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Shopping Trip

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2020 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Lori showed up about two, I was walking to the cab watching the driver lift out the two bags I had helped her with before she had left then was surprised to see him hoist a third out and set it on the ground. Lori turned and grabbed me pulling me down to her and kissed me deeply, normally she would have jumped up to me wrapping her legs around me as she hugged me. I could see no lunging hug would be given this time from the tight pencil skirt she was wearing so I picked her up and swung her in a circle as we kissed. Lori had gotten her dream job, she had been desperately trying to get for years and had spent the last three months in California training. I held her out saying “Let me see the professional you!” Everything she wore screamed Lori, the skirt was especially tight holding her knees close together, she had a wide leather belt pulled tight around her thin waist and even the fitted blouse she wore amplified her attractive body.

She turned, posing for me - and now the rest of the guys from the shop - complaining about her shoes. “They only have five inch heels.” Lori preferred wearing as tall a shoe as possible because she always felt she was too short but at five two I thought she was perfect. I grabbed two of the bags and we headed for her car, I had kept it at the shop and made sure it would be ready for her when she returned. 

“I see you went shopping shaking the new large suitcase you didn’t blow all your money did you?”

Lori giggled and said “No! But I could have. I found two stores that sold fetish wear real close to the hotel, I just wish I hadn’t waited until just before I left to venture out or I would have had a lot more.” Lori babbled on about the shops and how they had recommended another store for her “professional” attire so she had been fitted for a complete wardrobe of clothes to wear to work that would both hide and assist in her fetish desires while still looking professional.

“Well you’re just going to have to model them for me,” I said as I lifted her bags into her car. I was almost as excited as she was about the job knowing how it was going to be a huge adjustment for her being able to support herself but also having to keep a regular schedule. I explained I was going to leave work as soon as I finished what I was currently working on and would see her at home, it was so nice having her staying with me and I had missed her company greatly while she was gone. We had already talked about going out and having dinner so I asked if she still wanted to do that and she smiled saying yes seductively then drove off. The guys, as always, ribbed me about her telling me I was lucky to have her around and how much they liked the sexy secretary look she had going on before we went back to work.

Finishing as quick as I could I cleaned up and headed home finding her stretched out on the couch looking beautiful in her skirt and blouse. As I was showering she came into the bathroom asking if what she was wearing was ok. I said it was and she said “Good” because she didn’t feel like changing. We went to eat and she told me more about the shops explaining why she hadn’t told me on the phone wanting it to be a surprise, which she had blown having to get the new suitcase. She had finished top in her class and got a healthy bonus which she wanted to go out and spend some of it the next day. I agreed having already planned on taking Friday off so we finished dinner and headed home. 

Lori leaned over putting her head in my lap on the way home stroking my thigh while I drove, eventually falling asleep leaving me to admire her beauty while I tried to not crash the car. I walked Lori to her room saying good night to the sleepy eyed woman and went to get ready for bed myself returning to my bed to find her curled up under the covers. She often shared my bed but I always let her use the guest room to make sure she knew she had her own space. I lay down next to her falling asleep quickly waking to find her clinging to me and lay stroking her naked body for almost an hour before she woke up. Lori smiled and kissed me before leaping from the bed telling me to stay there heading to the bathroom. After a quick visit she bounced back into bed snuggling up to me again reaching down into my shorts stroking my caged cock.

The cock cage had become a regular appliance for me since she had moved in and I had worn it during her whole trip. Lori smiled at me asking if I had cheated while she was gone? I looked at her questioningly, “Did you ever take it off?” I chuckled and said “You have the key, how could I take it off?” Lori laughed rolling over and yanking her night stand drawer open pulling out a small box and unwrapping it. Lori giggled as she produced a small key and said “Well it’s time to reward you for being so patient” we spent the next few hours enjoying each other’s body before sharing a shower and deciding to go shopping. 

Lori asked me to lace her corset for her explaining she had been wearing one every day since she left continuing her training. I pulled it very snug and she asked to pull it tighter saying she hadn’t been able to get them as tight as she wanted. I went and got dressed while she slipped into a tiny mini skirt, tank top and six inch pumps wanting to be able to get into and out of her clothes easily since she planned on trying on everything she could. Even in her “casual” clothes she still looked like a fetish diva and I was engrossed in her beauty again. We had several shops we frequented, two of them knowing us by name, so we headed to them first. As we drove I reminded her of our rules getting a surprise response when she said “Yeah, I remember just remember it applies to you also.”

At the first shop she picked out a long latex mermaid style dress and two others and disappeared into the dressing room. I was looking at a long leather skirt when she called for me to help her so I quickly went to her. Laughing when I got there seeing her wrestling with the long dress having got stuck with it over her head. I pulled it down stretching it over her hips then putting her shoes back on her feet. Her arms were pushed through the long sleeves and the collar settled around her neck. I laced the back up until the rubber was stretched tightly around her torso. The tight corset showed clearly under the rubber skin along with her pert nipples as she let me do a quick polish on the rubber until she shined. Lori wandered around the shop looking gorgeous as she strutted around rubbing her body and touching everything she found. We spent two hours changing clothes with her wanting it all settling on the long dress and the leather skirt wearing the leather skirt out, per the rules and promising to wear the latex skirt out tonight.

We headed to the next store. I watched her wriggle to the car in the tight leather dress, making my cock harden inside the steel tube she had locked back on in the shower. At the next shop she spotted a corset on display as soon as we walked in staring at the beautiful but severe corset for several minutes before asking if she could try it on. The lady behind the counter smiled not knowing us and said Lori could but she would have to be the one to lace it, so it wouldn’t get damaged, Lori looked at me smiling and agreed. I didn’t argue knowing that for most customers that was the policy. The two went to the dressing room and I wandered around noticing a new display finding it was very heavy rubber. I kept inspecting the new rubber finding a full catsuit with gloves and feet sporting a full cock and ball sheath.

