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The Adventures of The Latex Nun 4

by The Latex Nun

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© Copyright 2007 - The Latex Nun - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; F/m; solo-f; latex; bond; toys; magic; reluct/cons; X

"We're coming up to a fine example of a Victorian Church. There has been a church on this site since the Norman period. Now, it has been deconsecrated." Said the guide knowingly.

"Aw shucks. How could it not be a church anymore. Don't they love their churches? Can we go look at it? It looks occupied." Shouted Joe Maguire.

"Pipe down honey," Marsha Maguire whispered to her husband.

"Not another church," Clarice said, turning her eyes to the ceiling, as she muttered to her brother Mikey.

The coach stopped and the contents spilled out onto the hot, muggy streets of London. If it's Tuesday it must be London, England.

"I never imagined London to be like this. No fog, horse drawn carriages or Bobbies on the beat." Drawled Joe.

"And they've got electricity," added Marsha sounding surprised. The troop fanned out across the road and walked around the grounds of the large Church. The guide sat on the bus and smiled as she watched them.

"Shall we go in?" Asked Marsha.

"Yeah, why not," said Joe. "I'm sure they won't mind."

The Maguire family were about to enter when a woman stepped out through the double wooden doors.

"What exactly are all you people doing here?" Asked Livvy. Some of the tourists turned to stare at the apparation before them. A latex Nun. Black and white from top to toe, gleaming, shining, glossy latex. Piercing blue eyes and pursed red lips calmly surveyed the scene.

"We're sight seeing..." said Joe, mouth now agape as he actually took notice of what was before him. "This is an abomination. An affront to christianity in the sight of God and in a Church of our Lord." Shouted Joe. "Don't look kids. Avert your eyes." He added, eyes staring at the vision of latex loveliness.

"Excuse me, but would you mind quietly leaving. Unless your actually going to come inside then would you kindly go," Livvy said politely. She queitly tapped her pointed black stiletto boot on the ground.

"This woman," Joe said pointing, "should be struck down by the Lord. This goes against all that the good Lord stands for." He walked past Livvy and through the large wooden double doors, closely followed by his wife and children, both of whom looked at Livvy with a glazed expression of wonder on their faces. Some of the other members of the entourage looked on aghast.

"Who are you?" Asked Livvy to no one in particular.

"We're members of the American Way of Life. We all attend the same Church back home." Someone shouted out.

There was condemnation on the faces of the tourists still wondering around the grounds, examining the building. Some more went in. Livvy sighed and strode back in after them. Others went back to the coach. Livvy wiped her forehead with a black latex gloved hand. The tourists stood about staring, at the racks of clothes, posters, prints, shop dummies, stained glass windows, the mosiac on the floor, everywhere.

"See anything you want to try on?" Livvy asked sarcastically.

"Keep away from me, you Devil," spluttered Joe.

"This is all filth," remarked Marsha, blushing as she brushed against the smooth, firm thigh of Sister Livvy.

Clarice and Mikey just stood and gawped. "Wow. It's like something out of a really cool video," remarked Clarice. She and Mikey seperated and started wondering abou the large confines of the shop.

"Heh kids! Come back here," shouted Joe.

"Do you mind not shouting, Sir," said Livvy taking Marsha by the hand. She then led her over to her husband and grabbed his hot, sweaty hand. "If you're offended then please leave quietly. At least have the decency to leave us in peace," Livvy said pointing out her staff.

"Of course if you want to try on any of the items in the shop I'd be only too pleased to assist you, as would my staff," Livvy said politely in her best pronounced English.

Joe and Marsha exchanged shocked looks.

"After all it's good clean wholesome fun for all the family." Livvy said smiling wickedly at them both.

"I don't think so you, you devil incarnate. You whore of babylon. You, you jezebel." Marsha said turning purple with embarresment as her hands wondered idly over a latex pair of zip up knickers. Joe's eyes began to glaze over as he looked at Livvy and then the rest of the beautiful staff.

"I think it's time you all left my shop," Livvy said reasonably.

"Where are our children?" Joe asked.

"I'm not their keeper, thankfully," Livvy said flatly.

"Oh where are our kids?" asked a worried Marsha.

"I think they went into one of the changing rooms," interjected Annie, pointing over towards the confessional booths now changing rooms.

"Kids get out of there," they shouted as they ran towards the changing rooms. Joe opened the door and stepped through. It closed behind him, automatically. Then Marsha reached it and stepped through as well.

Joe looked around and saw no one. He opened the door to call out to Marsha but there was a long corridor on the other side. "Heh, where are you all? Marsha? Kids? Answer me!" shouted Joe.

