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Sara's Mannequin Suit 8: I Hate Pink

by VolatileDesire

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© Copyright 2016 - VolatileDesire - Used by permission

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story continues from part seven

Chapter 8: I Hate Pink

Gavin sat beside his wife staring at the computer screen having trouble believing what he was seeing.  "Wow, I think they even used the art from our brochure, albeit cleverly photo-shopped."

"I know," Sara exclaimed, gesticulating wildly as she always did when upset.  "I can't believe the nerve, did they think we wouldn't notice?"

Gavin shrugged.  Again watching the images of their signature creation, The Mannequin Suit, scroll across the computer screen.  The only problem was that this suit was being sold by another company, a competitor. 

"They usually just sell those cheap Halloween costumes and suddenly this appears, do you think we have a spy here in the company?"  Sara asked nervously.

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, we may need to sick our lawyers on them but why don't we find out if they are a real threat first, it could be just a plain old latex catsuit they are selling using our images to drum up business.  I don't see how they could make our suit and sell it for that price."

"You're right, go on over to their outlet in town and buy one.  We'll have a look at it."  Sara said flatly.

"Me, why me?" Gavin asked.

"You are the only male that I would trust to do it."

"So send Angie or Nadine."

"Think, Gavin, this suit is designed to allow men to appear as women just like our suit.  It has to be a man.  It has to be you." 

Gavin rolled his eyes.  "Fine, I'll go buy it."

"If they ask you to try it on, you better do it so they don't get suspicious."  Sara suggested.

"Come on now, I don't have to put it on." 

"Yes you probably should, that way you can interrogate the employee about its features and such."

"Fine, fine, I'll see you in a few hours."

*    *    *

Gavin pulled his car in front of the small shop and dropped two or three quarters into the parking meter.  He quickly assessed that the shop was no real competitive threat based on the wares displayed in front window, mostly rubber masks and costumes not designed to last much longer than Halloween night.  A bell over the door rang as he pushed open the door.  A young woman with short cropped dark hair wearing a faded blue, fitted T-shirt and blue jeans looked up from her place behind the cash register.  "Hello."

"Hey," Gavin responded his gaze sweeping the product racks.

"Let me know if you need anything.  My name is Jane."

Gavin nodded and moved toward a small display in the middle of the store.  There he found what he was looking for.  A sign showed the same images from the website and below that in 12 inch square boxes were what this store called the 'Transformation'.  Gavin picked up a box and looked through the cellophane window on the side.  It was a kit that contained the suit and several other accessories.  There was a choice of three different costumes, kitten, fairy, or just a woman.  The price was steep, but much cheaper than the SMS Creations version, which was probably why they could sell them instead of renting.

Gavin heard footsteps behind him.  "I'm afraid we only have a few left, the kitten, and the only color available is pink." Jane offered.

Gavin glanced down at the other boxes and noticed small fluorescent stickers on them marked 'Sold'.  With an inaudible groan Gavin smiled.  "That's perfect I was thinking of going pink anyway."

"Do you want to try it on first, it's really helpful if I show you how it works." 

Without showing his displeasure Gavin shrugged.  "If you think it's best." 

"Ok, go into the changing room and pull the pink latex suit up to your waist, there is some talc in the box if you need it.  You'll need help with the rest."

Gavin stepped into the changing room and opened the box.  When his fingers lifted the pink catsuit from the box he knew that the suit was far inferior.  It was much too light.  A quick inspection revealed that the interlocking corset mechanism used on the SMS suit was missing.  Also this suit had a long ziplock type fastener running the full length of the back where as SMS used a super elastic opening.  The breasts on this suit were not at all integrated into the construction of the suit but instead hung as two deflated bladders on the inside, Gavin could not imagine how it would even work.  A quick check at the waistline of the suit proved that there was nothing at all to shape the hips and thighs.  Overall this was no competition for the SMS Creations product line. 

Gavin thought about walking out right then, having satisfied himself that the suit would provide zero competition but decided that there may be an outside chance that he missed something so he stripped off his clothes used some talc on his legs and pulled the suit on until he was as modest as the thin latex would allow.  He gave a shout through the curtain and Jane soon appeared.

