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Magic Panties

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2023 - Mikel - Used by permission

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Amanda was an attractive twenty something with a firm body, long red hair and pert breasts that were very sensitive. She loved exploring old buildings. She had always thought it was because she was fascinated by architecture and the way things were built but secretly she loved the idea of finding something exciting. 

Today she had found an abandoned house, built in the 1800’s, way back in a field. She had seen the house before but today she was determined to explore inside it and do some digging around. She had worn her normal exploring outfit, thick rubber thigh high platform boots and a pair of thick rubber shorts with large phalluses in both holes and a tight under breast corset. 

She had worn them the first time just to spice things up as she poked around. Now she wore them every time loving how they felt and how the thick rubber protected her skin. The walk to reach the house was very long, the tight rubber shorts and their inserts making her enjoy it even though the steep high heels with the high platform made it difficult to walk on the uneven ground just as she had always enjoyed. 

She had been caught exploring before wearing her outfit although that time she had removed her cargo pants and had been caught just in a pair of rubber panties and knee high ballet boots. The people who caught her were so confused by her apparel they had just told her to leave, making her enjoy the idea of not only playing with herself as she explored but surprising anyone who might catch her.

Reaching the house she snapped dozens of pictures from every angle of the outside noting the age of the house before carefully walking up the back steps and opening the partially broken door. Once inside she was surprised at the condition of the inside of the house, expecting it to be totally rotten and falling apart. 

As she eased through the downstairs, she was impressed by how well it had held up, noticing nothing was rotten or sagging, making her feel more comfortable to try the stairs. She wanted to make sure the place was safe and that she was alone before taking more pictures. She eased up the stairs noting how solid they felt. 

After exploring the second and third floors Amanda found she was alone and through one of the upstairs windows she could just make out her car parked under a tree near the side of the road. Now comfortable, Amanda stripped off her cargo pants and loose t-shirt revealing her rubber shorts, corset and rubber bra. 

Amanda smiled as she checked her back pack checking her small bag of food taking a drink from her canteen seeing her steel cuffs and hood lying in the bottom. If she stayed the night Amanda had found being bound alone in the dark in a strange place terribly exciting and when she had been comfortable enough in the past she had spent the night bound and gagged and already knew if nothing changed she would be staying the night.

Amanda picked up her camera and began taking pictures as she turned slowly around the room she had chosen to spend the night in, noticing two doors and a large dresser. “I might as well start here.” She mumbled to herself moving closer to the doors. Opening the first door she found a closet filled with boxes from floor to ceiling grabbing the first box she set it on the floor squatting next to it she hummed as the phalluses inside her shifted deeper and opened the box. 

Laughing, she pulled a pair of old-style panty girdles. Holding them up she could see they were much too large for her, making her think if someone was that big the thick rubber and elastic probably wouldn’t help. Each box was another piece of lingerie and thankfully seemed to be getting smaller as she got further into the closet. 

As she inspected each box, she found numerous sales slips reading each, stunned by the dates and wondering why someone would have ordered all these and never wore them. When she found a full body girdle made from the thickest rubber she had ever seen supported by wide bands of heavy elastic she was thrilled when she pulled it out seeing it looked almost too small for her. 

Amanda couldn’t wait to try it on, quickly unlacing her corset and deciding until she could clean them, she would leave her panties and bra on. Stretching the garment before trying it on she half expected it to rip apart easily but found it seemed in very good condition and slipped the long legs over her boots heaving the tight rubber up her thighs and over her firm ass. 

Amanda giggled at how tight the garment was as she pushed her arms through the openings and pulled it up. She inspected herself, straightening the hems of the legs out just above her knees and seeing the outlines of the tops of her boots under the fabric, feeling it squeezing her firmly mumbling, “This thing is almost as tight as my corset.” 

After a few minutes she continued unpacking the closet relishing the new feelings of being crushed as the rubber and elastic continued squeezing her tighter. She found almost all the boxes had girdles and a few rubber corsets of all styles and shapes and each looked like they would fit her. 

After setting all the boxes she wanted to keep aside she started packing the large items into the closet making sure she put them back as neatly as she had found them. Looking at the stack of boxes she wanted to take, she decided she couldn’t carry all of them so she started to put as many of the garments in one box, filling a few, then placing the empties back into the closet. 

