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Rubber Madame 4: Rubber Slave

by Jane D'oh

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© Copyright 2012 - Jane D'oh - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; D/s; latex; outfits; bond; gag; collar; bagged; enema; suit; encase; toys; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

continued from part three

Chapter 4: Rubber Slave

After She had recovered and we’d lounged a little longer in the most lovely bed on Earth, Madame declared the beginning of the new day. We parted, with me going to the cellar to shower and change and Madame tending herself. We met again on the main floor where i had prepared a simple breakfast. She was dressed in one of her grey power suits and i was again in my Rubber prison. Sipping her coffee after the light meal my Mistress informed me of her plans. She was leaving for Germany that evening: a medical conference that She and her ‘date’ of the previous night were attending. It would last the week and She would be overseas for six nights; as i could not be left alone and Miss Collins also had previous commitments i was to spend the time in the care of John.

I felt some relief when Rubber Madame uttered his name for i held nothing but trust and fond memories of him. The three of us had spent a weekend back in the spring at his ‘hobby farm’ outside the capital and a good time was had by all. It was only when She said something about my recent indoctrinization being useful now that i experienced a tremor of fear. John was expected to arrive in the late afternoon; it was a long drive, over five hours one way and i felt awkward being the object of his efforts. He would also, however, be taking Mistress to the airport on the way back and picking her up in a week’s time when we returned.

So the day passed rather quickly in preparations for out trips. I had never been away from Madame for any extended period since i’d first arrived but i wasn’t feeling particularly upset, in fact i was quite enjoying the afterglow of the wonderful and unexpected night that we had shared. John arrived and after a brief snack and some catching up with Mistress was soon pushed into the guest room for some rest and despite his weak attempts to refuse was almost immediately asleep. Rubber Madame had me load her luggage as well as a small bag She had packed for me, into John’s vehicle. Then i was sat down rather forcefully, still in my Rubber prison suit, onto a chair in the kitchen. Mistress climbed onto my lap and lifted up my chin until our eyes met.

“You will of course obey John as if he was Myself, even minor indiscretions will be severely punished twice: once by John and again when you get home and I’ve heard his report about your behaviour during the week.” Madame spoke slowly and clearly and i began to feel a little apprehensive, “There will be difficult times for you; this week is another step forward in your ongoing training: new and perhaps unforeseen events will occur but I trust you to perform well. If things seem really bad think back to last night because I rather enjoyed the time we spent together and perhaps one day we may repeat the experience: that thought should help you persevere.” A single tear welled and overflowed from my left eye as She spoke and despite the new fears which Madame had awakened, i knew my love for her would see me through whatever may come and that i held a place in her heart which i had hesitated to even dream of.

Whilst John continued his rest Rubber Madame dressed me as his Rubber slut. Before She started i was made to shower and was given two enemas followed by the insertion of a medium sized plug which i hadn’t seen before but appeared to come with a small remote control device. Then i was soon covered in very tight black half millimetre Latex from neck to toe: stockings, panties and bra with my Rubber breast enhancements composed the first layer which was followed by a rather severe corset, spiky six inch heeled knee high boots and a heavy long sleeved dress which barely covered the bottom of my cheeks. Mistress pushed my familiar wedge gag into my mouth and applied my over-the-top makeup and a long platinum blonde wig. “You’re a shameless hussy,” She intoned, as though it were a hypnotic suggestion. By the time Madame had buttoned me into her long black PVC mac which held me very snugly i was walking on air again. She allowed me a quick look at myself in the full length mirrors which cover some of the closets in the cellar and i was ashamed. And very stimulated.

Before i knew it i was strapped into the backseat of John’s car and we were on our way to the airport. They left me that way as Madame was seen off for her week in Germany, but her seemingly offhand comment as She exited the car remains etched in my heart, “Farewell my love, I trust you to behave yourself accordingly in the hope of our reunion.” As i sat locked in the airport carpark the tone of her voice sent shivers up and down my already ecstatic body: never before had i sensed such sincere feeling in Mistress’ words. I silently bade her Godspeed, at once relishing my newfound closeness to Madame and dreading the weeklong separation.

