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Sexy Robot

by Fatboy

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© Copyright 2001 - Fatboy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; wrap; latex; bondage; cons; X

I hope that my first story will be enough good for publishing it. How you understood, my English isn't the best, but all I learnt is by your stories (not so bad, isn't it?). 

Sexy Robot - Part 1

She stood in front of him, completely naked. She had just finished shaving herself and now had only the hair on her head, red and curly, covering her back and her bottom. She was so proud of her hair's length.
"Ready?" Tom asked.
"Yes! You know that I'm always ready for our game!"
They were in the bedroom, a simply bedroom, with a large bed, a wardrobe for her and him and a big, full-length mirror in a corner. On the bed there was several rolls of silver duct tape and a large cardboard box. She had never seen the box before, but she said nothing, she was too excited by the thought of what was to come. Tom picked up a roll and approached Becky; she raised her left foot, bending the knee presenting herself to him. He began winding the tape over her skin, covering all her foot and over the ankle, he continued up her leg to her knee and then over her thigh covering her whole leg. Tom then gently began caressing the tape and her skin under the silver surface.
"Too tight??"
"Not at all. It's perfect!" she smiled.

Soon also her other leg was mummified in the sticky tape. Not an inch of skin was visible and she had not more than two inches of mobility at the knee when she tried to move her legs. She could walk, but very, very slowly, just like if she was under water. She walked around the bed, stiff, moaning with pleasure.
"Can I go ahead?"
"Yes Tom, please..."

Another roll, more flesh disappeared under the silver film. Tom wound tightly around her waist making it narrower, but he didn't compress her breasts and chest much so as not to restrict her breathing. She wanted to breath freely.
"It's getting hot inside here!" Becky said eagerly trying to bend her waist. Tom slowly covered her shoulders, and then he carefully wound the tape around her neck making sure she was comfortable before continuing. After a break for a few minutes, because he had to answer the phone (someone that made a wrong number, he explained her), he covered her arms and her hands, wrapping finger by finger in the tape, cut in narrow strips.
"I can't grab something smaller than a egg, but I think that I can grab what I want..." she thought smiling and looking at his now erect manhood, visible under his pants.

"What is that?" she asked, pointing slowly with her covered finger to the box on the bed.
"Just a little surprise for you."
"I have to preoccupe?"
"Nonsense... Ready for the last part?"
She nodded, anxious to see and feel the sticky tape all over her face, her lips, her eyes, losing the sense of sound by the earplug of wax he always used when they played their bondage game. He showed her a white rubber bathing cap. She glanced at him curious, but she did nothing when he stretched it over her hair, now completely covered and pulled tightly between her scalp and the rubber. She saw her figure in the full length mirror.
"Wow! I'm bald!" she laughed, moving slowly to see herself better. "Why you did this?"
"Surprise!" he smiled, he began winding the duct tape under her chin, he placed some cloth into her mouth gagging her before covering her lips with more tape, that felt for her like a lover's kiss, hot and passionate. She moaned with pleasure, and began rubbing her taped finger over her shaved pussy, that was dripping honey along her stiff silver legs.

Soon only her womanhood, her eyes and her ears were free from the silver. Her features while they were perfectly visible, he could only say that the creature who was standing in front of him was a woman, but not more than that. Her face covered by the tape had blended her features, her body was now slightly smaller due to the tapes constriction, but her female curves were still visible if not enhanced by the silver tape.
"Perfect." he said. "Now, let me explain what will happen. When I answered the phone, it was not a wrong number, but your sister, she said me that she will arrive with her two children..." He looked at his watch. "Uhm, in thirty minutes. I’ll have to hurry up!"

She screamed through the gag and tried to reach him to obtain more explanation. He couldn't leave her in this condition with her sister approaching!!! He smiled and opened the box, picked up something rustling and showed it to his wife. It was a beautiful, heavy, shiny Victorian dress made of rubber, all black and white, like those dresses she saw sometimes in films about ancient England. She tried to speak, but the tape was too tight for her mouth and only a muffled sound come over. She knew that in her condition, she couldn't free herself, and this, and the thought of her sister and the children coming, were made her soooo wet!!! He gently used tape at her crotch, but before he closed her he slipped inside her a butt plug and a large inflatable dildo with a tiny tube in the centre and two wires connected at a little box.

