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Police Demonstration of LA-TEX

by Armourer

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© Copyright 2016 - Armourer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f+; presentation; display; demo; gun; rounds; latex; nanites; encase; restain; envelope; bind; gag; bfold; captives; enema; inserts; tease; cons; X

A shapely woman in a tight fitting grey silk blouse and a drum tight knee length skirt charcoal gray skirt stood behind a presentation stand, she had long shapely legs that were covered in tight black stockings, her feet were encased in a pair of patent black shoes with a five inch heel. She wore a pair of thin black glasses she had high cheek bones and long red hair pulled back into a tight pony tail. She spoke, "Good morning ladies and gentlemen my name is Officer Darla Crain; today we will be demonstrating the latest in restraint technology. A new evolution in suspect control and containment, this is the future".

Officer Darla held up a sort of black semi translucent jelly shaped like a baton round, it looked like liquid latex but it was solid. It was obviously more substantial than it appeared she had a serious look on her face her large red lips flickered for a second and she continued, the object was about a foot long and three inches thick inside it seemed to shift and move like a larva lamp. "This is our replacement to the messy and often controversial glue guns that are known to be indiscriminate short ranged and have caused a few tragic cases of Asphyxiation".

"This is a much more specific restraint delivered by all manner of riot guns and vehicle mounted weapon systems, as a standard baton round dimensions which is compatible to our standard issue non lethal crowd suppression weapons. It is activated by a calibrated impact sensor and will only adhere to one target; the LA-tex nanites it is made from will become active after the impact, equivalent to one of our goober glue rounds hitting a target. Gone are the days when an entire crowd as well as the suspect had to be brought down to the station just so we could release them with industrial solvent you all remember that much publicised cheerleader incident". There were a few murmurs laughs from an unseen audience

Officer Darla continued, "The round is made up of about one pint of microscopic robots about a billion million or more. Today our volunteers for this demonstration are Officers Kelly Smith, Mandy Chow and Janet Sweet. We will see three different varieties of this restraint. A little more info on this devices history, it is produced by LA-TEX or Liquid Armourment Tactical Excelence, someone really went to a lot of effort to think up that acrynim. the cosmetic and medical company. In association with an INTERPOL initiative, its codenamed is RESIN. The three varieties of Resin that will be manufactured are RESIN SI or standard issue Resin, RESIN RA for those resisting arrest, for targets running away or threatening an Officer and Resin WM for those who just don't get the message this deals with suspects that pose a significant threat its codenamed is without mercy!!!! And they do mean it."

"LA -TEX is a nanite technology company; they were approached after the last regrettable incident which saw us needing over twenty gallons of industrial solvent for a false alarm at the cheerleader convention. Which lead us to develop this after teething trouble we are at the production stage".

Officer Darla spoke into the microphone, "Now on with our first demonstration". Officer Kelly Smith stepped out in front of the crowd from a side door. She was a five foot six red head, with shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes and pouting lips. She was a stunner a neat tight waist, flat stomach, long legs and arms, a good sized chest and a tight little derriere. She was dressed casually with three inch red heals, tights, a denim skirt and a white t shirt. Officer Darla waved to Officer Kelly. She addressed the crowd, "Ladies and gents lets give a big hand to Officer Kelly, she will be demonstrating the SI resin round our tamest form of the human capture technology". Darla paused, "or more accurately I will be demonstrating it on her". Office Darla loaded a SI resin round into a single shot riot gun and aimed it at Officer Kelly. She continued her lecture while holding the loaded gun, "These micro bots or nanites are a bit more complex than others that you might have heard about. They are programmed to deal with different parts of the body in different ways, when they make contact with the skin they can identify the area of the body they are in contact with and will initiate a particular program based on what we want to do".