I was left strapped in the back seat for the entirety of the five hour journey. John regaled me with some stories here and there but much of the time was spent in silence. As we neared the capital the grey and brown landscape was replaced with a blanket of growing whiteness and by the time we could see the somewhat humble skyline of the city a veritable winter wonderland had engulfed us. John’s home was a little farther from town than we had come for the route was quite circuitous and the slowly sloping landscape soon hid the lights of civilization. When at last we pulled into the long drive that lead to his house and outbuildings i was very much looking forward to stretching my limbs. It must have been well after midnight and i felt a guilt of sorts for being the main reason for the long round-trip drive John had endured. He appeared to be in good spirits however as he released me and lead the way up the cleared path to the front door. Just as i crossed the threshold my almost forgotten plug came to life with soft delicious vibrations and i instantly returned to my usual state of wanton lust: John had waited the whole trip for this symbolic moment to use the remote.

After removing my boots and Madame’s mac i prepared us a quick refreshment before John took my Rubber hand and directed me to the guestroom. The bed was waiting with its black Rubber linens and restraints. Soon my wrists and ankles were loosely fettered to the four corner posts and i was asleep in my travel clothes, lost in dreams of the past, interspersed with nightmares of the future.

My first day with John was very enjoyable. After he woke and unfettered me i was directed to the ensuite bathroom where i showered and cleaned my clothes. I removed the plug which seemed to have some sort of random setting because ever since i had walked through the front door it had been coming on and off for different durations and at different intensities. After i’d sterilized it i went back to the bedroom and found my wardrobe laid out for me on the bed. The first suit was heavy, perhaps 1.2 millimetre clinical red Rubber with feet, gloves and open faced hood. It fit very well, almost made-to-measure and was a great pleasure to don over my goose-pimply skin. Next was an Aquala drysuit which i realized must be their double thickness commercial black ‘Aquaply’ as they call it, because it was much heavier than the suit i had previously owned.

Once the back-zip was closed i was feeling very comfy indeed. John entered then, carrying a chrome scuba tank with a slender two foot corrugated Rubber hose bouncing from where it was attached to a valve at its top. Setting it down he nodded to me and proceeded to assist me with the rest of my dressage. Chest waders, Century brand, provided a third layer for most of my body once their straps were tightened over my shoulders. John picked up a formidable looking discipline helmet and i recognized it from the Rubber’s Finest website, although it was over four millimetres thick and verging on the terrifying my memory suggested to me that it was only half of the complete mask. It had tubes which lead from the mouth and nose area incorporated into it that ran backwards and up to the crown of the head. Once John had reinserted my wedge gag and secured it in place i was hovering between claustrophobia and orgasm. Then he produced the second, adjoining headpiece which had openings only at the crown which fitted to the first layer’s tubes, as well as a second set of small Perspex eye coverings and held it in front of me for perusal: i could see that after its tubing was connected and it was zipped up it would be further tightened with corset type lacing over the top of the zipper.

Soon enough that was the case and i was experiencing a glorious isolation from the world. I believe that the ‘crazies’ who wear makeshift headpieces composed of aluminium foil to protect themselves from who-knows-what evil rays propagated by the CIA or aliens are on the wrong track: instead of a conductor what is needed is a insulator, preferably a centimetre thick Rubber helmet. As John finished lacing me in i noticed a marked change in my awareness for the better: the clothes really do make the ‘man’. From a closet i hadn’t noticed he brought forth what appeared through my limited vision to be a full length black Rubber macintosh. When he had helped me get my arms in and buttoned up the front to my chin, then tautened the big hood over my head i was as fully Rubberized as i’d ever been in my life and teetering on the edge of a pleasure.

At that point John pushed me gently down so i sat on the edge of the bed and he lifted the scuba tank up to rest on my thighs. Undoing one of the buttons on the mac’s chest he reached in with the Rubber hose and managed to manoeuvre it under the chest waders to attach it to the intake valve on the drysuit. By slowly turning a valve atop the tank he began to fill the suit with gas which had little room to expand, the Aquala being trapped between the other layers of heavy Rubber. The result was an exquisite sensation of pressure and fullness, bordering on madness: i didn’t think things could go this far and i was having trouble controlling my emotions. “Try to calm down slave, we’re not quite done yet and you’re going to be spending most of the day like this.” John spoke rather loudly i think but i could barely hear him. I did manage to calm down slightly however and a few minutes later we began the finishing touches on my ensemble for the day.

