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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled 13: Re-Education

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; femdom; catsuit; bond; cuffs; bdsm; x-frame; crop; punish; bodybag; sealed; multi-layers; cons; XX

continued from chapter 12

Chapter 13: Re-Education

At exactly 5 pm he waited outside the study to hear the words ‘Enter slave.’ Having shown obsequence he was told that a new regime would be instigated. This would involve all aspects of his present regime but would be more balanced; he would continue to be the recipient of all of his Mistresses bodily fluids for recycling purposes but in addition would have a more balanced regular programme to follow. This would involve a daily timetable with feeding and washouts, beatings, exercise with treadmill, weights, swimming, and other outside exercises including gardening in the 3 and a half acre walled garden, outings on the motorcycle and within the boot of the specially prepared boot of the Jaguar.

At any times and without prior warning he would be used by his Mistress for her own pleasure. ‘Training’ and ‘Punishment’ for any misdemeanours would still result in long and painful sessions. Indeed his present life would take on a more regular pattern but would at all times he would remain as a sealed, constrained recycling slave. As the liquid diet had proved successful he would continue with it in a two week cycle with medical checkups at the end of each period. Once he was fully exercised and fit his body weight would be measured and if no weight loss had occurred he would continue indefinitely on that regime, if not, he would have a week of eating solid food to build up his body weight.

He listened to every word taking in the detail and marvelling at the implicit care which his Mistress had taken, he was excited at the new program, eager to begin.

“Slave, now for a surprise for you, you have pleased me with your dedication and stoicism during this regime. I have ordered a bottle of champagne from my Housekeeper. You will join me in my room to partaking of its contents; I feel it is appropriate to celebrate our journey into recycling and the success of this regime. You may sit at my feet slave”.

The champagne glass was handed down to him; he took hold of the tulip crystal glass and waited for instructions. This would be the first liquid to pass his lips other than by the feeding tube he had been fitted with two weeks previously. He was in a high state of excitement.

His Mistress leaned forward and offered a toast.

“Drink slave and enjoy. As you will soon be intubated again” He took a sip; an explosion of taste erupted in his mouth. He swallowed; the sensation was exquisite, his taste buds long deprived of any input rewarded him with pure delight. He immediately realized just how much he had been deprived of by the fitting of the feeding tube. However simultaneously he knew he had no say in whatever befell him. He was proud of his achievements, completely at one with his condition and glorified in his position as his Mistresses sealed recycling slave. The fleeting question as to how much he had sacrificed to gain his present position disappeared as quickly as it appeared; there was no sacrifice; he had long ago relinquished any rights he may have had as an individual. He existed now as one part of a totally symbiotic fetishistic relationship. By the time he had consumed two glasses he was feeling light headed, the full effects of the alcohol having a damping effect on his inhibitions.

Fondling his helmeted head the Mistress spoke, “You are free to speak, tell me what you think of my ‘Mistress Plan’ hold nothing back.”

“Mistress I am deeply committed to you as my dominant, my provider and my all demanding carer. I know you ultimately have my interests at heart, but very much as part of your devious plan to keep me as your fully rubberised slave. The last two weeks have been amazing. Just knowing that I am giving you pleasure by keeping me intubated is enough but to add the recycling of your bodily fluids as well as recycling the air that I breathe is an amazing fetishistic experience as well as being totally fulfilling. The program to formalise what you think is in my best interests is timely and I am very excited at the reality of following it to the very best of my ability. The various daily programs determined by you will allow me to experience an ever widening variety of experiences”. Then he let his tongue take control without thinking as to his position as a subjugated slave.

“ As far as I am concerned I want to start immediately!” There was a silence and he knew he had overstepped the mark. Before he had a chance to apologise his Mistress spoke.

“Silence slave! You forget yourself, you do not have any right to use ‘I’ you are but a slave. I thought you had overcome your overpowering ego long ago!” Her voice was steely distant and cold as ice. “I can see that the alcohol has got to you.” She rose from her seat and went over to a drawer. She returned with an inflatable gag which she fitted and pumped up to maximum. The click of the communication device indicated that any further discourse as at an end. He remained there feeling the full effects of the champagne; he was totally unused to imbibing any alcohol. This Mistress ignored him leaving him as an objectified sealed rubber being. Eventually she rose clipped a lead to his slave collar and lead him without a word to the dungeon where she fixed him to the St Andrews cross and left him fully fettered. Blindfolded he was left along in his dark silent world to reflect on his misdemeanour.


How long he remained there was irrelevant as time for her slave had ceased to have any meaning save that of the length of his stamina. He was left overnight although he had no idea of time save only whether he could see light or darkness.