Officer Darla shouldered the riot gun and took aim at Officer Kelly; she squeezed the trigger and a black latex like projectile shot out from the gun. It struck Officer Kelly in the shoulder and immediately began to spread over the Officer's body it instantly converted to something more akin to jelly far too thick to be described as a liquid. It went up to her neck and down to her stomach, spreading through and over her clothes. The gel became shiney black coloured, it moved down to Officer Kelly's crotch and up to her face. Meanwhile Officer Darla continued talking, "The nanites can soak through any fabric and if they come to anything impermeable to liquids they will spread till they find a gap like a seam and then they will pass through it making contact with the skin". Officer Kelly began to look worried, as her clothes began to peel off her in small inch squares, this continued till she was practically naked. Officer Darla continued the talk; "In this stage of process the suspect finds it is impossible to conceal any thing". Darla read of a list, drugs weapons any foreign body except piercing are expelled from the body by the nanites. Officer Kelly looked worried as her eyes closed up, then seemingly disappeared into her latex coated face.

She was about to cry out as the material aggressively covered her lips and pulled them closed sealing her mouth shut, blind and mute she tried to cover her self up. Officer Darla continued talking; "The suspect is rendered blind and mute to help disorient them before the nanites begin the next step of the procedure". Officer Kelly was trying to hold her hands in front of her body, but they began to slowly creep to her sides, numerous filaments of gel pulling them till they were firmly in place, exposing the Officer for everyone to see. Office Darla continued her commentary; "The nanites have identified her arms and are running the correct program to place them in a relatively comfortable position out of harms way". Next Officer Kelly's nipples disappeared along with her belly button, her vagina anything that marked her body including her hair was sealed away; she was still wearing heals though and had the use of her legs.

Darla continued, "At this stage everything else is neatly packaged, as the nanites first priority is restraint only after this is achieved, do they neaten up". Darla looked at Kelly then Darla continued again, "next the nanites will lock down cooking themselves into a hard second layer of secure latex skin".

Officer Kelly looked a little distressed for a few seconds, as everything seemed to get a fraction tighter, she mmmmmphed a bit as her arms seemed to almost disappear into her sides. Officer Darla continued, "Ok let's give everyone a look, and give Kelly a twirl". Another Officer led Officer Kelly round in a circle on the spot several times so the crowd could see how helpless she was and also to admire her latex covered curves. "Please give a big hand for Officer Kelly"; there was clapping, Darla continued, "this type of resin can be dissolved with a special solvent in a few minutes; we may be able to get a demonstration in if we have time". The completely pacified Officer Kelly was lead away helpless by a nurse back through the door she had entered from.

Officer Janet Sweet walked out onto the display area, she was a voluptuous blond about five foot ten blue eyes and very shapely, she wore black 4 and a half inch strap on sandals a knee length skirt and a loose fitting blouse. Darla continued. "Ladies and gents please put your hands together for our next volunteer". Darla spoke into the microphone, "This is resin RA for people who just want to make it difficult on themselves and try to resist arrest". Officer Darla showing the round to everyone, holding up an exact duplicate of the previous round but with RA stencilled on the side, before loading it into the pneumatic riot gun. "This nanotech formulation is a bit faster than the last", Officer Darla warned. "Possible uses are to incapacitate a fleeing suspect"; Darla signalled Sweet who turned to run.  The projectile hit Officer Sweet on the hip, in a black wave it spread over her body, her clothing disintegrated almost instantly as it was touched by the wave. The material flowed up to Janet's mouth and into it; till her cheeks bulged then her lips were sealed and compressed, leaving her only able to produce a sort of feeble mmm sound.

Her already neat waist was compressed in a gel corset, it formed more nanites needed to create the pressure and pulled itself tight reducing her waist buy about 5 inches, causing louder squeals of protest. Little cords of gel formed about Janet's arms and began to pull them behind her. Darla was standing next to Janet now; she swung Janet round so that every one could see what was happening to her arms. Janet's arms were drawn together till the palms met, but the process didn't stop till it had drawn her elbows to meet inside a viscously tight gel arm binder clamped to her back, which caused even louder squeals of protest. As well as showing the working of the restraint it gave everyone a wonderful view of Janet's firm round quivering derrière. The gel began to turn to a deep shiny black colour as it tightened down; all over every square inch of its victim Janet felt the compression. Janet's eyes and mouth were gone only outlines her arms almost vanishing into her back as a Y shaped ridge it was realy tight she had no hope of escape, her nipples, belly button and vagina were gone. Her toes had been sealed together inside the sandals bonding her feet to them. Her ears were filled and her waist was notched down another 2 inches.

