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The Quintessential Modern Woman

by Marcus

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Foreword: This story is set during a fictional first year of the 20th century but will not be historically accurate. It is heavily inspired by the art of Loviante without whose work I would never have come up with this story arc. ( /

Hailey looked at her reflection in the full length mirror and smiled. She looked as if ready to conquer a new continent. Not that she would of course, wars and conquest were silly things that had no place in the modern world. It was after all the start of the 20th century, a time to explore new ideas. A time to push boundaries and question old ways of thinking.

Considering herself an advocate of the modern age, Hailey was not your average 22 year old by any means, especially for a woman. Sole child to Sir Thomas Kennedy she had been brought up in a household of abundant excess. Her father had been on the forefront in the steelworks industry and both owned and ran the nation's largest, most acclaimed one. Some would even say it was the best steelworks in the world. Hailey had, since an early age, been tutored by her mother until the age of 12, at which time her mother had sadly succumbed to smallpox. 

Her mother had been a champion of women's rights for as long as Hailey remembered and with the support of her husband regularly held sessions in their grand city house for people of the same mindset. She had made sure to tutor Hailey in maths, physics and chemistry but also more traditional subjects like literature and arts. As her mother had been taught ballet as a child she also made sure Hailey at least had a basic skill in the art form.

A widower, Hailey’s father had started to bring Hailey along to the steelworks a few times a week where she had started to develop a keen interest for mechanics. In what seemed like no time she was helping out with repairing broken machines and had, according to many of the employees, an impressive technical understanding being such a young girl.

Trying to find a new tutor for Hailey, her father had been approached by his business partner who pitched a solution to him. Mr. Ichikawa was from Japan and had been Sir Thomas' business partner since the start of the steelworks. As Mr. Ichikawa was responsible for the procurement of ore, he was constantly travelling and wanted to find a better residential situation for his daughter, Reiko. Also a widower, having lost his wife to childbirth, Mr. Ichikawa had hired a private tutor and wished for Reiko to move in with the Kennedys and have both her and Hailey tutored there. This would give Hailey a new tutor and also give Reiko a better environment to grow up in. Sir Thomas had accepted his partner's solution immediately and without reservations.

Despite Reiko being four years younger than Hailey they had quickly become best friends. Creating an even closer bond over time they acted more like sisters than friends and complemented each other extremely well. Hailey was the adventurous and dominant one of the two and had a tendency of getting them both into trouble. Reiko on the other hand was the quiet, calculating one who had an aptitude of getting them out of said trouble, usually scot-free.

Checking her pocket watch, realising she was about to start running late, Hailey took a final look in the mirror.

Her ginger hair looked very cheeky in the asymmetrical pixie cut on top of her diamond shaped face. Above her sparkling emerald green eyes sat a pair of high arced and well looked after eyebrows that were a few shades darker than her hair. Her thin lips were made up in a very modest shade of caramel and perfectly complemented her eye shade and pale ivory skin.

She wore a high collared, form fitting blouse in white that hinted at her medium sized and perky bosom. The blouse was neatly tucked inside a pair of high waisted khaki coloured jodhpurs and around her narrow waist she wore a wide brown leather belt, tightly strapped with its dual buckles.

On her feet she had a pair of knee high French officer boots in black leather that had been immaculately laced. Last but not least she wore a pair of tight riding gloves in black leather.

Her whole outfit was bespoke and would have been the envy of any woman if not for being considered unbefitting for a young lady.

Smiling at herself in the mirror Haily grabbed the dark grey herringbone flat cap and left her bedchamber. Walking down the poorly lit hall she checked her pocket watch one more time and with relief saw that she was just on time. As she skipped down the stairs of the great main hall she called out for the butler, “Caleb!”

Reaching the ground floor, Hailey made sure her leather gloves were sitting properly and called out again, “Caleb!”

“Yes, Miss.”

Hailey jumped as she heard Caleb answer her from behind and turned around. Standing in the entrance to the dining room was the family's butler. Caleb, Mr Thompson, had been her fathers butler for as long as she knew and by his grey hair, bushy black eyebrows and weathered face was probably over 60 years old, maybe even 70. He wore his standard black three-piece tuxedo and a white shirt topped with a black bowtie.

“Ah yes, Caleb. Could you please check on Reiko, we are going downtown for an errand.”

“Yes, of course. Shall I call for a carriage Miss?”

“No thank you Caleb, we will take the automobile.”

“Please Miss, if I may. It would feel much better if you and Miss Reiko took the carriage.”

“Caleb, that is not for you to decide, is it?”

“No Miss, my sincerest apologies!”

“Just check on Reiko and tell her I have gone to prepare the automobile, will you please.”

“Yes of course Miss.”

As Caleb was walking to open the front door, Hailey dashed past him and opened it herself and closed it behind her. The bright morning sun made her eyes squint so she put on the flat cap and walked down the entrance steps onto the courtyard. Parked under an overhang was her fathers automobile, a two seat light roadster in black and red that had been imported from Germany. As Hailey made the pre-ignition preparations she heard come out of the front door and as she looked up she saw Reiko coming down the entrance steps towards her.

Reiko, in comparison to herself, was dressed more like a lady was supposed to. Under her white wide brimmed sun hat she had her jet black hair done in a crown braid. The hat shaded her perfectly round face and protected her porcelain skin. Her dark grey eyes appeared almost to be black but still looked very friendly under her straight eyebrows. Her full lips were made with a deep red lipstick and was probably the most daring part of her look.

She wore a high collar blouse in light blue over her corseted chest and waist. Her legs were covered by a long white skirt and around her narrow waist she had a dark blue satin belt. As she took the last steps down onto the courtyard one could catch a glimpse of her high heel lace up boots in black leather.

Admiring her friend, Hailey reflected over their very different preferences in wardrobe and figured that seeing them together, one would imagine they came from totally different worlds. Their difference in wardrobe and lifestyle, on top of living in the same house, were most likely a core part of why there was a wide spread rumour that the two young women were intimate with each other. A rumour Hailey more than wished for to be true since she had been in love with Reiko for a long time. Afraid her feelings were not reciprocated, Hailey had never dared to act upon her feelings.

“Really Hailey, why do you always insist on using the automobile?”

Hailey smiled at her friend's question and replied, “It was built to be used was it not. Since father always gets picked up by his chauffeur, who will use it, You?”

“You know I would never do that.”

Hailey raised an eyebrow as to have had her point proven and made sure the handbrake was engaged. She then started to turn the engine’s flywheel with the hand crank. Having reached enough momentum Hailey reached for the ignition switch and flipped it. With a few loud bangs the engine came to life and Hailey removed the hand crank and put it in the leather coffer placed above the rear axle. Looking at Reiko she then pointed to the passenger seat and spoke in a loud voice, “Miss Ichikawa, if you please.”

