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14: Ava's Hangry New Friend

Everything was going perfectly for Summer. She had a great girlfriend and had made up with her friend Ava after years. As a result, and with the coach's approval, she could be a cheerleader again with a clear conscience. After the prank she had played on Ava, she couldn't expect her to continue teaming up with her. Summer had put the time off from cheerleading to good use, though. Not only did she have more time to play. She also had more time for her other hobby, science.

"Sample seems to be attracted to heat and moisture… almost like it's feeding on it," Summer murmured, jotting down her observation on a notepad. The substance under the microscope crawled towards the drop of water and slowly absorbed it until it vanished. Summer watched as the water circulated in the sample and finally disappeared as if it had been digested.


Summer leaned back, brushed back her pink hair and glanced at her watch. She started to smile as it was almost time for practice. She took her sample and poured it back into the jar with the rest of the substance she had found in the cursed forest. Summer put the jar back in her cupboard and locked it. Though Summer doubted any of her fellow students would want to tamper with her research, but as Caitlyn said "It's still Leon City."

"I wonder how her camping trip with the others is going," Summer muttered, remembering their goodbye a week ago. Caitlyn and Chloe and her siblings had set off to get away from the noisy city and clear their heads. Chloe's little sister in particular was in dire need of it.

"I hope she feels better soon," said Summer and left the Leon City University lab in the direction of the sports field. Summer didn't notice that her departure was being watched closely.

"Goooo Lions!" my teammates shouted and threw me into the air. I did a flip and my brown hair fluttered in the wind. Before I could hit the ground, Summer and Becka caught me. They threw me back into the air and I landed in a split in the soft grass. My teammates erupted in cheers.

"Good job girls! Let's call it a day. And Summer? Nice to have you back! One more cheer for Summer, guys!" the coach shouted and I joined the others in cheering as we surrounded Summer and threw her up in the air the next moment.

"Haha, thanks guys, glad you missed me so much!" laughed Summer and I helped her back down to the ground.

"Thanks Ava," Summer said to me again and hugged me. I returned the hug as the others waved to us and left the sports field.

"You're welcome Summer," I said and followed at a distance from the others, "Hey Tea's stressed out with her theater right now, isn't she? Do you fancy doing something with me?" I asked, blushing as Summer grinned cheekily at me. I quickly looked away to hide it.

"I meant go swimming or watch a movie," I mumbled.

"Of course you meant that," Summer said, nudging her elbow into my ribs. I couldn't help but grin and looked around nervously for our teammates, but they seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations.

"I'd love to come. We can go straight to your place if you want, I just need to get a few things from my locker. Will you wait that long?"

" Awesome! What else do you need to get out of your locker?" I asked, eyeing Summer's backpack, which was already stuffed full of books.

"Hehe, let's not spoil the surprise," Summer replied and winked at me.

"You're taking this stuff to uni?" I asked in horror, but Summer had already disappeared behind the glass door, "But hurry up. I've been thirsty since we started the last exercise!" The door swung back and I looked at my reflection. A young, brown-haired woman looked back. My equally dark brown eyes remained glued to my cheerleading uniform, consisting of a light blue leotard that lay loosely against my skin. A short dark blue pleated skirt hid half of my thighs, but left enough exposed for any man to look around for me or my teammates as we walked by. My favorite dark blue sneakers might not look as good as high boots, but the boots were more than a hindrance to training. I started to smile when I saw Summer running towards me with a sports bag, beaming with joy. Above me, just above the glass door, I heard a window open and I looked up. A hooded figure looked down at me and the woman's eyes narrowed to slits, as if she had a deep-seated hatred for me.

"Do you have a problem?" I called up as the glass door opened and Summer walked towards me. At that moment, the woman above us raised a cup in the air and threw it in our direction. Without thinking, I pushed Summer through the door. She stumbled back into the university building, cursing, and gave me an accusing look before the glass cup shattered on my shoulder. A dull pain spread through my shoulder and splinters flew to the floor around me. The liquid spread all over my uniform and soaked me from top to bottom. I was too shocked to think straight. The fear that the splinters had pierced my skin was too great. And what was that transparent liquid? Why was it so sticky? It felt so disgusting. Summer appeared in my field of vision, talking to me in horror and concern. I couldn't understand her.

"What are you saying, Summer?" I asked, almost in a whisper.