"So you can piss, if you want. You have to stay in your silver skin for two days, because today is Saturday morning, and your sister will stay here for the weekend. I invited her saying that you are away for work... Don't worry, the dildo is a vibrating one, and I will check the batteries frequently!" said Tom taping the box, already filled with new batteries, just above the left knee.

He helped her to slip in the dress, that had a built in corset, also made in rubber, and laced it snug against her already tape covered hot body and closed the rear zip, Tom then padlocked the end and covered the whole thing with a large adhesive strip of black rubber. Now only her taped head and the hands were visible, because he had also slipped her silver taped legs into black rubber stockings and placed 5-inch spike heeled shoes on her feet.
"Good! Sue would never think that here is a zip... Oh, I almost forgot the bag."
"What bag?" thought Becky.
He took a litre bag made of heavy clear plastic and with tape he sealed the end of the tiny tube at her pussy, the bag was perfectly concealed by the rubber gown and the rubber white petticoats.
"You couldn't piss on the carpet, honey!"
She mumbled, trying not to think about having to have to piss for the next two days in a bag under her gown. She was excited by the unexpected adventure, and the buzzing thing inside her pussy didn't help her to calm down.
He took a long strip of tape and covered her ears and her eyes. She was now blind and dumb and for two whole days!!!
"Now, the gloves and the mask."

The last three items in the box were a pair of thick, black rubber elbow length gloves that he put on her arms, taping the end of the gloves under the sleeves of the dress, so nothing could be visible, and then he covered her head with a latex mask, complete with red hair and neck.
"I know, it will be a little tight, but it's the only one I found with red curly and long hair..." He said covering her whole head and neck with the latex surface, hiding completely the tape. She stood in front of him, perfect like a rubber doll should be, completely covered in tape and rubber. She couldn't talk, she couldn't see, and she could hardly move, but she was so horny, and the ultra tight mask and the vibrating monster in her pussy were doing their jobs too well. She came, over and over, her body shaking all over and she thanked the fact that the firm tape covering her legs helped her stay upright during her orgasm. She returned to Earth just as the doorbell ring.
"Your sister! Stay here and do as I say and there will be no problems. I hope or I will have to give your sister some kind of explanation!" he said laughing and left the room, leaving Becky alone in darkness and pleasure...

Five minutes later she heard four voices in the room. She stood motionless.
"Wow! It's cool!!!" Michelle said, the younger of the children, eight years old.
"Yeah!" said her brother, John, eleven years old.
"So, this is your new research..." began Sue. "Looks like a kinky doll..."
"But it's a robot, the most perfect on Earth!" smiled Tom. "It can't see or speak, but it can listen and quite knows the house, 'cause I programmed it with the coordinates of my rooms. Look. Becky, come on!"
"It has the same name of my sister..."
"Yes, I thought she and it are similar, so..."

In the meanwhile Becky slowly moved, praying that nobody could detect that it was a she. She tried to remember the room, but she couldn't remember exactly, so she stumbled over the bed.
"Your robot isn't so perfect!" said ironically Sue.
"But it's cool! Can it stay with us for the weekend?" said Michelle
"Sure. I’ll leave it here from my lab just for you. It should never be alone for a minute. You can play, saying what it has to do, but remember, it is like your auntie, like a human being. I just have to check batteries two times at day..."

Becky remembered the dildo; it was now beginning to make its presence felt for another time. How will I be have an orgasm while playing the nanny with her nephews? She thought. She soon discovered, because Michelle took her gloved hand.
"Come, we’ll go and play with my doll, and you will be my best friend!" said the child as she literally dragged the taped and rubberised woman into the living room.
"Robot..." She listened faintly while following, as fast as her encased legs permitted. 
Her sister said, “If it is supposed to be human like, because of the limited way it moves it’s hard to think that it is a human being. It's so easy to detect that it is a machine!"
Becky thanked the tape that firmly sealed her lips, but in her mind she laughed at her sister.