He stepped out into the long dimly lit, wooden floored corridor and walked down it. His sneaker shod feet made no sound at all. He kept on walking not knowing where he was heading. The corridor was featureless, boring, dull. Up ahead in the distance he saw a large leather padded door. "Let me out of this place," he thought. He reached for the door handle and pushed the door to open it. He stepped within.

Marsha stepped into an empty room. Where was her husband? She opened the door she'd just come through and stepped out into a white tiled room dominated by a toilet bowl and lit overhead by operating theatre lights. She noticed how spotless and clean the place looked, upon first inspection. Then she saw a small stain on the inside of the bowl. "I'll have to do something about that little blemish," she thought. On the floor in the corner of the bright room was a pile of clothing, a bucket and various bottles and sprays. "I do hope there are some gloves and toilet cleaner" she said to herself as she rubbed her hands together.

Clarice and Mikey, the seventeen year old twins, had wandered into some of the changing rooms. Clarice wanted to try on something she thought looked "real cool" and Mikey who had tried to catch a glimpse of someone getting changed through a half open door and had caught the eye of the woman in the cubicle, an oldish woman with a black bob haircut and mesmerising blue eyes who had gesticulated with a long finger for him to come towards her. He looked around, flustered, nervous and shuffled into the cubicle which he found to his surprise, empty. The door closed behind him. He opened it and stepped through. Clarice, meanwhile held the short black rubber dress in front of her body, unsure about how it went on. She opened the changing room door to ask for assistance and looked around the empty room. Then her eye spied a beautiful looking, rather effeminate man who came towards her, saying, "Can I be of assistance?".

"Um. Ah. Oh. Yeah, er, I think. How do I get this on?" Clarice eventually asked.

Sister Livvy stood in front of Joe, hands on hips, defiant, glaring. She was attired from the tip of her head to the pointed steel toe of her stiletto boot in a latex Nun's habit, the skirt slashed on both sides up to the top of her firm thighs, revealing black latex stockings and black knee high zip-up leather boots. Her makeup immaculate, her figure perfect. Joe's mouth gaped as his eyes took in the vision of angelic beauty. On the ground equidistant between the two of them lay a black leather whip.

Joe looked at it and said, "Look lady. I don't know who you are or what you are but you're gonna get me outta here or so help me god I'll do something I'll regret."

"Make me," she said coldly, staring at him.

"I'm gonna whip your perverted ass, you, you witch," Joe shouted.

Joe moved first but Livvy sprung forward in a cartwheel, latex swirling around her, landing on her right hand. Her left followed grabbing the whip. The sole of her right boot caught Joe square on the chest, sending him backwards with a grunt of expelled air into the door. In the flurry of motion and activity, Sister Livvy's wimple had fallen off, releasing long black hair which streamed behind her graceful form. Joe stood up. The whip crackled and it's tip caught the fly of Joe's trousers pulling the zip down. Joe was stunned and dumbfounded, slack jawed.

Mikey found himself in the principals office back at school. The woman sitting on the desk wasn't the principal though. Oh no. It was the woman with the jet black hair and blue eyes, dressed in a ankle length column of white latex, slit up the front which clung to all her voluptious curves. Her impressive cleavage barely covered by the low cut front of the sleeveless gown was a magnet for his hungry eyes. Mikey tore his eyes away from her chest to catch a glimpse of bare inner thigh and then zoomed down to stare at the delicate white strappy shoes, encrusted with white diamante detailing. Her red toe nails and full lips gleamed with demonic fervour. One of the white opera length gloves beckoned him closer.

"Come here young man," she said with a voice dripping camp sarcasm.

Marsha picked up the pile of what looked like disacarded clothing. "Such untidiness," she said quietly to herself, fingering the shiny latex clothes. The smell from the various chemicals as she stood there was quite noxious. She stripped off swiftly to reveal a very trim and pert body for her age. She donned the black clothes, slowly turning from a pale skinned woman into a black hued warrior. The feel of the cool, smooth latex on her bare skin sent shivers down her spine. The tightness of the clothes caused her stomach to flutter and her sex to moisten.

On went the latex stockings, garter belt, push up bra, large knickers, shoulder length gloves, corset and open face hood. Her mind, somewhat preoccupied with the look and feel of the rubber and the impending chore ahead of her, was such that she barely noticed the strange nipples on the inside of the bra or the protuberences on the knickers. All she knew was that she hadn't felt so alive since she was in high school. She dressed herself slowly with these items, but found them exhilarating once she had them on. Then the one piece catsuit with hood, gloves and socks. Then the zip-up thigh length stiletto heeled rubber boots followed by a rubber apron, thick rubber gloves and finally the gas mask and filter. With bucket and brush in hand she was ready to tackle the cleaning.

