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The Promises We Make

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2023 - Marcus - Used by permission

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Foreword: This story is set in a fictional year of 2079 based on the 1988 tabletop role-playing game “Cyberpunk” by Mike Pondsmith and the 2020 action role-playing video game “Cyberpunk 2077” developed by CD Projekt Red.

And yes, I would have loved to see something like this as a side quest in Cyberpunk 2077.

Synopsis: Nova travels to Tokyo for a weekend of fun with one of her oldest and best friends only to find that she has gotten herself into a quite serious situation and in dire need of help.

The throbbing sound from the heavy bass drum and the monotonous baseline could clearly be heard through the door of the restroom. One could think there were speakers mounted inside the room but no, the club just played it loud. Just like its patrons wanted it. The restrooms were very spacious for a club of its kind, even giving its occupants a mirror and sink of their own, but that was to be expected since the club was one of the most exclusive ones in the area. It was the perfect venue to con rich people of their wealth as they indulged in the many pleasures the district offered.

Raelyn stood with her eyes closed, leaning forwards with her hands at the sink in front of the mirror while gently nodding her head to the mesmerising rhythm. With a big smile on her face she opened her eyes and looked at the credit chip in her hand. It had almost been too easy to con the poor guy out of it but he had it coming, you do not flash your money around Shinjuku like that and get away with it. Especially not in the Kabukicho area being as drunk as he was. With some luck this would secure her livelihood for at least a month or maybe even more.

With a mix of relief and excitement stemming from the fact that the con had gone off without a hitch, she looked up and admired herself in the mirror. Having a mixed South African and European lineage, the 32 year old, almond skinned beauty looking back at her sure was a sight to behold. On top of her square head was her dark, golden brown, frizzy curls made up in a high ponytail that reflected the red light illuminating the restroom. Her hazel brown, round eyes with beautiful lush lashes sat below two perfectly maintained steep arched eyebrows and she had a very modest black smokey eye makeup with a black eyeliner. Above her full lips, made in a subtle mahogany lipstick, sat a very cute nubian nose. To add to her already dashing beauty she had both dark and light freckles on both cheeks giving her an almost irresistible fawn-like cuteness.

Her slender and modestly toned body was draped in a tight neon green, sleeveless hobble dress made in semi-transparent latex. The bust part of the dress, covering her firm and ample breasts, was made out of solid black latex with a relief ogee pattern. To make the dress even more alluring it had a high slit along its right side, exposing Raelyn’s long and toned leg.

Her hands and arms were covered in black opera length latex gloves and on her feet she wore a pair of black patent ankle high wedge platforms.

Over her shoulders and back Raelyn wore a black, open chest, short sleeve fur bolero. It was fake fur of course, she would never be able to afford real fur garments.

In her ears she had a pair of red, self illuminating big ring neon earrings and around her long neck was a 3 inch high, black patent choker.

As she admired herself, Raelyn gently bit her lower lip and revelled in her reflection. The tight and bold clothes were of course perfect for trapping victims but she loved the Urban Flash/Kitsch look since not only did it enhance her already fabulous body, she absolutely loved the feeling and look of the tight latex.

Although looks could be deceiving in times when cyberware and body sculpting was more a norm among the rich than not, Raelyn was all natural beauty. Sure, she had visited a ripperdoc and had both her visual and auditory cortex enhanced to make for instance phone calls truly hands free, but then so had more or less everyone else as well regardless of their social status. And yes, she had a shard slot installed in her neck to be able to read data shards and view their contents directly via her visual cortex, but apart from that her body was her own. Nothing had been replaced, altered or “fixed”.

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door that yanked Raelyn from her self loving admiration. A few seconds later there was another bang and as Raelyn put the credit chip in the small inner pocket of her bolero she shouted, “Yeah, just a sec!”

Giving herself a final look in the mirror to make sure she was the best she could be, Raelyn went and unlocked the restroom door. As she exited the restroom she was met by two big men in suits who were definitely part of the club's security detail. Eyeing them both she gave them a nervous smile and said, “Chill choombas! Give a girl the time she needs ok!”

As Raelyn tried to walk past the men, one of them grabbed her by the neck and forcefully pushed her up against the wall next to the restroom door. She instinctively grabbed the arm with her hands and tried to escape the firm grip as it was almost choking her. Realising she was no match to the security guard Raelyn shouted as best as she could, “Get your fucking… hands off me!”

As the man leaned in towards Raelyn’s face, crushing her neck even more to the point where she felt she was no longer able to breathe, he retorted between his teeth, “Easy… choombatta… I’d chill real good if you want that pretty neck of yours intact.”

Feeling his arm was cybernetic, Raelyn knew she was not going anywhere and fighting for air, heard him ask his partner, “That her?”

She saw the other security guards' pupils subtly flash as he replayed some form of footage on his retina and answered, “Confirmed… lights out.”

The last thing Raelyn remembered before her world went all dark was the wicked smile on the guard's face as he put a taser to her head.

She was late, real late in fact, and for some reason Nova was unable to reach Raelyn on the phone.

Raelyn didn’t have a particularly good track record when it came to being on time but this was late even for her and she usually had the decency to get in touch to say that she was. Nova found it particularly strange since she had in fact travelled across the globe to spend some days with Raelyn in Tokyo, something that was long overdue.

They had both grown up in the same suburb outside of Night City and Nova smiled to herself as she recalled the first time they had met. Raelyn, being 8 years older than Nova, had come over one evening to baby-sit as Nova’s parents had to work late, something they sadly did frequently. Nova had instantly been struck by Raelyn’s beauty and charisma and quickly learned that Raelyn was a bit of a maverick and always made sure the two of them had fun. In mere months they had grown very fond of each other and rapidly became the best of friends.

Fast forward a few years, as Nova was old enough to drink, and they were a common sight at the bars and clubs in the Watson district in Night City. They were specifically very frequent at the club Totentanz where the girls stood out like a sore thumb with their often blighty coloured, shiny clothing and larger than life attitude. Nova was usually the one sporting the money but as her father was a high executive at Eurobank and her mother ran a successful spa franchise, money was never an issue and she gladly maintained their nightly excursions.

Raelyn on the other hand was still living with her single mother and they had a rough time to even make ends meet, constantly being on the verge of being evicted. Raelyn therefore was always thankful for Nova’s generosity since she always paid for entrance fees, drinks and even took Raelyn shopping for new outfits from time to time.

A few years later both Nova and Raelyn had moved out and were living in the city. Nova’s parents had bought her a pretty luxurious loft apartment downtown and Raelyn had managed to get an apartment in one of Night City's many mega buildings. Raelyn had a job as a clerk at a fashion store and Nova did the occasional odd job to keep from getting bored. Both their lives still circled around fashion, clubbing and having fun and even though they both had other friends, none of them were even close to having such a deep connection that Nova and Raelyn had.

It was around this time that Raelyn’s mother was suddenly and tragically killed in an aerodyne accident. Due to a faulty jet fan, the crash had been severe enough that even though the safety measures more or less guaranteed a highly unlikely crash to be non-lethal, circumstances had sadly not been in the occupants favour.

After her mother’s funeral, Raelyn had decided that she was in need of a scenery change and had moved to Tokyo to pursue her lifelong dream of running her own fashion boutique. Nova had thought the decision rash since all her friends, including herself, were living in Night City but had non the less supported her friend in her decision and even lent a substantial amount of money to get her boutique started.

As the pair was now loving more or less on separate sides of the planet they had only spoken regularly on the phone the past 8 months and had not seen each other since Raelyn’s move. But that was about to change as seemingly out of the blue the duo had decided 2 weeks ago that Nova would fly to Tokyo for a weekend of best friends fun. The bar tha Nova was currently in was the agreed upon meeting place and all that was missing at the moment was Raelyn.

Standing by a high table in the fancy bar, Nova took a sip of her chilled white wine and scanned the other patrons. Situated just off the main station in Shinjuku the bar seemed to attract mostly tourists, just like herself. They were all more or less dressing to impress, no matter if they had the money to back it up or not, and the name of the game was Neokitsch. The ultra rich, high end look was a pretty stark contrast to what Nova was wearing and she had catched a lot of stares the past hour, some approving, most of them derogatory. Not that she blamed them, she was standing out for sure.

Her leather black hair on top of her pale ivory toned, diamond shaped head was done in a long side swept undercut style. A pair of almond shaped, emerald green eyes sat below a pair of steep arched eyebrows. Her lush eyelashes complimented the heavy black eyeliner and dark purple eyeshadow and her thin lips were made in a lovely matte mulberry colour just below her nordic shaped nose.

Just like Raelyn, Nova was all natural beauty as she had inherited the best of both her mothers and fathers good looks and could not hide her obvious North American heritage. She had never thought about improving any part of her body but did not look down upon or judge anyone who did. Even though she was a looker for sure it was neither her face, hairdo nor makeup that was the source of the attention she got, it was her attire.

Her perky, medium sized breast lay securely in a form fitting high collared, high waisted short sleeve top in black shiny stretch plastic that had a heavy front zipper in dark purple. Over the top she had an upper body harness made from the same black plastic with small pouches under her arms, like a sort of body harness wallet. The harness had numerous adjustable buckles to ensure a tight and good looking fit. She also wore a dark purple, high waisted, elbow-sleeved biker jacket in matching shiny plastic that, for the moment, was unzipped.

Nova’s long and beautiful legs were covered by a pair of shiny high waisted black tights with a dark purple zipper through the crotch and were made in the same stretch plastic as her top. On her feet she wore a pair of matching black, shiny, knee high platform boots with hidden inside zippers and 5 inch heels. Around her wrists she wore wide black plastic cuffs and her nails were done in a 2 tone paint fading from black to dark purple.

Lifting her glass to take another sip of her wine, Nova quietly laughed to herself as she realised the bar and its clientele was perfectly chosen from Raelyn’s point of view as she was a bit of an attention whore for sure.

After trying to make yet another call to Raelyn that again resulted in a “The recipient is unavailable” message, Nova started to get worried for real. But she knew there was little she could do at the moment since she had no other means to contact her but by phone and she did not even know where she lived. Recalling the last time they had spoken she concluded that they had indeed agreed upon meeting at this bar and she had not gotten the date wrong.

As Nova tried to figure out what to do next, a man who had been eyeing her for some time approached her table and said, “Sorry… Your name is not Nova by any chance? You are here to meet with Raelyn. Raelyn Bayes? I’m a friend of hers… Cael… my name is Cael.”

Trying to play it cool, Nova raised an eyebrow and looked the man over. Probably coming from a North European lineage he looked to be a few years older than Nova, 28-ish she guessed. He had jet black hair done in a low drop fade style that was combed backwards. His ivory toned skin was a good compliment to his topaz blue eyes that peered worryingly at Nova under his bushy and arched eyebrows. Around his bow shaped lips and chin he had a well groomed goatee making him possibly look a few years older than he really was.

He wore a real good looking black suit paired with a bright cyan shirt that was casually open around the neck together with an equally casually donned black tie. On his feet he wore a pair of black, shiny low cut sneakers.

Slowly taking another sip of her wine, Nova looked him in the eyes and said, “Perhaps, what’s it to you?”

Cael quickly looked over his shoulder as if to see if anyone was eavesdropping, leaned in towards Nova and replied, “Well if you are, you need to know that Raelyn is in deep trouble… like real deep trouble and in dire need of help.”

Nova took a small step back to signal that she did not approve of his forwardness and stated, “Look! It’s 2079 and I was, counter to what it may look like, not born yesterday. You really think I will just take your word that you and Raelyn are chooms? Fuck off will you!”

Cael nervously looked around and hastily walked to the bar after saying, “One sec, be right back.”

Nova watched him walk over to the bar and then return after having borrowed a digital tablet from one of the bartenders. He then put a hand to his neck, right behind his earlobe, and ejected a datashard from one of his shard slots. After inserting it into the tablet and flipping through a couple of videos he turned the display towards Nova and said, “Look here, this is from a few weeks back.”

Nova looked at the display and saw a video of Raelyn and Cael posing in front of a mirror in what must have been a club or a bar. The way they were hugging and goofing off indicated that they were clearly at least acquainted with each other and quite possibly, friends.

Nova, fueled by the fear that something had indeed happened to Raelyn, said, “OK… you clearly know Raelyn, so?”

Ejecting the shard and putting it back into the neck slot again, Cael replied, “Right, I understand this must seem shady as fuck but… Look, you were supposed to meet her here tonight right? She told me you would… And she has not shown up… And you can’t reach her on her phone, correct?”

Nova started to slowly swirl the wine in her glass and uttered an “Uh-huh” in reply.

“Right… as crazy as this will sound I think… No, I know she is in real trouble!”


“Ok… eahhh… me and Raelyn… we… Look, we have been running cons together for the past 6 months, successfully I may add, but a little over a week ago our luck ran out. She got caught and Raelyn was apprehended… and I fear the worst…”

“Wait! Raelyn is running cons? What happened to her boutique?”

“What boutique? I know nothing about any boutique. We run cons… Raelyn got me into running cons with her.”

“Fuck… fuck… OK… So she got caught and is what… awaiting trial… in jail… what?”

“Yeah, I wish. No, the place we got caught at was Blizz… You know, the club in Kabukicho…”

Nova saw Cael show a worrying expression to which she said, “OK, pretend I come from Night City and have no idea what Blizz or Kabukicho is.”

“Oh right, right. Kabukicho Is just over there, on the other side of the train tracks… and Blizz is, just like everything in Kabukicho, a club run and controlled by the Yakuza.”

Cael, still looking very worried, finally whispered, “Raelyn is not with the police, she has been taken by the Yakuza.”

Nova went wide-eyed and shouted back at Cael, “What the fuck are…”

Noticing her agitated state attracted a lot of looks from the near tables, Nova lowered her voice and continued, “You ran cons under the nose of the Yakuza. Are you fucking crazy?”

“I know… I know… Look, she is not dead alright, I know where she is and she needs our… She needs your help!”

Nova’s pulse was now racing and she had a hard time hiding her genuine fear for her friend as she asked, “Right… So where is she?”

“At a club called Sinsations… It’s a club in the centre of Kabukicho. Word is they offer some pretty weird shit if you know what to ask for and I am pretty sure Raelyn is… She is most likely being forced to work there as a Joytoy, catering to whatever fucked up shit that people who go there is into…”

Nova’s heart skipped a beat as she continued, “She is… she has been forced into prostitution?”

“Yeah… If your definition of prostitution is having to do it, no matter how sick… every day… most likely for the rest of your life.”

Nova put her glass down, put her hands to her face and said, “Fuck… Fuck… This is not good!”

