a wind chime with a sign that said Merry Christmas on one side and on the other Happy New Year. On one tit was a Santa Clause the other was a snowman both lite up. A belt was under and over her tit pulling her back they were linked between the breasts. Her head had a muzzle harness with a lot of straps. The top had a ring that was secured to the top. Her arms were hung out and up by straps. Her hands were handcuffed to the front corners. Hanging from her muzzle was a sign saying "The happier I make Sire Vincent, the happier I will be."  The sign turned around to say "When Sire Vincent is happy I'm happy." 

I walked over to the patio doors in the other wall. Outside was a sleigh with eight slave girl reindeer and one slave boy dressed as Ruddolf with a bright red nose. All of their heads were covered with a reindeer head made of sponge rubber. The rubber cat suit was colored in shades of brown with white bellies to the under side of their tail.  The tail made of  rubber bands attached to a butt plug. The dildo had jingle bells hanging. The same from each tit piecing. In their mouth was a bridle bit and the reins to control them. Their hands were in a mitten secured to the sleigh's crossbar in front. A belt around their waist had belts to the crossbar behind each. The shoes they were wearing were shaped like hoofs with hard rubber horseshoe. Around their neck was a collar with multi color lights. 

I had to take a ride. I got in the sleigh and arranged the reins for each directions. When I pulled them tight. All of the reindeer jumped to attention. I said "g'up". They all started pulling. As we passed the corner I pulled to the right and they curved to the right.  When we got to the middle of the yard I did a figure eight. When we finished it I said "g'up". They started running. We ran all the way around my mansion. I slowed them down and walked them around the yard a couple more times. When I was finished I headed into the barn. All of the stalls were decorated in lights. Wreaths were hung over each pen door. I told the handlers to put fresh straw in their stalls and have them ready tomorrow morning. I will use them to deliver gifts. When I opened my bedroom door. My room was all red and green. My bed had red and green rubber  sheets and pillow cases.  All my room slaves were dressed like rubber Elves. 

They had my whirlpool bath filled with bubble bath. One of the elves got down so I could have my shoes taken off. I climbed into the hot water. It took a while for the warmth to penetrate the rubber. I ran my hands over myself. It felt so sexy. Soon some of the bath slaves started to wash me down with sponges. I was feeling great. I grabbed one of the elves arm and pulled her in. Then two more jumped in. We started wrestling in the tub. Everyone was slip sliding away.  One slave took my jacket off, Then my shirt and pants. I was soon down to my cat suit. Then we started having a sponge fight. We were causing a lot of suds to be lathered up. My royal Sire seemed to be the main target. He responded outstandingly and showed through the suds. 

My slaves preceded  to show special attention to him. I was getting very aroused. I was wondering if the rubber sheath would explode.  They were slapping and massaging my balls and I was getting hornier by the second. One slave took advantage of the situation to pour clean water over me and slid her mouth over my royal Sire. I was about to explode in her mouth when she pulled away. She rubbed a lubricant on him and turned around. She bent down and straightened her legs. I pulled her butt plug out. As I started to guide him she cried out with excitement and pain. I was stretching her ass hole to the limits. The more I slid in her the tighter she got. I had to pull out several times to relub. Each time she screeched and pushed harder to get me in further.  Finally I got to my limit. She then pushed my balls into her pussy. 

She started to work her legs up and down. I was in so much pleasure pain. She was manipulating her cheeks. She was rolling me inside her. I could not pull out because she had my balls held tight. Another slave approached me with a vibrator. She worked it around my ass hole. She slipped it into me. When she got all 10 inches in me. She turned on the vibrator to high. The vibration went all the way through me. My slave started to have a ass hole orgasm. I was ready to cum. The slave flipped another switch and the plug started to pulse in and out. I blew up in her. She had a pussy orgasm and crushed my balls. I fell back wards and she came down on top of me. The plug was pushed even deeper and I came again. 

When she settled down she released my balls and pulled my them out of her. I slowly pulled the Sire out. She had another ass hole orgasm. I could not move during her pleasure. Upon my exit the other slave took hold on my balls and pulled me to her. I could see she was all wet. It slid in so fast it hit bottom hard. She jumped down even harder. We came together. She worked me to a couple more.  I was in her so tight and she was so full that my semen was squirting out the sides. When I slid out of her. She turned around and chewed on me until I exploded in her mouth. I had to call it quits for now I need some rest. I had to get up early to get on my sleigh and pass out presents. 

My slaves started to help me out of my cat suit. First they squirted some solvent into my penis. Boy does it smart.  Next goes in a special tool to work out the tube. It's a small rod with cotton ball held in place with a tiny rubber cup. You put solvent on the cotton and the cup pulls out the tube.  Next they put some saline solution in my eyes and inside my lips and nose. Then they apply some solvent. I made a small suction tube that lifts around the eyes and does help around the lips also. The rod and cotton ball works good inside the nose. The suction tube sometimes takes your breath away. My slaves then hook the suction to a special tube in-between my big toe and the next one. This get rid of any sweat and other fluids. I hate them spilling out all over the floor. 