I was floating in heavy Rubber heaven as John walked back towards the closet; somehow in my mind i had been looking at my weeklong separation from Mistress as something to be endured on her behalf until i could be with her again but now the present had completely taken over and i barely managed to briefly remember Madame and silently wish her well. Again John was in front of me, this time holding up a pair of what turned out to be Hunter Bullseye hip waders and dragging a formidable mass of thick steel chains and cuffs in his other hand. I couldn’t possibly fit hip waders over my chest waders but my momentary confusion was soon assuaged as he helped me to push and pull them up my arms like a pair of very unusual fingerless gloves. Once in place, with my already Rubbered hands squeezed deeply into the feet of the high quality boots, John attached their straps together behind my neck to hold them secure. He then took four large, weighty cuffs of Rubber-lined steel and attached them to my ankles and wrists, squeezing the waders tight and imprisoning me in my new outfit.

Finally John attached a one foot length of chain, the links of which were almost an inch across, between my ankles and between my wrists, and then joined those two lengths with a third which was perhaps three and half feet long. Once he had further secured all fetters and chains with padlocks, the tremendous weight of all the Rubber and steel became even more apparent to me: if i was to spend most of the day like this merely standing and walking would immediately take it toll. “Okay, your task today is very straightforward: all of our fetish oriented material must be transferred from the house to the hidden playroom on the upper floor of the barn. I’ve got some associates coming for dinner the day after tomorrow and the house must appear immaculately vanilla,” John spoke loudly to the encapsulated orb of my head but i could still barely hear him. “You’re familiar with the layout from your previous visit so I’ll just gather things at this end and leave the rest to you.”

Despite the extreme Rubber encumbrance i set about my imposed duties with enthusiasm and a very strong libido. The path between the house and barn was fairly flat and had been cleared of snow. John had left the doors slightly ajar for me, the temperature being just above freezing and the day bright and sunny. Of course in my condition of extreme Rubber bondage i could carry very little per trip and i had no idea how much gear and other paraphernalia there was to transport. The first two circuits went fairly well and i managed to transfer several catsuits and drysuits to the secret room on the second floor of the barn. I recalled from my previous visit the very clever layout of the modern apartment above the traditional stalls and stables of the main floor (as far as i knew John kept only a small number of chickens). Despite occupying close to a quarter of the entire second floor, the design was such that it would really never occur to the average observer that any space was unaccounted for: the design being somewhat labyrinthine and the view from the outside being diminished by trees to a large extent. The entrance to the private area was via a concealed door behind some portable shelving in a utility room.

By the time i’d dropped off the second load and was beginning the slow trip back to the house i was perspiring rapidly despite the cool temperature outside. Once the third tour was complete and bin of smaller equipment had been transferred i was feeling hard pressed to continue. When John asked jokingly if i was having fun i was lucky that speech was impossible or i might have said something very stupid. I persisted however and over the next hour or so something wonderful happened: all the unpleasantness of my situation slowly transformed itself into lustful elation and i realized that i was exactly where i should be, doing exactly what i loved. As the day wore on my sweat began to pool around my feet, making things even more difficult but my state of mind kept improving as i sunk deeper and deeper into Rubber servitude. At one point i could no longer contain my swollen bladder and squeezing the huge black inner tube i was carrying, indulged in the most orgasmic pee of my life.

Some time later as John handed me a small box of DVD’s, books, and magazines he bellowed quietly: “Good work slave, this is the last of it.” I sloshed back towards the barn with mixed feelings; being so submerged for so long i had almost forgotten that the job would ever end. I realized on the other hand that my body needed tending to: serious dehydration and possible heatstroke couldn’t be too far off. As i made my way back to the house for the last time the sun was almost touching the treetops that lined the far end of the pasture to the west. Before i knew it John had removed my cuffs and chains, pulled off the ‘wadergloves’ and unburdened me of the massive double helmet and wedgegag. Once the chestwaders were off he guided me to the mainfloor bathroom and helped me into the shower: i needed support as i felt quite wobbly on my own and had to brace myself against the wall as the torrents began to revive me from my experience. Slowly and carefully i removed my remaining Rubber as the cool water began to refresh me and i opened my mouth wide to drink in as much as i could.

Twenty minutes later i had washed and hung the remaining gear and was feeling markedly improved physically although i had lost some of the exquisite state of deep Rubber submission that had so overwhelmed my consciousness for much of the day. John had prepared me a meal which restored me further and i soon found myself sipping a glass of white wine in his living room wearing just a loose robe of medium weight burgundy Rubber, perhaps the only fetishistic item i hadn’t removed from the main house. “You did well today slave but there are still five full days for me to make use of you and I intend to do just that,” his tone was jovial but firm. “Relax for now, turn on the tv if you like and I will put you to bed in about an hour.”