When she had finished consolidating the boxes, she had four full boxes. Even though they were much heavier she felt she could manage them. Her closet exploration had taken hours and she could see it was getting dark so she quickly opened the other door finding a staircase and peeked up seeing it was as well preserved as the rest of the house had been and slowly walked up the stairs. 

Reaching the top, she was in the attic and was surprised when all she could see was a single box sitting alone in the middle of the floor. Amanda went to the box finding a note lying on top of it knocking the thick layer of dust off of it before trying to read it. The light had begun to fade and since she hadn’t brought her flashlight up with her, she turned and headed back down the stairs. 

Reaching the bedroom, she read the flyer as it turned out to say “The last girdle or panty you will ever need!” Amanda laughed at the propaganda and opened the box seeing a rather large pair of what she would call, “Granny panties”. They had a high waist with narrow leg openings but it was the material that caught her attention. Amanda studied it closely trying to figure out what they were made from having never felt anything like it before. 

The trip up the stairs with the girdle pulling the rubber shorts tighter had aroused Amanda much more so she dropped the panties into the box setting it on the dresser. Unable to stop herself she opened the first two drawers finding only dust and liners made of newspaper but the third drawer she stopped and stared at the items hidden inside. 

Amanda slowly pulled the first one out, holding it up in the dying light. Seeing a beautiful silk corset, she could tell by the stiffness of it that it was heavily boned. Holding it to herself she thought it would cover her from just over her breasts to her hips. Lying it aside she pulled the next one out and gasped as she saw it was an even heavier corset that looked almost medical in nature.

The corset had thick laces and heavy crisscrossing straps and when she held it up, she saw it would cover her from well over her breasts to just below her trimmed pussy. “I’ll definitely have to try that one on,” she thought to herself. The third and forth corsets were similar to the first one with more boning and much more reduced waists. 

Her light was almost gone and since she didn’t want anyone to see her flashlight or any other lights in the abandoned house Amanda decided it was time to find a place to sleep and maybe play for the night. Amanda had seen a corner near one of the only unbroken windows in the house and laid out her first blanket near it hoping the bright moon would give her enough light to be able to see some. 

With her bed made she could feel the temperature dropping and sat looking at her pile of boxes remembering there were several long pairs of girdles along with some tops that had long sleeves. Amanda pulled out three pairs of long girdles and two body suits with long sleeves and smiled as she thought “These should keep me warm enough.” 

Amanda quickly stretched the pants up her legs followed by the leotard type tops. When she was done struggling to get into the garments she was covered in three layers down to her ankles covering her boot laces completely and three layers on her torso. Then she stopped to think about it since the pants had high waists that meant her waist was covered in six layers. “No wonder I feel so compressed,” she thought as she flexed and twisted getting used to the increased compression. 

Amanda lay back smiling letting her body relax enjoying the tightness hoping she could stand the tight underwear all night not wanting to ever remove it. As she lay thinking about what she had found she noticed the light seemed to be highlighting the box on the dresser making her think of the granny panties she had found. Amanda lay wanting to sleep but her mind kept thinking about the strange panties forcing her to get them and stand looking at them in the dim light.

As soon as Amanda slipped them on she suddenly felt at ease and went straight to her bag and got her cuffs and hood carefully hanging her key on a nail in the wall near her bed and sat down on her blanket. Within minutes of locking her ankles together she had the hood laced tight suckling the large bung attached to the hood and without thought lay on her side and locked her hands behind her back. 

Amanda only felt the butterflies for a brief moment before falling asleep bound and gagged in a strange house encased in layers of ever tightening antique underwear. Amanda awoke with a start struggling to catch her breath in the tight leather hood unsure of where she was calming herself quickly and carefully moving to where the keys were hanging. 

With practiced ease she removed the cuff around her right wrist unlacing the hood pulling it from her head straightening her hair before locking the cuff again leaving her hands in front. She smiled at locking the cuff back on as she gasped for air feeling how tight the garments were holding her running her cuffed hands all over her body feeling how smooth and how deeply her waist had been compressed during the night. 

During her stroking she realized the granny panties were no longer on her body and looked around for them wondering how they came off since her feet had been chained together. Amanda heard something and shuffled as quickly as she could to one then the windows seeing a tractor slowly moving her direction. 

“Great,” she mumbled, wondering if she could get dressed and make it to her car before it got close enough to see her deciding there was no way in her current condition. She shuffled back to her room unlocking the cuffs and packing everything she could into her back pack and carrying everything into the attic. 

