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The Latex Witch

by Darqside

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© Copyright 2007 - Darqside - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; bond; magic; toys; cons; X

Bliss was irritated, it had been a long day at the corporate headquarters in Salem, Massachusetts. Why in the world their business was headquartered in such a backwater state, she had no idea, but walking among a bunch of country bumpkins (to her at least) wasn’t even the worst part.

It was that blasted Glass Ceiling. It always got her in the end. No matter how professional she was, no matter how hard she worked, this company refused to promote her any higher than Vice-Executive Manager. It wasn’t like she didn’t have a passion for the job, either, in fact, bossing people around for deadlines was quite the enjoyable experience for her, at least so she thought. She loved to see the men with pocket protectors and large-rimmed glasses squirm in their cubicles when a deadline loomed over them.

But as with all her previous jobs, this one didn’t satisfy her. Not in the very least. It just felt unsatisfactory. Not good enough.

She knew she could do better, but there had to be something within her line of interests, something that could spark the flame of desire broiling inside her.

To her, business was sex, if you couldn’t put out, you WERE out. It was that simple. If you were strong, dedicated, and had a long steady rhythm, you could go places with her.

Bliss felt like her talents were getting dull, but there was something else, her coworkers weren’t exactly friendly to her. She could practically read the word ‘bitch’ on their silent lips. It didn’t bother her though, she liked the idea of being intense for them. But the problem was her boss. If they reported her, it could be bad. And getting another job isn’t as easy on the Eastern coast.

So it was she tried to put on a ‘smile’ that hurt like a toothache. But now she was getting weird stares from everyone, like it just wasn’t natural for her to smile.

Ugh… so what am I supposed to do! She nearly screamed it out loud.

She was getting frustrated, and needed a break. Luckily, it was lunch break and she could head out for a bit.

Driving the company car around town was a nice little perk to her position, even if it was a minor one.

The more she thought about her unsatisfactory position, the more her blood began to boil. How could she just sit around and play favors, she wanted more!

She pulled in front of a local eatery and decided this would be a nice place to calm her nerves.

The waiter inside gave her a booth in the non-smoking section, and gave her a menu.

This guy seems rather cute. She thought as he gregariously smiled through his work. She’d been here several times before, watching him, and learning more about his job. He didn’t just serve tables of course, he was also constantly fixing the stove and other kitchen appliances around the place. He had a very rugged appearance, but his every movement spoke ‘sexy’ to her eyes. His voice was deep but simple, and about the only thing she didn’t know about the guy was his name and what he did after work.

“So, are you ready to order, Miss Bliss?” the man broke her out of her reverie.

For some reason she had a habit of telling people her first name as if it was her last name, she didn’t know why, it just sounded interesting. Besides, the name ‘Bliss’ just made her feel oh-so-sexy all over, like an obsession.

“But of course, I’ll have the House Club, thank you.

“All right, and to drink?”

“Coffee, please.”

“As you wish.” He replied with a wink and a smile.

It was the first time she noticed this trait in him. Maybe it was the idea she was attracted to him or vice-versa, but he had his own little nuances that made her heart feel… somewhat…

Nah! He’s just flirting around! She dismissed it in her head, it was probably something he did to all the women in the restaurant.

Still, if he worked at our office, it would be a little more interesting. She thought to herself.

Lunch was over far too soon, she realized, and she still had an hour or so before she needed to get back to work. She decided to do a little of what she liked to call ‘power snooping’, that is to say, she was always looking for opportunities to increase her potential, or just find another means of dominating someone. It felt like such an intense rush. That’s when she came across a strange fetish store down the street.

When she entered the place, it was relatively empty, meaning business was slow around her, she’d guessed, but the guy running the shop didn’t seem to mind. He wore black leather all over, and had a shaven head for some reason, but she paid it no mind.

Latex wasn’t exactly her thing, but it was interesting as a venue. Sex always did calm the nerves, even if the means was a little weird, so she thought.

The man at the counter noticed his customer, and decided to be a little more sociable.

“So miss, are you looking for any Domination gear?”

“Say what?” she looked back at him quizzically.

“You know, riding crops, tight stuff, maybe a mouth gag or two?” The man replied.

In fact, she’d never even heard of those things before, but the word ‘domination’ rang clear as a bell in her mind.

It was shocking to this man to find out she had never even heard of Domination and Submission. A sexual term for being in control, and being the one controlled. She liked the former, but the latter was just as interesting for some reason.

“Well since you’re new, before you buy anything I think you should read this pamphlet, it talks about everything you need to know, including safety precautions, and what you can expect out of a lifestyle like this. I do hope by reading it, you’ll take an interest, it’s very satisfying.” He said this with a big grin on his face.

“Well, I have to head back to work, the job’s a killer, and I’m an escaped convict.” She smiled at her own feeble joke.

“Ooh, sexy situation at the workplace! Good luck!” he grinned even wider this time.

She didn’t know exactly what he meant, but the pamphlet was an interesting read. But as she was heading out to the car, a strong wind blew a piece of paper on her windshield, catching on the wipers.

She snatched it off and would’ve tossed it in the nearby bin, but something compelled her to read it.

It was an advertisement, but nothing she’d ever heard of.









“What kind of cheesy tripe is this?!” she practically yelled out loud, and threw it in the street, only for the wind to blow it back in her face.