"Are you hurt? Is something wrong?" Summer repeated out loud.

"I… no… I… don't know," I mumbled and examined my body together with Summer, but apart from the sticky liquid, nothing seemed to be wrong. Summer bent down and picked up one of the large shards. She frowned and held the glass up to the light.

"What was that, Summer?" I asked nervously.

"I have a hunch," Summer said darkly. Summer pulled out her cell phone and called someone.

"Hey, sorry to bother you, could you go to my closet for a minute? Yeah, I'll wait… My samples?" Summer closed her eyes and massaged her forehead.

"All right, thanks for your help, bye."

"What's wrong?" I asked, but once again I suddenly blacked out. I lost my balance, but before I could fall, Summer caught me.

"Care… Careful, or you'll get that stuff too," I mumbled as her firm grip lifted me up again. I blinked in confusion, my body suddenly feeling dry again, like I'd never been thrown off with the stuff.

"Don't worry about me. I need to get you home," I heard Summer say, feeling her support me and walk me to my car.

"Summer what…"

"A sample from my lab cabinet has gone missing. That person threw it at you, don't worry, nothing will happen to you, but you need to rest. I had it on my skin once too. Not a great experience, but it's over quickly," Summer explained and maneuvered me into my passenger seat.

"I'm so dizzy."

"It's going to be okay, Ava."

The drive back to my house felt like a fever dream. Exhausted, I stared out of the window and couldn't place where we were. The houses and people we passed were just a sea of color.

"Summer, what's happening to… me?" I asked as Summer finally parked my car in front of my home.

"The samples have entered your body and it's trying to cleanse itself. Think of it as a kind of virus. But like I said, it'll be over soon, you just need some rest."

Summer helped me out of my car and supported me until we were upstairs in my room. She sat me down on my round bed. The butterfly sculpture above my bed had spread its wings over me. Its presence calmed me and seemed to improve my condition. The dizziness that had been haunting me eased a little.

"How are you feeling?"

"A little exhausted… thirsty. But I think I'll be able to…" I tried to get up, but Summer gently pushed me back.

"I'll get you something to drink, Ava. It should all be over in a few hours, just lie down and rest."


"No buts, if you want to do something, why don't you take your boots off carefully while I get your water," Summer said, stroking my cheek with a smile on her lips. I blinked. Had Summer said boots? I was wearing sneakers. My eyes wandered to my feet, but instead of my favorite blue sneakers, I was wearing black boots that came to just below my knees. The front had a zipper and suddenly I felt the pressure they exerted on my shins, as if they were clinging to me.

"Boots?" I mumbled in confusion and looked up, but my friend's pink hair had already disappeared behind the door frame. I looked down again and reached for the zipper of the right boot, but it didn't seem to move.

"Probably stuck."

I reached for the other one, but it didn't budge either. I blinked several times in confusion and grabbed the zipper with both hands and started jiggling it. My head became clearer again as I tried in vain to open the boots.

"Come on!" I growled through my clenched teeth. I was even afraid of breaking the boots. Wherever they came from, they looked hot. I exhaled in frustration and started pulling on them even harder. My eyes fell briefly on the sleeve of my leotard as I felt something tighten around my wrist. The usually loose sleeves were tight around my skin.

"Sum… Summer, is it normal for my clothes to shrink from this stuff?" I called out from my room, but Summer didn't seem to be able to hear me. I stood up swaying, something was very wrong here. I groped at the back of my neck for the zipper, but my fingers couldn't find it.

"What the hell is going on here?" I angrily asked the empty room, and my patience finally snapped. I clamped my fingers between my neck and the thin leotard fabric and pulled. The fabric stretched under my pull, but it didn't give way. Instead, it snapped back as if it were made of rubber. I had almost expected something like this, our uniforms are supposed to stretch under stress. I turned to my desk. A pair of scissors would give me freedom. I wanted to stretch out my hand, but it wouldn't budge. I looked down and realized that for some reason my sleeve had stuck to the side of my leotard.

"Summer?" I called down the stairs. How long could it take to get a damn glass of water? With growing panic, I went to my bedroom door to run towards Summer, nearly tripping as I was forced to take only small steps. I looked down and could see thin black strings sprouting from my boots just below my knees, reaching for each other. I turned white as a sheet and ran towards the door as fast as my boots would allow. A wide ribbon suddenly sprouted from the leotard and slammed the door shut in my face and locked it. It was the same color as my leotard, but it shone in the sunlight as if it were made of latex. Another strap shot out from the shoulder area of the leotard, stretched across my breasts and pinned my still free hand to my shoulder, where it instantly stuck like my other one.

