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3: Made to Maid

Summer's phone vibrated on her nightstand, waking its owner from a far-too-short sleep.

"Oh guys," she muttered, fumbling half blindly for the troublemaker.

She saw that a message had gone through the group mute since her friend Chloe had @ her message to her.

Sleepily, she looked at the clock; it was close to nine.

Summer rolled her eyes.

"On a Sunday of all days," she muttered, turning to her side to read the news.

She paused as a huge green pillow appeared in front of her in her field of vision and suddenly any thought of sleep was swept away.

A soft steady breathing told her that her Metapod was still asleep.

"So it wasn't a dream," she muttered, turning back to her phone.

Ava: So what's it look like girls? My parents are away and we have the house and the pool just for us.

Chloe: I'll be there in a few hours. I'm still waiting for my new bathing suits to sufficiently appreciate your "pool" :D

Ava: No bikini? Wait plural?

Chloe: Nope! And YES!!! found some great ones there. You will make eyes

Chloe: Thanks again for the tip @Summer

Summer cursed softly as she remembered that she had a date with Ava and the others today and weighed whether she wanted to go swimming or have some fun with Tea. She decided for the latter and cancelled, because she didn't want to leave Tea alone with her new hobby.

Summer: Np. They're great, you'll see. But unfortunately I have to cancel, sorry guys. Tea messed up and I have to teach her a little lesson.

Ava: Why don't you take her with you, so we can finally get to know her?

Summer thought about how she could talk her way out of it and looked over at her Pokémon. Tea was still locked in the suit from C&T and was probably too exhausted to go to Ava or meet her friends.

Summer: I'd rather not, she has her hands full right now.

Chloe: What did she do? And is the lesson what I think it is?

Summer: XD

She grinned at Chloe's curiosity. She knew her friend too well, but she also knew that Ava and Caitlyn didn't necessarily want to know what situation Tea was in.

Summer: Chloe the others don't want to know, as usual.

Ava: You're absolutely right

Caitlyn: I would like to know already

Summer: Ho? Since when are you interested in this?

Caitlyn: Since yesterday? It's mmmh hard to explain. Luke and I had a crazy idea yesterday and now ....

Ava: Caitlyn are you serious?



Chloe: Maybe you two should put this in a private chat.

Immediately Summer opened Caitlyn's chat and learned that she and her brother had done a little self-bondage challenge.

Summer: That was quite an adventure you guys had! I would love to come over and help chloe teach you everything, but unfortunately I have to take care of tea first. She will be very exhausted after yesterday

Caitlyn: Hey no problem, as long as she is ok. I look forward to meeting her soon

Caitlyn: What exactly did you do to her?

Summer: Whew, that's a question. Might be a little too much for you as a beginner

Caitlyn: Ohaaa. Now you have me on the hook! Please summer I want to learn and try as much as possible!

Summer: Tell you what. Talk to chloe and get to know some basics, if you still feel like it after that I'll show you my site

Caitlyn: I can't wait!

Summer turned off the screen of her phone and listened to see if Tea had woken up. She could still hear the quiet breathing, but also a soft buzzing. She could only barely stifle a laugh when she remembered what Tea had meant last night when she said that she couldn't fall asleep like that. Apparently it had worked after all. She quickly pulled out the suit's remote control and turned off the two intruders in Tea's crotch.

Summer took a look in her mirror and smirked when she noticed that she still had the wig on. Cynthia's blonde hair hung disheveled down her back and contrasted sharply with her black lace underwear. She slipped a pair of comfortable sweatpants, also black, over her waist and pulled on a white shirt.

"Even Cynthia has, sometimes sofa days." Summer yawned and stretched while leaving her room.

Immediately she regretted her last words as she saw the living room in dire need of tidying up after her adventures yesterday. The rest of the rooms didn't look much better.

The Pokéballs were still lined up neatly in front of the television.

Her eyes fell on a black one with golden rings and she started to grin. Summer had just come up with an exquisite idea.

"Hey, mmmh Summer? Are you sure this is where we're supposed to be?" I asked, glancing nervously over my shoulder. I had a feeling we were being watched constantly, ever since we entered the forest. It looked anything but inviting and the trees swallowed almost all the light.

"Don't worry Tea, as long as I'm with you, nothing will happen to you!" said Summer, but when I turned to her she had disappeared.

