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Mrs Andersson

by Marcus

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© Copyright 2022 - Marcus - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F+/f; M/f; fpov; bond; latex; electro; pain; hum; public; buttplug; toys; catsuit; hood; corset; climax; foot; predicament; armbinder; tease; torture; cons; reluct; nc; XXX

(To better understand the characters and story arc, read from part 1 first.)


A scene in this part takes a lot of inspiration from the film “Ivy Manor 3 - Tropical Submission” released by Gwenmedia.

As always, English is not my first language so grammatical and spelling errors will be present.

Summary of Part 4

During her third day at Isabell’s realm, Linda is dressed in heavy transparent latex and paraded around the attendants of an open house event. She is later installed to, and transformed into, a urinal for everyone to use. During this time she is confronted by her step-daughter Rebecca who has managed to find out about her stay at the realm. Pretending to be a possible investor of the realm, Rebecca even uses Linda before leaving. We now find Linda, guttered, having just arrived home.

Part 5

Linda stood and watched the cab go down the stone laden driveway, go through the gates and disappear as it went behind the walls encircling the estate. Just as if she was waiting for it to come back she remained until the gates had fully closed and only then turned and looked upon the massive mansion in front of her.

The 17,400-square-foot mansion had three levels all in all, distributed over different etages, and there was also a cellar under parts of the mansion. It was of a modern raw concrete and glass design and had been the main living space for Linda and William ever since they had gotten married. As Linda slowly started to walk towards the main entrance she recalled how utterly blown away she had been the first time she had seen the enormous deck at the back that faced the valley below, with its two swimming pools and big pergolas.

As Linda neared the front door one of the hired help looked out from behind a brush he was pruning and said, “Mrs. Andersson, welcome home!”

Linda, never really having bothered to learn any of their names, forced a smile on her face and replied, “Thank you!”

Finally at the door, Linda took out her smart key and held it up to the reader by the door. The heavy, rusted, iron door started to automatically open and soon Linda was standing inside the huge hall. She still had access to the mansion at least but that said nothing about what she would face once confronted by William.

After standing there for over five minutes Linda decided to meet her doom head on and started to look for her husband. After checking the library, living room and kitchen she finally found him packing a suitcase in his bedroom.

Linda stood in the door, took a deep breath and said, “Hi honey, I’m back.”

William turned around and with a big smile on his face replied, “Hi! Welcome back, how was the spa?”

Linda did not know what to think but made up a few things about how wonderful her spa weekend had been and that she was glad to be home again. William seemed to not listen at all and had gone back to packing some of his belongings in the suitcase.

Linda pointed at the suitcase and asked, “Going away?”

William replied, still packing, “Oh, yes. Robert called and we have to go to France and save a merger that has gone wrong.”

“Oh, nothing serious I hope?”

“Well if Robert asks for me to join him in person it is serious, you know that Linda.”

“Yes, how silly of me. Listen, is Rebecca around?”

“She is in one of the pools on the deck I think.”

William's phone buzzed as he got a message and continued, “That's my ride, have to dash honey!”

As he passed Linda on the way out he put his hand on her shoulder and said, “Call you when I get there, OK?”

“Yes, have a safe flight.”

Linda was left alone in William's bedroom and felt a wave of relief flowing over her. William might not have been informed of her experiences the past 72 hours. Why was anyone's guess but Linda knew she had to find Rebecca.

Walking out onto the deck Linda quickly spotted Rebecca sitting in the lounge areas in one of the two pools and started to walk towards her. As she approached, Rebecca raised her sunglasses and let them rest on her forehead, then said, “Welcome home Linda… sorry, welcome home mother. Quite the change of attire from last time I saw you I must say.”

Linda stopped in front of the pool's edge and with her head lowered replied,” Rebecca, I am so sorry I went behind William's back… went behind your back as well… it will never…”

“Shush! Stop begging.”

Linda immediately stopped and looked at Rebecca as she continued, “Look, yes I was very angry with you when I found out but on the ride back here after visiting you I started thinking.”

Rebecca took a sip of white wine standing beside her at the edge of the pool and continued, “Why don’t you join me in the pool, I will get a sore neck from looking up at you like this.”

Linda turned and was about to leave to get her bikini when Rebecca stopped her saying, “No need to get changed mom, I don't mind if you are naked. I mean we ought to have passed that barrier WAY back don’t you think?”

“Yes I suppose we have…”

Linda started to undress and felt it weird she did not care that Rebecca was about to see her naked. She was of course right in that the two of them had indeed shared a moment that vastly surpassed seeing each other naked.

As Linda was getting in the pool opposite Rebebcca the step-daughter continued, “As I was saying, on the way home today I started thinking about you and dad. And the more I thought of it the more I started to appreciate the situation you are in. I know that dad is totally worthless in the sack, I mean come on, you have seperate bedrooms for Pete's sake.”

Linda was now sitting comfortably with water up to her neck opposite Rebecca. The hot water felt amazing on her sore and tortured body. Rebecca smiled and continued, “So… I figure we do not tell dad. Partly since i figure you are entitled to a sex life and partly since it would in fact break my fathers heart.”

Linda flinched as she felt Rebecca's foot suddenly touch one of her calves. Rebecca suddenly sported a wicked smile and said, “Besides, I have vivid memories of what you looked like when you were drinking my piss earlier… My GOD that was erotic!.. Guess I’m a bit of a perv as well… Imagine that… Though you have to admit, you loved it when I gave you those electro shocks… come on… admit it!”

Linda felt her pussy twitch as she recalled the moment and replied in a low voice, “Yes… yes I admit I loved it… Mistress.”

Linda did not believe she just called her step-daughter ‘Mistress’. It was a gamble, a very risky one!

Rebecca’s smile got even bigger as she replied, “Oh my… really? Well why not… But I will have you call me daughter, not Mistress, understand?”

“Yes daughter, I understand.”

Rebecca giggled and while using one foot to caress Linda’s thigh, raised her other foot above the water surface and said, “Kiss it!”

Linda wasted no time leaning forward to carefully kiss her step-daughter's foot. Rebecca giggled again and stated, “Oh this will be so much fun!”

Life at the mansion was forever changed, at least for Linda and Rebecca. No one else knew about their new relationship and they both made huge efforts to keep it that way. Rebecca was a very novice dom and needed much training in how things worked as she had only seen BDSM in videos and never practised it for real. Linda was more than happy to help her step-daughter figure things out.

To hide their sessions they would always meet up in one of their bedrooms and lock the doors. Since Rebecca had no real money of her own they had to resort to using what Linda had acquired herself earlier and only dared to make small purchases to add to the collection, afraid that William would find out. Linda tried to enjoy their session as much as she could but everything they tried and did always felt very bland and mostly boring compared to her experiences with the girls at Isabell’s realm.

Linda dared not complain but she missed it so much and would often masturbate on her own before going to bed after submitting to Rebecca.

Three weeks after Linda had her 72 hour session disaster struck. William was killed in a car crash somewhere in Germany where he was looking over some new proposals for investment. He had lost control of his car speeding on a small mountain road going back to the hotel he was staying at. Death, they said, had been instantaneous.

Rebecca was devastated and had locked herself into her room for eight whole days, leaving Linda to care for the funeral preparations. Linda often stopped by Rebecca's room during this time, asking through the door if she was alright but never heard anything other than Rebecca sobbing on the other side.

When Rebecca finally came out of her room eight days later, the tears were all gone and she had told Linda over breakfast that they needed to talk about the future.

The chapel was packed with people apart from the two front rows that were empty save for two individuals, Rebecca and Linda. William had no other relatives apart from Rebecca and Linda but his wealth meant there were always plenty of people trying to get on his good side. Even in death it seemed.

Not surprisingly William's testament had left all of his assets to Rebecca. She, in turn, had quickly gathered her fathers employees and stated that she would not take a leading role in running the investment firm. Instead she named her fathers closest associate, Robert, the new CEO of the company, much to everyone's approval.

Neither Rebecca nor Linda were religious but William had requested cremation and burial in an unmarked spot at a nearby cemetery. The sermon was not lengthy due to Rebecca's request that no speeches were to be given by the attendees. But when the sermon was nearing the end the minister declared that William's wife, Linda, had requested to say a few words and left the podium. Sitting behind the pair the attendants could see Rebecca give Linda a big hug and whisper something into her ear.

As Linda, who had spent the entire sermon sitting down, got up and started to walk towards the podium, a loud gasp could be heard through the chapel. Rebecca smiled as she heard the gasp. She had gotten just the reaction she wanted from Linda’s attire that she had paid good money for. Linda was wearing a black, high end funeral hat with a black mesh veil covering half of her face. Her hair was made up in a strict bun at the back and the only part of her make-up clearly visible were her deep red “fuck me” lipstick. The lipstick was not really cocher for a funeral but that was not what had people whispering to each other and pointing fingers at Linda.

Linda's neck was covered in a tightly laced, black latex neck corset that had been locked in place. A beautiful white blouse adorned her upper torso and her hands were covered in a pair of lovely black latex gloves.

On her lower torso, waist and hips Linda wore an immaculate black, heavy latex corset. Her legs were engulfed by a pair of black latex tights and on her feet she wore a pair of knee high, black, patent leather, wedge ballet boots.

The corset and boots were, just as her neck corset, locked on with clearly visible padlocks.

At the podium Linda turned and faced the audience, standing beside it instead of behind it, so that everyone could clearly see all of her. As she scanned the faces of the attendants, looking back at her in shock and disgust, a wave of humiliation washed over her and she became very aroused. Linda held up her much needed notes and began, “WilliAM…”

Linda’s voice pitched up significantly at the last syllable as if she had been pinched somewhere. From the front Linda could clearly see Rebecca’s huge smile as she held the remote for Linda’s dual dildos in her hand. She had given Linda a short but sweet shot of the vibrators set to max. The vibrators could vibrate and administer shocks by remote and the base of them were clearly visible through the latex between her thighs.

Linda composed herself and started over, “William was a very good husband and my best friend of all time. He always had my wellbeing…”

As Linda read word by word, line by line from her cards, Rebecca would sporadically give her shocks or start and stop the vibrators. On several occasions Linda had to stop and start her sentence over and on two times she even put her hand to her crotch and let out a loud moan. The closer she came towards the end of her speech the more aroused she got. More and more people stood up and left the sermon, some even calling out that it was a disgrace before leaving. By the time Linda was done she would have done anything to cum but Rebecca shut her dildos off completely and as Linda walked back to her seat you could almost hear the squishy sound from her soaking latex covered groin.

As Linda sat down besides Rebecca she leaned towards her step-mother and whispered, “Perfect!”

The minister returned, clearly taken aback by Linda’s performance, and swiftly ended the sermon. Rebecca took Linda’s hand and pulled her out of her seat, motioning her to exit the chapel before anyone else had the chance to leave. As Linda walked down the aisle towards the exit she could again clearly see the faces of disgust and horror. People were still whispering to each other. The humiliation was exquisite.

Outside Linda placed herself next to the doors and saw that Rebecca had followed her closely and now stood besides her. As people started to exit the chapel they all came by Linda and Rebecca to offer their condolences. The first couple of people took Linda’s hands only to quickly pull them back as they realised Linda’s hands were covered in latex. Rebecca had started the dildos again and kept increasing the power of the vibrators as more people came by. Most ended up talking to Rebecca about possible ventures she could invest in and when Rebecca grew bored of them she gave Linda a powerful shock to her pussy and ass making her grunt and twitch. Most took it as a signal to move on, leaving them to be consoled by the next one in line.

By the time there were about eight people left Linda was moaning loudly with her eyes closed while one hand was rubbing her crotch. The last attendants didn’t even approach the pair but instead just passed them staring at Linda.

Moments later Robert came out of the chapel with a furious look on his face. He stepped right up to Linda and screamed, “What the hell are you doing, have you no shame at all! Coming to William's funeral dressed as a whore, acting like you were in heat. What the hell is wrong with you?”

Linda opened her eyes and quickly pulled her hand from her crotch and replied, “I’m so sorry… I am so sorry Robert… I… I don’t know what came over… came over me… I… I really have no good explanation…”

As Linda tried her best to calm Robert down Rebecca set the vibrators to max and was now gradually raising the shock level.

Robert pointed to the attendants that had just left and said, “Do you know how much potential business the firm lost today due to your charade? Huh…do you?”


As Linda came she fell forwards, gripping her crotch with one hand and Roberts jacket with the other.

Robert was totally taken by surprise and tried to support the collapsing Linda as best as he could while stating, “What the fuck! Did you… Did you just CUM?! Fuck me… You are paying for this somehow, mark my words… Rebecca I am SO sorry you had to go through this after all that has happened. I… I will get back to you another time, I am NOT safe around your mother at the moment… I’m sorry!”

Robert let go of Linda who fell to her knees still riding the aftermath of her orgasm and as Robert was well out of sight Rebecca lifted her veil and helped Linda to her feet. Giving her a tight hug she whispered, “Thank you! That was perfect… You were perfect!”

Life at the mansion was again changed after the funeral, this time dramatically. Rebecca spent enormous amounts of money buying clothing and apparel for both Linda and herself as well as some furniture and other BDSM related items. Apart from acquiring clothing and gear, Rebecca also started to frequent Isabell’s realm in order to be trained as a proper Mistress. As much as Linda begged for it, she was never allowed to accompany Rebecca when she went there and she dared not go behind her back as it could seriously jeopardise their relationship. With inspiration from the realm, parts of the cellar were redecorated to house most of the latex gear and BDSM parafilia, and Rebecca even had one of the cellar rooms converted into a preparations room.

During a after care session, as Linda was on her knees massaging Rebecca's sore feet, Rebecca had stated she wished for Linda to be her slave on a more permanent basis. Rebecca would be allowed to use Linda as she saw fit whenever they were within the estate grounds, or any other real estate she owned. Outside of the estate they would still be mother and daughter. Linda loved the idea and had quickly replied that she would love to become Rebecca's slave.

Shortly after, Rebecca had called for a meeting with each of the hired help and explained in detail the new relationship between her and Linda and the changes it would mean for the estate. As expected some of the hired help refused to work under such circumstances and were more than well compensated for their silence and given perfect letters of recommendation as they left.

