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Sealed, Constrained, Recycled Chapter 1: Rubber Instructions

by James W

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© Copyright 2012 - James W - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; suit; corset; hood; gag; bond; feeding; susp; chast; insert; enema; torment; femdom; cell; cons; X

Chapter 1: Rubber Instructions

The Mistress exceptionally had been absent from her home for a few days; attending a series of lectures. What area or areas covered in the conference was not disclosed to either her trusted Housekeeper or slave. All that was known was she would be away until later in the week. She had left detailed instructions for her Housekeeper with regard to attending to her slave whilst she was away. There was to be no let up in his training regime.

The slave had been summoned to the Housekeepers day room. He had appeared in his default setting outfit; a one piece black latex suit with integral feet, gloves and helmet. Entry to this special suit was via shoulder zips. These zips rose up from just below the shoulders over the ears and joined up together at the crown. A small padlock sealed the slave into his suit. The helmet had clear vinyl eye pieces sealing the slave’s eyes behind them. Each side of the helmet at eye level and just below the ears were straps with buckles thus allowing fixing of respectively blindfold or gag. Close inspection of the slaves mouth revealed a cleverly inserted internal gag clearly utilising a specially moulded mouth bract which effectively sealed the slaves mouth. To the casual observer it appeared that the slave had a slightly opened mouth showing teeth. However this was a purpose constructed gag all in moulded rubber.

A corset in heavyweight black latex fully boned held in his waist. The back lacing was covered with a stiff latex flap with threaded hasps protruding through reinforced holes with three padlocks effectively sealing the corset to the slaved attire. At ankle and wrist heavy rubber fetters were locked onto the slave. Between each fetter extended chromed chain with interconnecting chain extended upwards from the ankle chain to the wrist chain. This restricted the slave’s hands from moving upwards above the waist without the necessity to raise his feet.

Now standing outside the Housekeepers dayroom he knocked once on the door then placing his helmeted head close to the door, he waited instructions from her.

“Enter slave!” saw him carefully opening the door then on entering bowing fully towards the Housekeeper.

“Come slave” had him moving close to her kneeling fully and placing his helmeted head onto the Housekeepers booted feet. He awaited instruction.

“Remain kneeling slave whilst I look at the programme of continuing training which your Mistress has devised and instructed me to follow whilst she is away”. The Housekeeper was attired in her normal daily outfit of a long flowing black latex dress in the classic Victorian style with ruche shoulders tapering down to tight fitting forearms with tight frills at each wrist. The high necked dress had ruffs at the collar setting off the open faced latex hood she wore. From under her long dress Cuban heeled rubber boots peaked out. Her hands were clad with thin latex gloves.

“Yes, you are to proceed immediately to the kitchen where I am to feed you. Once that is completed you are to receive your daily enema.” Adding, “Your Mistress, it would appear, has it in for you as she has given me quite explicit instructions to extend you beyond that which you normally capable of taking. I am to keep detailed records and observation as to how you cope. Obviously she wants you to be in tip top condition when she returns!”

As the slave was gagged he made no reply but bent forward and placed his forehead on the Housekeepers highly polished boot.

“Right slave, Stand; head high whilst I clip on your lead and take you to the kitchen.”

Now sitting in what amounted to a high chair complete in every detail but adult fetish style and size, the arms had fetters which held the slave’s wrists fast. Further fetters encircled his chest and arms in tight embrace. His booted feet were tethered to the footboard at the ankles. The high back rose above his helmeted head. A throat and forehead strap held him fast. Having completed this ceremonial fixing of the slave to underline her control over him she now stood directly in front of him invading his personal space to emphasise her power over him.

“Open your mouth slave.”