"Summer?", I asked, frozen to the spot. No one answered me.

Instead, I heard a crack behind me and I whirled around.

"Leave me alone! I... I... am not alone!" I stammered, stumbling backward.

I saw red eyes staring at me from the bushes. Panicked, I took a big step backward and tripped over a root.

My arms disobeyed me as I tried to catch myself and I landed ungently on the ground.

Roots poked out of the ground to my right and left and began to wrap around my body.

"Summer, please! Come back!" I screamed and started sobbing as the roots pulled me deeper and deeper underground.

"Summer!", I screamed with the last of my strength as darkness enveloped me.

"I was never gone Tea," Summer's voice said softly and a figure of light appeared in the darkness. It burned the roots and embraced me. I still could not move but I did not care. Summer's light warmed me and held me close.

"I'm always with you."


"Summer," Tea whispered, opening her eyes. She felt a light pressure all over her body that prevented her from moving. Her thoughts were covered by a veil and she stared at the ceiling. Her vision was significantly limited, but she could see the lamp that had shone red light down on her last night. Now it was off and daylight flooded Summer's bedroom instead.

Tea gulped as her memories came back and she was still encased in a Pokémon sleeping bag, a Pokémon character costume and spandex bodysuit, and a high-tech latex suit that stretched all over her skin.

"Summer!" screamed Tea with slowly growing panic as she heard no one nearby.

"I'm here, don't worry!" her roommate called through the door and rushed into her room.

"Are you alright? Do you want me to get you out of there?" she asked immediately, and her head appeared in Tea's field of vision.

Summer's green eyes looked down at her with concern.

"Forgive me, I panicked. You don't have to free me right now if you don't want to." Tea said and smiled, which escaped Summer's notice since Tea's head was still in the kigurumi mask.

Summer exhaled in relief.

"So I assume you want to continue?" asked Summer, opening the lock of the Metapod sleeping bag.

"Absolutely!" said Tea as Summer opened the sleeping bag and all at once the pressure disappeared.

Tea drew in a hissing breath as her body was relieved of the weight.

"Feels great, doesn't it?" asked Summer, carefully pulling Tea's arms out of the built-in pockets.

Tea just nodded, closing her eyes and letting Summer's hands guide her.

Carefully, Summer sat Tea on the edge of her bed and began to take off the cosplay and OPENED the hard kigurumi mask. The spandex suit followed and with a few quick inputs on the remote, Summer was able to remove the latex mask of the BondSuit.

"Do I have to take the suit off already?" asked Tea, momentarily red in the face.

Summer hesitated.

"Well honestly no, it can be worn for days without the wearer developing any discomfort. But don't you think you should take a little break?"

"I'm fine. The suit doesn't bother me, on the contrary it feels like it's a part of me." replied Tea, stroking her arms.

Summer snorted.

"Damn it Tea, now I'm jealous of you again!" cursed Summer, pushing a cup into her hand.

"What's this?" asked Tea anxiously as she surveyed the green bubbling substance inside.

"Your breakfast until there's a new suit," Summer said curtly, turning around and starting to look in her closet of costumes for Tea's next outfit.

"Can't I just have a sandwich ...?"

"No," Summer cut her off, "making bread wastes time and drinking this is much faster. This way we can go straight to the fun part. It's got everything you need today."

"I see," Tea said unconvinced and sipped her breakfast.

Immediately she started coughing as a pungent bitter taste spread across her tongue.

"Are you trying to poison me?" asked Tea, spitting the liquid back into the glass.

"Wouldn't do any good. The suit stays programmed to you. Even if I poisoned you." Summer muttered lost in thought, finally pulling a box out of her closet where a massive black costume lay dormant.

"How supremely reassuring," Tea said sarcastically.

Summer clicked her tongue.

"Thanks for reminding me that this is still supposed to be a punishment for you. Go ahead and drink it up. I thought you'd do anything I wanted."

Tea gulped when she heard that and put the glass to her lips. She held her nose and choked down the green brew, under the watchful eye of Summer.

"Very good Tea as a reward you may put the mask back on," Summer said and took the glass from her roommate.

Tea followed the order and a short moment later her face was hidden and sealed behind the latex of the suit.