I was intrigued as I noticed the weight of the suit and checked to see how the thick the rubber really was and was very aroused by the thought of wearing the tight rubber. I found another that would look incredible on Lori having an attached hood with only small holes under the nose and perforations over the eyes. I was lost in the thought of both of us being encased in rubber when Lori walked up behind me clearing her throat snapping me out of my trance. I turned holding both suits to see she had been laced into the incredible corset and stuttered “You look great.” Lori smiled and giggled as I watched her heaving chest looking down to see her tiny waist. The corset was perfect on her exaggerating her long torso flaring slightly over her hips and covering her breasts just enough to make her seem like she had huge cleavage. All I could say was “Yeah you have to get that, and I’ll even pay for it.” Lori giggled and rushed up and kissed me then asked “What do you have there?”

We studied the rubber with her saying she wanted to try it on but only if I tried on the men’s suit as well. I stumbled never having worn rubber in public before but wanting not only to see her in it but really wanting to know how it felt. I finally agreed and we headed for the dressing room when the sales lady said “You will have to remove the corset first, we don’t want to get it sweaty do we?” Lori moaned not wanting to remove the corset yet so she suggested I dress first. By this time I was caught up in the anxiety and thrill of wearing rubber in public so I agreed, reminding Lori of the chastity tube. Lori pulled the key from her purse smiling and we went into the dressing room. 

Lori struggled to help me in her tight leather skirt and crushing corset distracting me with her grunts and panting as she pulled the thick rubber up my legs. When the rubber reached my thighs she deftly unlocked my cock stroking it until it was fully engorged lubing it as she worked it into the sheath. The rubber around my cock and balls seemed too tight but she managed to get it in yanking the thick rubber up over my hips as I inserted my arms into the sleeves. Together we heaved the rubber up over my shoulders, as I made sure my fingers went into the gloves she pulled the rubber up to my neck. I was just realizing that the gloves even though they had individual fingers were actually mittens with each finger attached to each other when she pulled the heavy zipper up to the back of my neck.

I was still thinking about the gloves when I heard a faint click behind my neck and Lori said “It’s got a locking zipper” dangling the keys in front of me. I showed her my hands getting another chuckle from her as she said “You look so confused, it’s very cute.” I grunted and stepped up to the mirror and stared at myself noticing my hardened rubber coated cock sticking out in front of me.

Lori busied herself polishing the rubber and in a few minutes the rubber gleamed making it look like I was encased in black glass. While I watched her polishing my new skin she grabbed my cock and stroked it several times making me laugh as I said “I can’t feel that at all.” Lori frowned as she started pulling harder, finally giving up and stepping back to inspect me. 

“You need some shoes,” Lori said as we both looked at my rubber covered toes as I flexed them enjoying how it felt to have each encased in the thick rubber. Lori left the room leaving me to admire myself for several minutes before she returned, ordering me to sit down. I obeyed with a grin enjoying her demanding tone watching her back in the corset as she worked on getting whatever footwear she had brought in for me. I felt her stuff my foot into some kind of boot not really being able to tell what she was doing until she got done lacing it tightly and put my foot down. As soon as she sat it down I knew she had laced my foot into something with a high heel. I was caught up in the sensations and didn’t want to stop anything that was happening letting her lace the other boot on me. 

Lori was finished standing up panting waving me to my feet and chuckling as I stood up in the strange shoes. I stood feeling much taller and looked down seeing my feet were now much thinner and stuffed into pointed toes turning my foot sideways. I could see it had a heel about four inches tall, grateful the heel was very thick and that the boots didn’t look too womanly. I grinned at Lori shaking my head when she slapped my protruding cock making me squeal slightly and groan. As my mitten hands went to my crotch she pushed them away pulling them behind my back where in my stunned state I couldn’t stop her and heard a ratcheting noise as she closed cuffs around my wrists. 

I was standing fully enclosed in thick rubber with my hands cuffed behind my back and my cock throbbing as Lori started forcing the now mostly empty rubber into a chastity tube while she wrapped the steel band around the base of my cock and balls. I was starting to protest when the tell tale click told me it was too late. Lori stepped back gasping from the exertions in the tight corset as I looked in the mirror and saw what she had done to me. The chastity tube had a larger tube but still was crushing my cock inside with the loose rubber. The band around my cock and balls was much wider and had a bar that connected it to the underside of the tube splitting my balls. I looked at Lori watching her face noticing an evil grin and said “Ok, I think that’s enough.”

Lori dropped the keys into her bag and said “Rules are you wear what you’re bought.”

I shook my head and said “I didn’t buy this.”

Smiling, she answered “No, I did.” I was starting to get nervous when she continued “If you are good I will remove the cuffs, if not they will stay on as well.”

I was shocked but was so aroused I couldn’t think of what to say and stood turning in place wondering how I had gotten into this predicament. Lori laughed again and left the room closing the door leaving me alone and helpless in the rubber suit, high heels and cuffs and the steel cock and cage shining out from the black rubber. I was so confused I did nothing but stand and stare at myself until she returned, quickly locking a steel collar around my neck and attaching a short chain leash to the collar’s o-ring.

Lori began packing up my clothes when I finally said “I am not going outside dressed like this.”

She laughed and flipped the cock cage and said “There is an o-ring on the end of the tube as well. You chose.” I was starting to get mad when she pulled the leash yanking me out the door and into the shop.