"Alright let me help with this next part since the breast bladders have to positioned right to work."  Jane guided Gavin's arms into the long pink sleeves and as she slowly closed the zipper she continually reached inside the suit to pull the bladders up so they were approximately at the correct height for breasts.  "Ok, now for the corset."

"Corset?"  Gavin said.

Jane pulled a stiff garment of matching pink leather out of the box.  "We use the corset to protect the latex and to provide a place for the breasts to inflate into, you'll see."  Jane wrapped the garment around his waist and pulled the strings tighter and tighter.  "That will do for now."  Jane smoothed the latex out around the breasts and pulled out an object from the box that looked like a bicycle pump.  "I'm going to fill this with water, be back in a second."

Gavin felt the rigid leather covering his torso and shook his head.  "Completely ruins the look."  He whispered.

"What was that?" Jane said returning.

"Oh nothing, just said I'll probably need a book."  Gavin lied.

"Don't worry, there are complete instructions inside.”  Jane connected a blunt needle to the faux nipple of the suit after pulling down the cups of the corset.  She slowly began to inflate the bladder.  "This takes a while."  After several minutes she removed the needle and repeated the process with the other breast.  "When you want to drain it, you just unscrew the needle from the pump and insert it into the valve hidden in the nipples and it will drain."  Jane pulled the cups of the corset up to cover the nipples/valves.  "Let me tighten the corset a tad more to keep everything secure.  Could you raise your arms." 

Gavin felt the garment squeeze him a bit more.  A quick glance in the mirror revealed a shapely silhouette but any deliberate inspection would expose the truth of the breasts.  Jane reached into box and pulled out two sock-like items.  "These are your paws.  They are also made of leather since the latex would be too fragile."

Gavin held back a smirk knowing that the paws of the catsuits at SMS were nigh indestructible and made of latex or at least latex like.  Jane pulled the fingerless gloves onto his hands and used some lacing to tie them onto his wrists.  The paw's design had much to be desired since they were little more than mittens with a few paw-like markings drawn onto them.  "You'll have to have help to get these on so you may want to save this step till last."
Gavin nodded realizing that he was fast becoming helpless.  Jane, though, was nothing but professional.  "We don't have accessories for your feet but we recommend some high heels, do you have pink or white heels in your size at home?"

Gavin genuinely laughed.

"Of course, you never know though, so I had to ask.  Let me guess, a size 10." 

"Actually I'm a 9."  Gavin corrected.

"Then you'll be a size 10 or so in women's shoes, approximately."  Jane stepped out and returned moments later carrying a shoe box.  "Have a seat."

Gavin tried to sit but the stiff corset made it difficult.  "Ugh, it's hard to sit."

"Keep your back straight and bend your knees." Jane instructed while holding Gavin's arms.  "There you go."

Jane pulled out a pink pump with a double ankle strap.  "You won't be able to get these off on your own so..."

"Right, I'll have to have help." 

"I picked a three inch heel since you haven't worn heels before, still sexy but easier to walk in."

Gavin didn't disagree but figured the feet of the SMS creations cat costume were worse than any high heel. 

Jane finished buckling the shoes on to his feet and then helped him to stand.  "Ok, the last part of the costume is the hood.  I'll warn you though, it is really hard to speak with it on, but it’s important we make sure it fits."

"Ok," Gavin responded while trying to maintain his balance. 

Jane pulled the pink latex hood out of the box.  It was made of the same material as the suit with a cat-like face that was painted on and two small triangles for ears.  The unique muzzle of the SMS version as well as the ability to speak and eat if necessary made this one seem silly by comparison.  Jane stretched the pink material over his head being careful to position the two small holes just below his nose and the larger holes over his eyes.  She pulled down another zipper locking his jaw in the closed position.  Gavin could do little more than purr.

"Great, take a look in the mirror."  Jane suggested.

Gavin looked over his body and was not really impressed, the leather contrasted sharply with the shiny latex ruining the smooth lines.  His hips were way too narrow and made the breasts seem large and out of proportion. 