"Then we'll turn your lights off again for now. We don't want to spoil the surprise, do we?" asked Summer and before Tea could say anything in reply, Summer already had the remote control in her hand. Moments later Tea was not only blind but also mute as the already familiar gag grew into her oral cavity.

Tea could hear Summer start to pant as she took the costume out of the box and placed it on the bed next to her.

"Say... didn't you once tell me you went to ballet?"

Tea nodded and heard a soft chuckle and more rustling in response.

"Then we're all set. Unfortunately, your suit isn't able to change colors, so that comes first." Summer said, and began to swipe something over Tea's legs. She felt a thin layer of latex wrap around her legs, which Summer strained to slide over her hips.

Tea guessed it was another latex suit and helped as best she could to slide her feet into the suit's designated openings.

"Arms," Summer said curtly as the latex clung to her lower body.

Teas hands were pushed through the tight opening and found themselves gloved. The suit's opening snapped shut and wrapped tightly around her neck.

"Are you all right?" asked Summer.

Tea nodded quickly and swallowed as the new layer of latex pressed mercilessly all over her body. It seemed to have been made for Summer's body, and since she was slightly smaller than Tea in some areas, the suit squeezed at all corners and ends.

"Arms up."

Tea raised her arms strained and Summer pulled the enormous costume over her head. It rustled loudly as Summer pulled it down. Her hands were tucked into opera gloves that reached above her elbows but had only three links for her fingers.

Next, Tea felt her head being sealed again in a kigurumi mask and she heard the familiar click of the lock.

"So almost done," Summer said, lifting Tea's feet to let her slide them into long boots.

She frowned nervously as her feet pointed down and as Summer set them on the floor, Tea felt her toes forced by the boots to bear all her weight.

"You said you did ballet so this shouldn't be a problem for you," Summer said, attaching little heart-shaped locks to Tea's new boots.

"Sooo... Let's see what you have to say about that."

The gag retracted and Tea blinked at her reflection as Summer lifted the veil.

Looking back again was a Pokémon. She didn't know its name, but she didn't give it a second thought when she saw the costume Summer had put her in.

Most of her body was covered by a puffy latex ball gown. It was almost completely black. Only her breasts were covered by red wings and she wore a white apron around her waist.

Tea's mouth watered as she recognized herself as a maiden and she swallowed so that no misfortune would happen. Her eyes wandered back up and saw that above the dress the Bond suit was covered by a white latex suit and disappeared into her mask.

Her mask itself also had a white color and a turquoise smooth hairdo that covered her head and framed her pointed ears. On her head sat a white hair band and completed the image of a maiden.

"You look stunning Tea. I've always wanted a Pokémon Maiden," Summer whispered through the mask, "Can you tell me the name of the Pokémon I turned you into? If you're right we'll keep watching the show, if you're wrong you'll clean up the house."

Tea shook her head in horror.

"How am I supposed to do that with the shoes, please?" asked Tea, pointing to the ballet boots Summer had fastened to her legs.

"I trust your ballet training to handle this," Summer said, "So what's this Pokémon's name?"

"That's unfair Summer!"

"Tik, tak, tik, tak."

"I don't know... Redbreasted Callisto?" asked Tea hopefully.

Summer snorted when she heard the name.

"Oh... that's even better than I imagined." She pressed out from between her lips, holding her stomach with laughter.

"So I was wrong?" asked Tea, uncertainly.

"Wrong is not an expression at all!" said Summer slowly regaining her composure and wiping the tears from her face.

"You are a Gardevoir from now on, and a special one at that. You have a unique coloring which makes you a Shiny and on top of that you are in your Mega Form which makes you even stronger..." Summer started to tell until she realized that Tea had tilted her head.

"You're such a nerd."

A vein started throbbing at Summer's temple.

"Your time is running out," Summer looked at her phone. "Now. Have fun and make sure you don't get into mischief. We don't want your situation to get worse, do we?" said Summer coldly, putting on a mischievous smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you really want to find out or start working? I could also show you directly where you will sleep tonight should you not finish. It won't be in your bed. That much, at least, is a given."

Tea widened her eyes and got up from the bed as quickly as her body, trapped under latex, would allow. She forgot her ballet boots in the process and swayed menacingly, but Summer supported her before she toppled over.

"Thanks," Tea mumbled.

"You're welcome and now get to work," Summer ordered and disappeared into the living room.