An exhausted and humbled slave was released and taken to be fed and washed out then beaten; the beating went on an on, his Mistress giving him a sound thrashing until he was thoroughly chastened by his silly outburst, although he knew that he was entirely to blame for his punishment. He was then taken to his cell where he was put into an inflatable sack and sealed completely within its hold with the additional pressure of an inflatable total head hood with only his feeding tube exiting through the breathing tube. The pressure was initially intense and he had difficulty in breathing only able to take small breaths because of the squeeze of the all constraining rubber. But as with all things he had experienced over the time he had been in training as his Mistresses slave he gradually accommodated to the pressure and was able to muse on his condition.

‘I really forgot myself and completely overstepped the mark and have suffered the consequences. My bottom will take a time to recover it feels red hot; for most of the beating I was able to bear the caning turning the pain into pleasure until the pace was increased and I couldn’t take any more. Thankfully I had the gag fully inflated and not a sound left me. Being so totally strapped down I couldn’t move a muscle, all I could do was to try and move my mind elsewhere until the pain ceased. Now here I am fully and totally encapsulated for the duration. I am beginning to have fantasies of being kept like this for a very long time with my Mistress just seeing to my recycling and cleaning but giving me no stimulus whatsoever. I know that a new regime awaits me when I am finally set ‘free’; what a word that is, I am held in total pressurised rubber, a dedicated slave to my Mistress, and am here because I freely gave over any right to have a free will’. Here he paused for a moment before continuing his musings. ‘Yet I am in many ways free, my mind is free to soar and drift in this dark world of bondage, to explore the untold freedom of drifting, as it were weightless, alone in the dark universe which all serious rubberists know of and gain sexual pleasure from as they explore the endless realms of the rubberists’ world. The only constraint being that all my thoughts must be centred towards rubber and my Mistress. I have no desire to do otherwise!’ He drifted within the hypnogogic phase, the total silence of deep space, occluded drifting alone until he finally descended into the arms of Morpheus.

He woke when his Mistresses voice entered his consciousness.

“Slave I am going to release you once I am satisfied that you have reflected on your outrageous behaviour and I have had my breakfast. I shall expect an apology from you once I have deflated your gag.”

He was once again plunged into the deep silence of his condition. He planned his apology carefully and was ready when he was released.

He knelt before his Mistress who was now dressed head to toe in the shiniest black latex catsuit with full helmet; her eyes were heavily made up as were her lips. Her waist drawn into a wasp like narrowness; she carried a silver handled riding crop. She bent down to her slave and taking a pump up inflator bulb she screwed the attachment onto the connector emerging from his gagged mouth. She released the screw holding in the air; a hiss of air escaped from the bulb as the gag collapsed within his mouth allowing him to speak.

“So slave what have you to say to your Mistress? Speak!” adding “Choose your words carefully!” her voice steely sending a shiver down her slave’s spine.

“Mistress, I am your abject slave. I clearly transgressed the most important and implicit rule of having no other purpose than to serve you to the very best of my ability. In that moment of alcoholic release, my free will overcame all training and I broke the most fundamental rule. In that instant, the self-centred and selfish old me which I had long ago lost through your training of me arose from the depths of my mind. You dealt with me as my Controller punishing and reminding me of my abject status. I am so very sorry for my outburst and thank you for punishing me. I know that only by serving you will I regain your trust of me to remain as your subservient slave. I am your slave and as such I willingly accept that you may decide that a period of intense reconditioning is in order. Anything you choose to visit on my body and mind that will return me to the slave I so want to be and was, prior to my outburst, is welcome and completely appropriate.”

There was a silence then the words he had uttered often even in his most distressed condition.

“Mistress, I love you, I adore you, I worship you, I serve you and present myself to you for whatever you decide should be appropriate.”

A silence descended over the charged scene. The atmosphere was electric. The silence was tangible. Then the Mistress spoke. Her voice was still steely.

“Slave you certainly disappointed and annoyed me. I reacted instantly to your clear insolence. You should by this time, after all the training you have received, be without any self will other than to think of ways to please and serve me. It is clear to me that a period of intense training and re-education is needed. I am encouraged by your suggestion that you are in need of such a period of intense retraining before I carry on with my original planned regime for you. I accept your apology but you will need to convince me by your actions that you can be trusted to be my special slave. If you fail me again I shall have no hesitation in ridding myself of you! You will be handed over to a institution which needs a slave to be kept below stairs at all times and requires constant unremitting supervision and punishment. Now while I plan your re-education I shall put you into strict bondage within your cell.”


Gagged, blindfolded and spread-eagled on his sleeping platform he awaited his Mistresses return with a gnawing sense of anxiety and foreboding. ‘I am to be dealt with in a manner only my Mistress has within her. It will involve, no doubt, constant duress as part of her continuing punishment of me combined with something which she has up her sleeve and which will be loosely under the title of ‘Re-education’. I must consider myself lucky not to have been dismissed and sent away. Whatever befalls me I am ready’.


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Story continues in Chapter 14

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