"SUMMER!" I screamed in panic at the top of my lungs and groped for my neck to try and pull the leotard down again. I grabbed the opening and instantly pulled my hand back as something sharp pressed into my fingers. Horrified, I realized in the mirror that teeth had formed along my neck and thwarted my attempts to escape. They pressed against my skin but couldn't penetrate it. Now I could also feel that something was moving under the leotard. It felt like my suit was full of snakes and one of them was crawling up my neck. In the mirror, I could see a red tongue sticking out from between its teeth.

Ava's Hangry New Friend by pyperhaylie

"SUMMMhh, MMMMH!" I shouted, but the tongue shot up before I could call for help. It pressed into my mouth and instantly inflated to gag me. I felt the same sensation on my black boots and teeth pressed against my calves there too, while another tongue peeked out as if to tease me.

"MMMMMMMMH!" I screamed again as I was suddenly yanked towards my bed. Unable to struggle against my own damn clothes, I could only watch wriggling in the mirror as more ribbons, like tentacles, wrapped around my body and tied it to my bed. I widened my eyes as I felt something pressing against my crotch.


I screamed into the gag as another tongue dug into me and swelled. The tentacle began to pulsate and my eyes rolled back in my sockets.

"I'm here already, Ava," I heard Summer call through the door," I'm sorry it took so long, I had to call my lab partner again…" There was a loud rumble as Summer banged on the closed door and cursed loudly.

"Come on, Ava, they're my samples, but I didn't splash you with them. It wasn't my fault. Open up already, I brought you your water too."

"MMMmmmh!" The tentacle in my mouth grew even bigger and my desperate and now lustful screams fell silent.

"Ava?" Summer asked and pushed against the door again. It still didn't open and Summer threw her shoulder against the door. There was another loud rumble and my uniform increased its efforts to restrain me. I whimpered as I felt thousands of tongues licking over my body and even making their mischief between my toes. My leotard transformed and forced my arms under my breasts. It grew over my hands and turned them into useless stumps.

A straitjacket? Summer, what is this stuff? I thought, before my toes were forced into the "en pointe" position. My shoes… The boots changed to ballet boots and grew up over my knees to my thigh and under my skirt. They no longer looked cool or hot, but like snakes stuffing my legs into them. They connected to my leotard under my skirt. I was now trapped in my uniform from my toes to my neck. At that moment, the door burst off its hinges. Summer stumbled into the room with it and the glass of water flew across the room in a high arc, smacking against the sculpture of the butterfly and sliding to the floor. The water spread all over my body. My leotard soaked it up immediately and it disappeared inside. Summer scrambled to her feet, but halfway up she saw my condition and froze. Tied up in a straitjacket made of a latex-like material, gagged with a thick tentacle and pinned to the bed. I prayed that Summer didn't see the pulsing between my legs or my face flushed with shame. My leotard didn't move. It was almost as if he was waiting to see what Summer did, just like I was.

"Wow," Summer whispered, straightening up completely. She took a step backward, "Okay, Ava… take it easy. I need to make another phone call."

"PFFFFM! MMHH MMMFFFF!" I screamed stunned into my gag. Was she really just going to leave me alone with this thing? As if it shared my bewilderment, the monster came to life. Tentacles shot in her direction. Summer ran into the corridor and jumped aside to avoid the tentacles. However, they reacted with lightning speed and simply plucked Summer out of the air. Her hands were yanked behind her back and tied tightly, while another wrapped itself around her waist and dragged her back to my room. She was lifted above me and contrary to me, she didn't even try to resist.

"Ava, you have to listen to me very carefully now. You have to calm down! I've been researching it and…"

Summer fell silent as some of the tentacles wrapped themselves around her thighs and disappeared under her skirt to make their way through her leotard. Summer turned red. I could see the outline of the tentacle as it moved under Summer's leotard and framed her breasts, making its way up to her neck and wrapping around it. It pressed against her cheek and tried to find its way between her lips.

"You need to calm down, Ava," Summer pressed out between her teeth, gasping as she ran out of breath, "It… won't hurt us."

