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Miss Inform

by TheLargeEmpty

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Storycodes: M/f; latex; straitjacket; strip; cell; gag; straps; bond; nc; X

This story was a request for Montanau on deviantArt and features their characters.

Miss Inform

Mr. Info was delighted with his shift today. Thanks to his posters, some very bad accidents had once again been avoided and dangerous artifacts safely stowed away. Although the DSO was still a little suspicious of his warnings, more and more employees were grateful for his help, be it through a "Caution, release leads to the dollification of all of Louisiana" or a "Caution freshly wiped" poster. Mr. Info shook his head in amusement as he scurried from one poster to the next, remembering the clumsy mouse girl, Heidi, who almost slipped when she read the latter.

"Another day without incident," Mr. Info muttered, exiting the DSO building via a secret poster behind a stone-aged photocopier and entering his own four walls. He put his two-dimensional self aside in the same step and stretched with relish.

"Back again," he mumbled more to himself than to his devilish roommate, Miss Inform, who was hopefully either in her room or on a date with her girlfriend. She always managed to drive him up the wall with her requests to "have fun". Not that he had anything against fun, but what she wanted bordered more on madness than fun. He went into the kitchen and was about to treat himself to an after-work beer when he froze. There were posters all over the floor and work surfaces, telling everyone to throw all order, caution and facts overboard.

"MISS INFORM? WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS HERE?" he yelled as he read one of their posters that said the earth wasn't round, but donut shaped and therefore everyone should eat more donuts.

"Department for fun and games? More like fake news and diabetes," he cursed and walked out of the kitchen. He tripped over a bucket of paint that he had overlooked when he entered and blue paint poured over the floor. Cursing, he fell to the floor and landed right in the puddle. His best suit was instantly ruined and covered in paint from top to bottom. He looked up to see Miss Inform scurrying past him from her room with a pile of posters in her hand. She was wearing her favorite white shirt and black leggings with sneakers.

"See you later Info Boy!" shouted the slim blue-haired woman with a grin and disappeared through the portal and into the two-dimensional room of the DSO headquarters.

"Wait, you…" Mr. Info tried to get up and run after her, but something was wrong. Apparently Miss Inform had mixed glue with the paint and it wouldn't let go of him easily. He rolled his eyes in annoyance and began to peel himself out of his suit without the paint touching his skin.


"Just leave the documents, will someone else clear them away for you?" a DSO employee asked the poster in front of her, looking down at the file containing top secret documents.

"He, I don't care," she mumbled and simply tucked the file into a nearby potted plant before ducking into the break room. At the edge of the poster, the 2D form of Miss Inform peeked out and laughed happily when she saw the file.

"And another person is finally having fun. Haha," she looked at the next of her posters and started grinning broadly.

"Keys are a big burden and can easily get lost. Why don't you just give your keys to this trustworthy person?" On it was a picture of a woman with a curly mane of red hair, dressed only in an oversized shirt. She was showing her middle finger and had an angry face.

"This one's going to be a hoot!" she muttered, looking around the DSO building in search of the perfect place to display her work.

"Stop… stop!" an exhausted voice called behind her and Miss Inform groaned in annoyance.

"Oh, I thought I had a little more time. If you give me a minute, I can…" she started to explain, but Mr. Info cut her off and came to her with three quick steps.

"Oh no, I don't think so, you've already done enough damage!" he said, pointing to the file, which was picked up at that very moment by a shady person and pocketed with a nasty grin.

"Ohhh, but I still have so many posters prepared… Well, they'll just have to stay here," before Mr. Info could stop his roommate, she threw the papers into the room and suddenly there were dozens of posters stuck all over the corridor that could ruin the DSO and possibly the whole world.

"Have fun cleaning up, hahahahaha!" She laughed happily like a supervillain and looked up into Mr. Info's face, which was looking down at her icily.

"Hey, it's just a joke, don't worry about it."

Mr. Info grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him.

"Your fun is over now, I'll make sure of that," he announced and now it dawned on her that she had perhaps gone a step too far and he was serious.

"What are you going to do?"

"You'll see…" he said darkly, striding off, dragging her behind him.


All the way back to her apartment, Miss Inform kept telling Mr. Info to lighten up a bit, but he didn't budge.

"Shut up!" he snapped at her, exhausted, and pulled her into her bedroom, where she stumbled and fell onto her bed.

"First of all, ow! There's a friendlier way to do it! Second of all…" She didn't get any further as Mr. Info left her room and slammed the door behind him.

"HA! I'll just go back out and…"

There was a click as Mr. Info locked the door from the outside.

"Wow, very mature!" Miss Inform called after him, "Hey, are you even listening to me?"