Reiko reluctantly climbed up and took her seat as Hailey did the same. Turning her flat cap backwards, Hailey donned a pair of pilot's goggles before disengaging the handbrake and moved the accelerator down on the steering wheel. Honking the horn before driving through the open gates the two women were finally on their way.

After about a ten minute drive Hailey successfully parked the roadster by the sidewalk and killed the engine. Placing the goggles at her forehead she jumped out and walked around the vehicle. Extending her hand she helped Reiko disembark and looked at the store in front of them. The display windows were filled with fashion dolls wearing exquisite corsets and undergarments and above the green and white striped awning was a big sign saying, “Cunninghams Corsetry Co & Store”

Smiling at a nervous looking Reiko, Hailey said, “Shall we?”

Not waiting for a reply, Hailey walked into the store and held the door for Reiko. Once inside the two girls scanned the patrons and employees busy helping out. Hailey acknowledged a few disconcerting looks from acquaintances of her father with a fake smile, when all of a sudden she heard someone call out, “Miss Ichikawa, Miss Kennedy, right this way if you please.”

Standing behind the counter at a door leading to the back of the building was its owner, Mrs Cunningham. Hailey took Reiko by the hand and led her behind the counter and through the open door. As all three ladies were inside the workshop Hailey asked, “Are they ready?”

Mrs Cunnigham looked at Hailey with judgmental eyes and replied, “Yes of course they are.”

Walking up to one of the many work tables she continued, “I have to tell you though, this has been the hardest order we have ever finished. A lot of effort has been put into making these to your desire.”

Reaching below the table Mrs Cunnigham produced a bundle of black rubber and put it on the table. As she started to separate the items on the table Hailey’s eyes grew wide as she immediately started to inspect every one of them. 

The first item was a pair of leggings made out of thick black rubber. They were form cut and vulcanised for a tight fit and had two reinforced holes in the crotch. 

The second one was a long sleeved, high collar top in the same material. At the chest were two cups that instead of flattening the wearer's chest would emphasise her breasts. At the top of each cup was a small reinforced hole.

Third was what looked like a hood that would engulf the whole head, all the way down the neck to the collar bones. Expertly cut and vulcanised like the previous items, it would ensure a very tight fit. There were also five reinforced holes. two where the eyes would be, two small ones at the nostrils and a bigger one at the mouth.

Fourth and fifth items were a pair of gloves and socks. The sock looked like a pair of form cut ankle socks only made out of black rubber. The gloves on the other hand looked exceptional and was the item Hailey had most feared would not be possible to make. Expertly cut using a pattern for a pair of tight leather gloves, Mrs Cunningham had truly come though making the opera length rubber gloves.

Sixth black rubber item was what looked like a sleeping mask that would fit snugly over the eyes and render its wearer completely blind and the final, seventh item was the most bizarre of them all. 

Without knowing what it would be used for a person could never guess its use. The best way of describing it would be to say it was a very intricate gag. It had a wide rubber panel that would cover its wearers entire mouth and lips. Numerous thick rubber straps had been vulcanised to the panel that would encircle the wearer's head, ensuring the panel would fit tightly over the mouth. Attached to the panel was a solid, two inch diameter rubber rod that would extend about four inches into the wearer’s mouth. The rubber rod seemed to have been made by gently rolling and vulcanising rubber sheathing onto itself until the desired diameter was met.

Inhaling the strong rubber smell, Hailey looked at Reiko and asked, “It looks perfect don’t you think?”

Reiko was blushing heavily and replied, “Yes… Yes it does. But it all looks a lot more extreme than I had imagined if I am to be honest.”

Hailey smiled and continued, “It will be perfect, I know it will.”

She then turned to Mrs Cunningham who was still observing the ladies with a judgmental look and asked, “Are you sure they are made exactly to the measurements provided.”

Mrs Cunningham looked almost offended and replied, “I can assure you Miss Kennedy that they are. We would NEVER let anything leave this workshop unless it was made to our customers' exact wishes.”

“Perfect! Will the deposition cover your expenses?”

“Oh yes, more than so.”

“Good, you keep that extra as a sign of our gratitude for handling this with such professionalism.”

Mrs Cunningham smiled and replied, “Why thank you Miss Kennedy, much appreciated.”

Mrs Cunningham gathered the rubber items and folded them into a neat pile. After wrapping the pile in paper she gave it to Hailey and said, “Before you go, let me just…”

Mrs Cunningham walked over to one of the many shelves in the workshop and returned with a tin can which she gave to Reiko and continued, “If this is something you actually plan to wear you will need this. It is unscented talcum powder and should help greatly with the dressing.”

Reiko, no matter how unlikely, managed to blush even more as she took the can and replied, “Thank you Mrs Cunningham, much appreciated.”

Leaving the store Hailey could barely hide her excitement which was a stark contrast to Reiko who looked a bit apprehensive.

After an uneventful drive back the two ladies now stood in the hall of the house again. Giving the heavy parcel to Reiko, Heiley said, “I want us to test this right away, are you up for that?”

Reiko, still looking apprehensive, replied, “Hailey I am not so sure we should do this.”

“What do you mean? This has all been your idea from the start, Reiko.”

“I know… I know… But I never thought we would be able to have all of these things made. It was all just silly fantasies after all, nothing more.”

“Oh no… no, NO! You are NOT backing out now. Admit you are at least curious about testing it all?”

Reiko blushed and answered, “Yes… Yes I admit that. But what if it does not live up to the expectations?”

“Then we at least know it was not to be, yes?”

“I guess there is truth in that.”

“Good, this is the last of this nonsense, agreed?”


“You go and prepare in the cellar and I will join you as soon as I can, I have to sort a few things before we can start. Is that alright with you?

“Yes of course, see you in a bit then.”

As Hailey ran up the stairs Reiko called after her, “Hailey, please wait.”

Hailey stopped and leaned against the bannister with a questioning look on her face as she replied, “Yes Reiko?”

“For how long?”

“Ah yes… Good point, let me think… Until sunrise. Not a minute more, not a minute less. It has to be properly tried, do you not agree?”

Reiko looked even more apprehensive and said, “Hailey that is a very long time! I am not sure…”

Hailey interrupted and demanded, “It will be until sunrise or not at all, is that understood Reiko?”

Nodding her head, Reiko replied, “Yes Hailey.”