She wanted to burn the thing, as it was filled with so much ludicrous nonsense she couldn’t even think straight. She unceremoniously shoved the paper in the car and pulled out.

Her irritation was coming back, just as she entered the building, but she knew she had a job to do, and this wasn’t the time to let out frustrations.

She was typing up some paperwork when one of the lesser ‘underlings’ of the company called to her, telling her the boss wanted to see her.

The boss? What could he possibly want to see her for?

As she entered into the office, she gently closed the door. When it came to higher-ups, she had nothing but the utmost respect, even if she was gunning for their jobs. In fact, according to that pamphlet, she was the perfect example of a Submissive.

No! she shook her head, I can’t get distracted!

“Miss Bliss,” her Executive Supervisor began. Even he referred to her by first name, and that suited her just fine. “Have a seat.”

She nodded and did so.

“I’ve finished the monthly performance evaluation and your work with us is nothing short of stellar, and I have to congratulate you.”

“Thank you sir—,”

“However,” he broke her off. Uh-oh, here it comes.

“There’s been a few reports from the staff about your um… behavior… they say you look ‘stressed out’ or that you’re ‘trying too hard’.” He used ‘finger quotes’ to emphasize this.

“I’m not telling you how you should do your job, in fact, I completely approve, but I have some concern for the staff. And if the company has low staff morale, that might lead to other problems, you see. So I’ve come to a decision.”

The expression on his face was neither grim nor excited, but it was intense for her. She could tell he was all business, and she liked every second of it.

“I’m sorry to say this, and it may hurt the company productivity a little bit, but I’ve decided to effectively put you on ‘Vacation Status’ effective today.”

What!? You can’t be serious! She wanted to yell out loud. Even if it hurts company productivity? Are you insane? This is my job!

“This will be a paid vacation of course, and you’ll have three months free time all to yourself. Maybe you’ll even get a chance to stretch those beautiful legs of yours!” he sheepishly smiled.

Did he just say what I think he said? Isn’t that sexual harassment? Should I sue? Her face was expressionless.

“Well, Miss Bliss, I hope you have a Blissful time, hehe.” He let her out of the office with a big smile on his face.

Oh I will… everything short of embezzling the company money! She thought, her blood had reached its limit and her temper was just beginning to peak… but she was all smiles all the way out the door.

She could almost hear the cheers and jubilation among the coworkers as she left the place. Did they really hate her that much?

She walked past the company car, and noticed she’d left the pamphlet inside, she took it, along with the strange advertisement that made her angry, and brought them to her own car. Her old 86 Toyota Trueno. It wasn’t much, but it got around, and it was killer on the corners where she lived.

Now she had no power whatsoever, for THREE WHOLE MONTHS and this infuriated her. It was like getting fired, only she didn’t lose money, she was grateful for that at least.

What should I do now? She thought to herself, her face doing its best not to furrow into angry oblivion. She knew she was attractive, and she knew it would be oh-so-easy for her to use her feminine wiles to seduce her way up the corporate ladder. But that just didn’t sit well with her. To be honest, she was all about dominating the competition, blowing people out of the water, so to speak. She wanted them to grovel at her feet, but now she had three whole months with nobody to order around.

“Three whole months,” she sighed.

Then it dawned on her, ‘dominate the competition’ was a phrase in that crazy advertisement, something she was into. And it couldn’t hurt to ask questions, besides it was a toll-free 800 number.

All she could think about on the way home was Dominating the Competition. And she had three months to find a way to do just that. There was no way in hell she was going to simply ‘relax and take a vacation’. It just didn’t suit her. She was all business, even when not working.

She waited till she got home to call the number, she could’ve just used her cell phone, but she kept reminding herself that that was for business only, and this she thought wasn’t exactly for the business.

“1-800-witch’em, eh?” she read the number, “I guess it’s catchy, but the advertisement needs a little work.” She was, after all, part of the marketing department where she worked.

She sat down in her leather chair crossed her legs with their pointed heels and leaned back. Unlike most women she knew, she loved business suits, and she loved the heels that went with them, it was her power suit, and she didn’t feel like taking it off, even if she was at home, even if everyone else thought it was uncomfortable. It just gave her that feeling.

She dialed the number, only to get a strange old woman’s voice coming on the other end.

“Oh-ho, so you’ve got the spine to call after all, eh?” said the voice on the other end. “I’ve been expecting you!”

“You’ve been…huh??” her eyes went wide in shock as the mystery voice continued.

“Scared you, did I? I know everything about you, dearie, and I know all about the potential sleeping inside you!”

“You… you know me?” was all she could stammer.

“Dear, I’ve been around the block a few times to know everyone, I do my homework, and… that advertisement was made specifically for you! Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to come over for a visit.”

“You’d like to… what?!” she nearly yelled in the phone. Her temper was finally getting the best of her.

“Bliss you silly girl, just put the phone down and answer the door!”

Everything happened in such a fast blur Bliss didn’t even have time to think of the questions she had.

Bliss was starting to think stress at work really had gotten to her, but her reasoning never once left her, so it wasn’t a dream was it?

A doorbell rang, and her nerves practically jumped up to the ceiling. But she had to take care of business, no matter how strange, and answering the door was all a part of it.