Officer Darla continued speaking, "The RA resin restraint is different from the SI model, in that the nanites remain dormant they are still on obviously these are more complex units covering the prisoners skin no solvent can remove them; a coded close range electronic key like this one is needed". Officer Darla held up a little box like a car alarm remote. "This can disable sets of nanites running particular programs, such as for eyes or for the mouth, it can also reactivate them and a few other features, this allows the resin RA to be used as a long term restraint device". Darla paused for a moment remembering her words; "if the nanites run out of power then they revert to a SI mode which can be removed by solvent. They can typically last for 6 months though depending on use. If we have time I will give you a demonstration of this". Officer Darla signalled and a nurse lead the compliant Janet away.

Darla continued, "Next volunteer please". A short Oriental woman about five foot one with a neat little bob of black hair walked onto the stage, she wore flat sensible shoes socks, shorts and a tight little top there was a sports bra under the top. She had a bouncy chest very well endowed, a neat waist and a very round peachy derrière with firm thighs and shapely legs. Officer Chow winked at Officer Darla as she walked on. The two officers Darla and Mandy worked side by side and casually dated until Darla had proposed a bondage session with Mandy and she had gone a bit cold on the idea and there relationship in general. Darla spoke, "Hands together people for Officer Mandy Chow, how we managed to get her to do this I don't know, she even read the manual, but here goes this will be fast." Darla warned the crowd. Officer Darla loaded the WM Resin round into the riot gun and signalled for Officer Chow to begin, she picked up a prop rubber knife and made as if she was attacking Officer Darla. Darla brought the gun up and fired.

The resin round hit Mandy in the stomach and flipped her round the force of the impact spinning her, the resin gel flowed over Officer Chow rapidly she, was turned round by the force of the impact in such a way, the audience got to watch her top disintegrate in the split second she was turning as the black gel spread far enough to remove her top. Officer Chow ended up with her back to the audience from the impact spining around. The audience could see her arms as they were viscously pulled behind her by cords of gel, her hands were tightly balled clamed rendering her fingers useless. Her individual digits were folded back on themselves as if she had a tight rubber band around the base of each finger it looked quite painful no matter how she tried to move her hands she was not getting them free. The woman was trying to fight against it but it was not even slowing the gel cords down, her arms came behind her but didn't form an arm binder, instead her wrists were brought higher and higher till they reached the back of her neck where they were held in place, then her elbows were viscously pulled together in a tight reverse prayer position the gaps between her arms disappeared she must have been in a lot of distress to have her arms so tightly and securely and packaged, also her waist seemed to be changing, there was a barely audible distressed groan from her lips as if she was very tightly gagged. Her arms almost seemed to disappearing with the compression applied to them unless they had seen it they could almost believe that she was armless.

Officer Chow's shorts and thong panties began to fall away showing a firm little ass, then Officer Chow staggered round so that her front could be seen she was gagged very tightly, unable to even utter a single sound, her mouth had been filled by an expanding sack of nanites, her tongue compressed and sealed to the floor of her mouth while her lips were pulled closed and more pressure applied. Her waist was being horribly compressed in a tight gel corset that squeezed about six inches from her already quite small waist not only was it pinching in her waist in one place it was pulling in her waist and her chest from above her hips to below her breasts further forcing her to arch her back pushing out her breasts and her cute little tush,  her breasts were first bound round there bases with a contracting cord of nanites, then the layer of nanites above them contracted over her chest tightly and uncomfortably they were bulging like two rubber balloons caught in a vice .