Cael put a hand on Nova’s shoulder and said, “Listen, your parents, they are loaded right. Raelyn told me your dad works at… at Eurobank right. Maybe he could pull some strings…”

Nova put her hands down and forced Cael’s hand of her shoulder and said, “Yeah… but I doubt he has ANY strings to pull when it come to the fucking YAKUZA!”

“Right… right…”

“Ok so probably a stupid question, but contacting the police is out of the question.”

Cael smiled and replied, “Yeah… no! If it was that easy I would have done so over a week ago when they took her. Besides, the only time the police enter Kabukicho it’s to either collect bribes or to make any crime the Yakuza is involved in go away.”

Nova bit her lower lip as she thought for a moment then said, “Right… So we will have to go there, to the club… Sinsations was it? To see if we can locate Raelyn.”

Cael got wide-eyed and replied, “No, no chance! I barely escaped the night we were caught so there is no way I can show my face in ANY club or bar in Kabukicho. No way!”

“Fuck you! You got her into this and… Damn it… Fine! Can you at least bring me there so I can have a look and see if I can figure something out?”

“Now we’re talking, right this way sister!”

“I am not, nor will I ever be, your sister! Are we clear?”


After flagging a Red Cab taxi down, the ride over to Sinsations was made in complete silence. Nova’s mind was spinning and she started to have real anxiety about the situation as even she knew the Yakuza was not an entity to be trifled with. As Nova’s thoughts started to go into some real dark places she tried to stop thinking about it altogether which was easier said than done. As the taxi eventually came to a halt Cael pointed out of the window to the other side of the street and said, “There, down that alley and on the right. Sinsations.”

Starting to get real nervous, Nova opened the door and before stepping out said, “Right, wish me luck!”

“Good luck! And remember that it’s a pretty fucked up place, at least according to the rumors. Make sure to cover your six, OK! Also, we should exchange deets, so we can get in touch… later I mean.”

Nova thought for a second and then said, “I don’t think I want to be caught with your details on file if they suspect anything, I can’t have any connection with you. Let’s… let’s meet at the bar at the station tomorrow at 10 am. If I’m not there you know where I most likely will be…”

Cael nodded in agreement before closing the door to the taxi, leaving Nova alone on the sidewalk as it drove off. Looking across the street she tried to see down the dark alley but it was impossible to make any details out, let alone see the club entrance. Scurrying across the street she saw an ATM to which she went over and inserted her credit chip. Thinking that an abundance of money was not a bad idea to have, she withdrew all the money she had available, a quite substantial amount. After putting the chip back inside her holster wallet she headed for the alley.

Nova felt a chill run down her spine as she walked down the poorly lit, near empty, alley with only the clicking sound of her heels to keep her company. As she saw a rather out of place yet unmissable security guard, Nova realised she had found the entrance. Had it not been for the muscle outside, she would have never guessed there was a club in the alley for sure. No neon sign, no red carpet, no pair of flashy glass doors, no patrons hanging outside to get some fresh air. All there was, apart from the guard, was just a simple but sturdy looking metal door with the word ‘Sinsations’ badly tagged over it.

Trying to seem like she had visited the club a million times before, Nova casually walked up to the security guard and looked her straight into the eyes. Even in her platform heels Nova felt small in her presence and began to get butterflies in her stomach. Routinely the female guard brought forth a hand held body scanner and took a step towards Nova, who in turn wasted no time in widening her stance while raising her arms. Scan done, the guard gestured towards the door that opened automatically, letting Nova step inside.

The moment she stepped over the threshold the big metal door started closing and Nova could hear the muffled sound of a heavy bass drum, presumably coming from a dance floor further into the club. As she stepped up to the cashier the cute girl behind the counter smiled at Nova and said, “Welcome, can I take your jacket?”

Nova took her jacket off, handed it over and asked, “Good night?”

The girl took the jacket, gestured towards a credit chip reader on the counter beside her and replied, “Not bad… Will probably pick up some in a few hours, it’s still quite early.”

Nova, who had put her credit chip in the reader to let it charge the entrance fee, put it back in her harness wallet and said, “Awesome, thanks!”

Entering the main club area, Nova took a moment to get her bearings as she slowly nodded her head to the mesmerising beat. Having a high ceiling, the main room was divided into a lowered dance floor along the back wall with a quite spacious booth housing the DJ. This side of the dance floor was a general mingle area with a few couched booths, high tables and few single couches with low tables. Both walls on each side of the mingle area had what looked like quite spacious alcoves seemingly available for anyone. Along the front wall was an impressive bar that seemed to be able to cater to even the most picky of patrons and at each side of the bar were entrances for the restrooms. There was also a flight of stairs leading to a second floor clearly labelled VIP overseen by a security guard.

The dance floor was filled with patrons who danced to the raw techno pumping out of the club's impressive sound system. The thin veil of smoke that engulfed the dance floor along the mix of lasers, beam lights and massive stroboscopes made the crowd look like they moved in slow motion in step with the rhythm, a view Nova was well familiar with and loved.

The mingle area and bar was pretty scarcely occupied and Nova figured the club could almost double its attendance before the place got too crowded.

The aesthetic was clearly leaning toward a raw industrial fetish and BDSM theme. The bar was enclosed in what could most easily be described like prison bars and above the dancefloor, in clear sight of the occupants of the mingle area, hung two circular cages with go-go dancers dressed in quite generic fetish garb. The theme was however most evident by the patrons and staff who for the most part wore some form of shiny plastic or leather outfits paired with collars, cuffs and other BDSM paraphernalia. Making a quick scan among the crowd Nova concluded that her current outfit more than well matched the clientele and realised that it reminded her a lot of Totentanz back home but Sinsations was much more clearly aligned towards the fetish and BDSM scene.

Having established the theme of the club, Nova felt a bit duped as she imagined fetish and BDSM clubs to be an orgy in lust, pain and pleasures and what she witnessed did not live up to those assumptions. There was mostly fondling, kissing and caressing on display, more or less what you saw in any other club. A few things stood out though, for instance a male patron sitting in one of the couches being given a blowjob by a female on all fours and dressed in red leather in front of him. A short chain locked to the woman’s collar ran to an o-ring at the edge on the seat of the couch meaning she seemed to have no say in whether to perform the blowjob or not. The man sat very relaxed with his head leaned back with a braindance wreath around it.

The braindance wreath allowed him to replay someone else's experience, including their physical sensations, emotions and thoughts just as if he was experiencing them first hand. Braindances had started out as a vital part of psychological treatment but were nowadays commonly used as a form of entertainment and something Nova had tried on numerous occasions.

Nova could only imagine what kind of braindance he was experiencing but given the circumstances she quickly came up with a few thrilling scenarios in her head. Nova had been curious about both fetish and BDSM for quite some time but never really dared to take the step to explore it further, even through a braindance, something she felt she regretted here and now. Realising she most likely started to look like a fish out of water just standing there, Nova slowly walked around the club and absorbed the highly arousing atmosphere before striding back to the bar.

Nova had just about settled on the barstool when a very handsome bartender approached her. He was pretty muscular and only wore, as far as Nova could see, a pair of tight, black leather hotpants with a matching upper body harness and a collar. Leaning in to hear Nova over the thumping music he said, “Welcome, what would you like? Newcomers' first drink is always on the house.”

Nova smiled and raised an eyebrow as she replied, “Too bad I'm not a newcomer then.”

“Oh? I think I would recognize a goddess like yourself but fair enough, your first one will still be on the house. What would you like?”

“Not sure, surprise me…”

The bartender smiled and started to mix a drink while Nova kept a watchful eye on him working. A few moments later he presented a large tumbler with a white, cream-like liquid on the rocks. Nova took a sip and smiled pleasantly as she really enjoyed it and after putting the glass down, asked, “And this is?”

“Santo Cecilia… Tequila, matcha, saramuyo cream and a splash of almond milk. You like it?”

“Yes! Very much in fact.”

With a smile the bartender said, “Knew it! Putting that one in the win column for sure.”

Smiling back, Nova turned on the bar stool and tried to figure out what her next move should be. Her thoughts were quickly led astray as a woman wearing a nearly impossible tight and shiny white catsuit started to severely spank a seemingly young, stark naked girl she had straddled across her knee. With each blow the young girl would scream in what sounded like both pain and pleasure, making Nova feel surprisingly thrilled. As her pussy started to become a bit damp she again questioned why she had not looked into the fetish and BDSM scene sooner.

Suddenly Nova realised that the dominant woman was looking straight at Nova with a wicked smile on her face and realised that she was ogling the pair. With her cheeks turning red from embarrassment, Nova instantly turned around again and took another sip of her drink and tried to focus on coming up with some form of a plan on how to locate Raelyn who supposedly was on the premises somewhere.

Having scouted the club it was clear that Raelyn, or any other joytoy for that matter, were nowhere she currently had access to so logic dictated they must be kept elsewhere. The obvious place would be the VIP area but she most likely couldn’t just go up there without an invitation. Nova called for the bartender’s attention and, leaning in over the bar counter, asked, “If one was in the urge for… shall we say some more extreme action than what is on display here, who would one speak to… You?”

The bartender smiled and replied, “Asked the one who suggests she is not a newcomer…”

Nova smiled back and retorted, “Ha! Busted… But really, the word is you offer some pretty extreme services. Are you saying you don’t?”

“Look, I wish I knew what you were talking about but the reality is I just work the bar here. All of this… stuff… not really my game if you know what I mean.”

“I hear you… Sorry to hear that… But for curiosity's sake, let’s say I really wanted to find out if the rumours were true, who would I speak to?”

“If what you see here is not what you are after, you want to speak to Lexie, the owner. She is in one of the caves I believe… Being serviced most likely…”


“Sorry… One of the alcoves…”

The bartender nodded towards the alcoves along one of the walls and after thanking him, Nova picked up her drink and headed in that direction. She had but walked a few steps before a man stepped in her path and said, “I am so sorry to disturb you, but I wonder if you would possibly be interested in a slave?”

Nova stopped, took a sip of her drink and looked the man over. Not being her type in the least he looked alright to be fair, especially considering he was most likely well over 40 years old. His fit, bare upper body was accentuated by a pair of black, shiny cyber implants that had replaced both of his pectoral areas and nipples. Where his nipples once were was now a pair of small d-rings that sat vertically through which a pair of huge chrome o-rings hung. Across his upper abdomen the word “PERVERT” was tattooed in bold, black letters. He wore tight, bright orange plastic jeans and had a pair of matching sneakers in the same material and colour. Around his neck he wore an old and well used dog collar with a leash that he was presenting to Nova.

The fact that someone would offer their service to her so openly without shame fueled Nova's arousal and while holding her drink by her head, casually pointed at the man and asked, “Let me guess, that slave would be you?”

With his gaze now turned down at Nova’s boots, the would-be slave answered, “Yes Mistress… If it would please you?”

“Can you get me into the VIP area?”

“I… No… I do not think so.”

With a smile on her face Nova took hold of one of the big o-rings and used it to distinctly move him aside, allowing her to simply pass the man without saying a word. The gesture was extremely rude, Nova knew that, but she could not ignore the feeling of power and heightened arousal it left her with. A feeling that was only amplified by the sound of people laughing at the poor man and his blatantly failed attempt to court her.

As Nova approached the nearest alcove she found it occupied by two women, one of whom was bound against the left wall with her hands cuffed to anchor points on each side of her head. She was totally bald and wore nothing more than a clear plastic balconette bra, a pair of clear plastic tights and matching clear plastic pumps.

The bound woman was gently sucking the index finger of one of her presumed Mistress’s hands and was clearly enjoying herself as she had her eyes closed and was quietly moaning as she serviced the finger. Her Mistress, clad in a beautiful cobalt blue latex gown and black heels smiled as she saw Nova approach and started to roughly caress one of the bound woman's breasts. Turned on by their sensual interplay Nova smiled at the Mistress and asked loud enough to be heard over the music, “You Lexie by any chance?”

Laughing as she firmly dug her fingers deeper into the breast she was caressing, to which the bound woman let out a loud moan, the Mistress replied, “I wish darling… You want the next cave over I believe… unless you would like to join us?”

Biting her lower lip Nova raised an eyebrow and said, “Sorry, have urgent business… Probably would if not…”

“Your loss guapa!”

Letting go of the breast the Mistress took a firm grip around the bound woman's throat and forced her into a deep, passionate kiss. The action made Nova feel her pussy twitch and quietly whispered to herself, “Fuck me that’s hot!”

The club and its patrons were clearly getting to her but she didn’t mind. She liked what she saw and felt, she liked it alot.

Fearing she would get stuck watching the powerplay on display, Nova forced herself to move to the next alcove and peered inside. In front of one of the two couches inside the alcove Nova saw a dark toned man of African descent on all fours, licking the boots of a young woman sitting in front of him. His muscular body was on full display and he wore nothing more than a high collar around his neck, a neon pink thong and a pair of black thigh high boots with a 4 inch heel. He was clearly loving what he was doing as his fully erect, impressive cock was nearly ripping the thong apart as it tried to keep the raging piece of meat contained.

Even though the man in many ways was a lovely sight to behold, Nova could not take her eyes off the young goddess whose boots were being serviced. Looking to be about Nova’s age, the pale ivory toned woman of North European heritage sat with her arms stretched out on the backrest of the couch, intensely observing her boots being worshipped. Her straight hair was done in a two toned, neck length bob cut fading from black to deep red. Below her thin rounded eyebrows sat a pair of totally black eyes giving her an almost demonic look that was made even more intense by the heavy, blotched black smokey eye makeup. At both of her temples, aligned with the end of her eyebrows, were a pair of red subdermal LED diodes. Below her nordic nose were a pair of heart shaped lips made in a very dark, near black, matte lipstick. Her lower lip had a pair of chromed labret ring piercings sitting at about a quarter of an inch apart.

She wore a high collared, sleeveless body with a through crotch zipper made from crimson red heavy rubber. The body was shined to perfection and had tailored breast cups supporting her small but perky breasts. Both of her arms were cybernetic and ranged from her collarbones all the way to her fingertips. They were done in a matching shiny crimson red coating with palms and underside of her fingers made in a contrasting matte black finish.

Her feet and long legs were covered by a pair of black, thigh high boots with 6 inch heels in shiny rubber that perfectly hugged her beautiful long legs. At the top of the boots were a pair of wide rubber cuffs tightly buckled to prevent the boots from sliding down.

Nova felt her heart beating hard as she was evidently taken by the extremely gorgeous young woman. Suspecting she had already found who she was looking for, Nova asked with a hint of nervousness in her voice, “Lexie?”

The young woman looked up and after having quickly eyed Nova, smiled wickedly and replied, “For you I can be whoever you want sexy but yes… I’m Lexie.”