"To complete the look we recommend a white or pink dress to protect the suit and hide the corset it will also make the bust look a bit more authentic.  If you use one with a petticoat or bustle your waist will also look better.  Do you have something like that at home?" 

Gavin shook his head.  "Ok, let me see what I can find."

Gavin wanted to say it wasn't necessary but could not.  A few minutes later Jane returned with a short pink dress that had a short skirt.  She also had a mannequin head in her other hand with a bright pink wig.  "Let's try this one. It has a short petticoat and looks kind of like a French Maid's dress but in pink." 

Gavin stepped into the unzipped opening of the dress and Jane guided his hands into the short puffy sleeves.  She then tried to zip up the back but was having some trouble. "Your waist is just a fraction too large, let me tighten your corset a bit more."

Gavin could not protest and soon had to take shallower breaths due to the constriction.  Jane zipped up the dress easily.  She then pulled a white petticoat up his legs and tied it around his waist smoothing the outer pink dress over the top.  "There we go that looks a lot better.  You like a pink kitty French Maid, quite a looker."

Gavin had to admit that covering the catsuit did help the look but he wondered what the point of it was then.  Jane took the wig off the mannequin head and placed it on his latex covered head arranging it so the ears still poked through.  "There that will hide the zippers of both the hood and the catsuit.  What do you think?  Will that work?"

Gavin nodded.

"If its acceptable with you why don't you walk around a bit and make sure everything feels ok while I go swipe your credit card."

Again Gavin nodded while Jane pulled his wallet from his pants pocket.

"I'll help you out when I get back.  I hope your card clears."  Jane laughed and walked away.

Gavin was anxious to be out of the store but made a show of walking around.  It was taking longer than he expected but finally Jane came back.  "Let me see if anything is pulling or broken." 

Jane lifted his hair and spent several moments examining the zipper and running her fingers underneath the hood of the costume.  She was still doing this when a second woman entered the changing area.  She was older and no less pretty but her stern expression ruined much of her good looks.  She wore a knee length pencil skirt and fitted jacket with a white satin blouse underneath.  "Hello Gavin, we seem to have a problem."

Gavin was not too worried about the woman knowing his name since it was on his credit card but a cold ache filled his body anyway. 

"You are from SMS Creations checking out your competition."  The woman smiled while holding up a business card he kept in his wallet for emergencies.

If there was an inch of skin exposed it would have been sweating, and the inside of the suit started to become damp.

"I'm going to have to ask you to leave," the woman laughed.  "But to show I'm not a completely horrible person I'll give you your wallet and keys but I'm afraid we can't wait for you to change into your clothes." The woman placed Gavin's wallet and keys into a small pink purse, zipped it closed, and placed the strap across his neck and shoulder. 

"Now get out."

Gavin froze, unwilling to go out onto the busy city streets.  The woman looked at Jane and they suddenly grabbed his trapped hands and pulled him out of the changing room toward the front door.  With his feet trapped in the high heels Gavin could not get traction on the tile floor.  The women had no trouble pushing him outside.  "Thanks for your business."  The older woman laughed.

Gavin turned around and pleaded with his eyes for mercy but the woman just walked away.  The pedestrians were crowding around him pointing and laughing.  Gavin pushed through them toward his car, just as it was being towed away.  It took several minutes for the horror of the events to push through his mind.  He was trapped on the streets of the city with no way to communicate and no way to get anywhere except by walking.  Everyone within 100 yards was staring at him.  Gavin walked away as fast as his high heeled feet would let him.

Gavin considered hailing a cab but he could not get his wallet out of his zipped purse and he had no way to tell the cab driver where to go.  He had very little choice, he had a long walk ahead of him.  It was seven miles back to the office. 

The first mile was the most embarrassing since it was through the middle of the shopping district.  Men and women stared at him as he walked by, some took pictures, others scowled, the children just laughed.  Gavin tried to cover himself with a trash bag but could not grip it with his useless hands.  