Amanda was hoping she could hide out and wait until the tractor went by occasionally darting back to the windows watching the tractor rumbling along. When it seemed, it was getting close to the house Amanda went back upstairs slamming the door behind her scooting herself and her stuff back into a dark corner to wait. 

Amanda was getting hot from the stifling air in the attic, gasping in the tight garments she was encased in. She wondered if she should be trying to get out of them but worried she would make something move or make noise in the old house so she sat gasping listening to the motor drone for hours before she finally noticed she couldn’t hear it anymore. 

Getting brave again Amanda went to the door and pulled on the knob to only have it yank off in her hand making her fall backwards onto the steps. Looking at the door Amanda laughed at her still holding the knob. It wasn’t the first time a door came apart in her hand. 

Amanda tried to put the knob back into the hole hearing the other knob fall off and bounce on the floor outside, cursing she could feel that the inner knob would do nothing to turn the latch and went back upstairs grabbing her back pack and her boxes and heading back to the door. 

By the time she was able to twist the latch and pry the door open she was sweating profusely and could see it was getting dark outside again “Well I guess I’m staying another night,” she grinned. Looking towards her car seeing it was still there and quickly she opened the last drawer. She gasped again when she pulled out another item she had always wanted, letting it hang in front of her and staring at the full body corset. 

“Who were these people” she muttered holding the corset against herself giggling as she knew deep inside it would fit. Forcing herself to put it down she went into the other rooms taking pictures and opening doors and cabinets finding nothing interesting until she found a large desk in a small room that looked to her had been set up as an office. 

In the top of the desk, she found a stack of invoices for what looked like hundreds of items. All of them were girdles and corsets with some having only codes. As she looked through the drawers, she found catalogs of all kinds of sex gear and antique underwear with the address matching the general area the house was in. 

“Well, that makes sense.” Amanda said to herself now understanding why all the garments were there and in such good condition feeling better about the whole thing being a lot less creepy now. Amanda spent another night encased in her layers sleeping peacefully in her cuffs and hood having to lock herself up so she wouldn’t lace the corset dress onto herself. 

Waking just as the sun was rising, she ate a quick snack for breakfast and walked around the house using the growing light to change the mood of her pictures. Before stuffing the catalogs and as many of the corsets into her back pack she laced the silk one over the layers she was already wearing moaning as she tightened it crushing her waist and chest even further. 

Amanda wanted to carry everything in one trip so she used one of the corsets to hold the others putting them inside it pulling the laces tight around them then used the laces to carry them. With her gear packed she dressed in her pants and shirt gasping as she picked everything up suddenly feeling a lot of pressure on her sealed pussy and ass. 

The pressure made Amanda gasp and shove her hands between her legs and start giggling as she picked everything up and headed towards her car. Amanda thought maybe she should have removed her tight underwear before walking since each step seemed to be making her more aroused. 

It took a lot longer to reach her car with her having to stop and try to rub herself to make the orgasm happen and by the time she reached her car she was gasping and whining, wanting to cum more than she had in her whole life. Thankfully the car started correctly and she drove off looking for a place she could strip everything off finding nowhere that seemed appropriate during her three hour drive. 

Arriving home Amanda ran into her house desperate to gain access to her aching pussy and began stripping her clothes off cursing as she wrestled with the laces then flailing and rolling as she tried to get the tight rubber off her body. Amada peeled the layers off getting down to her rubber shorts and bra enjoying the feeling of being able to breathe normally but already missing the feeling of being crushed by the girdles. 

When Amanda pulled the rubber shorts off her she was shocked when she saw another pair of underwear under them. Amanda looked at the underwear swearing they looked like granny panties but had no idea how they would have gotten under her other clothes much less the rubber shorts she had never taken off. 

She wanted to cum desperately so she tried to pull the panties off finding they seemed like they were stuck to her skin. Amanda was getting concerned as she struggled with the underwear still unable to remove them. Feeling like she needed to relieve her bladder and headed to the bathroom still trying to get a finger under an edge. 

Reaching the toilet, she had no choice but to relieve herself and sat down wondering how big of a mess she was going to make, still concerned about the new problem. Amanda sighed as she relieved herself looking down and seeing no splashing as she emptied her bladder. 