Slowly by dint of enormous effort the slave’s mouth opened a fraction thus allowing the insertion of the feeding tube into his gagged mouth. The slave had many years ago mastered the art of swallowing an oesophageal tube after intense training from his Mistress. Now the snake like red rubber tube slid easily and in one continuous movement into his mouth and down his throat to his stomach. The Housekeeper disappeared from sight but returned a few moments later holding a blue latex bladder completely distended by its liquid contents. She lent over the slave and affixed the feeding bag to the stainless steel vertical hanger which extended upwards from the high chair. Opening the gate valve just under the bladder the contents began the journey down the red rubber tubing and deep into the slave’s stomach. The Housekeeper checked that all was well with the slave then left the kitchen whilst the contents under gravity control descended into the slave’s stomach. She had smiled to herself noting the detailed instructions and information contained in the Mistresses instructions. Unbeknown to the slave the liquid nutrient mixture containing a balanced mix also contained a strong laxative.

Returning some time later she released the slaves wrist fetters then handed a note pad and instructed him to note down his feelings with particular reference to the considerably larger than normal amount of liquid diet he had just been fed. Resting on the fold around tray the slave wrote for some time then handed the pad to the Housekeeper. It read,


Although I am able to easily swallow my feeding tube I did find the pressure in my stomach, as the forced feeding continued, progressively difficult to accommodate to. I am in considerable discomfort and feel completely bloated. Would it be at all possible to ease my corset for a short time?’

The Housekeeper tut tutted and spoke immediately.

“Of course not slave, I have strict instructions to follow, and follow them I will! The Mistress will of course read your comments. Now let’s get on with your enema.”

Having released the slave she clipped the lead to the slave’s collar and lead him to the wet area of the dungeon. There she instructed him to lie on his back with feet raised as she fitted foot suspension fetters. Having pulled them very tight she connected the under heel ‘D’ rings to a wide spreader bar then connected the cross chain extending up from the spreader bar to the electric winch. The electric motor commenced hauling the slave feet first into the vertical position; head down suspended some two feet from the floor. The through zip was opened to expose both the CB 2000 chastity device in shiny black plastic as well as the plugged anus.

Pulling on a pair of disposable latex gloves over her black ones she removed the rod from the slave’s rectum and placed it to one side. It was as always completely clean; the daily enema saw to that. Taking a rectal catheter in red rubber with two yellow inflatable bulbs she smeared the head of the catheter with lubricant and both bulbs ready for insertion. Then taking a good glob of clear lubricant inserted two fingers into the slave’s rectum for easy insertion of the catheter. The suspended slave squirmed response was noted. She played with the slave knowing full well that his penis would be attempting to swell but would be cruelly held within his chastity device. Muted pleasure noises were emitted from his latex bondage. She took sadistic pleasure in knowing she was adding to both the pain and pleasure of the slave now under her complete control and continued to play with the slave.

Although suspended the slave began twisting his body encouraging the Housekeeper to continue her devious game. Probing with fully lubed gloved she inserted three then four fingers, as his anus relaxed fully. She could hear his panting; this was a game she took great pleasure in. With the left hand she took hold of his chastity device and lowering her head she was able to make out the distended head of his penis straining to escape from the black hard plastic which constrained his manhood, the slots to allow for urination were filled with his engorged penis. She smiled to herself, ‘yes I’m in control here, and stepping in for the Mistress. I know she would exact this exquisite pain/pleasure from her slave thus extending him and making him into an object of delight; a toy to be played with and enjoyed!’ Although she tried hard she was unable to insert four fingers. The slave had stopped squirming as she attempted this procedure and muted groans had replaced the earlier pleasure murmurings.

Inserting the catheter so one balloon was inside the sphincter and one immediately outside she inflated fully both bulbs then leaving the inflation bulb in place proceeded to administer the two and a half litre enema. The directions from the Mistress were to be followed to the letter:

‘Allow the slave to remain suspended until you hear clear indications of the laxative taking effect. This will be in the form of stomach gurgling and clearly audible groans from discomfort from my slave, He has never taken a two and a half litre enema before but in his inverted position he should be quite capable of doing so. Once the enema bag is empty allow the slave to remain inverted for 30 minutes then remove the rectal catheter and replace with the co-axial tubing ready for a full higher colonic wash out. Allow the slave to discharge the enema fully before commencing the wash out. Now apply nipple clamps to my slave and tell him they are a present from me and he should wear them with pride!’