Once away from the shopping district Gavin had a long trek through a large park.  There were fewer people but Gavin's feet and ankles were killing him and the inside of the suit was coated in sweat, had it been a warmer day, it is unlikely he would be able to make it.  He was surprised how few people offered to help him, once they realized he could not speak most walked away saying 'Pervert' or 'Idiot' under their breath. 

"Can I help you out?"  A middle aged woman asked who was jogging in the park.

Gavin nodded vigorously.

"You can't talk?"  She was still breathing heavily from her jog and her black running outfit clung to her body.

Gavin shook his head and pointed to the back of his neck.  The woman stepped behind him and moved the hair out of the way.   "I see two zippers back here but they are stuck, some kind of glue or something seems to have jammed them.  Let me see if I can find your name in your purse."

The woman unzipped the purse and pulled out a small scrap of paper that Gavin had not seen before.  The woman read it quietly and then folded it and placed it back in the purse.  "Let me see your hands there.  The woman untied the laces holding the leather cat paws that trapped his hands.  Gavin was starting to sigh in relief which was short lived when suddenly she yanked his hands behind his back and tied the laces to each other.  "You should be ashamed of yourself."

Gavin tried to pull away but he was so unsteady on the heels he fell onto the grass on his knees.  The woman finished tying his hands together behind his back with the laces and jogged away.

Gavin struggled to his feet wondering what was written on the letter.  No matter what, Gavin would have to avoid getting help or his situation might only get worse. 

The sun started to get low in the sky, and Gavin realized he would never make it back to the company before closing time.  He just had to hope he could find somebody there. 

The worst moment came when he was surrounded by a bunch of teenagers just as the sun went down.  He was probably a mile or so from his destination when they appeared.  "Here she is, I told you so."  A short kid said.

"Hey why don't you stop and play with us."  An older one said standing right in Gavin's path.

Knowing the situation would get ugly fast Gavin kicked the kid as hard as he could in the groin.  His eyes rolled back in his head and he fell over onto his side clutching his crotch.  None of the others got near him and Gavin was able to walk by. 

The police were nowhere to be seen during Gavin's entire humiliating walk.  Had he been driving his sports car he would encounter several but now they were strangely absent.  He did not know what the police would do if they did see him though,  luckily the empty parking lot of SMS Creations came into view before he had to find out.  The front door was still open but no one was sitting in the receptionist's chair. 

A few moments later the clicking of high heels announced the arrival of another woman.  Gavin recognized her as the receptionist.  "Who the hell are you.  What are you doing dressed like that?  Is this some kind of joke."

Gavin shook his head vigorously and tried to get the purse to swing around to the front.  "You want me to look in your purse."

Gavin nodded his head and hoped that she would find his wallet.  The woman opened the zipper and withdrew the folded slip of paper.  Gavin shook his head vigorously.  "If what this says is true, you deserve everything you've got."  The receptionist said and she pulled out his wallet.  She pulled out his driver's license.   "Gavin, is that you?"

Gavin nodded as vigorously as his neck would allow.  

"Stay here I'll go get help."

Moments later Angie, Nadine, and Gavin's wife, Sara, surrounded him.  Sara cut the laces on the leather paws and then unzipped the dress letting it fall to the floor.  The scissors worked equally well on the corset laces and the thin latex of the catsuit.  In minutes Gavin was resting in Sara's office wearing her extra workout clothes she kept there. 

Angie inspected the remains of the catsuit.  "Amateur."

Nadine was rubbing one of Gavin's feet and Sara the other.  "Sorry I put you through that."

"Yeah, no kidding, you should definitely stick the lawyers on them."  Gavin said.

"Well, I don't know."  Nadine said drawing all eyes toward her.  "We were caught spying, so we may have a counter suit on our hands.  Maybe we should just call it even.  They really aren't legitimate competition."

"What was on that piece of paper that bitch stuck in the purse."  Gavin asked.

Nadine and Angie looked at each other, "In essence she called you a peeping-tom."  Sara answered.

"That's it."  Gavin said incredulously, "I thought the woman in the park was going to punch me."

"At a junior high school."  Sara finished.

The room was silent for several minutes. 

"I hate pink."  Gavin said finally.

All three women laughed uproariously.



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