I stumbled in the boots out the door groaning and was about to get upset when Lori held up a muzzle type gag warning me she would use it if I fought her reminding me she had done this for me on several occasions. I stopped resisting when a sales lady, Kelly, that we knew arrived and started chatting with us like everything was normal. I stood rocking back and forth answering what was asked when the two walked off leaving me alone again. I backed up to the door but with my cuffed mitten hands could not get a grip on the knob looking up when the duo grew near. I stood up straight just as Lori turned me around and I felt something being wrapped around my waist. I had been bound by Lori many times in the past trusting her completely but was suddenly worried about what was happening. I was lost in all the wonderful sensations and anxieties really enjoying what was happening when I felt what I had thought was going to be a belt being closed. The busk of the corset was closed in front of me and the laces were being pulled on making my feelings and sensations increase. I started to complain so Lori stuffed my mouth full of the rubber bung and pulled the muzzle gag tightly around my head, yanking and tugging at the straps until my mouth was pressed tightly around the thick rubber bung. 

I was not happy as Kelly pulled the laces tighter crushing my waist until I was panting through my nose. Lori stood smiling at me and said “I think that’s enough, it is his first time corseted and we wouldn’t want to overdo it.” The pair admired my new shape spinning me around several times chuckling at my labored breathing commenting on my cock jewelry when Kelly said “I think he needs something to …tie the outfit together” Lori laughed and said “Ok, he’s got nothing to say about it today” I watched Kelly go to the metal restraint rack and return with wide steel shackles and clapped them closed around my ankles. I could do nothing but accept my situation, I knew Lori would not hurt me so I tried to start letting myself enjoy what was happening.

I was now encased in a thick rubber catsuit with mitten gloves and feet, my hands locked behind my back a leather muzzle gag keeping me silent and forcing me to gasp from the tight corset through my nose. The high heeled boots although not painful were becoming uncomfortable and the steel collar locked around my neck making sure the locked zipper of the suit could not be opened also making it difficult to look down due to the gag forcing my mouth open. The women took turns leading me around the shop as I learned how to walk in the heels and shackles. Every time I walked past one of them they would slap my ass or cock with a different whip or crop.

I was teased and tormented for an hour while the ladies enjoyed my predicament when Kelly suggested adjusting Lori’s corset. Lori agreed having gotten accustomed to its current tension. Kelly pulled and yanked on the laces until even I could see Lori’s waist shrinking and making Lori gasp “That’s enough, Please stop!” Kelly stopped and tied off the laces looping them under the small remaining X’s running up Lori’s back before tying them off. Kelly was smiling at me as she did this knowing Lori would not be able to unlace the corset by herself giving me an “out.”

Lori shuffled around gasping for a few minutes before settling into the corset and asking Kelly to ring them up. I was sure I was going to be led out of the store bound and gagged and hoped the muzzle and harness of the gag covered enough of my face so no one would recognize me. Lori returned unbuckling my gag harness and said “If you follow my orders I’ll let you get dressed and not make you wear the shackles. If you resist I will make you wear everything outdoors just like you are.” I was suddenly torn between staying as I was or being partially freed, I had actually started enjoying being under her control and was unsure if I wanted it to end.

Lori noticed my hesitation and whispered, “I will lock you up again later if you're good,” grinning at me so I said I would not resist. My ankles were unlocked as were my hands, she and Kelly helped me into my jeans and shirt covering a lot of the rubber and for some reason making me feel even more uncomfortable. Kelly bagged up the remaining items and our clothes and I followed Lori out of the shop enjoying watching her ass wiggle under the tight leather. With my hands rubberized like they were Lori took the keys and drove to the next shop making me uncomfortable again as she pulled the leash and dragged me into the store. I watched her try on some more latex and leather items buying several including another pair of ballet boots. Lori locked the new boots on herself pulling out the rubber collar of my suit up and dropping the key into it pushing it under the steel collar leaving her locked in the boots until she freed me.

I knew she had driven in ballet boots often but it still made me nervous being dressed the way I was when she and another lady approached me and began taking off my jeans and shirt. I was still gasping from the tight corset but felt her start pulling it tighter until I thought I would pass out. When I reached behind me to try and stop her she had already prepared herself and snapped the cuffs around my wrists again. I mumbled something quickly regretting it when a hood was pulled over my head and laced tightly. I was thankful it had an open mouth and eyes but was soon shown another gag and told to open up. I found I couldn’t resist, I didn’t know why but I opened my mouth and the much larger gag was stuffed into my mouth and Lori pulled all the straps of the new harness tight. Lastly my ankles were locked together again and I found myself being led around the shop by all three of the ladies who worked there before Lori paid for her purchases and led me out of the store.

I knew no one could recognize me in the hood so I followed shuffling as quickly as I could watching Lori’s body wriggle in the ballet heels and skirt only then realizing she was wearing a long tight rubber skirt instead of the leather one she had gone in with. Unfortunately she had been forced to park around the corner and down the street a ways so I was forced to follow her passing several people along the way. Only one person acknowledged the large black rubber figure with chained wrists and ankles shuffling down the sidewalk and grinned as he passed us almost like he understood. Lori left me beside the passenger door going to the trunk first then unlocking the doors and helping me into the car. I could do nothing but gasp and stare straight ahead during the drive home being startled a few times when Lori’s boots made stopping suddenly interesting. 