With a smile, Hailey continued to ascend the stairs and Reiko walked towards the cellar. Before she got there, Caleb appeared from the kitchen and said, “Ah, Miss Ichikawa. There was a phone call for you, a Mr Smith if memory serves me.”

Reiko held the parcel tight against her chest as if someone was trying to steal it and replied, “Thank you Mr Thompson, I will call him back at another time.”

“Very well Miss Ichikawa. Shall I prepare lunch for you and Miss Kennedy?”

“No… No Mr Thompson, we will manage lunch on our own accord.”

Before returning to the kitchen, Caleb replied, “Very good Miss Ichikawa, as you wish.”

Walking past the stairs leading to the upper floor, Reiko opened the door leading down to the cellar. Being one of the few residents with electricity, she searched the wall and hit the switch. With a spark the overhead light bulb lit up the stairwell and Reiko started to descend. Reaching the bottom of the stairs she hit another switch and several new light bulbs illuminated the previously pitch black cellar. Moving over to a table she put the parcel and talcum can down. Next, she went over to a wardrobe and made several trips back and forth to the table, nearly emptying it of its contents. With trembling hands she started to survey all the items in front of her, making sure it was all accounted for.

Still in its paper parcel were the new rubber items together with the talcum. Somehow those were the least bizarre items on the table.

Next to them was a steel boned leather corset in burgundy. Busked in front and laced in the back it was designed to reduce the waist by 7-8 inches. Picking up the corset Reiko was still not used to how heavy it was even though she had inspected it numerous times.

Under the corset lay the next burgundy coloured leather item. Putting the corset down Reiko picked it up and held it up in front of her. Made from the same high grade heavy leather it was designed to tightly bound a person’s arms behind them. The hands would be placed palm to palm inside a form cut pouch after which the garment would be laced tightly around the arms all the way up to just below the armpits. Finally two straps would be pulled around the wearers shoulders and buckled in place, ensuring it would not come off unless intended. Laced fully closed the arms inside of it would be crushed together with elbows touching. At the end of the garment, where the fingertips would be, was an attached big ring made out of steel.

The last leather item on the table was a true piece of art. Again made from the burgundy high grade heavy leather, Reiko picked up one of two knee high boots. Boots was perhaps not the correct word for them since no one would ever be able to walk properly in them. If one imagined a pair of ballet shoes but they went all the way up to the knees, laced all the way, one would get an idea of what they looked like. Once properly laced, they would force the wearers foot en pointe. At the toes was a big ring made out of steel, just as the one on the arm binder.

Putting the boot down she moved on to the steel items. Inspired from mediaeval tales of knights and maidens was a sturdy looking chastity device. Made by one of the steelworks foremen it was designed to completely put the wearer in chastity without much discomfort. Made entirely out of steel it had a wide waistband that was hinged in the back and would be locked in the front once closed. Attached to the back of the waistband was a less wide crotch band that ended with a wide plate that would totally cover the wearer's genitalia. Hinged in several places, the crotch band and cover plate would be locked in place using a locking staple after the waist belt had been closed over it. The belts edges were immaculately rounded ensuring the wearer would feel no discomfort, allowing for long term use. Another detail in the cover plate added with long term use in mind, were several small drilled holes that would allow for urinating while wearing it.

Adjacent to the chastity belt were a couple of items that made Reiko both blush and feel her nether regions become wet. Made from solid steel she picked up one of the heavy phallic shaped steel rods meant for the vagina and rectum. Polished to an immaculately smooth surface the base of the rods were covered in a thick rubber lining through which a much thinner rod protruded about two inches. The protruding part was meant to be inserted through one of two corresponding holes in the crotch part of the chastity belt. Once the belt was locked in place, the phallic shapes could not be removed unless the chastity belt was removed.

Next to the chastity belt was a short steel rod with wide manacles welded at a small angle at the ends. The manacles would fit around its wearer's legs just above the knees and were locked in place using a latch that would fit over a locking staple. The device would forcibly spread the wearer's knees apart about two feet. 

The last two items on the table were truly the piece de resistance and had been the most difficult to have procured and were therefore the very first items started to be made. Painstakingly crafted by the same foreman as the rest of the steel items, Reiko looked upon the steel helmet and neck corset with the same love as when she had seen the first prototypes. 

The steel helmet was forged from two pieces of sheet steel that blow by blow had been hammered to perfectly cover a human head from the top and all the way down to the base of the neck. The two pieces were joined by a hinge at the top of the skull allowing the front and back pieces to easily be closed over the face and neck. On the protruding part that would cover the nose were two drilled holes that would correlate with the wearer's nostrils. Once fully closed the helmet would be locked in place using two hinged latches at the sides that would be closed over a locking staple just above the protrusions for the ears.

The neck corset was equally impressive and was just as the helmet made from two pieces of sheet steel, hammered into shape. Hinged at one of the sides, the perfectly shaped neck piece would engulf the wearer from the chin and below the ears all the way down to the clavicles, over the shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Once firmly in place the neck corset would cover the neck part of the already restrictive helmet and provide the wearer with much needed support to hold the heavy ensemble upright. Needless to say the wearer of both items would not be able to move neither their head nor their neck at all. To lock the neck corset in place a latch at the opposite side from the hinge would close over yet another locking staple. Requiring that both the helmet and neck corset could be worn for lengthy periods of time it had taken countless hours and trips to the steelworks for fittings before they were made to satisfaction.

Having gone through all items laid out before her, Reiko stepped back in awe over the unimaginable amount of expertise all of them had required. All of them came from her own fantasies and she had designed and overseen all of them to make sure they met her high expectations. 

Before she could become even more enamoured by the beautiful items she heard someone come down the stairs. Expecting no one else then Hailey she was still glad it was her. Hailey walked straight to the table and put down a glass jar she had brought. Upon seeing Reiko’s questioning look she said, “Aloe vera oil… for the insertions.”

Reiko blushed once more and replied, “Yes of course.”

With an evil grin on her face, Hailey walked up to Reiko and gave her a big hug and after letting go, placed her hands on Reikos upper arm and said, “I can not believe we are about to do this! How long has it been since you shared your dark fantasies with me?”

Looking mighty embarrassed, Reiko answered, “A little over a year.”

“Heavens! Well, are you not dying to finally experience what you have only been able to dream about for so long? Because I sure am!”

“Yes… Yes I am. As you said, this all derives from my fantasies and it would be foolish to back out now would it not?”

“Foolish indeed… Let us begin!”

There was a knock at the door just before it was opened, revealing Caleb standing in the doorway holding a tray with a beautifully engraved crystal carafe filled with water and a drinking glass. Looking into the near empty library he announced, “I am sorry to disturb you Miss, but it has been another two hours.”

