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Silent Pain

by M88

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Storycodes: Sbf; naked; chair; cuffs; straps; harness; latex; catsuit; tape; wrap; gag; computer; mittens; gasmask; stuck; cons; X

April's heart was racing as she cleaned her amazing body in the shower. The steaming hot water poured over her perfect tits, it was also dropping off her shaved pussy. She was miles away in the most epic daydream ever. She would place herself in complete self-bondage. The device she had in mind was a metal monster. It was both inescapable and beautiful. She had imagined everything about it in unbelievable detail. She had also pictured the fetish clothing she would wear. The device itself was a modified metal chair. That was covered in leather cuffs and straps. She would be unable to move an inch. She would be dressed head to toe in thick jet black rubber. Her head would be enclosed in plastic wrap and duck tape. With just one small hole for her nose. She would also be wearing a heavy rubber gas mask with a bubble bottle. The bubble bottle would be held against the side of the chair.

April was still dreaming how she would like to be punished when restrained in the chair, when she heard the door bell ring. She quickly snapped out of her amazing dream and back to real life. She rushed out the shower and throw some clothes on as quickly as she could. About a minute later was somehow ready and headed downside.

April lived by herself in a large apartment complex just outside of her home town of Oxford. The apartment complex was always busy with people getting on with their lives. And she had people come round all the time. It was just going to be another one of her friends. But when she opened the door, her hair still dripping wet. No one was there. She was instead found a number of large wooded boxes. April walked out her apartment to see if anyone was around. The whole street was empty.

What the hell was going on. She hadn't ordered anything over the internet. The boxes had to have been sent to the wrong address. But the deliver man had buggered off somewhere. She would bring the boxes inside and wait for someone to come round and get them. Sooner or later someone would come round. The wooden boxes were heavy and different for April to move. But soon they where all inside her apartment. She had a better look at the boxes. There were 3 of them, all the same size. They had no information or address on them. She would wait for someone to come round and get them. It was only a question of time. But as the days and weeks went by no one had taking them form her.

She was sick to death of them being in her house and finally wanted to know what was inside. She laid the boxes on her living room floor to start with. The boxes were nailed shut, so April found a hammer and used it to remove the nails. She soon had removed all the nails and put them to one side. She did the same for all three boxes. She then removed the wooden lids.

Her dream was real.

If anything what lay in front of her was more extreme.

She soon found the instructions and started working on the bondage chair. First she made some space in the centre of the room. Then placed the large and heavy metal centre plate into the opening she had made. This would stop the chair from moving or wobbling. Next came the seat and chair legs. All made from strong steel and all locked firmly in place. April could see the endless leather straps hanging from the chair legs. She then attached the back of the chair to the frame. Once again it was locked into place. Next up was the headboard, which was covered in the head harness to restrain her head. Which once again was locked tightly to the chair. The chair looked amazing, the light reflecting off the metal. The straps and cuffs waiting for someone to use them.

There was still a couple more things to add before it was completely ready for her to use. She picked up the bubble bottle, holder, breath control bag and locked it to the side of the chair. The hose that would be coming from her gas mask would reach it, no problem. April had spotted that the bottle was already filled with some type of liquid. She assumed it was just water and continued getting the chair ready. The chair was controlled by computer power. It would operate the restraints, vibrators and her breathing. She soon had it all set up and ready to go. She then locked the metal body harness onto the chair. It was designed to keep her totally still. It looked like something you would find on an extreme roller coaster. The computer would drop it down over her body when all other restraints where closed. She then added two metal plates to the back of the chair. These plates had two handcuffs build into it. They would keep her hands and arms behind her back. She then screwed two leather bondage mittens onto the bottom set of cuffs. They would isolate her hands.

She then turned her attention to the clothes she would be wearing. Instead of the jet black latex catsuit she had dreamed about. It was a bright orange colour. It looked like a prison outfit. As she had a closer look in even had the words "state prison" on the back and down the right leg. The suit itself was both thick and tight fitting. In fact it looked far too small for April. The catsuit had build in hands and feet, to cover her in beautiful latex. She continued to pull her outfit out of one of the boxes. Laying them out on the floor. She had a roll of duck tape, a roll of plastic wrap, a gas mask, a latex punishment hood and a gag. She never had a gag and/or hood in her dreams. And if she did they would be nowhere near as hardcore as the ones in front of her.