When she did so, she found an elderly woman in her mid-70s wearing a simple frock and petty-coat, all dressed in black. But striking of all was the material, it was all black latex, not to mention she wore an incredibly striking pointed hat. At her side she carried a small riding crop, for what purpose, Bliss could only guess. She also apparently carried a briefcase with her, which made Bliss consider the idea that this wasn’t just a house-call.

This woman was all about business, even if her attire was strange.

Bliss let her in.

“Why thank you, Miss Alexandra, you are most kind.” The elderly woman spoke in high British.

At the name ‘Alexandra’ Bliss’s back bristled, she hated to be called anything other than her first name.Which was silly, she knew, but it was something about the contrast between her first name and her last name. Those she’d come to dominate could only call her by her first name, while those who would soon learn she wouldn’t put up with anything, dared to call her by her last name. That was just the way she was.

“My name is Alexis Troubadour, you may refer to me only by ‘Miss Alexis’ or ‘Mistress’ for the next three months. Although you’ll probably be referring to me by the latter within the next week.”

How dare you! This is my home! And you come here and act like I’m some lowly servant girl??

Miss Alexis gave Bliss a single gentle glance and it was all it took, Bliss melted like butter.

“Yes, Mistress,” she said on impulse, “I will do as you instruct me.” She practically kneeled on her own doorstep.

What am I saying? Who is this old woman, and why am I submitting to her! She just looked at me, why can’t I--?

“You’re wondering why you’ve lost control, haven’t you, Bliss?” she practically read Bliss’s mind, “The truth is, I’m a Witch, a very powerful one… and it is quite simply a form of mind control.You may have no say in the matter, however, I’m not here to simple degrade your sensibilities. I am here as your Instructor. You called me, remember?”

“Now come, we have much preparation to do before we begin the first lesson. The beginning of your use of Magic.”

Bliss shut the door as told. It was like she was outside her own body and had no control on what was said or done. But everything felt completely normal, as if nothing had changed.

Bliss prepared some tea as instructed, then set it in front of her ‘Mistress’.

Mistress Alexis accepted her tea with the utmost aristocratic grace and poise. Something Bliss had no concept of in this day and age. It was an old art, and for some strange reason spoke volumes of power. Power that Bliss now felt needed to be at her command. But all the thinking in the world wouldn’t change her situation or who she was. And thinking was all she could do right now.

“You’re wondering so many things all at once, Bliss, you must slow down and pace yourself, or you will not make progress as a Latex Witch.”

Almost like a miracle, Bliss’s voice and opinion returned, although her body was rooted to her own chair.

“You most likely have questions, and it would be most rude of me not to answer them. Suffice it to say, my power orchestrated the events that lead you to calling me, your vacation, the brochure, and paper advertisement, all of it. For you see, all of it is necessary for what we will be doing in the next three months. You will be training under my instruction to become a Latex Witch of the highest caliber. The reason, you see, is because I sensed the power sleeping inside you, perhaps handed down from generation to generation via your mother and your mother’s mother and so on… passing the blood down to you. And you have a very exquisite blood, my dear. One of the finest for Black Magic.”

The only question that came to mind at this point for Bliss, was “What exactly is a Latex Witch?”

“Ah, direct and to the point, I see, you will do well under my instruction if you maintain that attitude. In truth, Witches and sorcery have been around for ages, but it was only up until recently that we discovered Latex material has the ability to increase one’s own power, this makes it easier to cast spells… this is not without its negative side, however. Those who are inexperienced with Magic can lose control, and even more so in Latex. So it is, that Latex Witches are the highest order in the long line of Witches. You, dear girl, are a natural. I have sensed it in you, and you will most likely surpass even my own power soon.”

“Power? What kind of power?”

“Why… the power to dominate, to create and destroy whatever you wish, Witches are known for a little havoc now and again. But most of all, you will finally have a place where you belong, my dear.”

“A place where I belong?” she repeated the statement like a parrot. Her mind felt like a blank slate at the moment. This was truly all hard to grasp.

“Bliss dear, have you ever had feelings build up inside you to the point they want to burst, or have you ever had feelings and desire for nothing but power and dominance yet you are somehow able to submit to those in authority? Or perhaps you feel what you do where you work is inadequate for your skill? These are the feelings of a Witch who has yet to awaken. Did you read that pamphlet?”

She had, but Bliss didn’t know what the BDSM Pamphlet could possibly have to do with being a Witch.

“There are many women in the world who have a desire to dominate or to submit, but there are a select few in this world who are gifted with the ability to desire both in their heart of hearts. These are Witches in the truest sense, but some grow up not knowing the truth and therefore their power never truly awakens. You, my dear, are fortunate to have me as your Instructor. For once we are finished, you will no longer concern yourself with petty things like the work at the office or even that handsome young man at the restaurant. All that will remain will be your deepest and darkest obsessions, and those obsessions will be granted, I assure you..”

At the word ‘obsessions’ Bliss shivered. This woman knew everything about her, and probably more than anyone else, even her mother.

She didn’t know she had it in her, but Bliss managed to clean the house according to Mistress Alexis’ specifications. Everything was spotless and perfect, better than Bliss could’ve imagined, and she didn’t even feel slightly winded.

Is this really the power of mind control?

“To answer your question,” Mistress read her thoughts again, “Once the mind is willing, the body is capable of anything.You desire power, and nothing less, that is what motivates you, I merely exploited that facet of your mind and enhanced it so that you are more capable of following commands and soon you too will know how to use such a power.”