Looking up from behind her book, Reiko put it away and replied, “Thank you Mr Thompson, that will be all.”

“Of course Miss.”

Passing Caleb on her way out of the library, Reiko took the tray and could hear him close the door behind them and go about his afternoon chores. Opening the cellar door for a fourth time today, Reiko flipped the switch for the light bulb and started to carefully descend the stairs after closing the door behind her. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she flipped the second light switch, illuminating the pitch black cellar.

Taking her time she felt her nether regions become wet again as she just stood still and observed the cellars', apart from herself, sole occupant. In the centre of the cellar floor, upon a solid oak slab was Hailey, on her knees and in very strict vertical hogtie.

Although Hailey’s position looked effortless from a distance, it was very far from it. Her journey to achieve her current predicament had been equally difficult yet rewarding.

As Hailey had undressed until she wore nothing more than her birthday suit, Reiko had blushed heavily. Not only was she embarrassed of seeing her best friend without any clothes, she also saw that Hailey was completely hairless under her arms and between her legs. She did however quietly admit to herself that Hailey was a very beautiful woman who, if she wished, could have any man.

After thoroughly putting talcum over her body, Hailey found that getting into the rubber garments was more difficult than any of them had imagined. Starting with the pants, Reiko had been forced to pull hard at the thick rubber to get the garment to settle properly in place with both cutouts aligned correctly over Hailey’s lower orifices. 

Getting the top to align correctly over Hailey’s bosom proved even more tricky but after some pulling and tugging her nipples proudly poked out of their respective holes. The gloves and socks were more straightforward even though it took a few tries to get the gloves perfect.

Taking her time with the hood, Reiko made sure Hailey’s short hair was pulled backwards before carefully pulling it over her head. Some minor adjustments had to be made to make it sit properly but once finished, Reiko was amazed at the results. The cutouts around the eyes and mouth were very impressive as the teardrop shaped holes for the eyes and the form cut hole for the mouth made Hailey look very intense. It was as if the rubber enhanced her already beautiful facial features.

Now fully covered in the rubber Hailey moved around and caressed her own body to get a feel for her new tight rubber skin. Reiko was a little worried that the rubber was too tight and asked, “It looks like a perfect fit, how does it feel?

Hailey bit her lower lip and with arousal practically glowing in her eyes, replied, “I feel out of this world. It feels way more restrictive than I could ever have imagined but I adore it. It is like… it is like I am being caressed fondly by someone very dear to me, but all over my body at once… It is doing things to me no other garment ever has!”

Reiko did not have to take Hailey’s word for it since the way she carried herself made her current state perfectly clear, she was clearly very aroused. Both being very pleased with the result so far, they agreed to continue.

Next item to be picked from the table was the leather corset. Raising her arms over her head as best as she could in the restrictive rubber, Hailey was soon tightlaced down to an impressive eight inch reduction. Needing a few minutes to get used to the corset and catch her breath, another mutual decision was made to continue.

As Reiko picked up the chastity belt she looked at the phallic shaped rods and asked, “With or without?”

Hailey instantly replied, “With, I want the full experience.”

Having placed the rods into their respective holes in the belt, Reiko generously covered them with aloe vera oil before moving over to, and carefully kneeling beside Hailey. With trembling hands she looked up at her and asked, “Are you ready?”

Hailey, still a bit out of breath due to the heavy corset, promptly replied, “Yes!”

Guiding the phallic rods towards their respective entrance, Reiko heard Hailey let out a high pitched yelp in surprise as they touched the orifices. Afraid she might have hurt her, Reiko stopped and asked, “Did it hurt? Should I stop?”

Hailey took a deep breath and calmly replied, “No, no everything is fine. They are just freezing cold! Keep going please.”

To a symphony of moans and gasps, Reiko pushed the rods deeper and deeper into Hailey until the crotch band was firmly seated between her buttocks. Hailey was still moaning and panting heavily as Reiko asked, “Could you help me and hold it in place?”

Hailey groaned “Uh-huh!” in reply.

Having fetched a heavy padlock with a key from the table, Reiko put both ends of the waist belt over the locking staple in the cover plate. Adding the padlock and turning the key, a clunking sound was heard as the mechanism turned over and locked the belt firmly in place. As Hailey kept moaning, Reiko took the key and thread it onto a piece of leather string lying on the table.

Hailey explored the belt with her rubber gloved hands and quickly realised she was truly chastised as the belt fit so snug she could not even press her fingertips in between the steel and her rubberised crotch. The metal intruders violating her lower orifices felt heavenly and even though Hailey had used a dildo on herself many times but this was different, a very welcome difference.

Seeing her friend frantically trying to reach underneath the belt Reiko asked, “Is it too tight?”

Hailey pulled at the padlock to confirm she was truly locked in and at the mercy of the key holder in front of her and replied, “It is perfect Reiko, absolutely perfect! I never could have imagined being chastised could feel so… so… divine!”

“I am pleased you like it, it looks fantastic locked on your body. It is just as I have fantasised about for so long. Shall we continue?”

Looking at Reiko with lust filled eyes, Hailey smiled wickedly and replied, “Do you really need to ask?”

Smiling back, Reiko pulled up a stool and motioned Hailey to sit down. Moving in the partial set up felt far better than Hailey could have imagined. The rigidity of the rubber garments together with the leather corset and chastity belt made her moves feel very restrictive. Each step also sent jolts of heavenly pleasure through her whole body as the steel rods slightly moved inside her. Finally sitting down Hailey let out another surprised yelp as the belt and its violators were pushed ever so slightly deeper into her.

Wasting no time, Reiko took the boots from the table and started to expertly tightlace them onto Hailey’s feet and lower legs. Hailey could feel her feet being forced into an en pointe position and sent a quiet posthumous thank you to her late mother for forcing her to learn the ballet. With both boots tightly laced in place Reiko playfully pulled on the big steel rings at the tip of the boots. Hailey smiled and stated that she could probably be hung inverted using the rings to which Reiko smiled back and made a mental note, feeling her nether regions get wetter.

Both still agreeing to continue, Reiko asked Hailey to move over to an oak slab centred on the cellar floor. Realising that standing in the boots was too risky, Hailey got down from the stool and stood on all fours. She started to slowly crawl towards Reiko who was now standing by the oak slab holding the knee spreader and two heavy padlocks. Seeing the woman she was secretly deeply in love with observing her as she crawled on all fours sent a wave of humiliation through her. The humiliation felt strangely arousing and without really understanding why, she realised it made her even very moist between her legs. She greatly approved of this new discovery and she wanted more of it, much more.