Suddenly looking bored, Lexie unceremoniously raised the boot the man was licking and put it up against his face. With force she then shoved him backwards using her boot making him fall to his side with a meagre grunt. Lexie stood up, looked at the man still lying on the floor and shouted, “On your feet pig!”

The man quickly did as he was told and hastily stood up, facing Lexie. Taking a step towards him, Lexie looked at his erect cock and said, “My oh my… seems someone is in dire need of release… is that so pig?”

The man held a pathetic looking posture and replied in a meek voice, “Yes Mistress.”

“Legs wide, hands at your head!”

After the man had adjusted according to her command, Lexie took a step back to gain room for enough momentum and then kicked the man between the legs with full force. As her boot made contact with the cock and balls the thud was loud enough to be heard over the music. The man instantly fell straight down to the floor and screamed pathetically in agony. Lexie walked up to him and managed to land yet another kick between his legs, after which another scream could be heard. Standing with wide spread legs over the now broken man, Lexie pointed out of the alcove and shouted, “Get the fuck out of here and never show your face near me again!”

The man began to painfully crawl out of the alcove and Nova, stunned by what she had seen, moved to the side to allow for him to crawl past her. As he had cleared the alcove Lexie gracefully walked up to Nova, took her hand and pointed towards the couch and said, “Never seen you here before I believe. Please, join me… I insist.”

Nova, still a bit stunned, wasted no time in accepting the invitation and sat herself down on the couch. She was closely followed by Lexie who sat down on her knees next to Nova while facing her. Leaning forwards and gently putting her hand on Nova’s thigh, Lexie looked Nova straight in the eyes and said, “So… you look absolutely divine… How come you have never visited my establishment before?”

Nova was lost for words. Lexie was not only mesmerizingly beautiful, she apparently was very straight forward and looked absolutely amazing in her rubber outfit. The outfit seemed to be glued in place on Lexie’s body and also gave off a scent of vanilla mixed in with the strong rubber smell. Nova was amazed at how the scent seemed to add to her arousal and she bit her lower lip as she took a deep breath through her nose.

No matter how hard Nova tried to come up with something to say, all she could think of was Lexie’s mechanical fingers caressing her thigh, making her already wet pussy become even more damp. She had been intimate with both men and women before but never with anyone like Lexie. As Lexie’s fingers slowly started to glide up her stomach Nova felt like a little lamb being played with by a wolf who was considering what to do with its prey.

Just before reaching Nova’s breast, Lexie’s hand changed direction and playfully moved down Nova’s body again towards her crotch. Looking at Nova’s reaction to her touch, Lexie smiled and said, “Not the talkative type are we? OK, I can work with that… Would you like to continue where the pig left off… At my feet… licking my lovely boots…”

Nova instantly imagined herself on her knees, running her tongue along Lexie’s boots, an image that made her moan loudly to which Lexie raised an eyebrow and smilingly continued, “Or… perhaps you would like to see me down there, licking your boots instead?”

Nova bit her lower lip as the proposed scenario popped into her mind and after letting another moan pass her lips, Nova finally managed a garbled reply, “I… I mean… You…”

Lexie laughed teasingly, reached behind her and grabbed an inhaler and said, “Want a hit? Could help with that speechlessness perhaps. It’s just an aphrodisiac. No pesky addictive chemicals or anything like that, just pure bliss… I have it specially made for the club.”

Nova looked at the inhaler and replied, “I… No… thanks…”

“OK… suit yourself…”

Lexie put the inhaler to her mouth and after pressing the plunger, took a big whiff of its contents. A big grin manifested itself on Lexie’s face as she let her hand slide down between Nova’s legs and started to caress her pussy through the tights. Nova inadvertently spread her legs and braced her torso against the backrest as she threw her head back and moaned loudly again.

Lexie’s touch felt amazing and Nova wished for her to ravish her right there and then, she would in fact let Lexie do whatever she liked to her. Remembering why she was at the club in the first place, Nova gathered her thoughts as best as she could and, having cleared her throat, asked, “So… mmm… The word is you… ah fuck… word is you offer some special services here…”

Lexie, with the grace of a contortionist, slid down on the floor between Nova's legs and slowly started to open the crotch zipper in Nova’s thighs. As the slider slowly descended Lexie asked, “Perhaps… Do you mean special as in extreme braindances perhaps? It is kind of a house specialty.”

Nova shifted on the couch to help Lexie unzip her crotch properly and as she was about to clarify her question instead yelped as Lexie put her face against her pussy and started to massage her clitoris with her tongue. Looking down at the rubber clad vixen, Nova moaned and between heavy breaths said, “Oh fuck… fuck me… keep going… you are… you are VERY good… very good at this…”

Lexie looked up at Nova, licked her lips and asked, “So what kind of BD’s are you into? Bondage, pain, latex, leather, dominance, submission… Just so you know I have a few pretty extreme ones of myself… in some I am the Mistress… in others I am the slave…”

As Lexie put her face to Nova’s crotch again to continue where she left off, Nova managed to clarify “No… no… As amazing as that sounds, I have heard you… shit that feels good… SO good… I hear you offer the genuine thing… joytoys to use and abuse…”

Lexie abruptly stopped, looked up at Nova and said, “Even if I did offer such activities… I would not offer them to just anyone, no matter how divine they are…”

Sensing she was getting somewhere, Nova quickly added, “If it’s a question of money I am good for it… Really I am!”

Lexie sat back on her knees with her hand still on Nova’s thighs and with a smile on her face said, “Fuck… How can I deny a goddess like yourself….… Ah the hell with it… Sure… What kind of money are we talking about? Services like this don’t come cheap”

“I have enough, trust me.”

“Ha! Trust you? Nuh-uh babe, you have to be able to prove it.”

Nova took her credit chip out of her wallet and said, “I have enough, check my chip if you like… or just look me up on the net. My name is Nova Taylor, daughter of Douglas Taylor, district manager at Eurobank in the US… Trust me, money is no object.”

Nova could see Lexie’s eyes subtly flash as she ran Nova’s claims through the net and after a while smiled and said, “OK… Interesting… apparently you are who you claim to be… Alright… Let’s see if I have anything to satisfy your desires, follow me…”

Before standing up, Lexie helped Nova to carefully close the crotch zipper and as they both got up from the couch Lexie grabbed the back of Nova’s head and forced the two of them into a long and deep kiss. Nova first tried to back out of the grip but quickly accepted Lexie’s violation and savoured the mixture of her own juices and Lexie’s apple blossom tasting saliva.

For a few seconds Nova was totally lost in the lovely kiss and was just about to invest more into it more when there was an audible smack as their mouths were forcefully separated. Lexie had yanked Nova’s head away from herself and Nova was smiling as she felt Lexie land a hard slap across her cheek. The blow took Nova by total surprise and she stood wide-eyed in shock over how much it hurt and how much she actually liked it. The blow had been hard enough to be heard outside of the alcove and Nova could see a couple of patrons staring at her, some of which looked very jealous. Lexie, still holding the back of Nova’s head, forced Nova to look at her and with a wicked smile said, “That’s for interrupting me while pleasuring you. NEVER let that happen again, understood?”

Nova just nodded to which Lexie said, “Good, now follow me… Miss Taylor…”

With her cheek still burning Nova gracefully followed Lexie out of the alcove as she admired the back of the latex vixen walking in front of her.

Having passed the security guard, Nova followed Lexie up the stairs to the VIP area which had the same fetish and BDSM aesthetic as the main room downstairs. The VIP area was about half the size of the mingle area downstairs and had vertically slatted metal panels on the walls that were backlit with red LEDs. The room housed a few couches with low tables, a small bar, some BDSM-themed furniture and along the far wall a big TV screen with a dedicated couch in front of it. To the right of the bar was an archway leading into a long corridor with doors, of which two appeared to be restrooms, evenly spread along one of the walls.

Even though there was no music being played one could still hear the muffled beat of the bass drum from the dance floor downstairs. There were about 10 people scattered about of which some were conversing, some were involved in some form of interactions and some watched the fetish hentai on the TV screen. What instantly caught Nova’s attention however was a female figure standing in front and centre of the bar.

Her head was covered in a black total enclosure hood with only two nostril cutouts made in latex with a hair-tube on top of the head. Through the tube hung a long ponytail of silver white hair that gradually turned into neon pink at the ends. The body was covered in a one piece catsuit with attached gloves and a through crotch zipper made in matching black latex. The feet were tightly laced into a pair of black knee high 6 inch boots made in black heavy rubber. The female figure looked almost like a shiny ebony mannequin.

To say that the mannequin was standing was perhaps an understatement since it was in fact bound to a sleek looking metal bondage pole. The pole was firmly anchored in the floor and was slightly curved and forced the figure bound to it to arch backwards. At the top was a wide metal collar that held the neck firmly in place and along the back were 2 pairs of additional metal cuffs forcing the mannequin’s arms tightly bound behind its back, elbows and wrists almost touching. Further down were 2 more pairs of metal cuffs attached to the Mannequin’s thighs and ankles. The leg cuffs were attached to metal rods fastened to the pole and welded in a way that the occupant had to stand with its legs spread. Above the figure's head was a holographic sign with bold capital letters in red stating, “PLEASE ABUSE ME”.

Nova literally jumped in shock as she saw a patron walk up to the mannequin and give its breasts three hard strokes with a metal crop. The strokes elicited a loud scream from the female under all the tight latex and Nova saw her try and move as much as her bondage allowed for, which turned out to be barely at all. Realising that it was indeed a living person under all the latex and not just a mannequin made Nova bite her lower lip as her arousal grew further. She could not help but to immediately start to think about what it must feel like to be fully enclosed in latex, bound and on display, ready to be used by anyone. Nova felt her juices start to flow and she realised that deep down she already knew she wanted to change places with her but was too scared to admit it. At least for the moment.

As Lexie led Nova deeper into the room they passed the bound woman and Nova could hear the bound woman loudly moan in pleasure, clearly enjoying her predicament. Her apparent arousal made Nova’s pussy twitch and she had to really focus to not reach out and touch the beautiful latex statue.

Arriving at a pair of unoccupied couches, Lexie motioned Nova to have a seat on one and then seated herself in the other. Leaning back comfortably against the backrest, Lexie smiled and said, “So Miss Taylor, what is it I can do for you?”

Nova noticed a distinct change in Lexie’s tone and carefully choosing her words, said, “Well, as I tried to explain downstairs, I want to use one of your joytoys.”

“Sure, they are between 20,000,000 and 30,000,000 New Yen per hour… or 100,000 to 150,000 Euro Dollars an hour if that’s your preferred currency.”

Nova was taken aback by the steep price but managed to keep her composure and replied, “Makes sense.”

Lexie smiled and continued, “The hour buys you full access to one of the toys and in theory anything goes. You will however be expected to reimburse any and all major surgery and, or cybernetics in need of replacement if you break it. You understand?”

Nova felt the hairs on her neck rise as she grasped the reality of what Lexie was saying but kept her cool and simply replied, “Yes, of course.”

“Good! Now… Do you want to go through a list of options or shall I see what I have available right now?”

“I would like one right now if that is OK?”

“I do not have much in terms of a stable but let’s see what we can do. Female, male or trans?”

Nova tried to sound as confident as possible as she replied, “Female please.”

Lexie raised an eyebrow and smiled as she continued, “You don’t disappoint do you… I have two available I think. Any other preferences… age, sexual orientation, fetishes, specific enhancements? There is clearly not much of a selection but I like to do what I can.”

Nova tried to figure out how to better her chance to choose Raelyn and, gesturing towards the bound latex female at the bar, asked, “She one of the two?”

Lexie turned and laughed when she realised who was in question and replied, “Her? No, no… She is one of my regulars.”

Nova went wide eyed and said, “Really! She does not… work for you?”

“Nope, she is a patron just like you. Believe it or not she is the one who asked and even paid for the bondage pole to be installed. It is of course free to use by anyone but as far as I know she is the only one who has. Somehow my VIPs seem to be mostly dominant…”

Lexie laughed again and continued, “Kinda funny but she even insists on paying the entrance fee every night she comes here and that is what, three maybe four times a week.… But honey if it’s her you want to play with then she is free of charge but you can’t use her as you will of course.”

“She is very tempting for sure but no, I want the real deal. Might give her some attention later tonight though”

“Well, if it’s a latex bitch you want I might have just the thing… she has passed 30 though but unless her age is an issue I think you would like her.”

Nova quickly thought for a moment and said, “No… age is really not a deal breaker. Over 30 is just fine and a latex bitch sounds absolutely fantastic.”

Nova felt a small streak of hope that the 30+ female Lexie meant could be Raelyn but there was just no way she could know for sure. Before she could ponder about it longer Lexie continued, “She is a quite new acquisition though, only been with us for about a week, but she has adapted surprisingly well to her new… position. I have been keeping her as a rubber toy so if I read you correctly she could be right up your alley I think.”

Lexie smiled wickedly as she nodded towards the bound latex woman in front of the bar before continuing, “Imagine Mrs ‘abuse me’ over there but more extreme, that sound about what you are looking for?”

Nova looked over at the bound latex woman again and, feeling her pussy twitch, replied, “Sounds very promising indeed…”

Lexie sat up, leaned forwards and said, “Tell you what Miss Taylor, why don’t we go and look at her before you make up your mind?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

“She is in use at the moment I believe but the current session is almost done so why don’t we go and check if we could have a sneak peak?”

“Sounds great, lead the way.”

Nova stood up and followed Lexie as she walked up to the bar and asked the bartender, “I’m taking this one to look at the new toy, her session is about to end right?”

The bartender looked at the cash register and replied, “Let me see… New girl… Yes, her 3 hour session with Mr. Lee has just 10 minutes left.”

“Perfect, what room?”


“Thanks, you keep an eye when I'm away, yes?”

“Certainly boss.”

Lexie smiled at the bartender and then turned to the bound latex female who they were standing right next to. Grabbing one of her breasts, Lexie put her head close to the latex covered head and asked in a derogatory way, “Having fun… bitch?”

The bound woman jerked in her stringent bondage as Lexie’s hand took her by surprise and then grunted an “Uh-hun!” in reply while nodding her head as much as the tight metal collar allowed for. Lexie let go of the breast and said, “Good, always a pleasure to have you here… just never forget your place…”

Nova watched as Lexie raised both of her hands above her head and then let them down on the woman's latex encased breasts with intense force resulting in a loud smack. A high pitched scream could be heard from under the latex hood and the woman began to convulse as she most likely started to cry in pain. Lexie beckoned Nova to follow with a wicked smile on her face and, as Nova passed the now crying woman, heard a garbled and pathetic sounding “thank you” coming from under the hood.