The young person with the long black hair, tied in a pony tail, black latex trousers, white latex shirt, short black latex gloves and knee length black rubber biker boots stepped into the changing room and took the proffered dress from Clarice.

"You'll need to get changed first. Take everything off in order to try this on," she heard said.

The latex shirt was open to the waist and Clarice spied the rising and falling breasts of a woman and inwardly gasped at the fact she was attracted to her. Their eyes met and she visibly melted before the strange woman. Livvy slowly and carefully helped Clarice get her clothes off, gloved fingers gently brushing the tender young skin. Livvy guided the naked young woman's hand towards her firm breast and held it there, swathed in clinging white latex, while she kissed her full on the mouth.

The cool, white latex, finger stroked the side of his hot sweaty face. It travelled down his torso until it came to the bulge in his jeans.

"What do we have here then?" She asked arching an eyebrow.

"Um, ah, er, oh," were all the words he could manage.

The woman kissed him on the mouth with her full, red, sensous lips, hand under his chin while the other undid the buttons on his jeans. They parted, he was a picture of flustered youth, she a study in cool authority. "Why don't you slip out of those clothes," she whispered in his ear.

He rushed to comply, nearly falling over in his eagerness to please. "Now turn around, please," she said. The vision in white placed a black latex hood over his head, saying in a soothing but sexy voice, "Don't be alarmed Mikey, you'll love it."

The close fitting hood blotted out sound and vision. It was zipped and laced down the back of his head. His mouth was filled with an expanding pump up rubber gag which the woman attached to the outside of the hood. She zipped the apertures closed. The room was quiet except for the snorting emanating from the rubber nostril tubes.

"Strip off!" Livvy said sternly.

"No way, whore of Babylon," shouted Joe.

The air crackled with the sharp noise of the whip as it struck Joe on the arm. The sleeve from his shirt spilt open as if cut by a scalpel, such was its precision. There wasn't a scratch on him. Joe looked at it, surprised and impressed.

"I'll ask you nicely, then. Please take your clothes off." She said matter of factly.

He just looked at her, afraid to move. The whip cracked ripping the other sleeve. Outwardly he was brave, inwardly he was quivering like a leaf in the breeze.

"Let me show you how it's done," Livvy said salaciously.

One hand reached round and unzipped the habit which fell slowly, after some wriggling to the floor. Joe moved to rush her but with her free hand Livvy was able to deliver a stinging blow to his groin which stopped him in his tracks. Livvy retreated back a few steps to free herself from the latex habit as it cascaded to the floor forming a pool of shiny latex. There she stood, tall in black leather knee high stilletto heeled boots, black latex stockings, black latex corset with suspenders, shoulder length black latex gloves, studded black latex hi-cut knickers, a black latex studded push up bra and a studded black latex collar. If Joe's eyes could pop out like a Tex Avery cartoon characters then they would have.

The changing room door opened to reveal Clarice's bedroom. Livvy took Clarice's hot hand and the latex dress and then they stepped through.

"Let's see what you really look like," Livvy said.

Livvy helped Clarice put on the dress. It was barely knee length, almost backless with a boned bodice which laced up at the back. It was sleeveless but not strapless. After making her up and teasing her hair, Livvy helped her into the shoulder length latex gloves and knee high zip-up rubber boots with their six inch heels which required a bit of practice for Clarice to get her walking right. She surveyed herself in the mirror and just stared at the woman in the reflection. She couldn't beleive what her eyes were obviously telling her brain. The dress was very tight all over and emphasised her curves. She pouted and preened, twirled and wriggled. Livvy spun her around by the hand and kissed her bare neck. They started kissing each other on the neck and ears in a flurry of lust. To the bed they danced, collapsing onto it.

The black haired woman in white pulled Mikey across her latex covered lap, his manhood wedged in between the valley of her latex thighs. She smacked his bare bottom with her white gloved hand. She could feel him getting even harder. She continued for a few more hard strokes and then he tensed up and expelled his seed. She pulled him off and removed the gag.

"What a messy boy you've been. Now lick that all up," she said harshly.

He did as he was told. She moved to sit on the edge of the desk, legs dangling. "Here!" she pointed, raising the dress. Before being engulfed in here milky white thighs, Mikey saw she that was knickerless. Mikey rushed in and she closed her tender thighs around his latex head. Her heels scrapped his back as he went to work with his tongue. She threw her head back and screamed when she eventually came, finger nails and heels digging into Mikey's defenseless back and ass.