When ready the slaves unzip the back zipper. They make sure I am complete dry, then use corn starch to powder me. Slowly the remove the cat suit. They turn it inside out. I do feel naked as the rubber glides off. When it is completely off.  I get back in the whirlpool and get sponged off.  I take a quick shower to remove all the soap. My slave then use blow driers on medium to dry every inch of me. There is a competition to see who dries around my Sire and the crack of my ass. Sometimes they will lubricate their finger and slip it in my ass to excite me again. But not tonight, I had presents to distribute tomorrow. 

One of my slaves gets down so I can sit on them so they can dry in-between my toes. Then I ride it to my waterbed. I do sleep naked so I can feel the rubber sheets and pillow case. Two of my slave girls were already in bed waiting for me. 
"O hell" I can sleep late tomorrow. I pulled the one in front onto Sire and the other onto my face. My bathroom slaves jumped on the bed. One straddles my chest. Two went to my feet and let my toes play with their pussy. Why did I take that bath. I all covered with pussy juice again. They were all laughing at my predicament. I was lubricated with cum. 

All of a sudden I yelled,"I won the bet." she climb on my Sire. Another got under her and licked my balls. After the one on top got the rhythm going they all started moving in sync. I gushed in her. The one licking my balls moved up and dried Sire off. Then she started humping me off. I know I came too fast so I told her to do it again. She screamed "yea," and started jerking with her pussy. She locked on me as I came again. I was getting drown in pussy juice. All over my nose and mouth. When they finished with me. I had more water between the sheets than under. When they all climbed off. They got together and said "Merry Christmas Sire Vincent." they sang Jingle Bells as they left the room and turned off the lights. I pulled my bed slave close and the other one snuggled up to my back.  I was asleep immediately. 

Sire Vincent's Christmas pt3 

I woke early in the morning. All my slaves were singing " We Wish You a Merry Christmas." My room slaves had a rubber Santa Clause outfit waiting for me.  I slipped into white rubber boxer shorts and white socks. It had a foam rubber belly, rubber beard and eyelashes. My room slaves had every inch polished to a high shine. When I looked at my white rubber gloves it was like looking into a mirror.  My suit had white rubber hair for the fur trim. Everything shined so brightly. The wide black rubber belt accented everything so nicely. The belt buckle, buckles on my boots, and bottons were polished gold. My slaves had done me proud. 

When I did the "HO HO HO." I smiled from ear to ear. My slaves knew I was pleased with them. I walked out of the house to the sleigh waiting by the door. It was dark outside. I found out it was Christmas night. I slept through the day. The sleigh and my reindeer slaves waited the whole day. Just in case I woke earlier. The partying and My bedroom slave girls did wear me out. I also found out later. The reason my slaves had me out partying earlier was so they could do the decorating. I got into the sleigh and said "g'up."  The whole yard erupted in Carols. As the sleigh moved around the yard. All my slaves, friends and customers came out of their hiding places.  I drove the sleigh amongst them. Two elves threw mistletoe. After several trips around the yard. I stopped by the hall doors. Everyone came inside. The room was already set up for food, drink, music and dancing. We partied through the next day. 

This has been one of my greatest RUBBER Christmas. 
It's Christmas and we have presents to open. I told the slave trainers to bring in our new slave recruits. They paraded in with the four recruits from last night and five more from isolation training. The two slave girls were carried on the poles and other slave girl and boy rolled in from their carrier hook. The five slaves in training were in their cat suits. Their arms were in a single sleeve behind their back . A leash led from their neck. I sat down in my Santa throne. The slave recruits were lines up in front of me. Their helmets were removed. They were asked if they wanted to be my rubber slaves. They all eagerly agreed. 

I told the slave trainers to quickly instruct them of their responsibilities. The slaves in training were all ready down on their knees, hands spread in front, head down. The two slave girls were taken down from the pole and taken out of the body bags. The other slave girl was set down on the floor and the bag was opened. The slave boy was released from the binders. He still had his body harness with the butt plug lodged in him. They got into position in front of me. I told them to put their hands behind their head and rise and sit on their heels. As a show of their obedience they will have their nipples pierced. They could not make a sound. 

The slave girls were helped removing their cat suit down to their waist. As I stepped in front of each. They were told to present their tits to me. Each tit was wiped with a disinfectant and numbing agent.  I had a special needle that the post was screwed onto the end. I slid the needle through and unscrewed the post. Then I screwed the other ball on the post. I completed all nine slaves and not a sound was heard. They were told to stand with their head down. The cat suits were resealed. I instructed the slave trainers to help the slave boy into his rubber cat suit. He then said out load "yea," . One of the slave trainers took a switch and snapped his balls.  He was told not to make another sound. I told then not to remove his butt plug also and body harness. 

He really stood out straight and he was incased in his red and green cat suit. He had on the biggest grin after they slipped on the helmet. It had opening for his eyes, nose and mouth. The other slaves in training also had their helmets exchanged with the open ones.  I told then for Christmas they could join us at the party. Everyone gave they a Cheer as their leash was removed. The slave girls were fitted with five inch high heels boots and the boys with a cowboy boot. The music started and we partied. 


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