Summer opened her mouth to gasp for air and the tentacle took the chance to push itself into her mouth. Summer struggled in vain and breathed heavily through her nose. She looked down at me. I could see in Summer's eyes that she was worried. I closed my eyes and whimpered as I felt my leotard move up my neck and ultimately over my mouth, to just below my nose. It was all too much for me, first the attack, then this substance in my body. I only hoped that this monster would give me and Summer a painless end. I opened my eyes when I felt Summer being set down on my bed. She was now lying next to me, tentacles binding her and there was nothing we could do to free ourselves. Our eyes crossed. I wanted to ask Summer what would happen to us now, what the monster would do to us. Tears rolled down my eyes and were immediately absorbed by the leotard. My mouth felt dry, I didn't know if it was just because I still hadn't had anything to drink or because the tentacle was sucking up my saliva. I didn't know how long I could hold out. My breathing was slowing down and I was getting tired. The exertions of the day seemed to be taking their toll. There was a hiss as the neck corset and mask opened and both slowly retracted into the leotard. I breathed a sigh of relief and coughed. The air in my room was so damn dry. Summer started coughing next to me. She swallowed hard and we looked into each other's eyes again.

"Summer, what is this?" I asked. My voice sounded weak and raspy.

"Do you remember when we were in the cursed forest near C&T? I got that substance there. That was the worst day of my life until it finally came out of my skin," Summer explained.

"But what is it?"

"Frankly, I have no idea. Like I said, I've researched it, but this is totally new to me." Summer confessed, wriggling a little to get into a more comfortable position.

"And what do you know?" I asked, trying to ignore the vibration in my crotch. I'd rather die than let Summer see me being pushed over the edge by this monster.

"It likes heat, water and apparently it binds to spandex and turns it to its advantage," Summer said, "You tried to hurt it, that's why it reacted like that and knocked you out."

"And why did it grab you?"

Summer fell silent and frowned thoughtfully.

"What?" I asked nervously. I feared that the monster just wanted dessert as soon as it was done with me.

"What were you thinking about just before it grabbed me?" Summer asked, and now it was up to me to furrow my brow.

"I, um… couldn't believe you were going to run away." I mumbled guiltily and turned away from Summer so I didn't have to look her in the eye. At that moment, I shrieked out as the leotard grew back up my neck and covered my eyes.

"What the hell is it doing, Summer?" I asked in horror. I started to struggle against the straitjacket again and all of a sudden the tentacles around me came back to life. They wrapped themselves around my head and pressed it onto my pillow

"Ava calm down, I think it's doing what you tell it to do and responding to your feelings! This is such a breakthrough in my research!"

Somewhat horrified, I stared open-mouthed into the darkness of my restraints.

"You're not serious now? You want me to say that I want to see something again and…" the monster immediately withdrew from my eyes, but my head remained firmly pinned to the pillow. I was speechless.

"Can you order him to free us?"

"Um… I'll try. Can you release us?" I asked hesitantly, but nothing happened. That was perhaps a little too much to ask.

"Mmh too bad," Summer commented and she puffed in satisfaction, "Let's get some sleep Ava, tomorrow we'll figure out how to get out of here."

"How can you sleep like this?" I asked and lifted my hands to try, but they were still stuck under my breasts. The intruder in my crotch probably wouldn't let me get a wink of sleep that night either.

"Practice," Summer said curtly.

"I'm still thirsty, though, so that alone won't let me get a wink of sleep. The night is going to be hell." I muttered and miraculously the tentacles let go of Summer and pushed her off the bed.

"Ouch." Summer groaned and stood up.

"And what was that about?" I asked. Summer tilted her head thoughtfully and looked down at me.

"'Not an actual parasite'," Summer whispered barely audibly.

"PARASITE!?" I asked loudly and Summer deftly ducked away from a tentacle that was reaching for her again.

"Ava Chill, it won't hurt you. It needs you to survive and it knows it."

"Doesn't feel like nothing… OH SHIT… do you know what it's doing between my legs? And what do you mean 'IT KNOWS'?" I asked and groaned as the tentacle in my crotch drew attention to itself again. I couldn't hold out much longer, "Great, I've always wanted to be milked and fucked by a strange creature…" Summer quickly interrupted me as she turned red.

"I'll be right back Ava," she said, gave me a quick wave and left my room.

"Hurry up! That thing is getting bolder," I called after her, "Oh…shit, shit, shit!"