He left me alone and i did try watching a bit of tele but the worlds i clicked past with the remote seemed so far removed from mine that i soon gave up and shut it off, preferring just to sit and relax in silence. Soon John returned and led me across to the barn and up into its most interesting room where he prepared me for the night. I was to have a very easy time of it, he explained, after having endured a rather challenging day. There was a bodybag attached to the top of a beautiful gynaecological table that i had admired on my previous visit. John removed my robe and helped me into the bag: my feet into the fitted bottom and my arms down into the long ‘pockets’. He zipped it up and loosely tightened the collar about my neck. Once he had pulled taut the Rubber belts at my ankles, knees, thighs, waist and chest he produced a fairly heavy hood with openings only for the nostrils and mouth and completed my bedclothes. From within the extremely cozy blackness of my position i heard my new Master wish me goodnight.

My next day at John’s was less demanding but equally enjoyable. Dressed again in my travelling clothes (medium weight stockings, bra and panties; a heavy corset, stiletto knee boots and the heavy but very short long-sleeved dress) i spent most of the day cleaning and preparing the main house for his ‘vanilla’ visitors who were due the next day. To make things more interesting John had re-inserted the remote controlled plug in my backside and hampered my wrists and ankles with light chains and cuffs. I very soon got into ‘the zone’ again and was happily prancing about doing my domestic chores. Occasionally the Rubber dildo would come to life to double my pleasure, although never taking me far enough for completion.

Having been so absorbed in my work it was with considerable surprise that i noticed the autumn sun had almost set. Again John had prepared a nice simple dinner and we ate together in the kitchen. Later that evening i was allowed to type a short e-mail to my Rubber Mistress in Germany: i tried to express myself succinctly but with passion and managed fairly well i think. Before i knew it i was again tucked away in the Rubber sleepsack of the night before and drifting towards unconsciousness. My dreams that night were troubled; many involved me somehow ruining John’s plans for a ‘normal’ dinner party. Inevitably i would be discovered in the most embarrassing situations wearing the most outlandish attire by the shocked and horrified visitors. Finally, towards dawn i managed to get a couple hours of solid rest and when i began to retell my nightmares to John as he released me in the morning he couldn’t help but laugh, “Don’t worry, my young friend, you will have absolutely no possibility whatsoever of interacting with my guests.”

Truer words were never spoken. After spending the morning doing some final chores in the main house, dressed in only an Aquala drysuit, hip waders, lineman gloves and nice full hood gasmask constructed from a Draeger that had been joined to a thick hood, John sent me back to the apartment over the barn where i was to ‘relax and await my incarceration’. I endeavoured to do so: not being told otherwise i didn’t dare alter my attire but simply lifted myself onto the gynaecological table and fell into the most comforting half-sleep state, my thoughts and dreams intermingling at will. The last memory i retained before John returned, bringing with him the reality of the moment was of my beloved Rubber Mistress enjoining me to keep in mind that She was still very much in charge and that any and every event would bear itself out under her watchful scrutiny.

“Strip please,” said my new Master as he entered. Once i’d removed the hood, waders and drysuit and stored them John spoke again as i shivered in front of him, “In about two hours my guests should begin to arrive: I’m expecting seven people most of whom are directly involved in a business venture I’m currently pursuing. The evening is meant to give us a chance to exchange ideas in a more relaxed situation than we would normally get the opportunity. You of course, will be restrained here until the last of them leaves, be that later this evening or, if someone should choose to spend the night, sometime tomorrow.”

As he spoke John busied himself gathering up the accoutrements of my impending bondage from the various shelves, closets and drawers of the room. “Let’s get the unpleasant part over with quickly, hop up and get your legs in the stirrups.” Disappearing briefly into the bathroom he reappeared with a swollen black Rubber enema bag and its attached tubing, at the end of which i noticed a double-catheter. Quickly he attached the bag to the table’s awaiting IV pole and manoeuvred himself into position between my legs. Before long the device had been inserted and inflated, the two balloons locking it in place. I was still shuddering from the cold of the room and John fetched an extremely heavy red Rubber blanket with which he covered my entire body. I could no longer see him but the clamp on the tube was released and i felt warm water flowing gently into me.