When she was finished, Bliss and the Mistress were sitting in the Living room once again, when Mistress set her briefcase on the table. It snapped open, but from what Bliss could see, there was nothing inside. She couldn’t even see the bottom of the briefcase, as hard as she tried.

When Mistress Alexis reached into the case, she pulled out what appeared to be a pointed hat with a large set of black jaws and dark eyes on it, like a face. It was closed, however, and motionless like an everyday hat, although it did look like a Witch’s hat, as it was made of rubber.

“This will be your new training partner, Laurette. You may call her Laura or La-la if you wish, she has no preference.”

“The hat has a name?”

“Try her on and see.” Mistress Alexis ignored her question.

Confused and nervous, Bliss placed the hat on her head. To her shock the thing came alive and seemed to hug her head furtively. She tried to pull it off, but its grip on her head was incredibly tight.

“Now-now Bliss, don’t be so rude, you’re her new Host from now on. She will be monitoring your Magic and act as a limiter to help teach you how to improve your skills. Laurette, I believe it’s time you introduced yourself, Laurette?”

A mumbling came from on top Bliss’s head and the strange hat came to life.

“As you command, Mistress.” It said, its voice sounded somewhat awkward, and for a minute, it sounded just like Bliss’s voice.

“Oh don’t mind that Bliss, Laurette’s just connecting herself up to your nervous system and uses your body to speak. You two have a symbiotic relationship now. She cannot come alive without you, and you cannot perform Magic without her, it is that simple.”

“I hope you don’t hold it against me, Bliss. Just think of me as a friend whose closer than a sister.”

“And if you’re concerned that wearing a hat like Laurette is going to mess up your hair, don’t be, for she maintains your hair in a perfect hairstyle to your liking. Even in strong winds she will not fall off or even allow your hair to get messy. She’s even known to fix split ends! See, even I have a partner like Laurette, her name is Magestra.”

As she said this and pointed to her hat, Mistress’ hat came to life.

“Greetings, Bliss, I do hope you’ll find it in your heart to accept I and my sister Laurette, we are considered twins in the spirit realm.”

“It is ‘my sister Laurette and I’, Magestra, must we go over your language lessons again?”

“Apologies, Madame.”

Magestra’s voice was nearly identical to Mistress Alexis’ voice, so it sounded like she was having a conversation with herself, much to Bliss’s shock.

“Do not let it bother you so much, Bliss.” Her hat spoke to her, “It will take some time, but you will get used to hearing my voice sound as yours, just think of me as your ‘significant other’.”

“Now girls, you’ll need to hush now, if we’re going to instruct Bliss in her first few lessons, but before that she must change, yes?” Mistress Alexis asked. At this, both hats cheered.

Reaching into her apparently bottomless briefcase, she pulled out several articles of what appeared to be nothing but black latex clothing. Bliss didn’t know what to make of it, some of it looked very strange, while other aspects looked like it was simply for frill. Since Bliss wore mostly business attire, she didn’t keep track of the latest fashion trends.

Mistress Alexis took Bliss to her bedroom and had her strip of all her clothes, except for Laurette. Normally this would’ve irritated and embarrassed Bliss out of her mind, but something in her mindset told her this was the first step in her progress to obtain true power. And because she felt that way, it just made it all the easier to comply.

Mistress was nonchalant about seeing Bliss strip, as it didn’t mean much to her, however, once she handed her the clothes she was to wear, she had the smallest smile on her face.

“Put these on first, and I will explain their use.” Mistress said, handing Bliss a pair of what appeared to be parts of a latex bathing suit. They were a two-piece set, apparently, but something about them looked suspicious, Bliss couldn’t put her finger on it. But she put them on anyway, only to find out both the top and bottom had a set of surprises waiting for her.

Almost coming to life, the bottom half of the bikini-like material formed a strange spike inside her anus and vaginal areas… plugging her solidly. She nearly doubled over as the two invaders appeared to plunge deep and almost connect to one another, effectively preventing the lower portion from coming off.

“ Normal human beings refer to those ‘things’ as dildoes, Bliss, although they do not understand the true nature of them. You may think you’re just sexually teasing yourself with those objects embedded in you, but really you are creating a barrier to prevent Magic from leaking.” Mistress continued, “A Witch must focus her Magic into the Latex she wears and not through her body, if she did so, she would lose all control. This is why you were given Laurette, for she is your ‘focus point’ to concentrate your magical energies through.

The panties were tight to be sure, and the dildoes (Bliss didn’t have any other word to describe them. ‘Magic Plugs?’) were deep and solid, and definitely turning her on.

“You’re wondering if being sexually aroused will keep you focused on concentrating your Magic? Don’t be, the ‘arousal’ is the very source of your Magical Power, Bliss. It’s that sensation of arousal that will give you what you need when the time comes to channel it.”

Next, Mistress Alexis handed Bliss the latex bra for the outfit. It had what appeared to be several ‘bumps’ on the inside of the cups, but what they were for, Bliss had no idea.The bra snapped in place, and was snug and tight, but something happened shortly after that made Bliss moan. The strange bra was literally massaging her breasts, and was it her imagination? Her breasts were getting bigger, the bra seemed to conform to their shape.