The ones who stayed got a significant raise and were further informed that from now on Rebecca would always be addressed as Miss Rebecca and Linda as Mrs. Andersson. She also stated that it would be required of them to help out with preparations, dressing and aftercare. Regarding Mrs. Andersson, they would also be expected to help out with putting her in and out of bondage. Rebecca did however make it perfectly clear that there were no expectations regarding them participating in any sexual activities.

It only took the tabloids two days to run a series of articles based on eye witness accounts from William's funeral. They all tried to depict everything from Linda’s outfit to the improper behaviour she had shown. None of them got it exactly right and most speculated that Linda was now living a lifestyle of extreme decadence and wealth.

The articles had a negative impact on the investment firm so Robert had arranged a meeting with Rebecca to plead with her to kick Linda out in an effort to dampen the blow. Rebecca would have nothing of it stating that Linda was part of the family and a problem she was working on solving. Somewhat pleased that Rebecca at least took the issue seriously, Robert had further stated that there were a lot of changes needed to be done to maximise the output of the firm now that William was gone. Rebecca ensured Robert that she had total confidence in his leadership and that he was free to run the firm as he wanted. More than pleased with the confidence in him, Robert told Rebecca that no matter what, she could always come to him for help and guidance.

Truth be told, Rebecca cared little about how the firm was run as long as she had the money to keep hers and Linda’s lifestyle going.

“Mrs. Andersson, time to wake up.”

The young woman had entered Linda’s bedroom with utmost care and only made her presence known as she opened the heavy night curtains, letting the light from the rising sun into the room. Linda grunted and rolled over in the king size bed to escape the added light. The young woman stood at the foot end of the bed and with more emphasis in her voice said, “Please, Mrs. Andersson, you have to wake up. We have a very packed schedule for you today!”

Linda opened her eyes, rubbed the sleep out of them and looked at the foot end of her bed. Standing there was a young woman in her early 20s, clearly of south European descent. She was dressed in the typical uniform the hired help wore. A form fitting dark grey side buttoned shirt, matching form pressed pants and a pair of black low cut sneakers. Her raven black hair was done up in a long braid sitting on top of her head and she had beautiful dark brown eyes.

Linda rubbed her eyes again and with a yawn said, “You are the new girl right? Started yesterday?”

“Yes Mrs. Andersson, I was employed at the same time as Jack.”

“What’s your name?”

“Emily Mrs. Andersson.”

“Enough with the ‘Mrs.’, call me Linda… unless Rebecca is present, OK?

Linda threw the covers off and revealed her naked body. She stood up and proudly strode towards Emily who could not help but stare at the beautiful woman who came towards her. Linda was a bit taller than Emily and as she was just in front of her Linda gracefully kneeled, spread her legs and let her hands rest on her thighs. Now looking up at Emily rather than down, Linda exposed her four inch heavy rubber collar around her neck.

Emily had done some research into the BDSM lifestyle after her first job interview with Rebecca and she thought she had a good understanding of it. But when it was right in front of her, in real life, she froze.

Linda waited for a moment and then said, “The leash… it’s on the hook by the doors. If you please.”

Emily barely registered Linda's request and Linda spoke again, “I know you are not obliged to, but it would mean a lot to me if…”

Emily snapped to and quickly went for the leash saying, “Sorry! Of course… let me just get it.”

Emily skillfully clipped the leash to the big o-ring at the front of Linda's collar after which Linda stood up and said, “Thank you Emily.”

Emily led Linda out of the bedroom and closed the dual doors behind them. As they walked down the hall towards the stairs that would take them into the cellar of the mansion, Emily could not but admire Linda's proud posture and confidence as she was led on the leash behind her. Emily would have thought Rebbeca's slave would have been a pathetic, weak old lady, not the enregetic, larger than life woman behind her.

“Good morning Mrs. Andersson, Emily.”

Emily and Linda passed one of the other hired help, Mark, on their way down the stairs. Mark was in his mid 30s and was wearing the estate uniform, exactly the same as Emily. He was very tanned and had dark brown, shoulder long hair made up in a cute ponytail in the back. He had light grey eyes, his smile revealed white perfect teeth and he was clean shaven. Being clean shaven was a requirement for employment at the estate.

Emily noticed that even though Mark had worked at the estate for many years, the sight of Mrs. Andersson naked and on a leash made him stare and a bulge was clearly visible in his pants.

“Good morning Mark.” both Emily and Linda said in near perfect unison.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs and were walking towards the preparation room Emily wondered why she was the one tasked with getting Mrs. Andersson ready. There were far more experienced staff present. Before she could think further on the matter she felt the leash go taut and quickly looked back at Linda.

Linda was pointing at a door and said, “It’s in here.”

Emily blushed and replied, “Yes, sorry. Still getting used to finding my way around here.”

Entering the room Emily flipped the light switch and stood still for a while as the lights flickered to life. Emily had seen the room the day before during Rebecca's tour of the estate but had a quick look around to get her bearings.

The room was all tiled except for the ceiling, deep red tiles on the walls and a dark anthracite grey on the floor. In one of the far corners was a shower, a toilet and a bidé. Emily was again a bit weirded out that the facilities were not enclosed but instead stood perfectly open for anyone to behold. At the opposite corner were numerous wardrobes and cupboards containing latex and leather clothing, shoes and boots, bondage equipment, sextoys etc.

To her right was a lounge area with sofas, recliners and a large coffee table. To her left was a makeup area with all the needed products and equipment.

At the centre of the room was a large full size mirror on wheels and in the floor was a big finely grated drain.

Emily went through the checklist Rebecca had given her in her head and, pulling on the leash, led Linda towards the shower area and said, “A triple enema and thorough shower if you please, Mrs. Ander… sorry, Linda.”

Linda bent forwards as Emily unclipped the leash from her collar and said, “Oh… triple enema. Sounds like we will not just have a relaxed day in the sun, there must be something big planned. Mind giving me a hint as to what will happen?”

Emily tried to unbuckle Linda’s collar but saw that it was locked and remembered she would have to unlock it before removing it. Walking to one of the cupboards to fetch the master key Emily replied, “Sorry, Miss Rebecca was very clear that I was not to disclose any details to you.”

“No problem, I actually prefer not to know beforehand. It’s part of the thrill.”

Emily unlocked and removed the collar and Linda went straight to the shower and started to administer her enemas. Emily meanwhile fetched a clipboard from the coffee table and started to read through the instructions regarding getting Linda dressed and ready for inspection. Having glanced through them she moved over to the wardrobes and started to collect all the clothing and gear needed and put them on a large wheeled, stainless steel table.

Having administered all of the enemas Linda was now in the shower soaping up. Emily was ready with her preparations and stood in the centre of the room waiting for Linda to finish. As Linda saw Emily standing almost at attention waiting for her she said, “Take a seat, no need to stand up while waiting for me.”

Emily took Linda’s offer and sat down in one of the sofas, admiring Linda as she dried off with a towel and then blow dried her hair. Emily was still very impressed with Linda's natural beauty and wished she would look just as good when she got to her age.

Hair dried, Linda walked towards the makeup area where Emily met up with her. Linda sat down in the high chair in front of the makeup station and Emily walked up behind her. Looking at Linda in the mirror Emily said, “Rebecca has left the choice of makeup up to you. What would you like?”

Linda told Emily what she liked and was soon wearing the high end escort look that she loved so much. Black smokey eyes with matching thick eyeliner, her lips just a touch darker than her natural tone.

Linda was amazed with Emily’s skills and said, “Wow, you are really good at this!”

Emily smiled for the first time since Linda met her and replied, “Thank you, I love makeup.”

“Then why don’t you wear it yourself?”

“Well, I don't think it is proper for me to wear heavy makeup when working.”

“HA! You think anyone in this household would mind?”

Emily giggled and replied, “No, you are probably right.”

“Just run it by Rebecca first though, just to be sure, but I bet you she will approve.”

Emily was still smiling as she started to braid Linda's hair into a single long braid. Linda stopped her shortly after by saying, “Wait, Emily you need to make it much stricter than that. I suspect I will be in for a ride today so we do not want it coming loose do we?”

Emily got a focused expression on her face and while redoing the braid much stricter replied, “Right, sorry. This is all pretty new to me.”

Linda just smiled as Emily finished the braid reflecting over how well the young woman handled the whole situation.

Braid done, the pair walked to the centre of the room where two tables with gear and tools were waiting. Linda went wide eyed as she saw several pieces of latex clothing and gear still in their original transparent plastic bags. Rebecca must have ordered new items for her.

Emily put on a pair of black surgical gloves and picked up a pair of lock ring pliers and three wires with small rubber o-rings at the ends. As Linda saw the wires her pussy twitched and she started to get aroused. Rebecca must have finally convinced Isabell to give up contact information for her suppliers.

As Emily carefully expanded one of the rubber o-rings with the pliers and were about to put it on one of Linda’s nipples she realised she had never touched another naked woman. Linda saw Emily stalling, misread the situation and said, “Oh, sorry, hang on…”

Taking the nipple between her thumb and index finger Linda pressed and twisted it as hard as she could while letting out a low moan in pleasure. The nipple instantly stood at attention and letting go of it Linda continued, “That's as good as I can get it. Have my nails trimmed due to the latex gloves…”

Emily was taken by surprise by Linda's action but quickly started to apply the o-ring to the nipple replying, “No, thank you. That is perfect.”

The same procedure was done to the other nipple and finally Linda’s clitoris.

Next, Emily gathered a handful of wires with electro pads and started to apply them to Linda’s body. At first she read the instructions on the clipboard carefully to put them in the right place but Linda quickly started to instruct her where they were meant to go. All done Emily took some adhesive strips and started to arrange the wires up along Linda’s body, placing strips to hold them in place as she went along. When finished all wires ended up at the base of her neck as per Linda's guidance.

A catheter was next. After putting on a fresh pair of surgical gloves and spreading Linda’s labia open, Emily started to add some anaesthetic gel and clean the area around the urethra. Once done she wiped the area off and started to insert the catheter making Linda make some disgruntled sounds in discomfort as the catheter went up her urethra.

Linda knew that the catheter could only mean one thing, she was staying dressed for an extended period of time.

Once urine started to flow, Emily pushed the catheter an inch extra and started to fill the catheter bladder with a sterile water solution, expanding it. Removing the now empty plunger, Emily retracted the catheter slightly to make sure it had settled properly.

Being pleased with the catheter Emily took some lube and started to apply a rich amount to Linda’s pussy and ass. Linda was moaning softly and as Emily was thoroughly lubricating Linda's ass she yet again pondered the situation as it all felt very surreal.

Next Emily fetched the vaginal and anal dildoes and carefully stated to insert the vaginal one. As they went in Linda felt these were just as the ones she had endured at the realm and a big smile came across her face as she thought “upgrade”. Emily had to really push the anal doldo in place and the painfull experience made Linda cry out in pain, cursing as it went in. Emily felt mean putting Linda through it but figured it must be part of Linda’s submissive role.

Emily, holding the dildoes in place with one hand, picked up a pair of red latex panties and started to work them up Linda’s legs. She carefully arranged them so that the two cutouts in the crotch aligned with the dildos and made sure the catheter hung freely. As the panties settled in place they pushed the dildos further into Linda who again smiled widely.

Next up was a pair of matching red, thigh high latex stockings. Emily knelt and started to put the pre-lubed stockings on Linda who gladly helped by raising her legs, one by one.

Emily stood up and took one of the new bags and opened it. As she pulled a red latex catsuit out of it Linda noticed the lovely smell of vanilla and fresh rubber. There was no smell like it in the world and she felt her juices start to flow around the vaginal dildo. After applying a layer of lube to the inside of the catsuit and on the stockings, Emily once again kneeled and started to pull the catsuit up Linda's legs. Taking care not to disrupt any electrical pads or wires, the catsuit shortly snapped in place around Linda’s wasit. Emily made sure the cutouts in the crotch of the catsuit matched the ones in the panties so there was good access to the base of the dildos and the catheter.

Taking a pair of red, shoulder length latex gloves, Emily methodically worked them over Linda’s hands and up her arms. These were, just as the stockings, pre-lubed. After adding some lube on top of the gloves, Emily continued with the catsuit by taking both sleeves and simultaneously working Linda’s arms into them.

Looking down at the upper part of the catsuit, Linda noticed that it was designed exactly as the one she had worn before. It had thick straps at the base of the breast cups and two reinforced cutouts for her nipples.

Emily had, just as her prior dressers before her, a hard time to fit Linda’s breasts in the cups. But with finesse and patience they eventually both popped into place. Just as the times before, Linda’s breasts were literally pushed away from her body and into the cup itself due to the heavy reinforced base of the cups. As Linda felt her breast start to swell she admired her erect nipples poking out of the cutouts in the cups.

As both breasts were firmly seated in the cups, Emily went behind Linda and worked the last slack of the sleeves up and over Linda’s shoulders. Taking the wires she fed them through the overlapping slit just below the neck of the catsuit next to the zipper. She then zipped the whole thing up.

The added pressure and feel of finally being in a thick made to measure catsuit made Linda moan loudly and said, “Fuck me, that feels sooooo good!”

Emily, still laser focused on the task at hand, did not even register Linda’s commentary and pulled out a black, metal boned, rubber corset from one of the plastic bags. It would encase Linda from her hips to just under the beast cups and it had adjustable straps at the top that would go around the back and over Linda’s shoulders. There was also a crotch piece attached to the bottom of the corset, also with straps and buckles to hold it in place. The crotch piece had cutouts for the dildos and at the back of the corset were four straps that could be buckled once the corset was properly fitted.

Linda immediately recognised the design and bit her lip in anticipation to wear it.

Emily opened the clasps in the front of the corset and, after putting it around Linda's back, fastened the clasps again. She proceeded to buckle all the shoulder straps, adjusting them until the corset was properly positioned over Linda’s waist. Next Emily started to lace the corset and it took a while before she got the hang of it with a few tips from Linda. As Linda’s waist started to get reduced she felt her breathing get more elaborated. Finally, after several minutes, a now strained Emily figured she had reduced Linda’s waist by about three inches and looked up the next item on the list. Linda fully enjoyed the sensation and could not wait for Emily to continue.