When we reached the house Lori left me in the car while she emptied the trunk making several trips back and forth. In the car the heat was rising quickly making me sweat profusely as I watched her make the journey in and out of the house. I felt the trunk slam shut and watched her walk past the car into the house closing the door behind her and leaving me to stew in the hot car. I don’t know how long it was but she finally returned and helped me out of the car and pulled the leash towards the house. The cold air in the house felt wonderful as I was told to sit down so I complied and sat gasping in a kitchen chair wondering how she could ever wear a corset twenty four seven chewing on the gag finding it comfortable but unnerving as the sudden realization of being forced to remain mute and helpless hit me. Lori carried the remaining bags to her room and my things to my room before coming to me and sitting down and telling me what was going to happen. 

Her request, if you can call it that since I wasn’t really sure if I had a choice or not, was to keep me bound in my new rubber skin for the weekend. She wanted to go out to the club with me as her slave having me serve her as much as possible and punishing me if I failed at any of her orders. She said I could decline but she knew I had a real problem turning her down for anything showing her I had a submissive side and she wanted to give me a weekend without choice to prove it to myself and show me how it feels for her to serve me. I knew she was right, having already had many thoughts since this had started about being kept sealed and locked up by her and nodded “Ok.” Lori squealed loudly jumping into my lap and kissing my gagged face while she wiggled in my lap for several minutes before she jumped back up and led me to the bathroom. Lori deftly removed the chastity tube stroking my cock until the rubber was straight and told me to pee, I had never been in this situation before and stood humiliated at her request. Lori poked me in my corseted side and said “I don’t know when I‘ll feel like being this nice to you again so go!”

After desperately trying to think about anything to help me go I finally I relieved myself and felt the steel tube being reinstalled as soon as she had squeezed out the last drop of urine from the rubber sheath. “We need to get some rest before we go out,” she said as she pulled me towards my room and pushed me back on the bed. I had hoped for some of my bonds to be removed but she turned and left me sitting on the bed so I struggled to lay back and get the rest of my body on the bed.

I must have been more tired than I thought because next thing I knew I was being shaken while she yelled “GET UP!” I struggled to my feet wondering what was going on. Before I could get my thought together she was pulling on the leash again and when I didn’t move fast enough she stopped and hooked it to the o-ring on the cock tube. “This will make you move a little quicker” she said as she yanked on my trapped cock and balls.

The gag was ripped off my head and she held a glass of water to my mouth almost drowning me as she ranted about being stuck in the corset. “I wanted to loosen the corset, but no Kelly had to do that thing she does with the laces and now I can’t!”

I smiled as I drank the water knowing exactly what she was talking about and hoped she would free me so I could help. After a strange tasting goo was forced into my mouth several times the gag was forced back in roughly and all the straps retightened and then locked. I heard her say that all the keys would remain at home tonight as I watched her lock her favorite steel cuffs around her wrists. I could see she was still wearing the new ballet boots she had bought but had shimmied into another latex skirt. The skirt went to just below her knees holding them very tightly together and was a smoky transparent color allowing just a peek at her trimmed bush under it. 

The cuffs had been locked on over matching long latex gloves and she wore nothing over the tight corset, looking at her made my dick swell inside the steel and rubber. Lori grabbed her bag and before leaving the house locked a collar around her neck that looked a lot like the one she had locked on me. Now that she was dressed she tugged on the leash and we were out the door and quickly in the car. I was aching all over but it was the gag that was hurting the most, I had never worn a gag anywhere near this long and never one this large. I sat struggling to breathe in the corset and hood not paying attention to where we were going until she parked the car and warned me if I embarrassed her she would keep me locked up until Monday morning. I struggled to keep up with her in my high heels amazed and aroused at how well she walked in the ballet boots wondering when she had the time to practice. Walking into the club was a real adventure for me, I had never been out dressed all in rubber and never bound and gagged and I found myself resisting her tugs until they became yanks on my swollen cock and balls and started hurting.

Shortly after arriving Lori pulled me close saying, “I’m sorry I’ve been such a bitch,” and stroked my steel covered cock moving the leash back to the collar. I followed her latex covered ass around the club several times thankful when she finally stopped and sat down. When I tried to sit also she yanked the leash and motioned for me to stand next to her forcing me to stand gasping in the uncomfortable shoes. I stood and listened to her tell our friends that I was a friend's slave she was watching for the weekend, I was glad she didn’t tell anyone it was me. 

I stood thinking if this was what it was like for her when we went out and she was my slave wondering if she enjoyed it since I was starting to have my doubts about remaining bound pulling on the steel holding me realizing my cock had been engorged the entire time. After a few hours of walking and even trying to dance with her enjoying watching her wiggle and gasp in her latex and corset she led me towards the door. I was completely waterlogged inside the thick rubber, my feet and hands were aching from being wet for so long making me forget about the other aches I was feeling from the tight corset and gag.

We drove home with the radio cranked up and Lori slightly inebriated worrying me if she got stopped what would they do with me, nothing could be removed and my wallet was at home so I would be screwed so I sat gasping letting her concentrate on her driving. The house was a welcome relief and I was glad when I could see it getting nearer. Lori practically dragged me out of the car and into the house shoving me onto the bed before disappearing from my sight. I was trying to get comfortable when she was suddenly on top of me again removing the chastity tube and stroking my cock and balls roughly inside the thick rubber. I looked at her and could see she had strapped her large gag harness on herself and was no longer wearing the latex skirt. My cock leapt to attention filling and stretching the rubber slightly when I felt some added pressure on my cock then a faint vibrating sensation. Lori had strapped a vibrator to me and was soon riding my cock while I could feel almost nothing.