Her almond eyes were still open very expressively showing distress and puzzlement almost as if she was scolding herself for volunteering, while this was going on, the nanites began to cover her eyes. Officer Chow fell backwards onto a mat behind her, as her legs went wide the audience saw her punishingly tightly sealed crotch, the nanites had formed a cord vertically then tightened it till it could not get any smaller, making officer Chow feel like she was being given a wedgie then from that cord everything was sealed and compressed. The reason for Office Chow's fall became apparent as she kicked her legs around, her shoes came off and her socks disintegrated. Chow's feet had been forced into an en point position arching her foot all her toes stuck together, as if she was wearing a pair of wickedly tight ballet heeled boots. The resin gel didn't stop there, with little strands anchoring themselves on to her legs Officer Chow's feet were drawn in till they formed a tight lotus position, right ankle on top of left thigh left ankle on top of right thigh.

This was not quite it though cords of gel formed from her knees to her shoulders, the gel brought her legs into a tighter lotus position her legs locked together immobile her feet tightly compressed against her thighs, getting every inch of stretch out of Chow, then they slowly folded her legs up to her chest she was stretched and immobilised her knees touching her shoulders, this folded her into a little highly compressed and utterly helpless ball. Chow's eyelids were sealed and erased everything was sealed, her hair was covered, she was on her back with her smooth rear facing the audience her pert little buttocks were quite a show, round and smooth just begging to be stroked or spanked and there was nothing the petite little police woman could do about it, as the gel became a lusturus black latex tone and carried out its final tightening.

Darla continued, "Well ladies and gentlemen its called without mercy for a reason, this WM resin restraint is similar to the RA version but can be employed for up to 12 months before it reverts to a SI type of restraint". Darla took a sip of water and continued, "The WM resin model differs in that it is far more secure, it can only be operated to add fittings for the biological needs of long term restraint and to release the prisoner, to release someone you need a 13 digit access code or they're stuck for 12 months till the nanites run out of power and revert back then you can use a solvent. If anyone for example was to try and guess the code any code they entered that was incorrect would cause two things to happen; firstly it would not accept a second code unless it was the master override from the factory and the restraint would go into lockdown and punishment mode, this of course would make it more strict than it is now and it would cause several additional torments so that the occupant of the restraint will be in for quite a rough time". Darla took another sip of water. "And while I'm at it Darla continued, the nanites on the RA and WM will stimulate nerves and muscles so that limbs do not atrophy while prisoners are in long term restraint".

Officer Darla looked at her watch, "It appears we still have some time; I would like to show you some of the options for long term restraint". At a signal from Officer Darla two nurses wheeled a tray with three tubes on it and a padded table with machinery underneath it, in front of the audience. The two nurses adjusted the table so a part of it was reclining. They carefully picked up Officer Chow and carried her to the table, placing her so she was facing the audience, with her head showing only her nose all other features hidden. Darla spoke up; "First we see a feeding tube introduced". She pressed a button on a little remote and the nanites around Chow's mouth moved, a circular 'O' was made, as Chow's mouth was extended to its maximum limit, the nanites held her tongue at the bottom of her mouth preventing her from speaking. The officer tried to speak it almost sounded like 'please no' she shook her head she was of course ignored.

Darla took the opportunity to bend down and deeply kiss Mandy it was a strange sensation running her lips and tongue over the womans latex sealed mouth. One of the nurses picked up a clear solid rubber like tube, it was two and half  inches wide or more and three inches long, one end was flanged to fit the contours of a face overlapping the lips by about half an inch  the other end was slightly tapered. It took both nurses pushing to get the device in place, Mandy tried to fight but was easily overpowered and the gag forced between her lips, it was a tight fit but it was soon worked into place, stretching Chow's jaws even wider then before. The nanites took over and pulled the device in further bonding within it and making its connection seamless dramatically reducing her ability to protest verbally.