Tea watched her for a moment before glancing at her legs, which were hidden under the Pokémon's wide latex dress. Her ballet training helped her, no question, but that was years ago and the weight of the latex layers didn't make it any easier. Tea walked carefully, taking a step forward while raising her arms to keep her balance.

"This is going to be a long day," Tea muttered, and when she saw the mess that was in Summer's room alone.

Boxes of costumes were littered around the room, Summer's clothes were scattered all over the floor, and the giant Metapod costume was lying on the messy bed. Tea wondered if Summer just didn't feel like cleaning up, but she had no choice but to do what her "trainer" had "asked" her to do, since she doubted she could open the lock on her mask with her hands, let alone pick up the key.

Tea first pushed the boxes with the costumes back into Summer's closet. She leaned on them and practiced walking with her boots.

Summer's clothes already presented more of a challenge. They were lying on the floor and Tea hardly thought she had the strength nor the balance to bend down and pick them up. Crawling was not an option either as she doubted the Long puffy dress would allow it.

"Summer? How am I supposed to pick up your clothes off the floor?" asked Tea through the door.

"Think of something!" it came back and suddenly Tea felt something force itself between her teeth and the gag sealed her mouth again.

Grumbling, Tea looked around the room and spotted a box with a metal bar sticking out of it. She tripped to it and pulled it out with a loud rustling sound. It revealed an aluminum rod with four leather straps attached to it. Tea froze as she eyed the pole.

"What was that?" asked Summer curiously as Tea hurriedly hid the bar behind her back so as not to give her trainer the idea of locking her inside.

Summer's head appeared in the doorway and she looked at her Pokémon Maid's cold face. She just raised an eyebrow at Tea's strange stiff posture and returned her attention to her series.

Relieved, Tea exhaled and, with the help of the pole, began to pick Summer's clothes off the floor and slide them into her arms.

She tossed the dirty clothes into Summer's hamper and turned to the Metapod costume. Proudly enthroned on Summer's bed, it seemed unconcerned with Tea's predicament.

She tugged gently on it and was amazed at the weight it possessed. Her hands trapped in latex didn't make the task any easier, so she struggled with the sleeping bag until it rested on the edge of the bed. Tea was out of breath, but she didn't want to give herself a break just yet and lifted the Metapod off the bed with momentum. At that moment, her foot buckled slightly to the side and she lost her balance. With the heavy sleeping bag in her hand and loaded to the utmost with latex, she toppled backwards and crashed loudly on the floor. The thick latex protected Tea from the impact and cushioned the fall, but the Metapod buried her underneath.

"Are you all right?" asked Summer, glancing again into her room where Tea was desperately trying to lift the costume off of her or crawl out from under it.

Summer smiled amusedly and rose from her sofa to help Tea up. With ease, she grabbed the costume and stowed it in her closet.

"Looks like you qualified for extra practice," Summer said, rummaging around in the box from which Tea had pulled the pole. She turned to her Pokémon panting on the floor, a pair of handcuffs in her hand, and let them snap around its wrists.

Speechless, Tea looked up at Summer.

"What, I told you your situation could get worse."

"Hif haaf feimm henn?" asked Tea, holding the cuffs in her trainer's direction.

"Of course I'm serious!", Summer barked gruffly at her and Tea flinched.

"This is your training after all, if it was easy you wouldn't learn anything! So get up, you can continue in the living room now!" Summer ordered and left Tea sitting on the floor.

Awkwardly, Tea pushed the dress aside and stood up, panting. She was already completely out of breath and wished she could have at least breathed through her mouth.

After making the bed, she carefully followed Summer into the living room and pointed to the remote in Summer's hand and her mouth to let her know she wanted to talk.

Summer just grinned maliciously and said, "Give you the remote? Naa, I think not but here as a little reward for the made bed."

Immediately the intruders in Teas step started humming loudly and her legs threatened to give way under her.

"Probably too strong, right?" asked Summer as Tea clung to the sofa as the vibration forced her to throw her head back into her neck and her eyes turned backward into their sockets. Tea didn't think she was still this close to an orgasm and sighed in disappointment as the strength of the vibration receded and became a slight wobble between her legs. Not able to push her over the edge but strong enough not to be able to ignore it.