Lori rode me for over an hour while I struggled to breathe and with the bonds holding me helpless under her I could do little but watch her work in the tight corset before she screamed into her gag as she climaxed. As she struggled on top of me I noticed she had not only gagged herself but after getting onto my cock she had cuffed her hands behind her back. I watched fully aroused as her chest heaved over the top of the corset arousing me more but the thick rubber over my cock and the feeling of being trapped in my own body fluids for so long kept me from climaxing. Lori sat impaled on my rubber cock gasping for air around the gag for several minutes before she slithered off me and swayed out of the room leaving me alone and frustrated with my cock still being vibrated. Again I fell asleep after a long struggling to achieve orgasm being awakened again by Lori telling me to sit up. The boots and shackles had already been removed and as soon as I sat up she unlocked my wrists and started removing the harness pulling the gag out of my mouth much to my relief. The hood and collar came off next but before she unlocked the cat suit she said “I expect you to obey me and let me but you back into the suit whenever I am ready” she knew if I agreed I would let her since we always kept our word to one another above all else. I said I would and she opened the suit and pulled the hot rubber off my shoulders.

The cool air was fantastic and when she stopped I thought she had changed her mind forgetting about the stiff corset until she started to loosen it. The corset was removed and I took a deep breath as she tugged at the rubber allowing me to pull my hands out of it. As soon as my arms were free she grabbed the key for her boots and said “You can finish getting out, clean and dry yourself and the suit making sure to lock this back on and meet me in my room” handing me the steel chastity tube. I showered cleaning the suit while I let the hot water ease some of my aches and pains hanging the thick rubber over the curtain rod to drip dry. When I felt almost normal again I reluctantly locked the steel around my cock and balls then turned off the water and dried myself thoroughly before taking the suit and drying it as well. I put on some loose pants and a T shirt adding socks to help my wrinkled feet and went to her room. Lori was lying on her bed still wearing the boots and corset waiting on me, I assumed to free her of them.

“Took you long enough,” she said with a grin, “Now unlace me, I guess I’ll have to cut the straps on the boots since the keys don’t work in the locks.” I wrestled with the corset laces for twenty minutes before I got them loose enough for her to take a deep breath then removed it completely. She slipped into the mini skirt and tank top again and we went to the kitchen to fix ourselves something to eat. After eating I went to my room returning with a large key ring and started trying each key in the locks on her boots, neither of us wanted to ruin the boots and after many incorrect tries the lock finally popped open. I unlocked both boots before placing a towel under hot water and while it was warming removed one boot. I rang out the water and slowly and carefully rubbed her foot with the hot towel while I messaged it. Repeating the process Lori just leaned back in the chair and moaned and purred until she was almost asleep.

Lori stumbled to the bathroom and took a long hot bath leaving me to relax and think about what had happened and hoping she would relieve my aching cock and balls. Lori came out of the bath and lay down on the couch with her head on my lap allowing me to stroke her naked body causing my cock to jump as far as it could in the steel tube. Suddenly she jumped up and ran to her room returning in a few minutes yanking my pants down, with my cock fully aroused she had to wrestle the steel catheter tube into the end of the steel tube and into my cock. Several times I hissed at the pinching she was causing grabbing her hands getting told to stop or she would lock them behind my back again. Once she managed to get the tube all the way in I heard a small click as the catheter tube was latched in place. 

“There, now you’re ready for the rest of our weekend.” I didn’t argue or resist as she curled back up on her lap and I figured she had planned to keep me locked up for the weekend. Soon we had both drifted off to sleep again with me dreaming of being sealed inside the thick rubber while she teased me. I woke up to find her gone and sat rubbing my aching cock and balls before getting up to look for her. Lori was dressed in the long latex hobble dress she had purchased, by her height I could tell she was wearing the ballet boots again. I watched her wrestle with the corset for a few minutes feeling my impaled cock slide up the tube giving me some interesting new sensations before she noticed me and demanded I come lace her up properly.

As I started lacing her she locked the steel cuffs round her wrists again sealing herself in the dress and shoulder length gloves she had put on under the long sleeves. I pulled the laces steadily for several passes stopping only to give my fingers a rest and to let her adjust some before really making it tight. I had seen how tight Kelly had laced it the day before and wanted to make it tighter this time so even though Lori had said “Just a little more” I pulled hard crushing her waist, hips and chest. When I was done I had pulled another inch from her already narrow waist. Lori stood gasping, one hand on her chest and the other on her waist panting as she twisted and stretched. She started to complain but I continued tucking the laces under the remaining X’s like Kelly had done guaranteeing she wouldn’t be able to unlace it by herself tying them off at multiple locations until there was only one bow left behind her back.

I noticed the neck corset lying on the bed and picked it up wrapping it around her thin neck and began threading the laces through it. Lori was still gasping as I slowly tightened it around her throat determined to try and make her as uncomfortable as I was in the steel tube. I stopped tightening it when I could see her face change color slightly knowing how she preferred collars very tight and tied off the laces. This collar had two wide straps that almost completely covered the laces so I grabbed the two locks lying on the dresser and snapped them in place sealing her fate. Lori waved me off and staggered out of her room, rubbing her neck and chest as she gasped for air making my cock desperately try to break the steel surrounding it.

I grinned as I watched her walk away not knowing turnabout would be fair play shortly. I was in my room hanging up the latex suit when she confidently walked in asking what I was doing? “You’ve got another night in that so don’t put it away.” I reluctantly took it off the hanger and was about to lay it down when she motioned for me to get in to it. I asked if I could go relieve myself and was ordered to perform an enema “Be quick about it!” I had only done that a couple of times and wasn’t a fan but I also knew it was still early and if I was to be locked inside the thick rubber for another night I would be thankful I did so I took a bladder pill and relieved myself flushing myself twice before cleaning up and returning to my room. 