Tying off the laces in the back, Emily fetched Linda's black patent leather, knee high, wedge heeled ballet boots. The boots had attached cuffs with d-rings both at the ankles and at the top of the shaft. Linda was by now quite used to the ballet boots and had no trouble balancing in them as Emily tightly laced them on. As Emily buckled the attached cuffs she was astounded by how effortlessly Linda was able to stand in the rather bizarre boots.

After checking the list again Emily continued to lace the corset. Linda held her arms high above her head to help with the process and started to feel taking a single breath was starting to be a chore. Making sure the corset was finally tightened to specifications, Emily got a tape measure and measured Linda’s wasit. Realising she had met the requirements she let out a sigh of relief and stated, “Five inch reduction, perfect!”

After tightened the four straps over the lacing, buckling them in place, Emily took a step back and admired her work. Linda was slowly running her hands over her latexed body, trying to find any imperfections but was quickly very pleased as none were to be found.

Emily in the meantime had opened yet another bag and with a latex hood in one hand lifted a high chair behind Linda and asked her to have a seat. Her head now a bit lower made it easier for Emily to put the new latex hood on. The hood was also made in the same red latex and had a hair tube and open teardrop shaped holes for the eyes. The opening for the mouth was perfectly shaped to follow her lips and at the nose Linda saw the horrid nostril tubes.

With guidance from Linda, Emily lubed the tubes with the antiseptic lube and started to put the tubes down Linda’s nostrils and into her nasal cavity. Linda was sputtering and coughing, clearly not used to the feeling. Emily got scared she was hurting Linda and stopped but Linda quickly put her hands around Emily's waist and managed to say, “No… Ghaaaaagnnn… keep going! It’s not as bad as it looks!

Not entirely convinced Linda was telling the truth Emily firmly pushed the tubes all the way in until they were firmly down Linda’s pharynx. With tears forming in her eyes Linda let out a sigh of relief and said, “Better get some tissues fast Emily or I will ruin my beautiful makeup.”

Linda held her hood in place in front of her face as Emily rushed to get some tissue from the makeup table. As she was carefully drying Linda’s eyes she said, “I am SO sorry Mrs. Andersson! I am just doing what Rebecca told me to.”

Linda looked at Emily, smiled and replied, “No worries hunny, I want this. It was just a long time since I did it, that's all.”

Crisis averted Emily, somewhat reassured by Linda’s reply, continued to don the hood by threading the braid through the hair tube. She then made sure it was properly aligned and once satisfied pulled the hood onto Linda’s head and zipped it up in the back.

Linda smiled and letting her hands run over her now latexed head said, “Thank you, it feels GREAT… perfect fit.”

Glad that Linda was pleased Emily got one of Linda’s heavy, black latex neck corsets. It was of a fairly simple design. Thick and boned, cut to follow both her neck at the bottom, and jawbone at the top. It was laced in the back and had a large o-ring at the front. Just as on the corset, the lacing would be covered partly by three straps with buckles once the lacing was done. After placing it around Linda’s neck, Emily started to lace it tight. Linda quickly felt the familiar sensation of having to raise her head a bit for it to settle properly. Once laced tight and all the straps were tightened and buckled, Linda could not move her head nearly at all. To look around she would have to turn her torso or even her whole body.

Next up were a pair of black, heavy rubber thigh cuffs. Apart from the obvious strap and buckle keeping it closed, each cuff had two straps that would be thread through d-rings at the bottom edge of Linda’s corset, one in front and one in the back. The straps would ensure that the cuffs would stay in place and not start to slide down or off. Each cuff also had two large o-rings that would end up on the outside and inside of the thigh once properly fastened.

After motioning Linda to stand and having put the chair she had been sitting on away, Emily started to attach the thigh cuffs. Pleased with the position of the thigh cuffs, Emily tightened and buckled them in place and went to get a pair of upper arm cuffs and buckled them in place just above Linda’s elbows. The upper arm cuffs had dual straps with buckles and a large d-ring attached to it.

As Emily opened yet another bag she said, “Last items.”

As she turned Linda could see that they were black, heavy rubber bondage mittens with attached wrist cuffs. As Emily was zipping the first one in place and started to fasten the wrist cuff Linda felt the whole mitten was reinforced making closing her hand impossible.

Both mittens added, Emily went and fetched a catheter bag. Emily connected the tube from the bag to the end of the catheter between Linda’s legs and then attached the bag itself to the d-ring at Linda’s left knee cuff on the ballet boots. The bag was now ready to start receiving Linda's urine as Emily opened the valve at the connection.

Next Emily went and brought the full size mirror and placed it in front of Linda. Linda felt her pussy twitch and juices flowing again as she admired herself in the mirror. The latex craftsmanship was impeccable and the black latex items contrasted perfectly to her red latex body. As Linda stood there taking her reflection in, Emily had started to polish all of the latex. Seeing Emily polish her into a perfect rubber bondage doll made Linda even more aroused and she bit her lip fantasising about submitting in her outfit.

When Emily was done she checked Linda over to make sure the was shiny all over then picked up the clipboard and went through it two times to make sure all was as expected. Pleased she read the next instructions on the list and Linda could see her starting to look worried.

Picking up a remote for the dildoes she anxiously looked at Linda and said, “I… I am supposed to see if your dildos work.”

Linda gave her a big smile and replied, “Please, go right ahead!”

Emily checked the instructions, adjusted some settings on the remote, then pressed a button. Linda jerked and let out a loud moan as the vaginal dildo sprung to life at a high setting. Emily jumped as Linda’s reaction took her by surprise but quickly asked, “Vaginal?”

Linda looked Emily straight into the eyes and replied, “Oh yes!”

Emily stopped the dildo and pressed another button. Linda again jerked and let out an even louder moan. Emily again asked, “Anal?”

“Wow… yes… defenately anal.”

Emily stopped the anal dildo and made some additional adjustments to the remote, all acording to the instructions on the clipboard. As she was about to press a button she stopped and looked worryingly at Linda who, knowing what was about to happen, said, “Don’t worry… I want this rememFAAAAAAAIIIIIAAA… Fuck that hurts!”

Emily cut Linda short by pressing the button then asked, “Vaginal?”

Linda was pitter-patting across the floor and quickly replied, “Yes, yes… vaginal. Holy shit!”

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Emily let go of the button and prepared to do the final test. Linda saw Emily was still apprehensive about pressing the button and with fierce arousal glowing from her eyes said in a low voice, “Come on baby, give it to me!”


Linda managed to stand perfectly still until Emily let go of the button and asked, “Anal?”

“What… no… no… that was vaginal again…”

“Wait what?!… No it was supposed to be anal… did i connect it wrong?”

Linda had a big smile on her face as she said, “Don’t worry, just joking. That was defenately anal!”

Emily giggled and replied, “Do not joke about this, it is not funny!”

Still sporting her big smile Linda retorted, “I beg to differ!”

Giggling gain, Emily put the remote in her pocket and picked up and read the final points on the list. She got a small plastic container with padlocks and started to lock all the buckles on Linda’s gear. Linda dutifully helped her locate all of the lockable buckles, making sure she double checked they were all locked tight. Next Emily picked up two larger, heavy duty, padlocks and asked Linda to put her arms behind her back. Linda was quick to comply and could feel Emily padlock her wrist together. She then felt Emily try and pull her elbows together to padlock the upper arm cuffs to one another. No matter how hard she tried she could not get them to connect. Linda did her best to help her but when she realised it was not working she said, “Hang on, let me get on my knees. Maybe that will make it more accessible.”

As Linda gracefully got on her knees Emily replied, “Thank you, good idea!”

Even though it made it easier, Emily just didn't have the strength to pull Linda’s elbows together and with sweat starting to form on her forehead said, “Nope… not happening… I can't make them go together enough to lock the padlock, sorry! Maybe we could leave them as is?”

“No no! That would put both of us in a bad situation… I know, go and see if you can find Mark or anyone else you think has the strength… but do it quietly!”

Emily wasted no time and hastily left Linda alone in the room. As she had left Linda adjusted herself without thinking, now facing the door with her legs spread wide, still kneeling. A few moments later Emily walked through the door with Mark in tow. Lind could hear she was explaining the issue at hand to which Mark replied, “Sure, I’ll do my best.”

As they approached the kneeling Linda he tipped his head and said, “Mrs. Andredsson.”

Linda pushed her breast outwards, trying to narrow the gap between her elbows as best as she could and replied, “Mark, good to see you again. Thanks for helping us out.”

As Mark went behind Linda he took hold of her elbows and said, “Think nothing of it, here we go!”


Linda screamed in pain as the cuffs finally met and Emily quickly snapped the padlock shut. Linda was still grunting and screaming in pain as both Mark and Emily backed up. Emily finally took hold of Mark's arm and said, “What have we done! We have to let her loose!”

Mark looked at Emily with a surprised look and replied, “What?! No! She is into this weird shit!”

Linda had started to calm down. Her shoulders and arms felt like they were on fire but her masochistic side started to make her enjoy the pain. As Mark and Emily walked in front of Linda she looked straight at Mark and, in between her heavy panting, asked, “Do you enjoy seeing me like this Mark? A shiny bondage doll in pain?”

Mark was obviously taken aback by the question and before he could continue Linda continued, “I know you do so just admit it. Your body doesn't lie!”

Mark quickly put a hand to his crotch and arranged more room for his by now fully erect penis. The bulge was clearly visible in his quite tight pants. Trying to look confident he replied, “Yes… yes I do. I find you extremely beautiful right now actually… Sorry!”

“Don’t apologise, I aim to please.”

Mark, who was deep red in his face by now, turned to Emily and asked if there was anything else he could help with. After being ensured there was not, he quickly left Emily and Linda alone.

As Emily attached the leash to Linda’s collar and Linda was standing up Emily spoke, “Is it OK if I ask a question?”

As Emily started to lead Linda out of the room she replied, “Of course Emily!”

“As you might have figured out, much of this is very new to me, and even though I have a basic understanding of BDSM I have to ask. You are in a lot of pain now aren't you?”

“Well… Yes, my arms and especially shoulders are hurting like hell!”

“But you like that… how… how can you like that?”

“Good question! Short answer is I don't know why but if I were to make an educated guess it has to do with my thriving on the endorphins and adrenaline my body produces when subjected to pain. For me sexual pleasure is the same as sexual pain. The feeling is very different but they both make me very, very aroused.”

Linda paused for a moment as they reached the stairs and let Emily get a bit of a head start before following her upwards as she continued, “On top of that I have a deep love for latex and bondage. Again I do not know exactly why, but deep down I really don't care why.”

Linda giggled and carried on, “Now, on top of THAT I absolutely love humiliation as well for some reason… Like, this right now, here… Being led by you… A beautiful young woman I just met, dressed as I am… in the bondage I am in… pure humiliating bliss!”

Emily was eerily quiet and Linda was starting to worry she had been a bit too honest. Not sure what to say she finally asked, “What about you Emily? Do you find me attractive in the state I am in?”

Emily stopped just short of the doors leading to the deck at the back of the estate and without turning answered, “Yes… Yes, I think I do.”

Linda smiled as Emily opened the doors and led Linda out on the deck towards one of the pergolas where Rebecca was talking on the phone. The pergola had a dark grey sunroof casting much needed shade over the lounge furniture set below it. The floor was made out of square, slightly cushioned, white tiles. Rebecca, laying in one of the sun loungers, was wearing a big black sun hat, black sunglasses and her hair was flowing freely down her back. She was naked apart from her dark grey PVC bikini and the beach slippers she wore on her feet. As they approached they could see Rebecca remove her sunglasses and overheard parts of her conversation.

“… Yes… Of course she will… Don’t be such a drag, I PROMISE I will make it worth your while… OK then… Yes, see you tonight, bye!”

As Rebecca put down her phone Emily said, “Miss Rebecca, Lin… Mrs. Andsersson is ready for inspection.”

Rebecca raised one of her eyebrows in a questioning look and got up from her sunlounger saying, “Good morning mother.”

Linda looked Rebecca in the eyes and replied, “Good morning daughter, I hope you had a good sleep?”

“I did indeed… I did indeed…”

Rebecca started to slowly circle both Emily and Linda and after a few laps said, “Emily, I must say I am impressed. Being your first time preparing dear old mother here, you have out done yourself.”

Emily smiled and replied, “Oh, thank you Miss Rebecca!”

Rebecca stopped in front of them both and held her hand out and said, “Leash!”

Emily quickly gave Rebecca the leash and took a step back waiting to be dismissed. Rebecca led Linda forward and as she lay down in the sunlounger again commanded, “Mother, presentation pose!”

Linda gracefully got down on her knees right in front of the sunlounger, legs spread at a 90 degree angle, leash almost fully taut.

Rebecca kicked the slippers off her feet and with a wicked smile said, “Now… Start cleaning my feet would you mother, they have gotten all sweaty out here in the sun.”

Linda bent slightly forwards and started to carefully lick the sweat off of one her step-daughter's feet. Knowing Emily was standing mere feets away witnessing it all made her softly moan and feel her juices flowing again. She had started to get accustomed to the pain in her arms and shoulders so the added humiliation of cleaning someone's feet was a welcome one.

As Linda kept cleaning Rebecca's feet, Rebecca addressed Emily by saying, “Now Emily… Did I hear you correctly when you almost called my mother here by her given name?”

Emily tensed up and with a broken voice answered, “Yes Miss Rebecca, you did.”

“That's funny, because I believe you were clearly told NOT to call my mother anything besides Mrs. Andersson, correct?”

“Yes Miss Rebecca, I was informed of this.”

“Well… since you couldn’t possibly know my mothers name I suspect SHE told you to call her… Linda… Isn’t that correct, mother?”

Linda stopped her cleaning for a short while to answer, “Yes daughter, I asked Emily to call me Linda instead of Mrs. Anderson.”

As Linda got back to cleaning Rebecca’s feet, Rebecca looked at Emily and continued, “So, it seems you are not at fault here my dear, that pleases me. My mother here on the other hand should know better. I trust the dildo test was successful?”

Emily, glad Linda had been honest and took the blame for her mistake, answered, “Yes Miss Rebecca, most successful.”