I was filled and emptied thrice as lay beneath my covering and it would have been quite enjoyable had it not been for the guilt that dominated my feelings. The nasty work that was being performed down between my legs when i released the awful filth was a job for someone like me to do, not my superiors. When Mistress cleaned me out that way for the first time i cried in shame with the attention She was giving me and the nastiness She was being subjected to by my disgusting waste. I remember her explaining that a reclined position was necessary for the procedure and that simply sitting on a toilet was inadequate. “Besides”, She had said laughingly, “now I’ve truly seen what you’re like on the inside.” And i had wept all the more. It wasn’t as bad now with John but it still didn’t feel quite right and i was more than glad when the procedure was finished. When the heavy red blanket was lifted from me all my previous emotions were at once swept away: surprise and then true fear extinguishing them.

Along with all the previously assembled items that John had gathered for my impending confinement was something new: swaying gently from the bar of a portable wardrobe was the most intriguing and beautiful creation. I learned later that it was the work of a Jeroen van der Klis of Amsterdam and, of course, had cost a small fortune. As the reader has surely observed by now my powers of description are somewhat lacking and in this case i will use the camera and the Web to assist me. For a good look at what i beheld at that moment try: you can see (i hope) my fear was well-founded. John re-inserted the remote controlled plug into my backside and all-but-painlessly threaded a sterylized catheter up my urethra and into my bladder. Then as he took a heavy black Rubber full coverage suit and began to help me inside it my attention continued to shift towards the ominous full-body corset that hung before me. I recalled a book a friend had insisted i read many years before as a teenager, i didn’t care for it and didn’t read all of it but one thought of the author’s had stuck in my mind: his obsession with the word Quality. He had gone on and on about its meaning and i came to know in my own way what he had been talking about. Two seemingly identical objects could stand before you and yet some ill-defined essence would separate them by an ocean. This creation before me was clearly a high quality garment.

Once again i was completely isolated from the world by a layer of heavy black Rubber. John had pulled my catheter through a tiny hole in the crotch of the suit and the only other openings were the two soft Rubber tubes that resided in my nostrils and the small hose inside the inflatable butterfly gag that rested on my tongue. My eyes peered out through clear Perspex, staring intensely at my future as it hung before me. “Well, what do you think, slave? Quite a formidable looking design, no? Your Mistress had it made specifically for you and as a sort of ‘thank-you’ to me for looking after you this week, I get to be the first to try it out. Well, i suppose it would be more accurate to say that you’ll be the one trying it out but enough chatter; I’ve only an hour and a half before my guests are expected and this operation could very well take up most of it.”

John had me sit up and together we began to entrap my legs in a very nice pair of crotch-high Rubber boots. They had a one and a half inch platform, a very nice long stiletto heel and enough lacing to stretch approximately from the Earth to the Moon and back. After an indeterminate time my legs were tightly corseted and my knees were no longer of much use. I managed to stand up by sliding off the tall padded table and after removing my new garment from its rack John climbed up on the table with it and started feeding its bottom over my head. The lacing was very loose with a gap of over a foot between the two sides that would eventually be pulled together but it was still quite an effort to push and pull the piece down to my ankles. Although i believe the one pictured in the photo was made of leather mine of course was heavy black Rubber. The only other difference was that the opening for the face was a little narrower and did not cover the mouth but cupped the chin nicely. The weight of my new suit came as a bit of a shock; perhaps the steel used in the boning was of a particularly heavy alloy but i felt the mass almost unsupportable. John told me to get my arms into their corsets that dangled from D-rings at my waist and while i struggled to do so he began the laborious process of lacing me into my extreme incarceration.

Gradually over the next half hour or so John worked up and down from the crown of my head to my ankles and slowly i entered another world. By the time he had finished at my back and moved on to my arms i was reeling. My breath came in quick and very shallow bursts; my mind dodging between panic and ecstasy. Once my arms were well corseted i must have fainted briefly because my next memory is of John lifting me back up onto the gynaecological table. Now fully enmeshed in the depths of my new body corset i felt more like i was floating than reclining. I was actually at about a thirty degree angle for of course the table could be adjusted to a large variety of positions.

“My time is almost up,” John spoke, sounding a little winded himself.