Amanda went back to her room still struggling with the new underwear getting more scared as she became more concerned about not being able to remove them. The more Amanda pulled at the fabric the more aroused she became as the pressure on her throbbing pussy increased making her moan and pull harder. 

Amanda struggled for hours, her frustration growing until she was weeping on her bed moaning loudly before falling asleep. Amanda slept fitfully with dreams of being restrained and teased relentlessly never seeing the cause or her tormentor and lay rolling and thrashing with both hands fighting the tight fabric covering her screaming pussy. 

Amanda woke with a start fighting the covers she was twisted up in and throwing them aside looking at herself seeing she was now wearing a tight thong instead of the granny panties. Amanda flopped back relieved it had all been a dream she wasn’t trapped in the strange underwear. 

After catching her breath her hands slid down to the panties and tried to find a way under them. Amanda jumped to her feet as she realized she still couldn’t get even a fingernail under the tight panties. Amanda began twisting and turning as her hands tried to get under every inch, finding they were still glued on to her. 

In the process of exploring the panties Amanda discovered that when she touched herself, she could feel nothing under the panties, everything under the fabric felt numb making her even more concerned. Seeing the clock Amanda knew she had to go into the office and debated on whether she should call in sick deciding to take a shower and see what happens. 

After her shower she noticed the water just ran off her new underwear also finding that they were incredibly comforting in a weird way. Amanda stepped into one of the girdles she had found pulling the rubberized fabric up pushing her arms through the short sleeves. 

The girdle had stays like a corset with a fan lace set up that made it easy to pull them as tight as she wanted forcing her breasts into the pointed cups pressing her engorged nipples into the firm tips of the cones. Amanda dressed a little sexier as the feelings of her heaving chest and the tight rubber aroused her wearing her strappy high heels and a tight skirt over the girdle and panties relishing the tightness of her clothes. 

For the next two weeks Amanda was trapped in her new panties working everyday accepting her situation but feeling her frustration increasing making her fight the panties every night. Amanda hoped that when Jimmy got home, he would have some idea how to remove the panties. 

Amanda had searched for a reason the panties were acting the way they were finding nothing about them anywhere, getting home she decided to remove the panties herself. Amanda had been wearing more of the old girdles and corsets and tying herself tighter every night strapping the heavy vibrator between her legs desperately trying to make herself orgasm, finding no matter how hard she tried she couldn’t satisfy her needs. 

Tonight, she stripped down to her panties thinking of how she was going to remove them feeling them get suddenly much tighter making her squeal as the pressure on her pussy and ass increased. Amana grabbed her scissors pinching an edge of the panties and her skin but before she could get the scissors to where she had pinched, she watched the material engulf her right hand that was holding her skin. 

Stunned Amanda dropped the scissors reaching to her engulfed hand and watching in shock as her left hand was engulfed in the black material. Amanda started pulling and yanking, finding her hands were securely held near the top edge of the panties directly above her throbbing pussy. 

The more Amanda struggled, the tighter her hands were held as the blackness eased up to her wrists and seemed to get solid all around her. Amanda struggled with the material until she lay gasping on her bed feeling a sudden relaxing sensation calming herself drifting off to sleep. 

When she awoke, she still couldn’t move her hands and looked down to see her whole body was engulfed in the tight black material and started to thrash and roll as she fought the confining material. Stopping as she felt it tighten around her squeezing the air from her lungs and she lay looking down seeing that her breasts looked larger and seeing the material was covering her all the way to her toes. 

As she lay gasping, she tried to get to her feet hoping she could hop to her phone and call for help as soon as she twisted and flexed to the edge of the bed, she felt the material get tighter. When her feet moved to the floor the material forced them to an en-pointe position making it impossible for her to stand on them. 

Falling back on the bed Amanda felt the whole cocoon tighten again and harden so she could no longer move any part of her body except her head. Amanda was panicking and thought about screaming and as soon as she opened her mouth her head was engulfed in the dark material filling her mouth and blocking out all light and sound.

Amanda was helpless as she lay desperately trying to struggle, finding she could not move any part of herself when the relaxing sensation overwhelmed her again and she lay still. Amanda had no way to track time in the silent blackness but after what seemed like hours her skin started tingling then the sensations turned into a full body messaging. 

The messaging increased making her feel like her breasts were being fondled roughly slowly increasing making her moan under the hood as she chewed on the gag filling her mouth. When the sensations began on her pussy she tried to scream, quickly feeling her arousal increase and within minutes her orgasm grew until she knew she would explode. 