“Good, give it here then.”

Emily figured Rebecca wanted the remote and picked it out of her pocket and then handed it over to her. Rebecca took the remote, adjusted some settings, then gave the remote back to Emily and said, “I want you to administer the punishment if that is alright with you?”

“Yes Miss Rebecca, of course it is.”

“Good! I want you to press the shock buttons and increase the levels slowly according to my instructions, do you understand?”

“Yes Miss Rebecca.”

Rebecca janked on the leash making Linda look up at her as she asked, “Are you ready mother?”

Linda looked Rebecca straight in the eyes and replied, “Yes daughter, I am ready.”

“Good, keep cleaning… Now Emily, if you please!”

As Linda got back to cleaning her step-daughter’s feet she could feel a slight tingle in both her pussy and ass. Knowing it would soon get more intense made her very aroused and she started to quietly moan in between licks. Rebecca held up her hand towards Emily and flicked her index finger upwards to signal that she wanted her to increase the power. Linda slightly jerked as the power jumped up a notch but continued to moan and lick Rebecca’s feet.

As Rebecca kept flicking her index finger now and then, Emily kept increasing the power. Before long Linda was starting to grunt and pant heavily in between licks and soon after, loudly whining, she was having a hard time concentrating on cleaning Rebecca’s feet.

As the power was increased further Linda started screaming and cursing, totally forgetting about her step-daughter's feet. As the torture continued Linda was soon moving arounf as to try and move away from the pain and she was even trying to remove the dildos alltogether with her latex mittened hands.

Rebecca finally sat up in the sunlounger, looked straight at Linda and said, “Beg me… beg me for it to stop!”

Linda gathered herself and tried as best as she could to beg for mercy without screaming.

“mmmnnnaaaaaaGGGGHH… Please… gaHnn… Please daughter, please make it… make it stop!”

Rebecca smiled and signalled Emily that the punishment was over. Emily quickly complied and released both buttons at once. Linda stopped screaming and was still panting heavily. Rebecca signalled Emily to give her the remote and said, “Good! Now all that is left to do is to thank dear Emily for her most appreciated help, don’t you think so mother?”

Linda turned and inched towards Emily on her knees and said, “Yes of course daughter!”

Emily was still reflecting on what had just happened. As she saw Linda inch towards her, bend down and start to kiss her shoes, she felt butterflies in her stomach and bit her lip as she realised she was turned on.

Having been thanked properly by Linda, Rebecca dismissed Emily and had Linda continue to clean her naked feet.

As Emily walked away, heading for more chores, she looked back at the strange women under the patio, still feeling the butterflies in her stomach.

After cleaning Rebbeca's feet to her satisfaction, Linda had been led to the kitchen for her breakfast. Rebecca had left her in the care of the head of staff, Elizabeth, who was also the estates head chef. Elisabeth was the same age as Linda and Linda always felt extra humiliated in her presence.

After releasing her arms she had put Linda in a steel cage situated near the main entrance to the kitchen. The cage was no larger than it made Linda sit on all fours to fit, but luckily the floor of the cage consisted of a small padded PVC mattress. Linda was usually fed dry dog food when in the cage, but as she was dual plugged Elisabeth instead attached a bottle on the bars in front of Linda’s face. Linda knew that it was filled with a protein shake and after being given permission from Elisabeth, leaned slightly forwards and started to suck on the bottle's nipple. As she started to swallow the shake Elisabeth said, “Good, you have two more bottles to finish before being let out!”

After breakfast Linda was to be put in her relaxation device. As Mark came to pick her up from the kitchen, Elisabeth informed him to bring Jack along as he needed to learn how the device worked. Mark agreed and took Linda’s leash who, smiling broadly, was looking at his crotch. Even though Mark had not had an erection entering the kitchen, he now felt his member twitch and start growing. As he was leading Linda out of the kitchen Elisabeth shouted, “Oh and change her catheter bag please, will you?”

Mark shouted back to her, “Yes, yes…”

The walk to the main hall proceeded in science and Mark tried his best to put the image of him leading Linda on a leash behind him. He failed miserably.

As they entered the hall Jack could be seen bringing in large containers and boxes from outside the main door. As Mark and Linda approached Mark asked, “The deliveries are already here?”

Jack looked up and replied, “Yeah, they were early so I thought I would bring it all inside right away.”

Jack was in his mid 20s, just a few years older than Emily. The blonde young man sported a short crew cut and deep blue eyes. Just like Mark he was clean shaven and wore the same uniform.

Mark looked at all the boxes Jack had already brought in and said, “Yeah sure, but that will have to wait. You are to help me set up Mrs. Andersson in the relaxation device.”

Jack shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Yeah sure!”

As they started to walk towards the library Jack turned to Mark and said, “It’s Mark right?”


“OK sweet, I have to ask, what's up with the enormous boner? A tad unprofessional wouldn’t you say?”

Linda giggled quietly but still loud enough for the two men to hear.

Mark looked back at Linda with a quick glance then replied, “Come on! What the hell am I supposed to do… Having to see her… Like this? I mean come on!”

“Hey just asking, whatever floats your boat bro.”

As they entered the library all three of them could see the relaxation device. To any normal person the word relaxation was not a word they would use but device certainly was. In the middle of the library stood a metal St. Andrews cross. It wasn’t actually a proper St. Andrews cross since the bars for the arms were angled horizontally, not pointing upwards. The bars for the legs however had the traditional angle, making the user spread their legs apart. There was also an oval metal plate situated where the user's head would be situated once strapped to the cross.

Jack had a look of confusion on his face as she turned to Mark and asked, “That it?”

Mark looked at the cross and replied, “Yeah… Don’t ask cos I don’t know.”

Jack looked at Linda and said, “Sure! How does this thing work then?”

Linda was led towards the cross and made to stand with her back to the cross, on two small footstools placed under each leg bar. Leaning against the cross she held her arms at her sides and rested her head against the metal plate behind her head. Mark took one of the numerous leather straps on the cross and wrapped it around one of Linda’s legs, right above her ankle and said, “Look here, we need to tighten all of these starting from below and working out way upwards. Make… sure… to… buckle… them… tight. Otherwise Miss Rebecca will be all over us.”

Jack acknowledged and they started to securely fasten Linda to the cross using the straps. Three or four minutes later all straps were tightly buckled and Linda was totally immobilised. Stepping back Jack looked at Mark and asked, “That it?”

Mark went over to a table next to the cross to fetch another footstool and a few other items saying, “Not quite, almost.”

Mark put the footstool in between Linda’s legs and told Jack to step up on it. Next he gave Jack a softly padded, black heavy rubber blindfold and said, “She needs this over her eyes.”

Jack took the blind fold and put it on Linda, then asked again, “There, now we are done?”

Linda was now totally blind but she knew Mark was handing Jack a black latex head harness. The harness had a panel gag with a four inch solid rubber dildo attached to it.

“Nope, she needs this as well.”

“Wow… that thing is huge!”

“Yeah, don’t ask, remember?”

“Ok then…”

Linda already had her mouth open as far as she could, silently awaiting the huge dildo to enter her mouth. When it did she felt it being pushed down her throat faster than usual but managed to take it with almost no discomfort. As the dildo was all the way in Linda let out a loud moan in pleasure and could hear Jack say, “Well, well. Sounds like someone is a happy camper.”

He then started to tightly buckle the head harness on Linda’s head. Pleased with his work he again asked, “Now, are we done?”

“Just the strap on the head-rest, it goes over her forehead.”

Jag took the strap and started to buckle it as tight as he had done the rest. Linda started to grunt in discomfort and Mark quickly intervened, “No! Stop! That one can’t be as tight as the rest. Just enough to hold her head inplace.”

Jack redid the strap and when done asked, “There Mrs. Andersson. Is that more to your liking?

Linda grunted “Mmm-hmm!” in response.

“Well then, if you are happy, I am happy!”

Stepping down from the footstool he turned to Mark who said, “That’s it, just a few more details.”

Mark told Jack to remove all three footstools and as the stools under Linda’s feet were removed she could just about feel that she was now suspended by nothing more than the straps, she was that secured to the cross.

Linda knew perfectly well what was to come next but she still jerked and moaned loudly as she felt Mark showing Jack how to set up the remote for the dildos to vibrate on a slow, barely noticeable, wave cycle. Even though the vibrations were barely noticeable Linda still tried to slowly work her wet crotch in unison.

Finally, Mark showed Jack how to change the enema bag.

All done, Mark and Jack started to leave the room and Linda could hear Jack say, “Bye Mrs. Andersson, I hope you have a good time relaxing.”

Linda grunted a “Mmmm-hmm!” in response and could then hear Mark continue, “Yes Mrs. Andersson, have a good relaxation. I will join Jack and help him with the erection… I mean help him with the deliveries”

As Mark closed the door he could just about hear Linda giggle behind her gag and saw that Jack was fighting hard to refrain from laughing as well.

Linda was now all alone, left to her devices for an unknown amount of time. Despite her severe bondage these sessions were actually very relaxing. Apparently Rebecca had gotten the tip from Mistress Yua who had ensured her of their effectiveness. As Linda tested her bondage, as she often did, she could hear the door open and someone enter the library. She could hear someone picking up a foot stool, place it in front of her, and step up.

Next followed a long period of total silence. Linda tried to figure out what was happening when she suddenly felt both her pussy and ass were on fire.


Someone had used the remote to give her maxed out shocks to her pussy and ass. As she was panting heavily due to the pain there was again total silence until she was hit again.


The pain was searing and Linda started to cry when she suddenly heard a voice.

“How do you like that bitch! Huh?”

Linda quickly recognized Mark’s voice who continued, “You find it funny when I get an erection having to watch you all dressed up and in bondage… Yeah?… Well guess what I find funny?”


Linda screamed as Mark gave her another lengthy shock and then felt him firmly grab her face with one of his hands. Shortly after he put his weight against her and started to rub his fully erect cock against her pelvis. Moments later he moved his hand towards her nose and put two fingers firmly against the nostril holes in the hood. Linda started to panic as she could not breath at all. The solid dildo in her throat made breathing through her mouth impossible.

Mark spoke again, still rubbing against her pelvis, “You like that? Huh? You like that? Not being able to breathe… yeah… I bet you like that don’t you bitch!”


Linda was again shocked for a lengthy time and Mark spoke again, “You want air? Huh? Nah-uh… Not until I cum…”


Another shock. Linda was now getting light headed due to the lack of air and was getting more and more aroused by her predicament. She was approaching an orgasm fast and started moaning loudly. Mark was quick to pick the change in Linda’s behaviour and stated, “Fuck me, you really DO like this don’t you? A pathetic bondage doll in latex being tortured by one of her employees…”


Hearing Mark’s description of her was enough to push her over the edge and she came hard. Moments later Linda registered a low grunt from Mark as he most likely came as well, taking his fingers off of her nostril holes making her able to breathe again. Taking in long, deep breaths she was quickly brought back to reality and could hear Mark put the foot stool away. Without saying a word he left the room and Linda tried to grunt a “thank you” before she heard the doors close.

She was again left alone and as she picked up the slow vibrating cycle it did not take a long time before she started to doze off.

Linda had no idea of how long she had been asleep when she was suddenly awakened by a hard slap across her cheek, hearing Elisabeth bark, “Wake up Mrs. Andersson, time for some lunch.”

Elisabeth removed the head harness and gag and before Linda could even take deep breath had the nipple end of a protein shake bottle shoved into her mouth. She immediately started to suckle on the nipple, swallowing gulp after gulp of the shake. As the bottle was finished Elisabeth picked up the head harness and gag and was just about to push the dildo down Linda’s throat as Linda said, “No wait, just a second please, Elesabeth.”

Elisabest stopped and asked, “Yes?

“Please Elisabeth, if you run into Mark, tell him thank you for me. He will understand.”

Elisabeth pushed the dildo down Linda’s throat, fastened the head harness and while leaving replied, “I will see what I can do Mrs. Andersson, bye now.”

As the door closed Linda tried yet again to say “thank you” but it all came out as garbled nonsense.

It did not take long before Linda was dozing off again.

Linda was again jerked awake, this time by someone sucking on her nipple. She let out a loud moan and could feel her tormentor take their mouth off her nipple and then say, “There she is… You have hung here quite enough for today, time to start preparing for tonight.”

Linda recognized Rebecca's voice immediately and wished for her to continue pleasuring her. Rebecca instead removed the head harness, gag and blindfold making Linda squint her eyes to get used to the light. Looking out of one of the library windows, Linda gathered it was close to six o’clock, she had been bound to the cross for over seven hours.

Rebecca had placed the footstools under Linda's feet and as she unbuckled and opened the straps asked, “Is my doll feeling refreshed?”

Linda looked down at her step-daughter and answered, “Yes daughter, I feel very well rested as usual.”

“I must say I thought Mistress Yua was pulling my leg when she suggested it but… guess she was right all along.”

All buckles removed, Rebecca motioned Linda to step down from the footstools and stand in front of her. Linda quickly complied and heard Rebecca say, “I think the doll owes me a gesture of gratitude.”

As Rebecca started to remove her bikini thongs Linda gracefully kneeled in front of her, arms on her back, mouth wide open and tongue sticking out. As Rebecca tossed her thong with one foot across the floor, leaving her clean shaven pussy totally exposed, she looked down at Linda and said, “Well, what are you waiting for mother, thank me!”

Linda wasted no time inching forwards and started to pleasure Rebecca’s pussy and clitoris with her tongue. It was not long before Rebecca started to pant heavily and put one hand around Linda’s head, pushing her deeper into her groin. She used her other hand to grip parts of the St. Andrews cross for support. The added pressure made breathing real hard for Linda as her nostril holes got blocked, but it was of little concern for Linda as she soon had made her step-daughter reach a climax. As she came Rebecca rode Linda’s face and moaned loudly in extacy.

As her orgasm subsided she let go of Linda’s head and said, still panting, “Fuck… I will never tire of having you eating me out…”

Moments later there was a knock on the doors and Rebecca said in a loud voice, “Yes?”

The doors opened and Emily entered the library. As she saw Linda kneeling before an almost totally naked Rebecca she blushed and felt aroused as she said, “Sorry Miss Rebecca, I know you told us not to disturb unless it was important. You have a visitor.”