Just as she had passed the bar, Lexie took a left and entered the corridor and stopped in front of the second door. Looking at Nova she said, “Just a second, I need to check if it is alright for us to watch.”

Nova’s heartbeat was racing and she was experiencing rampant butterflies in her stomach. Her arousal on top of the acute concern for Raelyn's well-being was a mix that did not sit well with her at the moment. Trying to appear as chill as possible she crossed her arms across her chest, leaned against the wall and said, “Sure, no problem.”

Using a touch display on the wall next to the door, Lexie called for the patron inside. After what felt like ages there was an answer, “What!”

“Mr. Lee, It’s Lexie. Could I have a word with you please?”

The door slid open and Lexie stepped through after which the door slid closed again behind her.

Nova stood left alone and tried to calm down which was easier said than done since her thoughts were in disarray. If it truly was Raelyn being abused on the other side of the door, what state would she be in? Had she been drugged? Had she been injured and if so, how severe? What was her mental state? Would she be able to get her out of here? Would she even be herself anymore?

Before Nova could ponder further the door opened and she could see Lexie lean out, beckoning her inside. Nova prepared for the worst and stepped through the door and was immediately hit by a strong aroma of hot rubber, sweat and sex.

The room was both bigger and had a higher ceiling than Nova expected. The walls were painted in a dark red colour and the floor had matching red tiles that were all slightly tilted towards a big drain at the centre.

In one of the near corners were a pair of black plastic dressed armchairs neatly placed next to a small and round low table. Across the room at the opposite corner was another small table and a wall mounted clothes hanger holding a black leather blazer. Along the far wall was a long counter with cupboards underneath and a wall of BDSM paraphernalia readily available for use.

What really had Nova’s attention however was the all black, shiny latex doll that was suspended invertedly by her feet from the ceiling and hung next to a young man standing at the centre of the room.

The man who was of Korean heritage looked to be about 24 years old, the same age as Nova, and was slowly circling his suspended victim. He had short, light pink coloured hair done in large fluffy curls and had a very beautiful square face. His dark brown monolid eyes were transfixed at the black latex form in front of him and his thin lips moved as he was seemingly talking to himself quietly.

He wore an unbuttoned red shirt that had its sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows and on his left wrist he wore a retro looking wristwatch. The shirt was tucked into a pair of black dress pants and on his feet were a pair of black leather loafers. Judging by his look and attire Nova pegged him for a high level corpo, probably a department head for one of the bigger corporations. An impressive feat considering his young age.

As he kept circling the suspended latex doll Nova had a hard time not to stare at his huge, erect cock that was sticking out of his pants that was constantly being stroked. Even though it was hard to see from a distance, it looked as if he had had it enhanced as she saw a symmetrical pattern of small bulges all along its shaft.

Realising she was staring, Nova quickly shifted her focus to something she would much rather look at, the rubber doll slowly spinning in her suspension.

Her head was covered in a black hood made of thick latex that surely had to have been tailored to her measurements for it to fit so perfectly. It had a long hair-tube on top of her skull through which an abundance of beautiful, golden brown, frizzy curls hung out and nearly touched the floor. At the back of the hood was a heavy zipper and over her eyes was a thick latex blindfold that was held in place by metal buckles at each side of her head. Around her nostrils were two small circular cut outs that seemed to have tubes going up her nose. Her mouth was held open by a two inch in diameter tube gag that looked to be going about an inch and a half into her mouth. A cute, pointy tongue could be seen exploring the inside of the tube and seemed to be trying to catch some of the saliva that freely yet slowly dripped out of the tube and into the drain below her.

She had been put into a strict neck corset that engulfed her neck from her clavicle bones and shoulders, all the way up to just below her jaw. It was made from black, heavy duty rubber and was laced tightly in the back for a perfect and really severe fit. Over the laces ran two tightly buckled straps that were locked in place using a pair of retro looking padlocks and at the front of the neck corset hung a big chromed o-ring. From what Nova could tell the neck corset was more than successfully depriving the woman from even the slightest form of head or neck movement.

Her beautiful, slender and modestly toned body was covered in a thick latex catsuit that, just like the hood, must have been tailored to her measurements as there were almost no visible creases in it at all. At her chest two ample but firm, almond toned breasts could be seen sticking out of two circular cutouts in the catsuit. The cutouts seemed to be reinforced and slightly too small for her breasts, making them shoot out from her chest in all their engorged glory. The breasts had several dark welts across them that most likely had been inflicted by heavy canning and whipping. Through the crotch the catsuit had a heavy zipper with several heads to allow for easy access to her pussy and ass.

The woman's arms were bound at her back in an extremely tight single-glove made from the same black, heavy duty rubber as the neck corset. It was zipped closed using a heavy zipper and was cut in a way that it made her elbows touch when fully closed. At the end of the pouch that held her hands was another heavy, chromed o-ring and at her wrists and elbows were two heavy straps that were tightly buckled in place. To make sure the single-glove did not slip there was a y-strap running from the top of the glove around her shoulders, holding it firmly in place.

Around the waist was another exquisitely tailored item. An extremely tight-laced corset made from the by now familiar heavy duty rubber reduced her waist to an almost impossible looking hourglass shape. The black corset covered her all the way from just below the base of her lovely breasts to well below her waist at about mid hip. Clasped in front and laced in the back the corset must have reduced the woman’s waist by six or maybe seven inches. On top of the corset, wrapped around the waist, she wore a padded two inch wide metal belt that was locked in place in the back with yet another padlock.

Her feet and calves were put in a pair of quite bizarre black, knee high ballet boots made from heavy rubber. They were tightly laced in place and fit her ankles and calves perfectly, a true testament to the craftsmanship required to make them. What made them bizarre was the fact that they had no heel at all and at the tip of the boots there were a pair of heavy o-rings attached, one on each boot. The o-rings were in turn clipped to a heavy spreader bar that kept her feet about 3 feet apart. At the centre of the spreader bar was a heavy d-ring that was clipped to metal wire running up to a winch in the ceiling.

All the latex and rubber had been shined to near perfection and playfully reflected the light as the rubber doll slowly turned in front of her small but devoted audience.

As Lexie motioned for Nova to have a seat in one of the arm chairs, Nova felt her pussy twitch as she had a hard time deciding what she wanted most. To walk up and touch and play with the beautiful doll on display or, if she wanted to be the suspended doll herself. Maybe she desired both. The only thing that mattered at the moment was if it indeed was Raelyn under all of the lovely looking latex and rubber or someone else.

As they both sat down the young man looked at them and with a big smile said, “My oh my! Not only will I have the privilege of performing in front of one gorgeous lady, but two of them, welcome.”

Nova saw Lexie smile and reply, “Mr. Lee, flattery will not get you a discount, you know that.”

Smiling, Mr. Lee squatted down and placed his hands around the suspended woman’s head, making her stop spinning, and said, “You hear that slut… we have an audience… You better be at your best or there will be hell to pay, understand?”

As he stood up and walked towards the wall of BDSM paraphernalia a pitiful moan could be heard from the woman. Mr. Lee returned with a heavy flogger and after positioning himself in front of the woman, swung the flogger and let it hit forcefully at her crotch with a loud whack. The woman jerked as the hit landed and screamed out in pain after which Mr. Lee screamed, “I CAN'T HEAR YOU SLUT!”

The woman stopped whimpering and tried to reply as best as she could in the gag, “Eaassh!”

Mr. Lee shook his head and rolled his eyes while silently mumbling, “fuck sakes…”, just before he let the flogger down hard on the womans bear breasts, one after the other. Jerking with each blow, the woman cried out even louder in pain as Mr. Lee again shouted at her, “YES FUCKING WHAT?”

The woman was still whining loudly in pain as she managed to utter, “Eaassh Shheer!”

“How many times do I have to remind you… Fuck! One could start to think you actually want me to torture you…”

Throwing the flogger at the counter and looking at his wristwatch, Mr. Lee took a deep breath and said, “Man, time flies… time wrap this up slut…”

Walking over to the counter Mr. Lee picked up a small touchpad and returned to stand in front of his captive. Using the pad to start the winch in the ceiling, he raised the suspended woman until her head and mouth was in perfect alignment with his still fully erect cock. Putting the pad into the waistband in the back of his pants, he grabbed the woman around the waist and unceremoniously shoved his cock into her gagged mouth. The woman seemed to take the full length of his cock pretty well as Mr. Lee slowly started to pant and grunt as he thrusted his pelvis back and forth.

Nova watched with absolute fascination and was starting to get really turned on by what she saw. Glancing over at Lexie she saw that she might not have enjoyed the show as much as she did as she sat with a blank expression on her face.

Suddenly Mr. Lee started to thrust his cock into the woman’s gagged mouth at a faster pace and mumbled, “Uh-huh… You like that don’t you slut… Gonna take all of my load again, ain’t you… yeah… not spill a drop… will you?!”

The woman must have heard him since a garbled “Nuh-... uh!” could be heard between thrusts.

All of a sudden Mr. Lee stopped trusting and pushed his cock as far into the gagged mouth as he could and tensed all over his body. Arching slightly backwards he almost stood on his toes as a deep grunt filled the room when he came. A weird high pitched whine could be heard from Mr. Lee's as he manically started to hump the woman’s mouth and shortly after withdrew his cock while shouting, “FUCK YEAH! That’s… what I’m talking about… That's what I'm talking about… Fuck me…”

Backing up a bit he put his hands to his hips and started to laugh to himself as he let his head fall back. Still looking up at the ceiling he loudly said, “Man that feels good… so fucking good!”

Looking down again at the suspended woman his smile suddenly died out and he dashed to the counter only to return with the flogger. As he returned, Nova could see a small amount of cum dripping from the gag tube despite the suspended woman’s valiant effort to catch it all with her tongue. With vicious rage in his eyes Mr. Lee started to mercilessly whip the woman over and over again. Between each hit he shouted at her like he was trying to forcibly insert the words into her mind, “WHAT… THE… FUCK… DID.. I… SAY!... DO… NOT… SPILL… A… FUCKING… DROP… YOU… DUMB… FUCKING… CUNT!”

The woman was screaming her lungs out and had started to cry as blow after blow hit her on her breasts, her crotch and her thighs. Getting both very aroused and deeply worried by the abuse at display Nova quickly looked at Lexie who stood up and loudly proclaimed, “Mr. Lee, your time is up i believe.”

Mr. Lee stopped the whipping, stumbled a few steps back and looked at Lexie as he replied, “Ah yes… Yes… I believe it is, isn't it!”

He threw the flogger at the counter again and after putting his still semi erect cock back into his pants, started to button up his shirt. As he did he looked at Nova and said, “Hope you liked my little show! She is a very good little slut, I can tell you that much. She might be slow to learn but she sure makes an effort if motivated properly… don’t you slut?”

The woman was still snivelling as she replied, “Eaassh Shheer!”

Just about to fasten the last button, Mr. Lee stopped, made a parodied expression of surprise and said, “Wow… hear that… the cunt CAN learn… colour me surprised.”

Lexie, who had fetched Mr. Lee’s blazer, interrupted by saying, “That’s enough Mr. Lee, we shan't keep the next customer waiting.”

Mr. Lee grabbed his blazer, gave the touchpad to Lexie and said, “Yes of course, time is money after all…”

Blazer in hand, Mr. Lee stepped over to Nova, looked her deep in the eyes and said, “I hope you do not mind sloppy seconds… The past three hours have been very… draining to say the least…”

Lexie raised her voice and said, “Mr. Lee… you were leaving.”

Mr. Lee was still eyeing Nova as he said, “Yes, leaving… Enjoy!”

As he was half way out the door he turned to Lexie and said, “I want her tomorrow as well, same setup but make it four… no five hours instead, OK?”

Lexie, who was about to close the door after him, replied, “Of course, I’ll get back to you after I have checked if there is a free slot.”

“If not I will gladly pay double to have the other patron rescheduled, you know that.”

As the door had closed Lexie looked at Nova and said, “I can’t stand the man… but he brings good money sadly.”

She walked over to Nova and extended her hand as she said, “Now! Why don’t we take a closer look at the rubber doll over there.”

Nova smiled, took Lexie’s hand and followed her to the centre of the room where the latex clad woman hung from the ceiling. As they came up close Nova could see that the tailoring was truly exquisite and the outfit and gear had to have been made to measure. The lovely hot rubber aroma also grew stronger and Nova felt she just had to ask, “Is that real rubber? As in the natural kind?”

Lexie went wide-eyed and replied with a big grin on her face, “I KNEW it! You are a latex aficionado… Take one to know one!”

“Well I am not sure I am an aficionado… but it is definitely a lovely material, that’s for sure”

“If you haven’t tried it you must! Synthetic latex and plastic is totally fine… but believe me, genuine natural rubber is SO much better… Expensive as hell but totally worth it… I have slowly been exposing some of my visitors to the real thing and they all swear by that once you try it, it is really hard to change back to the synthetic stuff.”

Nova smiled at Lexie’s remark who continued, “I also love the retro look, smell and feel of the natural stuff... I love retro in general to be Frank, that’s why I like to use those old padlocks for instance… they are so… delightfully analogue and crude.”

Lexie moved up to the bound woman and played with one of the padlocks locking her neck corset in place before starting to caress her latex covered thighs and said, “Between you and me, when I saw this beauty I fucking KNEW I had to go old school with her and… as you can see… she turned out amazing.”

Nova, still admiring the suspended woman and her predicament, said, “Well you did one hell of a job on her, she looks absolutely divine.”

Lexie smiled, gave the bound woman a slap on one of her buttoxes that elicited a pleasurable moan from the woman, and asked, “But enough of that, do you want her cleaned out for you or would you rather just pick up where Mr. ‘sloppy seconds’ left off.”

Nova thought for a second but realised she didn't want to waste any more time and said, “I’ll pick up where he left off, her used state does not bother me.”

“You sure? Will take but no more than 20, maybe 30 minutes… You and I could maybe fool around some in the meanwhile…”

“Very tempting for sure but… no… I want to give her a try right away.”

“Absolutely, come over here and have a look.”

Lexie held the touchpad so that Nova could see it and started to explain, “To use the winch, you just select this icon here and then use the arrow like this.”

Using the touchpad Lexie started to lower the suspended woman until she with little to no grace was laying on her stomach on the tiled floor. The neck corset made raising her head impossible but thankfully, for the rubber doll, her ample breasts acted like a cushion keeping her face just off the floor. Handing the touchpad to Nova, Lexie squatted down by the spreader bar and unclipped the ballet boots from it. She then told Nova to raise the spreader bar again to move it out of the way. As Lexie was standing besides Nova again she said in a stern voice, “You better get up into position cunt, unless you want some motivation!”