Amanda screamed again when she was left unstimulated and encased for what seemed like hours again leaving her frustrated and crying angrily in her cocoon. When the sensations returned, they increased steadily until she was whining and gasping for air on the verge of an orgasm praying she would be allowed to cum this but waiting for everything to stop again. 

Amanda screamed from the massive orgasm washing over her making her feel like it was jerking her inside out causing her to struggle desperately inside the hardened shell falling asleep as soon as it was over. When Amanda woke, she was free of the cocoon jumping to her feet. She reached for her pussy feeling nothing but the smooth fabric was still there and felt even thicker now. 

Amanda sat back down remembering how wonderful it had made her feel smiling as she lovingly stroked the smooth fabric wondering how long she would be forced to be its sex slave, and wondered if she would learn to love it. Amanda continued trapped in the thong waiting another week before the increasing pressure was making her crazy and she began thinking about trying to cut them off again. 

Amanda had still been wearing her old underwear adding a second layer loving the tightness of it all. Amanda woke suddenly one night gasping, grabbing her chest feeling it was as smooth as her pussy had been. Turning on the light she could see she was covered from her neck to crotch in the fabric and her waist looked amazingly small. 

As Amanda studied her body in the mirror, she could feel her breasts being massaged roughly watching her face wincing as her skin was being kneaded making her feel like her tits were being pulled from her chest. Amanda sat in the bathroom rubbing her chest hoping something would make her chest feel better when the messaging eased leaving her with a nice buzzing sensation allowing her to fall asleep again.

Jimmy was set to come home in two more weeks making Amanda have mixed feelings about if he could help her get the panties off would she want him to. During the next week Amanda dreamt about the material engulfing her again hoping it would repeat the feelings she had the first time. 

After the seventh day wearing her bathing suit Amanda woke up wearing only the panties even though they were now very high waisted and still crushing her abdomen, her breasts and shoulders were free. She grabbed her breasts humming at the feeling of her hands on them when she noticed they felt different. 

Amanda ran to the bathroom standing and staring at the image of her body in the mirror. With the panties still making her waist look tiny it took Amanda a moment to be sure her breasts were actually bigger. She turned side to side admiring her new boobs, giggling as she thought about what Jimmy would say or how long they would stay this big.

Amanda was hornier than ever playing with her breasts and began pulling and twisting on the panties reaching around the back she thought she felt them give slightly when her hands were engulfed. Amanda began pulling and yanking on her tapped hands seeing in the mirror the blackness moving down her legs and knew what was coming so she dashed to her bed just as her knees were pulled together. 

Amanda was frightened but excited hoping she would teased into more mind bending orgasm’s as she hopped onto the bed landing on her legs. Amanda tried to move further onto the bed scooting forwards feeling she could no longer pull her feet away from her ass. Amanda’s feet were pulled together and forced to point straight out behind her. 

Amanda felt the fabric engulfing her breasts and instinctively started fighting, twisting and pulling her arms as the pressure increased all over her. Feeling her neck being covered she opened her mouth as wide as she could letting it fill her as it covered her head. Amanda’s world went dark and silent as the messaging started making her hum in pleasure as the air was crushed from her body. 

Amanda was getting worried again as the fabric continued to squeeze her tighter making her fight for air finding she had let it pull her arms together behind her back. Amanda was completely helpless being suffocated, unable to move any part of her body as the fabric stiffened holding her even firmer inside it. 

The black mass kneeling on the bed was unmoving as the hours passed but inside the woman was screaming and thrashing as the sensations teased her for hours before turning painful and restricting her breathing further. Amanda was sure she was going to die as she couldn’t stop herself from struggling as her air was becoming thinner as was her ability to take a breath because of the ever-tightening cocoon. 

Amanda was tormented until the sun was up, unable to struggle anymore and knelt weeping as her body was driven to the verge of another orgasm. Amanda couldn’t stop her body getting aroused even though her mind knew she would be left even more frustrated moaning as her climax grew closer, finally exploding, making her scream inside the cocoon as wave after wave crashed through her. 

Amanda was forced to remain kneeling inside the firm material gasping through the day and night finally feeling it ease its grip and let her slowly lay flat on her bed still wrapped in her favorite toy allowing her to stretch out and sleep comfortably. When Amanda awoke she was only wearing the thong panties again crawling to the bathroom seeing her bare waist and breasts that were still holding their shape. 