Dazed, Tea sat back up and looked accusingly at her trainer, who, however, only saw the smiling face of a Gardevoir.

Summer pointed to the cushions lying criss-crossed on the sofa next to her, indicating to Tea that she should continue.

It was a mystery to Tea how she still managed to stay on her toes as she walked around the empty living room table and started fluffing the cushions. Despite her handcuffs, she managed to drape each one of them neatly back onto the sofa.

"Very good Tea. You can continue in your room now, but make sure you don't pull anything off the table."

Tea turned to Summer in irritation. What was she supposed to pull down if there was nothing on the table? But she suddenly felt her dress bump against something. Tea froze to ice as she saw, as if in slow motion, a glass, which definitely hadn't been there a moment ago, toppled over and the water in it spilled across the floor and table.

"Hooo? Didn't I just tell you to watch out?" asked Summer gloomily, and their eyes met. Tea gulped as Summer stood up and walked to her, backing away from her trainer. Her escape came to an abrupt end, however, when her boots hit the sofa and she fell onto it with a soft "thump."

Without wasting any time, Summer bent down and snapped a pair of leg cuffs around Tea's legs. The boots only allowed her to take small steps anyway but the chain between the cuffs was so short that she now had to inch her way around the house.

"This should remind you to watch where you're walking." explained Summer, helping Tea stand up.

"Hank!" said Tea bitterly, but she couldn't ignore the excitement she felt inside her, slowly growing. She wondered what Summer would do to her next should she make another mistake.

"Do the drying!" ordered Summer, pressing a rag into Tea's hand.

Under Summer's watchful eye, Tea scrubbed up the water and placed the glass in the middle of the table so she couldn't bump into it again.

She handed Summer the rag and earned a cold stare.

"You don't think I'm going to touch that disgusting thing now, do you?" she said. Tea started grinning under her mask and just shrugged. She could see in Summer's eyes that she had to stifle a laugh and quickly disappeared into her room. Tea waited patiently to see what she was going to do with her. Not ten seconds later she got her answer as Summer came back, with leather cuffs and a short rope.

"Shrugging at work you're useless if I have to explain everything to you," Summer muttered, attaching the cuffs to Tea's arms just above her elbows and tying the rope, behind her back, between them. Tea found that it pulled her arms back slightly, however, with a little effort she was able to pull her arms forward. The rope was apparently elastic and allowed her a little wiggle room. Trying it out, Tea pulled on it and shook her head. How did Summer think she could keep cleaning up like this?

She felt her trainer put her hands on her shoulders and come close to her head.

"Not my problem," Summer whispered in Tea's ear, answering the unspoken question.

"You can keep cleaning up in your room," Summer said, her wide smile appearing in Teas' field of vision.

A cold shiver ran down Tea's spine and cautiously she tripped past Summer, who looked after her until she disappeared behind the living room door.

Tea opened the door to her room and froze.

Her otherwise spotless room was in chaos from her adventure yesterday. Bags of Summer's costumes were everywhere, her bed still had the restraints on it, and the packing material that had come in the box with the BondSuit was scattered all over the room.

"Ack!" cursed Tea.

She stood in front of the bags and bent down to them, but began to sway ominously as her weight shifted and quickly righted herself. Instead, she went to her bed and tried to undo the restraints from him, only to find that the latches ran under the mattress and she could never reach the hooks with her shortened arms.

Annoyed, she let herself slide to the floor with the help of her bed to at least pick up the packing material and maybe grab the bags. However, she hesitated halfway down and thought about how she would get up again and imagined the undertaking to be almost impossible. With difficulty, Tea pressed her legs into the floor and gasped into the gag as she pushed herself back up. Suddenly the vibrators in her crotch howled and she instantly lost the strength in her legs, slipping away and onto the floor. Desperately she clung to her bedspread but it simply yanked her along.

"MMMMMMMMMHHHH!", Tea screamed into the gag as she was pinned to the floor under her own weight, that of the latex clothes and the blanket, wriggling like a turtle on her back. She couldn't pull herself up through the rope at her elbows and the handcuffs didn't help either. Her ballet boots slid uselessly across the floor and the dress seemed stuck under her. The mask and the blanket mercilessly pushed her upper body to the floor and so she had no choice but to call out to Summer.

"HHHMMMMMM!", Tea screamed into the gag again.