The latex doll instantly began to grunt and pant as she with a lot of effort started to try and put her legs under her to be able to get up off the floor. Not making a fast enough effort for Lexie’s liking she proclaimed, “Faster cunt, we do not have all day!”

As the bound woman finally managed to get up on her knees she straightened her back, making her tormented breast even more prominent and spread her legs wide apart before saying, “Sshouwaah Nngishktreeshh.”

Lexie bent forwards, gave the kneeling woman a hard slap across her left cheek and said, “I know the hood fucks with your spacial awareness cunt… but for fuck sakes come on! Put some effort into it!”

The slap made the woman grunt and immediately started to shuffle on her knees, pivoting to her right until she was facing Lexie near perfectly and said, “Aang sho shouwaah Nngishktreeshh, klaeshh huowgeeaw ngee!”

Lexie ignored the apology as she fetched a gag accessory that looked like it was taken from a hentai porn lover's wet dream. Attached to a round, 2 inch wide metal base with a big o-ring in the centre, was a 10 inch long silicone replica of a severed octopus tentacle. Made to look extremely realistic the tentacle started with the same width as the metal base and then tapered off all the way to the tip. Lexie held it up to Nova and said, “Fucking love these. Twist locks in place in her gag, look!”

As Lexie stepped up to the kneeling woman the tentacle gently swayed back and forth and she had to use both hands to start feeding it down the unsuspecting recipient. Adding to the humiliation, Lexie made sure to try and catch as much of the residue cum from inside the tube gag as possible as the tentacle started to go down her throat: Nova could hear the latex clad woman starting to whine but she took the tentacle gag surprisingly good as it was forced down. As the metal base connected with the tube gag Lexie pushed it a bit harder and after using the o-ring to twist it slightly, let go as it had been locked in place.

A loud moan could be heard coming from the kneeling woman and Nova bit her lip as she saw her start to gently rock her pelvis back and forth. Nova could not even imagine what it must feel like to have the horrid thing pushed down so far down the throat but the prospect of it was frighteningly arousing. Lexie put a hand on Nova’s arm to get her attention as she continued, “There are of course other types of inserts for the gag over there but they all work the same way, twist to lock and unlock.”

Lexie put a hand on the doll’s cheek and started to gently caress it as she added, “Don’t worry about breathing, the hood has tubes from the nostrils going up her nose, through her nasal cavity and all the way down to the Trachea… the windpipe… So no matter what you put down her throat she will most likely always be able to breathe.”

The doll moaned submissively as Lexie suddenly put one hand at the back of the doll’s head and used her thumb and index finger on the other to block both nostril holes. Looking up at Nova she smiled wickedly and said, “However, with her gag closed the only way for her to breathe is through her nostrils…”

Nova watched with growing arousal as the rubber doll at first gently tried to break Lexie's grip only to intensify her efforts as time passed. After what felt like a lifetime, the rubber doll was grunting loudly into the gag and was thrashing about as best as her outfit and bondage allowed for. Lexie simply disregarded the now seemingly desperate doll and kept holding her head like in a vise. Suddenly the thrashing subsided and the doll began to wail instead of grunting and started to settle down more and more, apparently accepting her situation.

When Lexie finally let go of her head, the rubber doll took a deep breath through her nose and then screamed at the top of her lungs as she exhaled. Slumping forward, the doll continued to take one real deep breath after the other, moaning loudly in between. Paying no attention to the latex clad woman Lexie casually continued, “What else is there… Yes!”

Turning Nova's attention back to the touchpad Lexie continued, “As you can see here she has both a vaginal as well as a rectal dildo stuffed inside her that can be set to vibrate using this icon… and to give her electrical shocks using this one…”

As Lexie showed how to control the dildos the bound rubber doll yelped and moaned as best as she could through the gag while thrashing about on her knees in pleasure and pain. Nova smiled as she realised that she was utterly thankful she wore plastic tights since a pair of fabric ones would surely have had a visible damp spot at her crotch by now.

After having shown Nova a pair of vicious looking nipple clamps that also could be used with the touchpad to administer shocks, Raelyn put the pad away and said, “Right, that’s about it I think. The room is under constant camera surveillance in case anything should happen but apart from that… she is all yours… Oh… For how long do you want her? An hour, two… eight?”

Nova smiled at Lexie’s last remark and said, “An hour will be fine thank you.”

“OK then, if I could just have your credit chip I will leave you two alone… And please use the intercom on the touchpad by the door or the handheld if you need anything.”

Lexie took the credit chip from Nova and before leaving the room added, “Since this is your first time with us I will check in on you in about half an hour to make sure you are alright, hope that is OK… Have fun, gorgeous!”

With a wave Lexie closed the door, leaving Nova and the kneeling rubber doll alone in the room. The instant the door slid closed Nova more or less threw herself at her knees in front of the rubber doll. With heart pounding and trembling hands, Nova loosened one of the buckles holding the blindfold in place and let it hang to one side.

Centred within two beautiful, teardrop shaped cutouts in the hood were a pair of even more beautiful hazel brown eyes and Nova felt a tear run down her cheek as she smiled and said, “It’s you… It’s really you!”

Raelyn let out a loud moan and tears started to run down her cheeks as well as she recognized Nova and shuffled forward until she was straddling one of her legs. Nova instantly put her arms around her friend, hugging her firmly and said, “There, there… I found you… I fucking found you… Shit! We will get you out of here… somehow… I promise!”

Letting go of her friend, Nova put her hands on her shoulders and asked, “Are you OK?”

Nodding as best as the neck corset allowed for, Raelyn grunted, “Uh-huh.”

Starting to wipe the tears from Raelyn’s cheeks, Nova continued, “Have they hurt you?”

Raelyn raised one of her eyebrows and started to quickly wiggle her torso from side to side as if to try and make Nova focus on her welted breasts. As Nova realised what she was asking she put her hands on Raelyn’s shoulders again and said, “Fuck I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean… Oh come on, you know what I mean, have they hurt you?”

Smiling with her eyes, Raelyn shook her head as best as she could and grunted, “Nuh-uh!”

“OK, good… good… FUCK! How the hell am I going to get you out of here… Ah fuck! I’m SO sorry, let me get rid of this horrible thing!”

Nova realised Raelyn still had the tentacle gag stuffed down her throat and reached for the o-ring to start to remove it. Raelyn pulled her head and torso backwards and loudly grunted, “Nuh-uh!”

Nova went wide-eyed and asked, “What?! You don’t want the gag removed?”


“Why? Does it hurt coming out? I will be really gentle, promise.”

Nova felt Raelyn slowly start to grind her crotch against her thigh while submissively looking Nova straight in the eyes. Nova in turn looked back at Raelyn and with confusion written all over her face said, “What… Raelyn what are you… what are you doing!? Have they drugged you?”

Continuing to gently grind against Nova’s thigh Raelyn grunted, “Nuh-uh…”

Nova looked even more confused and continued, “But… then why are you… wait… nooo…”

Nova quickly shuffled backwards and stood up, bent forwards towards Raelyn and said, “You… You like this… It gets you off doesn’t it?”

Raelyn looked down on the floor as if embarrassed and grunted, “Uh-huh…”

Nova put her hands to her head in disbelief and asked, “I can’t… Baby, NO! Wou want… you want this… You want me to leave you here… in the hands of the fucking Yakuza… as their rubber toy…”

Raelyn started to frantically shuffle forwards loudly grunting, “Nuh-uh, nuh-uh, nuh-uh…”

Nova looked questioning at Raelyn and asked again, “So you do want to get out of here?”


“But you don’t want me to remove any of your… gear… you want it all as is?”

Raelyn shuffled forwards and started to gently straddle one of Nova’s boots while grunting, “Uh-huh!”

Nova got down on her knees again, giving her friend a huge hug and said, “Shit… Baby don’t scare me like that… I thought… I thought… Fuck…”

The relief was enormous and Nova felt like a gigantic stone had been lifted from her chest and she started to cry. Her emotions were all over the place and giggled as she realised she had absolutely no clue as to how to get her and Raelyn safely out of the club. Standing up she made another giggle and said, “Right… right… Well I guess I can leave you as is for a while… I mean I have no fucking clue as to how I will get us out of here so…”

Nova wiped the tears from her eyes and started to pace back and forth as she heard Raelyn grunt, “Aang nnneng kaa kaang...”

Nova stopped in her tracks, squatted in front of Raelyn and said, “I’m sorry baby I don’t understand, one more time.”

“Aang nnneng kaa kaang...”


Raelyn rolled her eyes and tried again, “Aang… nnneng… kaa… kaang....”

“Hang on, this ain’t working.”

Nova took hold of the o-ring in the gag, unlocked it and pulled the 10 inch monster out of Raelyn’s throat and mouth. With large amounts of saliva running down her chin and dripping on her torso, Raelyn coughed and tried again, “Aa nneeeh koo kuung!”

Nova looked at Raelyn with an expression of despair on her face and said, “Sorry baby I… Give me one word at the time.”


“Knee… Your knees hurt?”


“Wait… Need?”

“Uh-huh! Koo kuung…”

“To cum… You want to cum?”

Raelyn looked down in embarrassment again and answered, “Uh-huh!... Klaeeshh klaay uaah nee…”

Nova felt her pussy twitch and heart pound harder as she suddenly understood that Raelyn wanted her to dominate her. To play with her and make her cum. Nova felt her juices flow as she recalled the sight of Raelyn suspended and screaming in agony as she got tormented by the young corpo earlier. With a most confusing mix of emotions Nova leaned forwards and kissed Raelyn on the forehead and said, “Raelyn I have never done anything like… this… before… Are you sure you want me to… to use and punish you?”

Raelyn looked Nova straight into the eyes and replied, “Uh-huh… Kleeaash …”

With a nervous look on her face Nova caressed Raelyn on the cheek and said, “I don’t… I can try it if you like… Raelyn, are you sure you want me to?”

Raelyn rolled her eyes and replied, ““EEAASH!”

Raelyn was definitely clear about what she wanted and Nova felt her cheeks become hot as she smiled, poked Raelyn on the tip of her nose and said, “Well I guess I might as well give you what you want since obviously… I really suck at this whole rescue business...”

Nova started to caress Raelyn’s cheek again as she continued, “To tell you the truth I have wanted nothing else but to play with you since I set foot in this room and laid eyes on you… You look so fucking hot, I hope you know that!”

Apparently Nova’s praise embarrassed Raelyn who looked down at the floor and answered, “Haank eoo…”

“Just telling you as it is, baby…”

Putting her hands on Raelyns shoulders, Nova looked at her thoughtfully and asked, “Anyway… Can’t believe I’m about to do this but… are you ready?”

Trying to nod, Raelyn grunted, “Uh-huh!”

With a smile Nova reached for the blindfold still hanging at the side of Raelyn’s hood and quickly put it over her eyes, buckling it tightly in place. Picking up the tentacle gag again she then forcefully shoved it down Raelyn’s throat and locked it in place. The rough treatment seemed to take Raelyn by a bit of a surprise but she clearly liked it judging by the loud and long moan that filled the room as Nova stood up and walked over to the counter. Nova smiled and made sure Raelyn could hear her as she said, “You like that huh?... Good... because I believe I did as well…”

Nova was not lying. The in reality quite menial task of inserting the tentacle gag into Raelyn’s mouth and down her throat had pleased Nova in ways she never experienced before. It was a new kind of excitement and euphoric high she felt she truly enjoyed and wanted more of, much more of. Hearing Raelyn continuously moaning while she rocked her pelvis back and forth, Nova felt her pussy rapidly getting more wet and just stood and observed as she paused for a moment to think about the situation.

Raelyn was found, thankfully alive and in surprisingly high spirits considering the circumstances. However, as relieving as that was, the question now was how in the hell she was going to get them out of here. It was not like she could just lead Raelyn out of there, that would never work. They would get caught the moment they set foot outside the door and possibly end up in a worse situation than they were already in, well at least as bad of a situation that Raelyn was in. But was that really so bad?

Nova realised she was starting to fantasise about her and Raelyn both being used as rubber dolls by unknown patrons and quickly put the thoughts in the back of her mind. She turned around, leaned her back against the counter and quietly said, “Fuck Raelyn, why did you have to start running cons on Yakuza turf… Such a fucking stupid thing to do…”

Nova came to the conclusion that at the moment she did not have any idea about how to solve their dilemma and pondering over it was unlikely to help so she might as well make the best of the situation. After all, the beautiful rubber doll in front of her had literally begged her to play with and punish her. Also, she was in fact actually paying handsomely to do so. Picking up the touchpad from the counter Nova set both dildos to vibrate at a low setting in an alternating sine wave pattern.

As the dildos sprung to life Nova saw Raelyn immediately start to rock her pelvis frantically back and forth as her breathing became more and more heavy and her moans louder and louder. Raelyn’s beautiful breasts gently swayed up and down in step with her pelvis movement, like they were begging for attention. Turned on by her best friend's apparent arousal, Nova turned around and looked into what the wall of BDSM paraphernalia had to offer.

Thinking she wanted to try and put Raelyn into a more demanding predicament, Nova took a couple of heavy rubber belts and walked over to her victim. Putting the belts on the floor, Nova stepped behind Raelyn, took hold of her shoulders and said, “Sorry babe, but we need you on the floor.”

Raelyn grunted “Un-huh” in reply as Nova started to carefully put her forward and down towards the floor, supporting her by the shoulders. Raelyn let out a grunt of discomfort as she was put face down on the floor, squishing her engorged and tormented breasts. Nova took one of the belts and thread it around Raelyn’s thighs just above the knee, buckled it as tight as she could and then repeated the process around Raelyn’s ankles with an additional belt. Then, grabbing the o-rings at the tip of the ballet boots, Nova bent the legs by the knee until Raelyn’s calves met her thighs.

Treading yet another belt through the two o-rings in the ballet boots, Nova continued to thread it through the o-ring in the y-strap at the top of the single-glove and buckled it as tight as she could. Having effectively put Raelyn into a hogtie, Nova stood up and watched as her captive explored the new limitations in her movement and moaned loudly while doing so. Circling her bound prey, Nova concluded that she was not perfectly satisfied as Raelyn still had some wiggle room in her legs. Sitting down in front of Raelyn, Nova put her boots against Raelyn’s shoulders and while using her legs as support, managed to tighten the belt even further.

Raelyn grunted loudly from both discomfort and dissatisfaction as Nova managed to tighten the belt a few more notches, making Raelyn’s torso lift a few inches from the floor as she arched at her waist. Fearing the buckle would break, Nova leaned forward and managed to get the prong into the nearest notch. Pleased, Nova got up from the floor and heard Raelyn let out a long and loud growl as she reluctantly came to terms with her new stringent bondage. With absolute delight Nova established that Raelyn was now truly immobilised and putting her hands to the hips stated, “Fuck! That looks absolutely amazing baby, love it!”