He produced a pair of inflatable mittens and strapped them onto my Rubbered hands. Then my gag was removed and i was given a meal replacement drink followed by a half litre bottle of water. John then reinserted and inflated the gag nicely then pumped up the mittens to an extreme pressure. Next, i watched as he took the long catheter hose that dangled out from the ankles of my suit and attached it directly to tube running through my gag, “You’re in recycle mode for now,” he said as he released the stop on the catheter allowing the contents of my bladder to empty without my control. For now at least the flow stopped somewhere along the course of the black Rubber tubing that joined myself to myself and i was given a reprieve. “Okay, you’re on your own slave, I don’t think you could get off the table of your own initiative but I’ll put a few of its straps into place to prevent a fall.”

Doing just that John secured me to my new home with some of the two-inch heavy straps that are part of the tables incumbent hardware, choosing in this case ones located at the chest, waist, thighs and ankles. I was truly in heaven and barely noticed from my limited vision as a large monitor was wheeled in front of me on a metal trolley. “To amuse you slave, I’m going to provide some entertainment: this monitor will display closed circuit video and audio from the various cameras concealed throughout the premises. When I get the chance to excuse myself briefly from my guests I will change the display from one area to another to keep you abreast of events; also I am able to check on you here to assure that you’re not in any jeopardy.” With a pat to my right shoulder he disappeared from view and i faintly heard the door close and lock.

The monitor showed the dining room from a high vantage point, the table appeared to have been set for eight. I drifted away. The acrid warmth of liquid dribbling into the back of my throat brought me around again. I swallowed and sucked and swallowed some more until the passage was again clear for the moment. Looking towards the monitor i was startled not so much to see the group of people in animated conversation sitting around the table but to realize that i could hear them clearly and had been unaware of the sounds until i noticed their source. Actually there were two different conversations proceeding simultaneously amongst two groups. Both sounded interesting: one being of a philosophic nature and the other discussing an aspect of the business that John and these people were involved in but i was in the mood to listen to neither.

Looking away from the screen i saw myself strapped to the table in extreme bondage and my heart quickened; i floated away again into a world of thoughtless joy. After an unknown amount of time something made me glance back to the monitor and i was again struck by how the sounds coming from it were suddenly audible: it was as if my attention somehow controlled the volume or, more aptly, like a dichotomy had occurred between two parts of myself. Now the dining room contained only two persons, speaking quietly together almost in whispers but i could understand them quite easily. Almost immediately i realized that they were discussing me. Obviously there was at least one of John’s business associates who was not so vanilla after all and the tall handsome thirty-something Germanic fellow appeared very intrigued indeed as John explained the details of my current situation to him.

“My gosh John, I can’t pretend not to be totally intrigued, I mean, would it be possible for me to stay on after the other guests leave and learn more of this?” His voice to me sounded sincere and very pleasant: i trusted him implicitly just from his intonations. “Of course Karl, you could simply have a few too many drinks, or pretend to, and have to spend the night rather than drive back to your hotel under the influence,” Karl lifted his wineglass and held it aloft and John clinked it with his own, sealing another chapter of my own fate.

It wasn’t until the next morning that i was released: not once during the night did i suffer a cramp or an itch or a wish to be freed from my position, i simply drifted in and out of consciousness feeling very peaceful, like everything was exactly as it should be. At some point in the night John tapped my shoulder and revived me asking if i was all right. I only partially awoke but gave a single moan in the affirmative and he left. When he and Karl entered the next day i was awake, staring blindly at the empty monitor which John must have switched off during his last visit. It turned out that one other guest had also spent the night and had just left; Karl claiming to want to have a look at the barn and the grounds had stayed on. “Say hello to Karl slave, he’s going to be sharing some time with us,” i grunted as pleasantly as i could and they disappeared behind me. My plug came back to life while i awaited their return and had to fight the rising surge lest it overtake me.

In all the time i’d spent with John he had never worn any sort of fetish wear, always just dressed casually but nicely. When the two men reappeared many minutes later completely encased in heavy Rubber my heart rate doubled and my eyes widened in extreme excitement. I had never been alone with a Rubberman before, let alone two, so to find myself with these two enthralling visions before me after already being in a state of great excitation was really taking me to my limits. I don’t know what they wore under the outer layer that i could see and didn’t have the time to speculate: what i saw was black drysuits, waders, heavy gloves and gasmasks with the eyes blackened to prevent seeing in while allowing a probably dimmed vision. The one difference between the two was that the person who seemed to be in charge (John i assumed) wore an S-10 mask while the other had on a Russian G-7.