Sexy Robot - Part Two

At the end of the day, Becky was very hungry and thirsty, but she was in heaven. She'd lost count of the orgasms she had reached during the day, the batteries of her dildo had now stopped doing their job, the vibrations had ceased. Inside her tape and latex skin she was very hot, and having to move around the house following her young neice Michelle like a mechanical puppet, didn't help her to stay cool.
"I hope that Tom will give me some food soon, I haven't eaten since this morning, I’ve only had a coffee and some biscuits!" thought the red headed girl. Standing in front of the table where the others, that is her lover, her sister and the two children, were talking about the fun-fair where the children wanted to go the next day with their friends whilst eating pizza, the smell of which was delicious.
"Tom, you'll pay for this!" mumbled Becky as her tummy growled.

She tried to open the mouth, maybe a fraction of inch, but her lips were completely immobilized by the tape all over her face and her body.
"I want to scream, but I know that if I make any sounds, my nephews and my older sister will know that under all this latex there is a woman..."

The shoes were killing her feet, and the large bag was now quite full of her gold liquid and heavy as it bumped against her black rubberized legs, remembering with each second that she was completely helpless, bound with silver duct tape from the tip of her toes to the top of her head and covered also in heavy latex from this morning.

Finally with the dinner finished Tom took her gloved hand in his.
"Excuse me, Sue, but I have to check the batteries and the machines systems, should take maybe half an hour."
"No problem. I clean the table and start to watch the TV."
"Uncle, can Becky sleep in my bed tonight?" asked Michelle.
"Dear, it isn't a doll, it's a important project for your uncle, isn't it?" her mother said looking Tom.
"Yes, it's true, and during the night the IA of Becky have to evaluate all the information you gave it today, so it's better if it stays somewhere quiet..."
"Ok, I understand!"

Tom helped his girlfriend into their room, locked the door and helped Becky sit onto the bed, he bent down and slipped off her shoes. Relieved, she sighed.
"Now I'll unmask you, but don't hope that I'll ungag you..."
She made muffled sounds pleading for the gag to be removed.
"Please, Becky, stop making a noise. I'll give you food and drink, but only by a straw."

He took a pair of scissors and carefully cut a piece of tape off her lips and pushed the straw inside them. He took some fruit juice with vitamins and energy integrators and put the other end of the straw inside the liquid.
"Suck!" he said at the girl in front of him, her head completely covered in silver duct tape.
She did as she was ordered, the fresh juice fulfilled her senses for a moment.

"This is enough for today, 'cause it's very energetic." explained Tom extracting the straw from her lips. He began to seal them again, her soft red lips were covered by the silver tape and then he replaced the  mask, but not before he gave her a tender kiss. She moaned when he lifted her rubber petticoats and grabbed the bag, heavy and full.
"You piss a lot, you know?" he smiled detaching the tape that sealed the tube inside her pussy and carefully he disposed of the golden liquid. After that a new bag was attached to the tube and he changed the batteries in the box controlling the dildo, that started the vibrations again sending Becky back into kinky spaceā€¦

"Until tomorrow morning you'll stay in our bedroom, ready for my pleasure. If you want to finish the game now, raise your arms, otherwise don't do nothing." She moved a gloved hand, slowly, searching for his body. She found his arm and she pressed her body against his, hugging him and kissing his lips with her sealed and rubberized one. He kissed her also, tasting the strange flavour of her rubber mouth, touching her body with his hand and stroking her pussy with  the other hand until she came, a soft cry blocked by the tape and a shake of her body just visible. Tom waited a minute, looking the strange creature that was his girlfriend trying to enhance her pleasure touching her body, but at the end he left the room. Becky heard the door closing after him, leaving her trembling body alone in her impermeable prison of tape and latex. She couldn't get off the bed, her legs were quite rigid and not flexible enough to bend the knees and sit on the edge of the bed. She could only lie still.