Her breasts eventually grew to a whole size D-Cup. Her cleavage was astounding, and her breasts tingled all over.

“A woman’s breasts are the second focal outlet for arousal, Bliss, without this bra, your breasts would not be stimulated and Magic potential would be wasted. Also, it appears that the Magic has already begun to manifest itself in you, Bliss.”

“How do you mean, and how do I get my breasts to stop… unh… tingling.”

“I’m afraid I can’t help you with that, Bliss, you see, your body has its own way of reacting to its Magical power. If your breasts have a tingly sensation and grow to a large size after putting on that Latex Bra, that’s a sign you have the potential for unlimited Magic use.”

“I’m not sure I… eh… follow you.” Bliss was starting to get ticklish from the bra.

“I didn’t tell you this before, because I didn’t want you to be afraid, but once you put on this Latex Bra of Magic, there is no means of taking it off short of destroying your own Magical powers. And if your breasts are tingling now, it means they will continue to tingle for as long as you wear the bra… which may very well be for the rest of your life as a Latex Witch. The same goes for your breast size, I’m afraid. The over-sensitivity and size of your breasts will just be something you’ll have to get used to.”

It was then that Magestra spoke up. “It’s been a while since I saw Magic manifest itself like this, Mistress, she’s full of potential, isn’t she? The last time the ‘breast stimulation magic’ happened was over 1500 years ago, right?”

“Indeed, the last time it happened, we had a new Grand Master Witch on our hands. She may very well be stemmed from Royal Bloodlines, this one.”

“T-that’s all well and good, but isn’t there some anti-itch cream I can use to at least ease the tingles a little?” Bliss practically begged, her breasts were going to kill her if the dildoes didn’t.

“I’m afraid no medicine will help, my dear, the tingles you’re experiencing come from your own Magic inside you, think of your breasts as ‘power generators’ for the Magic you have built up. In truth, the moment you put on that Bra, you literally cast a spell on yourself without thinking about it, the end result is natural body stimulation, a talent few Witches can boast for their Magic, I’m afraid.”

“So then the… tingles… are… my Magic?” It was getting really hard to talk for Bliss, she wanted to fuck and fuck something hard.

“You really think having sex will alleviate this? Don’t be silly Bliss, you won’t be satisfied no matter how many times you ‘do it’. The only way to release some of the sensation is to use your Magic, and you barely know how to do that yet, so just be patient.”

Bliss was starting to get annoyed with all this ‘mind reading’ that Mistress Alexis was doing, but it was, to some extent, comforting to know someone understood the changes going on in her body.

She was then handed something called a ‘Magic corset’, the thing was solid black and thick rubber, and apparently had clamps on the front and the back. It looked a little big for her, but the moment she put it on, Mistress told her to ‘suck it in’. The minute she did so, the corset collapsed and conformed to the very tight curves of her body, accentuating her waist and hips. Her shape was incredible, she realized, and that only turned her on all the more.

“Looking sexy, acting sexy, being sexy, that is the key to gaining Magical Power for us, Bliss.”

Bliss wanted to ask how it was Miss Alexis could look so elderly and still have magic power, but thought better of it, she could obviously read her mind so she clamped it shut and thought of nothing else but the tingling and the clothes and the arousal.

Mistress Alexis winked at her, “A woman has her secrets, and I will reveal mine, in time.”

The corset was definitely tight, making Bliss a slim 20” creature.

“Next I have this I want you to wear, these two materials will be key in conducting material for your skills.”

She handed Bliss what appeared to be a slick latex body stocking, along with long opera gloves. Both slid in place like a charm, but before she could blink, the suit all merged together to become one piece. Like a second skin, she didn’t know where the latex ended and the corset began! The only thing left on her that wasn’t latex was her face.

“Now Bliss, don’t panic, this was to be expected after your other recent transformation. The latex seems to have taken a liking to you, and by interconnecting itself around your body, it is confirming its trust in you as a Latex Witch. You see, Latex, despite what others believe, is a living thing, it lives and is lithe and moves even when someone else wears it. But it’s true potential will only be revealed when one who uses Magic wears it. In your case this is doubly true.”

Bliss was uncomfortable with the idea of Latex encasing her body without any seams or holes, and the idea that she couldn’t feel anything underneath wasn’t exactly something she was used to. But for some reason, her tingles seems to extend to every part of her body now, and she was starting to understand what Mistress meant by her power, although her breasts still felt incredibly stretched and sensitive under all the Latex.

The next thing her Mistress had her put on were a pair of incredibly thick Stiletto-Heel Platform Boots, high enough that Bliss needed to bend her knees just to get through the doorframes in her house, the latex already reached up to her leg and beyond like some molded hoof. But it definitely was an additional turn-on, the shape and balance of the things accentuated her curves and magical bust nicely. She could barely walk in the things, but via mincing steps and the occasional turn of the heel, she could walk well enough, until she realized the Heels were now fused to her feet as well. Then she tripped and fell to the carpet, the tingles having extended themselves to her toes.

“Mistress Bliss!Are you okay?” Laurette her hat called out. It was the first time Laurette had called Bliss her Mistress… and among the other things going on all at once, Bliss was turned on by this as well.

But if she was going to get the hang of this ‘Magical Power’ she’d have to tough out all this arousal nonsense.