"Yes, Tea?" asked Summer amusedly from the living room.


"Naa you'll be fine. You've got plenty of time before tonight. I have complete faith in you!"

"Until tonight?" thought Tea, trying in vain to roll over onto her stomach, but quickly realizing that she couldn't go backwards or forwards and would have to wait until evening for Summer's punishment. She laid her masked head on the floor and tried to lie down in a comfortable position on the ground. At least Tea had it warm and a little entertainment while she stroked herself and massaged her thickly encased breasts.

Summer startled out of her nap and squinted into the already low sun. She glanced at phone and checked the time. It was already six o'clock. Panicked, she snapped her eyes open and hurried into Tea's room. Her Gardevoir was lying on the floor buried under her covers and didn't seem to have noticed that she had entered the room. Summer could hear the vibrators and the soft moans of her friend. She bent down to her mask and tapped against the hard shell. Instantly, Tea fell silent.

"Having fun yet?" asked Summer.

Tea just shrugged.

"I see you didn't manage to clean up your room, you know what that means, don't you?" continued Summer and started to free Tea from the mask. Tea nodded.

"Let's get you out of there first though, you'll have plenty of time to spend in there later."

Summer helped Tea stand up and untied her bonds. The boots followed and with great difficulty each of the three layers of latex.

"Summer I ...," Tea started to stammer, but Summer put a finger to her mouth soothingly.

"Save your strength Tea. Let's jump in the shower together and I'll wash you thoroughly. After that we'll look further all right?" asked Summer.

"I'd like that," said Tea weakly and let Summer take her to the bathroom. Being encased in at least one layer of latex for 24 hours and enduring countless orgasms had sapped Tea's strength. As the warm water rained down on her, she relaxed and closed her eyes, enjoying the massage Summer was giving her.

"Tea I must apologize. I just fell asleep when you were on the floor. And my behavior was ..." now Summer fell silent as Tea's finger now closed her mouth.

"It's all right Summer. I needed this... and thank you for making this possible for me and I would like to... move on." Tea whispered and leaned forward. Tea pulled her finger from Summer's mouth and they closed the distance between them. The water continued to lap down on them as they pressed against each other. With a smacking sound, their lips parted and they both breathed heavily. Summer was flushed red while Tea looked sheepishly to the side.

"Where did that come from?" asked Summer softly.

"Call it my selfish ulterior motive when I accepted your selfish offer to move in with you," Tea said shyly and began to smile. Summer started to grin, turning off the water and drying them both off.

"I wouldn't have expected that from you now Tea."

"Do you think I should be punished for that?"

"Heh, no more than I was going to do to you anyway. Wait here, I think I have just the thing for tonight." Summer said, leaving Tea alone in the bathroom. She could hear Summer carrying something into the living room, and a machine whining loudly for about five minutes. Curious, Tea wanted to see what Summer was doing, but she was quickly shooed back into the bathroom by her.

When the machine finally stopped, the door to the bathroom opened and Summer took Tea by the hand and pulled her into the living room. Instead of the living room table, a massive latex inflatable Pokéball perched in front of the sofa. There was a zipper embedded in its side, and Tea guessed that Summer would now put her in it.

"You want me to sleep in there? Where did you get that anyway?" asked Tea, intrigued as Summer unzipped the ball to reveal its inner workings.

"From C&T, of course... but if you want, we can sleep together ..." said Summer, looking hopefully at Tea.

"How could I say no?" asked Tea, climbing with Summer's help into the dark clutches of the ball that seemed to be devouring her.

Its interior was slimy, slick, yet warm. It gently pressed her into its center, and Tea could spy through its clouded walls the living room, just lit by the evening sun.

"This must be what it feels like to be eaten by a snake," Tea remarked as Summer's foot appeared in the opening.

"Haha, yeah probably!" Laughed Summer as she slithered in herself. She zipped the ball from the inside and slid in next to Tea. The inflated latex of the ball pressed the two women together and the slime ensured that they slid over each other without resistance with every little movement.

"Cozy?" asked Summer, hugging Tea.

" Unfamiliar, but yes, quite cozy," Tea replied, resting her head on Summer's shoulder.

"Thank you... Summer," Tea murmured as she realized she was getting sleepy.

Summer just smiled and hugged her friend a little closer while she also closed her eyes.


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