She waited for him to return laying on the bed still unable to move, she eventually fell asleep, she was awoken by something that was stroking her face, or better her masked and taped face, this made her wake from her dreams. She tried to speak but the duct tape was too strong and nothing came out from her lips. The hand continued caressing her face, her neck, and then someone jumped onto her, they began massaging her breasts and kissing her blind eyes. She tried to move her arms, but the knees of the unknown person were over them, so she was immobilized and she was loving it. The rhythm and the dildo were driving her crazy, and she was feeling that also her lover getting was near to orgasm, also she felt that the stranger couldn't or didn't want to fuck her.
With a final jump they both came. Slowly the movement stopped, and only the deep breath of the stranger was audible in the room.
"You're not a robot, you are my deep desire come to life!" Becky heard the voice of her sister over her.
"Impossible. Sue is so normal, without fantasies, but..." thought Becky.

"Sue, what the hell you are doing with Becky?" Said Tom, entering the room and finding her over the bed, trying to control herself after her orgasm, her knees blocking the arms of his love.
"Becky, Becky! She thinks I'm a respectable person, someone that never desires something strange or beautiful. I love your robot, and just now I made love with it. It is so warm and tender, that for some moment I was sure that under all this loving rubber there was a woman, not just plastic and steel!"
Tom freezed. He could say nothing. He looked at Sue, and he looked at Becky.
Then laughed, and laughed until tears ran over his cheeks.

"Why you are laughing? What did I say that was so funny?"
"You’ve just made love with your sister..."
"Raise the gown and you will find the legs of your sister encased in silver tape and rubber stockings, a bag attached a tube and the tube inside her pussy!"
"You’re kidding, aren't you?" she asked, but she made like he said, finding the bag, and the tube and the pussy of her sister.
"You’re crazy? Why did you do this to my sister?" Sue jumped on the floor, paralized by the situation.

She was not scared, but intrigued by the situation. Deep inside her, Sue was jealous of her sister as she was now in a situation that she'd only dreamed about.
"She is happy, I'm happy and I could think that now you also are happy!" answered Tom. "Becky, how was your sister?"
Becky moved her hands and made muffled sound, turning her blind eyes to Tom's voice. She was so beautiful, her long, red hair all around the latex face, her red, closed lips inviting anyone to kiss them, her body hugged and constricted in the thick
layers of tape that sealed her.
"Not like me, but ok!” she said.
"Becky, you are inside the rubber suit and the tape only for fun?"
The girl nodded as fast as the tape over her neck allowed.
"What do you want to do now that you know our little secret?" Tom asked.
"I admit that I was always fascinated by rubber and plastic, but I’ve never tried nothing more than a diving suit when alone at home or a bag and tape over my face. Now I know that my little sister is a little more strange than me..."
"Do you have something for me also?" Sue smiled. "Just for tonight. While Michelle and Tom are sleeping..."

Tom moved across the room to the wardrobe and opened it.
"Wow! All my sister's clothes are made from rubber and vinyl."
"What do you think about this catsuit, just to begin with?"
Sue looked at the catsuit. It was made of transparent vinyl, it had long legs with attached feet and long sleeves, a little zip at the rear from bottom to neck.
"You can put this on and then place your normal clothes over the suit so no one can detect that you are quite sealed inside an impermeable skin. The vinyl is more sweat inducing than rubber, so after 30-60 minutes your body will be very hot and will slip over the vinyl, massaging your skin. Try it tonight, and if you like it, stay in it tomorrow."

"But the children?" she asked stripping off the clothes she wore and slipping on the catsuit, smooth and sweet like a lover, clinging all over her body as only imagined in her better dreams. She moaned when the built-in dildoes went in at the right places with a "sloop".
"Michelle and John won’t see your plastic skin if you use long sleeves and trousers."
"Yes, Sue?"
"Can I use this?" she asked grabbing a roll of transparent tape that was inside the wardrobe.
"Sure!" he laughed.
"Thanks a lot!" she said.
She tore a long strip and put it over her lips. Then other two strips followed diagonally covering all her lower face. She moved near Tom and kissed him on the cheek. She then left the room, feeling very horny with the dildoes and the sensation of enclosure and suffocation the tight suit gave her, mumbling and humming happily.