“I’m…. ungh…. fine… I just didn’t expect my legs to give like that.” Bliss grunted and got back up.

“It’s not surprising, considering the Latex is now a part of your body to an extent. I know this is all rather fast for you to accept, but this Latex will enhance your power several times over.When we finish you’ll wonder how you even lived without it.”

I can think of a few ways I’d live without it. Bliss grumbled in her thoughts, knowing full well Mistress Alexis heard her.

“I must admit, Bliss, when I first gained my Latex adornment, I was just as confused as you… the only difference is, my Latex didn’t take as much a liking to me as it did you… I am… somewhat envious.”

Bliss almost felt like laughing, this woman had come into Bliss’s home and treated her like a little child, and then pretty much forced her into a suit that liked her too much to let go so she couldn’t even wear business attire if she tried. Actually Bliss felt like crying at how fast her old life was falling apart, until for a brief moment, the latex suit gave her some minor comfort.

Aside from Laurette her hat, the suit briefly converted itself from the tight body and tall stilletto heels to a luxuriously sexy business power suit, obscene low-cut business cleavage, and skirt revealing her legs, with sharp black pump latex heels as accessories. The dildoes were still prominently embedded in her sphincter and hymen, however, and her still-large breasts tingled like no tomorrow.

“Oh my! I’m stunned beyond words, you’re already capable of Magic with regards to the suit?” Mistress Alexis asked.

“I don’t know… I just… thought about something I like to wear a lot and…. it happened, although it’s still made out of latex, I guess… I can’t complain.”

But the moment her mind drifted, the business suit she wore converted itself back into it’s solid black shiny full-bodied stiletto-heeled form.

“Interesting,” marveled Mistress, “The form of the suit reacts to your emotions, but the minute you lose focus, it reverts back… I’ve never witnessed Magic like this before.”

“I have.” Piped up Magestra, “This is ancient magic, back when Latex wasn’t considered material one could use in the Spirit Realm. Only those with strong concentration can maintain it though, not to mention cast it in the first place.”

“Thank you Magestra, you’ve been most informative today.” Mistress Alexis smiled.

Mistress continued, “I have three more articles of clothing I wish to bestow upon you, but, I believe you have a question for me, yes?”

“Uh… Mistress…”

“Yes, dear?”

“Will I be able to go to the bathroom like this? There are no openings or anything!”

At this Mistress Alexis blushed.

“Oh my! Such a silly question… you, my dear girl, are now capable of many things, so I’m sure you can figure this out by using your own Magic. Think of it as a test.”

At that thought, Bliss frowned in consternation, she hadn’t the faintest idea of how to solve such a problem, and it didn’t help things that she had to go… really… really… bad.

“I’ll give you a hint: remember what you were thinking when you wore your office attire.” Mistress Alexis smiled.

Bliss teeter-tottered over to the bathroom in those ridiculous perma-heels of hers, half blaming Miss Alexis for her troubles, half blaming herself.

She was covered from the neck down in solid latex, no holes, and the holes she used to have were plugged completely.

Maybe if I go wherever it’ll just leak out somewhere… she bemused. Then shook her head.

How un-lady-like. She wanted Power, and power meant being distinguished enough that one didn’t take shortcuts, even for such trivial things as the bathroom.

Being stuck in Latex was intriguing to her, but it was still a problem, as to how she would solve it, she only had the Mistress hint to think on…

“Think on…. that’s it!” As if a bolt of inspiration struck her, Bliss now knew the answer to the riddle, the trick was getting it to work.

Deciding she would feel better if she were in the position to think about such things, she nonchalantly sat on the open toilet seat, hoping for the best.

It was a strange sensation having a rubber latex butt on a smooth slick ceramic seat. She could hardly keep herself ‘lined up’ properly, and the pressure from her bladder was mounting, she had to do something soon.

She spread her black shiny legs apart, bolstered by those enormous heels that were so fused to her legs they might as well have been her feet. But that was the attractive aspect of the suit. No sign of any gaps or holes where her vagina would be, just a wall of latex and the dildoes stuck up her rear and box didn’t help either.

So she wished for two holes, one for each waste producer of the body. She thought and thought for her wishes, focusing on them like they were some mechanism or mathematical equation.

Still for a time, nothing happened, but slowly, bit by bit, just like Magic (it was Magic), the holes in the latex opened to expose her body, this also alleviated pressure from inside her nether regions once plugged solid and tight with the dildoes.

She realized the wish was for the holes to open, but she didn’t think to keep them open while she alleviated herself. So it took all her will power just to hold each hole open while she relieved herself, and when she was done, she just barely had enough time to wipe and clean before the holes were gone.

With a flush a wash and a sigh, there was no sign she’d ever gone to the bathroom in the first place. Not even a wrinkle in the suit. And she was plugged up good and tight so that her sphincter could barely wrap itself around the cylinder thrust into it. It didn’t hurt to walk, but it certainly felt intense with every step. If it weren’t for her sense of dignity, she’d be writhing on the floor trying to fuck the nearest long object. In fact, simply thrusting her hips in any direction produced the desired effect. As sad as she felt about this situation, she felt good all over, and it really troubled her that she felt so good.

The worst part about it was, she still had *three* pieces of latex ‘whatever’ to put on before the suit was complete. How was she going to cope with that?

She pinched her rubber bottom to see if it was a dream. Nope. I guess there’s no going back, is there?