Throwing a quick glance at the oak slab, Hailey recognized it as the one she and Reiko had picked up from the carpenters a few months back. The slab was made from a single piece of oak and measured three feet square and was about two inches thick. It had been well sanded with rounded edges and had a glossy lacquer finish. In the centre of the slab was a vertical steel pole sitting in a perfectly matching hole. On top of the sturdy pole was a big steel ring that had been welded in place vertically.

Having crawled all the way to the oak slab, barely managing to keep from moaning, Hailey got up on the slab and turned her back towards the vertical steel pole at its centre. With Reiko guiding her she backed up while standing on her knees until her back was firmly up against the vertical pole. Holding on to the pole with her hands to help keep her in position, Hailey watched as Reiko kneeled before her and started to attach one of the manacles to just above her right knee. When it was tightly closed and the hinged latch was closed over the locking staple, Reiko took one of the padlocks and locked it in place. Helping Hailey to widen the distance between her knees to match the width of the rod, she closed and latched the second manacle above her left knee. Making sure Hailey was still centred against the vertical pole, Reiko padlocked the second manacle in place and took both keys in her hand.

Hailey felt she was getting hotter by the minute and it was not just due to her rubber outfit. She was starting to worry that she would start to leak around the edges, and through the urine holes, in the chastity belt as she was steadily getting more and more wet between her legs. Trying to put her worries aside and just enjoy what she was being put through she watched Reiko put the two keys onto the leather string before returning to Hailey, carrying the leather arm binder.

Reiko kneeled behind Hailey and started to pull the unlaced arm binder up between Hailey’s arms and the vertical steel pole. As the binder was pulled far enough she told Hailey to put her hands palm to palm and started to push them into the binder's pouch. Being a very tight fit they both had to work to get Hailey’s gloved hands firmly seated in the pouch. Unbuckling the leather straps at the top of the binder, Reiko pulled them over and around Hailey’ shoulders and after having strapped them tight, buckled them in place. On Reiko’s behest, Hailey worked her rubberised arms and hands around in the still unlaced arm binder and managed to seat her hands even further into the pouch, after which Reiko tightened the shoulder straps another notch.

Having checked that Hailey still wanted to continue, to which she got an eager confirmation, Reiko started to dutifully lace the arm binder. The tighter the lacing became, the more Hailey grunted and whined as her arms slowly were fused together until her elbows were touching. With the armbinder tightly laced, Haily stood on her knees with her eyes closed and panted heavily. The vertical pole now worked as a support as it was wedged between Hailey’s back and the armbinder and meant she no longer needed to balance herself at least.

Stepping in front of Hailey, Reiko squatted and asked, “Is it too much for you Hailey?”

Opening one eye to look at Reiko, Hailey took a few quick and deep breaths before replying, “It is very taxing for sure. Way more difficult to bear than I imagined.”

Reiko put her hand on Hailey’s shoulder and asked, “Shall I remove it?”

Hailey opened both eyes and promptly replied, “No! I just need a minute to compose myself… Even though the pain is… considerable, it is also somehow very, very arousing.”

Reiko gave Hailey a compassionate look, lifted her hand to Hailey’s rubber covered cheek and started to caress it. Hailey felt the muscles between her legs convulse around the steel intruders as she gently leaned into her friend’s touch. Wanting the moment to last forever, Hailey started to turn her rubber covered head to kiss Reiko’s hand but before her lips could touch their soft skinned goal, Reiko stood up and walked back to the table.

Mercilessly robbed of her chance to show her true feelings for Reiko, Hailey just became more aroused by the rejection and felt her groyne muscles convulse around the steel intruders again.

Reiko returned to Hailey with a few sturdy looking leather belts in different lengths. Taking a short one, Reiko moved behind Hailey and looped it several times around the vertical pole holding her upright and the rod of the knee spreader. Pulling the belt tight and buckling it she had made sure the knee spreader was not going to move, no matter what.

Next she grabbed two long belts and started to thread one of them through the steel ring at the toe part of one of Hailey’s boots. She thread the same belt through the steel ring on top of the vertical pole and then back down to its waiting buckle. Starting to tighten the belt, Hailey could feel her lower leg start to rise until her toes were pointing straight up and her calf was tightly pressed against the back of her thigh. Buckling the belt in place, Reiko took the other one and repeated the process on Hailey’s other leg.

Hailey's whole weight was now supported by her knees alone and she already started to feel them strain. As Reiko continued to tighten the belts in turn, hole by hole, Hailey felt the strain start to disappear. As the buckles started to groan from the strain, Reiko had managed to almost lift all of Heiley’s weight off of her knees as she was now more or less hanging in the belts anchored on the top of the vertical pole. Even though the relief from the weight on her knees was a welcome one it was in the end replaced by an equal strain from the extreme angle her legs now had. As if to add insult to injury, Reiko tightly strapped two belts around Hailey’s thighs and lower legs, sandwiching them even further. 

Using two final belts, Reiko strapped them around Hailey’s body and bound arms at the waist and just below her bosom. The added tightness made Hailey moan quietly as she watched Reiko stand up and ask, “Does it feel OK? Can you move at all?”

Hailey tried with all of her strength to move her body, arms and legs but the only part she was able to truly move freely was her head. With lust filled eyes she looked back at Reiko and replied, ”You know I think I can actually move my hands a bit, look!”

Reiko walked around Hailey and saw that she indeed could just about move the leather pouch in the arm binder holding her hands captive. Reiko fetched another short leather belt and, having strapped it over Hailey’s wrists and around the vertical steel pole, buckled it tightly. Moving back in front of Hailey she asked, “How about now?”

Hailey smiled and replied, “Much better, thank you!”

Reiko smiled back and said, “You are most welcome. Do you know what?”

“Tell me.”

“This looks better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for helping me with this…”

“You need not thank me Reiko, I wanted this as well, remember?”

“Yes, I suppose you are correct, but still…”

Reiko lit up and continued, “We should have a photographer come and have your picture taken, just as you are now!”

Hailey bit her lower lip. The thought of having a picture of herself in her predicament was very arousing, and so was being seen by a complete stranger. Looking straight at Reiko she replied, “I would like that very much!”

Reiko had steadily become more and more aroused the further she had been allowed to put Hailey into her bondage. Even though she wanted them to go all the way as planned she still cared much about having Hailey’s consent in doing so. This was after all a mutual adventure. Squatting in front of Hailey she asked, “We have a few more items left but before we go any further I feel I must ask you sincerely if you want to continue and go all the way as we have planned?”