The Rubbermen began methodically to release me from my bondage beginning with the straps holding me to the table. Then i was lifted to a sitting position while my innumerable laces began to be loosened. Next they got me to my feet and G-7 had to support my entire weight as S-10 continued with my unlacing. I felt like the proverbial ragdoll and when the Rubbermen managed to finally extricate me from the wonderful full-body corset i slumped into G-7’s arms, fearing that i would never regain my motor control again. I was hoisted back onto the table temporarily as they removed my boots, mittens and arm corsets. At that point S-10 carefully slid out the catheter and held it aloft to empty its remaining contents to the back of my mouth. He then deflated and removed my gag and partially opening the zip at my crotch eased out the plug from my behind. Finally they carried me to the washroom where i was laid gently into the tub, still wearing the full Rubber one piece suit. G-7 strapped a sturdy posture collar around my neck as the tub filled with warm water and, with a chain, attached it to the tiled wall behind me. This would hold my head above water without hampering my breathing and allow me to relax while my body recovered. When the tub was near full S-10 turned off the flow and turned on the many powerful jacuzzi jets which were to eventually bring me back to life. They left me alone then and i closed my eyes, hoping the massaging warmth would restore me.

Obviously i had dozed off again because when i reopened my eyes the Rubbermen were lifting me from the already drained tub and were advising me to try to stand on my own in front of the shower that was pelting my Rubber skin. This time by holding a railed support on one side and the edge of the glass door on the other i was finally confidant enough to remain upright and finish my recovery without assistance. Slowly i removed my suit, washed it and myself and turned off the water. Still quite shaky on my feet i shivered from the cold as i hung the suit to dry and towelled myself off. Feeling as naked as i ever had in my life i wrapped the big white cotton towel around myself and paced slowly back and forth across the ceramic tiles of the medium sized room, gradually feeling my physical equilibrium return but wondering what the future would hold.

Before long the Rubbermen re-entered and i was again overwhelmed by their magnificent appearance. S-10 removed my towel and he and G-7 rather roughly grabbed me by my upper arms and led me back to the main room. A sort of pommel horse now occupied the centre stage and i was duly strapped to it, my legs and arms secured to the horse’s legs and my body to its padded black Rubber body. A short tube gag was fastened to my head and tied back, holding my head up at the front of the apparatus, my mouth wide open sucking the Rubber of the gag. Being much more use to the warmth of layers of Rubber clothing i felt cold and very exposed as i squirmed against the restraints.

Before i could even contemplate what would come next i saw my captors open the crotch zips of their drysuits, reach in, and with some manoeuvring extract two large upright Rubber cocks. They slapped them back and forth together in some bizarre secret handshake ritual before separating: G-7 withdrawing out of my vision and S-10 coming directly towards my gaping mouth. As i stared at John’s enormous black Rubber phallus quivering within inches of my face i felt the Rubber hands of Karl on my exposed buttocks and then the brush of what could only be his Rubber cock against my crack. John cupped my head in his hands and pushed himself into my awaiting hole as Karl’s hands spread my cheeks and i felt a brief tickle at my bum before he drove quickly inside. Now the two Rubbermen fucked me without restraint: John holding my head and Karl my ass as their dual penetration proceeded with increasing vigour. I wanted it. Remembering my Mistress i silently thanked her for the training and conditioning She had given me and sent her my love. I lost touch with those thoughts and all others as i was engulfed in the animal act of my rape, lost in the choreographed thrusts of my assailants. Time distended and my consciousness floated up to some other realm where things were complete unto themselves, opposites no longer existing: before and after, here and there…concepts without meaning.

When i regained normalcy the Rubbermen were gone and i was still strapped to the pommel horse, naked, my holes empty but filled with memories, my head no longer pulled back but the tube gag still in place. John must have draped the heavy red Rubber blanket over me and my steed for i could smell its distinct odour and feel it’s presence despite being able to see nothing. Before long i heard the door open and John spoke as he released me from my position, “Karl has left and conveys his best wishes; I must go into the city for several hours myself and you’re free to do what you will in the meantime.” I saw that John was again dressed in ordinary casual attire and with no further ado patted me gently on the shoulder and made his exit.

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