Laurette tried to comfort her through what appeared to be mind-speak, “I know you’re having a hard time adjusting to being permanently aroused, but it’s your power that’s growing inside you. Please accept that fact, and please accept who you are.”

Bliss didn’t want to answer Laurette, she just wanted to get this over with.

When she finally returned to the bedroom, she saw the surprised look on Mistress Alexis’ face.

“My my… back already? I thought you’d be stuck in there for an hour at least…”

“It took me some time to figure out what you’d said to me, but then it just sort of came as an epiphany what I could do with the suit. But it’s not easy to get used to, plus I’m having a hard time getting used to this arousal thing.”

“I’m simply glad you’re starting to see things the way a Latex Witch would, instead of an ordinary human.” Mistress smiled gently.

Miss Alexis pulled the remaining three articles one by one out of the case. Each had a bizarre appearance, and most likely did something even more bizarre to Bliss’s body.

“First, I want you to put on this dress, it is made of latex of course, but understand that it’s designed to deflect magics off you as opposed to on you.”

The dress was somewhat long, had a strange waist, and had a long rubber cape adorning it. No doubt the cape suited a Latex Witch just fine. But it also had some strange glyphs around the neck hole that stood out from the rest of the dress. Even if Bliss wanted to know what those glyphs were for, Mistress Alexis probably wouldn’t tell her until after the fact, so she gave up and began to put it on. It definitely felt strange putting one layer of latex on, one after another, she could almost feel the dress begging to caress her body. The cape hung loosely, as did the sleeves, but she knew something would happen the moment everything was in place.

After a brief sigh of giving in to the clothes wishes, she watched as the material went to work on merging with the rest of her outfit. But a few changes took place.

Not only did the dress merge with the suit and corset, but it created a strange padding of rubber behind her back. Bliss could feel the weight of the material thicken as it changed. The dress itself began to mold itself around the contours of her hips and soon she was walking in what appeared to be a hobble skirt that only let her move her legs a measly 6 inches per stride. She could just barely bend at the knee and only enough to stoop, the rubber was so thick, and her butt felt so rounded and thick she felt like she could sit on a bed of nails and not feel a thing, which was probably true. The bottom of the dress remained open thankfully for her huge clodhopper heels, but what could she do other than walk around in tiny wiggles?

Before she could answer that question her sleeves were pulling on her arms at the sides. Before she knew it, her arms were fused to her sides like an inchworm, and slowly the rubber drew her arms behind her back into a single pillar that had formed there moments before, she gasped in surprise only to find the air in her chest had tightened, forcing her already enormous breasts out further than she thought possible. She could only break in brief soft sighs, that is, until her neck began to tighten. She yelped as the suit jerked her neck into place. Her head felt like it had been forced through a large plastic pipe, but the strange posture-maintaining shape on the suit wouldn’t budge. She was forced to keep her hands behind her back (which no longer felt like they existed as it was now a single mound of rubber fused to her spine, the rubber cape hiding what remained of her shoulders completely, her rubber breasts out, jutting just so they were pointed, perky, and prominent, and her hips were nearly frozen in place just like her neck. If she moved at all, a stiff wind would most likely blow her over.

“I’m really not sure what to make of this development… what say you Magestra?” Mistress Alexis pressed her finger on her chin in thought.

The talking hat responded, “This chain of events leads me to believe this girl is to be the next Queen Magisteress, for this will only occur on those with the Royal Witch Blood. Because they have no need for arms and hands, they are sealed behind their backs a span, and their need for legs is slight, so they are bound tight, their mouth seldom speaks for it needs not for the amount of power that sleeps—or so the rhyme goes. This may be my first time witnessing a Queen Magisteress’ Birth, so I cannot say for certain, that is all I know.”

“The only thing I can think that would cause this, would be the young lady’s desire for power is the same as her desire for sex… this is a theory, however, so take it for what it is worth. The suit has responded to you as a child would respond to it’s mother. Caring, protecting, reinforcing, and even strengthening your power. According to the legend my dear friend Magestra, the legend is that should the Queen Magisteress appear, we are to immediately place her in command of the world’s Witching Order. But she has the right to decline her position. Just know that, should you accept this, you can be sure your body will remain in this form for a very long time, unless you willingly use your power to alter it otherwise. The moment you relax your body is the moment the suit will imprison you in this fashion. The purpose for this I can only see as a means to maintain and enhance your arousal beyond known limits, is to keep your power at its peak.”

“I only have one thing to ask…” Bliss gulped between tight sighs of air in her restricted condition, “Do I get to be in charge?”

“If you were to accept the position of Queen Magisteress, the Witches Coven… no… the world of Magic… would submit to your will.”

It took a minute, as Bliss needed to suck in enough air for her response.

“Bring it on, old lady… I’ll do anything to climb to the top!” she said with fire in her eyes.

“Well spoken, Mistress Bliss! We’ll be rooting for you!” Laurette smiled on top Bliss’s head.

“I’ll let that one slide for now… but you’ve got a long ways to go before your Queen Magisteress material.” Mistress Alexia smiled, “But in some way I am proud of you.”

Before Bliss could respond, Miss Alexis took Laurette off her head (which was surprising since Laurette wouldn’t come off Bliss’s head even if she tried by herself), and quickly put something black and rubbery over her face.