Hailey still had but lust in her eyes and replied, “Yes Reiko, I want to continue. I want to go all the way!”

Reiko had a serious look on her face as she went over to the wardrobe to fetch another item. When she returned she put a desk telephone down on the table in full view of Hailey. Squatting down again she looked at Hailey with absolute seriousness on her face and asked again, “ALL… the way?”

Hailey looked at the telephone and biting her lower lip she replied in an almost faltering voice, “Yes… I want it… I want to go all the way…”

Standing up, Reiko went to the table and returned with the rubber sleeping mask and gag. Threading the straps of the gag around her forearm she let it hang as she placed the sleeping mask over Hailey’s eyes and pulled the strap over and around the back of her head. Making some slight adjustments she asked Hailey, “How is that? Can you see anything?

Surprised at its effectiveness, Hailey promptly replied, “No… No, I can not see a thing. It is pitch black. It works perfectly!”

“OK, good!”

Reiko took a deep breath and asked, “Hailey, this is your very last chance. Are you sure you want to continue? After this there will be no backing out!”

Hailey smiled wickedly and replied, “It would be foolish to back out now would it not? Yes, I am sSSSFNNNNNGHSH…”

Reiko wasted no time as she heard Hailey yet again confirm her question and forcefully pushed the rubber gag into her mouth. As the panel was firmly pressed against Hailey’s lips, Reiko pulled the rubber straps attached to it over and around her head. Pleased that it was held tightly in place Reiko stepped back and admired her friend. She was but an object at this point since almost all of her humanity was covered under rubber and leather. The only evidence to the contrary were Hailey’s pink nipples that seemed to try and escape their black rubbery confinement.

As Hailey slowly moved her head around Reiko gathered that she was exploring and getting used to the wide rubber invader inside of her mouth as well as only breathing through her nose. Imagining what it must be like made her feel uneasy and asserted to herself that it was something she would never try.

Leaving Hailey time to fully fathom her situation Reiko waited for a few minutes until she was almost perfectly still and all that could be heard in the cellar was her slow breathing through the nostril holes in the rubber hood.

Deciding Hailey had had plenty of time to acclimatise to the gag she picked up the steel helmet, neck corset and three sturdy padlocks and walked over to the oak slab holding her rubber captive. Hearing her approach, Hailey must have realised when was about to happen since her breathing gained in frequency and barely audible whines could be heard from behind the gag. Putting most of the items on the floor, Reiko opened the heavy steel helmet and began to place its rear part against the back of Hailey’s head and neck. Seeing that the shape of the rear part fit immaculately even with the thick rubber hood on reassured Reiko to continue and started to slowly lower the front part of the helmet over Hailey’s face. 

As it started to close on itself, Reiko felt there was a tiny amount of resistance. Reiko suspected it would most likely not cause any trouble and firmly closed the helmet over Hailey’s head. It fit like a dream and as Reiko closed the dual latches over the locking staples at the sides she felt she was getting very aroused.

As Reiko picked up two of the padlocks and locked the helmet in place she noticed that Hailey was now breathing very rapidly. There was a wheezing sound coming through the drilled holes on the perfectly shaped nose protrusion in the helmet and muffled whines could be heard from under the steel. Leaving Hailey no respite, Reiko quickly picked up the neck corset and after a bit of wiggling had it closed over the neck and upper chest. As the latch closed over the neck corsets locking staple and Reiko locked the final padlock in place a muffled scream could be heard coming from Hailey.

Reiko had no idea how it must have felt inside and realised that at this point she did not care. Hailey was now nothing more than Reiko’s toy, an object she had been given full responsibility over from the very person locked inside of it. Reiko could use her as she pleased and even break her if she wanted. Reducing Hailey into an object was no longer just a fantasy, it had become reality. A reality that Reiko more than approved of, a reality she never thought would feel so natural.

Slowly running her hands over the cold steel helmet and neck corset Reiko felt she was getting very warm and before she knew it she gasped loudly as she without warning had an orgasm. Hailey was still screaming from under the steel and rubber as Reiko‘s legs gave way due to the orgasm. Reiko’s face ended up mere inches from Hailey’s rubber and leather clad body and the mix of scents instantly filled her with lust and arousal again. 

Having had a few orgasm prior in her life, Reiko acknowledged that none of them had been anything nearly as heaven-like as this one. Putting her hand under her skirt and into her bloomers, Reiko was shocked at how wet she was and made small yelps in pleasure as she gently ran her fingers over her clitoris. Rapidly getting very aroused again she remembered the final parts of Hailey’s predicament and slowly got up from the oak slab.

Hailey had by now stopped screaming and her breathing had calmed down some but barely audible whines and groans were still heard in between breaths. Reiko bit her lower lip as she walked up to the table and knew she was about to experience her maybe darkest fantasy. One that would probably push her new toy to a whole new level of extremes.

Picking up a ceramic bedpan from under the table, Reiko walked back to Hailey and carefully placed it under the knee spreader. Listening to Haileys elaborate breathing she placed a hand just above one of her breasts and was surprised at how warm the rubber felt. Her sudden touch led to an instant reaction from Hailey who started to moan loudly under the helmet. Keeping her hand in place while slowly moving her fingers over the black smooth rubber she could feel Hailey’s frantic attempts to move even the slightest in response to her touch. 

Reiko knew Hailey had true feelings for her but even though she loved Hailey back it was not in the way Hailey was hoping for. Reiko did not mind as long as it meant she could use Hailey in manners currently on display. Without removing her hand, Reiko put her face to Hailey’s breast and pouting her lips gently blew a constant flow of air straight at her exposed nipple. Reiko felt Hailey’s frantic attempts to move intensify and her moans grew louder. Just as sudden as Reiko’s teasing had started, just as suddenly did it stop as she removed her hand and walked back to the table, leaving a whimpering Hailey behind her.

Back at the table Reiko stood and marvelled over the desk telephone standing on it. Being one of three in the house, it had been imported from Sweden and was of the latest model. Made in metal, it was painted in black and gold and was a true marvel of modern ingenuity. What made this one unique compared to the other two telephones in the house, was that this one had been modified by Hailey to suit Reiko’s fantasies. 

Hailey had unplugged the normal cords that would drive the electromechanical ringer and the signal to the operator’s console from the telephone magneto inside the apparatus. In their place she had instead plugged two pairs of electrical cords with electrical clamps at their ends. One pair of the clamps were quite sturdy and the other pair were a pair of prototype ones she had gotten from one of the engineers at the steelworks. Made by a friend of his, they were much smaller than the others and were called alligator clamps. Heiley had laughed at the name until she had seen them with her own eyes at which point the clamp's vicious sawtooths along its mouth made the name very sensible.