Pausing for a while to enjoy Raelyn’s elaborate breathing and futile efforts to move, Nova noticed that Raelyn was still working the dildos as the reflections on her latex covered buttocks slightly shifted in step with her moans. The sight of her best friend clearly enjoying herself under such extreme circumstances made Nova’s arousal only grow more and said, “To find that you are into this was something I would have never guessed… And how we have managed to never touch on the subject of fetish or BDSM all these years seems beyond me right now... I mean, haven’t we talked pretty much about everything else.”

As Nova squatted down by her side, a loud moan indicated to Nova that Raelyn most likely agreed with her assumption. Putting a hand between Raelyn’s buttocks Nova gently pushed the two dildos further into Raelyn eliciting a loud, almost guttural moan. Smiling at her friend’s reaction, Nova continued, “You know, it occurs to me that I could have had you just like this years ago if we would have just dared to talk about it… I could have had a beautiful latex doll… in lovely bondage… mine to use and abuse as I please… That actually makes me… well it makes me a bit irritated to be honest.”

To more loud moans coming from Raelyn, Nova put one hand on Raelyn’s calves and the other on her shoulder. With some effort Nova then managed to roll Raelyn over to her side which elicited a loud sigh of relief as the pressure on her chest decreased, making breathing less elaborate. Nova reached over and loosened one of the buckles holding the blindfold in place and let it drop to the side. Raelyn blinked a few times to get used to the light and then focused her beautiful eyes at Nova. Smiling, Nova looked straight back into Raelyn’s eyes and said, “There she is… You OK baby?”


“Good… You like your new bondage?”

Raelyn rolled her eyes and grunted, “Mmmmmm… Uh-huh…”

“That did not sound particularly convincing, did it… Doesn’t matter, we both know there is nothing you can do about it, isn’t that right?”

“... uh-huh…”

Nova put Raelyn’s engorged nipples between her fingers and gently pinched them. When Raelyn started to moan Nova asked, “Does that feel good?”


Nova pressed much harder, eliciting a distressful grunt from Raelyn, and asked, “How about this, still good?”

“...nnnnnnnnnnngh… uh-huh…”

Nova smiled wickedly as she dug her nails into the nipples and twisted them to which Raelyn closed her eyes and screamed into her gag. Nova went wide-eyed and laughed as she Let go of the nipples and strapped the blindfold back in place before saying, “Seems you really liked that didn’t you… I think I know what you desire.”

As Nova walked over to the counter Raelyn started to anxiously whimper as Nova figured she most likely had a pretty good idea what Nova had in store for her. Picking up the nippleclamps Lexie had shown her, Nova wirelessly paired them with the handheld touchpad just as she had been shown. The clamps had a bolt screw that allowed them to be forcefully closed, making their vicious teeth able to dig much further into whatever they were attached to compared to what regular spring clamps would. At the end of the clamps were both a small plastic case that housed the electronics as well as a small o-ring.

Leaving the pad for now, Nova walked back and squatted beside Raelyn. Having heard Nova was returning by the sound of the heels on the tiles, Raelyn was now breathing fast and shallow as if really dreading what was to come. Nova put the nippleclamps on the floor and started to gently caress Raelyns nipples as she said, “There, there baby… relax… You know as well as I do that you are in no position to stop what’s about to happen.”

Raelyn started to moan meekly but her breath was still quite shallow as Nova continued, “You know… since this seems to be a day of revelations I have a confession to make… I have secretly been fantasising about you for years while using my favourite dildo… Bet you didn't know that?”

Expecting an answer, Nova dug her nails into the nipples again and asked, “Did you!?”

Raelyn grunted in pain before answering, “Nuh-uh…”

“Well… I have actually…”

Nova picked up one of the nippleclamps and put its open jaw over one of Raelyn’s nipples before continuing, “In fact you might say that I have had a crush on you ever since I first saw you.”

As Nova started to close the nippleclamp and its vicious teeth began to bite into the nipple she carried on, “I still remember the first time you came to babysit me… You were so beautiful and I felt so lucky to just be in your presence…”

Nova giggled before continuing, “You know, I think I would have done anything for you if you had just asked me…”

Raelyn was grunting loudly into her gag as Nova stopped turning the bolt screw on the nippleclamp before stating, “Seems that I’m apparently still willing to do pretty much anything for you doesn’t it… Imagine that… Now, how is that, tight enough?”

Raelyn nodded her head as much as the neckcorset allowed for and vividly grunted, “Uh-huh, uh-huh!”

Nova smiled and reported, “You sure? I would think a pain slut like yourself would prefer it a bit tighter…”

As Nova continued to close the nippleclamp even further Raelyn inhaled sharply and held her breath. After three or so more propper twists of the bolt screw Nova stopped as she feared she would do real damage to Raelyn's nipple. When Nova picked up the next nippleclamp Raelyn started to scream her lungs out as the pain in her nipple was apparently horrendous. Feeling her pussy twitch as she heard the scream, Nova wickedly commented, “Uh-huh… How do you like that?”

Raelyn was still screaming as Nova put the next clamp to the still free nipple and as she started to close it calmly said, “Now… why don’t we make this one just as tight shall we…”

As the second nippleclamp was closed just as hard as the previous one Nova stood up and walked over to the counter. Raelyn was clearly in horrible pain as she was still screaming and seemingly tried to break free from her bondage to make it stop. Nova left Raelyn to stew for a while in her tormented state before finally commenting, “Baby… BABY… calm down… calm down… Screaming wont help you…”

Raelyn must have taken Nova’s words to heart since she began to gradually calm and was soon perfectly still in her bondage as she whimpered pitifully. Picking up the touchpad from the counter Nova selected both dildos and put their intensity to about half. The sudden increase must have taken Raelyn by total surprise as she yelped loudly and could be seen frantically contract and expand her vaginal and rectal muscles around the dildos.

Nova could not believe how aroused the scene made her and started to fantasise about how it must feel to be in Raelyn’s predicament, suffering and unable to do anything about it. Imagining absolute helplessness and willingness to put one’s well-being in the hands of someone else’s was definitely a huge turn on for Nova.

Feeling an orgasm start to build, Nova grabbed the touchpad along with a big wireless vibrator and hastily walked over to one of the armchairs and sat down. After unzipping her crotch zipper, exposing her wet pussy, Nova turned the powerful vibrator on and put its big, elliptical head towards her engorged clitoris. Loudly moaning as the vibrations sent wave after wave of pleasure through her body, Nova started to rapidly approach an orgasm.

Managing the touchpad with her free hand she selected a medium strength shock for Raelyn’s nippleclamps and dildos and pressed and held the button that administered a continuous shock. Nova watched as Raelyn’s body went totally rigid and she let out an almost unreal high pitched shriek in response to the horrible shocks she experienced. Letting go of the shock button for a moment Nova loudly moaned and with a poisonous voice asked, “You like that huh? Yeah… I bet you do…”

Not expecting an answer, Nova noticed that Raelyn was crying and pressed the shock button again which led to yet another high pitched shriek from Raelyn. Terrified to admit it, Nova realised she was really, really enjoying watching Raelyn suffer and felt she was on the verge of cumming. Pressing the vibrator firmly against her clitoris, Nova inhaled sharply and held her breath as she was finally pushed over the edge. As she came Nova kept pressing the shock button and screamed loudly in pure ecstasy. A few seconds later she inhaled sharply again as she felt a second orgasm rapidly approach. As Nova exploded in a near cosmic orgasm for the second time her scream joined Raelyn’s high pitched shriek in a most bizarre duett.

With heavy breath, Nova turned off the vibrator and let go of the shock button. Now totally spent, she let her head fall back and closed her eyes, enjoying her post orgasm buzz. As she started to come down from her high, Nova heard that Raelyn was still crying and sobbing under her hood and gag. Smiling while she relished in Raelyn’s apparent distress, Nova put a finger to her clitoris and started to gently massage it.

Starting to feel a bit sorry for Raelyn, Nova was just about to get up as she heard a familiar voice stating, “Fuck me! The lungs on the both of you… most impressive!”

Nova quickly turned her head towards the door where she saw Lexie leaning against the door frame with a huge smile on her face. Nova figured she must have been so in the moment that she didn’t even register that the door had opened. When Lexie saw Nova look at her she stepped into the room and said, “Oh I’m so sorry… Hope I didn’t scare you?”

“What? No, just wasn’t aware you stood there.”

“Yeah sorry about that, I just let myself in, hope you do not mind?”

Nova smiled at Lexie and replied, “No… no not at all, just took me by a bit of surprise.”

Sitting back up in the armchair, Nova put the vibrator and touchpad on the table and started to close her crotch zipper, feeling a bit embarrassed having just cum while having an audience. As Nova had closed her crotch zipper Lexie sat down in the armchair next to her, pointed at the touchpad, and asked, “May I?”

Nova felt a bit awkward about the whole situation and with a hint of embarrassment in her voice replied, “Oh yes of course, please.”

Making a few adjustments on the pad, Lexie said, “I like to keep my subjects aware of the fact that even though I might want a bit of a breather after I have cum, they do not have that luxury.”

Raelyn suddenly started yelping and twitching in a continuous cycle and Nova could not help but think of how sexy it looked. Putting the pad down on the table again, Lexie said, “I turned off the vibrations and put her on a cycle of two seconds long shocks with a second of paus in between. Tends to keep them on their toes.”

“Sure seems like it.”

“Everything to your liking so far?”

“Oh yes, she is amazing… And, you were right, the natural latex and rubber is absolutely fantastic. I must try some myself for sure.”

“I’m very pleased to hear that, let me know if you want me to put you in contact with my latex supplier, she is a true artist!”

Raelyn’s black eyes were positively sparkling as she looked over at Raelyn and continued, “Even though the latex doll over there has only been with us for a very short time she is already very popular. Bookings just keep filling up and we have to constantly turn patrons down who want to use her. You should feel lucky I managed to squeeze you in tonight.”

Nova felt her arousal fall through the floor and in its stead a feeling of hopelessness manifested itself in the form of a knot in her stomach as she was suddenly reminded of the severity of the situation. Desperate to find a way to free Raelyn she said, “Oh I am for sure, she is really something for sure! Speaking of the doll, is there any chance I could maybe take her off your hands? I mean… Is she up for sale by any chance?”

Lexie looked confused as she asked, “For sale!? I’m sorry but why would I sell one of my most appreciated toys?”

Nova’s mind went blank and she felt her eyes well up in lack of a response to Lexie’s question. She watched as Lexie stood up and walked over to squat in front of her and put her hands on Nova’s knees. With a look of regret on her face Lexie said, “Shit, I’m sorry… Look, I know you two know each other.”

Nova’s hopelessness multiplied itself exponentially and with a clearly trembling voice said, “What… no… what do you mean? I… I don’t know her…”

As Lexie tilted her head with a questioning look on her face Nova lost all composure and tears started to run down her cheeks. Lexie smiled and wiped Nova’s tears as she continued, “Hey… Beautiful… It’s ok… it’s ok… I could not help but to look you up further on the net when I left you… The slut over there is literally in every other photo with you that I found.”

Pointing to the corners in the ceiling Lexie added, “Also… security cameras with audio remember?”

With a look of crushing despair on her face, Nova let her head fall back and uttered a loud complaining whine as she realised her absolute idiocy. Lexie tapped Nova on her thigh and said, “Hey, look at me.”

Nova raised her head to look at Lexie and said, “What?”

“I understand. If the roles were reversed I would most likely be sitting where you are right now, trying my best to help a friend. I would probably not go to these lengths though, especially not in a joint that is run by the Yakuza...”

Wiping a few more tears from Nova’s cheeks Lexie continued, “In fact… I have to compliment you on your balls… they got to be fucking huge!”

Nova chuckled as she could see what Lexie meant and smiled as Lexie carried on, “Think what you will of me, but I am not a monster. There is no time to explain it all now but trust me when I say that if it was really up to me, the joytoys working here would do so voluntarily and set their own limits.”

After letting out a sigh, Lexie continued, “Sadly, financial problems led me to suddenly lose my own club into the hands of the Yakuza. So trust me when I say that this is NOT how I like to run things, but I have to until I can pay the Yakuza what I owe.”

Lexie sat down on her knees before she carried on, “All that are sent here to be used as toys have all in one way or the other ended up on the wrong side with the Yakuza. They are here to earn the money back the Yakuza feels it is owed… or just as punishment I guess.”

Nova started to look worried again and said, “Fuck!”

Lexie cut in, “But… but… As I said, I am no monster. Listen, I will check with my bosses and see what bailing her out would cost, seeing as you might actually have the money, OK?”

Smiling with tears starting to flow freely again, Nova slid down on her knees and gave Lexie a big hug while saying, “Thank you…”

Lexie returned the hug and said, “Anything for goddess as yourself… well almost anything, don’t get any funny ideas.”

Letting go of Lexie Nova chuckled and said, “Seems we both will be in your debt after this.”

“Not so fast, I said I would try… but yes, you most certainly would.”

Having wiped the last of Nova’s tears from her cheeks, Lexie stood up and said, “Why don’t you check on your friend over there and I’ll go and contact the bosses right away.”

Almost starting to cry again, Nova mouthed “Thank you” as Lexie left her and Raelyn alone in the room again. Taking a deep breath to calm herself down Nova realised that Raelyn was still being shocked continuously and Nova picked up the touchpad to turn the shocks off. Moving over to Raelyn, Nova instead set the dildos to vibrate at a low setting, eliciting a quiet moan instead of the previous yelps. Kneeling besides Raelyn, Nova put the touchpad on the floor and undid one of the buckles of her blindfold. As the blindfold dropped to the side Nova unlocked and started to pull the tentacle gag out and as it popped out with a soft sploshing sound, Nova looked Raelyn in the eyes and said, “Hi baby, you OK?”

With surprising energy in her still smiling eyes, Raelyn looked at Nova and replied, “Uh-huh…”

Nova started to cry again and giggled as she said, “Ah man… Not built for this emotional rollercoaster I can tell you that… Let’s get you out of that hogtie shall we!”

Starting with the belt holding Raelyn’s ballet boots to the y-strap in the single-glove, Nova soon had Raelyn out of the hogtie who was moaning in relief as she was able to stretch and work some of the stiffness out of her legs. After making sure she was still OK, Nova shifted her attention to the nippleclamps. As the first one came off Raelyn shrieked in pain as blood started to flow back into her nipples to which Nova asked for her forgiveness multiple times.