Livvy cut the air with the whip, ripping the front of Joe's shirt. She continued whipping him until the shirt was a shredded mess of cotton on his torso. She stopped and he hastily divested himself of the rest of his clothes. She tore a few strips from her habit and then whpped him again around the ankle bringing him down like a steer. She ran up to him and hog-tied him, ankles to ankles, wrists to wrists, binding him with the strips of latex and then securing his ankles to his wrists. She turned him over with her boot and stuffed his mouth with a balled up piece of latex securing it by tying it with a strip of latex. She surveyed her handiwork. With the tip of the whip she stroked his penis. She massaged it with the heel of her boot. He felt defenseless. He winced everytime she came near him.

"Are you going to do exactly what I tell you?" she asked, whispering in his ear. He grunted and nodded.

Marsha was working up quite a sweat, a thin layer of it between her and the second skin. The various dildos, nipple and clit stimulators were busy engorging and inflaming her passions. Every time she thought she'd cleaned up the dirt it just kept appearing in different places. Her nipples were on fire, her groin was aflame, her clit huge and tender, her vagina dripping and musky and the feeling in her ass were just so unusual that she didn't know what to do with herself. After ten minutes of scrubbing she came in a blinding, leg-shaking, scream-inducing, mind- numbing orgasm that forced her to lie, arms outstreached, lying on the floor as if a crucified black statue on the white floor, staring up towards the ceiling, dazed. The black form continued about her work, on all floors, cleaning and scraping. She came again, rooted to the spot. She rubbed herself with the brush in order to bring about another shuddering orgasm. She stood against the wall, walked and skipped about the room. Another orgasm. She sat on the toilet stroking herself, running her gloved fingers all over her latex body and received another for her pleasure. She was lost in her own lustful pleasures. Oblivious to anything and everything around her.

Livvy squeezed and teased Clarice's nipples beneath the latex dress. She pushed up the skirt and licked and bit and tongued Clarice's pussy for all she was worth. Clarice screamed with pleasure, eyes popping with lust. Livvy undid the zip on the tight latex jeans and popped out a rubber phalus which she plunged into the gaping void of Clarice's vagina. The two rode off to ecstasy. Clarice came again but her cry was muffled by the probing tongue of Livvy. Livvy turned her over and this time penetrated Clarice's other virginal orifice whilst manipulating her clit with her hand. Another orgasm which had Clarice shaking and trembling. Livvy laid her on her back and climbed onto her face whilst tasting and tonguing Clarice. Two orgasms ripped the quiet of the room. They kissed and then embraced. A heap of entwinned bodies upon the unmade bed.

Mikey lay on the top of the desk, his penis and balls sheathed in a thick covering of black rubber. His mouth was filled with an inflatable gag his nostrils breathing through a small rebreather bag which the woman had put between her ample cleavage. She inserted his manhood into her vagina and began to move up and down, in and out, around and around on him. Mikey was finding breathing difficult, inhaling her musky perfume, drifting away in his dreams. He came, powerfully. She milked him to hardness again and he came again. And again. He drifted off into sleep.

Joe was wearing a cow print rubber suit. He was masked and gagged. His feet and hands stuffed into horseshoe shaped gloves and boots. Livvy tightened the saddle and pulled on the reins which chaffed his mouth. The tail in his ass itched and burned. Livvy dug the spurs on her spike heeled rubber cowboy boots into his thighs. She was wearing latex fringed chaps, latex bustier top, latex finged jacket and a latex stetson. She smacked his ass with the riding crop, viciously. "Yea haw!" she said. The saddle had a built in dildo upon which she sat, enjoying herself immensely. Rubbing herself against the saddle's special pommel. The horse was trying but failing to throw her off. Livvy came, screaming, throwing her head back and digging the spurs in hard while the crop bit the ass. Eventually the horse collapsed with exhaustion.

From out of four separate cubicles, next to each other, the family emerged. The looked at each other. They didn't say a word but just trooped out of the shop in single file. Sister Livvy watched them go with a sly smile on her face. Before they exited they took a last look at the shop and caught Livvy's eye. Each acknowleged her look. The tour guide sat on the coach impatiently looking at her watch and tapping her perfect nails on the seat rest. The Maguire's silently entered the coach.

"We've been waiting for you for the last five minutes," the tour guide said, eyeing the late arrivals. "What have you been doing in there?" She said sarcastically. There was no reply.



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