“What? Mother, go fetch my underwear!”

Linda turned around and started to walk on all fours towards Rebecca's thongs that lay on the floor mere feet in front of Emily. As she was nearing the thongs and Emily she forced her head upwards as much as the neck corset allowed for and could see that Emily was staring at her with a flushed look in her eyes. She was clearly aroused by what she saw. Meanwhile Rebecca continued, “A visitor, who is it?”

Linda had now reached the tongs and, bending down, picked them up with her mouth. They smelled of brand new PVC and tasted of sweat and vaginal discharge. Emily, who was still staring at Linda answered, “He presented himself as Mr. Robert Underhill. He has some important papers for you to sign.”

Linda hand now returned to Rebecca and sat on her knees, arms at her back, mouth still holding the thong. Rebecca took the thong and started to put them on. As she shifted them for a perfect fit she reached out and gave Linda a hard slap across her cheek. Emily jumped in surprise at the loud blow and inadvertently put a hand to her chest. She had a hard time believing it but she felt her juices starting to flow. She was really liking what she was witnessing.

Rebecca looked down at Linda and said in a stern voice, “Fuck’s sake mother, how many times do i have to tell you! No drooling all over my clothes!”

Picking up Linda’s leach from one of the tables and then clipping it to Linda’s neck corset, Rebecca told Emily to get back to her chores. She then signalled Linda to stand up and led her out of the library towards the main door.

As they entered the main hall and moved towards the main door Linda saw that Jack and Mark had finished bringing in the deliveries. Standing inside with his back to the pair, Robert was looking up at the ceiling three floors up, most likely admiring the architecture. As Rebecca and Linda got closer Rebecca said in a loud voice, “Robert, what earns me the pleasure of such a prestigious visit?”

Knowing Rebecca more than well, Linda clearly picked up on the subtle sarcasm in her question.

“Your new accounts you wanted, you need to sign the applications.”

Robert turned around to face Rebecca and when he saw Rebecca with Linda in tow his jaw dropped and it took a few seconds before he said, “Wha… Rebecca, not you too! What the hell is this? We can’t afford another scandal in the press right now!… Fuck!”

Robert was clearly upset at what he saw and held one hand to his forehead and the other pointed towards Linda as he continued, “And… And who is this… this… whore… Are you sure she will not sell us out to the press? Huh?”

Rebecca got a stern look on her face and replied to Robert in a matching stern voice, “Hey, watch it! You are NOT allowed to call my mother a whore!”

Robert looked even more confused and looking at Linda asked, “What… Wait what? Linda, is that you?”

Linda remained silent until Rebecca lightly nodded at her and she replied, “Yes, it’s me Robert. Nice to see you, hope you are doing well. I have not seen you since the funer…”

Robert lost it and with hands up in the air loudly cut Linda off proclaiming, “That’s it! That’s it folks, we are ROYALLY fucked!”

Robert, now red in the face, stepped up to Linda pointing his finger in her face and said, “You know what… This… This is all YOUR fault! This family was P E R F E C T until you showed up… and to make matters worse… you are a god damn… a god damn FREAK! And now you are dragging Rebecca down with you…”

Robert turned around, stepped away from Linda, put his hands to his sides and let his head drop while shaking it, mumbling to himself.

Rebecca looked at Linda, then back at Robert and said, “Well, you do have a point.”

“What’s that? Yes of course I do… she is a fucking… FREAK!”

“No not about that… Well yeah, but I meant this is all her fault…”

“Finally, FINALLY some sense!”

“If I recall correctly, you told mother you would make her pay for her behaviour at the funeral, didn’t you?”

“Wha… What are you talking about Rebecca… right back to making NO sense again… My god… how the fuck can we fix this…”

Rebecca turned to Linda and asked, “Didn’t he mother?”

Linda looked at Robert and replied, “Yes daughter, he did say that.”

“Very well then. Robert, I assume the papers are in your briefcase over there?”

Robert, still oblivious to what was going on, replied, “Yes… yes they are in there but that is frankly nothing we need to concern ourselves with right now… we…”

Rebbeca unclipped the leash from Linda’s neck corset and interrupted Robert by saying, “I beg to differ!”

After picking up Robert's briefcase Rebecca left saying, “I will be right back, make sure Robert is properly entertained while I am gone.”

As Rebecca left the main hall Linda took a few steps towards Robert, dropped to her knees, mittens on her thighs, mouth open and tongue sticking out. Robert looked at Linda in disbelief and then called out to Rebecca, “What… What the fuck is this? Rebecca, where are you going?”

Rebecca ignored him and went into the kitchen to sign the papers. Robert was about to follow her when he turned to Linda and said, “Please… what the fuck is this? Could someone PLEASE explain what the fuck is going on!”

Linda retracted her tongue and replied, “My daughter told me to entertain you. I am therefore yours to use as you see fit.”

Having explained, Linda again let her tounge out. Robert was shaking his head mumbling until he said, “No… no… NO, you are out of your mind Linda! What the hell happened to you?”

Linda was about to answer when Rebecca entered the hall again saying, “Why are you not using her Robert? I gave you the go ahead.”

“Rebecca please, please explain this to me!”

“Sure! Mother, or Linda as you affectionally call her, is my willing slave. That means she is obliged to follow my will… And right now, I want you to punish her for her behaviour at the funeral… Look!”

Rebecca held up a head harness with a tube measuring two inches in diameter attached to the panel gag and then continued, “I will make it very easy for you and you, in turn, will be doing me a favour trying this contraption out… Mother, open up!”

Linda retracted her tongue and tried to open her mouth even further as Rebecca pushed the short tube into her mouth. Linda saw that the outside of the tube had an aluminium ring with fine grooves in it making it possible to insert and screw something in place. Once Rebecca had fastened the head harness securely on Linda’s head she took out an accessory Linda had never seen before. As she put it against the hole in Linda’s panel gag she managed to see that it was a three inch deep fleshlight that would fit perfectly in the tube. Once securely screwed in place Linda felt she could still breath somewhat through her mouth meaning the flesh light was hollow. Imagining how she must look with a fake pussy covering her mouth Linda let out a loud moan from humiliation.

Smiling wickedly, Rebecca turned to Robert holding the remote to Linda’s dildos up for him to see. Robert was wide eyed and unable to speak as Rebecca started to explain, “Now… As you can see… ‘Linda’ is now unable to close her mouth as it is permanently opened by the tube in her mouth… That means that if you were to use her “mouth” to pleasure yourself and give her punishing electro shocks to her pussy and ass, she can’t use her teeth so to speak… Neat huh?”

Robert just stood still looking with utter confusion at Rebecca. After a while Rebecca asked, “Robert? Hello… Are you still with us?”

Robert started to say something… then stopped… only to finally speak, “You know what… You know what… YES… I fucking will plassure myself and punish her!”

Robert started to remove his pants and underwear while looking at Linda shouting, “You want this? Do you want it? Suck my cock and get tortured… is that what gets you off? Huh? Well, is it LINDA?”

Linda inched forwards towards Roberts' now exposed and half erect penis and grunted “Mmmh-huh!” as best as she could through the fleshlight.

Rebbeca meanwhile threw her hands in the air and said, “Finally we are getting somewhere! Here Robert… these two buttons… just press them as long as you like, the shocks are set to maximum.”

Robert took the remote in one hand and pulled back his foreskin before putting it into the already pre-lubed fleshlight. As he started to move his cock back and forth Linda found she did not feel anything of Robert's penis. Robert kept fucking the fleshlight in Linda's mouth grunting and moaning when Rebecca suddenly said, “Robert dear… the electro shocks?”

Robert, all flushed, looked at Rebecca and replied, “Oh yeah… forgot!” He then looked down at Linda and in a very degrading tone said, “You want this huh? You want me to hurt you? Sure, have a taste of this!”


Linda screamed as best as she could as she for the second time today was servicing a man who was torturing her.

When Robert heard Linda scream his cock went rock hard and then shouted, “HELL YEAH! Fuck that felt good! You want another one don’t you? HERE!”


Linda screamed again as her pussy and ass was enduring searing pain. Her juices were flowing again as she kept getting more and more aroused thinking of what was happening. Her late husband's closest friend and associate, whom she and William had visited often, was fucking her mouth and giving her electical shocks! Robert's wife and Linda were on a first-name basis even!


Another shock and another scream. Linda could feel Robert starting to lose momentum so she put her bondage mittens around his upper thighs and started to force her head and mouth back and forth along the shaft of Robert’s cock. Robert took Linda’s initiative to heart and stopped moving, put his hands at the back of his head and let her do all the work.


Linda had received a new shock and she was now crying even though the pain felt so, so good! As she was doing her best to please Robert she saw Rebecca move into view behind Robert. She was biting her lip and had one hand inside her thong, masturbating.

Robbert was now grunting faster and faster and before long he went all stiff, coming into the fleshlight, screaming in pure joy!

“Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… haaaaaaaa…”


As Robert came he pressed and held the buttons making Linda endure a sea of hellish pain. As she felt Robert’s shoot his load into her mouth, tasting his warm and salty cum as it ran down her throat, Linda looked through tearfilled eyes at her beautiful step-daughter and came herself.


As Robert was coming to his senses, he let go of the shock buttons and pulled his cock out of the fleshlight. Linda sat back down on her knees and put her hands behind her back, giving Robert a pleasing look.

Robert looked at Linda and said, “ Fuck me… FUCK ME! That was fantastic… I never… never… Did you… Did you cum? Rebecca! Did your mother cum?”

Rebecca had stopped masturbating and putting her hands on Robert's shoulders replied, “Yes Robert, I think she did. You were right, she is a freak…”

Robert yanked out of Rebecca's embrace and started to fumble as he tried to pull his underwear up, nearly tripping, as he started to rant, “Fuck… fuck… what have I done… Rebecca… My wife… What the hell will I tell my WIFE!!!”

“Nothing! You will tell her nothing. This is our secret, just as mine and mothers arrangement is a secret. Understand?”

“Yes… yes of course. I will tell no one… What you do is… Well it’s your business… yes… yes…”

Robert hastily pulled his pants up, collected his briefcase, and on the way out the door said, “I will let you know when your new accounts are ready. Rebecca, Linda, it was good seeing you again!”

As the door closed Rebecca looked at Linda as said, “Fuck, not sure if that was such a good idea… You are a mess! Go find Emily and have her redo your makeup, check your outfit and make sure everything is perfect. She will need to thoroughly clean your gag out as well. When she is done with you, you are to remain in the cellar until you are called for. Make sure to rest up, you are going to need it!”

Linda nodded her head as best as she could as she stood up and walked away searching for Emily.

Linda was in luck as she found Emily almost right away in the kitchen helping Elisabeth making hors d'œuvres. As she entered Elisabeth looked up, clearly surprised by Linda’s new gag, and said, “Mrs. Andersson, how may we help you?”

Linda grunted in her gag, pointing at Emily and then at her head harness. Emily looked questioningly at Linda and said, “I don’t understand what… Elisabeth, do you know what she wants?”

“She wants you to remove the head harness.”

Linda started to frantically point at Elisabeth in an attempt to let her know she was right. Emily looked at Linda and then back at Elisabeth and said, “I am not sure I’m allowed to, Miss Rebecca has not given me such instructions.”

“Knowing Mrs. Andersson I know she would not ask you if she did not have permission to.”

Emily put down her knife, washed her hands, and walked towards Linda. Linda in turn kneeled to make taking the head harness off easier. As the harness came off she said, “Thank you, you need to… Careful! That is cum.”

Linda used her mittens to level the harness to stop some of Robert’s cum from dripping out of the fleshlight and onto the floor. Emily held the harness perfectly level and said, “Oh sorry!”

“No problem. My daughter wants you to help me redo my makeup, make sure my outfit and gear is perfect and then leave me to rest in the preparation room. And… you need to clean this gag out as well… sorry!”

Emily took the leash hanging from Linda’s neck corset and after telling Elisabeth she would be right back, led Linda down the stairs towards the preparations room.

Entering the room, Emily asked Linda to have a seat at the makeup chair and went to clean the fleshlight. As she returned she informed Linda that the hood needed to come off in order to redo the makeup. Having removed the neck corset, the hood came off with sputter and coughs and Emily started to thoroughly remove the makeup and clean Linda’s face. After reapplying the makeup, Emily cleaned the hood, put it back on Linda’s head and locked the neck corset around her neck. After changing to new freshly charged dildos and a new enemabag Emily made sure Linda’s outfit and gear was immaculate. She then excused herself and left Linda in the room.

Linda went over to the lounge area and was just about to sit down as Emily came back into the room. Linda stood and watched as Emily went over to the wardrobes, picked up a black rubber mattress and tossed it on the floor towards the wall. She then looked at Linda and said, “Mrs. Andersson, over here if you please.”

Linda was very curious about what Emily was up to and strode confidently towards her. As she was standing in front of her, Emily said, “On the mattress, presentation pose!”

Linda smiled and did as she was told, kneeling in the presentation pose towards Emily. Linda could see Emily fetch a heavy chain similar to the ones used for workout and two heavy duty padlocks. The chain was clearly very heavy as Emily struggled to bring it over to the mattress. After attaching one end to a d-ring in the wall with one of the padlocks, Emily knelt in front of Linda and with some effort managed to padlock the other end to the o-ring in Linda’s neck corset. As Emily was adding the chain to Linda’s neck corset she had been closer to Linda than ever before. Emily’s hair smelled of sweet honey and almond and Linda felt it was turning her on.

When the chain was in place Linda felt the chain was indeed very heavy and had to work to not fall forwards. As Emily stood up she put one of her shoes in front of her and said, “A thanks is in order, don’t you agree Mrs. Andersson?”

Linda’s juices started flowing and replied, “Yes Emily, of course!”

She bent down, relieved that most of the weight of the chain went away, and gently kissed Emily's sneaker. When Linda tried to straighten her back again she found it was near impossible due to the weight of the chain. Emily hunkered down and pushed Linda on the shoulder, making her topple over and land laying on her side on the mattress. Looking at Linda, Emily then said, “You are welcome… Now rest!”

Linda was still smiling as Emily left, closing the door behind her.