As both nipple clamps were off Nova put Raelyn on her back and kneeled with Raelyns head resting in her lap. Gently massaging Raelyn’s sore nipples Nova asked, “Should I remove anything else?”

Raelyn looked Nova in the eyes and replied, “Eeeeeeeeee… Nuh-uh!”

“Really? Are you sure?”


Nova smiled lovingly and said, “You are such a … freak… you know that right?”

Just as Raelyn was about to try and say something the door slid open and Lexie walked in with a smile on her face. Before she had a chance to say something Nova burst out, “They agreed!?”

Lexie squatted down beside the both of them and replied, “They did… But they have not decided on the amount yet… But yes… Cunt here is yours if you want her.”

Nova let out a long sigh of relief and with a huge smile looked sarcastically at Raelyn and said, “Hear that baby… You are up for sale… would you like to become my property?”

As if having to think about her answer Raelyn eventually rolled her eyes and replied, “... un-huh…”

Lexie stood up and said, “OK, you have 15 minutes left of the session and cunt here is booked all night so if you want to finish anything…”

Nova looked up at Lexie and interrupted, “Can’t you cancel her bookings, I can pay for them instead.”

“I wish I could but sorry, no can do. As I told you, this slut is very popular and is more or less fully booked for days ahead. Most of her patrons have close ties with the Yakuza so letting her off would get me in serious trouble and even though I am pretty perverted, this is not something I strive for…”

Lexie nodded towards Raelyn to highlight her point to which Nova replied, “Right… right… sorry. I just…”

Lexie picked up the touchpad and cut in “If I may make a suggestion, why don’t you two make the most of the time you have left… Perhaps give this bitch a proper orgasm before the time is up…”

Raelyn immediately grunted, “Uh-huh!”

Nova looked down at her and asked, “You sure?”


“Ok then…”

Lexie smiled at Nova and said, “Tell you what, if you like I can stay and help…”

Nova looked down at Raelyn who before Nova could ask grunted, “UH-HUH!”

Lexie laughed and said, “Guess that is a yes… let’s see…”

Lexie lowered the spreader bar and before long had Raelyn suspended by her feet again in between herself and Nova. Motioning Nova to walk over to the counter Lexie pivoted Raelyn so that she had a clear view of Nova and squatting down by Raelyn’s head said, “OK cunt, since this seems to be your lucky day, why don’t you choose the gag you want for once. As your saviour over there holds up a gag you let her know if you want it or not.”

Lexie nodded at Nova who started showing gags that were compatible with Raelyn’s tube gag, all while slowly getting aroused again. The realisation that she was probably going to be able to help Raelyn and that Lexie seemed to really care for Raelyn and the other joytoys made her start to relax and enjoy herself again. After Raelyn had rejected three of the gags Nova had shown her eyes went wide as the fourth was shown and enthusiastically grunted, “UH-HUH!”

Lexie went wide-eyed as well, looked at Nova and said, “Yikes… If you ask me, I really think your friend here is one sick and fucked up puppy…”

Nova was just as shocked since in her hand she held a 12 inch long silicone dildo. As if the length of the selected gag was not disturbing enough, the numerous inch long silicone bristles that covered the whole thing sure was. Nova walked up to Raelyn and without giving her a chance to change her mind she forcefully pushed the thing into her mouth and down her throat. Raelyn started to convulse and cough as the horrid thing went down and tears started well up in her eyes. As Nova twisted the base of the gag and locked it in place her pussy twitched as she heard Raelyn loudly whimper in discomfort. Nova’s new found arousal was greatly fueled by Raelyn’s apparent regret as she looked up at Nova with tears now running from her pleading eyes. Nova squatted in front of Raelyn and before buckling the blindfold in place said, “Don’t look at me like that, you chose it, not me! Deal with it.”

As the blindfold was tightly buckled in place, Raelyn let out a long and pitiful moan as it must have occurred to her that Nova was not about to show her any pity. Lexie had in the meantime fetched a rubber flogger and given it to Nova before she said, “Her tits need some attention I think.”

Nova smiled wickedly and bit her lower lip as she took the flogger and marvelled over how absolutely fantastic it felt to use Raelyn like nothing more than her plaything, a feeling that both scared and elated her at the same time. Lexie grabbed Raelyn by the waist, stopping her from pivoting, and nodded to Nova to begin. Taking aim, Nova lifted the flogger above her head and was about to whip Raelyn as Lexie intervened by saying, “If you collect the strands in your free and make the whole flogger taut it will make it much easier to hit your mark.”

Nova corrected her grip according to Lexie's instructions and let the flogger down on one of Raelyn’s naked breasts. Hitting the mark, the flogger made Raelyn jolt in her suspension and scream as her already tortured breast once again felt like it was on fire and bathing in pain. With a few seconds gap in between, Nova started to continuously whip Raelyn’s breasts and kept going for about two minutes at which point Raelyn had started to cry due to the pain. Signalling Nova to give Raelyn a break, Lexie picked up the touchpad and started the vibrators in Raelyn’s dildos. The sobs and whimpers slowly turned into moans of pleasure as Lexie gradually increased the intensity of the vibrators more and more. Nova could not help but to love the way the latex moved at Raelyn’s crotch as she frantically worked her vaginal and anal muscles around the vibrating intruders.

As Raelyn was clearly getting more and more aroused Lexie looked at Nova and said, “Give it to her again!”

Raelyn barely managed to utter a pleading wail before she loudly grunted in pain as Nova started to flog her breasts again. In between strokes Raelyn was still moaning loudly and only changed her moans for grunts as her breasts were hit by the flogger. After having given Raelyn numerous licks with the flogger, Nova could see Lexie make some inputs to the tablet as she said, “How about we give you some of those shocks to your ass and pussy that you love so much.”

The shiny latex doll was truly a sight to behold as she was now jolting continuously in her suspension due to both the strokes of the flogger and the pain from the electric shocks. Nova watched with great admiration as the reflections in the latex covering Raelyn danced effortlessly over her body in step with her grunts and yelps.

Making some additional inputs on the tablet, Lexie smiled broadly and said, “Let’s make the slut cum!”

Lexie increased both the intensity of the vibrators and shocks and then squatted down behind Raelyn. Raelyn’s moans quickly turned into loud groans and her yelps and grunts turned into high pitched screams. Wasting no time Lexie took hold of Raelyns head and put her thumb and index finger at her nostrils, depriving her of any air.

Nova kept flogging the breast and felt her own arousal rise just as quickly as Raelyn seemed to be approaching an orgasm. Raelyn was now shrieking and frantically thrashed about in a futile attempt to try and escape both the pain and Lexie’s fingers cutting her air off. After what must have been close to a full minute Raelyn suddenly went dead silent as her body went taut and she started to quiver.

Even if Nova knew what was coming she almost dropped the flogger as a guttural shriek filled the room as Raelyn came. Lexie looked up at Nova and said, “She is not done yet, keep going!”

Nova raised the flogger and continued to mercilessly whip Raelyns breast and It did not take long before Raelyn made yet another guttural shriek as she came for a second time. Still not giving the latex doll any respite, Lexie loudly commanded, “Come on slut… give me one more!”

Despite not having been granted any air since her two last orgasms, Raelyn still managed to push through a third orgasm and loudly grunted as it ripped through her body. As she came for the third Lexie immediately let go of Raelyn’s nostrils and shut both of her dildos completely off. Both Lexie and Nova watched in amazement as Raelyn forcefully inhaled as much as her nostril tubes allowed for and screamed as she exhaled. After standing up Lexie joined Nova and they both continued to observe Raelyn as she gently swayed back and forth, still screaming as she slowly recovered from her orgasms.

As Raelyn had stopped screaming and was breathing more normally, Lexie checked the time before opening one of the cupboards to retrieve a retro looking key from a desk safe inside of it. Moving over to Raelyn she unlocked the padlocks on the neckcorset and, having unlaced it, removed it and put it on the floor. Raelyn moaned in relief as she gently moved her neck and head, clearly savouring her gained freedom. Lexie however smacked her on the cheek and said, “Stop moving slut! Do you want the hood taken off or what?”

Raelyn immediately stopped to move her head and grunted, “Un-huh…”

Having unzipped the hood, Lexie slowly pulled it over Raelyn’s head until both nostril tubes and the bristled gag slushed out together with an ample amount of saliva that oozed into the drain in the floor. With her eyes still closed Raelyn coughed and sputtered as she slowly worked her jaw to get some of the stiffnes out and then quietly said, “Fuck me… fuck… me… that was… fucking incredible…”

Raelyn appeared to be totally spent and seemed to still be coming down from her orgasms as she peacefully hung in her suspension slightly swinging from side to side. After clearing Raelyn’s ponytail from the hood’s hair-tube, Lexi went and picked up a soft cloth from the counter that she tossed to Nova and said, “For her face.”

Catching it, Nova squatted in front of Raelyn and admired her friend’s beautiful almond toned face. Smiling, she concluded that even though Raelyn’s makeup was an utter mess, her skin was totally covered in sweat, there were clear marks from the seams of the hood, and she had snot and saliva around her mouth and nose she still managed to look absolutely divine.

As Nova started to clean the saliva and snot from Raelyn’s face Raelyn opened her eyes and seeing Nova said, “Hi sexy… Wow… Thank you… that was… amazing…”

Nova smiled as she continued to clean Raelyn’s face and replied, “You are most welcome baby. It was mostly Lexie though.”

“Thank you so much Mistress!”

Lexie, who was using a cloth to clean the inside of the hood, replied, “Uh-huh… just don’t get used to it slut.”

“No Mistress.”

Looking back at Nova, Raelyn continued, “Nova I… I don’t know what to say. I am so sorry about all this… I should have…”

Nova interrupted Raelyn by putting a finger to her lips and said, “Shh… don’t! You have nothing to be sorry for!”

“But this… I got myself into this mess, not you… the money you lent me…”

“Stop it! Don’t think about that… IfI only I could get you out of here right away we could...”

“No… You stop it! I fucked up… This… this is all on me… I don’t know how I can ever repay you…”

“Well you are not off the hook yet…”

“No you’re right…”

Raelyn rolled her eyes before continuing, “Thankfully it is not all bad… Lexie is really good to me and… and if it is not clear to you by now I really, really love to have this crazy shit done to me… but… but not like this…“

Raelyn looked with pleading eyes at Nova as she carried on, “Please Nova… please, you have to… you have to…”

Lexie sighed loudly and interrupted, “Look! Cunt needs to be prepped for her next session so if you are going to kiss her do it now, the session has been over for some time now!”

Nova immediately took Raelyn’s head in her hands and gave her a long, deep kiss after which she said, “Don’t worry baby, I will figure the money out… I will get you out of here, I promise OK!”

As tears formed in her eyes Raelyn smiled and said, “Thank you…”

With heavy separation anxiety Nova got up and reluctantly walked towards the door with Lexie in tow, leaving Raelyn behind. As they left the room Lexi turned to Raelyn and said, “Stay right there slut, I will be right back.”

Just before the door slid closed Nova heard Raelyn meekly reply, “Yes Mistress…”

As the door closed Nova was struck with a feeling of powerlessness which must have been clearly showing on her face as Lexie took her by the arm and said, “Hey, you have done all you can right now! I know it doesn’t feel like it but you have won… trust me! Dwelling on this will do neither of you any good, the circumstances are what they are.”

Nova rolled her eyes and replied, “Yeah I know… I just wish I didn’t have to leave her here with you…”

Realising what it must have sounded like, Nova was just about to apologise as Lexie said, “It’s fine, I know what you mean. Look, I have informed the staff that you are VIP so go and try to enjoy yourself. I need to get back in there and make sure she gets a short rest and is set up properly for her next client. OK?”

Nova smiled reluctantly and replied, “Yes… of course… And thank you for everything and please, please look after her! Promise me to let me know the minute you hear anything about the amount…”

“Of course, just stay here at the club so I can find you!”

As Lexie opened the door to return to Raelyn, Nova forced herself to turn around and walk back into the VIP area.

The thumping bass drum and monotonous baseline didn’t quite manage to get Nova’s mind off of Raelyn. The music was top notch and the DJ delivered way beyond her expectations, but she was still not able to fully commit to the music and light induced trance she knew would do her good. Giving up on getting some peace of mind, Nova slowly exited the dance floor and ended up with her back against one of the walls trying to just enjoy the music and electric atmosphere. Sadly before long Nova’s thoughts crawled back to Raelyn and the sickening feeling that she had failed her. Raelyn was still upstairs and probably in the hands of some rabid pervert using her for their own kicks. Or worse.

Deep down Nova knew there was nothing more she could do at the moment and that she ought to be happy as at least it seemed like she would be able to get Raelyn out in the end. When that could be all depended on the price tag the Yakuza would come up with and how fast Nova would be able to secure the money needed.

Realising that brooding over the issue was helping no one, least of all Raelyn, Nova set off towards the VIP area. She needed a good diversion to get Raelyn off her mind and Nova had a pretty good idea of where she could find one.

Having climbed the stairs, Nova walked straight up to the latex clad female bound to the pole at the bar. She positioned herself real close and inhaled the intoxicating smell of the warm latex and sweat and just stood and observed the woman’s chest slowly rise and fall with each breath she took. After a moment the bartender came up to Nova and asked, “Can I get you anything?”

Nova looked at the pretty bartender and replied, “Thanks, but I am good for the moment… unless you have a flogger… or a whip…”

“For her?”


The bartender leaned over the counter and pointed towards the front of it behind the bondage pole and said, “If it’s toys you need she brings her own. Should hang some down there.”

Looking down, Nova saw a range of whips, floggers and canes, as well as some restraints hanging neatly on pegs. Raising an eyebrow, Nova looked at the bartender and said, “Look at that, thanks!”

The bartender nodded at the bound female and said, “Don’t thank me, thank her.”

Smiling, Nova shifted her attention back to the bound latex woman and stood for a while longer, just watching the woman breathe. Nova again tried to imagine what it must feel like to be in her place, on display and willingly offering herself to anyone who would use her. With steadily growing arousal Nova suddenly and without any warning, put her fingers against the nostril cutouts in the hood and deprived the latex beauty of air. The woman jolted at Nova’s touch and started to whimper as she tried her best to draw breath only to find it was futile. Putting her head just by the woman’s ear Nova whispered, “I am going to use you and then you are going to make me cum, is that understood?”

The woman moaned loudly and then grunted, “Uh-huh…”

Nova put her free hand at one of the woman’s breasts and started to caress it as she continued, “Good girl… I have to say you look absolutely fantastic in all of this latex… Makes me wish I wore something similar…”

The woman started to try and escape Nova's fingers but it was to no avail as the tight metal collar only allowed for the slightest of head movement, not nearly enough to challenge the breathcontrol. Realising she would breathe anew only when Nova decided she would, the woman let out a long and pleading moan and stopped moving. Patiently waiting until the woman had started to jolt in her bondage again, now desperately fighting for air, Nova noticed that she was being closely monitored by the bartender and whispered, “You want to breathe again?