The Leotard seemed to see Summer's absence as an invitation to really get going. My whole body felt like it was being licked by a thousand tongues. The tentacle in my crotch moved so fast that I thought it was spinning on its own axis and in every other conceivable direction at the same time. It started to play with my breasts and the opening in my throat tightened, making it hard for me to breathe.

"Oh, God, you monster!" I gasped before letting myself fall. I pushed my pelvis up with all my might as a massive orgasm overtook me. I closed my eyes and couldn't breathe as the wave hit me. A squeak and moan escaped my mouth and I crashed back onto my bed. Trembling and completely drained by the orgasm I'd had to suppress for so long, I lay there staring up at the butterfly above me with empty eyes. A pleasant feeling spread through my whole body and the suit loosened its grip around my neck.

"Why must it feel so good?" I asked in a whisper and I had the feeling that my leotard was squeezing me gently as he said these words, as if to thank me for the praise.

"I'm back!" shouted Summer, ruining my moment with my leotard. I squinted my eyes tightly and shook my head as best I could. What kind of nonsense am I thinking? I was just forced to orgasm by my own clothes!

"You'll be free again in a minute Ava, just you wait," Summer said, placing a bucket next to me on my bed.

"What's in there, Summer?" I asked weakly, seeing out of the corner of my eye that Summer looked a little sad.

"It's water from your pool," she explained, lifting the bucket.

"Summer, I'm not going to drink that, there's chlorine…" I fell silent as I realized that the water wasn't meant for me, "wow, wow, wow, what about your research?"

"I…I'm hoping I can just find a new sample, but you're more important to me Ava," Summer said and started to tilt.

"STOP!" I shouted and sure enough, Summer hesitated.

"What?" she asked, putting the bucket back on the bed.

"The monster just needs water, doesn't it? It was just after water from the start, right?" I asked and Summer nodded in agreement, "Could it maybe calm down if we give it what it wants?"

Summer narrowed her eyes to slits.

"Has that thing eaten into your brain?"

Now I narrowed my eyes and we stared at each other.

"No?" I said hesitantly, but I really wasn't one hundred percent sure. Would I even have noticed?

" Wellllllll, I think that's enough for me. Just a moment," Summer disappeared again. Had I really just said that?

My pink-haired friend came back with a fresh bucket of tap water.

"Are you sure?" she asked me and I wanted to scream no, but something inside me told me that my monster was just as scared and thirsty as I was.

"It calmed down when you splashed it with water just a moment ago. I think it's the right thing to do," I said, hoping my logic wasn't failing me. Summer nodded and poured the bucket over me. As expected, I didn't get wet as the leotard soaked it all up and absorbed it. At the same time, his movements slowed down and I felt his grip on my body loosen.

"It's working!" Summer and I shouted as if from the same mouth and I felt myself slowly being able to move my arms again. My hands were also released from his grip and the tongues stopped licking over my body. Even his texture changed back to the blue spandex from before, but not as loose. It was now tight against my skin and he seemed to caress me with every movement. I didn't get my sneakers back, but I did get my hot boots.

It probably knows that I liked them. I thought about it and crawled off the bed, happy to finally have control over my body again. With Summer in tow, I ran into the kitchen to treat myself to a large glass of water.

"What are we going to do now?" I asked Summer.

"Good question…"

We were both sitting on my bed. I had got rid of my leotard, which was now lying innocently on the floor in front of us, along with my boots. Instead, after taking a long shower, I was wearing my red satin pajamas. I lent Summer one in blue.

"What do you think the others will say?" I asked again and Summer blushed.

"I don't think we should tell them about this."

"And what about the people at C&T?"

"Mmmh, let's keep that to ourselves for now. Celine knows quite a bit about clothes, but I think it's beyond her." Said Summer thoughtfully, "Wouldn't it be really cool if this was your Origin Story? Ava Miller, student and cheerleader by day and superhero in a tentacle leotard by night!"

I punched Summer in the face with my pillow at this statement, which threw her back onto my bed and we both laughed happily.

"You're so stupid," I said, lying down next to her. Even though it was only meant as a joke, Summer's statement made me think. There was so much wrong in Leon City, as her prospective police officer friend Caitlyn had often said. Chloe often joked that Caitlyn was exaggerating, but after her sister had been kidnapped, she had changed her mind too. Could I possibly make a difference with this kinky garment?


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