While Tom and Becky found heaven on Earth, Sue was driving herself crazy using the suit and waiting anxious for the next day, when they'll be alone in the house, the children out with their friends... She fell asleep with this thought in mind, happy also that she couldn't smile. The tape over her lips was too strong.

Sexy Robot - Part 3

The morning after Tom was the first to wake up. Becky was still sleeping, cocooned in tape and rubber, 'cause she was still taped from head to toe in silver duct tape, directly stuck over her skin, and to hide that, her boyfriend covered her whole body with a kinky rubber dress, gloves and stockings were rubber also. They had made love all night long, and both were happy and anxious to began the new day, when the two nephews of Becky, Michelle and John will go with some friends at the fun-fair, leaving Tom, Becky and Sue, her sister, alone.
"Go to wake up Sue!" said Tom, leaving the room and, using the key, opening the door of Sue's room.

She was still sleeping like her sister, her body covered by a transparent vinyl catsuit, only her hands and her head exposed, but her lower face completely covered by clear tape. He stopped for a while to observe her, but at the end he moved and touched her warm and shiny body, shaking it and waking Sue.
"Mmhhhnn" was all what she said opening her eyes and looking at Tom.
"Good morning, plastified sleeper!" he laughed. "Half an hour and your children will be here, noisy and happy for their trip to fun-fair."

She opened wide her brown gems and tried to speak, making only sensual noises. She remembered how she slept and stopped. Carefully taking the tape and pulling it off her lips.
"Ahhh, Good morning, Tom. You slept well?"
"We didn't sleep a lot..." he said  smiling.
She pointed at the dildoes inside her suit.
"Me also, but it's all we want, or not?"
"Yes. Come on, dress yourself and go to prepare your children."
"With the catsuit?"
"Why not? You have a pyjamas and socks..."
"True, You said that to me yesterday. Give me five minutes and I'll be ready."
"And me also."
"And your perfect robot! Don't forget what you said to me."
"Sure, today you will be a perfect rubber human being." he said leaving the room and going to prepare himself and Becky.

They thanked George, the father who will spend the whole day with Michelle, John and their other friends and watched the car turn right, in the directionof the fun-fair.
Tom and Sue came back into the house, going to the living room, where "the robot" was waiting.
"Becky, you'll be glad to know that I will now change your condition."
She mumbled.
"Today you will have the eyes, because I need your help for Sue."
"What you want to do with me?" the sister asked, massaging her crotch under her pajamas, where the movement of the dildoes were driving Sue into heaven.
"Nothing too bad. You'll see, It'll be fun, but, before, I have to give sight back to Becky!"

Tom pulled off the mask that covered the face of his girlfriend, showing her sister how she was securely taped. Sue was turned on by the sight of her sister and touched her head, Becky moaned in pleasure and moved her gloved hands down her sisters plastic body, touching Sue's breasts and massaging them.
"Girls, please, you will have all the time after, but I have to do a little work!" he laughed, stopping the two women.

Slowly he cut little holes where the eyes of his gilrfriend have to be, and Becky saw light for the first time after a whole day in darkness. In the same time Sue stripped off her clothes, staying only in her clear suit. When her sister saw her, she made a muffled sound and pointed at her after moving near Tom.
"Exactly, my luscious robot, she is as you are, and she’ll want to test all what you have done. Want you help me?"
She nodded slowly.
"Perfect. I’ll fix your new mask and we’ll start." said Tom grabbing a mask ugual at the other, but with tiny hole for eyes. 

Becky could see, only stright ahead, but it was always an improvement. She shuffled into her room, followed by Tom, and they took all they needed with them. Meanwhile Sue opened the rear zip and peeled herself out to the suit, moaning with pleasure as the dildoes came out. The sensations were too strong and she fell onto the floor, shaking her still encased legs in air and crying happily. She came back to Earth and saw her sister and Tom looking her.
"Oh, guys, I'm sorry!"
"Don't say anything, we understand." smiled Tom. " You ready for the transformation?"
"Transformation into what?"
"In this house there is already a robot, but what is missing is a rubber doll. Do you want to be one?"