At the end of 30 minutes the slave hung limp no movement now for a long time. The full two and a half litres had slowly and inexorably filled the slave until cramps had set in with regular monotony. He tried to ride the cramps but the enema imposed its own demands which he progressively submitted to. His slaves mantra had helped him for a while but eventually it too was over come. He wailed but only deep groans left his ingeniously gagged mouth. The inverted position had not troubled him in the least after the initial sensation of a build up of the feeling of blood rushing to his head. This had passed quickly as his body adjusted. He was often inverted as part of the training process and because his Mistress just enjoyed having him thus suspended as it was easy to work on his neither regions. He now felt weak and suspected that the Mistress had left, as her parting gift, the extra duress of a laxative. He wanted above anything else to expel the enema from his system and to rest. As for the nipple clamps, he luxuriated in knowing that the Mistress had thought about him enough as her slave to leave a personal message to him. He hung in a daze, his entire being without hope.

He was brought back to full consciousness as the catheter was removed to be replaced but the insertion of a rectal speculum with coaxial tubing ready for voiding of the enema before the full higher colonic irrigation. He was lowered to the floor but the coaxial tubing was kept well above his head, He was instructed to stand and walk over to the washout chair. Once seated he was strapped firmly into the chair which had a cut out hole with inflatable rubber ring cushion. The coaxial tube was connected to the wash out equipment and turned on. Immediately the slave felt the pressure in his distended bowels lessen as the contents of his bowels voided via the coaxial tubing. After a few minutes he felt the first warmed water enter his empty bowels until he felt bloated; his stomach constrained by the corset he was wearing allowed no distension. The familiar cramps began; as they increased and he struggled to hold his cries. The pressure was released and the voiding process began only to be restarted once all fluids had been cleared. The higher colonic irrigation carried on in what appeared to him to be an endless cycle. Eventually it ceased. He felt totally empty yet fully alive, all pressure gone. A wave of pure love for his Mistress washed over him; he was her latex slave fully committed to whatever she demanded. He was her rubberized plaything entirely devoted to her needs.

As he descended into revelry warm water flowed into him again as the higher colonic washout recommenced. At the end of another twenty minutes of continuous washout with clean warm water the outflow pipe of clear PVC was as clear as the water flowing into him. His entire bowel system was spotlessly clean. He was released but needed the help of the Housekeeper to help him stand. The original anal rod which had been removed at the commencement of the enema was reinserted and his suit zipped fully closed. He was taken to his cell where he was spread-eagled on the latex covered sleeping bench and tethered. A heavy latex sheet was affixed to tethering points thus sandwiching him between two sheets. A blindfold was buckled onto his helmet and he was left to rest. The parting words of the Housekeeper were, “Rest well slave until the next session; your Mistress has high expectations of you.”


Lying quietly totally encapsulated in black latex the slave reflected on his recent experience knowing that within minutes he would be sound asleep. His thoughts turned to his Mistress; the centre of his universe, the one who had chosen him as he slave, the provider of both his pleasure and his pain, who controlled his very existence and had total and absolute control over his every breath.

They had first met at a fetish club; she elegant, regal in her Mistress attire had immediately attracted him to her. By the end of the night it was clear that they had a common interest in a fetish lifestyle. Within months they had established a Mistress/slave relationship which had grown stronger with the passing of time. Their marriage a full fetish event at a hired dungeon had been celebrated with his Albert piercing and 24 hours of intense bondage; this was a match made in heaven. She was the quintessential Mistress implacable in her demands, whilst he for his part was exactly the reverse. He was a born masochist.

A legacy from a distant relative had allowed them to lead an independent life together. The last five years had seen them indulging their passion for total Mistress/slave life. ‘Am I not the luckiest person in the world to have found both the love of my life as well as my dream Mistress. I am missing her tender devious administrations and the special relationship we have, but the dear Housekeeper is certainly following the explicit instructions left my Mistress. The enema and wash out have left me physically empty but spiritually light headed, I feel wonderful cleansed fresh and ready for whatever befalls me at the next session.’

Now drifting in the hypnologic state prior to sleep his last thoughts were, ‘goodnight Mistress of my dreams, I’m your willing acolyte.’


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Story continues in Chapter 2

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