But it wasn't going to stop her. The gag was made from a thick red rubber ball that would fill the inside of her mouth. It also had a molded for her teeth and could be inflated. She pushed the rubber ball into her waiting mouth. Her teeth soon lined up with the build in molds and she bit down into the ball. She found the pump and started inflating the ball. The rubber immediately pushed against her cheeks, her tongue and down her throat. April continued pumping the gag, she wanted to be silent. Her cheeks where jetting out from the side of her face by the time she stopped. She was unable to move her jaw. The rubber felt like a huge dick against her throat. Her tongue was held in place by the force of pressure against it. April picked up the duck tape.

The red rubber gag could be seen through her lips. She needed to be gagged some more. Placing the duck tape over her mouth, she wrapped it around her head. Covering the rubber gag with the tape. The tape went from her nose to her chin and was wrapped unbelievably thigt. She was not done at that. She picked up her catsuit and opened the zip. She found that the catsuit had already been well lubed. Getting into the suit was still very hard. But when she finally closed the zip, the catsuit was perfect. It flowed over her skin like water. The catsuit was shockingly tight and pressed hard against her skin. It looked like it had been painted on.

She knew the plastic wrap came next, and started wrapping it around her gagged head. The see through plastic pressed itself against her. With each new layer the pressure multiplied. April was having to hold her breath as she continued to wrap her head. Soon it was covered in endless layers of plastic. She fought to cut a hole in the plastic as she was running out of air. With the help from a pair of sissors she made the breakthrough. Air filled her lungs again as her nose poked through the plastic. She could just about see through the plastic and grabbed the duck tape, hood and gas mask and then placed herself on the chair. She put the items on the chair as well. She would need them later.

Her heart was racing as she closed the first cuff around her right foot. She worked her way up her right side. Closing a cuff around her ankle, shin, below and above her knee, thigh and her groin. She then did the same for her left hand side. She then pulled the straps across her body around her groin, stomach, chest, above and below her breasts and under her shoulders. She struggled to pick up the duck tape again. It was time to take away her vision. She was going to wrap her entire head with the strong tape. She took a deep breath through her nose and got started. Starting at her chin she began working her way up. She could feel the pressure building in her head as she continued past her mouth. Leaving a gap for her nose, she pulled the tape over her eyes. She continued wrapping it over her face. She was soon totally blind. She kept wrapping her head even though she was blinded. She had no idea how many times she wrapped the tape around herself. But when she stopped the force on her head was huge. Pushing down on her from all sides.

April was loving the bondage setup so far and searched around for the latex bondage hood. Her latex covered fingers took some time to find the hood. As she spend most of it stroking her wet cunt. But she did eventually get round to lifting the hood up and over her head.  But she struggled to get it back down over herself. The latex was lubed on both sides and incredibly tight. With a hell of a lot of effect she got the hood in place. She lined the hoods noses holes up and zipped it closed. The sweet smell of rubber poured through her airways with each breath. She was having problems finding her gas mask. She only find it, thanks to the attached hose. She pulled it up to her face. Working the harness in her hands, she placed it round her head. She quickly tightened the straps so it was held tightly against her bound head.

She grabbed the head harness and pulled it across her face. Finding the first lock point, she closed the loop. Soon her head was bound from all sides and completely unable to move it. It was different for her to restraint her head being blinded. But she was already wishing she hadn't. The harness kept her head pointing skyward and forward. She had no idea why she locked the collar around her neck. She did it without thinking about it. She even let out a small scream when she realized what she had done. She was now on auto-pilot and placed her her hands and arms behind her back, pushing them through both sets of cuffs and into the mittens. The only reason she did this, was because she was so horny and wet. She wanted to become a slave to the machine.

A slave to the computer.

From the second she closed the first cuff. The computer had been on a timer. April had setup the computer before she did anything else. She had picked a random 20 minutes and 30 seconds before the body harness closed and the mittens inflated. Somehow she had got the timing spot on. She was having second thoughts about the whole thing.

1. Who had sent all this bondage equipment?
2. How did they/he/she know her size?
3. Why was she only thinking about this NOW?
4. Who had known about her fantasies?
5. What the fuck was that sound?

The last one was easy to answer. The body harness was being lowered and the mittens were inflating. April's oppositions had gone. She just had to wait for release. A loud click confirmed her self bondage was done and dusted. She tried to struggle. She could move maybe an inch in any direction. A minute or two later and the computer started controlling her life. She had given the bubble bottle liquid no thought since she attached it to the chair. But now it was foremost in her mind. The smell that filled her nose was horrible. It almost made her sick. But her mind was taken off the smell, thanks to the vibrator coming to life.

Over the next three hours the vibrator turned April's mind to mush. Trapped in a dark, smelly and isolated world. April was in heaven. Her latex catsuit was filled with sweat and cum. She had no idea how much longer she would be kept in this bondage chair. And nor did she care.

She loved being a self bondage slave.


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Story continued in Part 2

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