But she got no answer.

"And what am I supposed to do here now?" she asked herself, looking around her room until she saw her stereo and smiled in amusement, "Suddenly I have the urge to listen to music."

She picked out her favorite song and turned the stereo to full volume, but before she could press play, her bedroom door opened again.

"Oh, have you come to your senses?" she asked with a smile, her finger hovering over the button.

"I've always been reasonable. We'll have to teach you some common sense though!" He muttered with suppressed anger and only now did Miss Inform notice that he was holding something shiny in his hand.

"What's that?" she asked anxiously, taking a step back.

"Oh, that? This is just part of what I've prepared in case you go too far," he said darkly, holding up the shiny garment. It was a straitjacket made of dark blue latex. Something Miss Inform definitely knew from the DSO, but she didn't think Mr. Info would be into that.

"Wow, eeehm, I didn't think you'd be into that kind of stuff, Info Boy," she said nervously, taking another step back until she felt the wall behind her.

"I'm not, but you leave me no choice," Mr. Info said, reaching for her arm. His hand felt like a vice, but it didn't hurt. Miss Inform was surprised that he could keep his anger under control like that. However, that didn't change the fact that she didn't exactly welcome the following. Mr. Info dragged her to her bed and threw her on it again, momentarily knocking the breath out of her. While she collected herself, he stuffed her arms into the sleeves of the latex straitjacket. Her hands were rendered useless in an instant and she felt them stuck in the jacket.

"What the hell are you doing!" cried Miss Inform in horror as the latex seemed to suck at her arms and stick to her skin.

"Getting you out of the way until I know how to keep you away from the DSO!" he repeated, turning her onto her stomach. Before Mr. Info zipped up the jacket, he ripped her shirt off her body and realized, shaking his head, that she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Seriously? That was my favorite shirt!" she cried out and started wriggling to smack him. But her predicament didn't make it easy. Mr. Info continued to push her down onto the soft mattress as he zipped up the back of the jacket. Immediately the straitjacket was squeezed tighter around Miss Info's body and she gasped in surprise.

"Info Boy, can you loosen that up a bit?" she begged him, but Mr. Info continued unabashedly. He briefly considered whether he should take off her leggings too, but he just shook his head. The risk of her not wearing anything underneath was too great. Instead, he grabbed the two straps that prevented her from removing the jacket over her head and pulled them tightly through her crotch. Miss Inform squealed in surprise and turned red.

"As soon as I get out of here, you're going to have a bloody surprise!" she hissed at him.

"I already did, Miss Inform, when I came home from work and fell into your paint bucket," he countered, pulling the straps in her back tighter than necessary, causing Miss Inform to groan every time he tightened one.

"You're not saying you didn't enjoy that, are you? That was super fun! Ufff."

She groaned again as he turned her over roughly and put her arms through the front strap. He turned her around again and tied the ends of the sleeves tightly together so that she no longer had any room to move.

"Get up!" he ordered her indignantly and pulled Miss Inform up. A quick tug on the front strap secured Miss Inform's arms and she now saw little hope of escaping. The latex straitjacket fitted her like a glove and seemed to cling to her skin.

At least I can still run away. Miss Inform thought and was already planning an escape route, but Mr. Info's tug on her arm snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Hey, where are you taking me?" she asked irritably as they left her room and ran across the apartment towards Mr. Info's study. A room she had never seen the inside of before. 

Why would she? Surely it was just as boring as Mr. Info himself? Miss Inform concluded as he unlocked and opened the door. She felt her thoughts confirmed when she looked into the room and saw only a tidy desk surrounded by bookshelves.

"Wow, what's next? A lecture on security? Snoo-ooore!"

"Wrong key," Mr. Info just muttered, locking the door again before inserting another key and unlocking the door. Miss Info's jaw dropped when a snow-white room appeared in front of them instead of the boring study. It resembled the rubber cells she had seen in movies. Mr. Info pushed her in and Miss Inform stumbled over the soft floor and fell gently onto it.

"What the hell is that?" Miss Inform asked in horror and turned to face him.

"Your new home until I clean up the mess," he muttered, deep in thought.

"You can't be serious! I have rights, I…" Mr. Info slammed the door and cut her off again, "This is unbelievable! You won't get away with it! The fun and games department will be looking for me and…"

The door opened again and Mr. Info, his face now visibly exhausted, stood in front of her again. In his hand he held a ball, gag and four belts. Miss Inform's eyes widened and she slid backwards across the floor until she reached a corner of the padded cell and couldn't get any further.

"Hey, hey, we can talk about anything, can't we? Come on Info Boy, I'm reaaaammmhh MMMHHH!"