It felt warm and sleek for a moment, but then it felt sleek all over. At first her hair felt the pressure of the hood covering her face and head, then it felt as though her hair were being pressed through liquid. Soon it didn’t even feel like she was wearing a mask at all, just that her face was now covered in solid rubber skin.

Mistress Alexis then proceeded with the final item. Before Bliss could protest, a large red ball was shoved into her mouth and strapped to the back of her head. She watched with grim sadness as the ball gag that had been shoved into her mouth ceased to be a ball gag shoved into her mouth, but a ball gag that was now a part of her face.The straps that connected to the sides of her rubber face were gone, leaving only the red ball around red rubber lips, and she could only mumble slightly and snort breaths through her rubberized nose. Her hair grew through the top of the rubber mask so it wasn’t a total loss, but this was soon covered back up by Laurette who sat atop her Mistress’s head with a stupid grin on her face.

“So, are you going to use me, Mistress?”

“Mfff-muu-mrr-mhht?” [Use you for what?]

“For speaking, silly! I just discovered the true purpose of all of us Witch Hats and why it is we sound just like our Mistresses!”

“Well done, Laurette, I didn’t think you’d come up with that on your own!” Mistress Alexis smiled.

Now if only that young waiter at the restaurant could see me like this… sigh.

“Ooh-ooh I got this one! Let me say it! Mistress Bliss says ‘Now if only that—,” Laurette blurted out.

Shut up, you!

“Aww, but I want to help you talk…”

I don’t want to talk about that.

“Now, now, don’t be so mean to Laurette, Bliss, she’s just trying to assist you, that is her role. She is your voice now, so you must use her accordingly.”

“Mistress says ‘If I would’ve known I’d be gagged for the rest of my life I wouldn’t have decided to do this.’” Laurette stated sadly.

“Hah… you are quite the humorous girl, Bliss, and that I admire. But we have much work to do. And just because you cannot use your hands and arms does not mean you can slack off in your skills as a Latex Witch, now, we shall go downstairs and I’ll teach you how to ride your very own ‘Cat of Nine Tails’.”


Three Years Later…


It had been a lot of work for her, and she had to make a lot of sacrifices, but ultimately it was worth it. It took a long time, and most assuredly a large amount of patience, hard work, and concentration. But Magisteress Bliss was soon the topic of every Witch on the astral plane. Not only was she the most powerful Witch in the known Spiritual Realms, but she was quite possibly the most attractive woman in the whole place. Whole Covens envied her, several Magisters and Mage Lords proposed to her, even a few Necromancers confessed their love for her. She was adored by many, hated by some, but feared by all, and never questioned in her decisions.

She was a bold new manager for a bold new business, and in this day and age, it was time to make some Magic! Business in her mind, was booming, and all decisions were made at her whim or her say... it felt good to be in power .Still, it had taken her a long time to get used to using her own Magic as an extra appendage. Due to the Latex binding she was forced to rely on what Mistress Alexis referred to as ‘Telekinesis’ a technique that lets mind control physical objects. Laurette, her hat, no longer referred to herself as ‘Laurette, Mistress Bliss’ Hat’ but merely as the nameless voice of Bliss. For she no longer had a mind of her own in a sense. It was not that Bliss had taken her over, but more that Laurette and Bliss had grown so fond of each other over the years of training, that Laurette had essentially become an extension of Bliss’s mind and body (in fact if a doctor were to X-Ray the two, they would see that Laurette is now purely a rubber talking hat fused to Bliss’s now ‘wholly’ rubber skull).It could be said that no Hat or Mistress had ever been as close in the history of Witchery, and in that sense, some of the other ‘hats’ envied Laurette, even her sister Magistra. On days when Magisteress Bliss desired to travel, Laurette would Magically produce the Cat O’ Nine Tails Crop she would ride, as Bliss seldom ever walked anywhere without riding upon the Crop due to her ‘hobbling’. If one were lucky, one would see the two riding in the dark sky at night, Bliss’s rubber reflecting the moonlight.

She several times regretted her decision to become the Queen Magisteress, but that has long since faded as she blossomed into what the Coven Master’s call the ‘Black Rose of Salem’. Her powers within the suit are so intense that many a would-be usurper tried to take away her powers or curse her, and failed. Because of the constant tingling she receives in her body, she has very little to fear. In her constant state of arousal, she has achieved a form of what she refers to as Sexual Zen, a height of consciousness achieve through steady orgasms, she has been the topic of debate for numerous Magic theorists and will be for some time to come. There are few Magisters that can boast having had sex with Bliss as her sexual desire is seemingly unquenchable, those who have admitted to it hang their heads in shame and defeat at her monstrous appetite for fulfillment.

There were of course days which Bliss missed being able to move her limbs. Some days she would use up all her now-famous amount of Magical energy (stored up in her large breasts and hips via arousal no less), she would cast a spell on herself, creating the classic business suit she wore during her time at the office (although she has gotten used to Laurette speaking on her behalf, as the two are inseparable). The magic she uses for this is powerful and can only be used once a day for the whole day, during this time she is powerless and cannot use her Magic (during which time, several Covens will cast a protective spell on their ‘Black Rose’), but in this sense, she is relieved, as she knows that soon the spell will wear off and she will be forced back into rubbery orgasmic bondage bliss… for Bliss!



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