Not long after Emily had left her on the mattress, chained to the wall, Linda had started to doze off.

After what felt like five minutes she woke as the door was opened. Still laying on her side she saw Rebecca enter the room with Emily in tow.

Rebecca had her dark chocolate coloured hair up in a strict ponytail making her beautiful diamond shaped face clear to behold. Her ivory skin glistened and was a stark contrast to her dark plum makeup. She wore a lovely Victorian high collar blouse in white with ruffles. The sleeves of the blouse were folded up revealing black shoulder length latex gloves. Her waist was compressed under a dark plum, heavy latex, waist cincher and a pair of matching latex tights with crotch zipper engulfed her long legs. A small tool pouch in black latex was strapped high to her left thigh. On her feet she wore a pair of wonderful black, patent leather, 6 inch boots laced to perfection. Rebecca was holding a black leather riding crop in one of her hands and Linda could not think of anything other than that she looked like a goddess.

Emily on the other hand was wearing the usual estate uniform but Linda saw she now wore black, smokey eye makeup and a matte black lipsting making the already beautiful young woman even more so.

As Rebecca saw Linda on the mattress, chained as she were, she turned to Emily and said, “Nice set up. Was this yours or her idea?”

Emily put her hands behind her back and answered, “Mine Miss Rebecca. I wanted to ensure that Mrs. Andresson was resting as per your instructions.”

“Good initiative! I would not mind seeing more of that in the future.”

“Thank you Miss Rebecca, think nothing of it.”

Emily, At Rebecca's behest, unchained Linda and started to polish her latex to a perfect shine. Rebecca meanwhile circled Linda, pointed out areas she felt needed more shine and checked that everything looked in order.

As Rebecca deemed Linda ready she looked at Emily and said, “Good work, Emily, perfect! Now all that is left is to padlock her arms, would you?”

Emily locked Linda’s wrist cuffs behind her back with ease and this time, having watched Mark do it, managed to push Linda’s elbows together enough to padlock the elbow cuffs to one another.


Linda grunted and cursed at the added strain and pain to her shoulders and arms. Rebecca quickly retorted,” Shush! Watch your mouth mother, you know you love it!”

“Yes daughter, you are right. Sorry for cursing.”

Leashing Linda, Rebecca led her out of the preparations room and up the stairs, Emily in close tow.

As they exited the cellar Linda could hear soft lounge music playing on the estates loudspeakers and as she was led towards the big deck she could see people occupying it. Emily stepped in front of them and as she gracefully opened the glass doors Linda felt her juices starting to flow.

It was now later in the evening and the sun would set in a few hours. The deck had been transformed into a posh lounge club with more tables and chairs, live candles and an eat and drink buffé that would make any caterer blush. Around 20 to 30 people were mingling, eating and drinking. Some were using the pools while others were lounging on recliners and chairs. Centred in between the two pools a stage had been built. A stage rig had been raised with pillars in each corner of the stage. From the stage rig hung thick white covers, hiding the contents of the stage.

As all three of them had entered onto the deck, Emily announced in a loud and clear voice, “Miss Rebecca and her mother, Mrs. Andersson, widowed.”

The attendants all turned towards Rebecca and Linda and started to gently applaud. Rebecca started to move forwards stating, “Oh… no need my friends, go back to the festivities, please!”

Judging from the attire people wore Linda gathered that most of them must be mostly new friends sympathetic to the fetish and BDSM lifestyle. She could see all sorts of latex and leather outfits, some wore practically nothing and some wore pretty much regular outfits you would wear to a normal party. Another quick glance around the crowd revealed that at least a small portion of them had a form of dom/sub relationship judging by their interactions, collars and leashes.

One thing was however clear, NONE of them was as extremely dressed as Linda was. She would have no trouble at all becoming the centre of attention.

The first attendants who came to greet Rebecca were, from what Linda could understand, a couple she had met at Isabell’s realm during her training. After exchanging cheek kisses, complimenting each other's outfits the couple started to explore Linda’s latexed and bound form in great detail and big interest. The female was especially impressed with Linda’s waist and bound arms, stating she would never be able to achieve nor endure such extremes. The man had chuckled and confirmed that it was true but that he loved his apparent lover, or maybe wife, nonetheless. He then added that he would not mind giving Linda a test run to which Rebecca playfully hit him on the arm and said, “Behave! Let’s not spoil the merchandise, we just got here!”

Next in line was a butch woman who clearly would not mind taking Linda back home with her and have her way with. She complimented both Rebecca and Linda for the magnificent getup Linda was in. Rebecca took the remote for the dildos out of her thigh pouch and let the woman play around with it for a while while she greeted some other friends and managed to get herself a glass of champagne. As she came back Linda was yelping and thrashing about as she was constantly shocked by her tormentor. Rebecca calmly took the remote back stating that playtime was over and made Linda kiss the woman's boots before continuing her tour.

As they moved from greeting to greeting Rebecca started to increase the vibrators gradually making Linda more and more aroused. She was soon moaning in pleasure as people touched her, completed or spoke degradingly about her or her outfit.

About two hours later, as the sun was setting, the music toned down and Rebecca led Linda towards the stage and tapping her riding crop on her champagne glass eventually had everyone's attention. When she knew everyone was looking she turned to Linda and said, “Mother, presentation pose, towards my friends!”

Linda gracefully kneeled in the presentation pose, highly aroused.

Rebecca continued, “Dear friends, it is time for the real reason you all came here, the charity event! As many of you know, I have always been against animal cruelty and am proud to say that the money donated tonight will go to a anti animal cruilty associacion.”

The crowd started applauding, nodding to each other to confirm it was indeed a very good cause.

Rebecca continued, “With money that I have donated myself along with some of you here… You know who you are… You will all have a chance to win money for the association.”

Rebecca signalled to Emily who janked on a string next to one of the stage rig pillars and the white covers fell to the ground. There was a sound of surprise and anticipation from the attendants. Linda wanted nothing more than to turn around and see what everyone else saw but dared not move. Rebecca smiled and said, “As you can all probably see, the game is somewhat bondage and BDSM related. But before I explain the rules, we need to set up this evening's volunteer… Mother, if you please.”

As Linda heard her name her pussy twitched and she let out a loud moan. There was another round of applause and when Rebecca ushered Linda to stand, someone even called out, “Bravo!”

Stepping on a footstool placed beside the stage, Rebecca led Linda up on stage.

The stage was moderately light by spotlights attached to the stage rig. From the back most rig beams hung a digital scoreboard showing $0 alongside another digital board showing 03.00.00. Along the edges of the stage were a few tables and sun loungers along with the odd lounge pug. It was all looking real nice but what had Linda’s undivided attention was the contraption centre stage.

Welded to a horizontal metal bar was an oddly formed metal board padded with fine grade black leather with numerous black ratchet straps hanging from the sides. Looking at the odd form Linda saw that it was a perfect cutout for a female form to rest on, chest down. At each end of the horizontal bar were two small metal wheels with four spokes each, centering the bar between them. When moving the wheels, the plate could be tilted forward or backwards. Looking closer Linda saw that the wheels were motorised and that the whole contraption could be raised or lowered vertically.

In essence a body strapped to the plate could be tilted forwards or backwards along the wheels axle while also being raised away, or lowered towards, the floor. Linda could not wait to try it out.

Additionally Linda saw a similar box shaped machine that she had been connected to at Isabell’s realm. It could not only control the dildos vibrations and shocks but also their girth by pumping in or out the thick liquid inside them. It could also administer shocks to all of her electro pads and o-rings on her body. Standing next to the contraption was a small podium with a myriad of buttons, knobs and sliders clearly labelled as to their function that would give the user full control of the contraption and its occupant.

As Rebecca motined Linda to kneel she quickly did so in a presentation pose facing the crowd. Knowing she would soon be strapped into the device made her feel like a child at christmas. Rebecca addressed the crowd, ”Now before dear old mother here is installed for you to play with we need to do a few changes to her gear… It will be all worth it, I promise you. Emily, if you please.”

Linda could feel Emily start to unlock and remove her neck corset followed by the hood. As the hood came off, and Linda sputtered as the nostril tubes came out, there was a murmur of amazement and horror in the crowd. Linda could hear someone was aghast by the nostril tubes and someone else could be heard complimenting Linda on her beauty.

Emily next unlocked and removed the bondage mittens and elbow cuffs revealing Linda’s gloved hands. Again she could hear someone complimenting her on wearing gloves under the mittens as it apparently was “the only way to go”. Linda was relieved her arms were once again free and, moving her shoulders in a circular motion as much as her outfit allowed for, gave her arms and shoulders some much needed respite.

Mark and Jack entered the stage with new gear for Emily to put on Linda. Mark gave Linda an acknowledging nod and Linda figured Elisabeth must have delivered her message. As Emily was lubricating the nostril tubes on the new hood she was holding, Linda could hear someone in the crowd feel pity on her for having the tubes inserted again.

The hood was in a matching red, thick latex and looked pretty much the same as the one she just had on. Only difference was this hood had a two inch in diameter rubber tube at the mouth with an aluminium ring on top of the gaping hole. Just as the head harness gags she had worn earlier, the aluminium ring had fine groves allowing for something to be securely screwed in place. As the nostril tubes went down Linda’s nose many in the crowd made noises of disgust and horror. When Emily had thread Linda’s braid through the hair tube and the hood sat perfectly on Linda’s head, a small spontaneous applause erupted.

Emily next took a big metal o-ring and grabbed parts of Linda’s braid, thread it through the o-ring and then folded it back on itself. As she held it there Jack started to tightly wrap thick vulcanizing rubber tape numerous times around the part of the braid that was overlapped. All done, Linda saw that the o-ring would not come loose unless the rubber tape was cut open. As Emily let go of the braid Linda could feel the added weight of the o-ring on her scalp.

Jack handed Emily the next new item, a black 2.5 inch heavy rubber collar with a locking buckle and o-ring in the front. Locked in place around Linda’s neck, Emily motioned Linda to stand and turn around. She was told to put her hands together, palm to palm and knew she was about to be put in her rubber single glove.

Made out of thick black rubber the glove started with a pocket for the hands with a large d-ring at the bottom end. Up the middle of the form cut sleeve ran a heavy duty zipper. Thick straps with buckles were placed around the wrists, around the elbows and around the upper arms where the sleeve ended. At the top were two heavy duty d-ring on either side of the zipper with two wide shoulder straps to prevent the single glove from sliding off.

Emily, with the help of Jack, pushed Linda’s hands into the pocket and zipped the single glove shut. Linda, loving the sensation, let out a loud moan but admitted to herself that a longer respite would have been preferable. As the buckles were all tighty locked, Rebecca turned to the still amazed crown and asked, “Shall we make mothers elbows touch?”

A resounding “YES!” could be heard and getting the go ahead from Rebecca, Emily and Jack unlocked the elbow strap, tightened it all the way and locked it again.

Linda let out a loud cry of pleasure and despair as her elbows touched and were crushed together under the buckle.

As Emily and Jack had redone the strap the crowd again spontaneously applauded. As the applause died out Emily, accompanied by Jack and Mark, moved Linda into position behind the padded board. Mark worked a few buttons on the control podium and soon the board was perfectly aligned with Linda’s upper body legs. The crowd next observed with great interest as Jack and Mark held Linda towards the board and started to tighten the ratchet straps, pinning her to it.

As Linda felt she would burst like a balloon due to the pressure added by the straps the two men took a step back and Linda felt she was being tilted forwards. And she was more or less level with the stage, the board stopped and she could feel her legs being folded and bound by more straps. She was now strapped into an extremely tight hogtie.

Moving in under Linda, Mark loosened a sprint under the board close to her crotch and started to spread her legs apart. The lower part of the board was split into two parts allowing the occupant to have their legs spread at a total of 90 degrees. Linda grunted as the new position of her legs furthered her already very strained position. Pleased with the new angle, Mark inserted the sprint again, locking the two parts in place.

The bondage was everything Linda had hoped for and was quickly getting extremely aroused. The bondage was severe and she was already starting to hurt all over but her masochistic side revelled in the added pain.

Linda now felt what must have been a spreader bar being locked to her ankle cuffs. The addition made little sense to her until she felt her braid being pulled backwards. As it went taut Linda started to grunt in pain as her head was forced backwards by nothing more than her hair and her scalp was starting to hurt. Just as she thought her hair would be torn off her scalp she heard a buckle being locked.

Linda was now more or less looking straight forwards and could see Rebecca looking at her with a broad, wicked smile. As the contraption was positioned diagonally on the stage Linda could now also see about half of the crowd looking at her but also the podium with all the controls for the contraption in front of her.

Linda could next feel fiddling around her crotch and dildos and figured that the machine was being connected to her. When she felt someone start to connect the wires at the base of her neck she knew for sure that this was the case.

Done with her installation, Linda could see all three hired help exit the stage and stand to the side of it, observing Rebecca. Rebecca turned to the crowd again and said, “Almost there folks, but why don’t we ask mother if she has any last words before the games begin?”

A unanimous “Yes!” could be heard.

Rebecca hunkered down in front of Linda and asked, “Any last words before the fun begins mother?”

“Pffleeashhh… mmaash meeeh cuunng!”

“She wants to cum!”

Rebecca stood up and loudly relayed Linda’s wish to the crowd who cheered. Waiting for the crowd to settle down Rebecca continued, “The rules are simple. During the next three hours you are free to use my mother as you please. You will have a myriad of toys and equipment at your disposal, not forgetting the device itself that is controlled from the podium over there. Everything is clearly labelled and should be self explanatory but we have staff on hand to help out if needed.”

Rebecca held out a hand towards Mark, Jack and Emily before continuing, “Now for the rules! Everytime one of you reaches an orgasm up here on stage, playing with my mother, you win $1000.”

As the crowd cheered yet again Linda was feeling an orgasm approaching, Rebecca's words had been like sweet honey to her ears.

“So what are we waiting for… Alex, would you do the honours?”

Linda could hear a man reply, “HELL YEAH!”