With another click from Darla's remote the nanites sealed over the tube, Darla repeatedly clicked the control the tube opened and closed opened and closed. Now Darla continued, "Next we see liquid wastes being dealt with". Chow was flipped over as the reclining section was lowered, so that her posterior faced the audience. Next a much smaller tube was fed into an opening in Chow's vagina, which appeared after another click from the remote. The clear plastic tube was self guided by the nanites this caused Chow to squirm and moan into her gag a little, when it was finished it closed itself over. Darla continued, "Now for solid waste." Darla described the device while a nurse showed the audience. A heavy ten inch long flexible tapered plug, from two inches at the base to one and a half inches with a hollow centre, there was a flange at the widest end and apparent ridges every inch. Darla pushed a button on her remote the ridges expanded to three and a half inches at the base to two inches at the tip. "This provides a seal and keeps everything from getting infected", Darla informed the audience. With a second click they deflated.

Officer Chow was face down and helpless, she had obviously heard what was going to happen there was the sound of heavily muffled begging and she was vigorously shaking her head no. With a click from the control the nanites made an opening between her pert round cheeks, the two nurses put on rubber gloves and with a lot of grease their fingers disappeared into her bottom thoroughly greasing her behind she started to moan into her gag again. Then after a lot of pushing the first inch of the plug disappeared. Chow began to squirm and moan loudly into her gag, one of the nurses held her so she could not fall off the table. Another two inches disappeared she squealed very loudly. Darla used the remote to increase the severity of the gag her face bulged as the plug inside her mouth expanded as the nanites sucked more air in to form a sort of balloon. The nurse braced herself and another two inches disappeared resulting in more heavily muffled squeals, another two inches and hysterical squealing and another two and one more push and the device was in. Chow stopped squirming for a moment then the plug began to expand. Both nurses held Chow steady while she squirmed and squealed as much as she was able which was surprisingly quite a lot considering how tightly she was restrained and gagged.

Darla turned to the audience, "I told Officer Chow she would get a nice through long clean up after the restraint demonstration so hear we go". The two nurses fitted a padded collar round Chow's neck she could barely wiggle now, then they moved her along the table, they took out three heavy rubber straps they pulled them over Chow's balled form mashing her into the padded table then locked the straps in place, they hooked up a black rubber pipe to the anal plug and set a machine beneath the table going. Very large quantities of hot soapy water were suddenly trying to occupy a very tight space. If she could have Chow would have squirmed. A feeding tube was connected to her gag and a tasteless liquid was slowly fed into her. Another tube was connected to the catheter slowly more warm soapy water was pumped into Mandy’s helpless body her torment increased and her helpless mews into the gag continued to build.

Darla continued, "After twelve hour long retention enema cycles, front and back she should be nice and clean, and also very submissive, she thought we meant we would clean this synthetic latex skin off her. I meant we would clean inside her - oops a small misunderstanding, Mandy dear I said you could have a month off if you volunteered for this trial. Well the trial is a month long in fact I volunteered to do a bit more research for a month as well. It looks like the two of us are going to spend some time together, I guess I'm going to do some through product testing Mandy darling you should have known you signed up for a months testing. And demonstrations".

"Let me elaborate my dear we will be touring facilities during the day giving demonstrations of this equipment, you won't be let out of the tight little latex restraint prison but we will add and remove the feeding plug catheter and butt plug as well as give very comprehensive demonstrations of all the different settings and functions of the equipment, the rolling enema cycle, the punitive deep cleansing routines, the vibrating stimulator settings if your lucky as well as all the electro discipline settings and the continues flow deep clean punishment rehabilitation enema. In the mornings the nurses have a few experiments they want to try on you I am sure you will be accommodating".

Darla ran her hands over chows helpless body, "Of course in the evenings the two of us can spend a little quality time together, of course I remember you said that you weren’t into the whole bondage thing but I am sure you will reconsider or I might decide to try the medium or large butt plug out on you maybe you need some industrial strength concentrated laxatives in your diet". Chow squealed into her gag submissively trying to nod her head. Darla patted her on the bottom, "Good girl!"

The audience laughed as Chow was wheeled away to begin her holiday. Darla checked her watch, "Well ladies and gents we are out of time", she turned to the audience, "good night everyone that ends our demonstration I hope you enjoyed it".

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