Lori was admiring herself in the mirror when I came sheepishly back into the room, the enema’s had felt humiliating and I was starting to regret agreeing to her requests. Immediately she said “Get dressed” pointing to the suit so I started to slide my legs into it and work it up to my captured cock and balls. Lori came over kneeling in front of me and removed the cock tube and roughly stuffed my cock and balls into the tube. I had not seen her insert the small vibrator into the tube since I was enthralled by the heaving of her chest and very quickly my rubberized cock and balls were stuffed into the tube and locked up tight again. Lori pulled herself erect grunting as she stood mumbling something about being hard to breathe and helped me get my arms into the sleeves. Before pulling the thick rubber over my shoulders again she clamped my nipples with tweezer style clamps, making me hiss as she yanked the rubber over my shoulders pushing my hands into the mittens again.

I knew as she pulled the zipper closed and locked it I could not manipulate the key with my hands in the mittens and would be stuck wearing the clamps until they either popped off or were removed. As Lori laced the boots on me she was grunting each pull of the laces and gasped “Since you thought it was necessary to lace me so tight I figure it’s your turn” and locked the manacles over the boots. I was already regretting my decision to over tighten her corset but had no idea how much she was going to pay me back. The gag was followed by the hood and both were pulled extra tight making it harder to open my eyes and impossible to say anything. The steel collar was locked around my neck then my hands were locked to the o-ring on the front of the collar. If I had remembered the corset I would have resisted the cuffing of my hands but I didn’t and only when she wrapped it around me did I know I was in trouble. 

Lori tugged and pulled on the laces squeezing me tightly but with the tight rubber and extreme corset, she couldn’t make it as tight as the day before so I smiled around the gag thinking, HA, I beat you this time. Lori tied the laces off leaving my hands attached to the collar and took a chain from her bag and attached it to the short chain between my ankles and pulled it tight forcing me to stand with my ankles touching. I could no longer look down so I was surprised when I felt my cock and balls being stretched downwards and when she told me to walk I found each step pulled mercilessly on the chastity tube. After only a few steps my cock and balls were already hurting and I whined around the gag getting a nasty response from my captor “If you had acted nicely I wouldn’t be adding to you predicament but since you wanted to try and top me from the bottom I needed to show you who’s boss.” 

I was helpless, I couldn’t change anything or even beg, but I tried, first I thrashed about fighting my restraints then after catching my breath I whined and moaned desperately trying to get her attention. I found her with my limited vision admiring her figure in the large mirror even with my vision hampered the way it was. She looked stunning in her latex and corset and my cock once again tried to grow inside the tube. While I stood gasping she turned to me and said “Maybe wearing my new catsuit under the dress wasn’t such a good idea, but I do love the feeling of everything so tight.” I was stunned not only did I tighten the corset tighter over the thin latex but she had worn the thick rubber under that! I didn’t think she could take it for long so I relaxed slightly knowing she would have to free my hands from the rubber so I could loosen the corset and I wouldn’t let her bind me again.

An hour later my nipples were screaming, I had been left to wander on my own to adjust to my situation per her suggestion. I had stopped to look at myself in the mirror noticing how the large gag she had filled my mouth with was protruding from the open mouth of the hood. The corset even though it was not as tight still pulled my waist in by a few inches stopping just below my rib cage and actually made me wish she could tighten it a little more. My nipples were still complaining and I could just barely make out their shape under the thick rubber. I shuffled around getting used to the pull on my cock and balls and even starting to enjoy it a little when she attached the leash to my collar and without a word pulled me out to the car. With the tight corset crushing her waist Lori had to lean the seat back further so she could breathe making it more difficult for her to see over the steering wheel. I could do nothing but sit and look forward and hoped she was ok to drive, this was still the scariest part especially since I did not know where we were going.

It felt like we drove for hours before she finally parked the car and drug me out by the leash. As we walked I could see we were in a neighborhood and panicked slightly as I could see a large house getting closer. Lori just yanked harder on the leash making me shuffle faster pulling harder on my now aching cock and balls. I could see the steps to the front door and wondered how not only was she going to make it up to them but how she was going to get me up them. I was shocked as she seemed to hop up the first then second step stopping only when my leash grew taunt and turning towards me and said, “If you hop up it's much easier than me dragging you up.” Lori pulled hard on the leash forcing me off balance and in desperation I closed my eyes and hopped, I felt my feet land on the step and instinctively hopped again this time with my eyes open. After eight more hops I was at the top of the staircase feeling like my balls were being ripped off but feeling strangely proud of my accomplishment. 

Lori steadied her breathing before knocking on the door, immediately the door was opened and a woman encased in latex from head to toe stood in front of us. The woman had no facial features and even her eyes appeared to be covered and she waved us in holding the door as I shuffled by her. Lori stopped and waited for the thin, latex covered woman to close the door then followed her through the hallway into the living room. I stood trying to focus and catch my breath looking around the room noticing I knew several of the people and realized this was Martin’s new house. I had heard him talk about getting it but had never been to it before and relaxed knowing this was just a party of club regulars and not something I needed to be scared of. After a quick tour of the room a man walked up and asked if this was our newest waiter? Lori said it was and handed him the key to something but asked if he could help her by tightening the corset first!

I was spun around and the man quickly untied the knot she had tied and began pulling on the laces. Lori stood in front of me smiling as each pull made me expel a little more air through my nose. Lori stopped him when she had seen my waist shrink considerably and asked him if he could adjust again in an hour or so. The man agreed and pulled my leash leading me back into the serving area. Again I was nervous I had never been forced to serve anyone and now I was with someone I didn’t know. I was concentrating on my breathing when he unlocked my hands from my neck leaving them connected while he hung a tray over my shoulders attaching the chains to my collars o-ring then tightening the belt so tight I could feel the added pressure through the corset and rubber.