Linda saw a large muscular man dressed in nothing but a pair of white Thai fishermans pants and black loafers approach the stage. As he entered the stage a round of applause came from the crowd. Alex stood beside Rebecca who whispered something in his ear, pointed at Linda and gave him the fleshlight attachment for her tube gag. Alex smiled and went over to Linda and hunkered down in front of her. As he started to insert and screw the fleshlight in place he said, “Hello Mrs. Andersson, pleasure to meet you. You have no idea how much I have been wanting to fuck you ever since i saw you and Rebecca tonight… and now a will… Enjoy!”

Linda moaned as Alex untied his pants and revealed a huge erect cock. Without warning he rammed it into the fleshlight with a loud groan and started to fuck Linda’s gag. Again the fleshlight engulfed the cock and Linda felt nothing of it in her mouth, much to her disappointment.

In what seemed like no more than a few seconds Alex could be heard grunting loudly as he came and shot his load into the fleshlight. It shot straight into Linda’s throat who started to try and swallow it as best as she could. A loud ding could be heard and outside of Linda’s view the scoreboard changed to $1000, timer now at 02.51.39. The crowd cheered as Alex withdrew his still erect cock and with a shout in joy exited the stage.

Unbeknownst to Linda, Mark was closely monitoring the “game” and was the one who called a win, and changed the score board.

Linda was patiently awaiting her next contender, playing with parts of Alex cum with her tongue, but no one entered the stage. After a while she saw Rebecca enter the stage with a mid 40s couple, man and woman. The man looked reluctant but as the woman whispered something in his ear he smiled and the both of them walked up to Linda. Cheers could be heard from the crowd as the woman kneeled in front of the man and started unbuttoning his leather pants. Pulling out his semi erect cock she started to first massage it with her hands only to put it in her mouth as it went hard. All the while she was giving the man a blowjob she looked straight into Linda's eyes. As the man started to grunt loudly she quickly guided his cock to the fleshlight into which he quickly came. Another ding could be heard and a somewhat less enthusiastic cheer could be heard.

Mere seconds after he had pulled out Linda saw Emily walk up to the control podium with a slim young woman in her mid 20s in tow. Blonde and slightly taller than Emily, the young woman wore a tight black latex catsuit with crotch zipper and knee high six inch boots matching the catsuit in colour. She was paying very close attention as Emily pointed and explained how the controls at the podium worked . As Linda saw the young woman press some buttons she felt she was being tilted backwards and lowered toward the ground. Still able to see the woman and the podium Linda saw her set some new parameters and Linda moaned loudly into the fleshlight as she felt her dildos spring to life. Not only were they now vibrating at a medium level, they were also increasing and decreasing in girth as additional thick liquid were being pumped into and out of them.

The woman left the podium, telling Emily to remain and went towards Linda. On the way she picked up a long metal crop and when she was right in front of Linda started to open the crotch zipper in her catsuit. Soon her wet pussy and engorged clitoris were exposed and she started to masturbate in front of Linda. The new angle of the board ment Linda was now looking straight at the young woman's pussy from a frog perspective and she could clearly see her beautiful face. With her hazel eyes the young woman looked down at Linda and said, “You like that? You like my clean shaven, wet pussy?”

Linda tried to answer through the fleshlight but her answer came out, to no surprise, all garbled. Starting to unscrew the fleshlight attachment the young woman said, “Let's get this thing out of there.”

As it popped out cum from its previous users started to slowly drip out of it and Linda’s tormentor quickly held it up over her tube gag and let it drip straight into her mouth. She hunkered down and put her face right next to Linda’s and still holding the fleshlight in place said, “There you go… some male spunk… yummy huh? Oh…Here comes a little more… Do you like pain? I bet you like pain, don’t you baby?”

Linda was trying to catch as much of the cum dripping from the fleshlight with her tongue and answered, “Mmmh-huh! I loogh ick.”

“I knew you did! Emily!… Clitoris… give it to her!”

Linda could see Emily press a button on the control panel as she answered, “Yes Miss Victoria.”


Linda's clitoris was on fire. No, it was melting. The pain was so intense Linda’s eyes started to roll back in her head. Victoria watched the screaming bound woman in front of her and said, “Holy shit! Fuuuuuuuck me that must hurt! I can’t even imagine what that must feel like!”

Emily had let go of the button and Linda was now panting and grunting heavily, tears running from her eyes. Victoria stood up, tossed the fleshlight aside and started to masturbate. As she started to breath heavily she raised the metal crop and with a swift stroke let it land on Linda’s left buttox. Linda screamed in pain. Victoria continued to masterbate, her breath getting heavier and heavier, and hit Linda’s buttox once more with the crop. Linda let out another scream. The cycle continued.

Linda looked at Victoria through tear filled eyes as she was approaching an orgasm. The shock to her clitoris had been severe and pushed her right into full masochistic mode. She was now getting closer and closer with each sweet blow from Victoria's crop.

Victoria was clearly aroused by using Linda as she did and was getting very close to cum herself. As she furiously started to rub her clitoris, letting blow after blow land hard on Linda’s now raw buttox she loudly told Emily, “Now Emily… NOW!”

Linda could feel her nipples and clitoris bathe in pain as the vibrators went up to full force and maximum girth.


She let out an almost primaeval guttural sound as she was instantly pushed over the edge and had a forceful fountain orgasm!

Victoria came simultaneously and the two sang a short duett of pure extacy.

As the score board went ding, Emily stopped the shocks and decreased the girth of the dildos but kept the vibrations running at a medium level.

Victoria let the crop fall to the stage floor and bent over, hands on her thighs. Her face was red and she was panting heavily. Looking straight down at Linda she said, “That… was amazing!”

Noticing a small amount of ejaculate drip from under Linda, Victoria pointed at it and continued, “Looks… Looks like you enjoyed it as well Mrs. Andersson.”

She hunkered down in front of Linda and holding up her left index and middle finger asked, “Want to taste me?”

Linda managed to utter a pittyfull, “Mmmh-huh…”

“Here you go baby… tastes good huh?”

As Victoria put the fingers down the gag tube Linda started to lick them as best she could. The salty and slightly sour taste was a very welcome change from the previous liquid she had been fed. As Linda licked Victoria’s fingers clean, Victoria used her other hand to wipe the tears from Linda's eyes while she was saying, “God damn… you sure are something. Fuck! Rebecca has no idea how lucky she is…”

With a big friendly smile on her face Victoria pulled her fingers out of Linda’s gag and stood back up. Still in plain view of Linda, she carefully closed the crotch zipper on her catsuit using her index finger as a guide, then carefully strode away as if she was walking on clouds.

Linda kept entertaining the guests who took turns pleasuring themselves by both pleasuring and torturing her. Emily or Mark was constantly helping out with the control panel and fetching various BDSM parafilia. After a while Linda had lost track of how many contestants she had helped cum. She had even lost track of the number of times she had cum herself. She did however know that she was totally spent. More or less her whole body was numb due to the strict bondage and the only thing she felt was if someone used a whip or a cane on the exposed parts of her hogtie. The vibrations, changes in dildo girth and shocks were still felt thankfully since Linda was afraid she would go insane if she did not receive any stimulation at all.

Most interactions Linda had to endure were pretty bland. At times it felt that people were just playing with the tilt controls for the fun of it or having more fun interacting with each other rather than with Linda.

A few interactions stood out during the evening though.

The first was when the butch woman from earlier had come up to Linda, deciding it was finally her turn to use her. She unscrewed and removed the solid four inch dildo currently occupying Linda’s mouth and had help with setting Linda up, low towards the ground, looking up. As she unbuttoned her green combat pants and pulled down her knickers Mark came and handed her a cordless magic wand vibrator. Putting the vibrator to her pussy she sped it up and starting rocking her pelvis back and forth as if she was fucking it. Moments later, and without any sign or warning at all, she moved her big pussy towards Linda’s tube gag and had a huge fountain orgasm. The edjaculate sprayed Linda in the face, most of it down her throat, and she submissively swallowed it as fast as she could. The butch woman pulled up her pants and left a whining Linda behind her without saying a word.

A few interactions later Linda saw Victoria coming up on stage holding a cute woman in her early 30s in her hand. The cute woman wore a sexy schoolgirl outfit with a pair of tightly laced over the knee, five inch heels in black patent leather.

Playing around with the controls for a short while they positioned Linda so she was looking straight up at the star filled sky, lowered as much as possible towards the ground. Linda could just about see out of the corner of her eye as they got a pair of high barstools and placed them next to each other in front of Linda. As they sat up on the stools and looked down at Linda they appeared upside down to her. Victoria was the first to speak, “Hi again Mrs. Andersson, remember me? I bet you do… This is Maria. She has been wanting to use you all night but was a bit shy so I promised to accompany her. Cute huh?”

Maria waved, holding a magic wand in her hand and said, “Hi!”

Victoria held up the remote to Linda’s dildos and continued, “Look at what Rebecca lent me! We are going to have real fun, ain’t we Maria?”

“I guess…”

Victoria gave Linda a painful shock to Linda’s pussy and ass making her let out a painful yelp and said, “Sure we are! Look, Mrs. Andersson is overjoyed.”

Linda grunted and continued to look submissively at the pair above her. Victoria leaned in over Linda’s tube gag, puckered her lips, and let a big gob of spit drop down Linda’s throat. Linda coughed as it hit her right at the back of the throat but instantly moaned as she was finally getting more aroused again. Victoria lit up and turned to Maria and said, “See! I told you she would like it! This old hag is one in a million!”

Maria looked peasantly surprised and leaned in, letting a gob of her own fall down into Linda’s gag. Linda was prepared this time and had her tongue at the back of her throat catching the gob. Victoria saw this and said, “Perfect Mrs. Andersson. Do NOT swallow until you are given permission to, understand?”

Linda, who was gradually getting more and more aroused, grunted an “Mmmmh-huh.” in reply.

The women started taking turns spitting into Linda's mouth making it slowly fill with their spit. Victoria also gradually increased the vibrations in Linda’s dildos and gave her an occasional strong shock now and then. Maria was getting more and more aroused and after a few minutes of spitting looked at Victoria and said, “Kiss me!”

Victoria wasted no time and put one hand at the back of Maria’s head, grabbed a handful of her hair and forced her into a long french kiss. She then pulled Marias head back, pushed her towards Linda and commanded, “Spit!”

Maria cleared her sinuses and spat a large gob into Linda’s already half full mouth. Vitoria spat a gob of her own and then forced Maria into another french kiss with her hand. The cycle continued and when Maria started to pant heavily between spitting and kissing Victoria maxed Linda’s vibrators who had steadily approached an orgasm. Not long after Maria managed to utter between spit and kiss, “I’m gonna cum… I’m gonna cum!”

Victoria janked Maria’s head fully backwards, spat into Linda’s mouth and said, “Swallow!”

There was an audible slurp as Linda swallowed the by now ample amount of spit in her mouth. As she did Victoria gave her max shocks to pussy and ass on top of the already maxed vibrations. As Maria loudly came above her, Linda was pushed over the edge yet again and came. Her orgasms were nothing near as powerful as at the start of the event and now they just felt like an exercise rather than enjoyable.

Stopping the shocks but leaving the vibrators running at a low setting, Victoria put her hand to Maria’s face and said, “See, I knew you had it in you, good for you!”

Maria was still coming down from the orgasm and replied, “Yes… I guess I did… Thank you Victoria! And thank you Mrs. Andersson.”

Maria got up and left Victoria still sitting above Linda. As she looked down into Linda’s eyes she had a look of concern on her face and said, “And you… You are nothing else than amazing, I told you that already I hope! Any normal person would have passed out long ago… How many orgasms have you had? Five? Ten? Twenty?”

Victoria wanted to say something else but did not seem to get her words out. Instead she kissed her index finger, let it touch Linda on the forehead and went and fetched something. She held up a padded heavy rubber blindfold and buckled it tight around Linda’s eyes. Caressing Linda’s cheek as she left, she said, “Hang in there!”

Linda was now in total darkness. The added blindfold meant little to Linda until the next contestant started to play with her. Without her eyesight her other senses sharpened a bit and every interaction with her was a little more intense then before. Imagining Victoria in her sexy outfit Linda was grateful for the mercy she had shown.

As the evening progressed, Linda spent the rest of it blindfolded.

Unsure how much time had passed, Linda was pretty sure that the event was almost over. She had not been used for what felt like hours but probably was no more than ten minutes. The music had stopped long ago and so had the background noise of people chatting and laughing.

Suddenly Linda heard someone come up on stage and moments later her blindfold was taken off. Infront of her, looking down, was Rebecca. She seemed a bit intoxicated as she said, smiling, “Mother! Mother look… Look who has come to say hi!”

As Rebecca moved out of the way Linda saw Mistress Isabell and let out a pittiful moan. Totally spent as she was, Linda could still appreciate her Mistress’s outfit. Her black shiny hair was made up in a long ponytail. She wore a lovely white latex blouse and black latex gloves. Her waist was draped in a black underbust corset and she had a tight black latex pencil skirt over her hips and legs. Her outfit was finished with a pair of six inch, knee high, black leather boots. As she approached Linda’s she seemed to have a glowing halo surrounding her.

Isabell looked down at Linda and said, “Wow! Mrs. Andersson… That’s quite the predicament you are in, yikes! But then you always were one for extremes weren’t you? Imagine my surprise when I learned Rebecca was your step-daughter…”

Linda now saw a man behind Isabell who interrupted her and said, “Honey, the party… we need to go.”

“Ah yes! I am so sorry Rebecca but we can’t stay, we are in transfer between parties actually, just popped by to say hi… You met my husband Brad right?”

Rebecca shook Brad’s hand and then hugged Isabell and said, “No problem, I’m just glad you came by!”

As Isabell walked away with her husband Linda let out a pitiful whine as it finally dawned on her that she meant nothing to Mistress Isabell. She was not Linda’s Mistress and Linda was nothing more than just another client to her. Linda got a sick feeling in her stomach as she watched Insabell leave, the halo surrounding her all but gone.

Rebecca bent down and kissed Linda on the forehead, hunkered down and took Linda’s face in between her hands as she said, “Bit of a crush on Isabell huh? Well I do not blame you, so did I when I first met her.”

Rebecca’s face lit up with a smile as she continued, “It will be alright mom, no worries! We have each other right… AND we made a lot of new friends today I think… What’s her name… Victoria… She seemed especially fond of you! Would not surprise me if she wanted to borrow you sometime, would you like that?”