Rotating the hand crank on the telephone would send electricity down the cords and shock anything attached to the clamps which in this particular case would be Hailey. When Reiko had told Hailey about wanting to give electric shocks to a person she had clearly seen how aroused it had made Hailey who instantly had started looking into how to make it work in reality. Dying to try it out, Reiko picked up the cords and walked over to the still whimpering Hailey.

Having kneeled in front of Hailey, Reiko carefully attached the larger clamps to each of the protruding rods of the metal phalluses currently inside Hailey’s vagina and rectum. She made sure not to let the clamps touch each other or any other metal then intended as Hailey had told her this would hinder the electricity from reaching its destination. Making sure she had followed Hailey’s instructions to the letter, Reiko stood up and held the cords with the attached alligator clamps. 

The vicious looking clamps sent a chill down Reiko’s spine as she opened the first one and held over one of Hailey’s nipples. Taking a deep breath she let the horrible jaws sink deep into the tender flesh as it forcefully closed itself around the nipple. Hailey, not at all prepared for the blinding pain, inhaled sharply and held her breath. Giving Hailey no time to act on the first clamp, Reiko quickly let the second one violate her other nipple.

The scream that emerged from under the rubber and steel made Reiko put a hand to her chest and almost fell off the oak slab. Imagining the pain Hailey experienced must be absolutely awful, Reiko got down on her knees and put her hand on Hailey’s chest just above her breast and said, “There, there… Shhhhhh… I am right here… right here…”

Reiko did not know if Hailey could hear her words but the screams stopped and in their stead deep breathing and loud groans came from under the steel helmet. Gently moving her fingers over Hailey’s rubber encased chest again, Reiko considered how fortunate they both had been in order to be in this exact moment. The series of fortunate and unfortunate events that have had to occur for Reiko to find someone she felt confident in sharing her darkest secrets with, only to find that individual yearn to make them a reality was almost too good to be true.

She knew she was, in all aspects of the word, truly blessed. Leaning forwards, Reiko gently kissed the steel helmet before she stood up and walked over to the telephone. With ever growing wetness between her legs, Reiko bit her lower lip and took a firm hold of the telephone and hand crank. Feeling her vaginal muscles jerk again she forcefully turned the crank two times.

A high pitched scream echoed through the cellar.

It was as if Hailey had not been neither gagged nor had her head encased in a steel helmet. She sounded like an animal, a prehistoric beast charging in to make a kill. To Reiko’s amazement she could see Hailey slightly move in her bondage as her entire body spasm from the apparent flood of horrific pain she was experiencing. 

It felt absolutely divine! Reiko could never, even in her wildest dreams, have been able to foresee the godlike arousal and thrill she now knew from torturing a human being in this way. Charged by insatiable lust and feeling an orgasm starting to amass, Reiko let out a loud moan and turned the crank three more times.

Still screaming, Hailey’s body tensed up as she was hit by the second wave of electrical shocks but this time she went silent and held her breath as the current flowed through her nipples and genitals. In unison the two friends filled the cellar with screams in both pain and pleasure as the shocks stopped. Feeling she was about to orgasm again, Reiko cranked the handle on the telephone a few times for a third time and screamed in pleasure as she was brought over the edge.

Slumping to the floor, breathing heavily while slowly recovering from her orgasm she looked over at Hailey. 

Hailey seemed to be crying but it was hard to tell, the muffled sounds were impossible to interpret. Reiko saw that she was breathing rapidly judging by the rapid wheezing sounds and the small rises and falls of her chest. Having somewhat regained her breath again Reiko stood up and after making sure she looked presentable, walked towards the stairs. Throwing a last glance at her new favourite toy, she flipped the light switch and started to ascend the stairs already longing to come back.

After leaving Hailey in the cellar to suffer her predicament in solitude, Reiko had devised a schedule for Hailey’s remaining time as her toy. She would check in on her every two hours to make sure she was in good health and most importantly, play with and torture her. Having instructed Caleb to call for her every two hours she had withdrawn to the library to read and process the many new feelings and thoughts she had.

Her first revisit to the cellar had been short and efficient. Hailey had become aware of Reiko’s presence as she was coming down the stairs and had started groaning and whining in her bondage. Knowing that Hailey must be desperate for any form of personal attention from her, Reiko had purposefully ignored her while raising her skirt and put her hand inside of her bloomers, gently massaging her clitoris. As her arousal steadily grew Reiko started to think of other forms of bondage and predicaments she would possibly get Hailey to agree to. Having tasted the sweet nectar of true sexual satisfaction Reiko wanted more of it, much more, and Hailey seemed to possibly be her key to achieve it.

Before drifting away too far in her thoughts she pulled her hand out of her bloomers and took a proper grip of the telephone and hand crank. Four proper rounds of torturous shocks later, Reioko was again astounded by how much it aroused her to see Hailey in agony. Deciding Hailey had suffered enough Reiko had promptly left the cellar, praying the next two hours would pass as fast as possible.

Now revisiting the cellar for the third time since the start of their trial, Reiko did not want to give Hailey any warning as to her presence. She had therefore descended the stairs with very careful steps and continued to do so all the way to the table where she gently put down the tray holding the water carafe and drinking glass. Still astonished over how aroused she became to just see Hailey and how eagerly she wanted to torture her she gripped the telephone and gave the crank a few turns.

The cellar was once again filled with torturous screams and heavy breathing. As she shocked Hailey a second time, Reiko went wide eyed as a flood of what must have been urine seeped out through the small holes in the chastity belt and into the bedpan. The thought of Hailey not being able to control her bladder made Reiko very aroused and a moan escaped her lips. Like a child tearing the legs off a spider, just to watch what happens, Reiko continued to shock Heiley a few more times before realising there was a real risk of breaking her if she was not careful.

Reluctantly she stopped the torture and after picking up the leather string with the keys, walked up to Hailey and started to circle her. Hailey, who was now keenly aware of Reiko’s presence, was whining loudly under the steel helmet and seemed to try and speak in her gag. A giggle escaped Reiko’s lips as she found Hailey pathetic attempts of communication under the circumstances utterly foolish but also very arousing. 

Stopping by Hailey’s side, her tormentor started to try the keys until she finally found the right one and removed the padlock locking the neck corset in place. To ever increasing whines and groans she coaxed the neck corset off and put it aside on the oak slab. After unlocking the padlocks on the steel helmet, Reiko carefully opened it and took it off Hailey’s rubber covered head. A loud moan of relief came from under the rubber gag and Hailey started to ever so slowly move her neck, probably stiff from being immobilised by the helmet and neck corset for so long. Copious amounts of saliva had smeared around the edges of the rubber panel holding the gag in her mouth and it was even now slowly dripping from her chin onto her chest.