Amanda relieved herself smiling as her strength slowly returned and she showered and did her hair dressing very sloppily wearing tennis shoes and went to work spending the day in a sleep deprived haze. Getting home she wanted to collapse in her bed when she heard, “Baby I’m home!” from behind her. 

Amanda turned squealing seeing it was Jimmy jumping into his arms when he stood up and began babbling about her trip and her new panties. Jimmy laughed at her and sat drinking beer as she ripped at her clothes trying to show him they wouldn’t come off. Jimmy grabbed her, taking her to the bedroom and throwing her on the bed. 

As she giggled and bounced, he easily hooked the panties with his fingers and stripped them up her legs pulling them off her body. Amanda was shocked by them coming off so easily letting Jimmy tie her spread eagle to the bed and begin teasing her. Jimmy spent hours teasing her adding her favorite gag and expressing his appreciation for her enlarged tits not even noticing her extremely small waist. 

Jimmy had satisfied himself several times leaving her frustrated until he was tired of her complaining, warning her if she didn’t settle down, she would be hogtied for the night. Amanda laughed at him thinking about the time she had spent bound and encased not resisting as he began retying her. 

Jimmy was very good with ropes and soon had her arms welded together behind her back with five wide bands of rope cinched very tight. Every time he stopped, she would laugh at him again, driving him to continue adding more wide bands especially around her new larger breasts tying them tightly at their bases before using more ropes to crisscross them using the tight ropes to pinch her nipples. 

Jimmy wrapped more ropes around her ankles stopping to go grab a pair of shoes picking a pair of steep platform pumps that hurt her feet shoving them onto each foot then tying around her ankles and the heels of the shoes. Amanda continued to laugh at him as he continued wrapping more rope around her legs, almost covering them in wide bands three on her lower legs and four on her upper. 

With her legs bound he forced her to stand in the tall shoes and began wrapping rope around her narrow waist pulling the ropes extremely tight sinking them into her skin. When the wrap was finished, he started wrapping from the belt down between her legs pulling each very tight, sinking them into her pussy and ass tying them off in front. 

Amanda was no longer laughing; she had never been tied by Jimmy so tightly and sat mewing behind the gag as she wiggled and tested her bonds. Jimmy rolled her over bending her legs up tying more rope around the arch of her high heeled feet wrenching them tight against her ass before connecting them to her bound wrists. 

Amanda was wiggling her fingers as he pulled her hands towards her feet and once the knots were tied, he began to wrap rope around her fingers. Jimmy worked the rope up to the palms of her hands making it impossible for her to separate her hands or fingers from the other guaranteeing she would not be untying any knots.

Jimmy lifted her to her knees leaving her in the center of the bed taking more rope and began to wrap around her neck carefully working up to her chin then back down several times making it just tight enough to let her hear her own heartbeat but not choke her. 

When he was finished, he laughed as he said, “Now it’s time for bed.” Jimmy turned off the light lying down beside his helpless bed ornament. Amanda struggled for a short while before accepting she was stuck until he released her enjoying his extreme bondage until the ropes between her legs started burning and her beautiful new breasts began throbbing. 

For hours she could do nothing but listen to him snore watching the sun rise as the ropes around her neck began feeling like they were getting tighter. When he quit snoring he rolled over almost knocking her over before waking up muttering good morning as he sat up rubbing his head. When he saw her still kneeling on the bed he patted her on the head asking her how she slept and if she still thought he was funny. 

Amanda was too exhausted from her struggles to do anything but try and nod “No” in her rope neck corset. Jimmy was still angry about her laughing at him seeing her panties that now looked like plain granny panties lying on the floor. Jimmy walked around the bed eyeing her picking the panties up tauntingly asking her, “Are these the panties that you’ve been trapped in for so long?” spinning them around his finger. 

“Well let’s see what happens if I wear them!” Jimmy quickly stepped into them hiking them up his legs laughing as he walked off to the bathroom saying something about, we’ll see what happens when I come back. Amanda was worried again having only seen him like this once before. 

Amanda had spent two days serving him bound hand and foot sucking his cock every time he got aroused at the sight of her. She had enjoyed some of it but was scared he might not ever untie her. That had only happened once but now she was getting worried again when she heard him yelling, “What the fuck!” from the bathroom. 