As soon as the tray was secured he unlocked the cuffs relocking them to the far edge of the tray then pulled leather straps tightly around my forearms and elbows locking each strap. Now I could not move my arms at all, the tight strap around my waist allowed no movement. I was told I was to carry drinks back and forth, make one pass around the room then return to the serving area, if I spilled anything I would be punished. For hours I shuffled around the room desperately trying not to spill anything, the butler had adjusted my corset as requested making me gasp for air but I had gotten into a rhythm almost enjoying myself when suddenly my cock started shaking. The sudden shock of it made me stop too quickly and several of the drinks tipped over, I couldn’t see them spilling but I felt them fall over in the tray.

I returned to the kitchen with my cock being shaken violently to be chastised by the butler. He scolded me while the tray was cleaned by another latex encased woman. After the tray was dry he clipped the leash to my collar again and led me out into the main room again pulling me up to a rack. After pressing my waist against the rack, she wrapped a strap around me and pulled it tightly. I tried to move and found I was unable to pull away from the rack. The butler moved in front of me and pulled the tray down forcing me to lean forward and secured it to the rack leaving me forced to stay bent over at about a forty five degree angle. I was gasping as I struggled, the vibrations seemed to be getting stronger and the strange angle made my nipples throb much worse. As I was struggling I heard someone behind me call for attention. “We have our first slave to be punished, he was not able to keep from spilling so now he will be punished for his lack of skill.” 

The man went on to explain that I was to be whipped by everyone in the room before I would be allowed to start serving again, making me try to struggle harder. Just as a blindfold was pulled over my eyes I heard Lori speak up and explain that I was wearing very thick rubber so everyone would have to strike very hard to make sure I felt it. I cursed her under the hood, I had been to these parties before and knew what was coming so I tried to relax feeling very aroused at the thought of being punished by others and being out of control. It took two hours before everyone had taken a turn and I think several took more than one and I was released from the rack and blindly led into the serving room. 

I stood in darkness being completely ignored for what seemed like days, my ass and nipples throbbing my jaw aching and my feet swimming in sweat. The vibrations that had been keeping me aroused had faded during my time at the whipping rack leaving me even more frustrated. For the first time in my life I had felt hopeless almost coming to tears as I struggled to free myself finding I couldn’t. I tried to communicate with anyone I heard near me and could not make any comprehensible noises. The pain and frustration overwhelmed me leaving me standing motionless gasping as the servers walked to and from the main room ignoring me completely. Now I was standing, still helpless in the dark afraid to move, afraid to do anything not wanting to be punished again thinking about how many times I had participated in the exact same treatment of others including one that I love more than anything. I began to feel lost again not knowing where I was as my mind began to play games with me again thinking Lori got drunk and forgot about me and left already or went to play with someone leaving me to stand in the dark until she was done pleasuring herself.

I continued running different scenarios through my mind finally accepting I was where I was and could nothing about it and slowly moved an inch forward dragging each foot making sure I didn’t step off or into anything. The slow movements helped with my mood and gave me something to concentrate on and after what felt like another week passed I bumped into something and slowly adjusted my direction and continued until I felt a tug on the leash turning me around. I stood still blind as the tray was removed and my hands were pulled behind my back and locked together. I had no struggle left in me even when I felt my hands being pulled up my back and secured to the steel collar leaving them locked in between my shoulder blades. I was beaten. I had no strength left, no will to fight, when I felt the corset being loosened. 

I was very relieved to be able to breathe a little better just from the minor adjustment and while I adjusted to the new tension the blindfold was pulled off and I was pulled out of the room with my eyes still trying to see through the small holes over them. When I saw Lori I knew how a dog feels when their master comes home and rushed to her rubbing my chest on her arm. Lori thanked the butler patting me on the head telling me how good I had done encouraging me to walk to the car. I followed behind her concentrating on my steps trying to limit the yanks on my aching balls. We exited through the side door both thankful for no steps but realizing it doubled the distance to the car. Lori wasn’t walking as fast so I knew she was tired and was able to keep up her a little easier. 

The ride home was quiet as Lori concentrated on her driving and I sat staring straight ahead trying not to lean back on my cramping arms making them hurt more. Arriving home she led me into the house dragging me behind her dropping the leash as soon as we were inside. Lori went to her room returning shortly with a key ring releasing my hands from behind my back and started unlocking the collar and hood. Lori had not spoken a word and unlaced my corset unzipping the suit and pulling it over my shoulders letting me pull my hands from the sleeves handing me the keys and walking into her room. I shuffled to my room and removed the cock cage and boots peeling the damp rubber from my body and climbed into the shower cleaning myself and the suit again. After drying myself and the suit I stepped into my bed clothes lying down rubbing my jaw and nipples and fell asleep. 

Waking the next afternoon I worked my sore muscles moaning as I touched my nipples on the bed but thankful it was all over. I hadn’t heard anything from Lori so I got up, checked my suit relieving myself, went to the kitchen and fixed breakfast expecting her to emerge when she smelled the food. After eating I went to her room opening the door quietly finding her standing against the support pole still corseted in her latex and toe boots. I stood string at her amazed that she had encased her head in a heavy leather hood with her pump up gag forcing her mouth to remain stretched open. Around her neck she had placed the tall posture collar unbeknownst to me over the neck corset she was already wearing. The collar forced her head back with the hood covering her eyes and mouth leaving only two small holes under her nose open.