Ignoring her words, he pushed the gag into her mouth and tightened it on the back of her neck so that it pressed into her cheeks.

"Quiet at last," Mr. Info muttered with a sigh, earning him a venomous glare from Miss Inform. He ignored her, however, and reached over to lay her on her stomach. She knew what was coming and kicked her legs, trying to crawl away from him. But he unceremoniously knelt on her bottom and grabbed first one leg, then the other and tied each with two belts so that Miss Inform's legs were trapped in a frogtie. Sighing, he stood up and looked down at her. She strained to get the belts off by kicking her legs, but they were rock solid, as were her arms in the straitjacket. Miss Inform looked up at him. Her eyes were like daggers, this was not how she had imagined her day would be. Defiantly, she tried to kick his feet with her knee, but he dodged her with a step backwards.

"Don't worry, I might get you out in one or two," he muttered exhaustedly and headed for the door.

She thought in horror, what? Minutes? Hours?

"Maybe three," were his last words before he slammed the door shut and she heard him lock it. Completely dumbfounded, she stared at the white padded wall where the door had just been.

When I get out of here, NO, as soon as, you're in for a surprise, Info Boy! She thought and rolled onto her back to take a closer look at the belts. He had tightened them mercilessly and the leather pressed deep into her leggings. Miss Inform leaned forward and tried to push them away with her elbows. But the belts didn't move a bit and Miss Inform quickly felt a burning sensation in her stomach from the unaccustomed movement. Panting, she dropped back onto the soft floor and stared up at the ceiling. It was mirrored. Miss Inform saw her exhausted self in it. Held in place by the belts and the dark blue latex straitjacket.

It does look cute. Miss Inform thought, but quickly shook her head. She shouldn't have such thoughts now, she should have them when she was with her girlfriend Miss Management.

Miss Management! Miss Inform suddenly thought.

She was going to pick me up today! Maybe she can save me?

Miss Inform looked expectantly at the door, but it didn't move. Disappointed, she looked up at the ceiling again and moaned boredly into the gag.

This idiot could at least have given me a vibrator. She thought about it and rolled onto her stomach. Carefully, she tried to kneel down and began to move her arms to try and purposefully pull the straps that went through her crotch. Unfortunately, the small movement wasn't nearly enough. Instead, Miss Inform was just expending energy uselessly and the rubbing of the latex over her skin only made her start to sweat. Exhausted, she dropped back to the floor and landed on her stomach.

Maybe I really did make a mistake? Maybe I should apologize? She thought about it and frowned worriedly. Suddenly there was a click behind her and the door to the padded cell opened. A thousand thoughts immediately flashed through Miss Inform's mind, from apologies to promises to do better, but they were all blown away when she saw that it wasn't Mr. Info standing in the doorway, but her friend Miss Management.

"Hey darling. Been looking all over for you," she said with a smile and went to Miss Inform to remove her gag. Miss Management carefully pulled the gag out of her mouth and looked a little disgusted at the thread of saliva running from it to Miss Inform's mouth. She carelessly tossed it aside and the ball gag rolled into the corner.

"Thank you," Miss Inform mumbled, moving her jaw after it had slowly stiffened.

"I take it that it was your roommate, not yourself?"

Miss Inform nodded thoughtfully as her friend undid her bonds.

"Because of the mess you made in the DSO? Was he going to leave you here until you apologized or something?"

"Something like that… but that's no longer necessary, thanks to you, hehe. Hey, tell me, do you still have any of that paint we bought the other day?"

"Mmm, yes, why?"

"Got a brilliant idea!" said Miss Inform, beaming.


Mr. Info massaged his temples as he walked, half-blind, through the 2D world of his posters. It had taken four hours to clean up the mess Miss Inform had made. It had been exhausting and something he certainly didn't want to repeat. Still, perhaps he had been a little rough and too harsh with Miss Inform. Perhaps he could even find a way to incorporate Miss Inform's Department of Fun and Games into the DSO. Without anyone getting hurt, of course.

"The world's a donut," he laughed, shaking his head. Sometimes her ideas were good for distracting from the seriousness of the world.

"I'll apologize to her!" he decided and slipped through the hidden portal in his apartment.

"I’m back…" He fell silent as his leather shoes sank into something wet. He looked down. The entire wooden floor of his apartment was covered in blue paint, as were the walls and even the ceiling. It dripped onto his shoulder as if a bird had done its business right above him. Cursing, he wade towards the padded cell and discovered that the door was unlocked. There was only the ball gag in the cell. A single note was stuck to it.

"Going on vacation. Lend me the jacket. See you in three or four. Have fun cleaning up. Inform XO"



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