Linda’s eyes were swelling up again. Not from rejection. Not from pain. Not from exhaustion. She was about to start crying because of the warmth she just felt from her step-daughter. Linda realised she had everything she ever needed right in front of her.

Rebecca saw Linda start crying and while drying her tears said, “There, there mom… Don’t cry! Let’s get you out of this shall we? You have deserved it… I mean you raised… Wow look at that… $24,000 tonight.”

Rebecca looked over her shoulder and said, “Emily!”

Rebecca then looked back at Linda and continued with a smile on her face, “I will sadly not partake in your aftercare. Alex has promised me a night of otherworldly pleasure so I must dash… Emily here volunteered to take care of you instead. Good night mother, see you tomorrow!”

As Rebecca once again kissed her step-mother on the forehead Linda managed to mumble. “Gooog nggagk! Ih lauuw jou!”

On her way Rebecca thoroughly thanked Emily for her efforts and then disappeared into the mansion calling out for Alex.

Linda saw Emily go over to the control panel and with ease levelled Linda horizontally to the stage floor. She then spent a considerable time hitting buttons, setting sliders and turning knobs. As she finally came over, Linda was whining submissively as she could not wait to be let out.

Emily hunkered down in front of Linda and started talking, “I am SO proud of you! You have no idea of the amount of compliments you have received tonight from… well from everyone! If Rebecca ever let you go you would find a new suiter in no time, trust me…”

Linda was unsure why Emily told her this now, clearly it could wait until later.

Emilly sighed and continued, “I also need you to know how envyous I have been of… everyone here tonight. Seeing them use you time and time again actually made me quite angry. I would have given anything to have been able to use you myself… So that is what I will do…”

Linda was starting to realise what was about to happen and started begging through her gag with all of her strength.

Emily smiled and said, “Yes! I have decided that we both deserve this and even though it may cost me my job you… WE… are worth it. Having run the controls pretty much all evening I think I have figured out how to program it to run a loop of selected programs… Guess you are the one who will find out won’t you.”

Just as Rebecca had done, Emily stood up and kissed Linda on the forehead and then went over to the control panel. Pressing a button she blew a kiss to Linda and said, “Now if you will excuse me I will go and masturbate until I fall asleep.”

As she left the stage Emily turned and said, “I will be thinking of you!”

As Linda saw the doors to the mansion close behind Emily she started crying and sobbing. She frantically tried to move and get out of her bondage but her body wasn’t obeying her. She did not move an inch.

Before long Linda felt a familiar tickling run across her body and the vibrators started to slowly ramp up and down in an alternating pattern. Pretty soon she felt painful shocks in her nippes and clitories and cried out in pain.

The cycle kept getting worse and worse and as Linda suddenly saw Elisabeth coming towards her, cried out in mercy. As Elisabeth entered the stage Linda was repeating over and over, “Phflleaa hepf meh! Phflleaa hepf meh!”

Elisabeth hunkered down before Linda, looked at her and said, “Mrs. Andersson… quite the pickle wouldn’t you say?”

Linda grunted in mercy as best as she could as Elisabeth looked back at the mansion and continued, “You know we have to keep an eye on that girl… she might be more trouble then she is worth.”

Elisabeth looked back at Linda and stated, “Now let me fix this…”

Linda felt a wave of hope run over her all while the cycle kept running, giving her more and more pain and barely measurable pleasure.

Putting a four inch solid dildo to Linda’s gag tube she said, “We can't have you screaming and moaning out here all night can we? We have to think of our neighbours!”

As Linda felt the dildo being screwed tightly in place, leaving her no choice than to breathe through her nose she surrendered. What little hope she just felt was gone and her mind started to shut down. She was suddenly at peace with the fact that she was nothing more than a rubber doll in bondage, meant for torture.

Picking up and putting the blindfold back over Linda’s eyes Elisabeth said, “The things some get off on… sheesh… Well you have yourself a pleasant time Mrs. Andresson, be thankful it will be a warm night.”

As Elisabeth was leaving Linda felt her first of many, many more painful orgasms approach. As Elisabeth closed the doors behind her she faintly heard Mrs. Andersson cry out in pain as she came.

Shaking her head to herself as she glanced over at the lit, bound form at the stage, Elisabeth locked the doors and headed for bed.


It was midday. The sun was glaring down on the deck from a cloudless sky. Under the protection of one of the pergola sunroofs Rebecca was about to doze off in one of the sun loungers. She had just finished a cold glass of ice tea and pondered if she should have another one made for her. She was wearing her big black sun hat, a pair of sunglasses and a deep red, PVC bikini. Even though she was almost naked, pearls of sweat could be seen all over her body.

It had been eight days since the charity event. Linda had endured her torture all but the whole night and morning. When Rebebca had finally found her in the morning she was but an empty husk of herself. Immediately starting to free her, Rebecca had shouted for help and pretty soon it was all hands on deck to bring Linda down to the relaxation and recovery room. As Elisabeth slowly had nursed Linda back to sanity Rebecca had a long talk with the rest of the staff but especially with Emily. Contrary to what one would think Emily had gotten off very easy. Rebecca mostly blamed herself for not picking up on Emily’s affection for her step-mother and partly blamed Emily for not informing Rebecca of her plan. That said, Rebecca was impressed with Emily’s capacity to take initiatives of her own and execute them. It also helped that as soon as Linda was able to speak, she had told Elisabeth to thank Emily for the wonderful experience.

It was a fact that Linda had been through hell and back after being left alone after the event. But in her isolated torture, alone with only her pain and misery, she had dove deeper into subspace then ever before. As she had been freed the following morning she was at total peace with her situation and with herself. Even though she hoped she would NEVER have to experience it again, she was glad she had been forced to.

After contacting Mistress Yua for guidance Rebecca had taken Linda to a rejuvenating spa, and having spent three day there, came back to the estate as her old self again.

Rebecca could hear the doors to the deck open and the unmistakable sounds of high heels coming closer. As she tipped her sunglasses down her nose she saw Emily stride perfectly in her heels towards the patio. Emily had her raven black hair up in a strict ponytail. She wore lovely black smokey eye makeup and her black matte lipstick. Her body was covered in a black latex unitard with long sleeves and thigh high black latex stockings. Her footwear for the day were a pair of black, open toe, five inch platform sandals.

As she entered the pergola Rebecca said, “Miss Emily, have a seat!”

Emily sat in the sunlounger next to Rebecca, held up a tablet, and replied, “Thank you Miss Rebecca. I have gone through all of your emails and messages and wanted to run a few things by you if that is alright?”

“Ah! What would I do without you… Remind me to thank Elisabeth, making you my personal aid was genius!”

Rebecca tugged at a leash that was laying beside her in the lounger and from the foot end of the bed Linda emerged, having been laying on the patio floor.

Emily smiled as she saw Linda work her way up to a kneeling position, truly a feat in her current situation.

Linda was wearing a thick black latex catsuit that was a copy of the red one she had worn for the event eight days ago. Under the catsuit she wore shoulder length black latex gloves and thigh high stockings. Around her waist she wore the steel boned black rubber corset and on top of that was a tight, rubber lined, form fitting chrome chastity belt properly locked on. Under the chastity belt and catsuit she wore the by now standard remote controled vaginal and anal dildos. Her feet were tightly laced into her knee high wedge ballet boots. Wrists and elbows were bound together using thick heavy leather straps.

Linda’s head was covered in a thick, black latex hood with nostrils tubes. Apart from the nostril holes, the only other opening was a form cut opening for her mouth rendering Linda blind. Around her neck she wore a four inch wide, thick rubber collar with a big o-ring in front and two locked buckles in the back. Attached to the o-ring was the long black leather leash Rebecca had been tugging on. Last but not least, she was wearing a catheter and a catheter bag strapped to her left calf.

By the shine, or rather lack thereof, it was safe to say Linda had been wearing the outfit for some time by now. Even though she had been spending the past two hours under the protection of the patio roof she was clearly sweating a lot as evident by the pearls of sweat on her lips.

Rebecca tugged on the leash again to motion Linda to move towards her and, after bumping into the end of the sunlounger twice, managed to inch forwards between Rebecca and Emily. As she was about half way Rebecca said, “Having mothers hair completely shaved off was a great idea. No more hassle with it and her hoods should fit much more snug now… Although… We better take new measurements and order all new ones to get that perfect fit.”

Emily typed at her tablet and said, “Noted… Oh also, Elisabeth told me she found Mrs Anderson trying to remove the chastity belt again this morning.”

“Really?! Again mom… You know it is for your own best… and our amusement of course. Come over here!”

Linda had managed to inch her way further in between the sun loungers as Rebecca sat up and grabbed Linda’s arm, turning her towards herself. Rebecca gave Linda a hard slap across her cheek and said, “Why!… Why do you do this to me? You know I love you but when you do things like this I wonder if I might be spoiling you…”

Linda felt her cheek was on fire and answered, “I am so sorry daughter, I… I just get so very aroused wearing the chastity belt.”

“Look! Coming back from the spa… Did you, or did you not, beg of me to take the control of your orgasm away from yourself?”

“I did, daughter.”

“OK then… Emily, you may punish her as you see fit.”

Emily smiled as she said, “Thank you Miss Rebecca… Mrs. Anderson, turn this way!”

Linda turned towards Emily’s voice and felt both of her exposed nipples being pinched and twisted hard.


Linda let out a cry in distress as Emily tormented her now fully erect nipples. After letting go of the nipples it was not long before Linda felt Emily attach a nippleclamp to one of her nipples. As the pressure of the clamp came gradually Linda figured they were the kind that closed using a screw and sure enough, she could soon feel its vicious sharp teeth start to dig into her nipple.


Linda screamed as the teeth dug deep into her nipple, crushing it in its jaws. Apparently satisfied Emily did the same to Linda’s other nipple making Linda scream in pain once more.

Panting in pain Linda then felt Emily attach weights to the nippleclamps adding to the pain. Linda sobbed a pitiful “Thank you” as the weights hung at the ends of the clamps, pulling them towards the ground.

Emily, still smiling, replied, “Now thank me properly!”

Linda knew what she was expecting and started to bend forwards. As Emily carefully guided her with her feet Linda was soon fully bent over, licking and kissing Emily’s heels and feet.

Linda had worn the chastity belt for three days and it only came off for brief times as her wardrobe was changed, she even slept with it on. Everyone at the mansion had been told that under no circumstances were Mrs. Andersson to be allowed to cum unless Rebecca approved it. This meant Linda was in constant arousal and even though she had been fantasising about it at the spa, was starting to regret her decision.

Having to lick Emily’s feet had her juices flowing so much Linda could feel it run past the base of her vaginal dildo and down her thighs under the catsuit. As Emily started the vibrators in Linda’s dildos on a low setting Linda moaned loudly stating to feel an orgasm building. One she was afraid she would never be allowed to reach.

Observing her latex engulfed step-mother service one of her employees made Rebecca bite her lip and could feel she was very moist between her legs. As if to stop herself from putting a hand to her crotch Rebecca said, “You were saying something about messages and emails…”

Emily snapped to and replied, “Yes, sorry! Let’s see.”

Emily scrolled down on her tablet and continued, “Mr. Wade wants you to know that you and Mrs. Andersson are most welcome for a consultation regarding giving Mrs. Andersson the piercings. He did however say that adding the amount discussed in one session was not recommended. He also wondered if you were not getting any?”

“I might… What else?”

“Eahhh… Yes! Mr Rodriges is coming tomorrow to install the urinal and figures it will take them three days to make the whole conversion.”

“Lovely! Hear that mother? Soon you will be able to be used as a urinal again, isn’t that nice? Being used by the staff, by me… potential visitors… Huh?”

Linda’s pussy twitched around the dildo and as she was steadily getting closer to her orgasm and, stopping to lick Emily’s feet for a moment, replied, “Yes daughter, I would love to be used as a urinal again!”

“Don’t worry Emily, I’ll show you, Elisabeth and what’s her name… The new one… Christine… How to use it. The men need no instructions… Anything else?”

“I don’t know about this one but Robert called and asked if it would be at all possible to have one of his potential clients over and… play with Mrs. Andersson? Apparently it could be a huge revenue addition if the deal is closed but the negotiations have grind to a halt.”

Rebecca had removed her sunglasses and was fully focused on Emily as she continued, “Mr… Mr. Kaneko is apparently very much into school girls, tentacles and ponyplay according to Robert’s investigation… I don’t know…”

“Wait! Ponyplay? From what Isabell told me, mother here is a big fan of ponyplay… Contact Isabell today and ask for the specs for the pony gear mother used during her stay there… Oh and find out who made it for her! Robert is going to owe me big time…”

“Will do! Finally, don’t forget Victoria is coming by later.”

“Ah yes. Well better have mother fed and well rested before that. Better hose her down as well so she doesn't succumb to heatstroke, will you see to that?”

“Yes of course Miss Rebecca, it will be my pleasure!”

Rebecca stood up and looked at Linda still licking Emily’s heels and said, “Give her 20 lashed with the crop first… and make her count them out loud.”

“Of course, what’s the infraction?”

“None, you need the training…”

As Rebecca walked towards the mansion she could clearly hear the sound of a crop flying fast through the air. Milliseconds later she heard her step-mother cry out in great pain, counting one and thanking Emily for it. By the time the doors closed behind Rebecca, Linda had counted to three.

“Do you hear that? Do you HEAR that?”


“…THAT! Someone is shouting over at the Andersson’s again. The party last week and now shouting and screaming during the days. I’ve had enough!”

“Come on, It’s not that bad is it?”

“Easy for you to say, you never hear anything! Bob, I want you to go over there and tell that Mrs. Andersson that no matter how much money she has there are others here who paid for some peace and quiet! Hopefully she will respect the elder.”


“YES REALLY! Does it look like I am joking? You go over there and give her a piece of your mind!”

“Yeah, yeah… I’m going… then after we could maybe… you know… do the hanky panky?

“What on earth are you on about?”

“Nothing Beth… nothing… as usual…”

As Bob Smith walked towards his nextdoor neighbour, Mrs. Andersson could still be heard screaming and counting.


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