“It will cost you in pain… Sure you want to breathe?”

The woman seemed to consider her choices for a split second but finally grunted, “UH-HUH!”


Nova let go of the nostrils and the woman inhaled sharply before starting to take long deep breaths. Before she had time to regain her breath fully Nova picked up a flogger and started to lightly whip her latex covered breasts, one after the other. Lovely moans could be heard from under the tight latex hood that were briefly interrupted by grunts as Nova’s flogger hit its mark. Seeing the woman getting turned on by her treatment made Nova’s own arousal grow as well and she started to intensify the force of her strokes.

As the grunts after each hit had turned into yelps, Nova stopped and hung the flogger over her shoulder and whispered to her victim, “Are you ready to pay for my attention?”

The woman nodded her head as much as the collar allowed for and loudly grunted, “UH-HUH!”

Nova hung the flogger back on its peg and started to look for a way to release the bound woman. As she realised she had no idea of how to do so she looked at the bartender and asked, “Excuse me, but how do I release her from the pole?”

The bartender smiled and walked up to the pair and loudly asked, “Mrs. Izanami, do you want me to release you?”

The bound woman again nodded her head as much as the collar allowed for and replied, “Uh-huh!”

Flipping a switch behind the counter, the bartender released the electronic locks keeping the collar and cuffs closed and they all partially opened with a loud click. Nova smiled at the bartender who stepped away to help another patron as Nova started to fully open all of the metallic restraints. As soon as they were all open the woman gracefully stepped off the pole and immediately sat down on her knees with her legs spread wide, arms crossed behind her back and her head lowered in submission.

Nova bit her lower lip as the woman’s display of total submission sent waves of pleasure through her body and made her pussy twitch. Looking at the restraints available on the pegs, Nova picked up a 2 inch wide leather collar with an attached leash. As Nova started to wrap the collar around the woman’s neck, the woman quickly raised her head to make her collaring more easy.

With the collar tightly buckled in place, Nova gently tugged at the leash and started to walk towards an empty couch with the woman crawling behind her on all fours. The mere knowledge that a beautiful woman, totally covered in latex and whom she didn't even know, was crawling on all fours behind her fueled Nova’s arousal greatly. As they approached the couch Nova made the leash taut and guided the woman to just in front of it and said, “Stay!”

As the woman sat down on her knees with her head lowered, her legs spread wide and arms behind her back again, Nova seated herself on the couch right in front of her. As Nova comfortably leaned back she spread her own legs and lay her arms on top of the backrest before saying, “Take off the hood.”

Without hesitation the kneeling woman unbuckled her collar and then started to unzip her hood. Once it was off and she had pulled her hair out of the hairtube she placed it at one of her thighs and quickly put the collar back around her neck, buckling it tight. She then put her arms back behind her back, having never lifted her head. Nova felt her juices flow as she just observed the woman for a while and then said, “Your hood, give it to me.”

Leaving one arm still behind her back the woman quickly picked up her hood and held it up towards Nova and said, “Yes Miss…”

Nova reached forwards and as she took the hood from the woman’s hand replied, “Nova… My name is Nova.”

The woman spoke again with an obvious Japanese accent, “Thank you for using me Miss Nova.”

“What’s your name?”

“Miki Izanami Miss Nova.”

“Miki, what a lovely name.”

“Thank you Miss Nova.”

Nova was caressing the woman’s latex hood, admiring its smoothness and excellent craftsmanship. Putting the hood to her face, Nova inhaled its lovely scent of natural rubber and sweat before she continued, “The bartender called you Mrs. Izanami… Is there a Mr. Izanami?”

“Yes Miss Nova.”

“May I ask if he is here with you tonight?”

“No Miss Nova, I always come here alone.”

Looking a bit surprised at the woman’s answer, Nova asked, “Oh… how come? Does he not know of your… particular tastes?”

“Yes he does Miss Nova, but finds them disgusting.”


Nova was amazed by Miki’s willingness to disclose such personal things to her, especially since they had never met before. The realisation was a huge turn on for Nova who put Miki’s hood down next to her on the couch, leaned back against the backrest again and commanded, “Look at me!”

Miki instantly raised her head and looked Nova straight into the eyes. Miki was clearly of mixed Japanese and European heritage and looked to be around 40 years old. Her square face was covered in sweat and her pale ivory skin had several red marks across it from the seams in the latex hood. Her silver white hair gradually turned into neon pink at the ends and was made up in a strict ponytail, making her hair easy to thread through the hair tube in her hood.

A pair of thick, high arched eyebrows sat over a pair of beautiful dark brown, monolid eyes with lush eyelashes. Her eyes were made with a thin black eyeliner and pink sparkly eyeshadow but they were all smeared, most likely due to the tightness of her hood and the sweat.

Above her full lips she had a cute slightly upturned nose with a clear drop of sweat hanging from its tip.

Taken by Miki’s beauty Nova exclaimed, “I must say, you are a very beautiful woman Miki!”

Miki was clearly feeling embarrassed by Nova’s remark and while slightly blushing replied, “Thank you Miss Nova. So are you… a very beautiful woman…”

“Thank you Miki. Now why don’t you use that sweet tongue of yours and clean my boots.”

“Yes Miss Nova!”

Miki quickly yet gracefully got on all fours before lowering her upper body and started to thoroughly use her tongue to clean one of Nova’s boots. Seeing a nearly twice her age woman so eagerly service her sent waves of arousal through Nova who bit her lower lip as she reached between her legs and started to unzip her crotch zipper. As Nova gently started to caress her engorged clitoris she asked, “So Mr. Izanami does not use you for sex at all then?”

Miki raised her face a few inches from Nova’s boot and replied, “No Miss Nova… My husband has an affair with a young and beautiful girl with whom he has sex. He never touches me sexually anymore. Not since I told him what I really like…”

“Oh!? How does that make you feel… knowing that your husband is fucking another woman?”

Miki, who had continued to lick Nova’s boot, stopped again to answer and said, “It makes me very aroused, Miss Nova.”

“Really? OK… How does this here make you feel… Licking the boots of a woman you just met… Look at me!”

Miki stopped licking Nova’s boot again, turned her head to look up at Nova and with red cheeks answered, “It also makes me aroused Miss Nova… very aroused…”

“You find humiliation arousing then I take it?”

“Yes Miss Nova, very much so!”

“I can kind of understand that… Next boot!”

Miki instantly switched to lick Nova’s next boot with an impressive dedication. Nova was afraid to admit it but she felt she knew exactly what Miki was talking about and deep down knew that she would probably get off just as much on humiliation as Miki apparently did. As Nova kept caressing her clitoris she watched Miki tirelessly lick her boot and soon found herself thinking of Raelyn in all her latexed glory.

To think that they both seemed to have been into both latex and BDSM, only to find out under these circumstances felt unreal. And Raelyn did not only seem to be just into it, she seemed to absolutely loved it. But then so did most likely Nova as well if she was being totally honest.

Her thoughts started to shift and Nova was soon fantasising about being a latex doll herself, kept in strict bondage while being ravished and tormented by her best friend. Nova felt her heart rate increase as she let her head fall back against the backrest and commanded, “Get up here and make me cum!”

Miki moved up between Nova’s legs with the grace of a feline and started to gently kiss and caress Nova’s clitoris with her soft lips. Nova inhaled sharply as Miki started to lick her clitoris and started moaning loud enough for most of the patrons in the VIP area to throw a glance her way. As Nova was feeling an orgasm starting to build she looked down at the couch and picked up Miki’s latex hood and put it to her face. She loved its soft touch against her skin and savoured its lovely rubber and vanilla small as she continued to imagine herself mercilessly tormented by Raelyn as her latex doll.

Suddenly Nova felt her whole body tense up as she with almost no warning was forcefully pushed over the edge and had an almost cosmic orgasm. She screamed her lounges out in pure lust as she rode the orgasm, grabbing Miki’s ponytail by the base to push her face deeper in between her legs. As she felt a second orgasm approach she saw Lexie standing behind Miki with a huge grin on her face before pressing the latex hood harder against her face. Nova now imagined she was being dominated by both Raelyn and Lexie and was quickly pushed over the edge again, experiencing an equally powerful orgasm for the second time.

Feeling she was more than satisfied, Nova threw the latex hood on the seat of the couch again, let go of Miki’s ponytail and told her, “Please, that’s enough Miki… quite enough…”

Miki gracefully backed out of Nova’s crotch and sat back on her knees with arms crossed behind her back and head bowed down before saying, “Yes Miss Nova.”

Still breathing heavily and feeling the buzz from the orgasms, Nova saw Lexie nudge Miki with her knee as she commanded, “Get lost bitch, this one is mine now!”

Miki instantly stood up and said, “Yes Miss Lexie, forgive me!”

Nova picked up Miki’s latex hood and handed it to her as she with a huge smile on her face said, “Thank you Miki… that was amazing!”

Miki was blushing heavily as she took her latex hood and with a look of embarrassment on her face replied, “No… thank you Miss Nova… I… I would love to serve you some other time… Thank you!”

As Lexie sat down beside Nova they both watched Miki walk with determined steps back towards the bondage pole as she removed her collar and leash. As Miki approached the pole she signalled to the bartender and stepped up with her back against the pole and started to put her total cover hood back on over her head. As she was done she held out the collar which the bartender took from her and then started to put Miki back into the bondage pole. Once Miki was properly fastened to the pole again and the collar and leash had been returned to their peg, the bartender picked up a vicious crop and started to mercilessly whip Miki’s breasts.

As the VIP area was filled with Miki’s high pitched shrieks of pain, Lexie leaned over to Nova and said, “That is a very determined and self-confident woman for sure…”

Nova was still coming down from her orgasms and before she had time to reflect and comment on Lexie’s remark heard her say, “I want you in front of me on your knees!”

Nova looked at Lexie with confusion all over her face but quickly gathered that Lexie was being serious due to the look on her face. Wasting no time Nova got down on her knees in front of Lexie and just as she had seen Miki do, spread her knees wide and put her arms crossed at her back. As she lowered her head and focused on Lexie's red rubber boots she realised her open crotch zipper was putting her still wet pussy on full display for Lexie to see.

Leaning forwards, Lexie grabbed Nova by her chin and gently tilted her head so she could look Nova in the eyes and said, “Good girl… very good… You catch on quick don’t you.”

“Yes… Yes Miss Lexie… I… Thank you…”

“Fuck you’re cute… so fucking cute…”

Lexie let go of Nova and leaned back against the backrest as she unzipped her own crotch zipper and said, “How about you come over here and use that lovely tongue of yours to make me cum and I tell you how much your slut for a friend is worth to the Yakuza…”

Nova bit her lower lip as she slowly moved in between Lexie's legs towards her now exposed and glistening pussy.

As the airship hit some turbulence it shook ever so gently but was enough to wake Nova from her slumber. As she slowly opened her eyes to look around the first class cabin she saw that most of her fellow passengers were all still asleep. Feeling she was probably not going to be able to go back to sleep, she raised her backrest a bit and sat up. As one of the flight attendants came up to her and asked if everything was OK, Nova asked for a glass of NiCola Classic.

As the flight attendant made her way to the pantry Nova selected the most recently received video file she had received and played it. As the video was projected against her retinas Nova was presented with a very familiar room with at least one very familiar occupant.

Getting Raelyn out of the claws of the Yakuza had proven to be costly, very costly. Nova had almost lost it as Lexie had revealed the amount of money she would have to secure to free Raelyn but had in the end realised that it was doable. Though it would probably take a few days, maybe even weeks, for the bank to sell some of her assets to secure the 25 million Euro Dollars needed. After the money had been transferred to the Yakuza, Nova would be left with less than half her fortune but it did not matter in the least, helping Raelyn was worth every cent.

Having spent the night and morning at Lexie’s apartment, Lexie promised Nova to take as good care of Raelyn as possible but again added that there was no way that she could stop Raelyn from being booked and used until her debt had been paid in full. Nova, who had already come to terms with those facts, had reassured Lexie that she fully appreciated the situation and that she was immensely grateful for all her help.

Having spent all morning talking to Lexie and skipping any sleep, Nova had booked a direct flight back home to be able to take care of business as soon as possible. Before leaving Lexie, Nova had promised her that they would see each other again as she now considered Lexie a friend. As Nova had kissed Lexie goodbye she did confess that she had a quite awkward request that she hoped Lexie would help her with.

Since they had taken off 6 hours ago, Nova had received two prior video files from Lexie and she was now watching the third one. Taken from a surveillance camera in one of the session rooms at Sinsation it showed Raelyn totally covered in black latex and rubber restraints, bound in a strict hogtie in the middle of the room. Apart from Raelyn there was a young man sitting in one of the armchairs frantically masturbating as he watched the shiny latex doll squirm in her bondage on the floor.

He wore an exclusive looking deep purple suit and must have been some high level executive at one of the big corporations. Nova wondered if it might be Mr. Lee whom she had seen dominate Raelyn earlier but as she could not make out his face there was no way of knowing. Judging from their brief encounter Nova would not have been surprised if it actually turned out to be him as he seemed to hold quite the fascination for Raelyn.

Apart from the masturbating corpo there was also a third person in the room. Circling Raelyn was a totally bald, quite obese man dressed in nothing but an unbuttoned red shirt and a pair of black socks. The rest of his attire could be seen thrown at one of the low tables. As he continuously walked around his prey he was calling her one derogatory name after the other as he verbally presumed how much she loved to be treated like the freak that she was. Scattered on the floor around Raelyn were numerous whips, floggers, dildos and a few things that Nova had a hard time to identify.

The whole scene was making Nova very aroused and she had carefully started to massage her clitoris through her black shiny tights. As the man suddenly stopped he took his large penis in one hand and started to urinate on Raelyn. Nova’s heart started pounding and she felt her pussy twitch numerous times as she watched with rapidly growing arousal how the man's stream of yellow piss landed on Raelyn, predominantly on her head and face. Nova could not believe she found the despicable act arousing but as she heard Raelyn loudly moan she bit her lower lip and massaged her clitoris more forcefully. Trying to imagine what Raelyn must be feeling as she was being pissed on, Nova saw the young man get up from the armchair and walk towards Raelyn, presumably to bless her with some of his own golden nectar. Nova accidently let a soft moan slip past her lips, just as the flight attendant returned with her beverage.

Placing the glass of NiCola down she looked at Nova with a raised eyebrow and said, “I’m glad at least one of us is enjoying this flight.”


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