I watched her chest heaving under the corset, scanning down, seeing a chain running from under her skirt around the post, keeping from being able to step away from the pole. I moved closer seeing that she had also run another thin chain around her narrow waist locking it to the pole as well and with her hands cuffed behind her back around the pole there was no chance of her freeing herself at all. I grunted as I thought about how she had no intention of freeing herself since her keys were lying on the dresser across the room from her. I ran my hand gently across her chest getting no reaction from her since she couldn’t feel it so I continued stroking her bound body feeling how tight the two layers of rubber were stretched across it. I was getting aroused as I felt her breathing and her muscles quivering under the rubber as she strained to stand motionless. Since I had no idea what time we had gotten home I didn’t know I had slept for ten hours meaning she had been bound to the pole for over twelve. 

I wanted to take her right then but I wasn’t sure if she wanted out or not or if I wanted to free her or not thinking about what she had done to me last night. I stopped stroking her rubber coated body leaving her alone and went to the other room to think about it. I cleaned up the kitchen and took another shower dressing myself in my own rubber pants topping it with a rubber shirt returning to my bound beauty. I walked up to the now visibly shaking woman and asked very loud if she wanted to be free. Lori whined loudly desperately shaking her head as much as she could. I answered by saying “I’m not sure if you’re ready to be released yet. Maybe I should whip you for a few hours beforehand.” Lori whined loudly again thrashing in her bonds as I slapped her body with my hand for a few minutes.

I unlocked the chains around her waist and ankles finding her ankles were shackled together and was unable to find the key on the ring I had, I found out later she had shackled them before we had left the house because she was feeling she needed something restricting her more. I unlocked her hands from behind the pole reconnecting them behind her back and led her away from the pole into my room. I made her stand while I rolled the tight latex dress up to her narrow waist pushing her back onto the bed. I knew her suit had rubber linings for her pussy and ass and intended on using both to relieve myself before untying her completely. Lori was whining and moaning as I explored her rubber lined orifice making sure it was stretched out as far as it could be before inserting a large vibrator deep into her pussy. Before I could turn it on Lori rolled onto her stomach, I was starting to think she didn’t want me to vibrate her when she raised her ass wiggling it slightly. I laughed rolling off the bed to get her plug.

I inserted her inflatable plug pumping it until she whined loudly and her hands were thrashing behind her and she rolled back over. I vibrated her for an hour thrusting it in and out while I covered and uncovered her breathing holes. I continued to vibrate her inflating and deflating both her gag and plug until I could take no more and inserted my cock into her pussy stretching her legs apart leaving her bound ankles on my shoulders. This forced her legs beside her torso squeezing the air from her as I pumped inside her feeling her struggling under me as I fought to orgasm. With the hot rubber gripping me tight it only took a few minutes for me to climax feeling her shutter under me. I let her legs slide down my back, the shackles keeping them around my waist as I lay on top of the gasping woman relishing what had happened and stroking her body.

After the afterglow I slid out from under her legs rolling her over sitting on her waist while I worked on the corset laces. With her face forced to stay straight ahead she had to breathe through the sheets gathered around her face while I worked on the corset. It took almost twenty minutes to untangle them and as I was starting to loosen them Lori began whining and shifting herself under me. I realized what was happening, enjoying making her struggle, continuing to unlace the corset. Finally I rolled her over, letting her take a deep breath and started working the corset down her legs until it was completely off her body. Lori moaned as she took deep breaths, whining as I stood her up, unlacing the back of the dress then unzipping it. I released her cuffs, which were still in place, removing them then pulling the dress down to her ankles. While I removed the dress and turned to lay it out she snapped the cuffs back on her wrists behind her back.

I returned to find her cuffed again and stopped while I thought about it knowing I had removed them then realizing she wanted to stay in her rubber suit. I unlaced the hood peeling the sweat soaked leather from her face and head seeing her expanded cheeks and red face and smiled as she blinked to get used to the dim light. I released the air pressure in her mouth sliding it out getting another groan from her as she slowly closed her mouth. Lori stood in her ballet heels covered in tight rubber from neck to toes with her wrists and ankles shackled together and the bulb from the plug hanging between her knees. I took the gag and slipped it into her rubber coated pussy and pumped it until she threw her head back and moaned deeply again. When she opened her eyes and looked at me smiling I asked “Hungry?”

She smiled and nodded her head, croaking out, “Thirsty too.”

I let her follow me into the kitchen and sit down while I got her plate from the fridge, sticking it in the microwave while I got a large bottle of water from the fridge. Sitting in front of her I put it to her lips.

Lori drank greedily until the ding of the oven so I got her food and slowly fed her while she explained why she had done that to herself. “I was so jealous of you last night, I wanted to be you having everyone whipping me and controlling me.” I continued to feed her amazed at how different our feelings were about last night as she continued. “I expected you to come to my room last night but hoped you wouldn’t.” She had really enjoyed being helplessly bound for so long especially when she had started shaking wondering how much longer she could stand there.

After eating her meal and finishing the bottle of water I told her how I felt last night and asked for her to never ask me to do that again. She apologized citing the difference in our feelings as the reason we got along so well and we talked for another hour before I asked if she wanted out lowering her head. She said no, begging to spend the day as she was with me using and teasing her. We spent the remainder of the day on the couch her in her thick rubber and boots, lying on my lap with me pinching and teasing her rubber coated body; napping and watching TV in between me teasing and using her to relieve my frustrations. All I could think about as I watched her sleeping with her head on my lap was how perfect the shopping trip had turned out.


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