Tom took the vinyl suit she wore all night and went to his room. At the same time Becky showed her sister two monstruous dildoes, each of nine or ten inch long, larger than any penis she thought would have to be. At the end the objects had a plate, large and thin.
"I have to insert...?"
The robot nodded, moving near her and slowly inserting the rear plug.
"God! I think I'll come before you'll arrive at the end."
"Not yet, Sue. You'll lose the bet." said Tom, coming back to the room.

He took the half inserted dildo and unseen by Sue he used super glue to fix the plate, that was moulded properly, to her bottom. He did the same for the dildo in her vagina, and she didn't see her sealed orifices for a long, long time because she closed her eyes and came, tears running over the cheeks. Becky looked at her sister’s crotch. She was sexless, like a true doll, but she was a long way from becoming truly a doll.
"Now, rubber dolls have to be covered in rubber." said Tom, showing a catsuit made in black rubber and helping Sue to get in.
The suit had gloves and feet attached, and the small zip running on the rear closed tightly over the flesh of the woman. Over this suit he eased another one, thicker and covering all her skin, head included, leaving small holes for her to see, breath and talk, but with some difficulty as the rubber was very stiff.

"Wow, I can't move that much inside here, and it's becoming hot." she said, but she didn't hear what she had said. The attached ear plugs were doing there work too well.
"We are only at the beginning. Becky, can give me the gloves that you use when you don't need your hands?"
The girl moved slowly, winning against the force of the tape that was wound all over her and gave to her boyfriend two long gloves, each reaching easily the armpit.  They were green, thick 1/4 of inch at least, and so quite rigid. He slooped them in
place, and Sue felt their power on her. Her arms were immobile, completely useless, and it was the same for her hands, compressed and squeezed in a sheath of pure rubber. The heat was so high that sweat was running between her skin and the first catsuit.

"Now, you are loosing your second sense!" Tom said, knowing Sue couldn't hear him. He grabbed a mask with no openings for the eyes and padded where the eyes had to be, and slipped this over the already masked head. Sue was now blind and deaf, so she couldn't see the other complete suit, without gloves, that Tom slipped and closed over her. She tried to move, but she was immobile. The rubber suits were acting like plaster, and it excited her so well that she came, but nothing was seen from the outside, also her mouth was slightly opened, but no sound came out.
"Becky, we have to finish. Ready to leave her only the nose free?"
The girl nodded, and inside her impermeable skin she was coming over and over only seeing how her sister was covered.

Tom went in the bedroom and picked up an incredible, thick and heavy costume made from steel covered in rubber. He used this only when Becky was very bad, because the woman inside that monster lost all sense of touch, sound, mouth and sight. Also it was so heavy, the appearence was a perfect human skin, with long blonde hair, red nails and so on. The whole thing had only two small, tiny holes for breathing, but a button at the centre of the front could also close these holes by a push, and a push could give at the wearer the air again.

Tom had been busy enclosing Sue for over 30 minutes to entomb Sue inside her new skin for the day and no sound could be heard form her as she lay there, inside Sue was crying, overwelmed by the sensation of immobility and the heat, so high that the sweat was flowing in abundance. She tried to move, but nothing. She tried to hear, or feel or say something, but nothing.
"Please, let me out! It's too much for meeee!" she hummed, lost in a world of pleasure and pain that reached the maximum when she tried to breath, but the air didn't arrive. The lack of air, the immobility and the rubber slipping over her whole body give her a ticket for the Universe. "If I have to die, better if I die happy." mumbled, but the air came back to her.

Tom and Becky set the machine inside the rubber and steel suit.
"It’ll close and open randomly the holes, but they don't stay closed for more than 40, 45 seconds. I think your sister will be happy inside. Now I'll phone her home to say she will stay with us for two or three days, so she can be experience more of her
Becky made noises that acted like a laugh. Tom smiled.
"Obviously also her sister will have to stay inside her plastic skin for so long!"

The girl was feared by the phrase, but she was also very, very happy. She never has been so good like in the last two days, and she hoped it never stopped.

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