Reiko gave Hailey a few moments to appreciate her newly gained freedom and went to the table to fill the glass with water. Picking up a small rag, she returned to Haily and set the glass and rag down on the oak slab beside the helmet and neck corset. She then carefully pulled the rubber strap harness holding the gag panel over Hailey’s head and started to slowly coax the gag out of her mouth. It came out with an audible “plop” followed by a long moan from Hailey as a rich amount of saliva sploshed on her chest. Just as she had slowly moved her neck as it was freed, Hailey carefully worked her jaw to loosen it up after being locked around the rubber gag.

Picking up the glass of water, Reiko put it to Haileys messy lips and said, “Here my dear, water. You must be parched!”

Hailey greedily swallowed the water as it was slowly poured into her mouth. Having emptied the glass Reiko asked, “Want some more?”

Hailey tried to clear her throat and nodded. As Reiko went to get another glass of water, Hailey kept clearing her throat and after consuming the second glass managed to croak, “Thank you…”

Reiko put the glass down beside her and replied, “You are most welcome.”

She then lifted the rubber sleeping mask and placed it on Hailey’s forehead who blinked her eyes to get used to the light. It was clear that Hailey had been crying as her eyes were puffy and red. Reiko took the small rag and started to clean the worst of the saliva off of Hailey’s chin and chest until she saw Hailey looking at her and said, “There she is, how do you feel?”

Hailey took a few seconds before she replied, “I… I am not sure…”

“Please Hailey, try.”

“I feel exhausted… I feel elated… I feel…”

Reiko cut in, “…aroused?”

“Yes… yes! As strange as it may sound I do. Very much so. I think I have had at least three orgasms but I… I still want more. I… I even had one just imagining myself like this… In this bondage.”

“The bondage, how does that feel?”

“Oh it hurts so much. I don’t think I can even feel my arms and legs anymore… It will be so good to…”

Reiko cut Hailey off again and asked, “The electrical shocks?”

“Oh Reiko… Reiko, they are horrible… horrible! I never could have imagined such horrendous pain could ever exist! But at the same time it feels SO good… especially afterwards… And I… I wish for more of it… I can not explain it… I do not know what is wrong with me… Just thinking of it makes me… it makes me aroused telling you about this Reiko.”

“You are a masochist, Hailey. At least that is what I think.”

“A masochist… What is that, I have never heard of it?

“I read it in a medical journal. An Austrian psychiatrist has recently released a new theory about persons who enjoy being subjected to pain and humiliation. Apparently he calls this mental disorder masochism.”

“I… I guess that would explain my desires… It is a lot to digest… I would love to explore this topic further with you if you like?”

“In fact I hope to explore it in detail with you.”

“Wonderful… but first… Do you think we can get me out of all of this? It has been truly divine but I am…”

Reiko smiled and intervened, “Hailey you are not finished yet, you still have a good way to go before I can let you out.”

Hailey looked seriously worried and continued, “Stop joking Reiko! Surely it must be sunrise by now!”

“It has not even passed midnight my dear, it is still in the afternoon.”

“No…no… this can be true! Reiko, I beg of you, do not joke about this matter!”

“Hailey you know I do not like jokes.”

Reiko bit her lower lip and savoured the rising panic in Hailey’s eyes as she slowly gathered that Reiko was not joking. Starting to frantically try and move in her severe bondage, Hailey started to beg, “Reiko, listen to me! I do not think I can take any more of this. It has… it been heavenly but I gravely misjudged my gusto to be kept like this for an extended period of time. Please… Please let me out! I will…”

With a look of disappointment Reiko interrupted Hailey by stating, “Miss Hailey Kennedy, you made it very clear earlier that you wanted to endure this until sunrise or not at all. Not a minute more, not a minute less. Do you recall?”

“Yes Reiko, but I did not think…”

“You will honour our agreement or this will be the last time I agree to doing anything of this sort ever again!”

Reiko knew she had just taken a grand gamble but hoped her assessment of Hailey being a masochist would play in her favour. This could not be the last time she got to play and torture her. With tears starting to well in her eyes, Hailey said in a subservient voice, “No… please Reiko. I… I want us to do this again… please forgive me… please! I will honour my demands… Just please… Please continue Reiko…”

Hiding her absolute joy from Hailey’s answer, Reiko put the rubber sleeping mask down over Hailey’s eyes again and coldly stated, “Yes, let us continue…”

Taking the rag, Reiko put it into the bedpan and left it to soak as she continued, “I also have an announcement to make… I am to dine with Mr Smith tonight… open up!”

Hailey promptly opened her mouth and awaited the rubber gag as Reiko continued, “He has invited me to join him and friends at the Löwen…”

Having picked up the now urine soaked rag and put it over the rubber rod on the panel gag, Reiko pushed it into Hailey’s open mouth and pulled its straps around her head. With high arousal and an orgasm building Reiko observed as Hailey explored the gag and swallowed the urine that was pressed out of the rag. To Reiko’s absolute pleasure Hailey moaned loudly in what must have been utter humiliation as she most likely realised what she was suckling.

Picking up the steel helmet Reiko continued, “Hailey I think he will soon ask for my hand… But I am getting ahead of myself… Since I will not be able to check in on you any more tonight, I have instructed Mr Thompson to do so in my stead.”

A pitiful groan could be heard from under the gag as Reiko went on, “Do not worry, he has been well instructed as to the function of the telephone and what it will do. He has been told to keep this to himself and that all this… your outfit… your bondage… the isolation… the pain… it is all for your wellbeing… He is also instructed to keep you hydrated from time to time. As he does you are to follow his commands as if given by me, is that understood?”

Nodding meekly Hailey grunted an “Uh-huh” in reply.

“Good! Now I need to finish this, I can not be late for Mr Smith.”

To pathetic and continuous moans Reiko fitted the steel helmet and neck corset back on Hailey’s head and neck and locked them in place.

Placing the keys well in sight on the table for Caleb to find, she grabbed the phone and let Hailey endure a few waves of electrical shocks before turning the lights off and ascending the stairs.

As the light bulb hanging above the stairs went out and the door to the cellar was closed, Hailey was once again left in solitude, a tormented prisoner of her own dark desires. As she suckled what urine that was still left in the rag and swallowed it, she prayed that Caleb would not linger to give her the divine torture and humiliation she now knew she deeply loved and desired. Feeling an orgasm starting to grow inside her she started to imagine what her picture would look like.


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