Jimmy came stumbling out of the bathroom tugging and pulling on the underwear that had now turned black. Amanda chuckled to herself as she thought, “No THOSE are the panties I couldn’t get out of!” She knelt helplessly watching him fight the panties, she could see why he was so frantic. 

She spotted where his normally large bulge would be was a flat smooth space and he was groping it frantically. When he mentioned that he needed scissors she tried to stop him moaning and nodding her head as far as her rope collar would allow seeing him dash into the bathroom again. 

Amanda knelt breathless on the bed panting as she listened for him finally seeing him come back in the room gasping when he turned and she could see both his hands were now engulfed in the black material. He looked at her with fear in his eyes, dropping to his knees as the material moved down his legs. 

When he fell to the floor Amanda could no longer see him but could hear him cursing and struggling next to the bed. When she could no longer hear him, she became worried and started to struggle desperately trying to rock herself towards the edge of the bed. 

Amanda squealed loudly as her bound body tipped to one side starting slowly then fell over the wrong way. Amanda tried to move across the bed struggling until late into the night, finally falling into an uneasy sleep dreaming about her panties waking with a new understanding of what was happening.

When the sun lit up the room Amanda realized she was closer than she had thought and started twisting and flexing her body until she could see over the edge of the bed. Straining her neck against the layers of rope she could see a black figure lying next to the bed and after adjusting herself she studied it. 

The first thing she noticed was the form seemed very small and wondered if it was crushing Jimmy like it had her. As she stared at the motionless form, she became aroused even as her tortured breasts screamed with pain at the thought of her wondering if that was what she looked like. 

Amanda stared at the figure seeing that there were two large bulges on its chest and by the undulations coming from them she knew he was being enlarged as she had been. Smiling at the idea of Jimmy with breasts she looked very hard at the fabric covering his face and could clearly see there had been changes there as well. 

Amanda was amazed that his strong square jaw was now shaped much smaller, almost pointy and his once full nose now seemed almost too small for his head. As she watched Jimmy being changed before her, she thought about her dreams, seeming to understand that only your lover can remove the fabric. 

When you wear it, the fabric becomes whatever you need it to be, lover, master tormentor but when someone you love comes into contact it relinquishes its grasp allowing him or her to remove them. She wasn’t sure about the changes it forced on the wearer or how long they would last but her body had not returned to normal in over a week. 

Again, she felt due to the dream if the fabric was removed quickly enough the changes would revert but if it stayed on long enough then they would be permanent. Jimmy lay helpless only if everything was very still could she hear his light whines and groans feeling jealous that he was encased instead of her having no idea he was not enjoying his situation.

Jimmy was wondering why she hadn’t helped him yet forgetting he had left her completely helpless kneeling on the bed. The two lay near one another through another day and night both getting weaker. Amanda lay on her side staring at the wall cross from her and Jimmy was now laying flat on his back, his large breasts sticking straight up his feet forced to an en-pointe position.

The pain had faded for Amanda as long as she remained still even a deep breath would awaken her sore breasts and pinched nipples making her whine around the gag making her jaw throb. She had no idea how long they had remained bound and had begun to believe they would both die in their bonds before anyone would find them. 

Amanda heard some new noises coming from Jimmy but didn’t have the strength to stretch and see what was going on. As the sun came up Amanda could only watch the shadows move across the wall when suddenly a woman’s face appeared above hers. Amanda was thankful thinking someone had found them then looking downwards she saw her large naked breasts swaying under her chest. 

Looking back up she could see in the woman’s eyes that it was Jimmy! Amanda made several noises hoping she could get Jimmy to untie her wanting to try her idea of a lover being able to remove the panties but just as he started to reach for the first knots he saw the scissors. 

Amanda tries to hold his attention wiggling and grunting but he turns away and she hears a woman squealing. Amanda strains her neck to see Jimmy pulling on his skin with the scissors in his hands and begins whining and shaking her head as she sees his hands engulfed again. 

She knows she won’t be freed anytime soon as Jimmy sinks to his knees again and only muffled noises can be heard. Amanda relaxes listening to the noises change from struggling to ecstasy and wonders what he thinks about having a woman’s orgasm. Amanda finds herself wishing she had never let him take the magic panties off her and can only hope Jimmy will release her when he is freed again.


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